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October 21, 2021
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About this title


After being ousted as Dillon High's football coach, Coach Eric Taylor must build a team from the ground up at East Dillon. Eric's wife, Tami, also is challenged in her role as principal at West Dillon, as the parents of students who were zoned out of the district blame her for their kids being thrust into a less-than-desirable situation at East Dillon. While dealing with issues at their respective jobs, Eric and Tami also face challenges in their family life with teenage daughter Julie.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 3, 2006

Also Known As: Friday night lights - Tiszta szívvel foci, 勝利之光 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Canada (G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
southern usa
american football

Company Credits

Production Co: Imagine Television, Film 44 |  See more »


Bob Richardson
as Mike Pollard
Diane Perella
as Mortgage Broker
Sinqua Walls
as Jamarcus/Jamarcus Hall
Dana Austin
as Elderly Nurse
A.C. Hensley
as Press
Sam Craytor
as Santa Claus
Nick Brandt
as Aaron Banks
Deanna Moraga
as Elisa
Lindsay Woodmansee
as Football Fan
Tamara Jolaine
as Erin
Steven Jeffers
as Cameraman/Featured Press
Brent Craft
as Jenkins
Chris Mulkey
as Coach Bill McGregor
Seth Spiker
as Brant Player
Aimee Teegarden
as Julie Taylor
Bruce DuBose
as Coach Hayward
Jenevieve Norris
as South King Cheerleader
Robert John Moreno
as Dustin
Osa Eke
as Football Player
Devon Saul
as Kenji
Aaron Garza
as Panthers Defensive Captian
Ashley Wood
as Jeff (Mike's Brother)
Katina Latrell
as Cheerleader
Timeca M. Seretti
as Angry Parent Annette
Jonna Juul-Hansen
as Panthers Supporter #2
Jason Douglas
as Buck
Jeremy Summers
as Fan
Scottie Jefferies
as Grant Halbert
Marti Wells
as The Guy
Matthew T. Johnston
as Assistant Coach
Nikki Folsom
as Football Fan
Mike Gassaway
as Ncaa Commissioner/TMU Asst. Head Coach/Tmu Asst. Head Coach
Asjha Cooper
as Tinker's Sister
Dale Watson and His Lonestars
as Party Band
Jaki Davis
as Teacher #2
Emily Jones McCoy
as TV Reporter/Interviewer/Reporter
Richard Nance
as Car Seller
Tyler Corie
as Jones
Aurora Marie Chase
as Panther Fan
J.D. Wright
as J.D.
Beth Gosnell
as News Crew Boom Operator
Bo Myers
as TMU Head Coach
Annabel Stephan
as Dillon Student/Westerby Chaps Cheerleader
Sonny Castillo
as Dude
Sarah Kate Allsup
as Lion High School Student
Michael Muenchow Rivera
as Jock/Panther Football Player #35
Maritza Guerrero
as Lions Suppoter w/Mic
Chris Burnett
as Adam Kendall
Lisamarie Lamendola
as Vanessa Davenport
Linda Leonard
as Mrs. Jackson
Colin Punchard
as Leon Davis
Brett Cullen
as Walt Riggins
Landon Alan
as Kenny Olson
Dannie Krager
as Willis (Running Back)
Brian Sanders
as Sportscaster #2
Austin Nichols
as Noah Barnett
Drew Waters
as Wade Aikmen/Wade
Amanda Brown
as Evie/Amber/Crystal the Stripper/Hannah
Tom Booker
as Butcher
Gonzalo Aguilar
as Hotel Clerk
Jim Lawrence
as Lions Supporter
Jeff Raymond
as Military Officer
Darryl Mobley
as Young Shooting Victim
Chris Blake
as Dillon Student
Todd Hill
as Press Photographer
Clayton Younkin
as Attendee
Gil McKinney
as Derek Bishop
Skye Polchert
as Lipstick moonshine girl
John C. McDonnell
as Randy Tysinger
Moira Squier
as Mrs. Flynn
Gary Clark Jr.
as Buddy's Bar Band
Brenda Isaacs Booth
as Angry Parent Allison
Philip Ontiveros Sr.
as Barber
Chuck Shephard
as BBQ Booster
Norm Lyduch
as Norm
Jeff Rosick
as Buddy Jr.
Conner C. Hanson
as Bass Player #2
Lori Randolph
as Football Fan
Mark Nutter
as Mitchell Street/Mr. Mitchell Street/Mr. Street
Orlando Storm Smart
as Little QB/Miles
Michael Stephens
as Athletic Trainer
Jacqueline Journey
as Karen Stark/Reporter #2
Gene Cervenka
as Sideline Reporter/Churchgoer/Panther Football Fan/Restaurant Patron/Seven Senoritas Patron
Tim Guinee
as Bob
Alexandra Holden
as Suzy
Dwayne Missori
as Katrell Kennedy
Kyna Torres
as Karaoke Singer #4
Lila Lucchetti
as Becky
Madilyn Landry
as Gracie Belle Taylor
Brian Gamble
as S.P. Offensive Lineman
Joe Grisaffi
as Engineer
James V. Miller
as Cab Driver #2
Stacey Oristano
as Mindy Collette/Mindy Riggins
Maria F. Durand
as Receptionist
Morgan English
as Football Fan
Peter Berg
as Morris 'Mo' McArnold
John Venable
as Mitch Stallman
Andrew Sensenig
as Russell Flaherty
Hanna Loberg
as Troubled Student
Parker Hans
as Panther Fan
Lidia Porto
as Phyllis
Meltron Kendrick
as Reporter #3
Andie Haddad
as Fan
Marissa Garrison
as Secretary
Mary Ann McCarley
as Rain
Liz Gonzalez
as Cute Alamo Freeze Girl
Katie Massey
as Cheerleader
Larry Ulrich
as Head Trainer
Mike Leach
as Mike Leach
Dominik Chilleri
as Football Boy/Restaurant Patron
Yolonda Williams
as Coffee Shop Manager
Cara Boden
as Steakhouse Waitress
Matt Joyner
as Player #1
Heather Kafka
as Doreen Sproles
John Swasey
as Coach Granger
Sam Pearcy
as Epyck's Dude
Howard Guttmann
as NCAA Board Member/Recruiter/School Board Member/South King Head Coach
Daniella Dotti
as Fan
Mathew Greer
as Coach Deeks
Eric Hack
as Football Player
Robin Maxkii
as Pep Rally Girl
Tisa Hibbs
as Annabel
Stephon Davis
as Policeman
Henry Bryant
as Junior Silverio
Jamie Buckley
as Football Fan/Press/South King Fan
Donald Thorne
as Donald (Bully)
Tom Byrne
as Producer
Tommy Holden
as Triple Play Singer
Rachel Watson
as Bartender
Shawn Cauthen
as Dillon Football Player
C. Anthony Jackson
as Marcus Gordon
L. Christian Mixon
as Burly Guy
Kiri Weatherby
as Female Student
Margaret Turner
as Extra
Ryan Rutledge
as ER Attendant
David Murray
as Tripe Play Back-Up Singer
Shawn Arani
as Football Player
as Kandee
Ra'shel Kendrick
as Smashette Twin #1
Emmett Berg
as Angry Kid
Wendell Smith
as Another Teacher #2
Justin Meeks
as Waiter
Ronnie Reeves
as Customer #4
Todd Terry
as William Simmons
Roni Hummel
as East Dillion Fan/Fan/Professor
James Crowell
as E.R. Patient
Yesenia Garcia
as Cathleen Peck
Catherine Lawrence Kinslow
as Parade Fan/Pep Rally
Nora Resnick
as April Keagen/April Keenan
Rana Haddad
as Church Member
Sandra Isabel Carrasco
as Football Fan
Spencer Greenwood
as Football Team Manager
Marque Hernandez
as Football Player
Michael Pasvar
as Mustang Linebacker
Evan Scott
as Sarah
Parker Danks
as Dillon Student/Pep Rally Fan/School Bus Rider/Student at Locker/Titans Flag Boy
Maurice Ripke
as Guy at Bar
Omaka Omegah
as Cheerleader
Ted Davis
as Dude #1
Jalisco Fraire
as Karaoke Singer #6
Davis Tucker
as Store Manager
Lewis Johnson
as Newspaper Reporter
Aundrus Poole
as Reggie Seale/Seale
Nicole Leigh
as Anita
Grady McCardell
as Officer Leighton
Wally Welch
as Rodeo Announcer
Brian D. Phelan
as Panthers QB Coach/QB Coach
Karina Clark
as Desiree
Brian Nicholas
as Security Guard
James Hansen Prince
as Alex/Frank Lakey
Violet Saenz-Arocha
as Reporter/Waitress
Mar Omega
as Metal Band - Guitar
Deborah Abbott
as Funeral Guest
Parker Christian
as Kevin
Jabari 'Jazz' Goree
as Maurice
J. Taylor
as Head Coach Bailey
Keith Langford
as Homecoming Band
Nadia Sahari
as College Professor/Nadia
Saxon Sharbino
as Emotional Fan
S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo
as Moonshine Dude
Joe Azzato
as Alamo Freeze Worker/Cardinal Fan/Parent
Kelley Johnson
as Kellie Kennedy
John Charles Quary
as Andre Merriweather
Benjamin Dane
as Emcee
Tim Robinson
as Lions Player
Edgar Arreola
as Mexico Cop
Rick Riel
as Poker Player
Stephanie Hunt
as Devin Boland/Devin Corrigan
Tiffany Burgos
as Cathleen
Raquel Fitzgerald
as Food Fight Girl
Robin Prough
as Cheerleader
Dean A. Sorenson
as Teacher
Brent Smiga
as Henry Saracen
Hadley Eure
as Rachel Rawling
Dylan Williams
as Jimmy
John Athas
as Male Teller
Marshall R. Teague
as John Aroldi
Jennifer Savidge
as Admissions Counselor
Richard Dodwell
as Football Fan
Mike Murehead
as Buddy's Friend
Andrea Block
as Colleen/Laurel
Patrick Massett
as Willie Gault
Alyssa Murphy
as Cheerleader
Eric Isenhower
as Student at Forum
Brandon Noack
as Paramedic
Jana Kramer
as Noelle Davenport
Lewis Crawford
as Officer
Teri Wallace
as Woman #1
Cheryl Cave
as VIP Girlfriend
Williams G. Ross
as Reporter
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Angela Collette
Kerry Lampkin
as Defensive Player
Natalie Dickinson
as Alison Bishop
Matt Harshbarger
as Angry Customer
Billy Harden
as Vice Principle Trucks
Alvin Crow
as Lead Singer
Wanda Phillips
as Mrs. McGowan
Denise Lee
as Chandra Hall
Amanda Rivas
as Sam
Gabriel Folse
as Lance Jennings
D.W. Moffett
as Joe McCoy
Travis Harper
as Freshman
Stayce Mayfield
as Booster Mom/Teacher
Renee Griffith
as Restaurant Hostess
Ericka Henderson
as Alamo Freeze Girl
Chris Caulier
as Football Player
Karl Anderson
as Dano
Hector E. Rodriguez
as Assistant Principal
Derek Phillips
as Billy Riggins
Jessica Layne
as Sally
Tom Costello Jr.
as Mustang Coach
Will Parsons
as Non-Panther Student
Amy Rene LaFavers
as Makeup Counter Clerk
David Maldonado
as Security Guard
Lincoln Rose
as Media/News Cameraman/TV Reporter/TV Reporter #2
Paul Archer
as Christ Teen
Valerie Finch
as Football Fan/Teacher
Terrenee Knight
as Rosario
Sidney Floyd
as Smash's Sister
Kimberly Ensey
as Pretty Girl on 6th Street
Kim Dickens
as Shelby Saracen
Sissy Siero
as Francine
Sam Pleasant
as Jordan (Quarterback)
Shaun Wainwright-Branigan
as Man
Jonathan Shaffer
as Falcon/Boat Captain/Groomsman #2/Guy at Party
Lainie Frasier
as Mrs. Laura Davidson
Darryl Cox
as Dean Hochman
Brooke Peoples
as Justin Girl
Scott Porter
as Jason Street
Dell Johnson
as Officer
Kevin C. Carr
as Lou
Jeff Grossman
as Prison Guard
Troy Harris
as Angry Parent Gordon
Tom Spry
as E.R. Attending
Scott Lilly
as Trainer
James Phillips
as Rev. Phillips
Lupe Trejo
as Moonshine Dude
Melinda Mendoza
as Bartender
Kimberly Lynn Campbell
as Stadium Fan/Kimberly/Panther Parent
Sue Rock
as Lydia Smith
Amon Lewis
as Cardinal Player #1
Noble Chase Pack
as Little Buddy Garrity
David Kroll
as Booster at Applebee's
Tom Lopez
as Football Booster/Protester
Zach Roerig
as Cash
Chris Drewy
as Andy Oswald
Mark A. Hernandez
as Assistant Coach
Rebecca McFarland
as Susanne Derr
Amber Middlebrook
as Parent Club Lady
Marc Pouhe
as Godfrey
Francois Larosa
as Opposing Head Coach
Randy Stripling
as Mayor Dwight Emerson
Diane Bernard
as Home Buyer #1
Cory Hart
as James Bernard
Alejandro Rose-Garcia
as The Swede
Wyatt Ellis
as Bass Player #1
Danny James Hunter
as Deacon Floyd Malone/Deacon Floyd
Margaret Hoard
as Mrs. Johnson
Kennith Edwards
as Event Staff
Dee Nelson
as Marci
Cherie Klenieski
as College Student
John Zinman
as Dr. Rimbaud
Daniel Crouch
as Chip Gizzi-Rozzi
Heath McGough
as Booster Dad
Chase Joliet
as Student #1
Heath Young
as Football fan/Country bar patron/Mechanic/bar patron
Scott Mullin
as Gus Dubuque
Kevin A. Green
as Fan
David Hickey
as Ted Nugent Dude
Shauna McLean
as Helena Kennedy
Brian Beal
as Mean Guy in Car
Andi René Christensen
as Student
Aerik E. Pachicano
as Yearbook Photographer
Brett Hardin
as Football Fan
Archie Fields
as Panther Football Player
Cindy Thomas
as Delivery Nurse
Justin Riemer
as Westerby Coach
Garret Danks
as Injured Football Player
Sylvia Luedtke
as Grandmother Kennedy
Lamarcus Tinker
as Dallas Tinker/Tinker
Kim Rickards
as Fan
Ryan Boggus
as White Student
Myrna Cabello
as Real Estate Agent
Deana Ricks
as Booster/Mrs. Russey/Second Teacher/Teacher #1
Tom Procida
as UIL Jack Unger/UIL Suit
Andrew Hunter Sherman
as Angry Applebee's Customer
Margo Dane
as Mom
Armand Anthony
as Well Dressed Man
Paul T. Taylor
as Pageant Host
Odell Grant
as Dillon Fan/Parishioner #1
Blue Deckert
as Mac McGill/Coach Mac McGill
Sabra Fuller
as Mary Ann Granger
Gary Teague
as Teacher/Football Fan/Dillon Panther Football Fan/Church Member/Football Booster/Counselor/Country Bar Patron/Dillon Panther Alumni/Dillon Panther Booster/Dillon Panther Football Booster/Movie-Goer/Parent/Rodeo Spectator
Andrea Trisdale
as Bar Waitress/Nurse
Rao Rampilla
as Cabbie
Jess Webb
as Rally Girl
Susan Roberts
as Judge
Matt McTighe
as Mike/Mike the Rapist
Jonathan Gilford
as Lions Player #2
Natalie Makenna
as Opposing Cheerleader
Brandy Singleton
as Girl in Hallway
Joshua Sarrazola
as Julio
Angellita Saenz
as Female Cashier
Charlene Gorman
as Hospital Administrator
Larry Jack Dotson
as Sheriff
Ryan Hancock
as Arnett Mead Football Coach/Churchgoer/Driver
Dorell Anthony
as Guy in Library
Jenny Keto
as Pushy Girl
David Bewley
as Eddie Stappart/Lawyer/Peter
Jamison Driskill
as Jackson
Nicole Wilkins
as Pageant Contestant
Brooke Langton
as Jackie Miller
Ronald G. Prellop
as Store Manager
Michael Caschette
as J.D.
Walter Perez
as Bobby 'Bull' Reyes
Luke Coffee
as Landing Strip Customer/Randy
Bernadina Hansen
as Karaoke Singer #5
Michael Waxman
as TABC Agent
Stacey Schwartz
as Smash Fan #2
Randy Coy
as Panther Booster
Joey Truty
as Little Buddy Garrity/Little Buddy Jr./Buddy Jr./Buddy, Jr.
Bob Fanucchi
as Booster Dad
Matt Czuchry
as Chris Kennedy
Héctor Arias
as Cheap Suit Salesman
Christopher Shea
as Waiter
Andy Gately
as Misc. cast
Marcus M. Mauldin
as Vic
Tony Bottorff
as Dillon Coach #3/Dillon Coach Tony
Angela Bennett
as Mean Lady
Ashley Fourcand
as Rally Girl
John Hambrick
as Eddie McMannus
Ricky Doyle
as John Gillespie
Jessie Pavelka
as Team Captain
Jordan Strassner
as Cheerleader/Rachel
Andre Pierre Clemons
as Another Teacher
Peter Heckman
as Pastor
Mitchell Parrack
as Seven Senoritas Dancer
Josh Levi
as Darius Merriweather
Natalie Merlino
as College Student
Adrian Ward
as Laney Graham
Daniella Alonso
as Carlotta Alonso
Randy Frank
as Fan
Travis Owens
as 2008-2008
Larissa Wolcott
as Checkout Girl
Kimberly Bramlett
as Movie Wife
Kelly O'Neil Jackson
as Michigan Recruiter
Brently Heilbron
as Hotel Manager
Steve Harris
as Vernon Merriweather/Virgil Merriweather
Mitch Collier
as Shane Dubuque
Julius Gregory
as Dillon Officer #2
Kimberly Westbrook
as Marianne
Louanne Stephens
as Mrs. Saracen/Grandma Saracen
John McIntosh
as Coach Helling
Jessica West
as Karaoke Singer #1
Chris Prock
as Football Player
Beth Burns
as Waitress
Grey Damon
as Hastings Ruckle
Jake Messinger
as Photographer
Sara Hickman
as Panthers Football Trainer
Brad Leland
as Buddy Garrity
Patty Allieri
as Teacher
Joshua Ryan
as TMU Student
Dale Watson
as Junkyard Owner
Tim Eaton
as Administrator
Kathleen Griffith
as Margaret Cafferty
Deneen Tyler
as Jordana Silverio
Taylor Kitsch
as Tim Riggins
Joseph Cheatham
as Fat Guy
Starla Osburn
as Stadium Fan
Steven Walters
as Glenn Reed
Craig Simons
as Security Guard
Sam Jaeger
as Doug
Ravin Alexander
as Cheerleader/Christina/Crying Cheerleader
Britt Mceachern
as Lilly-Ann
Jason T. Henderson
as Ex-Player
Thomas Dye
as High School Student
Kevin Majors
as TMU Tour Guide
Christine Wolf
as Dina
Eric Krueger
as Dan
Erick Smart
as Shrader
Kimberlie Dykeman
as Female Officer
P.J. Ramos
as Bernardo
Aisha Schliessler
as Kim
Will Johnson
as Thomas
George Hertzberg
as Scotty Simms
Nieko Mann
as Noannie Williams/Noannie
Mark T. Lee
as Boom Operator
Michael Costello
as Doctor Kroll
Trevor Doyle Nelson
as Riley
Gary Jerome
as Press Reg
Carol Farabee
as Mary Clarke/Mrs. Clarke
Nicole Taylor
as Pretty Girl/Holly
Carlos Valenzuela-Durr
as Cowboy
Dani Bell
as Rally Girl
Jessica Hale
as Trixie/Trixxie
Austin Sendlein
as Bouncer
Bill Jenkins
as Neil Kenny
Joséphine Roth
as Church Attendee
Jo Ann Farabee
as Waitress
Chance Gibbs
as Athletic Trainer
Hannah Morgan
as Hot Girl #1
Deanna Brochin
as Backroom Stripper/Deanna
Brent Werzner
as Brant Officer #1
Brian Ernest
as Referee/Coin Toss Referee
Damon Carney
as Coach Quinsberry
James Gumbert
as Coach Gumbie/Coach Gumby
Bryan Chafin
as Stager/Whatley (Panther Player)
Ryan Ciardo
as Chuck Pierce/Panther #1
Charon R. Arnold
as Dolia/Doria
Bruce Carey
as Jim
Indiana Adams
as Rally Girl/Hot Girl
Amy Quick Parrish
as Neighbor with Car/Teacher
Davy Aguirre
as Panther Booster
Kate Krause
as Tabby Garrity
Rob McGrath
as Church Goer
Pablo Flores
as Coach Pablo/Panther Assistant Coach/Party Thug
Danielle Replogle
as Cheerleader 2
Kasey Stevens
as Laverne
Anna Rapp
as Baby Noah
Lynn Blackburn
as Laurel Sachs
Leon Lamar
as Moderator
Penny Reeves
as Dina
John Arkinson
as Referee
Merry Whitney
as Server
Gerardo Davila
as Local Councilman
Melissa Halley
as Waitress at Dinner
Chris Freihofer
as Jake Reisen
Latrice Butts
as Reporter
Joshua D. Moody
as Moody/Lions Player #1/Lion's Player #1/Player #1
Quenby Bakke
as Mrs. Kennedy
Samantha Labrada
as Football Fan
Matt Leonard
as Football Player
Micaela Phillips
as Mini-Cheerleader
Matthew Greer
as Coach Deeks
Ken Webster
as Ben Beck
Kevin Wesley
as Football Player #13
Franky Coronado
as Teacher/Coach
Sydney Barrosse
as Bank Officer/PTA President
Deke Anderson
as ER Doctor
Russell DeGrazier
as Coach Stan Traub
Jeremy James Douglas Norton
as Buckley Bison Bar Patron
Emanuel Limuel
as Assistant
Chad Sellers
as Manager/Trainer
Ben Taylor
as Strip Club Patron
Nnamdi Asomugha
as Ken Shaw
Mackenzie Reed
as Cheerleader
Tron Kendrick
as Reporter
Melanie Reeve
as Fan
John Durando
as Suit Salesman
Davi Jay
as Marcus Spires
Matthew Garth II
as Photographer
Dave Bullis
as College student
Mary Skaggs
as Teresa
Steve Shearer
as Detective Blair
Wallace Everitt
as Press
Jerry Cotton
as Parole Board Member
Lisa Kaye
as Wedding Guest
Mack Brown
as Booster
Jessa Settle
as Pretty Alamo Freeze Girl
Rico McClinton
as Police Officer
Jason Elinoff
as Airport security
Earl Nottingham
as Older Man/Photographer
Kristy Vaughan
as Brittany Beck
Ed Clements
as Lannie Albright/Interviewer/Radio Announcer
Cedric Neal
as Kennard Royce
Eleese Lester
as Attorney Barbara Lee/Barbara Gentry
Lil' Cap'n Travis
as Band
Jeff Whitaker
as Panther Play #9
Todd Allen
as Karl Gage
Aaron Spivey-Sorrells
as Coach Spivey/Assistant Coach/Coach #1
Pattie James
as Reporter
Kevin Saunders
as Lester Daniels
Robin Lee Walper
as Football Fan/Player's Mother/Board Meeting Attendee/Hotel Guest
Steve Crenshaw
as Croft Coach
Wil Pollard
as Football Player/Wil
Cory Hall
as Eddie Gizzi-Rozzi
Babs George
as Mrs. Kastor
Kim Smith
as Lauren Davis
Regina Gordon
as Band Fan/Water Girl
D.J. Morrison
as Service Manager
Xochitl Romero
as Number Thirteen
Martina Griffin
as Parent
Jose Velasco
as Karaoke Singer #2
D.J. Castillo
as Athletic Trainer/Student/Library Student/Student Council Candidate/Student Photographer
Geoffrey Betts
as TV Camera Operator
Wray Crawford
as Pop Warner Coordinator
Archer McKnight
as John
Larry Chambers
as Officer Larry
Elysia Perez
as Football Fan/High School Student
Jeff Kribs
as Pharmacist
Phillip-Charlie Daniell
as Vikings Coach
Candace Smith
as Tyra's Friend
Billy Schott
as Referee
Danielle Rene
as Mo
Darryl K. Phipps
as Football Player
Thres Jarosek
as Kid Spectator
Kristin Malko
as Assistant
Cody Hall
as Albert Gizzi-Rozzi
Eric Alfio
as Panther Football Player #84/Panther Football Player #48
Tony DeBenedetto
as Hawks Fan/Lions Fan
Michael Magnus
as Panther Football Player, #62
Bud Joseph Hebert
as Football Player
Maggie Wheeler
as Teacher
Michael Miller
as South King Kicker
Amanda Phillips
as Meg (Swede's Girl)
Rolando J. Vargas
as College Jock
Edward Morgan
as Rehab Counselor
Ron Tatar
as Clint
Chuck Cureau
as TV Reporter/Interviewer #2
Glenn Morshower
as Chad Clarke
Alberto Barnes
as Student
Logan Henderson
as Teenage Boy #2
Leng Wong
as Hospital Administrator
Emily Murdock
as Professor Cindy Hallahan
Al G. Garrett
as Officer Charlie Harper
John Newton
as Dude #2
Chuck Bille
as Pudnick
Rj Tillman
as Lions Player #2/Malcolm
Angela Rawna
as Regina Howard/Regina Little
Bria Wall
as Cheerleader Friend/Make Out Girl
Todd Caschette
as J.D.
Wayne Reid
as Daniel Tinker
Johnny Bartee
as Prisoner
Aasha Davis
as Waverly Grady
Anastasia Coon
as Mrs. Carroll
Michael Whitener
as Fan/Reporter
Wendy Garett
as Announcer
Terra Gautier
as Amber (Lauren's Friend)
Matt Lauria
as Luke Cafferty
Mase Kerwick
as Alamo Freeze Employee/Panther Fan
Mona Lee Fultz
as Professor Jennings
Brendan Flores
as Burdette
Jeremy Sumpter
as J.D. McCoy
Charlie m Stewart
as Panther Fan
Isaac Rodriguez
as Diner Customer/Reporter
Jae Head
as Bo Miller
Kit Gwin
as Dana Wheldon
Kathryn Smith-McGlynn
as Gyn/OB
David Stokey
as Ryan Johnson
Steve Uzzell
as Judge Paul Gerron
Tommy G. Kendrick
as Doctor Campbell/Dr. Campbell
Marco Perella
as Big Shot
Kelsey Caesar
as Gatling
Rob Faubion
as Reporter/Restaurant Patron
Jonathon Palafox
as South King Lineman
Timothy F. Crowley
as Coach Crowley
Peter Harrell Jr.
as Damon Gaston
Kristin Kitchen
as Physical Therapist
Chris Osborn
as Hudson
Preston Flagg
as Daryl/Football Player #2
Tamara Goodwin
as Kayla
Alanna Ubach
as Roberta 'Bobbie' Roberts
Breona Horne
as Other Cute Girl
Heartless Bastards
as Austin Indie Music Festival Band
Francis Capra
as Devin Diablo
Jennifer Matyear
as Mrs. Dubuque
David Sturgeon
as Churchgoer
Steven Dziobak
as Linebacker
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Shelley Hayes
Ausar Moore
as Befuddled Lion
Mark Harrison
as Football Player
Rett Terrell
as Dillon Student
Kara Young
as Daughter
Mark Dalton
as Skeevy Cowboy
Eric Fitzgerald
as Sheriff
Eloise DeJoria
as Beauty Pageant Judge
Scott A. Stevens
as Coach, Opposing Team/Head Coach/Salesman Buddy Garrity Motors
Heather Lynch
as Laribee Lions Cheerleader
Emily Rios
as Epyck
Lana Dieterich
as Third Teacher
Jake Scott White
as Another Banger
Ricardo Vela
as Wedding Singer
Jack Furrh Jr.
as Other Warren State Booster
Garrett Graham
as Adam Hughes
Michael Dolan
as Dr. Jerome Garth
Alicia Shaddeau
as Dillon Débutante/Dillon Student/Panthers Cheerleader
Kyle Chandler
as Eric Taylor
Ariana Johnson
as Sassy Girl #1
Evan Breeland
as Big Guy
Jennifer Blair
as Becka
Kay Salem
as Ms. Rene
Dan Braverman
as Frank Heidel
Hunter Ulvog
as Bully Kid #2
Preston Grice
as Assistant Coach
Brent McGregor
as Kastor/Indie Music Kid/Kurt Kaster
Jeffrey Schmidt
as Reeves Castle
Zoe Aggeliki
as Rebecca/Rebecca Dallas/Sandy
Leah Coffman
as Physical Therapist
Pat Hazell
as Detective Tambor
Leslie Langee
as Anna
Scott A. Reeder
as Neighbor/Pastor
Rick Barnes
as TMU Recruiter
Jonathan Freeman
as Paying Customer
Richard Jackson
as School Lawyer
Nadine Mozon
as Professor Paulson
Martin Leitch
as Churchgoer
Brandon Swanson
as Student
Tania Haddad
as Church Member
Christina Childress
as Friend at Diner
David Kanne
as Brett Weston/Round Rock QB/Tim Dooley
Adam Joshua
as Arrogant Student #2
Jack O'Donnell
as Panthers Supporter
Richard Levi
as Bar Patron
Ramzi Haddad
as Church Member
Jackie Scripps
as Graduating Senior
Landon Kash
as Footlball Player
Eric Rhoades
as Press Sound Recordist
Gary Cherkassky
as Hot Dog Vendor Sidekick
Kenneth Wayne Bradley
as Alabama Recruiter
Kathleen Hays
as Isabella
Kirby M. Hiscox
as Reporter Two
Libertad Green
as Football Fan
Peter Malof
as Principal Brecker
Rommel Sulit
as Teacher #2
Michael Crabtree
as Sheriff
Chloë Evans
as Jolene (as Chloe Jacobs)/Rally Girl (Jolene)
D.S. Moss
as Daryl
Narotu Shippewden
John Patterson
as Bill Davenport
Evan Szu
as Street's Doctor
Donald R. Harrell
as Superfan #2
Jonathan Breck
as Oklahoma Recruiter
Cody Vanetti
as Guy Carrying Wooden Deer
Jennifer Besser
as Football Fan
Anthony Solomon
as Charles/Charles White
Michael Foster
as Defensive Coach
Jamie Preyer
as Nurse
Kevin Rankin
as Herc
Krishna Smitha
as Girl at Forum
Gary Rodriguez
as Customer #1
Grady Mack
as Head Football Coach - Warriors
Bert Kinyon
as Dr. Cooney
Dante Ponzanelli
as Football Player
Jimmy Smith
as Homecoming Band
JenelleRae Cardenas
as Student/Viking Cheerleader
Shannon Joy Rodgers
as Student Trainer
Jonas Crafts
as Cardinal Player #2
Megan Devine
as Fan
Danielle Kasen
as Doctor
Chip Mayfield
as Brant Coach
Jaime De La Rosa
as Tyra's Diner Customer
Jeffery Da'Shade Johnson
as The Guy
Azael Cavazos
as Featured
Matt Barr
as Ryan Lowry
Mark Holliway
as Parole Board Member
Nellie Gonzalez
as Reporter #2
Michael Robert Tudyk
as Sports Guy/TV Announcer
Trent Moore
as Gerald Jenner
Hope Jaymes
as Volleyball Player
Hershel Coleman
as Hershel
Amy L. Mitchell
as Reporter
Cody Esquivel
as Churchgoer
Vic Brooks
as Forrest Aiken
Martha Prentiss
as Cashier/School Nurse
David Baugh
as Dude #1
Barney Welch
as Counselor Barney/School Counselor Barney
Leticia Trejo
as Mrs. Reyes
James Kenneth Phillips
as Preacher/Rev. Phillips/Reverend Phillips
Kate Melton
as Teen Fan
Desiree McKinney
as Chante
Adam Madrigal
as Panther Player #37
Paul Fischer
as Movie Husband
Carl Webb
as Carl (Ornette's Buddy)
Cornell Hurd
as Self
Carl Savering
as Mr. Dunleavy/Gary Garrity
John Cramer
as Guy with Big Popcorn
Laurel Penn
as Janisse
Ernest James
as Calvin Brown
C. Ladd LeBus
as Cheerleading Marshall
Gaius Charles
as Brian 'Smash' Williams
Harvey L. Jeffries
as Referee
Charlie Quary
as Andre Merriweather
Bill Ross
as Reporter
Chris Warner
as Deputy
Leroy Castanon
as Fan
Mark Gil
as Detective Wills/Cop/Cop #2/Detective Kirk Dunver
Angie Bolling
as Elaine Stanton
Chamblee Ferguson
as Harris Carville
Andrew Martinez
as Art Gallery Patron
Tai Powell
as Angelina
Matthew Tompkins
as Coach Worth
John D. Montoya
Howard Lawrence
as College Student
Will Roher
as Press
Chris Olson
as Bill Bollinger
John Parker
as Dillon Citizen
Olivia Olsen
as Dillion High School Student/Dillon High School Student
Cy Young
as Mr. Utz
Sarah Jenazian
as Becca
Madi Goff
as Cute Girl/Rally Girl
as Brent
Caleb Landry Jones
as Jimmy Adler
Michael Gazin
as Guy at Applebee's/Panther Football Player #31
Zach Gilford
as Matt Saracen
Katherine Willis
as Joanne Street/Mrs. Joanne Street/Mrs. Street
Nicole Foster Callahan
as Hot Girl #2
Lisa Husberg
as Opposing Team Cheerleader
Derek Chase Hickey
as Allspaugh
LeMarc Johnson
as Ty
Minka Kelly
as Lyla Garrity
Jacqueline Claire
as Junior Girl
Ray L. Perez
as Deputy/Prison Guard
Emerico McClinton
as Police Officer #1
Rhonda Reeves
as Panther Banquet Booster
Scott Challgren
as Panther Teacher
Debbi Tucker
as Churchgoer/shopper
Michael D. Conway
as Doctor Vogel
Doug Jackson
as Hospital CEO
Amparo García
as Female Doctor/Midwife
Anna Maria Garcia
as Teacher #3
Lowell Moore
Daniel B. Howard
as Football Player/Newspaper Geek
Richard Dillard
as Grady Hunt
Cody Crouch
as Party Guy
Shain E. Thomas
as Restaurant Patron
Donna Sue Nickason
as Panther Booster
Jack Watkins
as Coach Buckley
Patrick J. Adams
as Connor Hayes
Brian Bentley
as Reporter One
Erika Waldorf
as The Swede's Fan
Diane Howard
as Swimmer
Rebecca Chulew
as Football Fan
Nathan Bayless
as Flag Runner/Kim's Boyfriend
Christian Haddad
as Fan
Lorraine Toussaint
as Bird Merriweather
Cindy Creekmore
as Missy Aubrey
Stephen Bishop
as Interviewer
Michael B. Jordan
as Vince Howard
Peter Heckmann
as Reverend Locke/Pastor/The Pastor
Regan Licciardello
as Pep Rally Fan
Mj Vandivier
as Pageant Judge
Ra'nel Kendrick
as Smashette Twin #2
Merrilee McCommas
as Pam Garrity/Pam Garrity Turner
Chris Humphrey
as Caseworker
Steve Muccini
as Team Doctor
John Diehl
as Richard Sherman
Sonny Kelly
as Young Man
John S. Davies
as Doyle Cook
E.J. Nolan
as Auctioneer
Taylor Cole Miller
as College Student/Disgruntled Football Fan/Field Rusher/Restaurant Patron
Mitchell Lance Adams
as Antwone Beltraine
Aaron Bishop
as Lonely Man at the Bar
Renay Rossi
as Fan
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Elden
Michelle Brew
as Rally Girl/Deana - Rally Girl
John Lake
as Dillon Cop #1
Brighton Sharbino
as Emotional Fan
Brandon Smith
as Vice Principal Trucks
Devin Jacobson
as Police Officer #2
Ricky Borrego
as East Dillon Lion Football Player
Michael Fries
as Slattery
Russell Thomas
as Football Player
Thaxon Hill
as Hayskins
Rhett James
as Flag Runner
Toby Metcalf
as Booster/Father #2/Warren Burl/Warren Burl (Booster)
Sid Johnson
as Reverend Grady
Lisa Rhoden
as Reporter
Korey Simeone
as Cashier
Jay Kopita
as DMV Guy
Dan Murphy
as Sideline Football Fan
Mark Zupan
as Steve
Randy Ahrens
as Jeff
Billy Jaeger
as Jimmy
Todd McMullen
as Miami Pete
Dora Madison
as Becky Sproles
Anne Clarke
as Drew
Emily Troedson
as Bar Patron/Rodeo Attendee
Morgana Shaw
as Winona
GiGi Erneta
as Mrs. Dunn
Kristen Noelle Devine
as Fan
Apolonio Garcia
as Janitor
Ryan Lee
as Jake Dunn
David Sharp
as Football Fan
Todd Witthorne
as Disaster Reporter
Van Brooks
as Emcee
William Throckmorton
as Reporter
Ryan Daniel Rodriguez
as Lions Player
Robert E. Martinez
as Alumni/Domino Player/Football Team Manager/Neighbor
Ben Cody Rogers
as Hawks Football Player
Clay Dove
as Fan
Whitney McCauley
as Sheila Williams/Sheila
David Morrison
as Dad Kennedy
Joey Oglesby
as Guy Raston/Cashier
Katie Fountain
as Katie Kennedy
Brian Thornton
as Coach Daniel Dickens/Coach Donald Dickes/Coach Gainey
Dan Eggleston
as Booster
Kelley Grace Butler
as Customer #2
Cynthia Huerta
as Nurse
Jim Spencer
as TV Weatherperson
Kathleen M. Leonard
as Jean's Friend #1
Robert Hadlock
as TV Show Host
Mark Walters
as Jeff Sable
Tom Heard
as Doctor Nelson
Nicole Swahn
as Melissa/Cheerleader 1
Mika Odom
as Amy Davenport
Edward Herndon
as Aaron
Robert O. Boothby
as Corey
Scott Mueller
as Football Player
Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros
as Country Bar Band
Stephen Gregory Fuller
as Booster/Fan
Emmanuel King
as Hawks football player #23
Kenneth Patrick
as Firing Squad Leader
Chris Doubek
as Young Doctor
Craig Kotfas
as Al
Jennifer Roxanne Vasquez
as Radio Reporter
Roger Wallace
as Sportscaster #1
Michael Capriotti
as Coach Mike
Taylor Nichols
as Kevin/Pamela's Boyfriend
Monica Peña
as Jodie Russi
Giana Vega
as Carr County Sheriff #2
Ben Bachelder
as Teacher
Melanie Stovall
as Cheerleader
John Chilleri
as Football Boy/Restaurant Patron
Akin Babatunde
as Bob Short
Bryan Aguinaga
as Football Player
James Powers
as Bradley/Bradley Cole
Paul Darby
as Coach Goodell
Will Scoville
as Dillon Police Officer/Assistant Coach
J.E. Meris
as Alumni/Fan/Teacher
Ashley Klein
as College Student
Irec Hargrove
as Lions Player #3/Lions Teammate
Preston D. Grice
as Assistant TMU Coach
Loomis Warren
as Greer/Linebacker Owen Price
Kathryn Rawson
as Cheerleader/Applebee's Waitress
Jeff Fenter
as Mark Enderland
Ricky Smith
as Flag Bearer
Allan Graf
as Coach Graf/Panthers Defensive Coach
James Jensen
as Panther Football Player #90/Hawks Football Player #72
Linda Klein
as Nurse
Connie Britton
as Tami Taylor
Ben Ciaramello
as Santiago Herrera
Scott Bate
as Elvin
Paul Crow Willis
as Dude #2
Kelley Estes
as Rally Girl
D'Anthony Palms
as Anton
Laura Veloz Ritter
as Booster Parent
William Bradley Wright
as TMU Assistant Coach/Terrence Boyd
Isaiah Prince
as Player #2
Scott Kimbrough
as Other Dude
Duane Johnson
as Bar Jock/Hotel Guest
Libby Villari
as Mayor Rodell/Mayor Lucy Rodell
Chad Brannon
as Lucas Mize
Justin Ryan Garrett
as Curtis
Dru Fay
as Ty Baldwin
Ken Edwards
as ER Doctor Troxel/Gaitlin Dad
Augustin Solis
as Cop 1
Pete Williams
as Ryan
William Akey
as TV Interviewer
Dago Pates
as David Matters
Drew Cauthorn
as McGinn
Brady Coleman
as Lawyer
Thomas E. Davis
as Dude #1
Cress Williams
as Ornette Howard
Kris Mikes
as Lions Player/Lions Player #1/Player #1
Matt Pearce
as TMU Assistant Coach #2
Henry J. Smith III
as Panther Player
Lisa Cannizzaro
as Cashier
Troy Anthony Hogan
as Principal Burnwell
Aldis Hodge
as Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum
Laura McManus
as Homework Girl
Rupert-Anthony Ortiz
as Panther Football Player #70
Whitney Hoy
as Madison Balman/Madison
C.C. Stinson
as Emily Walker
Jesse Medeles
as Smart ass Inmate
Jake Carter
as Football Player
Jen Matthews
as Movie Cashier
Michele Harrington
as TV Repoter
Matt Goudreau
as Pep Rally Hype Man
John Lewis Puff
as Reporter
Atticus Rowe
as Laribee Defensive Coordinator
Sydney Barlette
as Cheerleader
Nic Quardero
as Lions Player/Mason
Creed Roberts
as Rodeo Announcer
Courtney Carpenter Hale
as Parishioner
Jill Mills
as Rayla Carson
Lee Stringer
as Bull Sproles/Bull
Victor Diaz
as Channel 5 Reporter/Joe Dover/TV Reporter
Jesse Plemons
as Landry Clarke
Darren Damewood
as Panther's Manager
Daniel Abikasis
as Football player
Sean McGibbon
as Valet
Charles Sanders
as Mediator
Dother Sykes
as Nick/Marcus Spires
Ava Knighten Santana
as Chastity
Adrianne Palicki
as Tyra Collette
Janine Turner
as Katie McCoy
Will Harris
as Harris/Player #2
Bruce Altman
as Head of Braemore
Stacy Lynn Austin
as Cheerleader
Stancil Webb
as Resident #1
Shannon Sauceda
as Hot Girl #3
Israel Hall
as Linebacker #2
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as TMU Coach Boyd/Earl Rockington
Donny Boaz
as Miles Handford
Lainie Safady
as Kennedy
Colin Herlihy
as Mascot
Will Buchanan
as Frat Boy
Araceli Abrego
as Lady with Toddler
Steve Cauley
as East Dillon faculty/East Dillon Faculty
Gina Garza
as Student
Billy Leo
as Football Fan
Sharri Jones
as Cheerleader
James P. Rice
as Football Fan/Concerned Businessman/Cougars' Locker Room Guard/Mechanic at Auction/Passed-out Moonshine Dude
Karen Elvonna
as Waitress
David Houston
as School Board Parent
Tyler Cornell
as Bully Kid
Lee Tisdale
as Superfan #1
Constance Dasse
as Female Customer
Robert Parish
as Phil
Adriene Mishler
as Cute Female Student
Mariah Marion
as Felicia
Rebecca Richardson Phillips
as Coach Macgill's Wife
Aslan Hollier
as College Football Player/Football Fan
Marvelous Maeze
as Cheerleader
Michael Bishop
as Banger/East Dillon Kid
Amber Dupuy
as Administrative Nurse
Gregor Haley
as Brant Officer #2
Felix Rivas
as Carr County Sheriff #1
Air Saturn
as Lions Player
Jon Clinkenbeard
as Arrogant Student #1
Tiasha Colton
as Office Worker
Mardi DeLong
as Raver/Student at Dance
Andrew Jacobi Jeter
as Student
Isaac Smith
as Caleb Merriweather
Cherami Leigh
as Ginnie
Katelyn Merricks
as Football Fan in Endzone/Sister of Football Player
Rob Adams
as Coach Reeves
Michael J. Rowbottom
as Football Banquet Booster
Randi Leigh Potenzo
as Larribee Lions Cheerleader
Mary Ann Kelley
as Resident #3
Tom Chamberlain
as Funeral Director
Tyler Mann
as Football Player
Chad L. Stevens
as Football Player
Sarah Clark
as Teacher
Linda Brister
as Jewelry Store Owner
Mark S. Cartier
as Professor
Ellen Halper
as Alice
Shiree Nelson
as Connie
Angela Burns
as Rally Girl
Barry Tolli
as Chaps Quarterback
Kevin Russell
as Homecoming Band
David Born
as Superintendent Dunley/Superintendent Paul Dunley
Arthur Simone
as Gunman
Chris Cantu-Salazar
as Groomsman #1/Singer
Matt Connely
as Last Year's Player
Christopher J Rusho
as Protester
Barry Tubb
as Tom Cafferty
Barbara Chisholm
as SA State Teacher
Paul Saucido
as Soldier
Charles E. Bailey
as Professor Nevins
Johanna Goldsmith
as Dental Hygienist
John Christian Love
as Lions Player/Lions Football Player/Lion's Player #2
Angela Ware
as Pool Hall Patron
Cathy Baron
Jurnee Smollett
as Jess Merriweather
Erik Collins
as News Crew/Spectator
Jaime Medeles
as Dobbs (Smart-Ass Inmate)
Paul Wright
as Poet Cary Herins
Carol Vincent
as Churchgoer/Football Fan
Jonathan Joss
as Owney
C.K. McFarland
as Dog Shelter Woman
Tom Green
as Reverend
Heath Allyn
as David Matheson
Dianne Sullivan
as Alumni Wife/Bar Patron/Excited Fan 2009/Lion's Parent/Wife
Char Elise Verte
as Stadium Fan
Alicia Witt
as Cheryl
David Lyman
as Booster
Lisa Marie Newmyer
as Ali
Kendrick Jefferson
as Baxter/Tyronn Baxter/Kendrick
Justin Lee Tidwell
as Former Homecoming King/Panther Football Player #71
Jeremy Sexton
as Man
Ro' Black
as Cheering Stadium Fan/Church Congregation Member/Restaurant Patron/Stadium GateTicket Taker
Madison Burge
Zach Green
as Band Kid/Fan
Sue McClennan
as Resident #2
Sean Hennigan
as Arnet-Mead Coach
Daniel Lazaro
as Karaoke Singer #3
Max Johnston
as Homecoming Band
Lawrence Varnado
as Mo Hall
Ken Thomas
as Cop #1/Jail Officer
Wilbur Penn
as Sherman Hall
Gene Bolton
as Dillon Offensive Line Coach/San Marcus Special Teams Coach
Roger Edwards
as Banger
Robert Bassetti
as Mail Delivery Guy
Jim Matthews
as Georgia Recruiter
Steven Chester Prince
as Booster Reg/Reg
Galen Flemons
as Wendell Foley
Megan Moser
as Lois
Robert Newell
as Attorney Woody Morris/Attorney
Denise Williamson
as Maura
Daniel Zubiate
as Bar Jock/Caterer
Cynthia Jackson
as Rita Brown
Brea Grant
as Jean Binnel
Liz Mikel
as Corrina Williams/Corrina
Andy Dugan
as Charlie
Jim Garrity
as Dr. Rabinow
Kathryn Worsham
as Cheerleader
Rip Lowe
as Angry Booster
David Cowgill
as Slammin' Sammy
Everett Sifuentes
as Station Manager
Dennis Keiffer
as Shady Dude
Milli Osemele
as Titans Cheerleader

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2006 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2007 | 15 Episodes

Season 3

2008 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2009 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2010 | 13 Episodes




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