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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Dr. Frasier Crane, a successful Boston therapist, moves to Seattle to get a new start on life. He has a radio talk show, which he uses to relay his wit and wisdom to others, but at times he struggles with his own problems with his salt-of-the-earth father, his pretentious brother, and his friends and co-workers.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 16, 1993

Also Known As: A dumagép, Frasier Crane |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, G), Belgium (KT/EA) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship
radio presenter
seattle, usa

Company Credits

Production Co: Grub Street Productions, Paramount Television |  See more »


Sam Johnson
as Reno Officiant
Brandon Johnson
as Nurse/Orderly #2
Mark Withers
as Board Member
Alan Shearman
as Sous Chef
Victor Alfieri
as Esteban de Rojo
Christian Hutcherson
as Nanny G's fan
Maddie Corman
as Gail
Joseph Lindgren
as Dr. Zafrin
Fiona Hale
as Mrs. Hawkins
Joan Allen
as Lydia
Bill Hayes
as Neil 'Sully' Sullivan
Alfre Woodard
as Edna
Joe Howard
as Ticket Seller
Adamo Palladino
as Waiter
Rob Moore
as B.K.
James Kiriyama-Lem
as Tenant
Luis Guzmán
as George
Scotch Ellis Loring
as Jeremy
Ted Hollis
as Noel's Trekker Buddy
Stephanie Faracy
as Mimi
Ross Gottstein
as Wallet Guy
Kristin Chenoweth
as Portia Sanders
Mike Galusha
as Cafe Nervosa Patron
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Estelle
Ted Danson
as Sam Malone
Mike Marino
as Patrolman
Harve Presnell
as Mike Shaw
Hope Allen
as Maxine
Kevin Farrell
as Rodney Banks
Richard Hamilton
as Big Willy
Mary K. DeVault
as Trudy
Tony Crane
as Mike
Eric Idle
as Chuck
Tony Goldwyn
as Roger
Chris Berg
as Dr. Zach
Tess Cruickshank
as Alice May Doyle
Layne Beamer
as Husband
Tom Hughes
as Guy in Bar
John LaMotta
as Duke
William Dennis Hunt
as Mr. Draper
Marita Geraghty
as Amanda
Peter Holden
as Steven
Mary Steenburgen
as Marjorie
CJ Jones
as Customer #1
Andrea Andes
as Bulldog's Date
Michael Sean McGuinness
as Clive
Christopher Templeton
as Molly
Myra Carter
as Mrs. Warner
Juanita Jennings
as Suzy
Bill Morey
as Mr. Probst
Wendy Wasserstein
as Linda
Biff McGuire
as Mr. Smolenski
Regina Schneider
as Lucy
Randall Rapstine
as Sheldon Hastings
Norman B. Rice
as Mayor of Seattle
Ray Liotta
as Bob
Alex Morris
as Officer
Kendall Clement
as Plumber
John O'Leary
as Old Niles
Reichen Lehmkuhl
as Impossibly Handsome Man
Steeve Arlen
as Daniel Gill
Michael Keaton
as Blaine Sternin
Paul Kent
as Dr. Sternstein
Ginger Marin
as Hanna
Bradley Whitford
as Stu
Wendell Wright
as Fred
Carrie Fisher
as Phyllis
Carole Shelley
as Helen Moskowitz
Michael Medico
as Harry
Nathan Lane
as Phil
Marc Vann
as Paul
Murphy Giller
as Young Niles
Michael Mitz
as Ben
Jean Sincere
as Old Daphne
Lorenzo Newton
as Reggie McLemore
Dominic Rambaran
as The Other Niles
Brianna Konefall
as Wedding Performer
Marsha Kramer
as Tooty/Anne
Tom Irwin
as Frank
Leslie Ishii
as Stewardess
Roger Keller
as Coughing Man/Waiter
Trish Ramish
as Tawny Van Deusen
Harper Roisman
as Fred
Harris Laskawy
as Moving Man
Deborah Lacey
as Customer
Gloria LeRoy
as Mrs. Smolenski
Lisa Banes
as Pamela
John Mahoney
as Martin Crane
Jean Smart
as Lana Gardner/Lorna Lynley
Matt Besser
as Coffee Guy
Bonnie Raitt
as Denise
Morgan Nagler
as Kristi
Eve Brent
as Hostess
Paul Mazursky
as Vinnie
Cleto Augusto
as Delivery Man/Moving Man
James Greene
as Salesman
Cyd Charisse
as Polly
Steve Susskind
as Supervisor
Loren Lazerine
as Fan
Carlos Jacott
as Matt
Lisa Arning Mayer
as Nurse
Nathan Davis
as Otto
Lesley Stahl
as Lesley Stahl
Matthew Yang King
as Thad
Terri Hoyos
as Hostess
John Cygan
as Doug Harvey
Jack Tate
as Director
William Turner
as Kid #2
Wendy Bowes
as Space Needle Fan
Randy Pelish
as Customer
Derek Anthony
as Paul
Ron Canada
as Judge Anderson
Josh Adell
as Curtis
Musetta Vander
as Natalie Blanc
Ilo Orleans
as Stage Manager
Dean Cain
as Rick
Teri Garr
as Nancy
Anita Gillette
as Mrs. Wojadubakowski
Susan Brown
as Amber Edwards
Joseph Falasca
as Caviar Salesman
Charles Cioffi
as Endicott
Janet Song
as Audience Member #3
Victor Garber
as Ferguson
Greg Callahan
as Doctor/Rev. Franklin
Amanda Corday
as Campbell
Edward Van Halen
as Hank
George Wendt
as Norm Peterson
Morgan Davis
as Amanda
William Morgan Sheppard
as Mr. Drake
Elizabeth Talbott Adams
as Jane
Illeana Douglas
as Kenny's Wife
Jeff Corbett
as John Coughlin
June Claman
as Aunt Bobbie
Mike Starr
as Billy Kriezel
Michael Wasson
as Wine Club Member
David St. James
as Admissions Officer
Carl Reiner
as Roger
Scout Taylor-Compton
as Gym Girl
Glenne Headly
as Gretchen
Robert Picardo
as Charlie Koechner
David Jahn
as Bar Patron
Isaac Mizrahi
as Gabe
Wilson Bell
as Marco
Linda Gehringer
as Sarah
Marilyn Tokuda
as Cecilia
Roger Ferreira
as Wine Club Member
Richard Redlin
as Audience Member #2
David Burke
as Sean
Kevin Loomis
as Best Man
Craig Zimmerman
as Waiter
Adolph Green
as Walter
Denise Iketani
as Dr. Ling
Faith Prince
as Brandy
Bernie Kuby
as Priest
Adrian R'Mante
as Servant
Stephanie Nash
as Party Guest
Kirsten Devere
as Mother
John Vickery
as Petyr
Arnie Burton
as Chef Marcel
Raye Birk
as Walt Twitchell
John Ducey
as Waiter
Morocco Omari
as Tow Truck Driver
Marion Dugan
as Patient
Jo de Winter
as Mrs. Greenway
Josh Shipley
as Cafe Patron
John Drayman
as Walnut
Robert Colbert
as Tony
Matt McGrath
as Protester
Bobby Sherman
as Bobby Sherman
Paul Perri
as Bill the Director
Katy Garretson
as Computer
Cindy Katz
as Elise
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Dr. McCaskill
Mimi Hines
as Mrs. Latimer
Penny Marshall
as Celeste
John H. Tobin
as Omelette Chef
Sandra Teles
as The Masseuse
Wayne Wilderson
as Teddy
Gary Cole
as Luke Parker
Michael Winters
as Bank President
Danny Breen
as Clark
Larry King
as Larry King
Valerie Mahaffey
as Peggy
Audra Lynn
as Fantasy Martin
David Breitbarth
as Chuck
Sarah Brooke
as Mrs. Michaels
Suzanne Cryer
as Denise
Tushka Bergen
as Miranda Rogers
Robert Arce
as George
Phil Buckman
as Leo
Matt Huhn
as Bartender
Eva Marie Saint
as Joanna Doyle
Katherine McGrath
as Linda
Brian T. Finney
as Andy McNiff
Bebe Neuwirth
as Dr. Lilith Sternin
Blake Lindsley
as Becky
David Alan Basche
as Woody Wiswell
David Richard Thompson
as Leon
Millicent Martin
as Gertrude Moon
David Jay Willis
as Patron #2
Susanne Blakeslee
as Party Guest
Nicholas Hormann
as Alan Murchie
W. Scott Strassner
as Attendant
Melora Marshall
as Female Fan
Jonathan Bruce
as Judd
Booth Colman
as Mr. Slobodkin
Marcia Mitzman Gaven
as Allison
Heidi Mokrycki
as Plum Sanders
Michael Vira
as Contestant
Jamieson Price
as Barfly #3
Julie Dretzin
as Janis
Carl Reggiardo
as Maitre D'
Irene Olga López
as Marta
Bernadette Birkett
as Janelle
Albert Macklin
as Masseur
Matthew Feeney
as Cafe Nervosa Patron
Geoff Callan
as Hank
Hanna Watanabe
as Margie
Christopher Marshall
as Customer
Joe Mantegna
as Derek Mann
JoBeth Williams
as Madeline Marshall/Danielle
Steve Young
as Blake
Ashley Thomas
as Alice May Doyle
Pam Levin
as Woman at Parade
Nick Kiriazis
as Clint
Anthony Zerbe
as Clifford
as Eddie
Ben Stiller
as Barry
Christine Estabrook
as Lou
Julius Erving
as Mike
Damara Reilly
as Estelle
Susan Wood
as Nurse
James Winkler
as Mr. Giroux
Kevin Steinberg
as Electrician
Martin Rayner
as Mr. Bader
Christopher Reeve
as Leonard
Chris Marcil
as Steve Glazer
Andrew M. Chukerman
as Musician/Orchestra Leader/Trio Leader
Robert Klein
as Gary
as Eddie
Peggy Stewart
as Mrs. McCloud
Lisa Thornhill
as Caroline
Blair Brown
as Jill
Kipp Shiotani
as Delivery Guy
Beverly D'Angelo
as Audrey
Denise Poirier
as Maggie
Elizabeth Alley
as Margaret
Karen Person
as Customer
Montae Russell
as Pauly
Palmer Davis
as Dancer
Tony Shalhoub
as Manu
Peter Haskell
as Bob Vernon
Gina Ravera
as Waitress
Mark Durbin
as David Hicks
Robert Stanton
as Ben
Marcus Folmar
as Policeman
Reba McEntire
as Rachel
Patricia Clarkson
as Claire French
Loryn Locklin
as Sabrina
Marlo Thomas
as Sophie
John Waters
as Roger
Mario Soto
as Waiter
Ashley Bank
as Renata Harper
Jarion Monroe
as Henri
Amy Madigan
as Maggie
Lauren Cohn
as Orderly
Scott Lowell
as Chuck
Elvis Costello
as Ben
Christina Cindrich
as The Cable Woman
David Muller
as Barry
Mark Ryan
as Winston
Harold Prince
as Fred
D.E. Manning
as KACL announcer at Seattle Center
Neil Vipond
as Judge
Robbie Coltrane
as Michael Moon
Janice Kent
as Neighbor
Rita Wilson
as Hester Crane/Mia Preston
Timothy Omundson
as Director
Jonathan Fraser
as Man at Party
Beverly Leech
as Jennifer
Dale Dickey
as Mrs. Grant
Dustin Tragethon
as Young Frasier
Eugene Lee
as Officer Athanis
Beth Hall
as Babs
Brittany Murphy
as Olsen
Hans Hernke
as Delivery Man at Baby Shower
Cindy Ambuehl
as Madeline
Tony Carreiro
as Joe DeCarlo
Lombardo Boyar
as Delivery Man
Kathleen Noone
as Aunt Patrice
Scott Michael Campbell
as Mr. Rugly
Carlene Watkins
as Susan Rajeski
Zooey Deschanel
as Jen
Laura Harring
as Rebecca Wendell
Mario Prado Jr.
as Bike Clerk
Ashley West Leonard
as Joanna
Rachael Harris
as Erin
Scott Hamilton
as Caller #1
Linda Porter
as Mary
Kandis Chappell
as Doris
Andy Garcia
as Terrance
David Sederholm
as Date
Missi Pyle
as Shannon
Christopher Durang
as Rudy/Sebastian Melmoth
Todd Babcock
as Rick
Garry Trudeau
as Louis
Ryan Tower
as Christmas Shopper
Christopher Reed
as Luggage Clerk
Kathe Mazur
as Beverly
Jill Matson-Sachoff
as Customer #2
Jay Harik
as Sales Clerk
James Whitson
as Andrew
Hal Landon Jr.
as Lasskopf
Steve Lawrence
as Howard
Kevin Weisman
as Painter
Jessica Pennington
as Yvette
Jessica Cauffiel
as Kit
Jim Norton
as Wentworth
Richard E. Grant
as Stephen Moon
Jane Leeves
as Daphne Moon
Jay Bell
as Maurice
John Finn
as Tim
Al Fann
as Jimmy
Michael Rothhaar
as Party Guest
as Sam Tanaka
Don Amendolia
as Guard
Rachel York
as Dinah aka Officer Nasty
Pia Zadora
as Jill
Don Sparks
as Mr. Carr
Edward James Gage
as Bartender
Lisa Melilli
as Dream Girl
Mark Povinelli
as Angel #2
Abdul Salaam El Razzac
as Paul
Bill Paxton
as Ernie
Greg Bronson
as Costumed Character
Eddie Bowz
as Larry
Yasemin Baytok
as Cindy
Christine McGraw
as Lacey Lloyd
Robert Lee Jacobs
as Waiter
Doug Hance
as Joey Katona
Jane Adams
as Dr. Mel Karnofsky
Dan Gerrity
as Wayne
Lisa Akey
as Christine
Lynn Meneses
as Frasier's Potential Date
John Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
Jeremiah Morris
as Photographer
Valarie Pettiford
as P.R. Woman
John-David Keller
as Nigel
Amita Balla
as Waitress
Matthew Broderick
as Mark
Jennifer Tilly
as Kim
Annie Wersching
as Esthetician
Raymond Hanis
as Officer McLean
Lynnda Ferguson
as Kathy
Pauley Perrette
as Rebecca/Waitress
Amy Hill
as Maureen Nervosa
Joel Anderson
as Father
Holmes Osborne
as Principal
Douglas Owen McDonald
as George
Sherry Lansing
as Angela
Kathryn Danielle
as Bonnie Weems
Annie LaRussa
as Susan
Dendrie Taylor
as Paris
Sally Stevens
as On camera singer
Fran Kranz
as Aaron
Nastassja Schmiedt
as Girl in Line
Hawthorne James
as Bill
Tom Gottlieb
as Waiter
John McMartin
as Fletcher Grey
Mark Capri
as Man in Hall/Mr. Williams
Carla Renata
as Louise
Eric Lutes
as Tom Duran
Taylor Handley
as Trent
Selma Stern
as Neighbor
Gillian Anderson
as Jenny
Christine Dunford
as Nancy
Tricia O'Kelley
as Colette
Richard Easton
as Mel White
Rhea Perlman
as Carla Tortelli LeBec
Jane Kaczmarek
as Maureen Cutler
Cindy Lu
as Reporter
Anthony Crivello
as Maitre D'
Suzanne Stokes
as Fantasy Plumber
Shannon Cochran
as Bank Manager
Kevin Daniels
as Steve
Jack Betts
as Ian
Klee Bragger
as Ned
Michael G. Hawkins
as Bandleader/Conductor/Emcee/Santa
Christopher Shea
as Barfly #1
Anthony LaPaglia
as Simon Moon
Kim Coles
as Dr. Mary
Cindy Crawford
as Dorothy
Aloma Wright
as Maria
Mary-Joan Negro
as Joanne
Gene Lythgow
as Maitre'd
Bryan Callen
as The Chicken
Benjamin Brown
as Stage Manager
Tom Beyer
as Singer
Charles Janasz
as Spencer
Bridget Sienna
as Bank Teller #2
Sal Rendino
as Customs Officer
Michael Welch
as Young Niles
Judith Ivey
as Lorraine
Matt Sullivan
as Restaurant Waiter
Paxton Whitehead
as Dr. Campbell
Julie Guevara
as Bus Driver
Mark Benninghoffen
as Video Clerk
Gregory Jbara
as Bartender
Lindsay Crouse
as Peg
Miles Marsico
as Johnny
Twink Caplan
as Bridget
Cherie Wimberly
as Office Worker
Kieran Culkin
as Jimmy
Tom Chick
as Waiter/Waiter #1
Brian Kerwin
as Bob
Charlotte Ross
as Monica
Aileen Fitzpatrick
as Committee Member
Phil Donahue
as Larry
Marian Seldes
as Betty
Stephen Spinella
as Randall Schoonover
Jason Biggs
as Dr. Hauck
Shelley Duvall
as Caroline
Beecey Carlson
as Maid
Jennifer Coolidge
as Frederica
Lillian Adams
as Mildred
Bill Blair
as Station Employee
Patti LuPone
as Aunt Zora Crane/Pam
Kila Kitu
as Motorist #4
Murphy Dunne
as Pete
Bobby Waddington
as Skippy
Grace Rowe
as Stage Manager
Alex Borstein
as Evelyn
Steve Gresser
as Coffee Shop Patron
Mary Ostrow
as Francine
Jonathan McMurtry
as Reynolds
Rosemary Clooney
as Gladys
Linda Stephens
as Elaine
Tim Silva
as Doorman
Peri Gilpin
as Roz Doyle
Don Tiffany
as Swinger
Laura Linney
as Charlotte/Mindy
Becky Ann Baker
as Marge
Hope Cruickshank
as Alice May Doyle
Katherine Disque
as Chelsea
Alicia Robinson
as Jane
Aaron Heyman
as Clarence
James Harper
as Karl
Julia Sweeney
as Ann Hodges
Rebecca Schull
as Betty
Michael McFall
as Messenger
Brian Cousins
as Gunnar
Julie Gill
as Waitress
Heather Lee
as Toffee McIntosh
Kelly Miracco
as Holly
Gloria Estefan
as Maria
Adam Arkin
as Tom
Michael Panes
as Clark
Barbara Sharma
as Mrs. Douglas, Donny's Mom
Patrick Stewart
as Alistair Burke
Betsy Gardner
as Laura Hilton
J. Kenneth Campbell
as Mr. Michaels
Steve O'Connor
as Joe
Lindsay Frost
as Samantha Pierce
Teri Ralston
as Miss Carney
Erika Christensen
as Teenager
Tim Rhoze
as Delivery Man
Adrian Neil
as Freddy
Lincoln Kilpatrick
as Artie Walsh - Martin's Partner
Timothy Carhart
as Mr. Grant
Lia King
as Employee
Camille Grammer
as Eve
Joey Zimmerman
as Dracula
Neil Simon
as Andy
Julie Ness
as Seattle Sonics Fan
Randy Travis
as Steve
Jill Clayburgh
as Marie
Marc Wilson
as Paramedic Rob
Rob Klingman
as Bartender
Marg Helgenberger
as Emily
Fabrizio Imas
as Bar Patron #2
Christine Kludjian
as Tiffany
Jane Macfie
as Gate Attendant
Camille Carida
as Loretta
Olympia Dukakis
as Caller #3
Laurence Lau
as Steven
Stephen King
as Brian
Patricia Hearst
as Janice
Patrick Cavanaugh
as Ryan
Anthony Holiday
as Computer Guy
Katie Finneran
as Poppy
J.B. Gaynor
as Billy
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
Susan Merson
as Woman In Cafe
Renée Lippin
as Kari
Sara Ballantine
as Customer
Peter Siragusa
as Bruce
Jason Menz
as Man in Bar
Karen Hensel
as Bethany
Lisa Darr
as Laura Paris
Noel Conlon
as Henry Worth
Elijah Wood
as Ethan
John Rubinstein
as Phillip Hayson
David Manis
as Terrence
John Glover
as Ned Miller
Shawna Casey
as Stage Manager
Teri Hatcher
as Marie
Leo Marks
as Frank
Richard Gleason
as Ted alias Hans
John C. McGinley
as Danny Kriezel
Nana Visitor
as Sharon
Linda Kerns
as Policewoman
as Lucy
Cady Huffman
as Amber Licious
Keith Carradine
as Caller Carl
Alan Heitz
as Guy Fan
Josh Wise
as Warren Clayton
Constance Towers
as Clarice Warner
Joshua J. Greene
as Ethan
Scott Nguyen
as Brown
Kevin Brief
as Cop
Rob Reiner
as Bill
George DelHoyo
as Father Mike
Marnie Mosiman
as Donna
Philip Casnoff
as Dr. Bernard Gadston
Thomas J. Reilly
as Father O'Rourke
Gregory Eugene Travis
as Ronald
Dan Bucatinsky
as Jewelry Clerk
Wayne Alexander
as Peter Soutendeck
Jonathan Adams
as Fire Marshall
Cynthia LaMontagne
as Annie
Heather Ehlers
as Lois Fisher
Lily Tomlin
as Rita
Bart Burson
as Dancing Policeman
Claire Stansfield
as Kristina Harper
Robyn Johanna
as The Other Daphne
Nate Bynum
as Bank Guard
Anna C. Miller
as Motorist #5
Robert McCall
as Boy/Boy #1
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Steve
Conrad Janis
as Albert
Aaron Eckhart
as Frank
Steven Anthony Lawrence
as Jason White/Kid in Hall
Linden Chiles
as Dean of Admissions
Lisa Waltz
as Tricia
Anthony Montgomery
as Waiter
Sean Smith
as Chip
Brian Cox
as Harry Moon
Alice Playten
as Bonnie
Don Took
as Andy
Don McManus
as Donald
Henry Mancini
as Al
Fritz Weaver
as Sir Trevor Ainsley
Amy Alexandra Lloyd
as Receptionist
Lin Shaye
as Anne
as Woman in Video Store
Eric Wyatt
as Cafe Nervosa Patron
Saul Stein
as John Rajeski
Boyd Gaines
as Phil Patterson
Timothy Leary
as Hank
Nancy Becker-Kennedy
as Dana
Bill Kirchenbauer
as Wayne
Frances Callier
as Nurse
Alan Schwartz
as Customer #2
Devika Parikh
as Emcee
Joseph Kell
as Doctor
Regi Davis
as Hotel Manager
Jack Brewer
as Jim
Kie Spring
as Rose
Lawrence Lowe
as Waiter
Amy Brenneman
as Faye Moskowitz
Elizabeth Liang
as Customer
Laura Dern
as June
Zeljko Ivanek
as Dr. Arnold Shaw
Estelle Parsons
as Celeste's Mother/Opal
Cyndi Pass
as Vanessa
Laurel Green
as Flight Attendant
Jodi Taffel
as Nurse
JD Cullum
as Donald
Jim Graci
as Game Announcer
Marv Albert
as Jerry
Tom Hewitt
as Bartender
Vaughn Armstrong
as Tony
Tommy Hilfiger
as Robert
Robin Mary Florence
as Waitress
Nina Mann
as Miss Finn
Caroline Aaron
as Phyllis Conrad
Sheldon Epps
as Bait Shop Owner
Joshua Fardon
as Luke
Jeff Perry
as John Clayton
Tucker Smallwood
as Detective
Craig Green
as Caterer
Pamela Dunlap
as Shirley
Wren T. Brown
as Keith Bishop
Bette Rae
as Elizabeth
Jack Wallace
as Joe
Jane Pauley
as Rochelle
James Cunningham
as Dr. Rob Mandel
Scott MacDonald
as Henry
Dan Kern
as Maitre d'
Michelle Woods
as Dancer #6
Daniel Davis
as Dr. Shafer
Rick Negron
as Photographer
Gerry Gibson
as Tom
Nancy Linari
as Elaine Hensley
Art Garfunkel
as Chester
Luck Hari
as Waitress
Donovan Scott
as Santa
Halle Berry
as Betsy
David Aaron Baker
as Waiter
Felicity Huffman
as Julia Wilcox
Andre Rosey Brown
as Prisoner
Charlee Baugh
as Schoolgirl
Michelle Stafford
as Heather Murphy
John Prosky
as Preston
Mitchell Edmonds
as Mr. Spencer
Marisa Guterman
as Andi
Mel Brooks
as Tom
Keith Rayve
as Guy In Line
Nancy Stafford
as Claire Barnes
Rebeccah Bush
as Kimberly Egan
Bryan McMillen
as Patient
Téa Leoni
as Sheila
John McEnroe
as Patrick
Robert Miano
as Rocco
Rita McKenzie
as Mrs. Littlejohn
Patrick Kerr
as Noel Shempsky
Piper Laurie
as Marianne/Mrs. Mulhern
Corey Fischer
as Rabbi Gendler
John Patrick Patti
as Delivery Man
Karen Blake Challman
as Dancer
Kevin Bacon
as Vic
Mercedes Ruehl
as Kate Costas
Kate Luhr
as April
Katarina Witt
as Brenda
Tom Tom Typhoon
as Japanese Businessman
Phyllis Flax
as Florence
Pat Boone
as Garth
Michelle Crispin
as Bulldog's Date
Candice Bryant
as Prom Date
Endre Hules
as Russian Crewman
Mark Munoz
as Dr. Krovitz
Bernadette Peters
as Rachel
Andrew Philpot
as Waiter
Michael Des Barres
as Georges
Jack Axelrod
as Old Frasier
Patricia Fraser
as Marjorie
Randy Kovitz
as Fan
Freddie Prinze Jr.
as Mike
Tim Monsion
as Percy Williams
Ron Howard
as Stephen
Suzanne Lee Singh
as Wig Date
Jonathan Ficcadenti
as Kirby's Friend
Paul Michael
as Restaurant Owner
Troy Blendell
as Curtis
Linda Hamilton
as Guest Caller - Claire/Laura
Paul Cosimano
as Waiter
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Bebe Glazer
Andrew Heckler
as Dr. Claman
Dave Allen
as Randy
John Kapelos
as Policeman
Eric Roberts
as Chet
Scott L. Treger
as KPXY Team Contestant
Ossie Mair
as Doctor
Philip Perlman
as Phil
Sarah Shahi
as Reservationist
David Boyd
as Waiter
David Hyde Pierce
as Dr. Niles Crane
Rocky McMurray
as Shangri-lino
Bernard Addison
as Waiter
Dominick Dunne
as Jeff
Naomi Judd
as Lillian
Diane Behrens
as Patron #1
Jesse Luna
as Jaime the Squash Valet
Armando Molina
as Mario
Anthony Heald
as Corkmaster
Shawn Huff
as Woman at Shiva
Chariesse LaVelle
as News Anchor
Brooks Almy
as Mrs. Richman/Mother in Elevator
Michael Philip
as Dr. Jack Betcher
Jody Ashworth
as Panda
Judith Scott
as Colleen
Kiran Rao
as Dry Cleaners Guy
Susie Park
as Pam
James Aaron Oliver
as James the Barista/James the Waiter/Barista/Waiter
Doug Carfrae
as Professor Pete
Jay Karnes
as Corporate Guy
Stu Lantz
as Sportscaster
Charles Busch
as Mark
Kirsten Nelson
as Ellie
Chase Armstrong
as Young Niles
Ana Gasteyer
as Trish Haney
John E. Glassco
as Cafe Nervosa Patron
Mary Hart
as Mary Hart
Dan Castellaneta
as Brad
Emily Yancy
as Cora Winston
Kathryn Joosten
as Vera
Tony Pasqualini
as Motorist #2
Rick Schatz
as Busboy
Roger Fan
as Waiter
Tom Hulce
as Keith
Jane Lynch
as Cynthia
Allison Janney
as Phyllis/Susanna
Paul Willson
as Paul Krapence
Francis X. McCarthy
as Steve Kendall
Helen Mirren
as Babette the Caller
Brett Miller
as T.J. Smith
Rosemary Murphy
as Carol Larkin
Doug Tompos
as Flight Agent
Luke Tarsitano
as Frederick Gaylord Crane
Richard Yett
as Condo Neighbor
Wendie Malick
as Ronee Lawrence
Dana Ivey
as Ms. Langer
Stephon Fuller
as Jason
Paul F. Tompkins
as Steve
Krista Allen
as Liz Wright
Brian Bedford
as Edward
Sydney Pollack
as Holden Thorpe
Catherine Dent
as Claudia Kynock
John Cusack
as Greg
Lynndi Scott
as Party Guest
Doreen Calderon
as Amanda
Ed Harris
as Rob
Saul Rubinek
as Donny Douglas
Charlayne Woodard
as Arlene
Michael Edwards
as Almond
Dan O'Shannon
as Janitor
Lisa Guerrero
as Joanne/Woman at Airport
Peter Waldman
as Violinist
J. Paul Boehmer
as Neil
Cherry Jones
as Janet
Nadine Donahue
as Waitress
Todd Louiso
as Jonathan
Pat Skipper
as Gary
Sela Ward
as Kelly Easterbrook
Lilyan Chauvin
as Mama
Stanley Tucci
as Morrie
Harris Yulin
as Jerome Belasco
Heide Karp
as Crystal the Juggler
Christopher M. Brown
as Bulldog's Engineer/Lenny
John Turturro
as Grant
Bess Myerson
as Mary
Laurie Walton
as Waitress
Mark Sawyer
as Bob Peterson
James Morrison
as Brian
Bob Dishy
as Dr. Schenkman
Rick Fitts
as Supervisor
Magdalena Holland
as Luke's Date
Googy Gress
as Ned
Shannon Tweed
as Dr. Honey Snow
Delaina Mitchell
as Jessica
Michael Halberg
as Dr. Hanning
Bradford English
as Hank
Michael McShane
as Frank
Kendall Schmidt
as Young Frasier
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
as Clare
Kate Steele
as Teen Date
Monica McSwain
as Facialist
Leelee Sobieski
as Sheila
Carly Simon
as Marie
Christine Baranski
as Dr. Nora Fairchild
Lisa Edelstein
as Caitlin
Jillie Mack
as Charlotte
Billy Crystal
as Jack
Leslie S. Sachs
as Tina
Mike Judge
as Van
Tuffy Williams
as Riley Austin
Neal Lerner
as Appraiser
Misha Henson
as Sandy
Sara Melson
as Carrie
Nick De Gruccio
as Short Man
Marilyn Child
as Gretchen Koontz
Lamont Thompson
as Delivery Man
David Duchovny
as Tom
Brendan Hill
as Jeremy Berman
Rachel Dratch
as Horny Date
Billy Barty
as Chris
Jennifer Beals
as Dr. Anne Ranberg
B.J. Ward
as Diane Murchie
Malcolm McDowell
as Dr. Bruga
Cameron Bowen
as Young Frasier
Mike Powers
as Jason
Kimberly Oja
as Felicity
Edward Edwards
as Richard
Damian D. Lewis
as Motorist #3
Dennis Cockrum
as Red
Wayne Grace
as Farmer
James Willett
as Cop
Alan Wilder
as Leo
Michael Krepack
as Toddler Frasier
Tom McGowan
as Kenny Daly
Robert Towers
as Kangaroo
Lauri Johnson
as Mrs. Gablyczyck
Virginia Madsen
as Cassandra Stone
Lesley Woods
as Mrs. Kelly
Mary Tyler Moore
as Marjorie
Teri Polo
as Abby Michaels
Christian Aubert
as Maitre D'
Dawn McMillan
as Waitress
Catherine Bruhier
as Cathy
Steve Kehela
as Orderly #1
Phil McGraw
as Dr. Phil
Elon Gold
as Brad
Lynne Adams
as Nurse
Gabrielle Miller
as Willa Haver
Michael W. Baird
as Bartender
Doug Wax
as KACL Staff
Sal Cecere
as Hot Guest
Lois Smith
as Moira
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Glinka
Ellen Ratner
as Dress Date
David Ogden Stiers
as Leland Barton
Tom Lagleder
as Dr. Stephen Kagen
Karl T. Wright
as Producer
Kelli Kirkland
as Nurse
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Cam Winston
Sharon Madden
as Mrs. Woodson
Larry Gelbart
as Joe
Tory Christopher
as KACL Employee/Drunken KACL Employee
Eric Stoltz
as Don
John David Conti
as Mr. Douglas, Donny's Dad
Wolfgang Puck
as Tom/Wolfgang Puck
Patrick Breen
as Phillip
Rufus Wainwright
as Jeremy
John Lathan
as Bunny #2
Grinnell Morris
as Man in Café
Simon Brooke
as Bartender
Michael Canavan
as Reggie
Robin Krieger
as Mother
Craig Nigh
as Graham
Bobby Brewer
as Curtis
Melissa Etheridge
as Cleo
Richard Stretchberry
as Virgil Hefflewhite
John O'Hurley
as Thomas Jay Fallow
Brooke Adams
as Marilyn
James Gleason
as Ed
James Lew
as Security Guard
Lorraine Toussaint
as Nurse
Eddie Carroll
as Lee Zeplowitz
Penny Johnson Jerald
as Carol
Helen Geller
as Sister Joselia
Eydie Gormé
as Lois
Amanda Donohoe
as Catherine
Nicholas Walker
as Francois
Joyce Brothers
as Dr. Joyce Brothers
Joseph Sikora
as Man in Bar
Justin D. Moore
as Public Rally Attendee
Ken Magee
as Guard
Lisa Dergan
as Cheerleader
Rene Auberjonois
as Dr. William Tewksbury/Professor William Tewksbury
Hal Sparks
as Receptionist
Macaulay Culkin
as Elliott
William H. Macy
as Ralph
Gregory North
as Doorman
Shelley Long
as Diane Chambers
Alan Tudyk
as Todd Peterson
Amy Landers
as Waitress
Ed O'Ross
as Terry
Valerie Curtin
as Mrs. Warren
Kevin Chamberlin
as Guy in Waiting Room
Hank Stratton
as Andrew Lloyd
Edward Hibbert
as Gil Chesterton
Paul Schulze
as Alex
Carolee Carmello
as Jody
Laura Robinson
as Lynette
Alice Dodd
as Surgical Nurse
Mike Nussbaum
as Owner
Ron Dean
as Frank
John Farley
as Records Clerk
Hira Ambrosino
as Judge Stern
Joseph Keane
as Waiter
Sean Cast
as Young Niles
Brian Klugman
as Kirby
John Michael Higgins
as William
John Rajeski
as Waiter
Milan Dragicevic
as Klingon
Karen Kim
as Motorist #1
John Lithgow
as Madman Martinez
Elvin Whitesides
as Driver
Armistead Maupin
as Gerard
Steven Rotblatt
as Bar Patron
Miguel Sandoval
as Mr. Martin
Mark Blum
as John
Ken Daly
as Man on Street
David Benoit
as Doug
Gigi Rice
as Regan Shaw
Mark Deklin
as Clint
Zachary McLemore
as Big Kid
Peggy Miley
as Bernice Brisco
Kelvin Yu
as Copy Guy
Sandra Dee
as Connie
Robert Ruth
as Coach Nugent
Kaileigh Brielle Martin
as Twinkle
M. Emmet Walsh
as Rich Koechner
Maria del Mar
as Leslie Wellman
Edward Penn
as Jack Reynolds
Shirley Prestia
as Saleswoman
Jodie Foster
as Marlene
Howard Shangraw
as Auction Official
Anthony Edwards
as Tom
Soren Fulton
as Justin
Phyllis Katz
as Woman at Auction
Tim Choate
as Dirk
Joseph Will
as Nikos Crane
Ben Livingston
as Stage Manager
Lynn Tufeld
as Waitress
Kris Edlund
as Amanda
JD Roberto
as Father/Robert
Casey Strand
as Emily
Cali Timmins
as Mary Anne
Dean Erickson
as Waiter/Eric
Eric Ware
as Cop
Kristen Lowman
as Linda/Mrs. Kalish
Paul Moncrief
as Bus Rider
Kevin Kilner
as Steve Garrett
Jack Donner
as Mr. Hawkins
Bill Gates
as Bill Gates
Judith Corber Wexler
as Darla
Ivory Ocean
as Bartender
Gerald Downey
as Doctor
Cyndi Martino
as Board Member
Billy Bean
as Jerry
Anne Bellamy
as Wedding Guest
Ted King
as Craig
John Mahon
as Uncle Walt Crane
Irene White
as Cashier
Bobby Short
as Warren
Bill Ferrell
as Policeman
John Glenn
as John Glenn
Stephen Root
as Harbin
Gary Sinise
as Sid
Candace Edwards
as Monique
John Ennis
as Carlos
Mary Jo Mecca
as Waitress
Bill Gratton
as Leo
Lisa Robinson
as Connie
Ann Cusack
as Antonia
Allen Galli
as Male Fan
Alan Cumming
as Ahmrit
Devon Michaels
as Lucius
Betty Comden
as Linda
Cameron Dye
as Nigel Moon
Robertson Dean
as Dr. Myshkin
Jordan Baker
as Paula Garrett
Alvy Moore
as Putnam
Tegan West
as Jack
John Hannah
as Avery McManus
Woody Harrelson
as Woody Boyd
John Carroll Lynch
as Franklin
Donald Sage Mackay
as Eduardo
Haley Darwish
as Kid #1
Thomas Byrd
as Tim Walsh
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Eileen
Stacey Travis
as Cindy
Fisher Stevens
as Dr. Sheldon Morey
Steve Stapenhorst
as Board Member
Andrew Dorsett
as Young Frasier
David Norona
as Lance
Ben Mittleman
as Ralph
David H. Ferguson
as Crystal
Brian Smiar
as Karl
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Sonics Fan - Francine
Michael Weston
as Ice Sculptor
John Brandon
as Harry the Cop
Milo O'Shea
as Dr. Schachter
Megan Mullally
as Beth Armstrong
Donald O'Connor
as Harlow Safford
Jay Leno
as Don
Sean T. James
as Deliveryman
Georgia Emelin
as Francesca
Lindsay Price
as Sharon
Stephanie Dunnam
as Mrs. Newman
Kari McGee
as Audience Member #1
Hilary Duff
as Britney
Reggie Jordan
as Bank Officer
Natalija Nogulich
as Susan Kendall
John Wesley
as Jerry
Tom Astor
as Waiter
Demene Hall
as Conductor
Palmer Scott
as Mr. Twembly
Jack Laufer
as Roland
Philipp Lawrence Durand
as Jean-Pierre
Tom Brooks
as Drummer
Jon Curry
as Mike
Ann Magnuson
as Harvest
Tom Slovick
as Ed
Eugenie Bondurant
as Diane
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Chelsea
Larry Cedar
as Bunny #1
Jerry Orbach
as Mitch
Michael Shepperd
as Merrill George
Owen Duffy
as Waiter
Christie Mellor
as Woman in Bar
Arleen Sorkin
as Rachel
Murray Rubinstein
as Allen Freedman
Richard Poe
as Chopper Dave
Pat Crowley
as Marion Lawlor
Allison Mackie
as Adelle Childs
Brent Spiner
as Albert
Austin Pendleton
as Dr. Dorfman
Emory Livers
as Courier
Marc Robinson
as Joey
Beth Littleford
as Creationism Date
Baron Kelly
as Bailiff
Claire Yarlett
as Vicky
Celia Weston
as Sue
Donna Bullock
as Adair Peck
Raymond J. Barry
as Pool Player
Jeff Greenberg
as Saladin
Randy Doney
as Dr. MacLowery
Rosie Perez
as Francesca/Lizbeth
Tom Verica
as Jim
Brian Reed Garvin
as Officer Hopkins
Jason Graae
as Jack
Marcelo Tubert
as Jorge
Joan McMurtrey
as Heather
Kevin Dean Williams
as Bus Driver
James Patrick Stuart
as Guy
Gregg Berger
as Baby the Cockatoo/Gordon/Movie Narrator
Marsha Mason
as Sherry Dempsey
Miguel Pérez
as Carlos Del Gato
Byrne Offutt
as Joe, Delivery Man
Heather MacRae
as Cathy
Jamie Alexis
as Sally
Caitlin Barrett
as Melody
Griffin Dunne
as Bob/Guest Caller - Russell
Scott Atkinson
as Clive
Skye McCole Bartusiak
as Girl with Drawing
Patty Duke
as Alice
James Earl Jones
as Norman Royster
Heather McDonald
as Judy
Vic Chao
as Assistant
Rob Leo Roy
as Phil
Kay E. Kuter
as Wino
Lydia O'Neil
as Swedish Beauty Queen
Daryl Hannah
as Caller #2
Perry Stephens
as Stan
Patrick Macnee
as Cecil Hedley
Edward F. Gallick
as Ed
Dina Spybey-Waters
as Nanette
Joe Flaherty
as Herm Evans
Oleg Stefan
as Vladimir
Pamela Gordon
as Marvella
Amy Van Nostrand
as Janice
Debbi Fields
as Beth
Gregory Wagrowski
as Man in Hospital
François Giroday
as Robert
Christopher Walberg
as Boy
Mim Drew
as Mimsy
Antonio Del Prete
as Chef Etienne
Francis Guinan
as Ted Fisher
Alyson Reed
as Cindy Carruthers
Billy Campbell
as Dr. Clint Webber
Laurie Metcalf
as Nanny G
Jack Sydow
as Alfred Larkin
Yo-Yo Ma
as Tom
Lori Harmon
as Cousin Yvonne
Dulcy Rogers
as Woman with Chair
John Lizzi
as Bartender/Safford's Son
Robert Prosky
as T.H. Houghton
Christine Cavanaugh
as Fast Food Employee On Don's Call
Bruno Kirby
as Marco
Vincent De Paul
as Bar Patron #1
Brandi Burkett
as Wella
Bellamy Young
as Lisa
Karen Kondazian
as Adrianna Pettibone
Rachel Rosenthal
as Martha Paxton
Valerie Dillman
as Mary Ann
Jeffrey Lee Hollis
as Cafe Extra
Robert Loggia
as Stefano
Bob Hoskins
as Coach Fuller
Garett Maggart
as Bruce
Laura Waterbury
as Fan
Justin Gorence
as Gary
Jonathan Trevor
as Waiter
Dan Butler
as Bulldog Briscoe
Tom Troupe
as Minister
Ray Porter
as Dwayne
Ryan Freeman
as Dude
Alan Blackney
as Restaurant Patron
Sarah Silverman
as Jane
Jill Talley
as Cheryl
Patricia Wettig
as Stephanie
Devlin Elliott
as Teller #1
James Spader
as Steven
Jennifer Williams
as Woman in Hall
Rick Cramer
as Ranger
Ken Levine
as M.C.
Cameron Watson
as Announcer/Data Collector
Sally Champlin
as Usher
T.R. Knight
as Alex
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Aunt Pearl
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
as Kris
Derek Jacobi
as Jackson Hedley
Jennifer Campbell
as Sharon
Ted Lyde
as Maintenance Guy
Jordan Lund
as Team Leader Ronnie
Matt Tucker
as Seattle Fan
Pamela Kosh
as Dierdre Sauvage
Heath Porter
as Al
Michael Whaley
as Pete
Marilyn O'Connor
as Albert's Wife
Nicolas Mize
as Man in Street
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Mitch
Mary Louise Wilson
as Helen
Zachary Kranzler
as Todd
Tony Cox
as Angel #1
Grace Phillips
as Nancy
Benjamin Bratt
as Kevin, the Caller
Rosa Blasi
as Waitress
Barbara Babcock
as Penelope Janvier
Jeff Daniels
as Doug
Marco Rodríguez
as Leo
Debra Monk
as Nurse Karen
Richard Gilbert-Hill
as Elliot
Byrne Piven
as Dr. Sigmund Freud
Tom Billett
as Thug
Joe Reynolds
as Waiter
Matt Roth
as Ted
Darion Basco
as Zombie #2
Bess Armstrong
as Kelly Kirkland
Benjamin Stephens
as Student
Trevor Einhorn
as Frederick Crane
Mary Jo Smith
as Nurse
Diedrich Bader
as Brad
Tony Abatemarco
as Jimmy
Christine Lahti
as Laura
Bob Costas
as Jake
Meredith Dwyer
as Dancer
Maxine Elliott Hicks
as Mrs. Grey
Henry Woronicz
as Leader
Ian Patrick Williams
as Barfly #2
Bernard Zilinskas
as Dennis
Pierre Epstein
as Ettienne
Alan Mingo Jr.
as Waiter #2
Doug Budin
as Clerk
Christopher Lawford
as Bill

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1993 | 24 Episodes

Season 2

1994 | 24 Episodes

Season 3

1995 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

1996 | 23 Episodes

Season 5

1997 | 24 Episodes

Season 6

1998 | 24 Episodes

Season 7

1999 | 24 Episodes

Season 8

2000 | 24 Episodes

Season 9

2001 | 24 Episodes

Season 10

2002 | 24 Episodes

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2003 | 24 Episodes

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