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October 24, 2021
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Fireman Sam’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


This animated children's program follows the adventures of the title hero and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his co-workers can be counted on to jump into a fire engine, hop onto a helicopter, or even launch an inflatable lifeboat to battle blazes, mount rescue missions, or provide medical attention to those in need. The episodes not only teach valuable lessons on fire safety to young viewers, but reinforce the importance of staying calm during an emergency.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: November 1, 1987

Also Known As: Fireman Sam, Feuerwehrmann Sam |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

stop motion

Company Credits

Production Co: Bumper Films


John Sparkes
as Elvis Cridlington/Fireman Sam/Norman Price/Dilys Price/Station Officer Steele/Tom Thomas/Trevor Evans/Emergency Services Operator/TV Reporter/The Photographer
Sarah Hadland
as Bella Lasagne/Penny Morris/Mandy Flood/Helen Flood
Scott Lancastle
as Mike Flood (US)/Mike Flood
Jacob James
as Charlie Jones (US)/Ben Hooper/Charlie Jones/Ben Hooper (US)/Ben Hopper (US)
Christa Clahane
as Ellie Phillips (US)
Elsie Smith
as The Young Prince (UK)
Nigel Whitmey
as Moose Roberts/Moose Roberts (UK & US)
Sarah Lynn Strange
as Dilys Price (US)/Dilys Price/Dilys Price (UK)
John Hasler
as James Jones (UK)/Arnold McKinley (UK)/Arnold McKinley/James Jones/The Prince (UK)
Andrew Hodwitz
as Fireman Sam (US)/Elvis Cridlington (US)/Sam Jones/Elvis Cridlington/Jerry Lee Cridlington (US)/Sam Jones (US)
Mark Ricci
as Derek Price (US)/Norman Price/Norman Price (US)
Adam Turgeon
as Arnold McKinley (US)
Su Douglas
as Mandy Flood (UK)/Dilys Price (UK)/Helen Flood (UK)/Dilys Price/Helen Flood/Lily Chen/Mandy Flood/Lily Chen (UK)/Dylis Price (UK)/Dilys Price (US)/Helen Flood (US)
Michael Pongracz
as Trevor Evans (US)/Joe Sparkes/Trevor Evans/Joe Sparkes (US)/Joe Sparkles (US)/Trevor Evans (UK)
Dave Pender
as Fire Captain Steele (US)/Fire Captain Steele
Joanna Ruiz
as James Jones/Sarah Jones/James/Sarah
David Carling
as Station Officer Steele (UK)/Mike Flood (UK)/Tom Thomas/Trevor Evans (UK)/Station Officer Steele/Trevor Evans/Charlie Jones/Chief Fire Officer Boyce/Elvis Cridlington/Gareth Griffins/Mike Flood/Moose Roberts/Tom Thomas (UK & US)/Chief Fire Officer Boyce (UK)/Tom Thomas (UK)/Mike Flood (US)/Station Officer Steele (US)
Tegwen Tucker
as Penny Morris (UK)/Sarah Jones (UK)/Bronwyn Jones (UK)/Penny Morris/Bronwyn Jones/Mrs. Chen/Sarah Jones/Mrs. Chen (UK)/Map-Screen 700 (UK)/Bronwyn Jokes (UK)/Bronwyn Jones (UK) Sarah Jones (UK)/Mandy Flood/Map Screen-700 (UK)/Penny Morris (US)
Lily Cassano
as Sarah Jones (US)/Mandy Flood (US)/Lily Chen/Mandy Flood/Sarah Jones/Lily Chen (US)
Oliver Böttcher
as Elvis
John Alderton
as Narrator/Narrator & Character/Narrator & Character Voices
Carter Treneer
as Derek/Norman Price/Norman Price (US)/Derek Price (US)/Norman Price (UK)
Achim Schülke
as Steele
Harriet Kershaw
as Ellie Phillips (UK)/Bella Lasagne (UK & US)/Fire Station Computer (UK)/Ellie Philips (UK)/Ellie Phillips
Jo Wyatt
as Hannah Sparkes (UK)/Lizzie Sparkes (UK)/Female TV Announcer (UK)/Hannah Sparkles (UK)/Lizzie Sparkes/Lizzie Sparkles (UK)
Simona Pahl
as Penny
Ifan Huw Dafydd
as Gareth Griffiths (UK)
Steven Kynman
as Fireman Sam/Elvis Cridlington (UK)/Fireman Sam (UK)/Norman Price (UK)/Norman Price/Charlie Jones (UK)/James Jones (UK)/Derek Price/James/Jones/Sam Jones (UK)/Derek Price (UK)/Elvis Cridligton (UK)/Elvis Cridlington/Jerry Lee Cridlington (UK)/News Anchor (UK)/TV Announcer (UK)
Jonah Ain
as James Jones (US)/James Jones/James Jones (UK)
Becky E. Shrimpton
as Helen Flood (US)/Helen Flood/Penny Morris (US)
Alex Lowe
as Joe Sparkes (UK)/Ben Hooper (UK)/Ben Hopper (UK)/Joe Sparkles (UK)/Professor PIckles (UK)/Radio News Reporter (UK)
Clemens Gerhard
as Sam
Margaret Brock
as Bronwyn Jones (US)/Bronwyn Jones/Lizzie Sparkes/Mrs. Chen/Hannah Sparkes (US)/Mrs. Chen (US)/Lizzie Sparkes (US)/Mrs.Chen/Hannah Sparkles (US)/Lizzie Sparkles (US)/Lizzie Sparks (US)/Mrs.Chen (US)
Lukas Sperber
as Norman Price
Joe Marth
as Dept Fire Chief Boyce/Gareth Griffiths/Gareth Griffiths (US)/Dept Fire Chief Boyce (US)
Ole Jacobsen
as Tom
Kim Mayhew
as Sarah
Ashley Magwood
as Penny Morris (US)/Penny Morris
Dave McRae
as Gareth Griffiths (US)/Gareth Griffiths/Chief Fire Officer Boyce/Dept Fire Chief Boyce (US)/TV Narrator
Chris D'Silva
as James Jones (US)
Sarah Halland

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1989 | 8 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

2015 | 26 Episodes

Season 7

2007 | 26 Episodes

Season 8
Season 9

2014 | 25 Episodes

Season 10
Season 11
Season 12


Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Awards 1988


BAFTA Awards

Best Short Animated Film

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