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October 22, 2021
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About this title


From Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf and the team behind the Law and Order franchise, FBI is a fast-paced drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This elite unit brings to bear all their talents, intellect and technical expertise on major cases in order to keep New York and the country safe. Born into a multigenerational law enforcement family, Special Agent Maggie Bell commits deeply to the people she works with as well as those she protects. Her partner is Special Agent Omar Adom "OA" Zidan, a West Point graduate via Bushwick who spent two years undercover for the DEA before being cherry-picked by the FBI. Overseeing them is Special Agent in Charge, Isobel Castille, who operates under intense pressure and has undeniable command authority. The team also includes Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine, the nerve center of the office whose ability to easily relate to and engage with both superiors and subordinates makes him a master motivator. Kristen Chazal is the team's most valued resource, a brilliant analyst recruited straight out of university who can piece together the big picture faster than anyone. These first-class agents tenaciously investigate cases of tremendous magnitude, including terrorism, organized crime and counterintelligence.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 25, 2018

Also Known As: FBI: 特別捜査班, ФБР |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
crime scene

Company Credits

Production Co: Wolf Films, CBS Television Studios |  See more »


Valencia Yearwood
as Attorney
Chris Walker
as SWAT Team Leader
Hannah Myers
as Anni
Esau Pritchett
as Captain Howard
George R. Sheffey
as Mr. Musk
Jordan Feltner
as State Trooper
Sir Brodie
as Witness
Bill Cwikowski
as Mark Wells
Caleb Reese Paul
as Tyler
Samantha Soule
as Emma Kane
Jay Sikand
as Reporter #3
Daniel Petzold
as Dr. Adam Lee
Matthew DeCapua
as Roland Poe
Marsha Regis
as Jemila Scott
Amr Elsheikh
as Farhad Amiri
Pierre Jean Gonzalez
as Ben Santos
Thiago Macklin
as Sergio
Hank Strong
as Nelson
Mike Keller
as Detective Steve Torino
Henry Gainza
as Man
Eion Bailey
as Senator Gary Lynch
Michael O'Leary
as Howard Kirkland
Niraj Arjan
as Homeland Security Rep
James Ciccone
as William Dean
Einar Gunn
as Supervisor
Jared Bybee
as Sean Ellis
Francesca Van Horne
as Bartender
Matt Deangelis
as Matt Grimes
Jason Liebman
as Agent Hopper
Russell Jordan
as Douglas Jacoby
Angelica Ubiera
as Guest
Brendan Dalton
as Frightened Man
Paul Sadlik
as State Cop
Kyle W. Brown
as Suffolk Cop
Nicholas Richardson
as Nick Wilkes
Kathleen Munroe
as Rina Trenholm
Michael Cullen
as Joseph Cross
Layla Khoshnoudi
as Alicia Barnes
Erin Gann
as Oren Tate
Ari Fliakos
as Cory McMay
Marcus Choi
as Henry Lasher
Jimmy Palumbo
as Vincent
Zeeko Zaki
as Special Agent Omar Adom 'OA' Zidan/OA Zidan
Megan Allison Hayes
as Woman (Junkie)
Charlotte English
as Mia Gilman
Rich Sommer
as Dr. Ed Praeger
Alex Perez
as Luis
Adrienne Rose Bengtsson
as Erin
Anaïs Blake
as Girl One
Andre Ozim
as Rookie NYPD
Nixon Cesar
as Citizen One
Sarah Lefler
as Kate Veldez
Joaquín Maceo Rosa
as Bernardo Funes
Andrew Casanova
as Jose Martinez
Noam Harary
as Joseph
Maynor Alvarado
as Marco Gomez
Darcie Siciliano
as Worried Mom
Sebastian Arcelus
as Drew Harper
Tom Day
as Battalion Chief
Sayra Player
as Sandy Ackerman
YaYa Gosselin
as Tali LaCroix
Danny Fischer
as Philip Stafford
Owen Dammacco
as Eli Harper
Kellie Overbey
as Renee Subotic
Anthony Mecca
as Arnold Calhoun/Security Guard
Karen Izaguirre
as Addie Ricard
David North
as Kenneth Higby
Jamar Greene
as Bouncer
CJ Parson
as FBI SWAT #1
Brendan Sexton III
as Mike Helton
Leticia Castillo
as Kayla's Mother
Billy Rick
as Agent One
Raul Aranas
as Motel Manager
Anthony Goss
as Delivery Person
Jorge Humberto Hoyos
as Alphonso Gomez
Christian Rozakis
as Dale Addis
Ashanti Brown
as Heavy Woman
Dalton Harrod
as Connor Whitman
Peter Facinelli
as Mike Venutti
Chris Angerman
as William Patterson
Benton Greene
as Russell Griffin
Mike Press
as SWAT Leader
Liza Fernandez
as Yolanda Herrera
Bianca LaVerne Jones
as Det. Wanda Howard
Douglas Rees
as Warden
Paul Raskin
as Roman
Alok Tewari
as Ray Samra
Carolina Espiro
as Detective Gates
Darwin Harris
as Club Owner
Korey Fackler
as Patrick Ryan
Deirdre Madigan
as Waitress
Xander Black
as Jake Osborne
Luis Jose Lopez
as Octavio Diaz
Turner Smith
as Mr. Kelly
Andreas Pliatsikas
as Dry Clean Worker
Laiona Michelle
as Barbara Long
Carolyn Braver
as Harper Quinlan
Joe Carroll
as Pete Bradford
Kareem Savinon
as Jimmy Ramirez
Lucia Spina
as Assistant
Taylor Blackman
as Matt
Claybourne Elder
as Jim Russo
Chil Kong
as Josh Park
Sarah Wilson
as Allison Conway
Rachel Caplan
as Paramedic
Jeff Gurner
as Elliot Frye
Marchelle Thurman
as Sergeant Jones
Harry Zittel
as Jordan Cutchin
Lily Du
as Lily Sheldon/Tech
Carolyn Holding
as Nicole Mitchell
Dave Pope
as Otan Reis
Jeremy Sisto
as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine/Jubal Valentine
Nancy Ticotin
as Anna Ortiz
Nina Wisner
as Brooke Nuriyev
Morocco Omari
as Frank Dixon
Jorge Chapa
as Jay Hicks
Wolfgang Jackson Lacz
as Son
Tommy Nelson
as Ivan Childress
Alex Ringler
as Brad Hughes
Kyle Decker
as Robert Burke (APEX)
MaYaa Boateng
as Sasha Harris
Emily Shaffer
as Linda Kennedy
Erica Fae
as Annie Webber
Elia Monte-Brown
as Andrea Navarro
Paul Ben-Victor
as Mark Krawley
Edmond Laryea
as Kevin Okoro
Rebecca Watson
as Judy
Jacob Knoll
as Daniel Harley
Jaylen Moore
as Vega Assad
Ryan Vincent Anderson
as Detective King
Jonathan Avigdori
as Khalid Barhom
Nina Lisandrello
as Eve Nettles
David Carranza
as Miguel Rojas
Sarah Dacey-Charles
as Provost Kaplan
David Lee Russek
as Lt. Danny Watts
Alana De La Garza
as Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille/Assistant Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille/Special Agent in Charge Isabel Castille
Bonnie Black
as Heidi Wagner
Juan Gabriel Pareja
as Miguel Boaz
Michael Park
as Senator Walt Hoffman
Ty Jones
as Roman Bryant
Max Darwin
as Nathaniel Bain
Roxy Sternberg
as FBI Agent Sheryll Barnes/Sheryll Barnes
Jerry Lobrow
as Man in Brown Toyota Rav SUV
George A. Peters II
as Jalen Cobb
Jessica Krueger
as Jackie Glenn
Jake Ventimiglia
as Max Bailey
Brian Avers
as Samuel Ott
Austin Iredale
as Alec (Junkie)
Dennis Kozee
as Paul Winters
Zach Appelman
as Bob Avery
Mike Gaffney
as Katharine's Dad
Kirra Murphy
as Venutti Kid
Josh Randall
as Nick Frost
Justiin A. Davis
as Evan Miller
Ian Poake
as Nicholas Katz
Katherine Renee Turner
as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace
Laurence Blum
as Justin Maynard
Derrick Simmons
as Informant One
Shirleyann Kaladjian
as ER Doctor #2
Anthony Goes
as Hank Cafferty
Nathaniel Arcand
as FBI Agent Clinton Skye
Will Chase
as Detective Harry Bloom
Adam Gagan
as Hot Dog Vendor
Carla Oudin
as Nora
J. Paul Nicholas
as NYPD Detective Adams
Amanda Warren
as Sloan Wallace
Ayelet Firstenberg
as Medic
Juliana Himawan
as Hannah
Mark David Watson
as SWAT Commander/SWAT Leader
Jason Schuchman
as Dr. Alan Klein
Paul Hickert
as Bill Sullivan
Missy Peregrym
as Special Agent Maggie Bell
Henry Clarke
as Jason Parks
Nina Kassa
as Cleaning Lady
Hudson Loverro
as Owen Jamison
Anthony E. Williams
as SWAT Team Leader
Amel Khalil
as Karen Sun
Chris Carlock
as Tony Sweet
Assibey Blake
as SWAT Officer
Angela Wildflower
as Jade
Ebonee Noel
as Analyst Kristen Chazal/Special Agent Kristen Chazal/Kristen Chazal
Bradley Tejeda
as Felix Serrano
Jasson Finney
as Ford
Anna Khaja
as Yara Mahmoud
Angela Polite
as Matron
Tyler Fauntleroy
as Bartender
Jesus-Papoleto Melendez
as Mailman
Brandon Cusma
as Back-Up Agent
Oraldo Austin
as Reporter Four
Stephanie Rocio
as Jasmine
Lucas Kerr
as Cam Buckley
Jennifer Blood
as Gabriella Delgado
Jeffrey Schecter
as Manager
Sam Morales
as Abigail Porter
Andrew Scott May
as Sous Chef
John Mazurek
as Marc Wagner
Tom Lipinski
as Ben Blake
Alyssa Kempinski
as Girl
Matt Walton
as Carter Pope
Julian Gavilanes
as Curt
Leah Bezozo
as Hannah Bloom
Joshua Cameron
as Bartender/Rob Salem
Carmen Cabrera
as Anna Diaz
Shannon Thornton
as Jill Frey
Gerald Jones III
as Chris Grant
Jacob A. Ware
as Dave Parkin
Peter Scattini
as Sam Musk
Michael A McGrath
as Pedestrian
Jake Wells
as Officer Verone
Steven Boyer
as Tyler Kane
Gabrielle Reid
as Nurse
Francesca Root-Dodson
as Elizabeth Kernick
Helen Beyene
as Hakeema Bassey
Matthew Lillard
as Tommy Gilman
Paul Schaefer
as Gunner Crenshaw
Julia Effertz
as Ana
Collin Meath
as Agent #1
Amy Rutberg
as Stacy Harper
Gerald McCullouch
as Mike Chapman
Airon Armstrong
as Sam Givens
Paul Douglas Anderson
as SWAT Agent Jones
Brian Kamei
as Nur Rojak
David Zaldivar
as Wilmer Rivas
Kara Jackson
as Lydia Forman
Jane Stiles
as Michelle McDowell
Michiko Sasaki
as Nurse
Jeremy Davies
as Kenneth Bates
Joshua Dye
as Mike
Glenn Fleary
as Ryan Jenkins
Fernando Chien
as Ray Zhao
Yul Vazquez
as Bryce Miller
Katharine Chin
as Waiter
Darlesia Cearcy
as Judge
Kasey Connolly
as Brandi
Denis Ooi
as Elliot Sanders
Nasser Faris
as Ahmed El-Masri
Sydney James Harcourt
as Aaron
Joe Feldman-Barros
as Barista
Nancy Lemenager
as Leslie Chapman
Kevin T. Collins
as Carl
Joshua Morgan
as Peter Deleon
Michael Abbott Jr.
as Jack Shelby
Jordan Lage
as DHS Rep Belton
Jelani Alladin
as Alex Bryant
Ken Holmes
as FBI Agent/Park Goer
Francesca Faridany
as Jennifer Hilton
Jayson Wesley
as Paramedic
Shawn Andrew
as Field Tent Agent
Phillip Taratula
as Bald Man
James Newman
as Elliot Plank
Lisa Bol
as Reporter #1
Lynn Adrianna Freedman
as Det. Melissa Palmieri
Ibrahim Renno
as Adam Mizrah
Chavonne Rogers
as Bartender
Antoinette LaVecchia
as Maria Bugasi
Spencer Bang
as Lyle Porter
Andrew Rothenberg
as Tommy Ward
Rachel Nicks
as Davina
Chris Costa
as Paramedic
Joel Leffert
as Maitre D'
Adaku Ononogbo
as Female Doctor
Anneka Kumli
as Business Office Receptionist
Jenny Burks
as Parking Cop
Sibel Damar
as Canine Handler/FBI Agent (K-9)/SWAT K9 Handler
Ella Ayberk
as Consulate Attaché
Dale Pavinski
as Clint Helms
Ava Eisenson
as Employee
Barbara Tirrell
as Angela Bates
Ryan Faucett
as Jason
Patrice Bell
as DHS Rep Allison Bryan
Tim Johnson Jr.
as Kofi Seifu
Tarek Bishara
as Tarek
Allan Corduner
as Victor Beniov
Anthony Quinn Williams
as SWAT Member One
David Lee Huynh
as Westchester PD Officer
Jared P-Smith
as SWAT Commander/SWAT Leader #2
Alexis Cruz
as Hector Contreras
Ben Jeffrey
as Mark Frazier
Elisabeth Ness
as Mrs. Kelly
Nicholas Baroudi
as Christopher Wharton
Cortney Gift
as NYPD Detective Chase
Kenya Brome
as Andrea Toms
Andrew Hovelson
as Ryan Parker
Samantha Browne-Walters
as College Student
Mohammed J. Ali
as Gravedigger
Adam Harrington
as Jim Ustis
Janinah Burnett
as Bank Manager
David Gibson
as Engineer
Ian Casselberry
as Ernesto Villa
Eshan Bay
as Trey Clark
James Schultz
as Douglas Burke
Andrea Jones-Sojola
as Arson Investigator #1
Adam Heller
as Howard Maybry
Dallas Roberts
as Robert Lawrence
Karen Christie-Ward
as Westchester PD Officer Collins
Daniella De Jesús
as Kayla
Victoire Charles
as Allison Lane
Victoria Mahal-Sky
as Neighbor
Paul Anthony Stewart
as Chris Jensen
Karim Sioud
as Karim Mohammed
Alison Whitehurst
as Vanessa Gallo
Nick Gracer
as Nikolas Christo
Marlon Perrier
as 'Terrorist' Leader
Shane Velez
as FBI Swat Officer
Samantha Wendorf
as NYPD Officer
Brad Fraizer
as Trooper Fox
Sam Poon
as Teen One
Lauren O'Brien
as Chloe's Friend
J.C. Montgomery
as NYPD Detective Harden
Dorothy Lyman
as Jilly Peters
Gretchen Hall
as Leigh Cutchin
Paul Karmiryan
as Rhami Maroun
David Manuele
as Josh Avery
Tjasa Ferme
as Waiter
Peterson Townsend
as Bomb Tech
Drew Morris
as Uni
Brian Ray Norris
as Tom
Johnny Rivera
as Jason Cassidy
Grace Narducci
as Chloe Ford
John Sousa
as Carl Stubbs
Peter Karas
as NYPD Detective Daman Hora
Matthew Jeffers
as Derek Morales
Anissa Felix
as Candice
Garrett Richmond
as Ace/Bartender
Olivia Oguma
as Operator #2
Maria Elena Ramirez
as Linda Cruz
Jerusha Cavazos
as Trina Morton
Jon McCormick
as Lucas Reed
Carmelle Danneman
as FBI Trainee
Malcolm Goodwin
as Agent Collins
Paula Christensen
as Diane Ramos
Hilary Mann
as Tourist
Gus Scharr
as Concierge
Talia Cuomo
as Abigail, Jubal's daughter
Clayton Cardenas
as Ray Costa
Maceo Oliver
as MCC Guard
Salar Ghajar
as Jim Housley Dietz/Man
Sandra Landers
as Mrs. Clay
William Phelps
as Daniel Khan
Kevin D. Benton
as Protestor
Mariana Parma
as Camila Contreras
Eric William Morris
as Jeremy Parks
Joe Apollonio
as Tim Davis
Seamus Moroney
as Nathan
William Martinez
as NYPD Officer
Romy Nordlinger
as Lawyer
Alton Fitzgerald White
as ASAC Joe Franklin
Ejyp Johnson
as Manager
Chris LaPanta
as Police Sgt. Thomas
Manny Galan
as Benny Delgado
Dikran Tulaine
as Martin Vickers
Kyli Zion
as Stunt Burke Victim
Scott McCord
as Don Kirkpatrick
Lynne Lipton
as Raquel Venutti
Destin Khari
as Emmett Grant
Dennis Flanagan
as Jason Morgan
Tiffany Engen
as Reporter #2
Shevy Gutierrez
as Detective Tom Gomez
Zach McGowan
as Dylan Rossi
Marissa Carpio
as ER Doctor
Joe Estlack
as Peter Todd
Laris Macario
as FBI Agent #1
Tom Paolino
as NYPD Detective
Bueka Uwemedimo
as Drug Dealer #1
John Boyd
as Special Agent Stuart Scola
Sejal Shah
as Trudy
Shadrack Boakye
as Jalen
Timothy Adams
as Richard Cook
DJ Renegade
as Event Attendee
Anna Basse
as Allison
Erinn Ruth
as Corinne Baker
Alexander Chaplin
as Neil Jacobs
Michael Mosley
as U.S. Marshal Paul Ackerman
Michael Schwendemann
as Father of Kidnapped Child
Dhanish Karthik Kolar
as Aman Patel
Jason Cottle
as Frank Pritchard
Thaddeus Daniels
as Lt. Briggs/Police Officer/Ryan Briggs
Billy Burke
as Rowan Quinn
Jordan Gelber
as Todd Crebins
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Benjamin Chase
Jared Farid Ward
as Joseph Nasser
Erin Darke
as Laura Russo
Leer Leary
as Mike Kernick
Jerry Kernion
as Ray Shoals
Ili Ray
as Hailey Nuriyev
Chris Conroy
as Jason Bell
Faruk Amireh
as Superintendent
Craig Walker
as Daniel Lagos
Michael Schantz
as Walter Moss
Krista Braun
as Susan Poe
Craig Wroe
as Art Colby
Teren Carter
as NYPD Uni #1
Caroline Huey
as Lisa Defacio
Jean-François Ogoubiyi
as Trevor Jabari
Kareem Ghaleb
as Bellboy
Hannah Jane McMurray
as Dr. Nicole Wright
Juney Smith
as Superintendent
Lucas Van Engen
as Jack Salerno
Declan Eells
as Biker
Devin Harjes
as Tim Shaunessy
Taylor Selé
as Tayo
Rachel Paula Green
as Campus Security Chief
Márcio Martha
as Thomas
Nati Rabinowitz
as Polygraph Man
Oliver Lehne
as Male
Alexandra Berti
as Agent
Anna Uzele
as Rhonda Harris
Guy Lockard
as Len Barker
Lauren Yaffe
as Commuter/Social Worker/Speech Attendee
Rick Zahn
as Instructor
Derek Hedlund
as Special Agent JT/Agent JT
Darius Jackson
as Bouncer
Justin R.G. Holcomb
as Operator #3
Chad Knorr
as Stunt S & M Dude
Mary Grace
as Cameron Porter
Tawny Cypress
as Jillian Starls
Edwin Lugo
as Adil Najarian
Julian McMahon
as FBI Agent Jess LaCroix/Jess LaCroix
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Albanian mobster/Middle Eastern Restaurant Patron/Military Family/Russian Mafioso
Don Guillory
as Doctor
Leslie Silva
as NSA Agent Dawson
Ellen Bryan
as EMT
Jack DiFalco
as Justin Murphy
Jenny Porrata
as Maria Muños
Zoe Sophia
as Protester
Din Mayfield
as Kevin Singleton
Ari Brand
as Operator #1
Amir Levy
as Paul Larson
Jordan Monaghan
as Elena Bondar
Blake DeLong
as Matt Tolan
Jeff Adler
as Mark
Terron Jones
as Wayne Simmons
Joseph Castillo-Midyett
as NYPD Rep Martinez
Anna Weng
as Mika Chang
Jason Nadal
as Rob McCann
Kevin Nagle
as Joseph Finnegan
Rosario Salvador
as Wayne Clinton
Joseph Raymond Lucero
as Marco
Nate Luis Silva
as Ted
Anastasia Barzee
as Lila Robbins
Paulo Costanzo
as Spencer Briggs
Damiyr Shuford
as Hazmat Responder
Jacqueline Torres
as Detective Mejia
Sean Baker
as Tumper
Coledyn Garrow
as Latin Kid
Joe Forbrich
as Todd Winters
Isabelle Pierre
as Homicide Detective
Ben Rosenblatt
as Kent Barnett
T.J. Washington
as Security Guard
Maddy Mfuru
as Allison Harper
Amelia Fowler
as Bank Greeter
Elizabeth Stanley
as Linda McCann
Mike Boland
as Jim Dunn
Cori Dioquino
as NYPD Uni #2
Shayvawn Webster
as Patrice
Amy Staats
as Rachel Ward
Rayan Lawrence
as Sgt. Winslow
Ben Shenkman
as ADIC Reynolds
B. Hawk Snipes
as Friend of Heather
Ryan Jonze
as Roy Hoffman
Darik Bernard
as Benny
Roger Anthony
as Ibrahim Khan
Don Noble
as Carl Sims
Rahim Rosen
as Multiple Episodes
German Santiago
as Mark Lopez
Andrew Yackel
as Zayne Wells
Eric Payne
as Orstad
Steven Marcus
as Daniel Hudson
Cynthia Hamidi
as Amira
Ashley Williams
as Alexis Moran
Richard Torres
as Capitol Police Officer
Cedric Cannon
as NYPD Chief
Vedette Lim
as Elise Taylor/Elise
Nate Washburn
as Suit Guy
Michael C. Williams
as Cole Cooper
Manny Ureña
as Gabriel Ochoa
Terralon Walker
as ER Nurse
Luke Robertson
as Nathan Post
Britt Faulkner
as Terri Prader
Michael McGrady
as Tom Brennan
James J. Zito III
as Agent Zito
Adesuwa Addy Iyare
as ER Nurse
Jillian Kuhl
as Emily
Eric Elizaga
as Agent Shen
Joseph Gerard Sabatino
as Bar Patron
Candice Gordon
as Lisa Jacoby
Zach Adkins
as Spencer
Van Hansis
as Todd Conroy
Allison Wick
as Pam
Albert J. Choi
as Surgeon
Morgan McGhee
as Birthday Girl
Adam Ratcliffe
as Bomb Tech One
Hadi Tabbal
as Jake Fletcher
John Cannon
as FPS Officer
Bridget Barkan
as Lacey Ritter
Melanie Rothman
as Stephanie Rice
Renata Friedman
as BCI Detective
Misha Kuznetsov
as Maksim Petrov
Sagar Kiran
as Roman Isco/Head Tech
Jade Fernandez
as Jessica Sanchez
Tommy Dewey
as Nathan Gold
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez
as Carla Flores/Bomb Tech/Female Bomb Tech
Melissa Rakiro
as Staffer
Erinn Anova
as State Trooper Diana Oldham
Joseph Cassese
as ICE Agent Two
Vanessa R. Butler
as State Police Officer Gates
Cindy Cheung
as NYPD Rep Ann/Ann (NYPD Rep)/NYPD Rep
Elias Toufexis
as Curt Williams
Josh Berresford
as Robby Wilkerson
Lenny Venito
as Lee Shalgos
Juan Carlos Diaz
as Co-Driver
Alberto Bonilla
as Pablo
Emma Duncan
as Valerie Borgia
Jason Kaufman
as SWAT Operator/SWAT Team Leader
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Keisha Grant
Jeremy Landon Hays
as Eric Healy
Savannah Frazier
as Female
Melissa Joyner
as Agent #2/FBI Agent #2
Salma Shaw
as Valerie Hartford
Mark Rowe
as Tom Quinlan
Danielia Maximillian
as Crying Hostage
Andrea Sooch
as Crying Hostage
Pun Bandhu
as Kenneth Landry
Chris Barnes
as Mike McCabe
Kyoko Dole
as Paparazzi #1
Griffin Wallace Henkel
as Roy Gilman
Sonya Balsara
as Nina
Stephen Badalamenti
as Steve Vann
Mascha Mareen
as Jane Garrett
Titus Makin Jr.
as Art Perkins
Thomas G. Waites
as Detective Dryden
Lyanka Gryu
as Katya Beniov
Hermione Lynch
as Arianna Vickers
Jason Cadieux
as Todd Durgin
Zack Calderon
as Daniel Garcia
Lynn Marocola
as NYPD Officer
Jeff Torres
as Detective/Pedro Velez/Shooter #2
Kellan Lutz
as FBI Agent Crosby/Kenny Crosby
Lance Daniels
as Connor Lang
Rob Campbell
as Richard Frazier
James Madio
as Fire Chief Sims
Katie McClellan
as Jules
Tracy Spiridakos
as Hailey Upton
Cory Chapman
as Mike Townes
Stracy Diaz
as Elena Rojas
Mia Cusianovic
as Girl Two
Gina Daniels
as NYPD Detective Smailes
Shawn Black
as Security Guard
Rami Margron
as MI5 Agent Dunne
Martin Barabas
as Howard Hirsh
Zachary Shea Podair
as Boy at Birthday Party
Andre Da Silva
as Luke Hodge
Stan Demidoff
as Stepan 'Snake' Tsarko
Glenn Kubota
as Hoe-Chan Park
Christa Scott-Reed
as Beth Travers
Gisela Chipe
as CDC Rep
Bernard Bygott
as Samuel Kernick
Sela Ward
as Dana Mosier
Michael Trucco
as Ethan Shaw
Brian Lucas
as Banger One
Andrew Mayer
as DHS Tech
Kate Villanova
as Linda Reed
Scott Gordon
as Cameron Moore
Julee Cerda
as Gretchen Madison
Anthoula Katsimatides
as NSA Rep/Mary/NSA Lead/NSA Rep Sarah
Ron Scott
as Police Chief Bailey
Milauna Jackson
as Gina Pratt
R. Ward Duffy
as John Van Leer
Kevin Carrigan
as Arthur Mitchell
Candace Bryant
as Grace Lennon
Marlene Ginader
as Anna
Thomas Benton
as Tom Wagner
Charl Brown
as Jason Briggs
Daniel J. Martin
as Alex
Mark Doherty
as ICE Rep Frank
Victoria Bermudez
as Trina's Friend
Darren Goldstein
as Nathan Ford
Shannon Marie Sullivan
as Lisa Blake
Christian Ryan
as Trevor
Tye Alexander
as Viktor Branislav
Abby Jim
as Elena Contreras
Zeus Taylor
as Warren Cooper
Chris Bauer
as Dan Osborne
Alejandro Santoni
as Jorge Madrigal
Jequrey Slaton
as Campus Security Guard
Tisola Logan
as Reporter Two
Alejandro Hernandez
as Tommy Chase
Lyndsay Kimball
as NYPD Detective Rachel Burns
Zach Mellado
as Party Goer
Elise Rovinsky
as Kate Atherton
Jeremy Davidson
as Roger Palmer
Jennean Farmer
as NYPD Officer
Luke Younger
as Worried Dad
Paul Tawczynski
as Agent Sully
Erika Burke Rossa
as Veronica Klein
Drew Olivia Tillman
as Ginny Hart
Alana de la Garza
Gina Ferrall
as Janet Preston
Clyde Baldo
as Motel Manager
Tope Oni
as Informant Two
Guy Wellman
as Guard
Ethan Hova
as Michael Moosa
Robert J Morgalo
as Russian Guy
Tara Westwood
as Margaret Chase
G.K. Williams
as FBI SWAT Leader/SWAT Leader
Malinda Logan
as Nina Lewis
Matthew Jacob
as Bouncer
Alex Breaux
as Nick Salerno
Emily Donahoe
as CIA Rep Anne Potter
James Wilcox
as DHS Boss
Mark McKinnon
as SWAT Team Leader/FBI SWAT Leader/SWAT Leader/SWAT Member
Robert Montana
as Tony Sanchez
Mark Lehneman
as Bystander/Dinner Attendee/Evacuating Military Parent/NYPD Bomb Squad/Pedestrian/Pedestrian Questioned/Speech Attendee/US Marshal/Wall Street Trader
Rosie Benton
as Jill Jamison
Dominic Comperatore
as Steve Parker
Tracey Conyer Lee
as Detective Ross/NYPD Detective Ross
Necole Milone
as Katharine's Mom
Ras Enoch McCurdie
as Oliver West
Alison Luff
as Sam Chapman
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati
as Nate Skinner
And Palladino
as ERT Tech
Jared Johnston
as Frank Cutler
Sarah Swift
as Reporter Three
Thomas Philip O'Neill
as Dr. Neil Mosbach/Detective Neil Mosbach
Gabrielle Lee
as Sheryl Cabot
Meredith Handerhan
as Taryn McMay
Louis Carbonneau
as Detective Conway
Jill Dalton
as Betsy Kirkland
Justina Adorno
as Gina Ramos
Roger Brenner
as EMT/FDNY/Ulster County EMT
David Zayas
as Antonio Vargas
Max Wolkowitz
as Public Affairs Staffer
Isaiah Seward
as SWAT Agent Dan/SWAT Leader Dan/SWAT One
Phoebe Torres
as Katharine James
Victor Plajas
as Mason Thorne
Phyllis Bash
as Older Woman
Dave Murgittroyd
as Protestor One
Michael Benyaer
as Zev Solin
Joe Pallister
as FD Captain
Spenser Granese
as Max
Joy Suprano
as Eliza Holliman
Sara Bues
as Gayle Dixon
Alex Morf
as Cody McCowan
Mara Davi
as Samantha/Jubal's Ex-wife
Alex Michael Stoll
as Logan Reed
Natasha Murray
as ERT Tech/ERT Leader/ERT One
Kisha Barr
as Assistant
Narci Regina
as Laila Thomas
Dennis Boutsikaris
as President Edgar Whitman
Chris Lanceley
as MI5 Agent Simon
Mac Brandt
as Brick Peters
Sandy York
as Surgeon
Ava DeMary
as Beth Kimball
Shaun Hudson
as SWAT/West Point Veteran
Damian Buzzerio
as Detective Lopez
Tyrone Marshall Brown
as Damon Stokes
Aleeah Rogers
as Chantelle King
Kate Grimes
as Doctor
Rob Giumarra
as Damon Cruz
Yasen Peyankov
as Sergei Ivanovic
Jordan Theodore
as Man
Rachel Kylian
as Receptionist
Mauricio Hidalgo
as Bodyguard
Billie Rae
as Grace Harris
Yasmine Aker
as Mona Nazari
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Richard Talmage
James T. Alfred
as Howard Crane
Brandon Espinoza
as Patrick Cross
Nick Tarascio
as Pilot
Jackie Taylor
as Cheating Socialite
Michelle Vo
as Reporter
Soraïa Scicchitano
as Protestor Two
Anthony Ferrara
as Catering server
Seth Andrew Bridges
as Journalist/Scott Conway
Jeanette Eng
as News Anchor
Hanako Greensmith
as Bonnie Snow
David St. Louis
as Jim Ruhde
J.L. Rey
as Building Super
Chayna Douglas
as Receptionist
Anthony Robert Grasso
as Mike Rizzo
Kenneth Lee
as Professor Banks
Enzo Cellucci
as Kevin McGuire
Ben Venturina
as Lorenzo Santos
Jonathan Castro
as NYPD Detective Tom Shay
Josh Segarra
as Special Agent Nestor Vertiz
Jody Chang
as Reporter One
Patrick Murney
as Wayne Rydell
Sean Donnelly
as Store Owner
Beth Chamberlin
as Martina
Connie Nielsen
as Ellen Solberg
Carson Fox Harvey
as Hip Dude
Gwendolyn Ellis
as Connie Gilman
Kimberly Marable
as Tracy Dixon
Todd A. Horman
as Frank Donahue
Jonathan Strait
as Gerald Becker
Bernard Burlew
as Security Guard
James Vincent Meredith
as Damian Thomas
Darren Lipari
as Lane Cantrell
Roderick Hill
as Kyle Webb
Connie Shi
as Female Cashier
Von Blangiardo
as Son
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Lab Technican
Jacqueline Emerson
as Ava
Evan Williams
as Patrick Miller
Christopher Kien Dao
as Pedestrian/Tech Employee
Scott Bryce
as Paul Garett
David Healy
as Keith Gilroy
Zakiya Cook
as Angela
Ky Soto
as Greg
Robin S. Walker
as Anna
Dave Register
as Matt Armand
Cristina Zozaya Madero
as Liz Dauber
Neil Fleischer
as Neighbor
Dahlia Azama
as Zara
Sergio King
as Kid
Maureen Sebastian
as Motorcyclist/Sarah Baines
Theodore Helm
as Russo Son #1
Rebecca Gruss
as Caroline Subotic
Luis Fernando Patiño
as Paparazzi #2
Keisha Castle-Hughes
as FBI Analyst Hana Gibson/Hana Gibson
Pedro Tavarez Jr.
as Undercover SWAT
Josh Riley
as Man
Cinthya Carmona
as Valentina
Sasha Alexander
as Valerie Caldwell
Diego Aguirre
as Driver
Veronica Delgado
as NYPD Officer
Shelley Thomas-Harts
as Agent Jane Cisneros
Racquel Palmer
as Christine Depriest
John Halas
as Allan
Chris Meyer
as Garret Sebastian
Alexis Molnar
as Olivia
Bob Leszczak
as Coffee Shop Customer/Construction Office Worker/FBI Agent/Hazmat Personnel/Pedestrian
Catherine Haena Kim
as Special Agent Emily Ryder
Jamie Ann Burke
as Young Woman
Paloma Guzmán
as Nicole Sousa
Joel Van Liew
as Douglas Wells
John Brodsky
as Officer Lee
Christopher Halladay
as Lyle Manning
Michelle Liu Coughlin
as Bank Teller
John Siciliano
as Paul Chambers
Darlene Hope
as Kate Weller
Johnny Castro
as Gangster
Juan M. Encarnación
as Manager
Jose Guns Alves
as State Trooper
Patrick Boll
as Mike Harris
Jeanine Bartel
as Sophie Keller
Joi Broughton
as Barista
Wallette Watson
as Maya Depriest
Omar Torres
as ICE Agent One
Sandy Tejada
as Sofia Vargas
Jequan Jackson
as Caleb Jackson
Clinton Brandhagen
as Kurt Shaw
Bryce Romero
as Luke Wagnor
Jason Furlani
as Town Car Driver (Scott Callum)
Sarah Biehler
as Svetlana
Torsten N. Hillhouse
as U.S. Marshals Rep
Nathaniel De La Rosa
as Santiago Gonzalez
Jay Klaitz
as Tim Squires
Nikki Hrichak
as Victim
Frank Fernandez
as Tyvek Worker
Danielle Alonzo
as Selina
Whitney Bashor
as Karen Stafford
Flora Diaz
as Lisa Avery
Rodrigo Lopresti
as Professor Will Kelly
Jean Chung
as Victoria Gorman
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Commuter/Friends and Family/Pedestrian/Restaurant Patron/Urban Professional and Press/Yara's Family
Jesenia Ortiz
as Nurse
Rodney Richardson
as Ray Stapleton
Aaron Vargas
as Teen Two
Brandi Bravo
as Angela Perez
Matthew Streeter
as SWAT Agent
Robert Michael Johnson
as Charlie's Father
Roshawn Franklin
as Special Agent Trevor Hobbs/Agent Hobbs
Andre B. Blake
as Robert Cabot
Mia Kaplan
as Tara Shalgos
Maeve Crispi
as Chrissy Bugasi
as Tess ERT Tech
Satomi Hofmann
as Ausa Alison Weiss
Ryan Preimesberger
as Dr. Lucas Caldwell
Connor Johnston
as Passenger/Reporter
Dawn Yanek
as Reporter #2
McKinley Belcher III
as Ben Harris
Christina Kirk
as Lori Osborne
Sam Moko
as Gang Member - Basketball Player
Todd Alan Crain
as Russel Donovan
Lexi Lapp
as Julia Parker
Gonzalo Vargas
as Carlos
Donald Paul
as Morris Kalu
Nathan Darrow
as Ron Drexler
Natasha Yvette Williams
as Mrs. Adamu
Michael Blas
as Hostage - Chef
Bethany Caputo
as Carol Detmer
Josh Breckenridge
as Stephen Troy
Greg Brostrom
as Alex Peters
Alejandra Rivera Flaviá
as Shana Torres/Woman
Anne-Marie Cusson
as Janine McCowan
Faran Tahir
as Ravi Sharma
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as Adam Gantry
Kate MacCluggage
as DHS Rep
Nicholas Delany
as Greg Kennedy
Tenisi Davis
as Banger One
Keith Schneider
as Vincent Marino
Derrick J. Smith
as Vince Hodge
Marisa Jade Parry
as Woman
Aaron Walker
as NYPD Rep
Anzi DeBenedetto
as Charlie Jacobs
Taylor Anthony Miller
as Kelly Moran
Ann Sanders
as Charlie's Mother
Dan Daily
as Sheriff Clay Curlee
Josh Evans
as Lab Tech
Aaron Roman Weiner
as Frank Ryan
Mark Kenneth Smaltz
as John D'Amato
Abdul L. Howard
as Cop One
Jorge Sanchez Diaz
as Henchman #1
Joseph DeCandia
as Russo Son #2
Alexander Pineiro
as Army Buddy
Nate Richman
as Dan/SWAT Leader/SWAT Leader Dan
David Furr
as Roger Jamison
Natascia Diaz
as Detective Cantrell
Kurt Uy
as Doctor/ER Doctor #1
Michael Kelberg
as Detective Mark Garcia
Nemuna Ceesay
as Karen
Suki Úna Rae
as Loft Party Waitress
Carrington Vilmont
as Bruce Gulley
Steven Gift
as Pedro
James Chen
as Ian Lim
Setareki Wainiqolo
as Granger
Dave Morrissey Jr.
as White Man
Pat Shay
as Louis Bugasi
Jacopo Rampini
as Nick
Gregg Prosser
as Security Officer
Brian Sears
as James Leavins
Kathryn Grace
as Daughter
Warren Bub
as David Mills
Ashley Marie Ortiz
as Ana Sanchez
Olivia Nikkanen
as Elizabeth Chase
Maestro Harrell
as Big Trey
Melanie Sutrathada
as Nicole
Hassiem Muhammad
as James Adamu
Teniece Divya Johnson
as Stunt Dominatrix Woman
Nik Sadhnani
as Karim Gamal
Dominique Lawson
as Greg
Ted Sutherland
as Sam Cutchin
Preston Christopher Lawrence
as Local Cop
Benja K. Thomas
as Sheila Ervin
Celia Chevalier
as Heather
Christopher M. Ramirez
as Juan Torrez
Amy Ward
as Booker
Donnie Keshawarz
as Yousef
Sandrine Holt
as Lynn Carver
Lori Vega
as ERT Tech
Dennis Jay Funny
as SWAT Officer
May Calamawy
as Nita Kayali
Daryl Ferrara
as Hazmat Worker
Tom Kemnitz Jr.
as Wallace Bixby
Paul Scanlan
as SWAT Team Leader
Mister Fitzgerald
as Alex Williams
Amber Skye Noyes
as Amber Turner
Stephanie Martignetti
as Laura Davis
Michael Maliakel
as Adam Michaels
Rick Faugno
as Officer Kindig
Steven Maier
as Freddy Kernick
Dion Graham
as ASAC Tom Andrews
Emma Thorne
as Abby Jones
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
as Tyler/kevin
Kelly Fairbrother
as Ava Mercer
Sean Church-Gonzalez
as Protestor Three
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Terry Brooks
Colin Asercion
as Banker One
Garret Riley
as Paparazzi
Sarah Hayon
as Paula Alvarez
Jason SweetTooth Williams
as Dock Master
Jon Haslam
as Steve Gorman
Kara Haller
as Reporter #1
Michael Castillejos
as Carlos Sanchez
Daoud Heidami
as Edgar Santos
Tyler Elliot Burke
as Davis Kernick
Elisha Lawson
as Yosef
L. James
as Cabbie
Julia Harnett
as ND Agent
Rock Kohli
as Hassan Ali
Nikki Wildy
as Emma Jacoby
Galway McCullough
as Mark Winfrey
Jason Mello
as Agent Holt
Devon Caraway
as Mrs. Plank
Keith Contreras
as Sergio
Dina Pearlman
as Leslie Brem

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2018 | 22 Episodes

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2020 | 15 Episodes

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2021 | 4 Episodes




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