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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Chilling scenarios unfold in this true-crime series, which tells actual stories of people who shared their lives with loved ones who became killers. Each hourlong episode puts viewers in the shoes of the loved one, who first notices that something is amiss, interprets the puzzling signs and clues, and eventually comes face-to-face with the horrible truth: that the person has a very dark side. Exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts of the critical moments leading up to the vicious acts showcase devastating, often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved and raised a murderer.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook

Country: United States

Type: Documentary

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: January 17, 2016

Also Known As: Evil Lives Here, Viviendo con un asesino |  See more »

Parents Guide: Norway (12), United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

true crime

Company Credits

Production Co: Red Marble Media


Christian Carrigan
as Michael/Roy
Meridith C. Grundei
as Jackie Brown
Andrew G. Black
as Father
Nora Maher
as Estella Sexton/Phyllis Bierdz
Daniel Rolle
as Self - Donald Rolle's Son
Alanna Stein
as Middle Sister
Vaden Thurgood
as Christian Fuhr/Homicide Detective
Soulo Smith
as Patrick Fowler
Rocco Palmieri
as Matt Roth
Eric Jennings
as Richard Paul White
Vincent Yacovelli
as Sexton Child
Jocelyne O'Toole
as Waitress
Alain Laforest
as Private Investigator
Charles Mittelstaedt
as Self - Chief of Detectives, Poughkeepsie NY Police Department
Sherry Shafer
as Brian Britton's Sister
David Wenzel
as Det Broderick
Vera Kelman
as Louise Turpin
Oriah Elgrabli
as Young Linda
Frank Provenzano
as Linda's Husband
Drew Levy
as Teen Mike
Randall Reffett
as Self - Murder Victim
P.J. Bracco
as Officer Smith
Hillary Hamilton
as Candace Sims/Cindy
Cardin Benjamin
as Child Brother
Kimberly Edwards
as Mom
Phoenix Higgins
as Richard Ellerbe
J. Michael Baran
as Doctor/Jaime's Father
Colleen Gilbert
as Jehovah's Witness
Erin Wheelock
as Richard's Girlfriend
Keith Johnson
as Follower of Jeff Lundgren/Self - Friend
Stephan F Feeley
as Detective
Norma Hawkins
as Self - Shirley Allen's Daughter
Alex Cioffi
as Johnny
Carleigh Johnston
as Roy's Niece
Melanie Little
as Older Cindy
John Szyc
as Self - Murder Victim
Ariane M. Reinhart
as Betty Lou Beets
Cindy Taylor
as Self - Blanche Taylor Moore's Daughter
Jessica Cherniak
as Young Tiffany Shore
Alec Hamlin
as Self (Susan's son)
Alan Sewell
as Neurosurgeon
Kent R. Williams
as Roy
Rich Gentilcore
as Detective 2
Mikayla Petrilla
as Teen Betty
Mucho Garcia
as Clint's Friend
Sam Duncan
as Child Mike
Alina Cecilia
as Judith's daughter
William Bundy
as Self - Murder Victim
Brent Tuccillo
as Charlie
Rahim Rosen
as Casino patron
Robyn Babina
as Mom
Jennifer Capri
as Mrs. Harris
Andrew Spieker
as Brian
Noah Forrest
as Detective
Shirley Gaskins
as Self - Donald 'Pee Wee' Gaskins' Daughter
Sage May
as Joy's Friend 2
Joshua Hudnall
as Self - William's Son
Scott Broughton
as Scott Kimball
as Young Vaughn
Gabe Milligan-Green
as Kevin Currie
Maxwell Wesslock
as Young Butch
Erin Shaughnessy
as Sister #2
Sally Connors
as Mama
Elizabeth Everett
as Phyllis
Dexter Strong
as Robert Rhodes
Isabelle Ballard
as Kim Ghelkins
Vickie Webb
as Self - Bass Webb's Mother
Billy Brannigan
as Lawrence Harris
J Brian
as Robin's Father
Siena Corrigan
as Melissa's daughter
Pat MacDonald
as Adult Kevin
Marta Kotzian
as Debbie Wrinkles
Evelyn Sabbag
as Cindy's Aunt
Devin Murphy
as Young Karen Gacy
Cely Riva
as Patrick's Ex
Neely Johnson
as Wife
Brittini Schreiber
as Kathy
Shannon Krowicki
as Aunt Natalie
Xaiver Gerald
as Student
Logan Raposo
as Officer Barry
Grayson Eddey
as Young Ben Keller
Laurie Kirk
as Detective/Funeral Goer
Jon Martens
as Boy
Danitra Faithe
as Jackie's Sister
Bernadette Hyde
as Self - Brian Sugrim's Wife
David Paul
as Police Officer
John Mensah
as Soldier
Josh Rhett Noble
as Keith Johnson
Stephanie Lehman
as Self - Kevin Dunlap's Daughter
Mitchell Savitsky
as 12 year old Troy
Owen Dammacco
as Young Jason
Debra Newell
as Self
Sophie Maya Spencer
as Friend
Shirley Furgala
as Self - Betty Lou Beets' Daughter
Joe Alo
as Cousin Tony
Noelle Hogan
as Carly
Beverly Brooks
as Self - Reginald Brook's Ex-Wife
Jonathan Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's nephew
Rob Tromp
as Uncle Albert
Marion Gacy
as Self - Mother
Marc Chouen
as Brian Sugrim
Jason Eric Ross
as Keith Jesperson
Vongai Shava
as Student
William Bracker
as Walter Stawicki
Lindsay Becker
as Young Danyall White
Kathy-Ann Hart
as Intake Nurse/Lawyer
Adam Courtney
as Child Michael
Julissa Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
George Zouvelos
as John Armed Detective
Lilliana Ketchman
as Robin Lindsay
Kylie Silverstein
as Estephania LeBaron - Preteen
Jennifer Hamlin
as Self (Susan's daughter)
Charlotte Shovilin
as Robin's Daughter
Jerry Topitzer
as Dennis Britton
Lily Donahue
as Amber
Michelle Principi
as Roy's Girlfriend
Giuseppe Virzi
as Young - Ian Stawicki
Emily Jean Ferry
as Daughter 2
Taryn Grey
as Mrs. Stawicki
Tyler Williamson
as Chris
Greg Bergman
as Detective OReilly
Vanessa McMahan
as Younger Cindy
Alex Schecter
as Johnny Knight
Anthony Duluc
as Barfly
Frank Di Napoli
as Bishop/Funeral Attendee
Adam Files
as Ronnie
George Keller
as Self - Paul Keller's Father
Alphonso Walker Jr.
as Aswad Ayinde
Ben Keller
as Self - Paul Keller's Brother
Valerie Logan
as Doctor
Lily Brooks O'Briant
as Jennifer Hamlin
Brooke Lehman
as Self - Kevin Dunlap's Ex-Wife
Brianna Hauser
as Young Sheila
Cindy Blust
as Self - Camellia Brown's Sister
Jaylen Howe
as Young Richard Ellerbee
Maeve Press
as Wallace Jeff's Daughter
Garrett Swann
as Young Son
Adam Aminov
as Young Doug/Young Son
Griffin Wallace Henkel
as Ron's friend/Young Aaron Christopher Foust
Matthew Bowman
as Self - Murder Victim
Nikki Neurohr
as Sharon Morris
Jayani Jalese
as Jill Garrison
Greg Mays
as Detective 1
Lukas Max
as Troy Bierdz
Dane West
as Gabriel Campos/Young Derek Lietz
Joy Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Steve Lichtenstein
as Mr. Andrews
Jacqui Denski
as Teacher
Johanna Lugo
as Clare's Friend
Lynn Marocola
as Police Officer
Cindy Brown
as Self
Kaitlyn Schieble
as Young Betty
Jason Collett
as Heber
Kevin Francis Brodie
as Officer Johnson
Mason Cufari
as Roberta's son
Louis Jannuzzi III
as Bobby Long (teen)
Kayciblu Wright
as Young Crystal Choyce
Joey Gregoire
as Young Michael
Terra Newell
as Self - Debra Newell's Daughter
Regina Gibson
as Kathy's Sister
Julianne Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Eli Cox
as Biker Buddy
Lori McLeod
as Self - Scott Kimball's Ex-Wife
Jordan Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Emmy James
as Cathy Wilson
Ayanna Hutson
as Chester Girlfriend
Colleen McGloin
as Mother in law
Remington Ford
as Young Gwen
Blair Ribero
as Nurse
Jordan Coates
as Young Troy
William Hudnall
as Self - Joshua's Father
Jacob Levenstien
as Derek
Kelsey Nichole Black
as Claire
Adam Cantor
as Ryan Hamlin
John Cerny
as Police Officer
Louise Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's sister
Ned Pryce
as Charles Sexton
May Sullivan
as Self - Roy Spillman's Sister
Richard Rouse
as Self - Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church
James Denzer
as Teen Robert
Justin Pontier
as Arthur
Ava Briglia
as Lindsay Wrinkles - Young Lindsay/Young Lindsay
Jaide Fisher
as Teen brother
Andrew Colford
as Peter Tobin/Reporter
Leslie Bacon
as Nurse
Scott Manginelli
as Police Officer
Michael Corleone Blanco
as Self - Griselda's Blanco's Son
Kat Lindsay
as Joylynn Martinez
Henry Storrs
as Doctor
Trevor Lyons
as Andrew Stawicki/Daniel Starrett
Kathryn Mayer
as Johnny's Girlfriend
James Glorioso Jr.
as Firefighter
Luz Ozuna
as Rachel
Amanda Tenen
as Girlfriend
Oliver Comstock Reynolds
as Darren Sykes
Santiago Mallan
as Teen Wallace Jeffs
Sophia Guarnaschelli
as Young Sherry
Al Dubinsky
as Police Officer
Andrew Burdette
as Brother
Rachel Oremland
as Teen Elizabeth
Ross Kugman
as Johnny
Nate Steinwachs
as Warren Jeffs
Joan Chak
as Mrs. Stawicki
Marian Edmiston
as Aunt Jenny
Courtney Jacoby
as Misty Erwin
Jordan Allen Bell
as Adult Ian Stawicki
Seth Leighton Hale
as Jack Owen Spillman
Kyle Merker
as Doctor/Judge
Casey Marie Ecker
as Teen Cindy
Keeley Karsten
as Child Pam Sinclair
Lewis Perez
as Officer Henderson
Steve Schroko
as Grandfather/Priest
Jill Garrison
as Self - Nathaniel White's Ex-Girlfriend
Maria Wolf
as Margaret Keller
Michael Buoni
as Wallace Jeffs (adult)
Jonathan Ridore
as Young Travis
Sarah Garone
as Self - Gary Hardy's Stepdaughter
Roxy Arecco
as Adult Sister
Jacqueline Kiang
as Student
Leah Janvier
as Tattletale Sister
Alice Swafford
as Self (William Choyce's ex-wife)
Sean Pohle
as Robbie Hawkins
Walt Chavis
as Self - Clay Smith's Brother
Cynthia Shaw
as Mother
Wendy Heagy
as Doctor
Ryan Umbarila
as Young Joshua
Maddox Elliot
as Young Dennis Ryan
Mikhail Latham
as Amy's friend
Michael Pate
as Paul Winter
Devan Clark
as Danyall White
Kristian Sorensen
as Adult Daniel
Matt Flowers
as Charles Sinclair
James Zeiss
as Detective/Doctor #2
Caroline J Cassidy
as Young Gina
Brett Solimine
as Det. Barstill
John Morgan
as Jody
Brooke Rochman
as Self - Voice Over Talent
Natasha Gleichmann
as Stephanie Dunlap
Rebekah Madebach
as Female Intruder
Mark A. Gauthier
as Chester
Mark D. Gersten
as Restaurant Patron
Rick Johnston
as Self - Murder Victim
Salvatore Cali
as Courtroom Gallery
Andrew N Sears
as Patrick Alexander (child)
Claire McClanahan
as Mother Ryan
Jerico Bleu
as Teen BJ
Peyton Gifis
as Young April
Bernice Wallace
as Diane CPS Agent
Taylor Woolever
as Young May
Avital Hermann
as Young Cindy
Andrew Terranova
as Young Ryan
Hugo Salazar Jr.
as Scarpa Driver
Adam Link
as Detective
Diana Maes
as Mrs. Gacy
GinaMaria Delio
as Teen Ulayla
Carmine Giordano
as Cop #2
James Francis Kellinger
as Restaurant Owner
Sloane Wolfe
as Child Sister
John Elefantis
as Detective
as Clyburn
Sherrell-Oliver Riley
as Funeral Goer
Teri Knight
as Self - Manuel Gehring's Ex-Wife
Malinda Logan
as Felecia Collier
Sage Buchalter
as Amy
Tim Shelburne
as Robert Walden
Alex Mestre
as Jolene's son
Kristin Lauria
as Police Officer
Taylor Scott
as Marla Kreuger
Josh Bernard-Kriegl
as Walter Neeley
Lindsay Wrinkles
as Self
Ron Andolsek
as Self - Kirtland OH Police Department (ret.)
Jamie Ragusa
as Mama Giles
Mark Lehneman
as Co-worker/Injured Soldier/Police Officer Henderson
Mark Montalbano
as FBI Agent/Mark
Nicholas Corda
as Greg Bierdz
Lauren Pisano
as Mom
Kristen Doscher
as Hitchhiker
Anthony Gagliardi
as Derek
Spencer Dunn
as Tim's Friend
Max MacKenzie
as Brian Britton
Christine J. Carlson
as Susan Hamlin
Necole Milone
as Paramedic
Scott Watson
as Bobby Long
James Mazzara
as Self - Murder Victim
Michael Formoso
as Young BJ Beebe/Young Kevin Duck
Joseph Sean Murphy
as Ronald Giles
Kalie Swann
as Young Pixie
Levi Penley
as Adult Sean
Donna Glaesener
as Youth Administrator
Elizabeth Flores
as Self - Louise Turpin's Sister
Matthew Trygar
as Teen Dennis Ryan
Michael J. Doherty
as Teen Andrew
Jeffrey Cunningham
as Norman Starnes
Dallin Shea Halls
as Brent Jeffs
Castor Feinberg
as Middle Melissa
Tony Brown
as Mothers Boyfriend
Laurie Hamfeldt Mahoney
as Judith Hawkey
Indiana Arnold
as Daniel's Brother, Neighbor Bitten by Dog
Hannah Brahney
as Rachels Daughter/Young Melissa
Cody M. Marsh
as Young Johnny
Douglas A. Robbs
as Asylum Patient
Daniella Wallace
as Felicia Daughter
Lacey Caroline
as Kendra
Kacey Bair
as Joy's Friend
Dennis Matos
as Joe Brewster
John Stanley Gacy
as Self - Father
Ruth Rocky
as Bar Patron
George Walsh
as Older Karl
Sawyer Ploski
as John Duck (Teen)/Middle Brother
Tommy Dodd
as Swinger Club Member
Aziza Kibibi
as Self
Steve Machita
as Police Officer
John Mowery
as Self - Murder Victim
Tracey Remarais
as Nurse
Robert James Hickey
as Grandfather
Vincent Rabil
as Self - Assistant District Attorney/Self - Asst. District Attorney
Alec Tincher
as Boyfriend
Ta-Tanishia Pearson
as Ms. Spencer
Philip Trossarello
as Robert Hawkey
Jennifer Schmidt Ferreira
as Griselda Blanco
Lauren Carter Reilly
as Pixie Sexton
Daniel Alatorre
as Young Cristobal
Matt Rydzewski
as Firefighter 1
Jeanetta Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Jessica McCrorie
as Teen Turpin Girl
Elizabeth Vermilyea
as Cindy Long
Frank Volpe
as Amy's Friend
Joshua Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's nephew
Omar Pelaez
as Mario
Roberta Thompson
as Shirley Allen
Ethan Mathias
as Young Daniel
Michael Stephen Walls
as Bill Layne
Kat Harris
as Self - Lawrence Harris' Sister
Chengusoyane Kargbo
as Teen Candice
James Edward Holley
as Bob Swanson
Henry A. Stein
as Older Brother as child
Julia Beach
as Wilda Ellis
Donny Ness
as Young Eric Witte
Devin Hatch
as Teen Warren Jeffs
Scott Rocco
as Police Officer
Vincent Sistrunk
as Police Officer
Micah Chartrand
as Paul Keller
Maurice Little
as Older Reggie
Jennifer Winter
as Self - Cristobal Palacio's Ex-Wife
Annee Agnello
as Ruby Grace
Linda Lewis
as Self (Patrick's mother)
Ben Dawson
as Robert Howard Bruce
Aaralyn Anderson
as Young Camellia 'Cammy' Brown
Travis Spencer
as Self - Timothy Wilson Spencer's Brother
Susan Hamlin
as Self
Dawn L. Stanley
as Diner Patron
Claudia Sersanti
as Blanche
Katrina Tutschek
as Teen Guenevere
Josiah Schneider
as Teen James
Nathan Clarkson
as John
Yael Fern
as Adult Cindy
Devin S. O'Brien
as Cop #3
Tim Kreider
as Self - Alec's Father
Deborah Tighe
as Suzanne Kipper
Valerie Saturno
as Jennifer Winter
Gregory Barker
as Swingers club Patron
Maurice Carlton
as Daddy
Mark Dancewicz
as Ron
Jackie Hill
as Bar Patron
Kevin Currie
as Follower of Jeff Lundgren/Self - Former Friend
Marian Murray
as Angela Parsons Kreider (Alec's Mom)/Psychiatrist/Teri Knight (VO)
Nathaniel Kent
as Anthony Lord
Alessandra Noelle Rosenfeld
as Young Sister
Jack Stone
as Kevin Duck (teen)
Jo Walker
as Jamie's Aunt
Katherine Leidlein
as April/Gene's Wife
Rob Moretti
as Kevin Dunlap
Kelley Lord
as Tonya
Kelly Mulvihill
as Teenage girl
Katelyn Sparks
as Pamela Sinclair
Anna Fikhman
as Karen Kuzma
Crystal Choyce
as Self (Alice & William's daughter)
Karen Kuzma
as Self - Sister
Kevin B. Mulligan
as Congregation member
Amanda Joy Loth
as Bernadette Sugrim
Tim Rerucha
as Eric Wrinkles
Brooke Turner
as Swinger Wife/Theresa Knorr
Margaret Keller
as Self - Paul Keller's Mother
Michelle A. Fuller
as CSI Tech
Bob Gallagher
as Attorney/Melvin Ignatow
Alyssa Maria App
as Daughter
Joanna Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Callahan Fore
as William Sexton
Charlotte Fountain-Jardim
as Sister
Natalie Roy
as Kathy Johnson
Kristin Samuelson
as CPA Agent
Nicholas Harney
as Jamie's Ex Husband
David Segarra
as Younger Karl
Alex Apgar
as Young Charles
Dave Shaver
as Police Officer
Jolinda Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Michael Carr
as Robert Foust
Linda Wittmier
as Self - James Randall's Ex-Wife
Robin Healey
as Self
Mike Magliocca
as Wayne Adam Ford
Sandra Marante
as Christina Gaines
Sydney S Matthews
as Suzy Luff
Malachi Peters
as Bass Webb
Jessica McHugh
as Jenny Janutolo
William Knorr
as Self - Theresa Knorr's Son
Anthony Misiano
as James Thimm
Patricia Lawrence
as Grandmother
Madeline Hoarle
as Young Elizabeth
Ariet Girgis
as Self - Ryan & Richard's Mother
Ryan Girgis
as Self - Magdi Girgis' Son
Robert Winch
as Self - Murder Victim
Emily Peragine
as Ashton
Maggie Hollinbeck
as Tiffany's Aunt
Malcolm A. Chavis
as Timothy Spencer
James DeFilippi
as Young Brian
Gina Malone
as Self - Timothy Bass' Ex-Wife
Amaya Press
as Little Sister Ryan (2017)/Wallace Jeff Daughter
Cortney Gift
as Alice Choyce
Sheri Boughner
as Self - John Wayne Gacy's Neice
Marla Krueger
as Self - Lawrence Harris' Ex-Wife
William W. Wallace
as Aaron Christopher Foust/Joel
Carl Burrows
as Paw Paw
Zach Catanzaro
as Teen Derek
Brittany Shaffer
as Teen Melissa
Michael Bonnin
as Self - Murder Victim
Jake Murphy
as Teen Brother
Asen Grigorov
as Detective
Wilda Gadd
as Self - Howard Hawk Willis' Ex-Wife
Henry Eden
as Mark
Sophie Sörensen
as Shelly Lietz
Andrew H. Rosenbloom
as Younger brother
Madison Mcfarlane
as Older Lauren
Colette Gabrielle
as Swinger Wife
Joanna Pinto
as Clare's sister in law
Ian Zelbo
as Young Jamie
David Michael McMillan
as Detective Crumby
Tim Halvorsen
as Jeff Pelley
Lexie LaPlante
as Teen Tiffany
River Mason Eromosele
as Kabib son/Young brother
David Cantor
as School Principal
Cooper Carrell
as Ronald
Olarinde Esuola
as Police Officer Garland
Jennifer Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
Darren Difalco
as Police Officer
Ramsey K. Heitmann
as Jonh Duck
Nathan Oesterle
as Dean
Terry Jo Howard
as Self - James Randall's Ex-Wife
Bob Leszczak
as Bar Patron/Wedding Guest
Robert Gilroy
as Self - Murder Victim
Tiffany Iris
as Maisel
Chrizney Roth
as Kat Harris
David Schifter
as Peewee Gaskins
Steven Strickland
as FBI Agent
Lamar K. Cheston
as Nathaniel White
Samantha Wendorf
as Nurse
Donalia Jones
as Jill's Cousin
Rebecca Ross Bailey
as Betty
William Carroll
as Self - Murder Victim
Dianne Rothenberg
as Mom
Alexandra Mesaros
as Teen Melissa
Lily Anna Schechter
as Young Shirley
Kaitlin Campbell
as Young Sherry
Taylor Henderson
as Young Norma Hawkins
Aaron Smallwood Jr.
as Young Reggie
Graceann Dorse
as Rose Jesperson
Jamie Clark
as Anthony Lord's Ex-Girlfriend
Tiffany Mulan
as Alyssa's Sister
Kelly Bennett
as Adult Elizabeth
Tommy Boling
as Self - Murder Victim
Kevin Molduene
as Mark Hamlin
Russell Nelson
as Self - Murder Victim
Tim Stainrod
as Police Officer
Shanisse Palmer
as Older Aziza
Jeremy Bar-Illan
as Leo
Rachel Gold
as Louise Turpin
Carlos Silva
as Swinger Club Member
Bruno Pascale
as corrections officer
Skyler Elyse Philpot
as Younger Brooke
Julia Maggiola
as Mindy
Frank Osso
as Charlie
Lenny Grossman
as Cristobel Palacio/Priest
Selima Smith-Dell
as Young Beverly
Michelle Rae
as Vickie Webb
Anthony Cippola
as Justin
Eva J.M. Smith
as Cindy's Friend (Teen Girl 1)
Hany Osman
as Elliot Rivera
Corey Breininger
as Self - Judith's stepson
Oryan Landa
as State trooper
Jackson Davis
as Young Bass
Jesse S. Martin
as Officer Hogan
Samuel Stapleton
as Self - Murder Victim
Charles Manning
as David Turpin
Kelly Pletcher
as Self - Wayne Adam Ford's Ex-Wife
Richard Girgis
as Self - Magdi Girgis' Son
Bill Mellen
as Detective Mittelstaedt
Felecia Collier
as Self - Chester Turner's Ex-Girlfriend
Art Daudelin
as Leo Dell
Tiffany Hall
as Self
Bryden Elliott DiGennaro
as Scott
Beth Woodruff
as Sherry
Eric Novak
as Younger Walter Stawicki
John Duck
as Self - Kevin's Brother
Benjamin Oduro
as Guard/Police Officer
Adison Eisenberg
as Clare Hamlin
Michael Ignatow
as Self - Melvin Ignatow's Son
David Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's brother-in-law
Ron Powell
as Intruder #2
Casey Davis
as Levi
Anthony LeDonne
as Deputy Johnson
Michael DeBarge
as Prison Inmate
Linda Scarpa
as Self - Gregory Scarpa's Daughter
Adrian Valle Torres
as Brother
Lucy Shelby
as Ulayla
Ayla Schwartz
as Tiffany's Friend
Laura Frenzer
as Marie Witte
Philip Di Maria
as Paramedic
Justin Nelson
as Willie Sexton
Ellen McAlpine
as Beautiful Hitchhiker
James Haakenson
as Self - Murder Victim
Marc Wooters
as Jeffrey Lundgren
Alexander Pennecke
as Bernard Eugene Giles
JR Carter
as Jill's Brother
Justy Kosek
as Teen Brother
Josh Dye
as Bob
Tiani Wright
as Teen Crystal Choyce
Marie Lenzi
as Public Defender
Liz Days
as Ariet Girgis
Ed Bergtold
as Anthony Allen Shore
Michael Murphy
as Neighborhood
Hayden Oliver
as Teen Paul Keller
Drew DeSimone
as Thom Bierdz
Messalina Morley
as Neighbor 2
Stephen W. Tenner
as Jim Cruz
Scott Morrell
as School principal
Sean Lewis
as Self (Patrick's brother)
Natalie Rosati
as LeBaron Child
Steve Strom
as Principal
Leonydus Johnson
as Detective
Emmanuel Awe
as Tim's Friend
Harley Yeager
as Teen Dean
Kathleen Boddington
as Debra Newell
Bryan C. Marsh
as Uncle Kevin
Clare Hamlin
as Self (Susan's daughter)
Alexandra Rose Krieger
as Beth Cruz
Ronda Swindell
as Mrs. Ellerbee
Scott Churchson
as Tim Brownstone
Helen Laser
as Kate
Richard Chandler
as Bar Patron
Nana Ponceleon
as Mother
Gian Shines
as Harassing guy
Molly Gazay
as Kimberly
Matthew Chizever
as Ed Graf
Christina Hildreth
as Self - Survivor
Michael Kelberg
as Ronald Hawkins
Steve Garfanti
as Detective #2
Hudson Barry
as Peter
Jasper Burger
as Young Roy
Christopher Pickhardt
as Paul Witte
Emily Nash
as Teen Patty
Cathy Mills
as Self - Robert Walden's Ex-Wife
Joyce Alexander
as Self - William Partrick Alexander's Mother
Dave Morrissey Jr.
as Donald
Teshana Singleton
as Self - Cedric Rick's Ex-Wife
Nikki Lowe
as Sheila Cruz
Jessi Toronjo
as Self - Jeffrey Pelley's Stepsister
Estephania LeBaron
as Self - Ervil LeBaron's Daughter
Brian Vadim
as Bill/Police Officer/Usher
Walter Stawicki
as Self - Ian's Father
Felipe Caita
as Ryan Girgis
Paul Noonan
as Detective
Marlynn Myers
as Self - Wife
Gregory Godzik
as Self - Murder Victim
Shannon Mann
as Michele Ward
Zach Abraham
as Teacher
Dominic DiGravio
as Alec Kreider/Lead Role
James Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's nephew
Adeleen Rosner
as Lindsey Wrinkles/Teen Lindsay
Wesley Holloway
as Jason
Travis Kerr
as Donald Gaskins
Jackie Brown
as Self
Deborah Brashers
as Self - Robert Eugene Brashers' Daughter
John Shepard
as Husband
Isaac J. Conner
as Jon Eason/Patrick Alexander (Adult)
Emily Olcott
as Brittany
Michael Marino
as Self - Murder Victim
Alex Cerdeira
as Teen Jamie
Alanna Smith
as Belinda
Cecilia Kurachi Ubé
as Cathy Mills
Robert Levey II
as Corey Breininger/Seth Wrinkles/Zack
Gillian Todd
as Debra Davis
Steven Thomas Gamble
as Police Officer
Richard Bird
as Dad
Rich Henkels
as Detective #1
Bryn Berg
as Willa Jean
Emma R. Mudd
as Daycare girl
Melissa Malone
as Kaysi
Ivy Bella Fischer
as Young Patty
Jenny Rodriguez
as Search party member
Nina Bogosian
as Teen Vanessa
Mike Connell
as James Taylor
Alana Barrett-Adkins
as Vernetta Ellerbee
Dwayne R Grant
as Intruder
Jack Malykin
as Police Officer
Liz Burdick
as Grandmother
BobAndrew Speirs
as First Husband of Shirley Allen
Laura Rothschild
as Diner Patron/Juror
Mark Mucci
as The Minder
Nicole Cano
as Yolanda
Marlon Quijije
as Richard Girgis
Valentin Montero
as Deputy
Melissa Sutkowski
as Clare Bradburn
Thomas Cambridge
as Eddie Lee Sexton
Frank Russo
as Diner Patron
Liz Galalis
as Alice Lundgren
Dannah Basgall
as May/May Spillman
Rich Masotti
M. LaVora Perry
as Older Beverly
Matt Roth
as Self - Kenneth Roth's Adopted Son
Khouri St.Surin
as Vaughn
Tre Turner
as Paramedic #1
Lindsey Bryce
as Terra Newell
Stacy Kuykendall
as Self - Cameron Todd Willingham's Ex-Wife
Elizabeth Bluhm
as Bully Girl 1
Ruth Weaver
as Self - Paul Keller's Sister
Jon Eason
as Self - Dylan Eason's Father
Rachel Eddy
as Teenage Daughter
T.J. Craig
as Josh/Michael/Norman Starnes
Megan Han Lee
as Bartender/Funeral goer
Nicole Ketchledge
as Estephania LeBaron - Teen Years
Samantha Zaino
as Teen Sister
Heather Hurst
as Neighbor
Brian Chandler Cook
as Joshua Hudnall
Nicholas Thomas
as Strange Man
Samantha G Harris
as Jamie
Jessica Turpin
as Self - Elizabeth Flores's niece
John Butkovich
as Self - Murder Victim
Clare Bradburn
as Self - Ed Graf's Ex-Wife
April Steele
as Self - Roy Spillman's Sister
Cheri Tate
as Self - Edward Allen Covington's Ex-Wife
Kasey Murray
as Bobby Joe Long
Jennifer Bird Pownall
as Bar Patron

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 8 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 13 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 8 Episodes

Season 7

2020 | 12 Episodes

Season 8

2020 | 9 Episodes

Season 9

2021 | 15 Episodes

Season 10

2021 | 7 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

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MTV Movie + TV Awards

Best Real-Life Mystery or Crime Series

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