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October 21, 2021
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Motivated by his childhood experiences, Emmy Award-winner/actor/comedian Chris Rock narrates this very hilarious and touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, NY, in 1982. 1982 is the year that Chris (Tyler James Williams) turns 13. Filled with dreams of being a cool teenager, Chris moves with his family from the projects to the "Bed-Stuy: Do or Die" neighborhood. As the family's emergency adult while his parents are working, he's responsible for taking care of his younger brother Drew (Tequan Richmond), who's taller and more confident than Chris, and sister Tonya (Imani Hakim), who gets all the parents' attention. Chris' rough, cost-conscious father Julius (Terry Crews) works numerous jobs to properly support his family. Sassy mom Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) runs the household on a tight budget, is very strict, and works part-time in a small real estate office. With his mom determined to see him in a good school, though Drew and Tonya go to the same school in their old neighborhood, Chris reluctantly faces multiple bus transfers every day to attend Corleone Junior High in the fiercely Italian neighborhood, South Shore. Despite being an immediate target for bullies, Chris' innate charm and sharp wit enable him to make new friends, like Greg (Vincent Martella), another smart, nice kid... who can't fight, by the way. As Chris Rock pointedly looks back, his younger self is set to find what his family already knows: Chris' sharp, scrappy character is going to take him places. But first, he's going to have to think, talk, or run his way through one growing experience after another at home and school... and on any number of buses along the way.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 22, 2005

Also Known As: Todos Contra o Chris, Tout le monde deteste Chris |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (10, 14, 12, Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

brooklyn, new york city

Company Credits

Production Co: Chris Rock Entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment |  See more »


Yolanda Coney-Sophus
as Leather Crackhead
Hugh Dane
as Wino
Bennett Kiley Donine
as Puppy Kid
Hilary Hacker
as Interviewer
John Mariano
as Priest
Jermaine L. Williams
as 27-Year-Old Son
Marcel Lam
as Bernard Yao
Kiki Shepard
as Self
Michael Colyar
as Judge #2
Brian Catalano
as White Security Guard #3
Amy E. Koppelman
as Police Officer
Nito Larioza
as Dancer
Reggie White Jr.
as Recruiter
Regina Romain
as Doctor #2/Worried Woman
Wren T. Brown
as Lance
Kholee Campbell
as Screaming Girl
Stoney Jackson
as Mr. Jackson
Madison Eginton
as Girl #2
Michael DiBacco
as White Security Guard #1
Lloyd Williams
as Priest
Michael Patrick McGill
as Janitor
Cassidy Lehrman
as Joy
Kanan Hooker
as Caruso Gang #2
Steve Landesberg
as Mr. Levine
Tristin Mays
as Jenise Huckstable
Steve Paymer
as Former Principal/Morris/Mr. Rosenberg/Old Principal/Ralphie/Short Bus Driver/Stamp Man
Michael Kurtz
as Cop
Bobby McGee
as Neighbor #1
Jared Skylar
as T.J.
Vanessa Toll
as Carrie/Gum Girl #2
Anwar Mitchell
as Effeminate Team Boy
James F. Mahon
as Running Kid
Crystalle McDonald
as Hot Girl
Sahara Ware
as Student Mother
Carmen Gloria Pérez
as Attractive Woman
Jeris Poindexter
as Kill Moves/Bum/Garbage Man/Vietnam Vet
Camille McNeal
as Tonya's Friend #3
Aydiee Vaughn
as Customer/Mrs. Wilson/Woman #3
Brandon Hirsch
as 42 Year Old Drew
Wanda Welch
as Dental Patient/Program seller/Woman
Lauren Patrice Nadler
as Nurse
Michael Merton
as Mr. Russo
William Dennis Hunt
as Judge
Blake Hightower
as James/Gambling Kid/Kid
Charles Walker
as Shopkeeper/Uncle Ben Chef
Jazz Raycole
as Lisa/Prom Girl
Jasmin L. Bryant
as Crying Woman
Mario Revolori
as Puerto Rican Boy/Weasley Kid
Cameron Broom
as Hip Hop Dancer
Caleb McNutt
as Paramilitary Kid
Carl Warner
as Old Man
Logan M. Williams
as Levi
Breena Shepard
as Charmaine
Megan Rosati
as Karen
Harold Fletcher
as Husband
Kwame Boateng
as Albert
Devyn Inez Fusaro
as Crying Girl
Judith Drake
as Greg's Grandmother
as Julius at 9
Tayler Lynch
as Nerd
Jasper Cole
as Disheveled Man/Dishelveled Man
Tonisha Weaver
as Butter
Alex Morris
as George
Kelvin Brown
as Robber #2
Regina Randolph
as Harriet Tubman
Steve Moramarco
as Mr. Bitter
Chi Muoi Lo
as Stan
Eva Marcille
as Ms. Crabtree
Serria Tawan
as Award Presenter/Mix Tape Promoter/Playmate
Pam Trotter
as Bernardette/Customer #2/Heavyset Woman/Shay
Danielle Fawcett
as Bully
Andrea Morales
as Nerdy Girl #1
Bun B
as Ben
Aree Davis
as Keisha Ridenhour
Shakari Gault
as Black Girl
Dannon Green
as Baliff/Guard/Mr. Corliss/Store Owner #1
Gichi Gamba
as Police Officer
Jean Elliott Campbell
as Prisoner
Alison Blanchard
as Performing Arts Teacher
Jessica J. Immanuel
as Student
Sean R. Lake
as School Photographer
Joseph Billingiere
as Indian Sidekick
Jim Lampley
as Sports Announcer
Kelley Hazen
as Moderator/Mrs. Banks/Perfume Clerk
Jackée Harry
as Vanessa
Chad Butler
as Joe
Petri Hawkins Byrd
as Man on Fire Escape
Tyler Kremer
as White Kid
Angelique Perrin
as Skanky Woman
Danica Sheridan
as Soup Person
Marcella Lewis
as Monica
Tricia Delaney
as White Mother
Mark Tomesek
as Passerby
Ryan Parker
as Lunch Money Kid #1
John Ryan Custodio
as Ninja
Tico Clark
as Jackie Robinson
Jude Ciccolella
as Dr. Raymond
Vince Deadrick Jr.
as Mob Driver
Robert Sudduth
as Aide
Paul Parrett
as Hall Monitor/Jello Kid/Kid #2
Mitchell Abbott
as Football Player
Roxy Darr
as High School Sweetheart
Dustin Ingram
as Team Manager
Mark Munoz
as Boy
Les Bartok
as Undercover Cop
Michael Stellman
as Magician the Magician
Vince Melocchi
as Joy's Dad/White Dad
Cleto Augusto
as Electronics Salesman #2
Brittany Belt
as Female Student
Dierdre Holder
as Another Woman/Graduation Teacher/Housewife/Teacher/Woman #2
Caroline A. Rice
as Washing Woman/Woman
Dartenea Bryant
as Boxer Girl
Ungela Brockman
as Mrs. Johnson/Mrs. Perkins
Karl Montgomery Jr.
as Boy #2
James Ellis Lane
as Masked Cowboy
Kevin Buitrago
as Mario
DJ Quik
as DJ Hilly Hill
Terri Hoyos
as Thrift Store Clerk
Patrick Malone
as Robert
Keesha Sharp
as Sheila Ridenhour
Verda Bridges
as Kidney Woman
Sabrina Howells
as White Woman
Kevontay Jackson
as Jerome
Sam Ayers
as Auctioneer
Andrew John Ferguson
as Bully
Bart Fletcher
as Johnny Boy
Zylan Brooks
as Upset Woman
Clara Golidy-Holmes
as Aunt Jemima Chef
Gary Robinson
as Kidney Man
Steve Seagren
as Foreman/Frustrated Passenger/Judge/Julius' Boss/Mr. Randall/Old Santa/Speeding Man/White Businessman
Susan Gallagher
as Patron
Dajiné Colón
as Student
Drake Kemper
as Corlene School Kid
Katy Dolle
as Sexy Girl
Jennifer C. Holmes
as Soul Train Dancer
Kelli Barksdale
as Mandy/Slapped Student/Student #1
Joe Gieb
as Little Person
Denise Boutte
as Mrs. Johnson
Christine Holz-Lusita
as Female Victim
Marc Joseph
as Uncle of Sam
Carey Embry
as Flamboyant Man #1
Maria Jordan
as Librarian
Kara Pacitto
as Carol
Booboo Stewart
as Kid/Ping
David St. James
as Mr. Phillips/Thomas
Paul T. Moore
as Ant kid
Raquel Giddings
as Black Mother
Tamala Jones
as Darlene
Joseph DeVito
as Campus Cop/Store Clerk
Clint Carmichael
as Donnie
Vincent Pastore
as Paulie
Carole Goldman
as Sophie
Charles Emmett
as Principal Old School
Ryan O'Neil DeSouza
as Worker
Mauricio Mendoza
as Man
Antonio Fargas
as Doc/Mr. Harris/Sweet Tooth
Aaron Grady
as Dewayne/Big Kid/Slaver Slav
Jason Stuart
as Lonnie
Vince Cefalu
as Referee
Kyra Oser
as Welfare Recipient
Anna Diop
as Diedra/Pretty Girl
Hector A. Garcia
as Angel
Ben Levi
as Kid #5
Shelby Young
as Jennifer Thompson/Jennifer
as Kid #2/Paint Eating Kid
Robin Givens
as Stacy
William Washington
as Beaten Chain Snatcher
Evan Moua
as Asian Boy/Asian Kid
Michael Raynor
as FBI Agent
Jennifer Der
as Asian Kid
Rhonda Marie Alston
as Job Reference Woman
Oscar McFarlane
as Black Nurse/Bystander/Man at Apollo/Tenant
Sam Wellington
as Tuskegee Airman
Janelle Dote
as Hooker
Chris Webber
as Tatoo
P.J. Marino
as Detective Marino/Detective
Nastassja Kayln
as Masked Robber
Robert Cicchini
as Coach Brady
Anna Pheil
as Sexy Woman
Dominic Paolo Testa
as Guy
Joe Moscaritolo
as Barber/Line Guy/Mr. Colletti
Angel Oquendo
as Miguel Rodriguez
Tylor Chase
as Kid #4
Kevin Shane Cogen
as Ghostbuster #1
Myzel Robinson
as Fat Mike
Chancellor Miller
as Boy #2/Classmate/Kid
Pam Carpenter
as 'CATS' Broadway Dancer
Brandon Merrell
as Football Player
Alex Brown
as Driver/Ernie Shabazz
Halbert Hernandez
as Couple In Love
Car'ynn Sims
as Young Rochelle
Andrea Johnson
as Bragging Woman #2
Guillermo Canteros
as Black Guatemalan/Puerto Rican Chris
Josh Clark
as Chemistry Teacher
Carl Anthony Nespoli
as Basejumper
Donielle Artese
as Monica's Mom
Liv Mai
as Easy Bake Oven Kid
Daria Ashley
as Milena
Richard Sellers
as White Mike
Steve Kramer
as Superintendent
Suzanne Quinn
as Boy George
Paul Ben-Victor
as Mr. Thurman/Thurman/Coach Thurman
Michelle Park
as Hiroshima Team Member
Chavon James
as Kissing Couple
Erica Hubbard
as Yvette
Demetress Long
as Testing Clerk
Tisha Campbell
as Peaches
Rodrick Moore
as Hot Wheels Kid/Leather Jacket Kid
Nicholas McGuirk
as Coat Kid
Brianna Hollins
as Girl #3
Ronald Hysten
as Fat Black Kid
Tavis Smiley
as Self
Cisco Reyes
as Gang Member/Robber
Dominique Purdy
as Rapper
Cassandra Braden
as Bragging Woman #1/Teacher
Marquis Scott
as Kid #2
Gary Basaraba
as Art/Art Wuliger
Timothy McLaughlin
as Tree Salesman
Logan Brammer
as Son
Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan
as Corleone Science Teacher
Cait Fairbanks
as Darlene
GG Townson
as Darlene
Imani Hakim
as Tonya
Clive Kennedy
as Actor Sub
Thomas Daniel Smith
as Teenage Drew
Sean Delon
as Turkish Prisoner
Broc Wiginton
as Boy Scout
James Keane
as Boss
Tye Alexander
as White Kid #1
Jennifer Shumaker
as Screaming Woman
Preston Thompson
as Kid #1
Jane Jacobs
as Boring Teacher
Jasmine Farmer
as Ignoring Girl
Brihtney O'Brien
as High School Party Girl
Johnny Brown
as Preacher
Darrell Chapman
as Liquor Kid
John Leo Patti
as Hood/Thug #1
LaVan Davis
as Minister/Preacher
Gussie Miller
Blake Clark
as Russo
Michelle Foster
as Girl #3
Anthony Martins
as PainMaker
Amanda Pratt
as Sonja
as Latrinda
Brian Patrick Mulligan
as Pissed Off Doctor
Michael Potter
as Branch Rickey
Salina Marie Carter
as Hannah's Friend
Shon Little
as Cop/Cop #1/Officer/Old Timey Cop/Policeman/Uniform Cop
Cher Brooks
as Gorgeous Woman
Tiara Ashleigh
as Video Girl
Travis T. Flory
as Joey Caruso
Mackenzee Donham
as Jennifer/Jennifer #2
Sonya Eddy
as DMV Clerk
Flip Dumont
as Roll Call Teacher
Merdock Malcolm Mercer
as Milli-Vanilli Guy
Calvin Brown
as Mervin/Mr. Mervin Bingham
Nicole Clifford
as Hannah
Damara Reilly
as Court Clerk/Madge
Jayson Weiss
as Leader White Kid
Cyrina Fiallo
as Gigi
Martika Cook
as Cute Girl
E'Lon Cox
as 13 Yr. Old Father
Willie O'Ree
as Old Man Willie
Ali LeRoi
as TV Announcer/Warning Announcer
Buddy Joe Hooker
as Cop
Michael Bretten
as Foot Ball Player #2
Jackson Pace
as Little Boy
Rodger Arlen
as Cop
Bob Bouchard
as Father
Maliah Hudson
as Emily
Rami Alexander Pinchasi
as Russian Boy
Michael Emanuel
as Truck Driver
Sun Park
as Asian Woman/Clerk/Pedicurist/Younju
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Seedy Man
Jason Monroe
as Car Jacker #2
Arnold Alan Klein
as Thug #2
as Aunt Mousey
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Grocer
Loretta Devine
as Maxine
Ty Granderson Jones
as Bully #2
Larry Anderson
as Father
Julie Dixon Jackson
as White Mom
as Julio
John Moio
as Teacher
Paige Hurd
as Tasha
Jules Kain
as Eric
Marcus Folmar
as Husband
Karl T. Wright
as Doctor
Jonathon Robinson
as Julio's Opponent
Michael Yavnielli
as Fireman
Chris Blount
as Cross Dresser
Susan Slome
as Meter Maid
Robert Gallo
as Shecky
Vanessa Williams
as Tallulah Lafitte
Mario Joyner
as Dr. Information/Doctor/African Expert/Dr. Williams
Robin Michelle McClamb
as Mrs. Watkins
Bryan Hearne
as Rapper
Robert Wuhl
as Abe Himmelfarb
Ashley Rickards
as Girl
Randy Thompson
as Mr. Carter
Maria Del Bagno
as Ms. Martella/Teacher
Debbie Allen
as Gun Woman/Mother
Kiana Lemon
as Tonya's Friend #2
Sage LemYou
as Girl Crossing
Art Evans
as Luther
Danielle Taddei
as Ballet Teacher/Mother/White Girl #1
Tony Rock
as Ryan/Uncle Ryan
Tony Brown
as Lineup Lookalike
Leslie Gunning
as Bus Passenger
Vivian Smallwood
as Old Woman/Customer/Little Old Lady/Mother/Old Black Lady/Older Woman/Woman with Walker
Nadine Ellis
as Mrs. Booker
Jake Wells
as Football Player #2
Jeremy Luke
as Thug
Sydelle Noel
as Girl with Earring
Bree Elise
Jordan Fox
as Excited Girl
Tichina Arnold
as Rochelle
Kem Saunders
as Her Man/Neighbor #2
Christopher Hoffman
as Boss/White Businessman #2/White Father/Worker
Lynette DuPree
as Customer #1/Mrs. Taylor/Pot Liquor Woman
Pat Asanti
as Plumber
Alex Martin
as Fresh Boy
Phil Ursino
as Salesman/Electronics Salesman #3
Shay Roundtree
as Thug #4
Tamara 'Gingir' Curry
as Switchboard Operator
Keith Pillow
as Man
Elijah Kelley
as Guy
Danaka Reaney
as Kid #2
Samantha Adams
as Injured Woman
Paola Menacho
as Puerto Rican Girl
Nick Garzilli
as Mugger
Maria Quiban
as Newscaster
Simone Battle
as Girl #2
David Hayles
as Thalmus
Andre Boyer
as Car Guy
Bill A. Jones
as Announcer
Noah Luke
as Bookish Kid
Lauren Wess
as Cool Girl #2
Jason Alexander
as Principal Edwards
Vivian Nixon
as Pretty Woman
Chelsea Renee
as Fight Kid
Carshénah Jefferson
as Lemonade Woman
Eric Bivens-Bush
as Neighbor
Christian J. Meoli
as Monte Dealer
Mya Michaels
as Mrs. Morales
Daniel Samonas
as Ernie D
Jonah Lopez
as Random Kid
Shavon Kirksey
as Pretty Girl
Melvin Jackson Jr.
as Bully #1/Graduate/Thug/Thug #3
Lauren London
as Monay
Reginald M. Jernigan Jr.
as Street Football Player
Bonnie Mercado
as 'CATS' Broadway Dancer
Khanya Mkhize
as Missy Elliot
Casey Washington
as Reporter #2
Robert Kariakin
as 30-Year-Old Greg
Don 'D.C.' Curry
as Cooper
Stephanie Lugo
as Thalia
Al Bernstein
as 2008 Beatnik Musician
Danielle Roberts
as Cigarette Girl
Cynthia Harmon
as Playboy Playmate
Tylen Jacob Williams
as Baby Drew
Sherry Weston
as Topless Teacher
Alex Cong
as Assistant Cook
Zephaniah Israel
as Kid in club
Martinez Evelina
as Yolanda
RuDee Sade
as Princess Latifah
Lanre Idewu
as Jamaican
Christopher Massey
as Kid #1
Jordan David
as Loser #1
Gina Minervini
as Lunch Lady
Alysia Joy Powell
as Beauty Shop Customer/Cashier
Sam Mandel
as Fischer/Fisher
Sean Rector
as Robber #1
B.J. Britt
as Walter Dickerson
Shoneji Loraine
as Widow
Tony Nichols
as Leg Man
Phylicia Rashad
as Kathleen Devereaux
Tara Sands
as Desk Clerk #2/Waitress
Katelyn Pacitto
as Carole
Amanda Gallo
as Girl #4/Gum Girl #1/Jennifer #1/Kid #4
Ruobei Tang
as Mrs. Fong
Katie O'Malley
as Teen Girl
Monique Cash
as Malvo's Girlfriend
Alex Duong
as Samurai Warlord
Jacob Anderson
as Ghostbuster #2
Rhett J. Brandt
as Loser #2
Alex Veadov
as Referee
Alijah Kai
as Baby
Colin Campbell
as Rochelle's Boss
Gerald Emerick
as Window Man
John Eddins
Evan Lai
as Vietnamese Man
Gary J. Clayton
as Bully
Tequan Richmond
as Drew
Ca'Shawn Sims
as Blind Girlfriend/Girl #1
Zee James
as Teenage Tonya/30 Year Old Tonya/40 Year Old Tonya/51 Year Old Tonya/Pregnant Tonya
Wayne King Jr.
as Driver
Joel Huggins
as Mr. Perkins/IRS Agent
Christopher Carrington
as Mechanic
Jimmie Walker
as Gene
Marcuis Harris
as Man under Car
Linda Carola
as Party Guest
Chris Rock
as Narrator/Mr. Abbott
Nadji Jeter
as Guy/Jason
Al Pugliese
as Desk Sergeant
Betty Okino
as Cashier
Gina La Piana
as Arminta
Jonna Walsh
as Girl #3
Tom Virtue
as Dr. with Kidney
Elizabeth Dantus
as Music Video Girl
Billy Mayo
as Mr. Jenkins
Emilio Cast
as White Guatemalan
Chad S. Taylor
as Juggler
Gina Jendusa
as Chelsea
Chase Penny
as Spider Kid
Ernest Thomas
as Mr. Omar/Funeral Director/Radical Man
Monica Calhoun
as Charlotte
Jim Lau
as Mr. Fong/Wok
Esther Marie Hill
as CATS Broadway Dancer
Ralph P. Martin
as Bus Driver
Roger Ranney
as Photographer
Damontre Owens
as Football Player
Kevin Weekes
as Self
Crystal Michelle
as Mrs. Newton
Will Morales
as Carlos
Colin Follenweider
as Acrobat Kid
Vincent M. Ward
as Black Bodyguard/Black Bus Driver/Bodyguard/Cop/Guard
April Weeden
as Angry Robbed Lady
John Ciccolini
as Cop/Policeman
Chris Zylka
as Football Player #1/Football player/White Muslim Kid
Rodrick Mosley
as Hot Wheels Kid
Jacqueline Mazarella
as Ms. Morello/Mrs. Morello/Vivian Morello
Ray Siegle
as Corner Man
Ryan Heinke
as Kid #3
Rosemary Dominguez
as Meter Maid
Dawn Phillips
as Yolanda
Cody Taylor
as Fisher's Goon
Brock Bradley
as Lead Officer
Bob Tyus
as Man on Street
Christina Wilson
as Cool Girl #1
Lee Davis
as Robert
Jasmine Di Angelo
as Kid #2
Hayden Bromberg
as Kid
Michel Estime
as Risky
Larry Russo
as Pedestrian
Cary Thompson
as Bulletproof Vest Teacher
Julanne Chidi Hill
as Woman #1
Ricky Keelan
as Passing Student
Richard Jeni
as White Cop
Lauren E. Gates
as John Saxon Decathon Contestant
Marc De'Antone
as Actor/Mobster/New York Paper Stand Clerk/on NYC Bus
Aaron Parker Mouser
as Big Kid/Lunch Money Kid #2
Barry Livingston
as AP Teacher
Robin Leach
as Self
Natasha Hass
as Desk Clerk #1
Ilya Seperich
as Man in Robe
Frederick Tucker
as Cream of Wheat Chef
Terrence Flack
as Barber/Co-Star
Rocky Morales
as Puerto Rican Drew
Kadeem Hardison
as Judge Harry Watkins
Nichelle Hines
as Mrs. Dumas
Mark Costello
as Mr. Richards
Jake Galasso
as Old Cop #1
Corey Holcomb
as Black Moviegoer/Man in Store
Bootsy Collins
as Self
Angela Sargeant
as Middle Aged Woman
Dan Leegant
as Hebrew School Teacher
Jerrika Hinton
as Birthday Girl
Ron Brooks
as Black Security Guard/Car Jacker #1/Flamboyant Prisoner/Shooter
Tayla Parx
as Girl #2
as Michael/Uncle Mike
Harold Chin
as Cook
Roger Schueller
as Doctor
Andy Wilson
as John Saxon Team Member
Chrissy Weathersby Ball
as Fire Escape Kid
John Fluker
as Choir Director
Mario Luis Herrera
as Jorge
Brittany Whitaker
as Tough Girl
Tiffany Coty
as Kiki
Danielle Crumble
as Pretty Girl
Cherrelle Noyd
as Yvette/Lil Kim-Esque/Young Mother
Kortney Manns
as Fiance'e
Cheyenne Haynes
as Caramel
Terry Crews
as Julius
Johnny Erasme
as Thug #1
Geri Mars
as Choking Man's Wife
Nick Nervies
as Boy #1
Tori Baker
as 10 Yr. Old Girl
Jerald Garner
as Emergency Room Doctor
Sharon Brathwaite
as Bank Teller/Meter Maid/Ticket Agent Jean
Carlie Nettles
as Short Girl
Angelo Fierro
as Store Owner #2
Terrell J. Ramsey
as D.J.
Regan Metoyer
as 19-Year-Old Girl
John Capodice
as Bus Driver
Moises Arias
as Kid #5
Me'Lana Mathis-Irvin
as Tonya's Friend #1
Simone Morie
as Nerdy Girl #2
Kelly Walker
as Girl #1
Brooke Mackenzie
as Sydney
JoAnn Paolantonio
as Remedial Teacher
Aris Mendoza
as Susan
Tia Texada
as Ms. Rivera
Kyle Hamon
as Preppy White Kid
Melissa Acosta
as Pretty Puerto Rican Girl
Courtenay Taylor
as Ticket Seller
Nigel Dash
as Kid #3/Rough Houser #1
Gregory Cupoli
as Electronic Salesman #1
Shawn McDonald
as Driver
Orlando Jones
as Dr. Clint Huckstable/Mr. Newton
Ed Metzger
as Albert Einstein
Jeff Bowser
as Ticket Man
Joey Diaz
as Store Owner
David Dayan Fisher
as Devil
Jermaine Jackson
as VCR Crackhead
Craig Woolson
as FBI Agent
Shawn Crowder
as Fed Driver
Johnny Palermo
as Frank DiPaolo
Bill Seward
as News Anchor/Sportcaster/Sportscaster
Richard Lewis
as Kris
Grace Bannon
as Funny Classmate/G Unit the Student
Douglas Bierman
as Police Officer
Indira G. Wilson
as Admittance Clerk/Court Clerk/Reporter #3
Whoopi Goldberg
as Louise Clarkson
Kool Moe Dee
as Old School Teacher
Destinee Kindle
as Talent Show Participant
Monica Anne Parales
as Lisa
Joseph Buttler
as Doctor
Athena Angel
as Puerto Rican Tonya
T.K. Carter
as Councilman Johnson
Kristoff St. John
as Self
Pej Vahdat
as Dr. with Leg
Ashton Moio
as Flipping Kid
Horacio Galaviz
as Puerto Rican Jerome
John C. Moskoff
as Doctor/Saul
Anthony Ortiz
as Cashier
Tyrel Jackson Williams
as Baby Chris/Toddler Chris
Annie McKnight
as Woman
Elijah Long
as Keisha's driver
Tanee McCall
as Dancer Sub
Karess Frederick
as Teenage Rochelle
Rose Colasanti
as Teacher
Malcolm Foster Smith
as Black Guy
Verdine White
as Self
Jim DeAngelo
as Presenter
Darrow Igus
as Male Applicant #2
Christina DeRosa
as Trixie
David Hiller
as Hasidic Kid
Melanie Nyema
as Choir Member
Mari Morrow
as Lisa Levine
Jason M. Palmer
as Nanook
Michaela Pereira
as TV Announcer
Kaleb Cohen
as Blind Kid
Peter Onorati
as Janitor/Coach Brantley
Fred Willard
as Police Officer
Shane Arenal
as Boy #1/Kid #3
Christopher Carroll
as Chaplain
Kevin Elms
as Football Player
William Christopher Stephens
as Booth Guy
Jeanisha Harris
as Car Lady
Tyler James Williams
as Chris
Justice Gamble
as Julian
Drew Matthews
as Little Boy
Shaun Robinson
as Shaun Robinson
Vince Green
as Rapper
Tia Robinson
as Cassandra/Drew's Teacher
Judy Krause
as Bus Passenger
J.D. Hall
as Bus Driver
Vito La Morte
as Manager
Susan Boyajian
as Mrs. Williams/Homeroom Teacher
Daniel E. Smith
as Clyde
Marisol Esparza
as Maria
David Grant Wright
as Pete
Raven Goodwin
as Tangee
Terra Glen Campbell
as Boy #1
Christopher David
as Rough Houser #2
Justin Bretter
as Kid #1
Cameron Icon Giddings
as Boxer
Elisa Perry
as Mrs. Wilson/Teacher/Dolemite Principal
Leonard Turner
as Male Applicant #1
Robert Maffia
as Reporter #1
Nina Mansker
as Kelly
Paul Darrigo
as Cop/Cop #2/Cop in Car/Policeman/SWAT Team Leader
David Lengel
as Pizza Guy
Geena White
as Kid #2
Tommy Davidson
as Eddie
Eric Edwards
as Conductor
Carla Jimenez
as Nurse
Wayne Brady
as Louis
Cathleen Chin
as Doctor with Son
Melanie Comarcho
as Woman
Reynaldo Rey
as Lester
Joseph Stephens Jr.
as Customer in Cab
Edward Carnevale
as Vito
Daniel Smith
as Gang Boy
Jill Kirsh
as Angry Woman
Gerry Black
as Manager
Vincent Martella
as Greg Wuliger
Roger Marks
as Rabbi
Jen Halperin
as Bikini Girl #1
James Luca McBride
as Bomb Squad Guy
Bonnie Hellman
as Notary Public
as Waitress
Michael Brownlee
as Newscaster
Benjamin Bryan
as Kid
Julie Lancaster
as Reporter/Self/Segment Reporter
Diamond Dawn Cook
as Gloria/Beautiful Woman/Bubble Woman/Collections Employee/Crying Woman/Female Shill/House Arrest Women/Nurse Gloria/Nurse Lately/Sexy Woman #2/Susan's Mother
April Gooding
as Teacher
Houston Hooker
as Caruso Gang #3
Aaron Sutton
as Kid #4
Harry Morgan Moses
as Mr. Banks
Marcus Collins
as Jackie Robinson
Hunter Ray Barker
as Caruso Gang #1
Latasha Lewis
as Easter contest/Neighborhood Person
Lance Norling
as Mr. Burr
Michael Lawrence Kaye
as Bus Bully
Anna Maria Horsford
as Hattie Mitchell
Jansen Panettiere
as Peter
Sam Sarpong
as Marlon
James Giordano
as Male Shill
Michael Drummond
as White Son
Hayden Thompson
as Boy
Lev L. Spiro
as Ominous Man
Tim Meadows
as Soul Train Teacher
Bee-Be Smith
as Mrs. Sanders
Lynda Scarlino
as Mrs. Milone/Monitor
Matthew Willig
as Jason
Ted Lyde
as Maitre'D/Manager/Restaurant Manager
Richard Hoffman
as Head Banging Student
Julie Fotchuk
as Greg's German Relative
George Weiss Vando
as Flamboyant Man #2/Man in Drag
Bianca Bethune
as Chantal
Jackie Nova
as Rosalinda
Jeff Rector
as White Security Guard #2
Tanner Blaze
as Snow Kid
Kevin Wehlen
as Wrestling teammate
Charlene Lovings
as Customer #3
Mark Kriski
as Weatherman
Janna VanHeertum
as Laura
Shar Jackson
as Alyson
Brandon Carroll
as Football Player
Natasha Hall
as Nadya/Russian Girl
Ricky Harris
as Malvo
J.B. Smoove
as Manny
Willis Burks II
as Old Guy
Michael Carlton King
as Heavy Man
Jovan Roberts
as Karate Student
Andrew Backlund Jr.
as Scared Kid
Owen H.M. Smith
as Bouncer/Afro-Centric Man/Chauffeur/Fireman/Gunman/Hip Announcer/Man/Masked Gunman/Mugger/Radio Announcer/Screaming Man/Wanted Man
Kiyoko M. Hairston
as Thin Woman/Woman with Rollers
Kelly Heyer
as Scout
Paula Edda Klein
as Tonya
Lisa Jay
as Cara/Librarian/Waitress
Darius Dudley
as Desk Sergeant/Police Officer
Devika Parikh
as Blair Huckstable
Jeffrey Lorenzo
as Cedric
Tasia Sherel
as Pam
Neil Brown Jr.
as Cute Boy #1
Clarence Williams III
as Mr. Tate
Stephanie Janesh
as Scared Teacher
Tom Hornof
as Hazmat Leader
Dawn Morrow
as 'Cats' Broadway Dancer
Chimeka Crawford
as Widow Christmas Caroler
Fred Ornstein
as Elevator Operator
Todd Bridges
as Monk
Michael Trotter
as White Kid #2
Gil Glascow
as Singing Man
Arielle Saturne
as Carla
Elika Crespo
as Karen
Charlie E. Schmidt
as Beatnik Poet

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