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October 27, 2021
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About this title


In this sitcom, the suddenly risen film star Vince Chase, a 'jeune premiere' of humble origins, learns the ropes of the business and the high-profile world of the wealthy happy few in and around Hollywood, but not alone: he brings from his native New York his atypical 'entourage (hence the title), not glitterati or professionals but a close circle of friends since childhood, and his professional agent finds they often make his job harder as the Queens boys not only sponge on the star but also have his ear, so Vince is much harder to counsel. Vince chooses his friend from home Eric as his manager, and LA professional Ari Gold as his agent. Over the course of the Series, they progress from kids from Queens, to actors, to producers and chase the funding and support to try to make the perfect movie for Vincent.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 18, 2004

Also Known As: Entourage (El séquito), Priskledniki |  See more »


Plot Keywords

movie business
male friendship

Company Credits

Production Co: Home Box Office (HBO), Leverage Management


Jessica Simpson
as Jessica Simpson
Andy Evans
as Jeff
Lauren Habeeb
as Stacy
Marissa Caprielian
as Cindy
Daniel Booko
as Frat Guy
Jim Calloway
as SUV Driver
David Storrs
as Steve
Cheryl David
as Woman
Nicky Whelan
as Air Hostess
Katie Savoy
as NY Laywer
Kelvin Han Yee
as Taxi Driver
Caitlin Chapman
as Receptionist Susan/Susan
Brianna Brown
as Jewelry Salesgirl
Heather Lynne Chasse
as French Maid
Mandy Moore
as Mandy Moore
Arielle Kebbel
as Layla
Julia Perri
as Girl
Michael Hitchcock
as Paul Schneider
Frank Medrano
as Liquor Store Cashier/Shop Employee
Ben Greenfield
as Waiter
Gregory Zarian
as James
Diana Gettinger
as Carol
Melissa Keller
as Top-tall Blonde
Cassidy Lehrman
as Sarah Gold
William Fichtner
as Phil Yagoda
Sundeep Ahuja
as Rob's Assistant
Elizabeth Wachsberg
as Agent #3
Vitali Klitschko
as Vitali Klitschko
Ward Edmondson
as Rescue Grip
Rainn Wilson
as R.J. Spencer
Leonard Jonathan Ruebe
as Air New Zealand Employee
Evander Holyfield
as Evander Holyfield
Troy Gentile
as Mitchell Levine
Johanna Black
as Staci
Constance Zimmer
as Dana Gordon
John Duerler
as Boom Operator
Gal Gadot
as Lisa
Noush Skaugen
as Coffee Shop Girl
Brian Sher
as Bradley
Monique Alexander
as Porn Actress #2
Lenny Kravitz
as Lenny Kravitz
Christophe Piozza
as Greeter
Joseph Luckay
as Coffee shop kid
Chantelle Barry
as Vanessa
Tom Brady
as Tom Brady
Natalie Victoria
as Pretty Auction Girl
Marta Zolynska
as Model
Kwame Boateng
as Teenager
Elizabeth Tobias
as Woman
Michelle Cimmino
as Genevieve
Alex Bruzzi
as Undefeated Manager
Jimmy Palumbo
as Announcer
Tyrone M. Mitchell
as Blake
Mary J. Blige
as Mary J. Blige
William Abadie
as Hotel Manager
Maria Falgione
as Bartender
Stuart Brazell
as Gym Girl
Shana Wall
as Girl
Maya Stojan
as Stan Lee's Assistant
Eric Colton
as Justine's Guy
Andres Perez-Molina
as Club Guest
Drew Brees
as Drew Brees
Kofi Siriboe
as Teenager
Alexis Dziena
as Ashley
Carrie Fisher
as Anna Fowler
Michael Patrick Breen
as Funeral Attendee
Kelley Hazen
as Jacqueline
Tara Carroll
as Drama's Fan
Malin Akerman
as Tori
Michael Strahan
as Michael Strahan
Maury Rogow
as Press
Laura Levy
as Woman
Colleen Camp
as Landlady #2/Marjorie
Xavier Torres
as Javier Gracho
Michelle Ruben
as Stripper
Jamie Hill Fuller
as Sherry
Deborah Lacey
as Rufus' Wife
Bruce Rubenstein
as Ruby Tattoos
Jennifer Norkin
as Agent
Holly Lynch
as Linda
Natalie Stevanov
as Bartender
Michael Monks
as Five Towns director
Phillip Bloch
as Clerk
Jen McPherson
Marlon Young
as Rufus
Luke Wilson
as Luke Wilson
Roxy Jezel
as Porn Actress #1
Keli Daniels
as Press #1
Carla Gugino
as Amanda Daniels
Jayma Mays
as Jennifer/Jennifer, Dana's Assistant
Bogdan Szumilas
as Agent
Cole Petersen
as Max Ballard
Cassie Young
as Cassie Young
Marcus London
as Porn Actor
Emma Lung
as Heather
Somaya Reece
as Video Ho #2
Michael Li-Paz
as Rabbi
Jared Melei
as Ari's Nephew
Jerry Ferrara
as Turtle
Denise Vaughn
as Woman on Plane
Nicholas Givanio
as Airport Passenger/Miller Gold Agent
Drake Kemper
as Gary
Lila Lucchetti
as Casting Associate
Dean Cain
as Dean Cain
Johnny Galecki
as Johnny Galecki
Peter Jacobson
as Queens Boulevard Executive
Alex Donnelley
as Wife
Jeff Tschida
as Production Assistant
Brandon Alexander III
as Comic Book Fan
Gregory Silva
as Police Officer
Morgan Di Taranto
as Girl at Party
Peter Berg
as Peter Berg
Kelly Nish
as Young Vince Fan
Thomas Silcott
as Cab Driver
Paul Webster
as Mandy's Publicist
Theresa Joy
as Monique
Angie Rutan
as Studio Girl
Liz Gallagher
as Female Agent
Rich Paul
as Rich Paul
Megan Morrison
as Waitress
Chris Solari
as Agent
Ailsa Marshall
as Nicky's Girlfriend
Jason Diamond
as Scarpetta Server
Stan Lee
as Stan Lee
Jimmy Shubert
as Assistant Director/Castmate/Jail Guard/Jimmy
Louis Lombardi
as Ronnie
Cameron Cash
as Robbie
Illeana Douglas
as Marcie
Cameron Richardson
as Lindsay/Waitress
James Elliott
as Cameraman
Sara Foster
as Sara Foster
Leonardo Biasiucci
as Reporter
Jason Patric
as Jason Patric
Craig Anton
as M.C.
Holly Traister
as Movie Mom
Joshua LeBar
as Josh Weinstein
Marshall Manesh
as Rolls Royce Manager
Amanda Peet
as Amanda Peet
Fumi Desalu-Vold
as Foreign Press Agent/Gangster's Girlfriend
Steve Tisch
as Self
Jamie Kennedy
as Jamie Kennedy
Marisa Saks
as Sloan's Party Coordinator/Sloan's party coordinator
Sandra Milliner
as Woman
Tommy Gunn
as Porn Vince
Windy Duncan
as Model
Jason Stuart
as Doc Hock
Cole Williams
as Five Towns Castmate
Patrick Weil
as Power Agent
Trisha Hershberger
as Girl at Party
Kanye West
as Kanye West
Kim Coates
as Carl Ertz
Deborah Theaker
as Dr. Marcus' Receptionist
Vanessa Villegas
as Stripper #2
Rob Weiss
as Audition Producer
Rosalie McIntire
as Hostess
Evelina Pereira
as Bianca
Ginny Weirick
as Hollywood Reporter Girl
Jesse Jane
as Jesse Jane
Nico Elicerio
as Turtle's Girl
John Heard
as Richard Wimmer
Melanie Burchby
as Amanda's Assistant/Amanda's Assistant #2
Heather S. Michaels
as Secretary
Bryan Massey
as Coach
Assaf Cohen
as Yair Marx
Tina Kapousis
as CAA Assistant
David Spade
as David Spade
Fuzzy Fantabulous
as Self
Erica Walker
as Massage Therapist
Andy B. Dardaine
as Jock at Gym
Teagan Presley
as Teagan Presley
Kalina Justice
as Studio Executive
Scott Caan
as Scott Lavin
Dan Waren
as My Gym Dad
Cory Isaacson
as Kevin Shaw
Samantha Turk
as Pool Girl
Alan Mueting
as Parent
Zack Schor
as Server
Inbar Lavi
as Sadie
David Faustino
as David Faustino
Adam Hutson
as Thirty Something Guy
Martin Landau
as Bob Ryan
Paulette Lamori
as Maria
Alan Dale
as John Ellis
Maya Harvey
as Daughter on Pier
Ethan Suplee
as Queens Boulevard Actor/Self
Paulina Hunter
as Seductress
Sterling Sulieman
as Craig
Brian Patrick Farrell
as Waiter
Joy Bryant
as Joy Bryant
Benjamin Burdick
as Agent #2
Christopher Jude
as Club Patron
Matthew Lenhart
as Cop #2
Cynthia Quiles
as Actress
Lauren Hayes
as Office Assistant
James Cameron
as James Cameron
Marikym Hervieux
as Ima
Terry Bozeman
as William Morris Agent
Stacie Richards Dail
as Hot Blonde
Mike McVearry
as Bartender
Khamani Griffin
as Kid
Melyssa Ford
as Flight Attendant
Paul Ben-Victor
as Alan Gray/Allen Grey/Alan/Allen
Jamie Shea
as Dancer #2
Michael Lerner
as Joe Roberts
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
as Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Penny Marshall
as Penny Marshall
Rebecca Ocampo
as Amanda's Assistant #3
Anne Bergstedt
as Perfect 10 Model
Gary Busey
as Gary Busey
Jim Saviano
as Jimmy
Eiran Zell
as Golfer #1
Fran Drescher
as Mrs. Levine
Gary Cole
as Andrew Klein
Tara Karsian
as SAG woman
Philippe Bergeron
as Press Moderator
Jeremy Shouldis
as Waiter
Russell Woron-Simons
as Hoopster
Jonathan Avigdori
as Israeli Security Guard #1
Brooke Shields
as Brooke Shields
Elaine Tan
as Tammy
Sarah Ospina
as Bar Patron
Azita Ghanizada
as Kelly
Marilyn Dobrin
as Aunt Darcy
Saige Ryan
as Little Girl
Zach Lasry
as Scott's Assistant
Brian Tee
as Fukijama Crew Member
Jean-Michel Richaud
as Parker
Avital Weiss
as Shauna's Baby
Michael Chomiak
as Waiter
Jeff Wright
as Apple Specialist
Edward Burns
as Edward Burns/Ed Burns
Brad Schmidt
as Brad Schmidt
Frank Alvarez
as Cholo
Toshi Toda
as JoJo/Tailor
Ella Milenova
as Anna
Doug Ellin
as Director/Audition Producer/Doug
Casper Brindle
as Assistant Director
Joel Silver
as Joel Silver
Chris Henchy
as Producer
Hassan Johnson
as Bunky
Max Barakat
as Son #1
Christian Slater
as Christian Slater
Whitney Port
as Girl
Vincent Riviezzo
as Vince's Cousin
Ted Fenton
as Coffee Shop Customer #2
Lauren Rose Lewis
as Flight Attendant #1
Joey Slotnick
as Waiter
Mike Hagerty
as Boat Rental Operator
Anna Contessa
as Model
Candace Nicole
as Max's Girl
Dohn Norwood
as Security Guard
Martin Scorsese
as Martin Scorsese
Marisa Sullivan
as Party Girl
Olga Cramer
as Masseuse
Alex Berliner
as Paparazzi
William Ragsdale
as Frank Giovanello
Ana Lopes
Candice Patton
as Dan Coakley's Assistant
Stanley DeSantis
as Scott Wick
Casey Wasserman
as Casey Wasserman
Michael Phenicie
as Banker
Candace Pittman
as Stripper
Matt Damon
as Matt Damon
Ben Silverman
as Self
Holly Wortell
as Airline Worker
Andrea Bendewald
as Jess
Yesenia Adame
as Five Towns Extra
Michael Roemer
as Ari's Lawyer/Barry
K.D. Aubert
as Vince's Ex
Tom Sizemore
as Tom Sizemore
Shon Blotzer
as David
Marcus Hopkins
as Pizza Patron
Karina Michel
as Flight Attendant #2
Jesse Heiman
as Nerd #1
Mandie Braxton
as VIP Lady
Shawne Merriman
as Shawne Merriman
Jana Kramer
as Brooke Manning
Kristen Marie Holly
as Hostess/Party-Goer
Julie Warner
as Queens Boulevard Executive
Dave Lowe
as Agent #3
Jessi Ellin
as Bat Mitzvah Kid
Nashawn Kearse
as Saigon's Cousin
Jessica Friedman
as Corine
Tara Rice
as Kissing Starlet
Beverly D'Angelo
as Barbara Miller
David Schwimmer
as David Schwimmer
Aaron Brown
as Twin #1
Kayla Compton
as Monica
Kevin Love
as Kevin Love
Stacy Glassgold
as Yoga Girl
Andrew Levitas
as Gregg
Monica Keena
as Kristen
Tony Revolori
as Son
David Josh Lawrence
as Pool Boy
Patti D'Arbanville
as Eric's Mom
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
as Jamie-Lynn Sigler
John Robert
as Producer - at Cannes
Jennah Lintz
as Nurse #2/Party-Goer
Jamal Thomas
as Agent
Justin Smith
as Michael
Jayme Ratzer
as Jenna Ebowitz
Charity Shea
as Girl #2 in Car
JR Garcia
as Tommy
Morgan Hewitt
as Model #1
Nicole Montano
as Shauna's Nanny
Ashley Rickards
as Candace Levine
Kelli Mandruk
as Entourage girl
Parker Snow
as Sorority girl
Vince Corazza
as Manager #1
Casey Larios
as Actor
Jonathan Sadowski
as Brett's Assistant
Scott Freeburg
as Nerd #5
Bob Balaban
as Doctor
Diana Prince
as Lingerie Party Girl/Mini-Skirt Girl
Laraine Newman
as Jane
Csoba Laszlo
as Dealer #1
Portis Hershey
as Portis Hershey
Kyle Rea
as Drunk Swimmer
Maury Chaykin
as Harvey Weingard
David Wain
as Agent
Ryan Eggold
as Castmate/Castmate #2/Ryan Eggold
as DJ AM
Kimberly Fisher
as Agent
Jenaveve Jolie
as Woman in Bed
Jon Braver
as Repo Guy
Nora Dunn
as Dr. Marcus
Hugh Hefner
as Hugh Hefner
Richard Schiff
as Richard Schiff
Mary Van Luven
as Receptionist
Emily Wilson
as Amy
Melanie Nolen
as Cannes Guest
Natalina Maggio
as Model
Amy Rosoff
as Receptionist
Darcy Fowers
as Lori
Lauren Hill
as Coffee Bean Girl
Mary McNeal
as Party-Goer
M. Night Shyamalan
as M. Night Shyamalan
Jerry Jones
as Jerry Jones
Stephanie Venditto
as Jackie
Kimberly Douglas
as Personal Assistant
Janet Montgomery
as Jennie
Megan Park
as Girl Being Interviewed
Corinn Nomad
as Fred Segal Woman
Patrick Hancock
as Wardrobe Designer
Shawn M. Richardz
as Backstage Fan
Candice Michelle
as Party Girl
Katie Morgan
as Katie Morgan
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Grip with Backdrop
Giovanni Ribisi
as Nick
Connie Ray
as Oxnard Wife
Mini Anden
as Samantha
Kate Mara
as Brittany
Michael Hilow
as Little Yoni
Bella Thorne
as Kid
Katie Boskovich
as Dolce and Gabbana Model
Laura Mayes Byrnes
as Restaurant Patron
Jozef Fahey
as Kid #1
Xhoana Xheneti
as Hot Girl
Aubrie Lemon
as Bangin Hot Girl
Rebecca Da Costa
as Beautiful Girl/Night Club
Sarafina King
as Model 2
Marie Antoinette
as Marie Antoinette
Adele Daniller
as Keynote Speaker
Keisuke Hoashi
as Club Official
Ken Barnett
as Alan
Christina Lindley
as Bikini Model
Angela Casassa
as Shana
Daniel Samonas
as Tommy
Dante Basco
as Fukijama
Lauren Lake
as Morton's Hostess
Angel Manuel
as Coach Carr
Ron Michaelson
as Photographer
Sonny Marinelli
as John DeLuca
Jordan Feldman
as Shawn
Big Boy
as Big Boy
Jay Oringer
as Juice
Kristin Crandall
as Urth Cafe Patron
Dustin Wilkinson
as Clapper
Nick de Graffenreid
as Young Actor
Patrick O'Connor
as Presenter
Amelia Jackson-Gray
as Amy
Wendy Guess
as Nurse
Jeffrey M. Marchetti
as Passenger
Andre Alexsen
as Lead Attorney
Tiffany Brouwer
as Campus Girl
Elmira Zainabudinova
as Elmira Zainabudinova
Leslie Bibb
as Laurie
Val Kilmer
as The Sherpa
Frederick Keeve
as Agent
Beau Garrett
as Fiona/Girl from Vince's Gym
Tim Arnold
as Party-Goer
Darold Cuba
as Smoke Jumper #2
Kristina Denton
as Airport Patron
Ari Emanuel
as Ari Emanuel
Adrienne Metz
as Stripper
David Boston
as Bar Patron on Street in Front of Bar
Mark Cuban
as Mark Cuban
Richard Branson
as Richard Branson
Danny A. Abeckaser
as Paparazzi
Jasmine Lowe
as Girl At Bar
Jordi Caballero
as Police Chief
Denyce Lawton
as Party Girl
Stacy Stas Hurst
as Drama's Girl
Debi Mazar
as Shauna
Joe Grande
as Self
Jarrett Lennon
as Clerk #2
Jennifer Sciole
as Amber the Go Go
Abraham Chaidez
as Pablo Escobar Father
Ker'in Hayden
as Victoria's Secret Waitress
Samantha Kong
as Dealer #3
James Lefkowitz
as Agent
Omar Leyva
as A.D.
Megan Paul
as Branden's Assistant
Zee James
as Video Ho #2
Creagen Dow
as Dude
Shannon Kane
as Waitress
Rachele Brooke Smith
as Vince's Ex
Hector Anthony
as Production Assistant
Jesse Erwin
as Waiter
Debbi Larkins
as Model
Robin Arcuri
as Robin Arcuri
Tom Virtue
as Pilot
Henry Dittman
as Medic
Libby Clearfield
as Girl at Bar
Brian Palermo
as Real Estate Agent
Miki Black
as Playboy Body Paint Model
as U2
Pegah Sahebi
as Hot Party Girl
Domenico Vacca
as Domenico Vacca
Kristen DeLuca
as Receptionist
Diana Parros
as Gym Member
as Model
Rhys Coiro
as Billy Walsh
Ciara Caneega
as Receptionist
Kattia Ortiz
as Hooker
Mark Hengst
as Gallery Guy
Jonathan Baker
as Jonathan Baker
Eric Corbin
as Basketball Player
Isabel Shaw
as Foreign Press
Laura Beth Coakley
as Agent
Katheryn Rodriguez
as Student
Gus Van Sant
as Gus Van Sant
Chuck Hayward
as Stevie the Bartender
Tom Cappadona
as Uncle Nick
Cara Wakelin
as Party Guest
Drew Osborne
as Kid #2
Jessica Alba
as Jessica Alba
Nadine Velazquez
as Janeen
Alfred Dennis
as Old Man
Ai Cherie
as Barbara Miller Assistant
Brandon Quinn
as Tom
Alice Eve
as Sophia
Robin Young
as Robin
Brianne Davis
as Allyson
Samantha Basalari
as Girl Leaving Party
Jeff Doucette
as Jeff Doucette
Laurence Cohen
as Nerd #4
Sanford Nelson
as Congregant
Erik Casano
as Five towns crew member
Piero Barone
as Opera SInger
Lalo Reyes
as Restaurant Patron
Simon Rhee
as Asian Gangster
Sasha Grey
as Sasha Grey
Taylor Cole
as Antique Dealer
as Eminem
Genesis Rodriguez
as Sarah
Tammi Cubilette
as Nurse
Natasa Fontaine
as Rehab Girl
Melissa Ordway
as Morgan
Rudi Rose
as Ari's Agent
Bryan Callen
as Rob Rubino
Ryan Flynn
as Counter Person
Julie Austin
as Super Model
Kendra Chase
as Cheryl
Angelina Jolie
as Angelina Jolie
Annette Chéri
as Microphone Girl
Travis Seaborn
as Bartender
James Harvey Ward
as Smoke Jumper #1
Eboni Renée Jackson
as Video Ho #1
Bai Ling
as Li Lei
Mark Wahlberg
as Mark Wahlberg
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Charity Coordinator
Anthony Michael Hall
as Anthony Michael Hall
Jason Lombard
as Jessica Alba's Friend
Isabel Cueva
as WB Client
Robin Wilson
as Mrs. Ari's Best Friend
Chuck Liddell
as Chuck Liddell
Kevin Lapsley
as Board Member/Premiere Party Guest/Restaurant Patron/Wait Staff
Rachel Sterling
as Ana/Megan
Stephen Gaghan
as Stephen Gaghan
Austin Graves
as Skylar
Nelson Pires
as Beach Model
Alex Wexo
as CIA Man
Andy Langham
as Audience Guy
Brit Shaw
as Dana's Assistant/Fanatic Fan
Libby Aubrey
as Woman at Auction #2
Randall Wallace
as Randall Wallace
Danny Masterson
as Danny Masterson
Kelsey Bourg
as Dancer #6
Kayla Ewell
as Amy/Dana's Assistant
Izabel Goulart
as Victoria's Secret Angel #2
Dale Dye
as Firearms Instructor/Scuba Instructor/Stunt Coordinator
Kit Paquin
as Photo Shoot Assistant
Ashley Godby
as Dancer #3
Erika Melahn
as Urth Cafe Girl
Terrell J. Ramsey
as Lawrence Hall
Rick Salomon
as Self
Jason Isaacs
as Fredrick 'Freddy' Lyme
Adam Bobrow
as Ping Pong Pro
Kim Prampin
as Waitress
Nicole Pulliam
as Flight Attendant
Becca Battoe
as Date of Guy in Movie Line
Mogi Shoichi
as Shaver
Steve Fisher
as Golfer #2
Angela Daun
as Shirley
Damani Roberts
as Kid
Don Barris
as Kimmel Warm-Up
Marilyn Sue Perry
as Orderly
Chris Krauser
as Chris Krauser/Hollywood Reporter #1
Eric Naroyan
as Network Executive
Kristen Glass
as Model
Mitch Levene
as Mailroom Kid
Shawn McDonald
as Agent
Rachel McDermott
as Waitress
Lindsay Davis
as Beverly Hills Girl
Annie Ilonzeh
as Rachel
Carlos Alvarado
as Edgar
Kristina Rodrigues
as Villa Cage Dancer
Phil Mickelson
as Phil Mickelson
Thomas La Barbera Christensen
as Hipster in Car
Dru Mouser
as Limo Girl #2
Jym Braun
as Mark
Jamie Strange
as Kessler's Sister
J. Claude Deering
as Brett's Assistant
Ray Auxias
as Guy in Line
Mark Roman
as Paparazzi
John Jason Bailey
as Golf Pro
Shamron Moore
as Stripper
Bridgetta Tomarchio
as Model
Adrian Neil
as Maitre D'
Joey King
as Chuck's Daughter
Kal Parekh
as Miller Gold Agent
Rene Napoli
as Cupcake Guy
Holly Madison
as Playmate
Cassie Jaye
as 1940s Actress/Fan
Amiel Weiss
as Shauna's Baby
Chuck Pacheco
as Chucky/Producer Chuck
Brent Bolthouse
as Self
Mary Elise Hayden
as Flirty Driver/Hot Girl in Gym
Nicole Taylor
as Amber
Laura Lyman
as Hotel/Restaurant Patron
Camille Saviola
as Turtle's Mom
Donald Devoux
as Slimfast
Sal Lopez
as Billy's Film Editor
Ashley Madison
as Tiffany
David Banuelos
as Dancer
Kevin Connolly
as Eric Murphy
Stephanie Vogt
as Liz/Liz the Agent/Trish
David Grant Wright
as Billionaire at Meeting
Lucas Mroczkowski
as Smoke Jumper
Peter Siragusa
as Doctor
Evan Shields
as Cannes Guest
Veronica Taylor
as French Maid/Michella
Christina Cuenca
as Costco Girl
Kevin Ryan
as Ed Thomas
A.J. Buckley
as Dave
Bryan Tanaka
as Undefeated Kid
as Devon
Stefan Richter
as Chef Stefan
Maria Menounos
as Maria Menounos
Brian Grazer
as Brian Grazer
Hank Fields
as Producer
Carla Jimenez
as Nurse
Hunt Baker
as Bar Patron - Jace
Sirena Irwin
as Frida
Franklin Delano Neely
as Thug #2
Raphael Mazzucco
as Self
Harvey J. Alperin
as Rabbi
Katarina Van Derham
as Model
Traci Murray
as Mother on Pier
Suzanne Hunt
as Woman at Auction #1
Tonja Kahlens
as Night Operator
Lara Wickes
as Agent
Gia Bay
as Pamela
Aaron Sorkin
as Aaron Sorkin
Eddie Driscoll
as Lead Detective
Sophie Monk
as Juliette
Marlon John
as Officer Nickerson
Keirsten Kafka
as Murphy Office Assistant
Rob Watt
as Filmmaker
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Amanda's Assistant #2
Alisa Robinson
as Rodeo Drive Shopper
Liisa Evastina
as Go Go Dancer
Christian Dias
as Paparazzi
DJ Stefanich
as Playboy Cowboy
Nina Fehren
as Carly
Christy O'Keefe
as Mac Salesgirl
Soo Yeon Lee
as Soo Yeon Lee
Daniel Cordiner
as Sneakerhead
Richard Neil
as Agent
Michael Mantell
as CAA Agent
Anna Maria Horsford
as Saigon's Mother
Will Sasso
as Jay Lester
David Di Brienza
as Rodeo Dr. Shopper
Ty Izquierdo
as Bartender
Nealla Gordon
as Casting Director
Chris Hill
as Editing Technician
Colby French
as Cop
Chris Snyder
as Showrunner #1
Sam Nazarian
as Sam Nazarian
Karen Levine
as Bat Mitzvah Attendee
Natalie Worden
as Gym Girl
Edy Ganem
as Customer Girl/Makeup Artist/ShowRoom attendee
Bella Maori
as Model
David Pearl
as Assistant Director/Director of Photography/Hotel/Paparazzi/Photographer/Restaurant Patron
Eli Jane
as Entourage Actress/Eli Jane
Heidi Hawking
as Stripper
Adam Wylie
as Jay
Ally Musika
as Lily
Dana Jamison
as Girl in Bar Scene
Gustavo Flores
as Clapper Juan
Kathy Gardiner
as Kate/Marquis Jet Woman #3
Dinah Lee
as Walsh's Girl
Natasha Hall
as Kimberly/Young Vince Fan
Terrence Hardy Jr.
as Herbie Green
Omar J. Dorsey
as Thug #1
Nicky Vegas
as Self
Alejandra Gutierrez
as Model
Mike Ditka
as Mike Ditka
Steffinnie Phrommany
as Wine Angel
Suteara Vaughn
as Hot Chick/Party Girl/Scenes deleted
Paulina Slagter
as Teri
Juan Ramirez
as Foreman
Paul Haggis
as Paul Haggis
Kerry Finlayson
as Bliss Girl
David Pressman
as James Cameron's Assistant
Amra Silajdzic
as Vince's Ex
Julie Berlin
as Heiress
Adam Goldberg
as Nick Rubenstein/Nicky Rubenstein
Gary Kraus
as Movie Manager
Anne De Salvo
as Landlady #1
Dalen Carlson
as Valet
Kevon Stover
as Rock Star
Dennis Franklin
as Dealer #2
Erin Whitmore
as Burlesque Dancer
Rock Williams
as Dallas Cowboy's Coach
Sarah Zurell
as Agent
Charlotte Salt
as Waitress
Matthew Pocock
as Pilot
April Scott
as Girl in Bikini/Model
DeRay Davis
as Hack
Michael Tatlock
as Billionaire
Frank Maharajh
as Agent Raj/Raj
Peter Jackson
as Peter Jackson
Keith Middlebrook
as Studio Executive/Inmate/Partier
Three 6 Mafia
as Three 6 Mafia
Mickey Jones
as Mickey Jones
John Sloman
as Oxnard Husband
Lauren Shiohama
as Phil's Assistant
Chad Cleven
as Bellhop
Julian Acosta
as Alejandro Teva
Gigi Orsillo
as Coffee Bean Girl
Brianna Nicole
as Spin Girl
Daniella Van Graas
as Natasha Ladianova
Candace Smith
as Girl at Gym
Kovar McClure
as Golf Guy
Caroline Aaron
as Sheila Rubenstein
Amanda Righetti
as Katrina
Shad Moss
as Charlie Williams
Bob Saget
as Bob Saget
Janet Varney
as Amy Miller
George Clooney
as George Clooney
Téa Mindeli
as Agent
Perrey Reeves
as Mrs. Ari
Max Silverstein
as Dice's Son
Taylor Tunes
as Model
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Mayor of Beverly Hills
Elizabeth Regen
as Gina DeLuca
Kelly Sha
as Party Dancer
George Boedecker
as TMZ Reporter #2
Monica Allgeier
as Eric's Girl
David May
as Endeavor Agent
Rob Morrow
as Jim Lefkowitz/Ari's Attorney
Dennis Mooney
as Lee Gordon
Michael Patrick McGill
as Cop
Bud Joseph Hebert
as Bar Patron/Party Guest
Dennis Chavis
as Cop
Jay Giannone
as Guy in Movie Line
Shanna Moakler
as Kelsey
Michael Phelps
as Michael Phelps
Jareb Dauplaise
as Kessler
Adalia Braydon
as Wardrobe Assistant
Sarah Edwards
as Hostess
Queen Latifah
as Dana Elaine Owens
Damian Cecere
as Waiter
Leah McKendrick
as Waitress
Stefanie Wood
as Helena
Tom Townsend
as Tim
Ladae Bond
as Party Girl
Camila Greenberg
as Sorority girl
Angelique Deuitch
as Party Girl
Peter Pasco
as Coffee Shop Counter Guy
Henry Penzi
as Paparazzi
Monique Barajas
as Model
Brian Van Holt
as Malone
Ace Harper
as Dancer #7
Daniel Hitch
Amar'e Stoudemire
as Amar'e Stoudemire
Anthony Anderson
as Anthony Anderson
Lisa Donahue
as Vince's Girl
John McCarthy
as UFC Referee
Felisha Terrell
as Carol
Scott Lavin
as Suit
Gil Darnell
as Photographer
Maya Ellin
as Maya
Tarick Salmaci
as Tarick Salmaci
Turk Matthews
as Cell Phone Agent/Lloyd's Assistant/Office Heckler
Kim Lee
as Flight Attendant #3
Will Peltz
as Amanda's Assistant
Max Gail
as Max Gail
Hayes MacArthur
as Levinson
Steven Montfort
as James-'JJ'
Rishi Chitkara
as Photographer
Samaire Armstrong
as Emily
Jim Edmonds
as Jim Edmonds
Dan Sachoff
as Press #3
Naseem Hamed
as Naseem Hamed
Bradley Dodds
as Contestant
Larry David
as Larry David
Niki Huey
as Vince's Sleepover
Jeremy Piven
as Ari Gold
Todd Davis
as Usher
Joyce Hiller Piven
as Temple Goer #2
Chelsea Salmon
as Vince's Ex
David Bowe
as Scott
Terasa Livingstone
as Stewardess
Terry Cooley
as Doorman
Julian Wells
as Goodbye Girl/Stripper
Kobe Reverditto
as Paparzzi
Chene Lawson
as Jennifer - Barney's Salesgirl
Kalen Brest
as Murphy's Receptionist
Mercedes Ruehl
as Rita Chase
Ilsa Martinez
as Stripper #3
Michael Fucci
as Waiter
Ali Larter
as Ali Larter
Emma Heming Willis
as Girl at Club
Barry Alvarez
as Barry Alvarez
Lucki Wheating
as Casting Director
Lanette Fugit Hannah
as Executive
Rayna Tharani
as Model
Armando Ortega
as Urth Caffé Valet
Caitlin O'Connor
as Flight Attendant
Rachel Roberts
as Monika
Carlie Westerman
as Teenage Girl #2
Jennifer Field
as Urth Cafe Patron
Richard Voll
as Chris
Ella Thomas
as Viveca
Shawn Corber
as Moronic Actor
Michael Moorer
as Michael Moorer
DJ Quik
as DJ Quik
Tammy Lacock
as Andrew's Assistant
Kelly Southerland
as Party Guest
Stephen Levinson
as Audition Producer
Scott Alan Smith
as UTA Agent
Vanessa Branch
as Chinese Interpreter
as Francine Fox
Kevin Dillon
as Johnny 'Drama' Chase
Maila Damian
as Bikini Girl
Scott Conant
as Scott Conant
Frank Darabont
as Frank Darabont
Laz Alonso
as Snoop's Assistant
William Forsythe
as Eddie Kapowski
Kristin Proctor
as Julie/Wimmer's Assistant
Taylor Greer
as Game Girl
Bart Fletcher
as Bar Tender
James Woods
as James Woods
Stephen Silberkraus
as Elliot Neill/Lawyer
Stefan Mavi
as Stefan Mavi
Jami Gertz
as Marlo Klein
Eric Roberts
as Eric Roberts
Dawn Olivieri
as Clothing Girl
David Kronenberg
as Son #2
Richard Weitz
as Agent Richard
Nick Cassavetes
as Nick Cassavetes
Raphael Keric
as Production Assistant
Jim Lefkowitz
as Agent
Christen Harper
as Teenage Girl #1
Nicolas Pajon
as Bellman #1
Bridget Marquardt
as Playmate
Kyle C. Beach
as Cafe Patron
Jeff Garlin
as Roger
Patrick Gallagher
as Randy
Allan Kolman
as Therapist
Shena Adl
as Elevator Girl
Mary Ann Jarou
as Sherpa Girl
Simona Fusco
as Hot Girl
Stellan Skarsgård
as Verner Vollstedt
Elise Ivy
as Amy Miller Assistant
Steve Nash
as Steve Nash
Yorgo Constantine
as VIP Guest List Guy
Tessa Farrell
as Model
Cliff Dorfman
as Auditioner/Cliff
Dave Johnson
Michelle LaFrance
as Misty
Larry Charles
as Audition Producer
Dave Anthony
as Showrunner #2
Tom Rothman
as Tom Rothman
Alex Rodriguez
as Alex Rodríguez
Ev Depaolis
as Model
Kaytie Nedberg
as Marquis Jet Woman #1
John Stamos
as John Stamos
Marko Malic
as Actor
Estrella Nouri
as Executive Assistant
Charlie London
as Party Goer at Pool
Rico E. Anderson
as Reporter
Torin Sixx
as Agent
Robin Atkin Downes
as Photo Shoot Director
Paul Galliano
as Paul Schneider's Assistant
Michelle Celeste Assil
as P.A.
Christopher Baskerville
as Propmaster
Dan Castellaneta
as Andrew Preston
Caroline D'Amore
as Brooke
Dan Cooley
as Aquaman Fan
Nicole Narain
as Waitress
Bruce Buffer
as UFC Announcer
Jessica Chaffin
as Barbara's Assistant
Emma Prescott
as Ed Burns' Daughter
Stacy Fuson
as Girl at PJ Party
Paul Willson
as Guy at Blackjack Table
as T.I.
Colleen McGrann
as Ralph's Wife
Brian Urlacher
as Brian Urlacher
Rick L. Dean
as Agent/Airport Traveler/Mrs. Ari's Friend/Senior Agent
Sheila Jaffe
as Casting Director/Sheila
Eric Lange
as Director
Rome Shadanloo
as Murray's Assistant/Assistant
Jonathan 'Lil J' McDaniel
as Sneakerhead
Lindsay Sloane
as Nicole
Mariah Bruna
as Party Girl
Kirby Bliss Blanton
as Amanda
Marilyn Monrovia
as Gold Sr. Casting Assoc./Miller
Ignazio Boschetto
as Opera SInger
Mickey Maxwell
as Cop
Jordan Farmar
as Jordan Farmar
Will Greenberg
as Sussman
Nick Steele
as David
Arlo Hemphill
as Arlo Hemphill
Ethan Mechare
as Event Handler
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Dom
Ron Marasco
as Doctor
David Paymer
as Sammy Kane
Jordan Belfi
as Adam Davies
Molly Fix
as Receptionist
Dave Levinson
as Laker Fan
Heidi Marnhout
as Joyce
Amanda Tepe
as Mac Assistant Manager
Mark Smith
as Mall Shopper
Sydney Pollack
as Sydney Pollack
Susan Paley Abramson
as Casting Director
as Bouncer
Barrett Foa
as Matt Wolpert
Yuan Nielsen
as Party Guest
Chase Kim
as Officer
Autumn Reeser
as Lizzie Grant
Martha Millan
as Sylvi
Elvis Mitchell
as Elvis Mitchell
Christopher Shand
as Keith
Peter DePesa
as Agent #4
Rachel Specter
as Kimmel PA/Rozzie
Jeanine Giovanni
as Rachel
Jan Devereaux
as Temple Goer #1
Jimmy Kimmel
as Jimmy Kimmel
Costanza Guerrini
as Fan Girl
Rodrick Moore
as Little Boy
Harris Yulin
as Arthur Gatoff
Travis Huff
as Partygoer/Waiter
Jason Sklar
as Agent/Jeff/Rob's Eyesight Tester
Natasha Alam
as Anika
Adam Green
as Frat Guy
Justin Marchert
as Porn Filmmaker
Branden Williams
as Branden Williams
A.J. Hammer
as A.J. Hammer
Mercedes Mason
as Kara
Ashley Green Elizabeth
as Drama's Girl
Charles Santy
as Taxi Driver
Salina Sherwood
as Clubgoer
Gina Moore
as Office Worker
Penelope Fortier
as Desk Clerk
Vicki Goldsmith
as Actress
Katie Cleary
as Receptionist
Alana Morshead
as Celine
Stephen Matzke
as Dancer
Timothy Busfield
as Timothy Busfield/TV Director
Julie Claire
as Carrie Carlson
Preston Davis
as Jeff
Nicole Sienna
as Brook
Rossie Cottrell
as Cecilia gold bikini
Ryan Cleary
as Billionare/Lawyer
Melinda Clarke
as Melinda Clarke
Tim Matheson
as Steve Parls
Jared Bell
as Kid #2
Christopher John Fields
as APA Agent
Shelli Boone
as Assistant
Chuck Licata
as Rub & Tug Customer #1
Alicia Sixtos
as Betty
Jera Sky
as Gatsby
Kayla Henry
as Young Vince Fan
Snoop Dogg
as Snoop Dogg
David Gross
as Seth's Crew Guy #2
José Eber
as José Eber
Michael Cornacchia
as Make-Up Artist
Ana Mackenzie
as College Girl
Jaime Pressly
as Jaime Pressly
Shawn Michael Patrick
as Waiter
Malcolm McDowell
as Terrance McQuewick
E.L. Woody
as Camera Man/Cameraman
Kara Houston
as Holly
Calvin Dean
as Father Oleary
Keith Blaney
as Salesman
Sven Holmberg
as Sven
Adrian Peterson
as Self
John Eleton
as Murphy Agent
Veronica De Laurentiis
as Woman at Auction #3
Harry Van Gorkum
as Dr. Green
Lukas Haas
as L.B.
Kyle Quesnoy
as Curtis Tucker
Jay Gutierrez
as Special FX Crew Member
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Bodyguard/Lawyer
Danella Lucioni
as Fashion Model
Madison Dylan
as Cindy
Scarlett Chorvat
as Carol
Chris Blasman
as Glenn Holden/Man
Vanessa Angel
as Vanessa Angel
Sole Alberti
as Winston's Girl
Marisa Miller
as Model
Joey Bell
as Hotel Guest
Matthew Taylor
as Motorcycle Cop
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Photographer
Arturo Castro
as Columbian Henchman
Amy Aitken
as Hot Girl in Winstons
Dan Musico
as Self
Amy Lyndon
as Hamburger Hamlet Waitress
Stephen Keys
as Guard
Summer Altice
as Hot Girl
Jaymee Ong
as Monica
Artie Lange
as Scott Siegel
Peter Stormare
as Aaron Cohen
Anna Faris
as Anna Faris
Minka Kelly
as Minka Kelly
Michael Gene Conti
as Party Guy
Blake Anderson
as Donny
Liz Hernandez
as Self
Dominic Comperatore
as Mandy's Lawyer
Craig Susser
as Craig
Brian Johnson
as Agent #2
Kerry Wee
as Dancer #1
Pauly Shore
as Pauly Shore
as Saigon
Nicolette Nightingale
as 'E's Hot Secretary
Miguel Sagaz
as Club Dancer
Brooke Tobol
as Fred Segal Woman
Ben Hogestyn
as Waiter
Nicole Spruill
as Party Girl
Rachel Zoe
as Rachel Zoe
Mark Anthony Lopez
as The Takeover Grip/Paparazzi
Riley Page
as Receptionist
Michael Canavan
as Horse Owner
Carley Adams
as Party Girl
Kaitlyn Wylde
as Actress
Sergei Zelinsky
as Five Town Crew
Helen Tucker
as Hot Girl
Athena Stamos
as Actress/Hair Stylist
Erin Demchak
as Fan
Brent Yoshida
as Photographer Crew
Paul Gibson
as Partygoer
Alessandra Ambrosio
as Victoria's Secret Angel #1
Jess Rowland
as Hotel Clerk
Heather Hahn
as Model #2
Gina Gianni
as Cafe Patron
Jack Coleman
as Bradley
Greg Brest
as Valet
Maria Zyrianova
as Raina
Isabella Way
as Clerk #1
Jami Miller
as Assistant
Tim Maculan
as Antique Dealer
Courtney Peldon
as Jane
Gianluca Ginoble
as Opera SInger
Dean Mauro
as Roulette Guy
Jen Dede
as Angela
Christina Ulloa
as Megan
Michelle Phelps
as Bikini Model
Jeff Kahn
as Clown
Isabella Grosso
as Dancer #5
Alex Parlar
as Music Executive
Joyce Brothers
as Dr. Joyce Brothers
Baron Jay
as Driver
Arne Starr
as Concierge
Joseph Sun
as Club Guest
Holly Valance
as Leanna
Carolina Cerisola
as Dancer #8
Smith Cho
as Chloe
Don Crawley Jr.
as Kanye's Boy
Ashley Watkins
as Burlesque Dancer
Dave Shalansky
as Nerd #6
Monique Chachere
as Barney's Retail Girl
Andrew Daly
as Chris
Sydney Park
as Girl Scout
Vail Bloom
as Amy's Assistant
Jonathan Keltz
as Jake Steinberg
Hans Raith
as Night Club Bouncer
Mimi Paley
as Lori and Morgan's Friend
Taylor Brooks
as Danny Pollack
Vladimir Rajcic
as Jack
Hannah Landberg
as Hot Girl
Paul Herman
as Marvin
Bob Odenkirk
as Ken Austin
Barbie Bechtel
as French Maid
Danielle Souza
as Agency Actress
Mac Brandt
as Smoke Jumper #2
Mim Lundgren
as Girl
Jonathan Dane
as Davies Co-Worker
Jay Mattson
as Co-Pilot
Andrea Kelley
as Actress
Lu Johnson
as MGA Agent
Holly Bonelli
as Flight Attendant #2
Dippen Zinzuvadia
as Paparazzi
Robert Rapport
as Steven
Angela Trimbur
as Jen
Pleasant Wayne
as Actress
Merritt Yohnka
as Cop
Saradi Mooney
as Captain Girl
Emma Chandler
as Sweet 16 Party Guest
Breanne Racano Ferrara
as Katie
Angie Patterson Muto
as Deborah
Lindsay Ravage
as Set Assistant
Sean 'Diddy' Combs
as Sean Combs
Eric Martic
as Electrician
David Ott
as French Reporter
David Starzyk
as Gene
Lauren London
as Kelly
Armando Cosio
as Grip
Fred Ochs
as Manager
Christopher Brown
as Twin #2
Timothy T Tyler
as Miller Gold Agent
Kristen Best
as Receptionist
Miguel Sandoval
as Carlos
Jason Geter
as T.I.'s Friend
Taralyn Rose
as Bat Mitzvah Guest
John Cleese
as John Cleese
Nadia Dawn
as Model
Gizza Elizondo
as Hostess
Angelo Vacco
as Angelo
Kenny Dichter
as Kenny Dichter
Cynthia Harmon
as Bikini Model
Cat Limket
as Hot Office Girl
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Carla
Matt Dallas
as Male Model
Dan Brodsky-Chonfeld
as Skydive Instructor
Adam Paul
as Moderator
Rachel Quaintance
as Realtor
Chrissy Metz
as Counter Girl
Serene Branson
as Reporter
Allie McCulloch
as Model
Matt Letscher
as Dan Coakley
Julia Levy-Boeken
as Jacqueline
Blaine Miller
as Kid #1
Irene Choi
as Sophia's Assistant
Lisa Breckenridge
as Reporter
Zac Efron
as Zac Efron
Chuck Zito
as Chuck Zito
Malika Haqq
as Video Ho #3
Daniel Kash
as Agent #1
Chris Bosh
as Chris Bosh
Amanda Gist
as MGT Actress
Monika Jolly
as Police Woman
Jessica Radloff
Catharine Candelario
as Fred Segal Woman
Jeremy Howard
as Nerd #2
Mark Teixeira
as Mark Teixeira
Brent Tyler
as Hotel Patron
Shay Jordan
as Shay Jordan
Kellee Brandise
as Hottie with White Poodle
Busy Philipps
as Cheryl
Gustin Smith
as Fireman/Miller Gold Agent
Karina D'Bautista
as Mexican Party Patron
Sean Michael Arthur
as Hollywood Executive
Andra Fuller
as Room Service Guy
Ryan Howard
as Ryan Howard
Kathy Christopherson
as Kate Ellis
Nikki Griffin
as E's Date
Bob Jesser
as A.D.
Taylor Tan
as Hostess
Evis Xheneti
as Junior Agent
Heather LaCombe
as Fred Segal Woman
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Daily Variety Agent
Corrie Sanders
as Corrie Sanders
Julisita Salcedo
as Sexy Girl/Sexy Model
Maite Garcia
as Fire Dancer/Firedancer
Nicole Garza
as Girl #1 in Car
Richard Roeper
as Richard Roeper
Ty James
as Mail Cart Guy
Deanna Rashell
as Model
Rosemary Garris
Sergio Myers
as Sergio Myers
Neil Barton
as Security Guard
Antonio Royuela
as Hotel Doorman
James Moses Black
as African Rum Salesman
Annie Bravo
as Teacher
Caitlin Fowler
as Bob's Girl
Dufflyn Lammers
as Alan Gray's Wife
Lucas Ellin
as Jonah Gold
Emily Paul
as Nikki
Lisa Lynch
as Gallery Patron
Geneva Somers
as Mary
Beau Dunn
as Vince's Ex
Patty McCormack
as Realtor
Dune Kossatz
as Staples Girl
Andy Anderson
as Officer Morgan
Stewart Rahr
as Golfer #3
Leo Fialho
as Billionaire
Leighton Meester
as Justine Chapin
Matthew Corbett Davis
as Urth Cafe Customer
Jessica Serrano
as Lorraine
LeBron James
as LeBron James
Annet Mahendru
as French Girlfriend
Jamie Lee Darley
as Abby
Gina Comparetto
as Ricky
Alberto Majano
as Valet
Samm Levine
as Reggie
Diana Rios
as Stripper
Stacey Travis
as Secretary
Ralph Macchio
as Ralph Macchio
Amber Hay
as Brynn
Korken Alexander
as Member of the Media
Roark Critchlow
as Mandy's Manager
Vanessa Motta
as Porn Star Driver
David O'Donnell
as Manager #2
Philippe Badreau
as Billionaire/Power Agent
Stephen Ramsey
as Gun Salesman
Kate Albrecht
as Christy
Sarah Carter
as Cassie
Todd Peterson
as Daniel
Andrew Dice Clay
as Andrew Dice Clay
Thomas Crawford
as Store Manager
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Dania Ramirez
as Alex
Micki Duran
as Dancer #4
Melanie Specht
as Burger Chick
Billy Dec
as Agent
Jena Sims
as Flight Attendant
Blake Robbins
as Guy on Plane
Ben Lyons
as Interviewer
Michael Phillips
as Self
Skoti Collins
as Audition Cameraman
Natasha Nov
as Director's Assistant
Benjamin Steeples
as MGA Mailroom Clerk
Lamar Odom
as Lamar Odom
Fred Fein
as Agent
Olivia Hardt
as Hot Girl
Jeffrey Tambor
as Jeffrey Tambor
Lenny Jacobson
as Rub & Tug Customer #2
Christopher Goodman
as Assistant Director
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Cop #1
Gregory Vahanian
as Valet Manager
Dennis Hopper
as Dennis Hopper
Konstantine Anthony
as Chris
Ron Yuan
as Chaing Chung
as Bono
Johann Urb
as Ken
Diego Villarreal Garcia
as Set Decorator
Christina Aguilera
as Christina Aguilera
Ariana Delawari
as X-Box Girl
Darcy Donavan
as Megan
Jarrod Bunch
as Security Guard
John Viener
as Agent
Lon Haber
as Cantor
Elaine Kao
as Maxie
Eleanor Kerrigan
as Dice's Wife
Manny Marianakis
as Maybach Salesman
Katherine VanderLinden
as Cafe Patron
Dave Matos
as Reporter
Mark Haapala
as Clapper
Kelly Kruger
as Lori
Jennifer Woods
as Love Interest
Jeannie Millar
as Pool Girl
Maurice Dean Martin
as Seth's Crew Guy #3
Rex Lee
as Lloyd/Lloyd Lee
Megan Porter
as Party Girl
Antal Kalik
as Big Yoni
Heidi Herschbach
as Billboard Girl
Josh Cowdery
as Talent Manager
Jim Holmes
as David
Eric Fardeau
as Frenchy
Porscha Coleman
as Video Ho #1
Nick Noland
as Golfer
Steven Vulin
as Limo Driver
Daryn Seigal
as Daryn
Olga Fonda
as Salesgirl
Anyssa McAleer
as Bartender
George Segal
as Murray Berenson
Donato DeMarinis
as Backyard Guest
Brett Ratner
as Brett Ratner
Nellie Sciutto
as Lisa
Shelley Berman
as Uncle Shelley
Michael McLafferty
as Agent #1
Teresa Berkin
as Congregant
Whoopi Goldberg
as Whoopi Goldberg
Ryan Rubiano
as Party Guy
Mark Mongilutz
as Mailroom Boy
Bhagwan Chowdhry
as Bhagwan Chowdhry
Nikki DuBose
as Hottest Girl in Town
Ryan Preimesberger
as Bartender
Steve Spel
as Jimmy
Josh Ackerman
as Walsh's Guy
Laurent Alexandre
as Bellman #2
Kelley Daugherty
as Chelsea
Heather Rene Smith
as Actress
Samaj Fox
as Kid in Line
Yasmin Spain
as Video Girl
Jessica Custodio
as French Maid
Adrian Grenier
as Vincent Chase
Beverly Sanders
as Eric's Receptionist/Jane
Mark Atkinson
as Race Track Patron
Caryn Ward
as Hostess
Christina DeRosa
as Party Flasher
Stacy Hall
as Security Guard
Brad Graiff
as Suit #1
Andy Hnilo
as Door Guy
Sherry Wu
as Model Friend/Restaurant Girl
Michael A. Templeton
as Funeral Mourner
April Adamson
as Beverly
Andrew Schlessinger
as Paparazzo
50 Cent
as 50 Cent
Juliana Fine
as Selina
Emmanuelle Chriqui
as Sloan
Kristiana Wolfe
as Tanya
Ash McNair
as Indian Student
Sam Crystal
as Bar Patron
Erica Ferlito
as Makeup Girl
Montré Burton
as Lamar
Kristen Aldridge
as Party Girl
Kevin Pollak
as Mr. Bob Levine
Timothy Dvorak
as Assistant Director
Beverly Lynne
as Woman at Blackjack Table
David A. Arnold
as Parking Enforcement Officer
Daniel Kirschner
as Nerdy Guy
Dana Michael Woods
as Nerd #3
Michael Buffer
as Michael Buffer
Malea Rose
as Joy
Natasha Wagner
as Waitress
Jon DeCelles
as Gambler
Kimberly Evan
as Child's Agent
Aaron Zell
as Caddie/Golf Instructor
Shannon Factor
as Shannon Factor
Brandie Posey
as Spin Class Member
Naleah Dey
as Marquis Jet Woman #2
Randy Sklar
as Jim
Irina Voronina
as Ring Girl/Sexy Clubgoer
Windell Middlebrooks
as Delivery Guy
Khadijah Haqq
as Video Ho #4
Kirsty Rose
as Entourage Girl/Gym girl
Chris Penn
as Chris Penn
Robbin Ryan
as Curtain Girl
Isabel Wagner
as Media
Bruno Kirby
as Phil Rubenstein
Julio Leal
as UFC Trainer
Anzu Lawson
as Press #2
Curtis Ray Husted
as Drunk Partier
Izzy Diaz
as Valet/Ernesto
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Olga
Branka Katic
as Nika Marx
Richard Lilly
as Party Guest
Paul Green
as Calf Guy
Amie Petersen
as Waitress
Caroline Farah
as Coffee Shop Customer #1
David Brown
as Uncle Ray
Diana Carr
as Amber
Annabella Gutman
as Entourage Girl
Taylor Cathcart
as Happy Birthday Girl
Armando Pulido
as Clacker Guy
Brooklynne James
as Playboy Mansion Party Girl
Dan Warner
as Dad
Rachel Ann Mullins
as John Stamos's Cheerleader
Rachel Paquin
as Rachel Paquin
Ace Antonio Hall
as Power Agent
Tony Bennett
as Tony Bennett
Christian Monzon
as Ducati Salesman
John Bozeman
as Suit #2
Sarah Silverman
as Sarah Silverman
Michael Kozak
as Partygoer
Armando Pucci
as Car Salesman
Lisa Rinna
as Donna Devaney
Jeff Harlan
as Jesse
Jacob White
as Valet
Sofía Vergara
as Village Girl
Seth Green
as Seth Green
David Lopez
as Seth's Crew Guy #1
Tracey McCall
as Agent
Charlotte Ayanna
as Joanne
Sherri Shepherd
as Sherri Shepherd
Greg Collins
as Police Officer
Dr. Geek
as Dr. Geek
Amber Lancaster
as Tara
Sonny Dominguez
as Cannes Movie Guest
Lennox Lewis
as Lennox Lewis
Kate Clarke
as Vince's Friend
Erica Taylor
as Nurse
David J Law
as Miller Gold Agent/Smoke Jumper
Marc Joubert
as Marc Joubert
Adam Karst
as Israeli Security Guard #2
Ela Gavrila
as Model
Scarlett Johansson
as Scarlett Johansson
Mike Tyson
as Mike Tyson
Mark Blayney
as Rocker
Kristen Walker
as Jenn
Oliver Goodwill
as Brother
Christine Fazzino
as Waitress
Jeff Sugarman
as ICM Agent
Hollis Doherty
as Airline Lady
Chad Muska
as Surfer
Bobby Flay
as Bobby Flay
Ben Wise
as Middle Eastern Man
Yara Shahidi
as Kandace West
Daniel Lindsay
as Waiter
Ryan Stefan Bantu
as Man with Compliment
Bruce Nozick
as Dr. Jeffrey Reich
Yori Uehara
as TMZ Reporter/TMZ Reporter #1
Jennifer Hill
as Stripper #1
David Sampen
as Film Crew
Peter Dinklage
as Peter Dinklage
Mike Meldman
as Mike Meldman
Ken Jeong
as Coffee Shop Manager
Angela Wheatfall
as Stripper
Kendra Wilkinson
as Playmate
Michelle Lombardo
as Catherine
Todd Jenkins
as Coach
Michelle Galdenzi
as Girl
Amy Jo Colon
as Model/Party Girl

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2004 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2005 | 14 Episodes

Season 3

2006 | 20 Episodes

Season 4

2007 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2008 | 12 Episodes

Season 6

2009 | 12 Episodes

Season 7

2010 | 10 Episodes

Season 8

2011 | 8 Episodes




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Casting Society of America, USA 2005


Casting Society of America, USA

Best Comedy Episodic Casting


Casting Society of America, USA

Best Comedy Pilot Casting

Gold Derby Awards 2005


Gold Derby Awards

Comedy Supporting Actor

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