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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Series 1 follows the early police career of young Endeavour Morse, who upon leaving his Oxford College without a degree, spending time in the Royal Signal Corps., and eventually joining the Oxfordshire Police, is transferred to CID, attaining the rank of Detective Constable. Originally starting out his career at Carshall-Newtown Police, Morse transfers to the Oxford City Police in 1965 following a murder investigation during the pilot episode. While with the Oxford City Police, Morse is taken under the wing of veteran Detective Inspector Fred Thursday. Inspector Thursday names Morse his designated "bag man" and shows him the ropes as Morse begins to solve a string of complex murders, much to the envy and annoyance of some of his superiors, particularly Detective Sergeant Jakes and Chief Superintendent Bright. Thursday and Morse's fellow officer, Police Constable Strange, try to steer the young Endeavour into taking his Sergeant's exam, so that he may be relieved of "General Duties" and become Thursday's official "bag man" with the appropriate rank and title.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: July 1, 2012

Also Known As: Noor inspektor Morse, Млади инспектор Морс |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Canada (G) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Mammoth Screen, Masterpiece |  See more »


Ben Lamb
as Rupert Creswell
Geff Francis
as Grantly Smalls
Craig Parkinson
as Reg Tracepurcel
Matt Beauman-Jones
as Oxford University Don
Dan Trotter
as Policeman
Steve Munroe
as Police Officer
Ciara Charteris
as Nurse Flora Byron
Sam Marks
as Justin Farridge
Katie Faye
as Christine Chase
Claire Vousden
as Miss Crane
Hazel Ellerby
as Mrs. Greville
Khali Best
as Mick Haynes
David Sturzaker
as Ralph Spender
Ross Boatman
as Mac Honeydew
Andrew Gower
as Nicholas Myers
Cassie Clare
as Paula Ellis
Neil Roberts
as Oberon Prince
Lex Shrapnel
as Roy Adamson
Ian Pirie
as Lt. Col. Mad Jack McDuff
Simon Scardifield
as Cedric Naughton
Cécile Paoli
as Luisa Armstrong
Caroline O'Neill
as Win Thursday
Steven Flynn
as Jason Curwen
Nicola Duffett
as Reet Ellison
Sheila Hancock
as Dowsable Chattox
Hilton McRae
as The Great Zambezi
Michael Bundy
as Opera Singer
Lucy Black
as Juliet Baring
Helen Lyle
as Mrs. Langton
Don Gallagher
as Coroner
Sam Crane
as Dr. Tancred Howlett
Jonathan Guy Lewis
as Rev Monkford
Antonia Clarke
as Ruth Astor
Sarah Crowden
as Miss Thornhill
David Newman
as Dr. Adrian Croxley
Oliver Coleman
as Henry Portmore
Max Bennett
as Gideon Finn
William Houston
as Richard Broom
Tilly Blackwood
as Judith Neal
Daniel Boys
as Joseph Kirby
Paul Lacoux
as Mr. Jellicoe
Claire Lichie
as Donna Zacharides
Raj Awasti
as Mr. Aziz
David Jonsson
as Cromwell Ames
Holli Dempsey
as Jenny Tate
Chris Brandon
as Alexander Reece
Edmund Kingsley
as Mark Carlisle
Jason Merrells
as Martin Gorman
Max Wrottesley
as Joey Lisk
Robert Portal
as Maj. Coward
Tom Prior
as Billy Karswell
Rob Callender
as Philip Hathaway
Madeleine Worrall
as Mrs. Seymour
Meghan Treadway
as Jeannie Hearne
Lizzy Watts
as Heather Paterson
Stefanie Martini
as Georgina Mortmaigne
Sophie Stuckey
as Pamela Walters
Ruby Thomas
as Tessa Knight
Billy Geraghty
as Gas Man 'Watkins'
Lloyd McGuire
as Charlie Ayres
Pooky Quesnel
as Muriel Todd
Robert Wilfort
as Lester Fagen
Naomi Yang
as Nancy
Deva Wareing
as Ilsa Trent
Simon Dutton
as Armand De Vere
Katherine Kingsley
as Mona Davies
Olivia Chenery
as Isla Fairford
William Brand
as Dr. Werner Volk
Fiona Ryan
as Margaret Bell
Ian Bartholomew
as Albert Mullion
Holly Ridley
as Valerie Quillen
Samuel Barnett
as Anthony Donn
Henrihs Ahmadejevs
as Camera Operator
Sam Pantcheff
as Opera Singer
Poppy Miller
as Millicent Coke Norris
Rhys Isaac-Jones
as Spencer Bell
Ben Mansfield
as Bruce Belborough
Tom Mothersdale
as Peter Matthews
Thomas Arnold
as Cendree Wyvern
Jojo Macari
as Queach
Samantha Colley
as Nina Lorimer
Pearl Chanda
as Bettina Pettybon
Richard Banks
as Grave Digger/Neighbour
Matthew Wilson
as Norman Parkis
Philip Martin Brown
as Bernard Yelland
Alan David
as Lambert Kegworth
William Scott-Masson
as Col. Champion
Reese Grimes
as Pelican Crossing video girl
Vince Leigh
as DI Hugh Chard
Jack Roth
as Lenny Frost
Tamara Sharpe
as Protestor
Paul Jesson
as Professor Ernest Burrowes
Mark Heap
as Felix Lorimer
Nell Tiger Free
as Bunty Glossop
Steven Elder
as Barker
Jamie Blackley
as Johnny Franks
Stuart Cooke
as Opera Spectator/Workshop Manager
Sophie Simnett
as Pippa/Pippa Leyton
Michael Lumb
as Audience
Sam Coulson
as Mark Bryden
William Ilkley
as Norris Randall
Elizabeth Wells
as Emily Bayard
Donald Sumpter
as Emil Valdemar
Richard Dixon
as Josiah Landesman
Jesse James Sims
as Horse Hand/Team GB
Jenna Harrison
as Miss Sylvia Tench
Alan Morrissey
as Denis Bradley
Marcus Griffiths
as Marcus X
John Stableforth
as Mr. Adams
Louis Ashbourne Serkis
as Tommy Cork
David Yelland
as Sir Merlyn Chubb
Linette Beaumont
as Paulette Thursday
Phil Daniels
as Charlie Thursday
David Westhead
as Val Todd
Chris Barnes
as Albert Gudgeon
Mary Stockley
as Hildegard Slayton
Eve Perry
as Antonia Lockwood
Chris Foster
as Apollo Voices Manager
Matt Sproit
as Gog
Betty Denville
as Veronique Carlton
Aston McAuley
as Stanley Clemence
Zaris-Angel Hator
as Sandra Reynolds
Christopher Harper
as John Hazel
Luke Allen-Gale
as Derek Clark
Jack Laskey
as DS Peter Jakes
Iain Stuart Robertson
as Ronald Beavis
Jonathan Hyde
as Sir Edmund Sloan
Alexandra Hind
as Virginia Berowne
Daniel Ings
as Terence Black
Lavinia Bertram
as Grace Madison
Beverley Klein
as Mrs. Carlin
Paul Ready
as Sebastian Fenix
Amelia Clarkson
as Ayesha
Luke Steele
as John Ivory
Paul Ridley
as Dr. Jasper Fairbridge
Ian Peck
as Ossie Lloyd
Andy Williams
as Landlord
Louise Dylan
as Judy Vallens
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
as Don Mercer
Andrew Buckley
as Alun Bodnar
Rebecca Lacey
as Mrs. Finch
Laura Donoughue
as Deborah Teagarden
Gordon Kennedy
as Alderman Gerald Wintergreen
Ben Lambert
as Guy Mortmaigne
Martin Hancock
as 'Nosey' Parker
Jules Robertson
as Debating Society President
Richard Riddell
as DS Alan Jago
Alex McSweeney
as Terence Bakewell
Simon Harrison
as Ronnie Box
Harry Gostelow
as Ron Piven
Faith Elizabeth
as Handsome Kissing Couple
Stephanie Leonidas
as Violetta Talenti
Leon Stewart
as Ferdy
Adam De Ville
as Gilbert Sipkin
Lucy Briers
as Mrs. Blish
Kevin Vose
as Missing Birdwatcher Moxem
Genevieve O'Reilly
as Annette Richardson
Siobhan O'Carroll
as Matron
Michael Jenn
as Osbert Page
Simon Hepworth
as Mr. Tingwell
Robin Weaver
as Molly Copperstone
Jessie Buckley
as Kitty Batten
Rob Jarvis
as Roy Huggins
Anya Taylor-Joy
as Philippa Collins-Davidson
Ben Alden
as Opera Singer
Mark Flitton
as Prison Officer Wainwright
Terenia Edwards
as Marilyn Gidby
Rita McDonald Damper
as Villager
Ella Hunt
as Emma Carr
Peter Forbes
as Hodges
Morgan Jones
as Lyle Capper
Geoffrey McGivern
as Lefty Townsend
Marilyn O'Brien
as Prue Carter
Ksenia Lavrentieva
as Frida Yelland
Charlie Creed-Miles
as Teddy Samuels
David Monteath
as Policeman
John Hopkins
as Dr. Dean Powell
Charlotte Bradley
as Mrs. Trellis
Shvorne Marks
as Monica Hicks
Richard Herdman
as Ambulance Man
Eleanor Inglis
as Penelope
Maya Gerber
as Stephanie Hackett
Emma Catherine Rigby
as Carol Thursday
Caroline Martin
as Kate Ivory
Christian J. Parkinson
as The Hitman
Raj Paul
as Doctor
Dominic Carter
as CSM Davies
Gina Bramhill
as Gloria Deeks
Pearl Appleby
as Gillian Stoddart
Barnaby Taylor
as Summerhead
Abby Barnes
as Rosie Johnston
Sean Rigby
as DS Jim Strange/PC Jim Strange/Sergeant Jim Strange
John Biggins
as Burt Hobbs
Flora London
as Bridget Mulcahy
Gala Gordon
as Verity Richardson
James Northcote
as Johnny Broom
John Flanagan
as Mr. Greaves
Sargon Yelda
as Dr. Larry Humbolt
Darwin Shaw
as Crown Prince Nabil
Stephen La Rivière
as Puppeteer
Abby Wilson
as Betty Persky
Michael Fox
as Ken Wilding
Eleanor Williams
as Ingrid Hjort
Hugh Simon
as Professor Kemp
Sharlette Henry
as Mimi
Sarah Woodward
as Hazel Wintergreen
John Edwards
as PC Jenkins
Adam Lazarus
as Visitor
Jonathan Coy
as Archie Batten
Jackie Morrison
as Mrs. Hearne
Angela Terence
as Margaret Babcock
Lee Armstrong
as Pte. Collier
Nicki Vickery
as Skinhead
Maggie Ollerenshaw
as Mrs. Crabbin
Max Gold
as DI Gregson
Tom Durant Pritchard
as Simon Lake
Susy Kane
as Miss Victoria Danby
Nico Rogner
as Dr. Gerhardt Schneider
Kelly Adams
as Cynthia Riley
John Light
as Dempsey
Graeme Stevely
as Adrian Sloane
Dominic Thorburn
as Dr. Rex Laidlaw
Richard Curtis
as Party Guest
Joanna Horton
as Linda Snow/Selina Berger
Rebecca Saire
as Hazel Radowicz/Mrs. Radowicz
Emily Barber
as Lucy Grey
Crystal Leaity
as Roselle Brawton
Desmond Barrit
as Stephen Fitzowen
Lily Lesser
as Ravenna Mackenzie
Richard Hawley
as Morris Cubitt
Mike Grady
as Ernest Croglin
Greg Bennett
as Police Constable/Policeman
Robert Blythe
as Farmer Oakshott
Sonya Cassidy
as Joyce Morse
Harry Kershaw
as Miles Percival
Jane Whittenshaw
as Morag Morrison
Alister Hawke
as Liam Flynn
Paul Bown
as Rev. Mervyn Golightly
Martin Bassindale
as County PC
Charles Babalola
as Cuthbert Mukamba
Natalie Burt
as Alison Laxman
Justin Edwards
as Station Master Paterson
Rosalie Craig
as Jilly Conway
Dario Coates
as Lee 'Stix' Noble
Abby Ford
as Mona Cork
Craig Teague
as Werfelli
Jo Cassidy
as Brenda Grice
Pal Aron
as Rafiq Sardar
Conor Lovett
as Howard Fordyce
Emily Renée
as Shelly Thengardi
Laura Ashford
as Hospital Visitor
Tanya Fear
as Jasmine Grenouille
Stephen Karl
as Crony
Sam Ferriday
as Carl Sturgis
Jack Bannon
as Sam Thursday
Jemima West
as Kay Belborough
Ian Saynor
as Mr. Jenkins
Colin Dexter
as Audience Member at Piano Recital/Cello player/Don Dining at Hall/Don at Booth Hill Debate/Don on Bench at College/Don on Bench outside Beaufort College/Gentleman in College Chapel/Gentleman on Bench at College/Gentleman on Bus/Pub Customer/Visitor at Museum
Jenny Seagrove
as Nora Broom
Katie Goldfinch
as Sarah Clamp
John McAndrew
as Leslie Garnier
Albert Welling
as Wallace Clark
Simon Kunz
as DI Bart Church
Oliver Boot
as Tony Jakobssen
Liam Garrigan
as Tony Frisco
Caroline Goodall
as Lady Bayswater
Michael Pennington
as Professor Donald Bagley
Jimmy Walker
as Tommy Thompson
Precious Mustapha
as Lucy Paroo
Amy Marston
as Sister Clodagh MacMahon
Jonathan Barnwell
as Christopher Clark
Barry Ashton
as Genealogist Adrian Weiss
Fiona Skinner
as Karen Kirby
Christopher Bowen
as Charles Shepherd
Felix Scott
as Mr. Blackwell
Tom McKay
as Cole Matthews
Adam Hillier
as Phillip Clemence
Michael Matus
as Cyril Wright
Nigel Cooke
as Walter Fisher
Lewis Peek
as DC George Fancy
William Mannering
as Dr. Malcolm Speight
Phillip Edgerley
as Quizmaster
Oliver Chris
as Dr. Elliot Wingqvist
Stuart Matthews
as Barman/Political Party Official
Richard Lintern
as Dr. Rowan Stromming
Lucy Farrar
as Molly Andrews
Lynda Rooke
as Gwen Morse
Louis Maskell
as Roddy Farthingale
Xander Classey
as Gaudibund
Daisy Head
as Jenny Crisp
Robert Luckay
as Prof. Yuri Gradenko
Malcolm Modele
as Randall Rees
Lisa Backwell
as Anne Porter
Michelle Morris
as Neighbour
Ian Gelder
as Stan Tremlett
Robbie Carpenter
as Paul Marlock
Will Richards
as Brian Powell
James Bradshaw
as Dr. Max McBryn
Sophie Stanton
as Letty Clamp
Ellie Haddington
as Millie Bagshot
Jack Hawkins
as Murray Creswell
Katharine Bubbear
as Maggie Skynner
Joe Sims
as Clem Skivett
George Turvey
as PC Willis
Kajsa Mohammar
as Anna-Britt Clark
John Draycott
as Turnbull
Glen Davies
as Burt Talbot
Georgina Patrick
as Princess Margaret
Alexander Bracq
as Bar Customer
Jaden Sidhu
as Rajah Waiter
Colin Mace
as Mr. Hammond
Terence Harvey
as DCS Crisp
Joe Bone
as Michael Murphy
Rachael Heaton
as Mary Tremlett
Ellie Beaven
as Marigold Proctor
Alan Williams
as Cyril Morse
Gabriel Payne
as Matthew Humbolt
Charlotte Mellish
as Annie
Richard Dillane
as Leo Richardson
Sam Redford
as Sgt. Troy Martin
Shane Zaza
as Salim Sardar
David Reed
as Julian Calendar
Alice Orr-Ewing
as Natalie Wingqvist
Joanna Roth
as Prudence Maddox
Sasha Willoughby
as Flora Humbolt
Brendan Patricks
as Singleton
Maimie McCoy
as Alice Vexin
Darrell D'Silva
as Geoff Craven
Emma Cunniffe
as Rosemary Prince
Buom Tihngang
as Johnny Simba
Angus Wright
as Professor Blish
Paul O'Kelly
as Cameraman
Hector Bateman-Harden
as Steven McLean
Harki Bhambra
as Bobby Singh
James Doherty
as Mr. Lee
Gabriel Tierney
as John-Paul Martinelli
Victor Gardener
as Joey Sikes
James Wilby
as ACC Clive Deare
Cera Rose Pickering
as Mrs. Johnston
Milo Twomey
as Dr. Hector Lorenz
Patrick Malahide
as Richard Lovell
Emily Forbes
as Ros Levin
Jamie Parker
as Dr. Matthew Copley-Barnes
Roger Allam
as DI Fred Thursday/DCI Fred Thursday
Harry McEntire
as Ronnie Gidderton
Janette Sharpe
as Funfair Customer/Market Customer/Protestor/Shop Customer
Sophia Capasso
as Guilia Gallo
Martyn Mayger
as Coach Passenger
Faith Omole
as Olive Reynolds
David Burnett
as Ricky Parker
David Shaw Parker
as Commissionaire Edmund Gordon
Celine Buckens
as Student Nurse Daisy Bennett
Matthew Walker
as Ray Morton
Luke Hornsby
as Kenneth Bullings
Olivia Grant
as Helen Cartwright
William Allam
as Gary Rogers
Vincent Riotta
as Harry Rose
Blake Ritson
as Gabriel Van Horne
Charlotte Hope
as Eve Thorne
Matthew Needham
as Dudley Jessop
Reece Ritchie
as Dr. Jeremy Kreitsek
Tim Stern
as Cribb's Bootmaker
Roger May
as Dr. Lester Sheridan
Chris Larkin
as Ivor Maddox
Derek Hutchinson
as Chief Constable Rupert Standish
Chris Fulton
as Dr. Broderick Castle
Ian Burfield
as George McGyffin
Nick Sampson
as Chief Constable
Michael Thomas
as Rufus Haldane
Elisabeth Hopper
as Marion Brooke
Bronson Webb
as Bernie Waters
James Palmer
as Justin Delfarge
Hermione Corfield
as Cassie Watkins
Jennifer Tollady
as Zoe McLean
Leo Hatton
as Jean Ward
Jason Hall
as Ticket Inspector
Will Payne
as Nick Wilding
Emma Stansfield
as Sharon Veelie
Lindsey Campbell
as Rhapsody Dickenson
Ray Sesay
as Pte. Oswald
Aldo Maland
as Stanlow
Leander Deeny
as Louis
Hiftu Quasem
as Nuha Sardar
Ray Polhill
as Inspector Atwill
Geoffrey Streatfeild
as Dr. Daniel Cronyn
Emily Plumtree
as Lydia Martin
David Oakes
as Joss Bixby
Guy Potter
as Gerald Ashbourne
Nathalie Buscombe
as Cassie Pickman
Dawn Hope
as Adelaide Smalls
Richard Price
as Mourner/Parent at Fete
Sophie Karl
as Villager - Mother of Beatrix
Carol Royle
as Mrs. Bright
James Merry
as Percy Malleson
Ty Hurley
as Coroner/Augusto's Diner/Opera Spectator/Undertaker
Daniel Attwell
as Mick Mitcham
Joe Bannister
as Alan Burridge
Edwin Thomas
as Noel Porter
Oliver Farnworth
as PC Rich Potter
Judy Clifton
as Lilian Conway
Jamie Glover
as Dr. Ian Kern
Shaun Evans
as DC Endeavour Morse/DS Endeavour Morse/Sergeant Endeavour Morse
Tim McMullan
as Mr. Brian Quinbury
Kelly Price
as Evelyn Balfour
Susan Legg
as Opera Singer
Edward MacLiam
as Dr. Malcolm Kane
Kate Lamb
as Daisy Weiss
Bert Seymour
as 2nd Lt. Rupert Carmichael
Jonathan Cass
as Police Officer/Scientist
Christopher Sciueref
as Dr. Moharram Shoukry
Margaret Clunie
as Elva Piper
Alex Mann
as Dr. Matthew Laxman
Beth Goddard
as Barbara Batten
Claire Ganaye
as Claudine
Abigail Thaw
as Dorothea Frazil
Oliver Lansley
as Benny Topling
Sion Alun Davies
as Murray Booth
Michael Shannon
as Nahum Gardiner
Simon North
as Policeman
Tristan Sturrock
as Dr. Bernard Gould
Ryan Gage
as Ludo Talenti
Jessica Ellerby
as Diana Day
Sarah Beck Mather
as Hilary Portmore
Matthew Cottle
as Jeff Slayton
Rob Compton
as Barry Dobbs
Iain McKee
as Lionel Balfour
Tom Canton
as Alfie Skynner
Amalia Vitale
as Suzy Flett
Kevin Trainor
as Jerome Hogg
John Hales
as Mr. Saward
Robin Soans
as Ivan Straker
Holly Giles
as Laurel Skynner
Naomi Battrick
as Dr. Naomi Benford
Alexander Hanson
as Councillor Clive Burkitt
Will Featherstone
as Phillip Madison
Mike Fordham
as David Grimsby - Liberal Candidate
Stefan Kopiecki
as Porter
Nicola Millbank
as Jill
Mark Asante
as Lloyd Collins
Charlotte Potter
as Petra Cornwell
Stacey O'Shea
as Don
Rachel D'Arcy
as Lila Pilgrim - Nightclub Singer
Martin Jarvis
as Henry Broom
Emma Hiddleston
as Angela McGarrett
Sarah Winter
as Staff Nurse Jo-Beth Mills
Lasco Atkins
as Rocker
Alison Newman
as Viv Wall
Sagar Arya
as Dr. Bakshi
Colin Tierney
as Assistant Chief Constable Bottoms
Marianne Oldham
as Magdalena Byrne
Hugh O'Brien
as Recital Guest
Lydea Perkins
as Frances Porter
Sara Vickers
as Joan Thursday
Samuel Oatley
as Mallory
Greg Austin
as Kit Hutchens/Rufus Barton
Robert Hands
as Eric Gidby
Mary Roscoe
as Elsie Dozier
Pete Meads
as Funeral Mourner
Gillian Saker
as Dr. Pat Amory
Sam Reid
as Brian Lomax
Lewis Rainer
as Albert Potter
Clive Wood
as Vic Kasper
Tom Panay
as Morris Minor
Tom Wisdom
as Gerard Pickman
Will Rowlands
as Corporal
Robert Roman Ratajczak
as Oxford Student
John Hollingworth
as Dan Lofthouse/Taxi Driver
Claudia Jolly
as Clemmie Creswell
Lucy Boynton
as Petra Briers
Lynn Farleigh
as Tabby Gardiner
Brian Lipson
as Talfryn Pugh
Hadley Fraser
as Marty Bedlo
Sam Hoare
as Dr. Tristan Berger
Madhav Sharma
as Uqbah Sardar
Sam Clemmett
as Rackway
Nathanjohn Carter
as John Pettifer
Laraine Dix
as Lab Technician
Andrew Paul
as Joe Dozier
Michael Hobbs
as Returning Officer
Richard Harrington
as Dr. Dai Ferman
Flora Montgomery
as Rosalind Stromming
Grahame Fox
as Zebulon Sadler
Guy Williams
as Jolyon Frobisher
Adrian Schiller
as Charles Highbank
Michael Parkhouse
as TV Anchor
Phil Rowson
as Steve Carter
Roger Barclay
as Dr. Robin Grey
Nick Waring
as Force Medical Examiner
Mark Phoenix
as Gilbert Sisley
Graham Curry
as Oxford Student
Nick Owenford
as Passerby
Kit Young
as Chris
Rinat Khismatouline
as Yurofsky
Tim Packham
as Estate Worker with Bloodhound/Film Crew/Gravedigger
Celyn Jones
as Jenkins
Laura Rees
as Faye Madison
Benjamin Wainwright
as Professor Adam Drake
Struan Rodger
as Wilf Karswell
Simon Meacock
as Nigel Warren
Adam Levy
as Elliott Blake
Nick Davison
as Mourner/Passer-By
Pano Masti
as Pop Gallo
Tom Gordon
as News Reporter
Paige Carter
as Adrienne
Chris Coghill
as Seth Chattox
Ed Coleman
as Wizard
Celeste Dodwell
as Anoushka Nolan
Dominic Taylor
as Dr. Frank Cartwright
Nicole Boom
as Protestor
Mark Bazeley
as Dr. Bill Prentice
Imogen Gurney
as Edwina Parrish
Diane Fletcher
as Miss Bronwen Symes
Michael Simkins
as Baldwin Mackenzie
Anson Boon
as Brett Nero
Mark Hillman
as Constable
Amy McCallum
as Julia Mortmaigne
Tom York
as Mike Maddox
Phoebe Nicholls
as Caroline Bryce-Morgan
Jack Ashton
as DC Ian McLeash
Mark Arden
as Eddie Nero
Robin McCallum
as Bursar/Master
Alex Wyndham
as Dr. Jon Levin
Hugh Sachs
as Reverend Postill
Natalie Grady
as Ruth Hargreaves
Louis Strong
as Clunchfist
Aidan McArdle
as Dr. Jasper Nicholson
Nick Court
as Vince Kasper
Gianni Calchetti
as John the Post Worker
Craige Els
as Factory Worker
Danny Webb
as DS Arthur Lott
Sophie Winkleman
as Isobel Humbolt
Paul Bullion
as Gerry Olderby
Harry Dave McLaren
as Ronnie Dupo, Stand-Up Comic
Abram Rooney
as Dr. Clifford Gibbs
Eleanor Northcott
as Maud Ashenden
Sylvestra Le Touzel
as Mrs. Joy Pettybon
Michael Levi Harris
as Zoltan Xarkoff
Ted Robbins
as Stanley Nayle
Rosalind Halstead
as Estella Broom
Adam James
as Kent Finn
Richard Durden
as Prof Alexander Richmond
Chris Wilson
as Firearms Instructor
Sia Alipour
as Dr. Farook Sardar
Alexandra Doyle
as Georgina Bannard
Anton Lesser
as Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright/ACC Reginald Bright/CS Reginald Bright
Ava Masters
as Ann Kirby
James Laurenson
as Professor George Amory
Thomas Coombes
as DS Patrick Dawson
Paul Venables
as Prof Alistair Coke Norris
Jessica Hayles
as Elaine Fairchild
Dakota Blue Richards
as WPC Shirley Trewlove

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 4 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 4 Episodes

Season 3
Season 4

2017 | 4 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 6 Episodes

Season 6

2019 | 4 Episodes

Season 7

2020 | 3 Episodes

Season 8




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