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October 24, 2021
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About this title


This take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic character has Sherlock Holmes fleeing London for present-day Manhattan after a stint in rehab. He arrives to find that his father has assigned a sober companion to live with him -- Dr. Joan Watson, a former surgeon who gave up medicine three years earlier after she lost a patient. Her life now centers around helping addicts stay clean. However, Holmes has his own plan for keeping on the straight and narrow, throwing himself into his work as a police consultant in New York City. The two find that they make a good team and are soon cracking some of the NYPD's most-difficult cases.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 27, 2012

Also Known As: Jak prosté, Основно |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
recovering addict

Company Credits

Production Co: Hill of Beans Productions, Timberman-Beverly Productions |  See more »


Elizabeth Ariosto
as Cindy
Roe Hartrampf
as Bartender
Tomiwa Edun
as Akello Akeny
Sandy Dell
as Landlady
De'Adre Aziza
as Krista
Deborah S. Craig
as Bethany Ito
KeiLyn Durrel Jones
as Bodyguard #1
Daniel Abeles
as Leonard Oosthuizen
Will Brill
as Tyler/Tyler Eggert
Fred Arsenault
as Building Manager
Mike Scerbo
as Homeowner
Paul Fitzgerald
as Burt Jeffries
Nick Choksi
as Phil
Nneka Okafor
as Receptionist
Curt Bouril
as FRP #1
Marcus Lovett
as Clint Washburn
Eric Deskin
as Richard Sanchez
Grainger Hines
as James 'Jimmer' Hobberkin Jr.
Thomas Raimondo
as Safe Cracker
William Sadler
as Ian Gale
Pierre Jean Gonzalez
as Driver
Bennett Bradley
as Ms. Tompkins
Vincent Curatola
as Theodore 'Big Teddy' Ferrara
Julien Seredowych
as Galen Barrow
Jessica Hecht
as Patricia Ennis
Julian Elijah Martinez
as Denton Clark
Mike Keller
as Plainclothes Cop
Lee R. Sellars
as Jerry Bice
Anthony Mazza
as ESU Officer #1
Robert Eli
as Ron Davis
Stuart Zagnit
as Josef Shapiro
Jon Michael Hill
as Detective Marcus Bell
Tony Crane
as Everett Keck
Irene Sofia Lucio
as Young Detective
Guy Sparks
Peter Hermann
as Detective Craig Basken
Trevor Van Uden
as Sammy Olivetti
Chris Sullivan
as Todd Clarke
Rachel Alana Handler
as Denise Todd
Carrie St. Louis
as Becca Mainzer
Catherine Blades
as Olivia
Kristolyn Lloyd
as Janice
Stephanie Janssen
as Trish
Byron Jennings
as Phillip Van Der Hoff
Tina Chilip
as Ms. Vee
Nick Dillenburg
as Uniform Cop
Annelise Mejias
as Young Megan
Napiera Groves
as Sexy Woman #1
Tom Whelehan
as Photographer
Cody Calafiore
as Jersey Shore
Jimmy Palumbo
as Security Guard
John Hillner
as Milt Reed
Ashley Bryant
as Hostess
Clifton Duncan
as Uniform #1
Richard Portnow
as Eddie Eichorn
Seth Gilliam
as Dr. Ira Wallace
Peter Albrink
as Lookout
Mark Morettini
as Uniformed Cop
Jeremy Cohenour
as Brandon Falchek
Nadia Gan
as Kezzy
Amir Babayoff
as Taxi Driver
Nathan Hinton
as Head of Security
Mark Richard Goldman
as Homicide Detective/Passerby
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Clinic Waiting Room Visitor/Doctor/Prison Guard/Zeke's Mother
Bob Gunton
as Frederick Wentz
Adam McNulty
as Detective Park
Gabriel Olds
as Dr. Nate Campbell
Brian Keane
as Walter Petty
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Alyssa Talbott
Johanna Day
as Maureen Tyler
Carol Halstead
as Caroline Gibbs
Kevin Ray
as Kevin
Lisa Tharps
as Dr. Jane Marndt
Tom Wopat
as Soble
Ric Stoneback
as Seldon
Frankie Verroca
as Commune Old Hippie/Old Homeless Man/Prison Inmate/Union City Jail Inmate
Aleksander Mici
as Ludoslaw
Jessica Diaz
as Maria Gutierrez
Lonnie Quinn
as TV Reporter
Melonie Diaz
as Tanya
Byron Bronson
as Uni #2
Toni Whitlock
as Social Worker
Marty Smith
as Cafe Patron
LisaGay Hamilton
as Lt. Colonel Robin Deakins
Michele Selene Ang
as Kelsey Chapman
Summer Sveinson
as Bethany Marshall
Kario Marcel
as Officer Saldenbrook
Andrew M. Chamberlain
as Adam Kemper (Age 12)
Mandy Siegfried
as Ellen Pierce
Tim Guinee
as NSA Agent McNally/Agent Dean McNally/Dean McNally
Ron Canada
as Manny Rose
Christopher Tocco
as Will
Alyson Lange
as Sasha
Raul Aranas
as Hernan Cortes
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Detective Owen Calabrissi
Nicole Shalhoub
as Doctor Nora Selsky
Laura Benanti
as Abigail Spencer/Anne Barker
Liz Wisan
as Stage Manager
Aaron Schwartz
as Jersey Shore
Andrew D. Manning
as Lucien
Zak Orth
as Gabe Coleman
Jennifer Laura Thompson
as Rachel Brown
Jacob Bitzer
as Chad
Yonatan Gebeyehu
as Aide
Christopher Jon Gombos
as Nicholas Ginn
Jerry DiLeo
as Reporter
Brian Donahue
as Leland Frisk
Tom Galantich
as Brian Watt
Lisa Ferreira
as Assistant
Nora Murphy
as Jessi McNally
Christopher McCann
as Dr. Del Santo
Ian Hart
as Professor Baynes
Raymond Neil Hernandez
as Truck Driver
Marmee Regine Cosico
as AA Group Member/Hotel Maid/ND Pedestrian
Brett Dalton
as Ryan Hayes
Armando Riesco
as Jacob Esparza
Michael Hayden
as Assistant District Attorney Grassley
Sue-Anne Morrow
as Detective Leslie Loughlin
Helen Coxe
as Hillary Taggart
Alok Tewari
as Rohan Giri
Bobby Moreno
as O.G. Pwnzr
John Khinda
as Strip Club Businessman
Winsome Brown
as Elise
Jason Bowen
as Dejuan Rowe
Deirdre Madigan
as Receptionist
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Vikrant Jindal
George Bartenieff
as Jurgi
Samuel H. Levine
as Graham Delancey
Stephen Schnetzer
as Adam Braun
Owain Yeoman
as Julius Kent
Jibril Goodman
as Homeless Man
Matthew Schechter
as Sophomore Boy
Sea McHale
as Dylan Halleran
Erik Heger
as Cory Evans
Emmy Elliott
as Underage Student
Leigh Ann Larkin
as Harmony
Rosal Colon
as Paula Rodriguez
Charles Borland
as Judd Rafferty
Adam Donshik
as Alec Cunningham
Bobb'e J. Thompson
as Teddy
Gordon Winarick
as Dan
Samantha Quan
as Lin Wen
Frank Whaley
as Winston Utz
Michael Satow
as Dalton Weller
John DiGiorgio
as Mafia Distributor
Marcus Ho
as Lenny Fong
John DeBlasio
as Judge Vaugh
David A. Gregory
as Nicholas Orman
Tony Manna
as Troy Roselli
Tijuana Ricks
as Teri
David Anzuelo
as Detective #1
Jonathan Avigdori
as Vural Celik
David Carranza
as Uniform Cop
Sarah Dacey-Charles
as Lawyer
Azita Ghanizada
as Dr. Sepi Chamanara
Stephen Dexter
as Guest #1
Jodi Long
as Mrs. Tseng
Matthew Montelongo
as Armored Truck Driver
Tom Riis Farrell
as Gary Sullivan
Jeffrey C. Hawkins
as Detective
Mather Zickel
as Hank Prince
Joel Hatch
as Andrew Donnelly
Matthew Lawler
as Titus Gorham
Brian Avers
as Elliot
Barbara Miluski
as Agnieszka
Phumzile Sitole
as Assistant
Suzy Nakamura
as Dr. Bridget Tanaka
Brian George
as Santhosh Mittal/Santhosh Paek
Catherine Oliviere
as Lacey
Tamara Tunie
as Lily Cooper
Alex Cranmer
as Mr. Balfour
Victoria Cartagena
as Hope
Kersti Bryan
as Haley Tyler
Thomas Keegan
as Dave Amberlin
Al Thompson
as Bonzi Folsom
Michael Louis Gibson
as Detective Palmer
James Zeiss
as Scotland Yard Detective
Ally Ioannides
as Cassie/Cassie Lenue
Joey Auzenne
as Delivery Guy
Anthony Altieri
as Vladamir
Kristen Adele
as Office Worker #1
Afton Williamson
as Shauna Scott
Stephen Rowe
as Mr. Richards
John Rothman
as Elias Openshaw
Edward James Hyland
as Curtis
Michael Medeiros
as Joe Bey
Luke Kirby
as Aaron Ward
Jason Kolotouros
as Agitated Man
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Russian Bodyguard
Rozi Baker
as Morgan Duncan
Jimmy Brooks
as Officer Myers
David Mogentale
as Charles Augustus Milverton
Stephen Tyrone Williams
as Randy
Richard Brooks
as Detective Demps
Karen Ziemba
as Dr. Amelia Furing
Kate Shindle
as Danielle Olivera
Robert Stanton
as Stan Kovacevic
Flor De Liz Perez
as Eliza Alzado
Zac Rashid
as Policeman
David Valcin
as Osweiler
Annie Pisapia
as Detective/Pedestrian
Danny Boushebel
as Rashid Musharakh
Jasmine Richard-Brooks
as Chloe
Jayce Bartok
as Alden Lubbock
Mark Zeisler
as Arthur Watkins
Megan Sikora
as Jennifer Crismond
Ato Essandoh
as Alfredo Llamosa
Jennifer Mudge
as Cassina
Olek Krupa
as Fyodor Ukhov
Megan Byrne
as Doctor
Josh Hamilton
as Drew Gardner
George Aloi
as Byron Lowenthal
Bill Winkler
as Robert Burnett
Michael Cumpsty
as Arlen Schrader
Bhavesh Patel
as Neetzan Mehmet
Will Cobbs
as ESU Officer #1
Samuel Smith
as EMT #1
An-Li Bogan
as Tour Guide
Nadia Alexander
as Hope Neligan
Noelle Beck
as Peri Delancey
P.J. Sosko
as Simon de Merville
Alfredo Narciso
as Det. Brooks
Audrey Lynn Weston
as Beka
Simon Templeman
as Ronald Adair
Heather Burns
as Chloe Butler
Maria Farrow
as Nurse
Devika Bhise
as Minerva
Michael O'Keefe
as Harris Waylon Greer
Adam Dannheisser
as Art Schultz
Sarita Choudhury
as Gira Pal
Bruce Sabath
as David
Kevin Mambo
as Warehouse Manager
Bradford Cover
as Vincent Renatto
Andy Lucien
as Shawn
Simon Belz
as Kid
Jon Shaver
as Town Car Driver
Zainab Jah
as Female Crematory Worker
Darlesia Cearcy
as Pharmacist
Edward Baker-Duly
as D.I. Davies
Jack Dimich
as Ivan Kershavin
Joan Lunden
as News Host
Sydney James Harcourt
as Dr. Scott Elke
Kenneth Tigar
as Philip Armistead
Jim Norton
as Sir James Walter
Brian Muller
as River
Nancy Lemenager
as Susan Moore
Lisa Emery
as Mrs. Barnes
Tyler Evans
as NSA Agent
Jordan Lage
as Dr. Phineaus Hobbs
Pete Albano
as Wood Chipper Operator
Danny McCarthy
as Detective Nash
Frank Vlastnik
as Handwriting Expert
Shawn Andrew
as ESU Commander/ESU Officer
Don Sparks
as Lawyer
Brian Reddy
as Commissioner August Patrick
Rebecca Luker
as Virginia Spivey
Deborah Offner
as Mrs. Moll
Tonya Glanz
as Gwen/Olivia Lynch
Mark Sepanski
as Artillerymen
Ruthie Ann Miles
as Rockaway Detective
David Boston
as Hospital Patient
Ben Rappaport
as Dr. Cahill
Tzi Ma
as Xi Hai Ching
Curtiss Cook
as Detective Sybert
Matthew Boston
as Mack Leehoven
Debi Mazar
as Detective Cosa
Rudy Mungaray
as Agent Marco Saveda
Francesca Choy-kee
as Waitress
Carlos Gómez
as Enrique Ruiz
Conor Leslie
as Molly Parsons
Julia Murney
as Gayle Wolper
Karen Pittman
as Daria Wyngold
Flint Beverage
as Esu Sgt. O'Donnell
Anastasia Griffith
as Agatha Spurrell
Jenni Barber
as Jacqueline Zoltana
Jamie Harrold
as Coogan Burl
Fran Kranz
as Brendan Farley
Gabrielle Gozo
as Hipster
Erica Bradshaw
as Nurse
Namir Smallwood
as Jarius
John Dossett
as Treadwell
José Báez
as Man in Jail/Prisoner/Recovering Addict At AA Meeting/Recovering Addict at AA Meeting
Mandy Gonzalez
as Lanette Brooklee
Caprice Benedetti
as Real Estate Agent
John Ventimiglia
as Harry Magarac
Mark Lotito
as Phil Righetti
Emmanuel Brown
as Uni Cop
Ryan Oakes
as Claude Rysher/Razr
Michael Siberry
as Carson Mayfield
Matt McGorry
as Officer Sam Klecko
Thomas Schall
as Jay Stern
Annie Q.
as Wendy
Tony Roach
as Dario Canales
Mark Boone Junior
as Guitar Expert
Terrell Donnell Sledge
as Corrections Officer
Jimmie Saito
as Blaine Geary
Adam Heller
as Stuffy Lawyer
Salvatore Inzerillo
as Building Super
Stephen Lee Anderson
as Fred
Susan Misner
as Loretta Nichols
Tiffany Villarin
as Customer Service Rep
Lisa Finn
as Poisoned Hipster
Paul Anthony Stewart
as Gary
Laura Osnes
as Celia Carroll
Kat Scicluna
as Samantha Cropsey
Judith Ivey
as Ruth Colville
Sean Boyce Johnson
as Subway Commuter
Asher Grodman
as Gary
Pawel Szajda
as Vanja Borozan
Maurice Jones
as Major Joshua Beckam
Annika Boras
as Amy Damper
Margo Seibert
as Amanda Neal
Brian Kerwin
as Charles Cooper
Gretchen Hall
as Marnie
Dj Nino Carta
as Hospital Patient
Randall Duk Kim
as Old Man
Kirill Nikiforov
as Driver
Ro Boddie
as Beat Cop
Dana Berger
as Paramedic/Paramedic #1
Gene Farber
as Janko Stepovic
Peterson Townsend
as Dad #1
Andrew Guilarte
as Guard
Robert C. Kirk
as Detective Harris
Barry Shabaka Henley
as Wendell Hecht
Paul Calderon
as Zuniga
Comfort Clinton
as Maddie Williams
Ebrahim Jaffer
as Imam
Patricia Conolly
as Greta Dunwoody
Gibson Frazier
as Raph Keating
Rob Bartlett
as Captain Dwyer
Kristoffer Cusick
as Gene
Blake J. Evans
as Dustin Bishop
Roslyn Ruff
as Agent Branch
Jennifer Kim
as Gabrielle Harper
Maceo Oliver
as Nassau County Uni
Kerry Butler
as Astrid
Salar Ghajar
as Clay Dubrovensky
Dan Lauria
as Louis Garmendia
Cheryl Lewis
as Allison Willis
Andrew Weems
as Brice's Lawyer
Natalie Gold
as Sarah Penley
James Martinez
as Diego Salcedo
Michael DeBarge
as Cult Member
Ryan Garbayo
as Kenneth Tolan
Kevin Michael Murphy
as Ian Walker
Zanny Laird
as Marissa Kagan
Carl Ducena
as NYPD Officer
Jonathan Louis Dent
as CSU Tech
Arnold Vosloo
as Christos Theophilus
Alton Fitzgerald White
as Parole Officer
Malcolm Xavier
as Kai
Sean Cullen
as Samuel Meher
Sean Meehan
as Derek Clay
Michael Countryman
as Barry Kemper
Michael Bakkensen
as Reporter #1
Harry Smith
as Reporter
Natalie Gal
as NYPD Helen
Nancy Ringham
as Sheila Dresden
Niels Jorgensen
as Collins
Steve Park
as Oren Watson
Marc Webster
as Guard #1
Simon Feil
as Office Worker
Glenn Kalison
as Alan Kent
Katie Finneran
as Barbara Conway
Carra Patterson
as Jessa
Michael Gaston
as Kurt Yoder
Talia Balsam
as Cheryl Gregson
Michael DeMello
as Dana Kazmir
Alexis Suarez
as ESU Officer
Joe Tippett
as Benjamin Long
Vanessa Aspillaga
as Secretary
Chalia La Tour
as Pikachu
Burke Moses
as New Jersey Detective
Melissa Miller
as Woman in Blue Leather Jacket
Bill Buell
as Private Maggio
Nambi E. Kelley
as Ms. Stone
Ralph Brown
as Tim Sherrington
Ron Menzel
as Brian
Eric T. Miller
as Kidnapper (Jim Browner)
Stivi Paskoski
as Victor Nardin
Reed Diamond
as Joel Fitzgerald
David Armstrong
as Valet
Roger Aaron Brown
as John Douglas
Alexander Chaplin
as Davis Potter
Angelina Impellizzeri
as Dixie
John Horton
as The Nose
Robbie Tann
as Stewy
David Harris
as Custodian
Michael Mosley
as Al Baxter
Graham Winton
as Lance Pickering
Jordan Gelber
as Dr. Eugene Hawes
Derek Grabner
as Chris Stotz
Hubert Point-Du Jour
as Jaylen Thomas
Sam Breslin Wright
as Dave
Jason Ford
as Chris Jones
Mairin Lee
as Abby Campbell
Craig Wroe
as Dana's Lawyer
Amy Landon
as Yvette Ellison
Devin Harjes
as Nick Agnes
Zoë Sophia Garcia
as Angie Nieves
Teddy Cañez
as Maynor Palacio
Kelly AuCoin
as Grey Suit
Rosanny Zayas
as Valentina Duran
Kevin Cahoon
as Evan Kowalski
Kate Burton
as Maureen Dannon
Jason Crane
as Bodyguard to Lawrence Pendry
Phyllis Somerville
as Miriam Berg
Jacob Fishel
as Graham Jenkins
Jason Ng
as Chinese Gangster
Chris Bresky
as Recovering Addict
Tawny Cypress
as Black Suit
Michael Haydon
as Police Officer
Victor Williams
as Jon Hoyt
Shawn Curran
as Alan Vikner
Jacqueline Honulik
as Victim's friend
Chris McGarry
as Agent Vince Boden
Andy Taylor
as Alan Graham
Gilbert Cruz
as Older Detective
Christiani Pitts
as Allison
Diane Davis
as Ms. Azoff
Jason Alan Carvell
as Detective Grimes
Kylie Cast
as Young Abigail Spencer
Ka-Ling Cheung
as Benita Sakda
Maria Dizzia
as Penny
Julian Acosta
as Mateo Lima
AJ Cedeno
as Bartender
Ryan McCarthy
as Sheriff's Officer #1
Jim Ng
as Chinese Gangster
Rachel Pickup
as Allison Fuller
Jeffrey Omura
as Mr. Kwan
Andrea Lynn Green
as Dancer #1
Ricky Garcia
as Ramon
Charles DelGatto
as Handsome Bobby Pardillo
Katherine Sigismund
as Dr. Vit Parnthong
Saffron Burrows
as Ruby Carville
Hannah Kelsy
as Transition House Resident
Joe Forbrich
as Brad Scheff
Jamie Jackson
as Colm Frick
Ben Biggers
as Josh
Harriett D. Foy
as Viola Wright
Cody Kostro
as Kyle Spikowski
Jacinto Taras Riddick
as Eduardo Peña
Mike Doyle
as Chris Holland
Daniel Davis
as Antoine LaGrange
Judy McLane
as Lawyer
Joey Sorge
as Markham
Hans Marrero
as Man
Dillan Arrick
as Jenna Lombard
David Aaron Baker
as Joe Leshner
Michael Whitelaw
as Waiter
Shuler Hensley
as Frank Trimble
J. Bernard Calloway
as Vince
Margaret Daly
as Secretary
Dorian Missick
as Agent Whitlock/Gilbride
Joseph Cross
as Petros Franken
Jason Manuel Olazabal
as Agent Nick Evaneer
Christina Rouner
as Denise Castor
Andrew Alberson
as Makeup Artist
Olli Haaskivi
as Terry Weaver
Ilan Krigsfeld
as Corpse
Katrina Lenk
as Sonia
Stephanie Jean Lane
as Katie
Jeanmarie Lally
as Missy Geller
Rosa Arredondo
as Elaine
Austin Durant
as Detective Lydel
Tim McGeever
as Resident
Jillian Taylor
as Paige
Robert Christopher Riley
as Roy Booker
Patrick Kerr
as Simon
Hannah Kahn
as Dancer #2
Ronald Guttman
as Elliot Honeycutt
Brenda Pressley
as Estella Llamosa
Arian Moayed
as Yusuf Al Shamsi
Lauren Weigle
as High School Teenager
Curtis McClarin
as Morris Gilroy
Nat McIntyre
as Uniform
Joshua Kobak
as Leader
Perri Lauren
as Leah Sutter
Michael Laurence
as Walter McClenahan
Adam Grupper
as Hank's Lawyer
Condola Rashad
as Melinda Young
Marcus Callender
as Young Cop
Hadi Tabbal
as Jason Leary
Tracey Ruggiero
as Terri Purcell
Mark DiConzo
as Uniformed Cop
Carolyn McCormick
as Denise Davis
Scott Aiello
as Uniform #1
Stephen McKinley Henderson
as Groundskeeper Edison
King Victoree
as Sumo/martial artist
Adam Petchel
as Fred
Eoghan Sweeney
as Baby
Jim Piddock
as Tom Saunders
Jacob Pitts
as Paul Ladesma
Zachary Knower
as Stan Veek
Francis Jue
as Hu
James Saito
as Dr. Ken Fukata
John Noble
as Mr. Morland Holmes/Morland Holmes
Kim Director
as Beth Stone
Ami Sheth
as Mrs. Holland
Steve Cirbus
as Bomb Squad Tech
Ed Moran
as Detective
Pun Bandhu
as Lab Assistant
Katrina E. Perkins
as Pedestrian
Danaya Esperanza
as Woman (At Support Group)
Terrell Wheeler
as FBI Security Officer
Samuel María Gómez
as Diego
Jonathan Freeman
as Holder
Rey Lucas
as Martin
Annika Peterson
as Charlotte Klemmer
Tim Bohn
as Jared Talt
Robert Lee Harvey
as Ian Vickers
Lucas Hall
as Nelson Maddox
Marlie Hall
as Cable News Anchor
Lynn Marocola
as Perp
Grace Rex
as Ashley Medina
Tracy Howe
as John Neligan
Robert Petkoff
as Emil Kurtz
Gabrielle Senn
as Escort
Caroline Strong
as Ashley Mitchell
Sonya Walger
as Angela White
Tom Bloom
as Executive Director
Joe Grifasi
as Captain Moretti
Freda Foh Shen
as Mary Watson
Roy Pollack
as NYC Pedestrian
Maritza Veer
as Lola Quinn
Renee Fishman
as Sherlock Holmes Phlebotomy Technician Hospital Room
Natalie Dormer
as Jamie Moriarty/Irene Adler
Steve M. Robertson
as Eli
Danny Garcia
as Foreman
Jeremy Jordan
as Joey Castoro
Eisa Davis
as Ellen's Doctor
Wendell B. Franklin
as DEA Agent Ritter
Brendan Bradley
as Evan Farrow/Otto Neuhaus/Tim Wagner
Jill Flint
as Alysa Darvin
Marianne Ferrari
as Gwen McCann
Auden Thornton
as Julie Monahan
Danielle Lee Greaves
as Nurse
Lucas Salvagno
as Addict
Julian Elfer
as Lord St. Simon
Chris Nuñez
as DJ
LeRoy McClain
as Gabe Acosta
T. Ryder Smith
as Kenneth Carlson
Rufus Wright
as Lawrence Pendry
Erin Fritch
as Mila Benson
Shauna Miles
as Nurse
Noah Bean
as Craig Crismond
Tom Stratford
as Core Detective
Elizabeth Sung
as Bai May-Lung
George Signoriello
as Detective
Mike Masters
as Lead Security Guard
Robert Turano
as Bailiff
Rob McClure
as Grant Huber
Kelsey Rainwater
as Social Worker
Amelia Workman
as Cora
Les Price
as Reynaldo's Bodyguard
Jayne Houdyshell
as Carla
Lord Jamar
as Raul Ramirez
Johnny Simmons
as Adam Kemper
Jack Gwaltney
as Homicide Detective
Lisa Edelstein
as Heather Vanowen
Maggie Lacey
as Michelle Forrester
Chris Bauer
as Detective Gerry Coventry
Edoardo Ballerini
as Agent Lukas Muller
Anwan Glover
as Curtis Bradshaw
Daniel Oreskes
as Lloyd Springer
Andrew Samonsky
as El Mecanico
Mitchell Greenberg
as Rabbi
Anika Noni Rose
as Dr. Carrie Dwyer
Dan Cooney
as Cliff Brown
Jonathan O'Reilly
as Kid playing in backyard
Jeremy Davidson
as Gordon Cushing
Pete McElligott
as Donnie Mainzer
Lisa Arrindell
as Ethiopian Consul
Richard H. Blake
as Lawyer Josh
Alicia Harding
as Katherine/Meryl
Anthony DeSando
as Peter Dinacio
Roger Bart
as Kip Lowell
James Andrew O'Connor
as Security Guard
Chasten Harmon
as Chantal Milner
Reg Rogers
as Micah Erlich
Melissa De Sousa
as Luz Horowitz
John Ellison Conlee
as Kirk Abramovitch
Evgeniya Radilova
as Katya
Natalie Toro
as Marisol
Rhys Ifans
as Mycroft Holmes
Isabel Arraiza
as Lily Zavala
James Murtaugh
as Lawyer
Lynn Collins
as Tanya Barrett
James L. Ward
as ESU Officer
Todd Lawson
as Bennett Nealy
Marc Menchaca
as Detective Ryan Dunning
Halley Feiffer
as Erin Rabin
Stacey Sargeant
as Laila Kalifa
Robert Montano
as Mr. Rivera
Kieran Campion
as Ray McKibben
Josh Cooke
as Phil Balsam
Jade Wu
as Elderly Woman
And Palladino
as CSU
Patrick Breen
as Vance Ford
Adam LeFevre
as Ed Hairston
Joaquim de Almeida
as Cal Medina
Kelly McAndrew
as Washington
Charlotte Maier
as Cynthia Tilden
Terry Kinney
as Martin Ennis
Christian Borle
as David Horowitz
Jeff Kready
as ESU Leader/ESU Officer #1
John Pankow
as Edgar Knowles
Elizabeth Masucci
as Sexy Woman #2
Haviland Morris
as Dr. Jane Mortimer
David Zayas
as Juan Murillo
Doris McCarthy
as Diner Patron/Director's Wife/Hospital Visitor/Long Term Care Resident/Neighbor Farmer/Upscale Employee/Upscale employee
Michael Zlabinger
as Lab Tech
Jim Watkins
as Reporter
Richard Topol
as Trent Annunzio
Daniel Cosgrove
as Len
Murphy Guyer
as Detective Whitaker
Patrick Devaney
as Lawyer
Jane Alexander
as C.
James Kyson
as Joey Ng
Adrian Black
as Herr Gott
Rosa Gilmore
as Alma Cabrera
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Dwyer Kirk
Squeaky Moore
as Uniform Officer
Christina Pumariega
as Uniform
Elizabeth Ward Land
as Lillian Dunbar
Luna Tieu
as Preeda Boonark
Richard Kind
as Trent Garby
Kate Miller
as Julie's Attorney
Alexander Cendese
as Dylan Hess
Teal Wicks
as Tess Dahl
Adam Chanler-Berat
as Brady Dietz
Danny Binstock
as Zachary Fowler
Damian Young
as Special Agent Breslin
Kathryn Allison
as CSU Tech
Michael Aronov
as Andrej Bacera
Richard Bekins
as Harold Dresden
Liv Rooth
as Sharon Tavener
J. Oscar Simmons
as Foreman
Stephen Rider
as Tyus Wilcox
PaiSen Wang
as Ray Mui
Danny Wolohan
as Darren Azoff
Connor Bond
as FBI Agent #1
Gabriel Hansen
as Richard Zupko
Callie Thorne
as Terry D'Amico
Tony Sheldon
as British Doctor
Angel Desai
as Dr. Gretchen Primler
Chester Jones III
as Bike Cop
Haynes Thigpen
as Benson Durant
Sarah Goldberg
as Miss Truepenny
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Jack Brunelle
Chris Kepford
as CSU Tech
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
as SBK Member
Christian Campbell
as Ezra Kleinfelter
Jeremy Shamos
as Dr. Paul Sutherland
Triney Sandoval
as George
Manoel Felciano
as Franklin
Alan Rosenberg
as Sydney Garber
Heléne Yorke
as Holly Meers
Jolly Abraham
as Valerie Field
Ruben Navarro
as Arresting Agent
Sean Grady
as Wiggins
Christian DeMarais
as Ollie Tate/Test Subject
Jennifer Regan
as Agent Claudia Camden
Adam Rothenberg
as Liam Danow
Sathya Sridharan
as Amir
JoAnna Rhinehart
as Ms. Bracken
Keith Eric Chappelle
as Parcel Services Driver
Deidre Goodwin
as Attorney
Gordon Clapp
as Deputy Chief Prosky
Steve Key
as FBI Agent #2
Erin Dilly
as Amanda Kemper
Josiah Bania
as Amos Deukmejian/DJ Pandasalt
Jennifer Ikeda
as Laura Lyons
Kevin O'Rourke
as Deputy Commissioner Pat
Nick Wyman
as Duncan Brice
Ben Livingston
as Coleman Brown
Leon Addison Brown
as Anthony Daniels
Bill English
as Eric Frazier
Justin Adams
as Male Staffer
Pia Haddad
as Zohala Durrani
Michael Rispoli
as Sean O'Grady
Roger Rathburn
as Defense Attorney
Dean Neistat
as Leo Banin
Shamika Cotton
as Rose
Ron Raines
as Ian
Charlie Pollock
as Lee Fisk
Ted King
as James Monroe
Victoria Janicki
as Phoebe Elliot
Lee Tergesen
as Cray Fielder
Kelvin McGrue
as Cronie #1
Almeria Campbell
as Officer Rossi
David Shih
as Detective #1
Catrina Ganey
as Maid
Jon David Casey
as Conrad Woodbine
Maureen Sebastian
as S.S.A. Tanyag
Jake Brinskele
as Ethan
Jean Brassard
as Sports Broadcaster
Joseph Mazzello
as Griffin
Ramon Fernandez
as Victor Nieves
Donald Sage Mackay
as Ben
Guy Ferland
Zoe Winters
as Mahra Kemp
Andrea Syglowski
as Sarah Jacoby
Shawn Gonzalez
as Reporter
Sherry H. Arell
as Shushing Lady
Michael Chernus
as Edwin Borstein
Roya Shanks
as US Attorney
Marcella Lowery
as Diner Patron #1
Olivia d'Abo
as Nigella Mason
Charlbi Dean
as Beautiful Woman
Shelley Thomas-Harts
as Ms. Lawler
Alicia Rodis
as Nanette Vlasik
William Hill
as Jim Bendix
Trent Falco
as Dale Schmitt
Kohler McKenzie
as Uniformed Cop #2
Dylan Baker
as Armand Venetto
Tony Curran
as Joshua Vikner
Paloma Guzmán
as Gwen Haeny
Ismail Bashey
as Qadir Durrani
Aditi Shah
as Sophia
Sebastian Chacon
as Dishwasher
Kathryn Erbe
as Nancy Davenport
Robert Myers
as Reuben Delmar III
Susan Blommaert
as Dr. Xanthopoulos
Opal Alladin
as Lab Director
Kenneth Carrella
as Henchmen #2
Stephen Plunkett
as Martin Rydell
Patrick Boll
as Glenn
Daniel Jenkins
as Ostrin
Tim McMullan
as DCI Hopkins
Ian Harkins
as Reporter #2
Mark Jacoby
as Lawyer
Glen Staron
as Romeo Garza
Victor Verhaeghe
as Bruce Daniels
Lawrence Clayton
as Manager
Paul Urcioli
as Jonah Chait
Lizbeth Mackay
as Mrs. Conrad
Jay Klaitz
as Bruce
Jayden Mejias
as Max
Katie Kreisler
as Sydney Shea
Francisco Burgos
as Cerio Cristobal
Flora Diaz
as Maribel Fonseca
Allie Gallerani
as Emily Grant
John Leonard Thompson
as Picardo's Lawyer
Jeff Applegate
as Todd Harris
Bowman Wright
as Waylan Deer
Bob Ari
as Jeweler
Brian Kealty
as Precinct Detective
Bruce Altman
as Dr. Jonathan Fleming
Marcy Harriell
as Yolanda Massee
Brennan Brown
as Kevin Elspeth
Wayne Wilcox
as Drew Bishop
Wass Stevens
as Travis Hardwick
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Tamara
Jeff McCarthy
as Werner Platz
Peter Ganim
as Dr. Gregory Burgess
Matthew Rauch
as Garrett Lerner
Malcolm Gets
as Malcolm Busquet
Howard McGillin
as Davis Renkin
Miguel Pérez
as Priest
Jason Babinsky
as Ridley Dineen/Uniformed Cop #1
Robert Creighton
as Detective Luntz
Chandler Williams
as Vernon Joseph
Heidi Germaine Schnappauf
as Ellen Jacobs
Pej Vahdat
as Agent Bakshi/Tim Darsha
Yaegel T. Welch
as Lead ESU Officer
Janel Cheatham
as Soccer Player
McKinley Belcher III
as Reeling Detective
Daniel Loeser
as Uniform #2
John Jellison
as Old Man
Steve Kazee
as Jeff Hines
Ben Van Bergen
as Dr. Ziegler
Aaron Berg
as Convict #2
Erica Hernandez
as Lauren Wexler
Anthony Mangano
as Emerald Lake Bottled Water Supervisor
Federico Dordei
as Bernardo 'Beppo' Pugliesi
Robert Cuccioli
as ESU Leader
Michael Mulheren
as Detective
Margaret Odette
as Debora Garissi
Joe Cassidy
as Agent 1
Donald Paul
as Socks
Kathleen McNenny
as Ida Talt
Gigi Stone
as Newscaster
Herman Chavez
as Dominican Painter #1
Faran Tahir
as Ramses Mattoo
Morgan Weed
as The Girl With Rainbow Hair
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as Security Guard
Lawrence Ballard
as Guard
Michele Hicks
as Thea Moser
Gene Gillette
as Group Husband with Plaid Shirt
Evan Hall
as Louis Bowman
Brian Hutchison
as Kurt Godwyn
Justine Cotsonas
as Jovana Bacera
Matthew F. O'Connor
as Gunther Klecko
Eric Anderson
as Bakery Worker
Ann Sanders
as Veena Mehta
Larry Mitchell
as Uniform Cop
Vincenzo Amato
as Guillaume de Soto
Che Ayende
as Vasquez
Steve Garfanti
as K9 Police Officer
David Corenswet
as Houston Spivey
Brett G. Smith
as ESU Captain
Danny Schwarz
as Chip
Suki Úna Rae
as Murder Victim
Gabe Doran
as Propane Salesman
Lee Aaron Rosen
as Alston Harper
Dan Butler
as Denny Mulgrew
Martin LaPlatney
as Darryl Jarvis
Naomi Lorrain
as Maria
Carson Elrod
as Mr. Drexel
Max Golub
as Colonial Soldier
Kia Goodwin
as Yvette Ingram
David Beach
as Edward Cutler
Rafi Silver
as Amit Hattengatti
Jim Ford
as Alec Flynn
Alicia Witt
as Dana Powell
Yancey Arias
as Robert Castillo
Olivia Nikkanen
as Tess Jantzen
Levar Dawkins
as Luc
Greg Nutcher
as Crime Scene Detective
Kristy Wu
as Jun Annunzio
Tony Plana
as General Alvero/General Howard Alvero
Fabio Lopez
as Gangbanger #1
Ruffin Prentiss
as Laquan 'Tall Boy' Eversley
Selenis Leyva
as Sara Castillo
January LaVoy
as Chloe
Ari Werlein
as FBI agent
Marc Pip
as Morgue Tech
Scott Whitehurst
as Agent 2/Doctor
Mike Houston
as Marty Bledsoe
Michelle Duffy
as Carol Finelli
Paul O'Brien
as Coach Paul Fontino
Patrick Mantle
as Artillerymen
Lucas Dixon
as Sheriff's Officer #2
Matthew Saldivar
as Neil Kopecky
Tony F. DeVito
as Convict #1
Jessica Shea Alverson
as Bike Rider/Blonde Victim
Emily Dorsch
as Dr. Franny Krieg
Thomas Jay Ryan
as Ken Whitman
Emily Bergl
as Marion West
Manny Perez
as Detective Javier Abreu
Richard Busser
as Burglar
Myra Lucretia Taylor
as Shelly
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Mark Trenchman
Phil Simms
as Self
James Barbour
as Hunter Becket
Stuart Townsend
as Del Gruner
Wendy Hoopes
as Detective Annie Wozniak
Bianca Amato
as Elizabeth Resor
Ken Marks
as Moderator/Chairman/Meeting Leader
Robert Neary
as Hernan Zielenko
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Beauregard 'Bud' Granville
Glenn Fleshler
as Trey McCann
Rock Kohli
as Cabbie
Daniel London
as Mateo Pena
Samantha Massell
as Beth
Shawn Cortel
as Bodyguard
Rebecca Brooksher
as Brie Flynn
Robert Vincent Smith
as George Nix
Timothy Stickney
as Zeke
Berto Colon
as Will
Stephen Singer
as Tailor
Jeremy Rishe
as Emerson
Sepideh Moafi
as Sofia Darrow
Tibor Feldman
as Dr. Michael Glassman
Randy Louis Swiren
as Stuart Bloom
Alexander Salamat
as Sean Cudlow
John Procaccino
as Christopher Gray
Garret Dillahunt
as Bart MacIntosh
Jaime Lincoln Smith
as Darnell Langston
Marc Damon Johnson
as Dispatcher
Justin Michael Woods
as FBI Agent
Stefano Villabona
as Soccer Juggler at the Park
Nicole J. Casseri-Healy
as High End Escort
Neal Gupta
as Tony
Kathryn Meisle
as Therapist
Raymond Ma
as Captain Pak
Richard Thomas
as Mitch Barrett
Joel Marsh Garland
as Manager
Adrian Alvarado
as Uniform #1
Jacob Alexander
as Tom
Kate Cullen Roberts
as Kathy Spalding
John Skelley
as Lawyer Bill
Lynda Gravatt
as Lenore
Dee Hoty
as Patsy
Sarah Bolt
as Maggie Halpern
Clark Jackson
as ADA Nelson/ADA Nelson Lewis
Leslie Hucul
as Restaurant Patron
Marcus Choi
as Male Crematory Worker
Bryan A. Miranda
as Sikh/Thug #2
Lilli Cooper
as Female EMT
Phillip James Brannon
as Phillip Bridwell
Rich Sommer
as Harlan Emple
Simon Jutras
as French Business Man
Ross Morgan Ruben
as Sam Clennon
Frank Harts
as Eddy Dunbridge
Mohit Gautam
as Marjan Durrani
Gilbert Soto
as Bookstore Patron
Armando Acevedo
as Alejandro
Perry King Jr.
as Cafe Patron
Joaquín Maceo Rosa
as Thug
Grace Gray
as Mischa Farrell
Melissa Zapin
as Female Opera Singer
Kacie Sheik
as Receptionist
Michael Nathanson
as Infomercial Narrator
Ned Eisenberg
as Marvin Hathaway
Alexandra Silber
as Chloe Giri
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Guard
Tom Day
as Uniform
Penny McNamee
as Vivian Tully
Gbenga Akinnagbe
as Jeremy Lopez
Michael McGlone
as Lloyd
Kelly McCrann
as Tessa Maier
Jeanette Dilone
as Romy
Lohrasp Kansara
as Nadim Al-Haj
CJ Parson
as SWAT FBI Agent
Ching Valdes-Aran
as Shopkeep
Kathryn Gordon
as Bella
C.J. Wilson
as Prashant Hobbs
David Adkins
as Austin Cornblatt
Nick Rehberger
as Colby
Anita Gillette
as Claire Renziger
Nicholas Maccarone
as Wayne Kaneshiro
Robert Capron
as Mason
Patrick Fabian
as Lars Vestergaard
Steve Routman
as Mr. Briggs
Henri Lubatti
as Marchef
Lisa Datz
as Tammy
James Michael Reilly
as Walter Devlin
David Hess
as Darragh O'Connor
Aleksa Palladino
as Iris Lanzer
Bill Walters
as Homeless Man
Philip Hernandez
as Carlo Anillo
Emma Kikue
as Claire
Al Sapienza
as Sergeant Black
Howard W. Overshown
as Detective
Marin Ireland
as Alta Von See
Mike Starr
as Russell Gertz
David Costabile
as Danilo Gura
Stephen Bogardus
as Tim's Father
Adam Sietz
as Rick
Tommy Schrider
as Reese Vennek
David Michael Garry
as Hugo
Andy Murray
as John Clay
Natalia Kiriya
as Polly Kenner
Gretchen Egolf
as Karen Buckner
Joe Carroll
as Jeff Stanton
John Heard
as Henry Watson
Stephen DeRosa
as Mel Cheney
Rachael Holmes
as Antonia
Shiri Appleby
as Dalit Zirin
Khalil Kain
as Benny Charles
Raphael Nash Thompson
as Diner Patron #2
Adeel Ahmed
as Marcus, Cabbie
Naren Weiss
as Farhan Al-Asmari
Roger Rees
as Alistair Moore
Gary Milner
as Mr. Cook
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
as Sylvia Kozar
Mark Tallman
as Zane Diller
Reese Madigan
as Sheldon Frost
Raphael Sbarge
as Richard Davenport
Ron Bottitta
as Magistrate
Jed Orlemann
as Riley
Arnie Burton
as Paul Chambers
Kyro Wavebourne
as Ando Azuma
Eric Schweig
as Leon Moody
Chuck Taber
as Pedestrian
Elia Monte-Brown
as Kamala
Jeremy Bobb
as Agent Gary Burke
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Linus Roe
Cindy Katz
as Marsha Whitaker
Twinkle Burke
as Maggie Foltz
Suzy Jane Hunt
as Susan
Ashlie Atkinson
as Gay
Tom White
as Xavier
Shannan Wilson
as Female Mercenary
Paul Collins
as King Wilhelm
Eddie Korbich
as Sven Eklund
Jennifer Ferrin
as Rebecca Ellison
Bridget White
as Laurie Barrett
Paul Sorvino
as Robert Pardillo
Rachel Hilson
as Lexi
Luke Lesko
as The Midnight Ranger
Molly Price
as Donna Kaplan
Genson Blimline
as Construction Foreman
Ty Jones
as Deron
Brian Tarantina
as Walsh
Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Eileen Rourke
Gregory Haney
as Stylist
Gia Crovatin
as Marcy Nix
Lynne Wintersteller
as Victoria Garvey
Jason Altman
as Agent Fisker
Sean Phillips
as Team Leader
Wade Williams
as Ryan Decker
Devin Ratray
as Gordon Meadows
Robert Jimenez
as Orderly (Guillermo)
Peter Gerety
as Frank Da Silva
Sarah Hunt
as Junior Exec
Gina Gershon
as Elana March
David Alan Basche
as Warren Clift
Woodlene Alexis
as Durah
James P. Anderson
as NYPD Commissioner
Tamsin Greig
as DCI Athelney Jones
James Urbaniak
as Doctor Leo Demopoulos
Shirley Roeca
as Estella
Christine Taylor
as Gail Lundquist
Zachary Booth
as Silas Cole
Juan Carlos Infante
as CSU Tech
William Ragsdale
as Patrick Moore
Kushtrim Hoxha
as Murat Celik
Marianne Muellerleile
as Margaret
Joyce P. Fields
as Pedestrian
Ravi Kapoor
as Dr. Garret Halsey
Liam Sweeney
as Baby
Zuzanna Szadkowski
as Miranda Jantzen
K. Todd Freeman
as Raphael
Anne L. Nathan
as Moira Baker
Michael Kostroff
as Perry Franklin
Madison Riley
as Courtney Stever
Rich Mollo
as Frank Bova
Leopold Manswell
as Punk Boxer
Elliot Villar
as Christian Suarez
Geneva Carr
as Rebecca Burrell
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Dr. Branford Fisher
Jonathan Judge-Russo
as Michael Webb
Patricia R. Floyd
as Moderator
Sarah Cetrulo
as Mina Davenport
Blair Brown
as Kate Durning
Brian O'Neill
as Kemper Family Attorney
Tate Donovan
as Wilson Trager
Andrew Halliday
as Mr. Hostetler
Chris Carlock
as Uni #1
Assibey Blake
as Jail Weight lifter/Paperboy
James Monroe Iglehart
as Detective Mason
Jakob Von Eichel
as Pierre Gagnier
Keith Mackler
as Casino Patron/Errol White/Hipster Pedestrian
Anna Khaja
as Nazria Durrani
Greg Dziewonski
as NYPD Detective
Michael Potts
as Doctor Peter Hanson
Leslie Hendrix
as Cynthia Kerr
Terence Archie
as Boss
Sandy Rosenberg
as Diner Patron #3
Alexis Windsor
as Omar Velez
Shayan Shojaee
as Mr. Azeem
Anthony Hanlon
as Storage Manager
Joanna Christie
as May
Erik Jensen
as Isaac Proctor
Marjan Neshat
as Detective Rhea Farrad
Jeffrey Schecter
as Senior Tech
Kristine Nielsen
as Sheila Underhill
John Bolger
as David Batonvert
Cherelle Cargill
as Female Firefighter
David Wilson Barnes
as Cooper
Tammy Blanchard
as Violet de Merville
Kate Hodge
as Karen Lutz
Linda Powell
as Congresswoman Salazar
Laura Heisler
as Roz Healy
Frank Bal
as Security Guard
Felix Solis
as Prentice Gutierrez
Jonathan C. Kaplan
as Barista Dave
Stephen Kunken
as Dr. Carrow
Mike Skelly
as Colonial Soldier
Shade Rupe
as Raymond Thorpe
Brian Gonzales
as Louie
Sendhil Ramamurthy
as Ajit Dalal
Jonathan Sale
as Another ESU Officer/Team Leader
Betty Gilpin
as Fiona Helbron
Amy Rutberg
as Nicole Slater
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Club Goer/FBI Agent/Looky Loo/Restaurant Patron
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Father Vega
Kellen C Wingate
as Big Mike
Geoffrey Cantor
as Maurice Antonov
John Bedford Lloyd
as Lieutenant
Jefferson White
as Dorian Moll
Luis Moreno
as Suited Detective
Alice Niedermair
as Physical Therapist
Michael Irby
as Xande Diaz
Eric Sheffer Stevens
as Tim Spalding
Randal Turner
as Male Opera Singer
Andy Grotelueschen
as Nurse Vince
Kimberly Faure
as Nell Solange
Liam Ferguson
as Local Sheriff/NYPD Officer
Yul Vazquez
as Arthur Tetch
Steven Skybell
as Dr. Sacco
Brian Lee Huynh
as Brett Won
Dan Bittner
as David Preston
Inna Muratova
as Russian Girl
Nasser Faris
as Julian Afkhami
Kate Arrington
as Sally Holder
Kristen Bush
as Annie Spellman/Eileen Renfro
Henny Russell
as Captain
John Finn
as Neil Dannon
Zachary Knighton
as Aaron Stone
Mia Barron
as Lara Banin
Michael Cerveris
as Councilman Ledesma
Rachel York
as Carla Giovanni
Jed Peterson
as Fake Cop #1
Jake Weber
as Geoffrey Silver
Tramell Tillman
as Detective Ocasio
Caris Vujcec
as Recovering Addict
Stacey Yen
as Amy Kim
Tom Vickers
as Moped Man
Tonye Patano
as Dolores Murphy
Casey Siemaszko
as Michael McGee
Eden Espinosa
as Doctor
Cassie Beck
as Helena Weir
Desmond Harrington
as Michael
Andrew Rothenberg
as Finn
Brian Sills
as Bob
Tim Ewing
as Sommelier
Rosalyn Coleman
as Hotel Manager
Shane Nolan
as Metropolitan Police Officer
Monique Gabriela Curnen
as Detective Gina Cortes
Francie Swift
as Katie Sutter
Ron Rifkin
as Wayne Vachs
Daniel May Wong
as Dr. David Chang/Vincent Wong
Andreas Damm
as Luuk
Matthew Humphreys
as Owen Barts
Thomas Ryan
as Donald Hauser
Saliyl Dotson
as Prison Visitior
Johnny Hopkins
as Imposter
Peter Benson
as Blake Tanner
Maurice McRae
as Elijah Robinson
Mary B. McCann
as Lawyer
Tyler Weaks
as Officer Hayes
David Thornton
as Joe Ballantine
Eshan Bay
as Roommate
Rebecca Hirota
as Receptionist
Maechi Aharanwa
as Waitress
Kate Jennings Grant
as Lydia Guerrero
Dallas Roberts
as Dr. Richard Mantlo
Susan Cella
as Nurse
Matt Servitto
as Captain Will Lombardi
Kari Matchett
as Kathryn Drummond
Lance Williams
as Wade
Ward Horton
as Soap Opera Actor
Larry Teng
as Kevin Chang
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Russof
Bill Heck
as Ty Morstan
Roxanna Hope Radja
as Callie Burrell
Joy Bridenbaker
as Dr. Gail Sarkisian
Eric Bogosian
as Collin Eisely
Jason Danieley
as Barry Granger
John Owens
as Priest
Mary Bacon
as Allison Pitzker
Tom Costello
as Terrence Resnick
Fulvio Cecere
as Dante Scalice
Dorothy Lyman
as Belinda
Frank Wood
as EROC Supervisor
Stephen Spinella
as Merrick Hausmann
Dee Pelletier
as Polygraph Examiner
Tom Titone
as Lobbyist
Quinn VanAntwerp
as Officer Pennebaker
Keith Szarabajka
as Wade Crewes
Lorenzo Pisoni
as Gardner
Timothy Sekk
as Ken
Dan Albertson
as Poisoned Hipster
Jonathan Walker
as Harrison Polk
Gregory Jones
as FBI Agent #1
Brandon J. Dirden
as Agent Polk
Vedant Gokhale
as Pradeep Singh
Roger Robinson
as Bruce Kushner
Steve Ferrarie
as Biker/Suspect #5
Melissa Farman
as Carly Purcell
Maria Elena Ramirez
as Ms. Duarte
Jude Tibeau
as Uniform Officer
Becky Ann Baker
as Pam
Malcolm Goodwin
as Andre Bell
Matt Weiss
as Bartender
Jessica Savage
as Office Worker #2
Jenelle Chu
as Receptionist
Iris Bahr
as Emily Gray
Jason Butler Harner
as Ballard Clifton
Kate Middleton
as Aura Swenson
Cruz Rodriguez
as Child Photo Insert
Sean Dougherty
as Detective
Charlie Semine
as Stewart Pringle/Wilson Kubiak
Chelcie Ross
as Dudley Becket
Shawn McLean
as Cronie #2
Zabryna Guevara
as Detective Lisa Hagen
Gil O'Brien
as Orderly
Madaí Chakell
as Chivonne
Debra Jo Rupp
as Sheriff Malick
Brynne McManimie
as Libby
Rick Holmes
as Jason Harrison
Jessica Blank
as Tabitha Laird
Lindsay Mendez
as Dr. Angela Hardy
Madeline Weinstein
as Allie Newmeyer
Elizabeth Marvel
as Cassandra Walker
Jason Pendergraft
as Freddy Duncan
Jane Pfitsch
as Lisanne
Christopher Evan Welch
as Samuel Abbott
Adam Mucci
as Rennie James
Laurence Lau
as Robert Baumann
Amy Hargreaves
as Jill Horowitz
Nicole Patrick
as Barista
Scott Shepherd
as Anson Gephardt
Jason Dirden
as Keith Elliot
Bubba Weiler
as Jake Goodel
Julie Megan Smith
as Joel's Wife
Dennis Flanagan
as Jeremy
Michael Eaddy
as Butch Callahan
Vinnie Jones
as Col. Sebastian Moran/Sebastian Moran
Keira Keeley
as Guitar Woman
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as James Dylan
Emily Swallow
as Bree Novacek
Mia Ellis
as Receptionist
Scott Cohen
as Nolan Sharp
Christopher Reed Brown
as Arnold
Graham Rowat
as Defense Attorney
Miriam Silverman
as Support Group Woman
Whitney Kimball Long
as Sophie
Abigail Friend
as Ice Skater/Little Sister
Ben Graney
as Rupert Hong
Mario Bosquez
as News Anchor
David Harbour
as Dr. Mason Baldwin
Meat Loaf
as Herman Wolf
Philip Casnoff
as Jack McGill
Reg E. Cathey
as Mr. Clay
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Quinn
Tally Sessions
as Officer Jaffin
Mike Getz
as Trent Kelty
Karl Miller
as Squatter
Kirsten Scott
as Juliana
as Marjorie
Peter Bond
as Ike Wallaczek
Nadia Dajani
as Dr. Grannis/ME Grannis
John Brummer
as Molina
Nelsan Ellis
as Shinwell Johnson
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Jason Wood
Craig Bierko
as Jim Fowkes
Craig Walker
as Peter Saldua
David Christopher Wells
as Agent Heller
Adrienne Brammer
as Maid
Frankie Faison
as Judge Brewster O'Hare
Timal McKen
as Bonzi's Body Guard 1
Alan Avitan
as Frat Guy
John Bolton
as Mr. Charles
Alexander Sokovikov
as Maxim Zolotov
Johnny M. Wu
as Gus Chipman
Jamie Thomas King
as Derek Casey
Charlie Richards
as Assistant to DCI Hopkins
Dion Mucciacito
as Kelty
Liz Carey
as Diana Long
Jenna Stern
as Angela Donnely
Sean Dugan
as Charles Briggs
Michael Bryan French
as Mr. Hutchins
Gideon Glick
as Dennis Karig
Casey Predovic
as New Guy
F. Murray Abraham
as Daniel Gottlieb
Austin Lysy
as Chad Lerberg
Don Guillory
as News Cameraman
Anthony Arkin
as Client
Leslie Silva
as ATF Agent Hernan
Kristine Johnson
as TV Reporter/Reporter/TV News Anchor
Corey Patrick
as Sergeant
Siraj Huda
as Mr. Iyengar
Paula Garcés
as Officer Paula Reyes
Lucy Owen
as Rachel Carter
Geoffrey Wigdor
as Charlie Riggs
Gene Gabriel
as CSU Officer
Dominic Fumusa
as Jordan Conroy
Aidan Quinn
as Captain Thomas Gregson
Shirley Rumierk
as Audrey Kensit
Ashley North
as Canadian Fan/Coffee Shop Patron/FBI Agent/Passerby/Times Square Spectator
Joseph Castillo-Midyett
as Cop #2
Rachel Christopher
as Receptionist
Raza Jaffrey
as Andrew Paek
Tom Hewitt
as Aldo Ventura
Beth Katehis
as Perpetrator
Dakin Matthews
as James Connaughton
Michael Berresse
as Ardy Gulbenkian
Shaun Lucas
as Man in Pub
Mamie Gummer
as Margaret Bray
Ralph Byers
as Chuck Hammond
Larisa Polonsky
as Lori Thomas
Harris Doran
as Jeremy Carpenter/Superintendent
Anastasia Barzee
as Erin Chatworth
Pamela Dunlap
as Esther Kelton
Brent Langdon
as Peyton Trask
Edelen McWilliams
as Alan's Lawyer
Sarah Quinn
as Assistant
Patch Darragh
as Griffin Parker
Jeb Brown
as Levi Salinger
Brian Hopson
as FBI Agent
Beth Fowler
as Anxious Woman
Danny Johnson
as Clarence Drummond
Michael Iannucci
as Medical Examiner
Stephanie DiMaggio
as Carla Whitmark
Terra Kimberly Scott
as Diner
Frank Deal
as Detective Mike Muldoon
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Sophie Bishop
Rosemary Howard
as Amelie Widomski/Legal Aid/Nurse
Ron Nakahara
as Mr. Xiaoping
Joe Holt
as Eric Minton
Andrew Dolan
as Officer Miles Polano
Lance Roberts
as Funeral Home Employee
Lorraine Velez
as Claudia Sandoval
David Rossmer
as Saul Maranek-Halevi
Olesya Senchenko
as Libena
Russell G. Jones
as Attorney
Susan Pourfar
as Emily Hankins
Jonno Roberts
as Jerome Thomas
Kelly Deadmon
as Lara Ukhov
Cameron Scoggins
as Brendan O'Brien
Dan Ziskie
as Gordie Kasdan
David Park
as Burly Man
Romell Witherspoon
as Henchman
Moti Margolin
as Henry Wilseck
Matt Loney
as Impound Cop
Steve Rosen
as Emcee
Christopher Jack
as Ted Linsky
Bill Sage
as Jake Picardo
Karen Ludwig
as Melanie Waters
Terry Bell
as Tremaine
Luke Robertson
as Louis Carlisle
Jonathan Han
as Arthur
Irungu Mutu
as Taxi Driver
Louis Troche
as Rehab Patient
Sue Jean Kim
as Jordan Cleary
Sam Freed
as Oliver's Lawyer
Eric Elizaga
as Eldon
Alec Beard
as Officer Conroy
Phil McGlaston
as Lowell's VP
Max Abe Plush
as Basketball Player
Mark Underwood
as Langdale Pike
Sophia Slaysman
as Graduate Student
Janine DiVita
as June Cunningham
Liza J. Bennett
as Hannah Gregson
Lukas Hassel
as The Dutchman
Cathleen Trigg
as Reporter
Keesha Sharp
as Mistress Felicia
Jasmine Hope Bloch
as UI Aeronautics Receptionist
Misha Kuznetsov
as Marko Zubkov
Michael Izquierdo
as Joshua Lydon
John Sharian
as George Eagen
Ian Kahn
as Alwyn Smith
Jeremy Brena
as Lunch Guest
JD Taylor
as Gavin
Cindy Cheung
as Cindy Park
Kevin Isola
as Anton
Michael Gladis
as Rodger Stapleton
Shezi Sardar
as Casey Hatem
Arash Mokhtar
as Middle Eastern Diplomat #1
Anthony Gaskins
as Donovan Gaines
Henry Zebrowski
as Cosmo
Maddie Jo Landers
as Corinna Wood
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Liliane Bellerose
Donovan Christie Jr.
as Watson's Date
Kevin Geer
as Raymond Carpenter
Ian Palmer
as Sean
Regina Taylor
as Dr. Wilkerson
Alia Attallah
as Athena
Gregory Abbey
as Daren
Kathleen Chalfant
as Mrs. Clennon
Fedna Jacquet
as Ricky
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Carrie Traub
David Pittu
as William Bazemore
Kathy Najimy
as Rayna Carno
Jon DeVries
as Martin
Drew Rausch
as Curtis Tofano
Jessica Phillips
as Marine Archaeologist
Judy Kuhn
as Board Member
Jon Huertas
as Halcon
Michael Patrick Thornton
as Eli Kotite
Delaney Williams
as Joseph Tommolino
Kevin Henderson
as N.D. Detective
J.C. MacKenzie
as Daren Sutter
Andrew Breving
as Executive
Sarah Litzsinger
as Karen
Michael McCormick
as Gary Weissman
Celia Keenan-Bolger
as Amber Bova
Chris Ashworth
as Doron Kolobkov
Lucy Liu
as Dr. Joan Watson/Joan Watson
Alex Hurt
as Richie
Rufus Collins
as Adrian
Ludovic Coutaud
as Prostitute
Amy Morse
as Receptionist
Myk Watford
as Davis Whitmark
Kyle Vincent Terry
as Angelo
Joe Curnutte
as FBI Agent #2
Stan Demidoff
as TARU Detective
Christa Scott-Reed
as Meredith Sagehorn
Portia Reiners
as Eva Whitman
Waymon Arnette
as Enrique
Danny Burstein
as Ted Winthrop
Mark Margolis
as Abraham Misraki
Eric Engleman
as Security Guard
Paige Patterson
as Businesswoman
Jonny Lee Miller
as Sherlock Holmes
Charlotte Bydwell
as Soleil
Rachel Wenitsky
as Lela
Marissa Neitling
as Nina Hudgins/Skyler
Julian Sands
as Jasper Wells
Wayne Duvall
as Duke Landers
Miriam Cruz
as Honduran Woman
Michael Den Dekker
as Detective
Vincent Tumeo
as Wine Auction Attendee
Bill Irwin
as Richard Balsille
April Hernandez Castillo
as Roxanne Ortiz
Phil Cappadora
as Camera Man/New Yorker
Rafael Poueriet
as CSU Officer
Christopher Fitzgerald
as Dr. Neil Murray
Mark Elliot Wilson
as Joseph Leseur
Rebecca Dayan
as Fabiana
Al Nazemian
as Middle Eastern Diplomat #2
Lexi Scherr
as Ashley Jenkins
Happy Anderson
as Nick Farris
Jason Chilcott
as Norman Horowitz
Aynsleigh Dann
as Sydney's Wife
Alejandro Hernandez
as Mr. Salas
Christopher Burns
as Coordinating Detective/Detective
Wrenn Schmidt
as Ellory/Cashier
Alison Walla
as Girlfriend
Aaron Serotsky
as Detective McShane
David Hammond
as Gangster
Geno Segers
as Fetu
Linda Emond
as Dr. Candace Reed
Amy Hohn
as Dr. Ryan
Cullen Wheeler
as Derek O'Neal
Virginia Madsen
as Paige
James Hong
as Meng Zhou
Edward Astor Chin
as Prison Guard
Stephen Henderson
Emma Geer
as Tara Keane
Val Rich
as Gunman
Matthew Del Negro
as Nathan Resor
Chelsea Spack
as Marjorie
Luna Lauren Velez
as Zoe Mercado
Vincent Veloso
as Gilbert Pham
Ted Koch
as Mr. Adler
Mirla Pereira
as Maria Rodriguez
Rosie Benton
as Grace Cockburn
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Dominic Voth
Beau Allen
as Businessman
Nick Sullivan
as Frank Dempster
Cynthia Darlow
as Mrs. Dean
Matthew Cárdenas
as Waiter
Sue Simmons
as Reporter
Lili Mirojnick
as Olga Berezhnaya
Chris McKinney
as Detective Guzman
Kristin Villanueva
as Maya
Bill Dawes
as Declan Boyle
Slate Holmgren
as Uniform #3
Tod Rainey
as Strip Club John
David Shumbris
as Hank Gerard
Louis Cancelmi
as Ben Reynolds
Nana Mensah
as Agent Kerner
Josh Bonzie
as Attendant #1
Roger Brenner
as NYPD/Officer/EMT/FDNY/Pedestrian/Businessman/Medical Examiner
Jesse Lenat
as Homeless Man
Miriam Shor
as Jennifer Bader
Ophelia Lovibond
as Kitty Winter
Delia Cunningham
as Dana
Reiko Aylesworth
as Miranda Molinari
Kevin Loreque
as Bespectacled Man
Doreen Montalvo
as Nurse
Babak Tafti
as Jonathan Dawson
Tom Guiry
as Brent Garvey
Ande Mang
as Young Boy
Nikiya Mathis
as Nurse
Dave Shalansky
as Tony
Matthew Maher
as Hugo Irving
Alex Morf
as Miles Pohlua
Mark Moses
as Oliver Purcell
John Sanders
as Jeff Harper
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Gerald Lydon
Jill Paice
as Stephanie Novak
Michael Pemberton
as Warden
Lewis Cleale
as Dan Kramer
Mac Brandt
as Patrick Meers
Ross Degraw
as Wolfe
Josh Salatin
as Drug Dealer
Danielle Nicolet
as Jennifer Sayles
Christina Jackson
as Nicole Watkins
Will Pullen
as Caleb Hill
Charles Socarides
as Royce Maltz
Andre Ward
as Bobby Alacqua
Will Blum
as Melville
James Joseph O'Neil
as Frye
Adam Godley
as British Man
Rona Figueroa
as Natalie Park
Orlagh Cassidy
as Maris
Anthony Fazio
as Delivery Man
Sarah Danielle Madison
Mark Blum
as Ira Langstrom
Max von Essen
as Clyde Staller
Gabriel Ebert
as Sebastian Florenti
John Shea
as Bill Wellstone
Mark Deklin
as Jake Bozeman
Gary Wilmes
as Robert Barclay
Brandon Espinoza
as Apollo Mercer
John Doman
as Councilman Slessinger
Andhy Méndez
as Thief
Joseph Siravo
as Anthony Pistone
Jackie Hoffman
as Female Activist
Heidi Armbruster
as Sadie Abramovitch
Otto Sanchez
as Renny Trautman
Andrew Pang
as Dan Cho
Quentin Earl Darrington
as Dewashe
Andrew Howard
as Devon Gaspar
Jeremy Burnett
as Duane/Duane Pryor
Paugh Shadow
as Recovering Alcoholic
Sam McMurray
as Cameron Maranek
Doryan Robinson
as Poisoned Hipster
Tommar Wilson
as Young Uni
Greg Wattkis
as Mike Willis
L. Steven Taylor
as ESU Officer
Parminder Nagra
as Special Agent Mallick
Christopher Sieber
as Carter Lydon
Tom Everett Scott
as Henry Baskerville
Paul Michael Valley
as Burly Man
Robert Mammana
as Niko Buros
Sean Nelson
as Shawn Menck
Michael Lorz
as Brian Springer
Michelle Federer
as Ellie Wilson
Faith Logan
as Upper East Side Onlooker/Bank Teller/Restaurant Patron
Gabriella Baires
as Mayra Nieves
Eddie McGee
as Theodore
Jay Palmieri Jr.
as Trendy Pedestrian
Kevin Kilner
as Michael Haas
Marnie Schulenburg
as Maureen
Stephen Friedrich
as Pet Groomer Employee
Stephen Niese
as Anchor
Deepa Purohit
as Himali Singh
Parker Pogue
as John Bowden
Andrea Frierson
as Waitress
Roderick Hill
as Wesley Conrad
Michael DenDekker
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Hospital Visitor
Jenn Colella
as Blonde Group Wife
Ava Paloma
as Mary Margaret Phelps
Nikki Harlow
as Rachel Garner
Wayne Maugans
as Vincent Bader
Douglas Hodge
as Sydney Place
Maury Ginsberg
as Keating
Justin Morck
as ESU Leader
Jesse Hochmuth
as Reggie
Sanjit De Silva
as Dr. Amrit
Clarke Thorell
as Strider Lincoln
John Hannah
as Rhys Kinlan
Andre Royo
as Thaddeus
Scott Eliasoph
as British Police Officer/New Jersey State Trooper
Wayne Chang
as Dan Zheng
Diego Aguirre
as ESU Sergeant
Maulik Pancholy
as Alfonse Kapoor
Fisher Stevens
as Marty Ward
Mary Skelly
as Revolutionary War reenactor
Armand Schultz
as Derrick Hughes
Sarah Wynter
as Beth Roney
Olivia Baseman
as Sasha Zubkov
Mark Allen Sepanski
as Artillerymen
Evelyn Liu
as NYPD Officer Garcia
Kate Levy
as Lawyer/Aura's Lawyer
Michael Weston
as Oscar Rankin
Skipp Sudduth
as William Hull
Holly Chou
as Erin
Juan Carlos Hernández
as Adrian Cruz
Peter McRobbie
as Milton Van Kirk
Quentin Mare
as Ephraim Hill
Terry Serpico
as Wallace Turk
Sutton Foster
as Tara Parker
Patricia Kalember
as Erika Vanderwey
Steven Hauck
as Crabtree
Jorge Luna
as Cop #1
Patrick Page
as Jonathan Bloom
Ifádansi Rashad
as Security Guard
MaryAnn Hu
as Lab Director
Marsha Stephanie Blake
as Melanie Cullen
Cole Abell
as Barista
Antonio Edwards Suarez
as Sedan Driver
Jim True-Frost
as Anson Samuels
Daniel Reece
as Ben Garrett
Autumn Guzzardi
as Girlfriend
Monica Ramirez
as Carmen
Christina Cox
as Christa Pullman
Edward Sass
as Biker
Rodney Richardson
as Reggie
Ito Aghayere
as Corrine Brighton
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Priest
Kevyn Morrow
as Detective Bailey/N.D. Detective
Sean Pertwee
as Gareth Lestrade
Max Van Bel
as Jem
Gonzalo Menendez
as Felipe Diaz
Michael Esper
as Donald Pruitt
Asa Somers
as Doctor
David Andrew Macdonald
as Attorney
Andre B. Blake
as Security Coordinator
Lesli Margherita
as Sherry Lennox
Connor Johnston
as Tendu
Chivonne Michelle
as Bethesda
Julia Losner
as High School Student
Victor Cruz
as Manager
Candis Cayne
as Ms. Hudson
Louis Ozawa
as Go Shinura
Freddy Miyares
as Javi
Juan Castano
as Sean Figueroa
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Attorney
Nina Lafarga
as Tatiana
Peter Onorati
as Gio Bianchi
Cary Donaldson
as Dad #2
Scott Jaeck
as Maxwell Krebs
Troy Garity
as Lucas Bundsch
Daryl Edwards
as Detective Perkins
Lucas Caleb Rooney
as Duane Proctor
Jennifer Lim
as Natasha Kademan
Rajesh Bose
as Officer Doud
Seamus Mulcahy
as Ernie Jacobs
John Rue
as Norm
Ashton Whitney Zubal
as Poisoned Hipster
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Ruslan Krasnov
Lauren Culpepper
as Skyden
Joseph Melendez
as Carlos
Cara Buono
as Sarah Cushing
Delphina Belle
as Kayden Fuller
Frank Hernandez
as Uniformed NYPD
Tonya Pinkins
as Judge Marilyn Whitfield
Stephen Conrad Moore
as FBI Suit/FBI Suit #1
Enid Graham
as Ms. Chadwick
David Furr
as Paul Reeves
Arnold Y. Kim
as Jerome Chun
Edward Carnevale
as Blue-Collar Man
Nick Hentsch
as Missing Gangster
Meredith Garretson
as Lydia Winchell
James Chen
as Lt. Morrison
Casey Biggs
as Alan Becker
Merritt Janson
as Mallory
Rebecca S'Manga Frank
as Passerby
Susan Varon
as Bingo Host
Philip Ettinger
as Toby Dannon
Christian Camargo
as Chris Santos
Tom Mardirosian
as Artem Dedekian
Albert Jones
as Benny Cordero
Bob Walton
as Seth Dwyer
Gerardo Rodriguez
as Jesus Rodriguez
Tyler Hanes
as Midnight Ranger
Michael Cristofer
as Isaac Pyke
Elena Hurst
as Detective Lena Romero
Toni Ann De Noble
as Bonzi's Woman
Katelynn Bailey
as Mariana Castillo
Julienne Hanzelka Kim
as Shauna Milius
Donnie Keshawarz
as Earl Wheeler
Geoffrey Owens
as Vernon Fisk
Paco Lozano
as Driver
Derek Goh
as Kyle
Christopher Innvar
as Grant Perryman
Danny Rutigliano
as Prisoner
Alimi Ballard
as Don Kohler
Conn Horgan
as Wallace Rourke
Liche Ariza
as Edgar Alvarez
Keren Dukes
as Uniform
Seiko Suzuki Shih
as Akiko
DeLance Minefee
as Fine Diner
Dion Graham
as Hakeem
Richard Masur
as Jacob Weiss
Tara Summers
as Nurse
Wallace Smith
as ESU Officer #1
Ryan Andes
as Lead Bodyguard
James Frain
as Odin Reichenbach
Margaret Colin
as Natalie Gale
Steve Greenstein
as Titus Delancey
Joseph Thompson
as Leader
Carson Coughlin
as Aaron Colville
Rick Crom
as Auctioneer
Frederick Weller
as Ronnie Wright
Mauricio Ovalle
as Reynaldo
Chris Wilson
as Arresting Police Officer
Nathaniel Stampley
as Nicholas Gerrardi
Leslie Fray
as Angela Newsome
Alisa Ermolaev
as Anezka
Roma Chugani
as Zoya Hashemi
Rayquila Durham
as Tina
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Samuel Cardenas
Drew Gehling
as Caden Barrymore

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 24 Episodes

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2013 | 24 Episodes

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2014 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

2015 | 24 Episodes

Season 5

2016 | 24 Episodes

Season 6

2018 | 21 Episodes

Season 7

2019 | 13 Episodes




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