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December 3, 2021
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About this title


After substance abuse and insanely self-destructive and obnoxious behavior throw a knuckle ball at his Major League Baseball career, former pitcher Kenny Powers retreats to his North Carolina hometown, where he takes a job teaching physical education at the middle school he once attended. But another chance at potential big league stardom -- or so he thinks -- takes Kenny "down Mexico way," where he thrills the locals as only he can before he returns to the U.S. a changed man. Or is he? The colorful and frequently profane sitcom comes from executive producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, among others, and stars Danny McBride ("Tropic Thunder").

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 15, 2009

Also Known As: Mogło być gorzej, P.E. |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Canada (13+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

baseball player

Company Credits

Production Co: Enemy MIGs Productions, Gary Sanchez Productions |  See more »


William Hutchings
as Charity Event Patron
Noah Michael Levine
as Reporter
Brian Patrick Moize
as Waterpark Guest
John Hawkes
as Dustin Powers
Sinmnr Pama
Jonathan M. Ewart
Jeremy McLain
as Pool Party Chef
Claire Mangrum
as Rose Powers
Okwousha Ijeoma
John Cothran
as Baseball Coach
Helen Bowman
Augustus Cho
as Businessman
Tim Heidecker
as Gene
Rob Koebel
as Friend of Kenny Powers
Kimberleigh Lauren
as Trophy Wife
Adam Scott
as Pat Anderson
Bing Putney
Jana Allen
as Flight Attendant
Njema Williams
Brandon Marski
as Wedding Guest
David-Alexander Coley
as African Tribesman
Cory Hardrict
as Walter
Justin Miles
as Jacques
Victoria Baker
as Caroler/SESH Crew Member/SESH Makeup Artist
Damian Jewan Lee
Alexander Skarsgård
as Adult Toby Powers
Jeremy Connors
Emily Pierce
as College Student
Seth Rogen
as Texas Pitcher
Jason Stolfi
as Wedding Attendee
Vince Canlas
Jon Michael Hill
Samantha Beaulieu
as Candy Cox
Kristi Booher
as SESH Audience Member/Dragonboat Fan/Waterpark Vistor
Joe Montanti
as Air Guitar Guy/Angry Fan/Party Boat Drunk
Eduardo Adriano
Gina Lee Watkins
Scott Anderson
Beth Quick
Jerry Minor
as Jamie Laing
Ethan Alexander McGee
as Dustin Jr.
Jerry Cashman
as Teacher
Nancy Rouse Hodges
as SESH Audience Member/Waterpark Guest
Rubén Olivares
Linas Phillips
as Shawnsee
Stephania Schmidt
as Extra
Will Ferrell
as Ashley Schaeffer
Scott Clackum
as Scott
Kaitlyn Ervin
as Caroler
Lauren Swickard
as Andrea's Friend
J.W. Burris
as SESH Audience Member
Evily G. Calvario-Salgavo
Raiko Bowman
as Woman on Boardwalk
Danny McBride
as Kenny Powers
Walter Elder
Brian Stephens
Darryl Tucker
as Cameraman
Kim Watson
Jody Matzer
as Sports SESH Man/TV Station Crew
Corin Wiggins
Francis Gonzalez
as Discouraged Fan
Breanna Carthern
as Sassy Girl
Katy Mixon
as April Buchanon
Kayla Horton
Alexandra Siegel
as Jessie
Jeremy Harper
Denee Busby
as Prostitute
Cristina Duperray
Fred Norris
Rick Roberts
as Baseball Fan
Miguel A. Delgado
Ira Menard
as Bar Patron
Emma Salzman
as Shayna Powers
J.D. Irwin
as Angry SESH Audience Member (2013)
Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo
as Announcer
Marc Cardonell
Eugene Pigeon
Joseph Milton Hodges Sr.
as SESH Audience Member/Waterpark Visitor
Currin McLamb
as Toby
David Esser Huamani
as Kenny Janowski
Anna Dudnik
Murielle Telio
as Ashley
Omar Calderin
Darrell Rackley
as Booze Cruise Patron
Lindsay Lohan
as Adult Shayna Powers
John Merical
as Movie Fan
Marcus Murrell
Victoria Pleasants
Josh Turner
as Sports Sesh Crew
Mary Austin
as TV Staff
Don Johnson
as Eduardo Sanchez
Anastasia Hollis
Thomas Upchurch
as Salesman #1
Kristen DeLuca
Jonathan Miles DeRosa
as Bar Patron/Baseball Player
Daniel Greene
Libby Blake
as Kenny Power's Massage Therapist
Josh Carter
Ana de la Reguera
as Vida
Patterson Laing
Aida Fernández
Daniella Short
Matthew McConaughey
as Roy McDaniel/Texas Scout
Katie Barber
as Studio Employee/Wedding Guest
Marcos Ramos
Garrett Pace
as Go Kart Employee
Ramiro 'Ramir' Delgado Ruiz
as Mexican cockfight guy
Edward Richbourg
Lauren Crawford
as Ball Girl
Don Calhoun
as First Class Passenger
Christopher Houldsworth
Alisa Harris
as Brenda
Bryan Adrian
as Young Man
Alan Searcy
as Editorial PA
Marlene Forte
as Soledad
Joseph Rumora
Michael Beasley
as Jimmy Clay
Randy Gambill
Paul Rolfes
as Jared
Simon Crist
as Jimmy
Rivka Levin
Joseph Milton Hodges Jr.
as SESH Audience Member/Waterpark Guest
Anthony Rosso
as Mall Goer/Skate Parent
Jennifer Olympia Bentley
as Reagan
Dominick Gabriele
Hannah Jelinovic
as Charity Event Date at VIP Table
Stacy A. Wells
Kiana Politis
Leila Lottering
as Receptionist
Simon Rhee
as Sensei
Chandler Massey
as Pliny Caldwell
Katy Purnell
as Hoodlum Girl
Fátima Ortega
Porter Spicer
as Gabriel Schaffer
Anthony Shreve
John Guiberteau
as Assistant Coach
John Mills Sr.
Kate Kneeland
Sacha Baron Cohen
as Ronnie Thelman
Jody Hill
as Andrew, Pat Anderson's Sponsor
Brad Jones
Collette Wolfe
as Home Buyer
DeVion Harris
Carter Shaw
Jeff Seibenick
as Schaeffer Salesman
Nick Davis
as Baseball Player
John M. Adrian
as Benjamin
Ben Yemba
as Charity Event Guest
Fred Galle
as Network TV Executive
Valerie N. Robinson
Mandi Beers
as Dottie
Jade Bui
Shannon Eubanks
as Donna Schaeffer
Jon Reep
as Jed Forney
Randy Grazio
as Charity Event Guest
Jeffry Winkler
as High Powered Attorney/Kenny Powers Funeral Guest/Kenny's High Powered Attorney/Pool Guest
Mia Young
Candice Kimbrough
as Tribe Member
Mike Stevens
as SESH Crew
Jim Dadosky
as College Kid #2
Kristen Feldman
Ben Best
as Clegg
Jeffrey Holler
Danny Vinson
as Alan Hicks
Cat Cora
as Self
Charles Laughon
Cerina E. Johnson
as African Princess
Deepsingh Pama
Bill Hill
Alexis Pérez
Joaquín Cosio
as Hector
Nicole Farmer
as Therapist
Leigh Ann Karetas
as Dragon Boat Rower
Kevin Hall
C. Tyler Belile
as Fan at Dealership
Charley Steiner
Emily E. Kelly
as Party Goer
Ike Barinholtz
as Ivan Dochenko
Mona Sishodia
as Viv
Denise S. Bass
Rhoda Griffis
as The Teacher
Luke Bigham
Angel Pastrana
Esperanza Manjárez
Watson Robert Laing
Craig Gellis
as Hoodlum
Tommy Brown
as Network Executive/SESH Audience
Jason Sudeikis
as Shane Gerald/Cole Gerald
Melissa Austin
as Middle School PE Kids
Jonathan Edwards
as Realtor at Head Table
Aldo Escobar
Scott Fletcher
Jandres Burgos
as Carlos the Catcher
Brittany Rodgers
Chad R Johnson
as Baseball Player
Miller Carbon
as Disgusted Fan/First Class Passenger
Dal Conner
Stan Houston
as Mini Golf Husband
John Carcieri
A.C. Hoover
Michael Peña
as Mr. Cisneros
Hunter Saab
as Kiosk Attendant
Joseph Garcia
as Heckler
Diego Rivera
Sharika Blockett
as Wife at Car Rental
Bo Mitchell
as Wayne
Alex ter Avest
as Andrea
Reva Grantham
Ronnin S. Carmack-Gaiters
as Rigoberto Janowski
Kevin Wayne
as Billy the Security Guard
Jan Hartsell
as Librarian
Alex Puccinelli
as Officer Makin
Andrew Cox
as SESH Audience/Sports Sesh Audience Member
Erick Chavarria
as Casper
Steve Little
as Stevie Janowski
David Pascua
as Charity Event Guest/Charity Event Patron
Morgan Cryer
as Little Girl
Nelson Grande
as Petrus
Jeff Clayton
as Cameraman
Joe Inscoe
as Examiner
Lee McLamb
as Toby
CoShonda CoCo Springer
as Angry Black Woman
Joey Brinkley
as Schaeffer Salesman
Cam Cockman
Jeremy Duckworth
as Bmw customer
Rich Muscadin
as Bodyguard
Michael Lucas
Erin Capps
Sylvia Cruz Gonzales
Huck Borden
as Horse/Kid in Play
William Day
as Man on Boardwalk
Maureen Mountcastle
as Hot Woman on Street
Jacob Dietrich
as Weight Kid #2
Joan Reilly
as Dana
Diva Tyler
as Mamie
Janet Cramer
Earl L. Nelson
Robin Mullins
as Bobbi
Elizabeth Ashley Lawson
as Angry Fan
Gina Gershon
as Realtor
Jonathan Torres
James Collins
as Sams Friend
Efren Ramirez
as Catuey
Jerome L. Williams
as Angry SESH African American Guy in Audience
Cullen Moss
as Mark
Rowan Johnson
Kelly Steelman
as Sports Sesh Audience Member/Charity Event Guest/Dragon Boat Rower
Elizabeth De Razzo
as Maria
Craig Robinson
as Reg Mackworthy
Quentin Kerr
as Kevin Hickman
Megan Hayes
as Gloria
Karen Malina
as Teacher
Sarah Maine
as Girl #1
L. Warren Young
as Drug Dealer
Tyler Nisbet
as Fan With Football
Amber Brooke
as Kate
Caitlin Conlon
as Dancer
Orlando Ricci
as Neighbor at a Dinner Party
Abraham Henderson
Michael Rosander
Danecka Peyton
as Opera Guest/Sesh Audience
Lorri Lindberg
Diana Gowdy
Lee Armstrong
Tim Ware
Nathan Pearson
as AV Kid
Caroline Kahn
as SESH Audience Member
Dave Cohen
Eddie Frierson
Shiree Nelson
Tony Morin
as Surfer
Yairim Alexandra
as Discouraged Fan
Jennifer Irwin
as Cassie Powers
Alan Boell
as Mall Shopper #2
Juan Vigil
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Rodney 'Hammer' Garcia/Rodney (Hammer) Garcia
Rochelle Aycoth
as Lawyer/Opera Goer
Arnold Y. Kim
as Mr. Myung
Cecilia Johnson
as College Student
Elli Klein
as Uncle Hal's Party Girl
Jim Babel
as Go Kart Worker
Eddie M. Salazar
Deep Roy
as Aaron
Christopher Michael Connery
John Delaney
as Charity Event Guest
Sandi Shackelford
Montrez Marcelle
Addison Mow
as Baseball Player
Jill Jane Clements
as Shane's Mom
Jen Gray
as Nerdy Girl
Mark Roberts
Maclaren Laing
Dakota Piver
David V Nelson
as Pool Guy
Zane Paul
as Cafeteria Kid
Joseph S. Timberlake
as Sesh Crew
Steele Gagnon
as Toby
Raj Vats
Heath Altman
Ken Marino
as Guy Young
Laurie Cole
as Make-up Artist/Make-Up Artist
Alexander Peña
Deacon Dawson
as Mr. Nesbit
Lily Tomlin
as Tammy
Vida Guerra
Jubei G. Carmack-Gaiters
as Rigoberto Janowski
Candace Evanofski
Jevon Johnson
as Boys Baseball Team
Lucas Scott-Martin
as SESH Audience Member
Monnie Whitson
Matthew Wright
Kayla Austin
as Middle School PE Kids
Robert Gregory Cole
as Charity Representative
Nora Mangrum
as Rose Powers
Cathy Poley
as Cheryl Forney
Avana Judea McKoy
Shari Petrauskas
Joe Buck
as Joe Buck
Gage Grishaw
as Band Student
William Frasca
as Hotel Doorman
Sylvia Jefferies
as Tracy
Keya Hamilton
as 1st Class Passenger
Jacobo Salgado
Don Young
Danny Pollack
as Student
Jeff Musial
as Jeff Musial The Animal Guy
Caroline Tervo
Anderson Martin
Steve Baldwin
as Bum in Alley
Marilyn Manson
as Roller Rink Server
Symone Cantey
Jim Prim
as BBQ Guest
Hakim Callender
as Drunk Dude #2
Omar J. Dorsey
as Dontel Benjamin
Eddie Diaz
Chris Reed
as Joel
Carolyn Foland
as Sports Sesh Audience/Wedding Attendent
Vaughn Wilson
as Janitor #2
Terry Bowden
as Schaeffer Salesman
Arron Marshall
Marco Rodríguez
as Roger Hernandez
Daniel Bolton
as Marcus Shank
C.J. Craig
as Waterpark Kid
Zac Gardner
as Slow Kid
Gilland Jones
Austin McLamb
as Toby
Jason St. Clair
Armin Nasseri
as Baseball Fan
Spencer Moreno
Maya Urdaneta
as Mr. Cisneros Lady Friend
David Loyer
as Caroler
Genevive Barker
Eddie Vargas
Austin Spero
as Jerome
Evan Cheney
Robin Lee Maggy
Elijah Rain Stacey
Andrew Daly
as Terrence Cutler
Jillian Bell
as Dixie
Carlos Sanchez
Rachel Koprowski

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 7 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 8 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 8 Episodes




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Casting Society of America, USA 2009


Casting Society of America, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Television Pilot - Comedy

Satellite Awards 2009


Satellite Awards

Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical

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