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Aug, 19, 2022
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Lamia is a poor girl who falls in love with the handsome man of a wealthy family, Kenan. Kenan is a successful musician and ready to get married with a very beautiful woman from a very rich family and his family is really into that. But Kenan charmed from this pure beautiful girl who is always happy, Lamia, and he sees something in her eyes that he doesn't have.. Their love is started to get everyday day stonger and stronger but they can not be together because they are from "different world" and Kenan is ready to get married. Cemil is a "bad" man, the husband of Kenan's sister, drinks alot alcohol and is very spoiled, he also desires Lamia who is having eyes only for Kenan.. After so many difficulties and enemies of their relation between Lamia and Kenan, they finally get married but their marriage is not succesful and happy, Lamia is a famous woman now as an actress who plays in a series and the people love her and Kenan is a non succesful musician that nobody cares, only Lamia is there for him but he starts not behave well to Lamia and being jealous about her success. Cemil has completely change and now he is the best friend of Lamia and her secret "angel" , always wait to help her in any difficulty she get through. Cemil is very much in love with Lamia and he is ready to help her with any prise and stand by her side even as only a friend.. How they all end up is a really life' s lesson and each one will have their own end from their choices...

Country: Turkey

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: Turkish

Release Date: September 3, 2007

Also Known As: Мелодија на сърцето, Plač violineDudaktan kalbe, From the Lips to the Heart, Dudaktan Kalbe (2007, dizi), Симфония любви, A szív útjai, De los labios al corazón, Dudaktan kalbe (dizi 2007), Fjalë drejt zemres, Dudaktan kalbe (dizi, 2007), De pe buze la inima, Плач виолине, Dudaktan Kalbe (dizi), Dudaktan Kalbe (2007 dizi), Kismet (TV serija), Dudaktan Kalbe (TV serija 2008), Kismet |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Ay Yapim

CastSee full cast »

Oktay Oy
as Veysel
Özge Özder
as Cavidan Meriçoglu
Ayten Soykök
as Enise
Evrim Sahintürk
Tuncay Akça
as Asci
Nihat Altinkaya
as Umut Altug
Deniz Türkali
as Sahika
Levent Güner
as Sükrü
Ismail Düvenci
as Münir
Burak Hakkı
Özlem Sagdiç
as Gülay
Yavuz Sepetçi
as Kemal Köksal
Gözde Kansu
as Nimet Basar/Nimet
Yunus Güner
as Namik
Baris Hayta
as Nazim

Seasons & Episodes

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Season 2

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