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October 21, 2021
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Drain The Oceans’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


Maritime mysteries old and new come to life in this 10-episode series, combining scientific data and digital re-creations to reveal shipwrecks, treasures, and sunken cities on the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans around the world. Innovative technology allows viewers to see what lies on the floors of large bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as if they had been drained. Then, in a quest to explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes, stories tell of how vessels sank, what ancient geological formations can tell us about life on Earth, where Nazi secrets now reside and why so many continue to search for the legendary city of Atlantis.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Documentary

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: May 1, 2018

Parents Guide: United States (TV-PG)


Company Credits

Production Co: Mallinson Sadler Productions, Electric Pictures


Andy Sherrell
as Self - Deep Sea Search and Salvage Expert/Self - Underwater Surveyor, Sherrell Ocean Services
Nick Bradbeer
as Self - Naval Architect, University College London
Bill Cantine
as Self - Museum Specialist
Chris Goldfinger
as Self - Paleo-Seismologist, Oregon State University
Olga Goriunova
as Self - Archaeologist, Irkutsk State University
Richard Lundgren
as Self - Explorer, Global Underwater Explorers
Paul Mayer
as Self - Subsea Pilot & Researcher, Petrel
Simon Keay
as Self - Archaeologist, University of Southampton
Blaine Gibson
as Self - Amateur Adventurer
Lefteris Zorzos
as Self - Archaeologist
Jim Spirek
as Self - Marine Archaeologist, University of South Carolina
Corey Malcom
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Michael Scafuri
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, H.L.Hunley Project
Andy Saunders
as Self - Aviation Historian
Neil Dobson
as Self - Principal Marine Archaeologist, Odyssey Marine Exploration, 2001-2020
Jayne Stowell
as Self - Strategic Advisor, Google
Dan Stevenson
as Self - Technical Diver
Clive Gale
as Self - Explosives Expert, Alford Technologies Ltd
Michael McCarthy
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Western Australian Museum
Grant Otto
as Self - Survey Team
Robert Church
as Self - Marine Archaeologist
Carter Duval
as Self - Oceanographer, University of Delaware/Self - Survey Team
Pål Nymoen
as Self - Archaeologist, Norwegian Maritime Museum
Gregory Cook
as Self - Archaeologist, University of West Florida
Doug Jenzen
as Self - Historian
David Steinberg
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Northern Territory Government
Viktor Sliusarenko
as Self - Warrant Officer, Soviet Navy
Chelsea Rose
as Self - Archaeologist
Simon Brown
as Self - 3D Photogrammetrist
William M. Murray
as Self - Stathis Professor of Greek History, University of South Florida
Costas Emmanuel Synolakis
as Self - Director of the Tsunami Research Center, University of Southern California
Charles Domnick
as Self - Castle Bravo Witness
Ryan Wendel
as Self - Archaeologist
Scott Roberts
as Self - Expedition Diver
David Griffin
as Self - Oceanographer
Annalies Corbin
as Self - Archaeologist
Josh Morris
as Self - Rescue Team
Vid Petrovic
as Self - Software Engineer, Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego
Mauro Bondioli
as Self - Naval Historian & Archaeologist, ARS NAUTICA, Institute for Maritime Heritage
Matthias van Rossum
as Self - International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam
Eric Stolzenberg
as Self - Accident Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board
Graham Evans
as Self - EGS Survey Group
Lori Arsenault
as Self
Rob Crouch
Hilde Elise Heldal
as Self - Marine Scientist, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Dan Pascoe
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Mallory Haas
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Michael Brennan
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, SEARCH Inc.
Gary Randolph
as Self - Mel Fisher's Treasures
Angela Middleton
as Self - Conservator, Historic England
Xabier Agote
as Self - Director, Albaola
Sven Van Haelst
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Flanders Marine Institute
Peter Campbell
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, British School at Rome/Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Cranfield University/Self - Maritime Archaeologist, RPM Nautical Foundation
Innes McCartney
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Bournemouth University
Chris Jewell
as Self - Cave Rescue Diver
Adam Olejnik
as Self - Polish Naval Academy, Co-Author 'Freedom of the Seas'
J. Michael Niotta
as Self - Author & Crime Historian
Ken Nahshon
as Self - Research Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center/Self - Senior Research Engineer, US Navy
Ian Murray Taylor
as Self - Naval Architect
Leland O'Driscoll
as Self - Seismologist
Nick Hewitt
as Self - Naval Historian, National Museum of the Royal Navy
Steve Ellis
as Self - Diver, The London Shipwreck Trust
Donald L. Miller
as Self - Author, City of the Century
Alex Hildred
as Self - Curator, Mary Rose Trust
Michael Stamatakis
as Self - Geologist
Vladislav Zubok
as Self - Historian, London School of Economics
Ron Switzer
as Self - Archaeologist
John Cox
as Self - CEO, Safety Operating Systems
Jeremy Everest
as Self - Glacial Geologist, British Geological Survey
Joel Polizzi
as Self - Visualisation Engineering Technician, Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego
Stefano Medas
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Norman Friedman
as Self - Historian & Author
Kenzo Hayashida
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Andrew Lambert
as Self - Naval Historian, Kings College London
Will Hoffman
as Self - Director of Conservation, The Mariners' Museum
Regan Lipinski
as Self - Marine Surveyor
Chuck Meide
as Self - Archaeologist, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
Amy Higgins
as Self - Restoration Specialist
Michael P. Pateman
as Self - Senior Archaeologist
Alison James
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Historic England
Steve Feltham
as Self - Nessie Hunter
Ben Sells
as Self - Author, The Tunnel Under the Lake
Russell Boulter
as Narrator: National Geographic Channel/Narrator
Jason Mallinson
as Self - Cave Rescue Diver
Joe Ramirez
as Self - US Military Lawyer (Retd.)
Andy Bowen
as Self - Principal Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Cécile Sauvage
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, DRASSM
Tony Pollard
as Self - University of Glasgow
David Manley
as Self - Naval Architect, UK Ministry of Defence
Vincent Cusimano
as Peter Brosnan
Joycelyn Davis
as Self - Clotilda Descendant
Tomasz Stachura
as Self - Expert Wreck Diver
Robert Neyland
as Self - Head of Underwater Archaeology, Naval History and Heritage Command
Lynn Harris
as Self - Maritime Studies, East Carolina University
Eoin McGarry
as Self - Technical Diver
James Chatters
as Self - Archaeologist & Forensic Anthropologist, Applied Paleoscience
Michael Scott
as Self - Professor of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick
Anna Gibson Holloway
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, SEARCH Inc.
Craig L. Symonds
as Self - Author and Historian/Self - Naval Historian, U.S. Naval Academy
Jun Kimura
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Jann Witt
as Self - Historian, German Naval Association/Self - Maritime Historian
Sean Kingsley
as Self - Archaeological Consultant, Odyssey Marine Exploration, 2008-2016
Colin Martin
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Kristian H. Nielsen
as Self - Science Historian, Aarhus University
Robert Kraft
as Self - Director of Subsea Ops, Petrel
Runar Lia
as Self - Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum
Alberto Nava
as Self - Explorer & Cartographer
Matthew Adams
as Self - New York University
Ric Wharton
as Self - Marine Engineer
Megan Lickliter-Mundon
as Self - Aviation Archaeologist
Michael Epkenhans
as Self - Naval Historian, German Armed Forces
Melodie Grubbs
as Self - Spatial Scientist
Charles Beeker
as Self - Archaeologist
John W. Foster
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist (Ret.), California State Parks
Alexei Kouraev
as Self - Oceanographer, University of Toulouse
Trân Xá
as Self - Pearl Diver
Vidar Skoglie
as Self - Diver and Skipper
Andy Matroci
as Self - Mel Fisher's Treasures
Gerard J. DeGroot
as Self - Author, The Bomb: A Life
Kerry Shale
as Narrator
Larrie Ferreiro
as Self - Naval Architect and Historian, George Mason University
Tom Dettweiler
as Self - Senior Project Manager, Odyssey Marine Exploration, 2004-2015
Giovanni Caniato
as Self - Venetian Historian
Eric Grove
as Self - Naval Historian
Ted Karamanski
as Self - Public History Director, Loyola University Chicago
Nick Jellicoe
as Self - Jutland Historian
Chris Naunton
as Self - Egyptologist
Richard Everett
as Self - Curator (Ret.), San Francisco Maritime Museum
Matt Cheser
as Self - Naval Historian, US Navy
Hans Koerver
as Self - U-Boat Historian
Johanna Rivera Diaz
as Self - Conservator, H.L.Hunley Project
Stephen Burke
as Self - Co-Author 'Freedom of the Seas'
Søren Gregersen
as Self - Scout at Camp Century, 1960-61
Glenn Skelton
as Self - Managing Director, Seatech Diving
Sam Turner
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Search. Inc.
Allen Benzing
as Self - Aircraft Commander, CAF B-29
Robert Schwemmer
as Self - National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA
M. Colleen Hamilton
as Self - Archaeologist
Craig Sechler
as Narrator/Narrator - National Geographic Channel
William Jurens
as Self - Battleship Historian
Virgil Yendell
as Self - Geo-Archaeologist, Museum of London Archaeology
Irena Radic Rossi
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, University of Zadar, Croatia
Anthony Tully
as Self - Historian & Author/Self - Naval Historian
William Colgan
as Self - Climatologist, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Elisa de Cabo
as Self - Ministry of Culture, Spain, 1998-2020
Robert Steven Bianchi
as Self - Egyptologist, Fondation Gandur pour l'Art
Robert Grenier
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Lisa Briggs
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, University of Oxford
Bob Bianchi
as Self - Egyptologist and Art Historian
Hironobu Kan
as Self - Geomorphologist
Ernie Lapointe
as Self - Founder, Sitting Bull Family Foundation
David Olusoga
as Self - Department of Public History, University of Manchester
Lorna Woods
as Self - Clotilda Descendant
Dave Oliver
as Self - US Navy
Frederick Hanselmann
as Self - Archaeologist, University of Miami/Self - University of Miami
Warren Riess
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, University of Maine
Roo Walters
as Self - Cave Surveyor, Commendium Ltd
Kelvin Jones
as Self - Photographer
Emad Khalil
as Self - Archaeologist, Alexandria University
Robert Watson
as Self - Historian, Lynn University, Florida
Bruce Howe
as Self - University of Hawaii
David Mearns
as Self - Shipwreck Hunter. Blue Water Recoveries/Self - Shipwreck Hunter - Blue Water Recoveries
Peter Foley
as Self - Crash Investigator, ATSB
Kamau Sadiki
as Self - National Association of Black Scuba Divers
Joseph Troiani
as Self - Military Psychologist, Adler University
Kim Fisher
as Self - Mel Fisher's Treasures
Silvano Jung
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Carlos de Juan
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, University of Valencia
Spencer Cefalu
as Bruce Cardozo
Damian Robinson
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, University of Oxford
Colin Harvey
as Self - Local Historian
Tom Lewis
as Self - Military Historian
Cedric Gobeil
as Self - Director, Egypt Exploration Society
James Goold
as Self - Maritime Lawyer for Spain, Covington & Burling
James Holland
as Self - Writer and Historian
Fredrik Soreide
as Self - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Hiroshi Ishihara
as Self - Senior Forecaster
Arthur B. Cohn
as Self - Director Emeritus, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Nigel Pickford
as Self - Shipwreck Author
David Finnern
as Self - Underwater Explorer
Philippe Rouja
as Self - Principal Scientist, Department of Conservation Services
Alec Duncan
as Self - Underwater Acoustician
Eric Wartenweiler Smith
as Self
Douglas Scott
as Self - Archaeologist
Isabelle Hairy
as Self - Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines
Mark Stille
as Self - Commander, U.S. Navy Ret.
James Delgado
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, SEARCH Inc./Self - Maritime Archaeologist/Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Search. Inc./Self - Marine Archaeologist
Beverly Goodman
as Self - Marine Geologist, University of Haifa
Josh Dean
as Self - Investigative Journalist
Ikuhiro Tomohiro
as Self - Matsuura City Mayor
Rod Macdonald
as Self - Author and Shipwreck Explorer
John Thornton
as Self - Technical Dive Skipper
David Yamaguchi
as Self - Dendrochronologist
Craig Wallace
as Self - Subsea Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime
Paskorn Boonyalug
as Self - Vice Governor, Chiang Rai Province
Rodrigo Ortiz Vazquez
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Laurel Bestock
as Self - Brown University
Graham Scott
as Self - Marine Archaeologist
Della Scott-Ireton
as Self - Archaeologist, University of West Florida
Valerie Van Heest
as Self - Author, Lost on the Lady Elgin
Dougal Jerram
as Self - Earth Scientist, University of Oslo
Martyn Farr
as Self - Caver and Author, The Darkness Beckons
Deborah Marx
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, SEARCH Inc.
Danny Graham
as Self - Technical Diver
Kevin Galeaz
as Self - US Navy Submariner (Retd.)
David Moore
as Self - Head of Archaeology, Intersal Inc.
Walter Smith
as Self - Geophysicist
Alex DeCaro
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, SEARCH Inc.
Kenichiro Tani
as Self - Volcanologist
Thomas Heaton
as Self - Geophysicist
Pavlos Voutos
as Self - Local Diver
Alexis Catsambis
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, US Navy
Jens Auer
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Wessex Archaeology Ltd/Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Wessex Archaeology Ltd.
Jonathan Kuntz
as Self - Film Historian, UCLA
Gustav Milne
as Self - Archaeologist, University College London
John Broadwater
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Johan Rönnby
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Arto Belekdanian
as Self - Egyptologist
Iván Negueruela
as Self - Director, National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Spain
Anderson Flen
as Self - Community Leader, Africatown
Chris Howlett
as Self - Hydrographer
Simon Elliott
as Self - Achaeologist & Historian, University of Kent
Kazushi Hiro
as Self - Imperial Japanese Navy Ret.
Adrian Shine
as Self - The Loch Ness Project
Art Trembanis
as Self - Director CSHEL, University of Delaware/Self - Geologist & Oceanographer, University of Delaware
John Pollock
as Self - Research Associate, Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Jongklai Worapongsathorn
as Self - Deputy Chief, Department of National Parks
Susan Bird
as Self - Diver
Tamara Thomsen
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, Wisconsin Historical Society
John Dillon Leetch
as Self - Hydrographer, Port of London Authority
Denise Jaffke
as Self - Archaeologist
Victoria Stapells
as Self - Historian
Cheryl LaRoche
as Self - Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland
Vern Unsworth
as Self - Cave Explorer
Iain Stewart
as Self - Geologist, University of Plymouth
Franck Goddio
as Self - Underwater Archaeologist, Director of Excavation
Kihachiro Aratake
as Self - Local Diver
Dan Scoville
as Self - Subsea Engineer, OceanGate
Tosh Minohara
as Self - Historian, Kobe University
Mario Rebolledo-Vieyra
as Self - Geophysicist
Clyde George
Keith Holland
as Self - Explorer
Jon Henderson
as Self - Archaeologist, University of Nottingham/Self - Professor of Classics and Archaeology, University of Nottingham/Self - Archaeologist, University of Edinburgh
Olivier Ferrante
as Self - Head of Sea Search Operations, BEA
Mark Lawrence
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, ADUS DeepOcean Ltd
Alan Orpin
as Self - Marine Geologist
Kyle Dufault
as Self - Marine Sonic Technology
Andrzej Slaby
as Self - Hydrographer, LOTUS Petrobaltic S.A.
Patrick Nunn
as Self - Geologist
Nicholas Flemming
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist
Robert Ballard
as Self - President, Ocean Exploration Trust
Andrew Fock
as Self - Diver
Dominique Rissolo
as Self - Archaeologist, Qualcomm Institute, University of California, San Diego
Kevin Klemens
as Self - U.S. Navy Reserve
Sean Gulick
as Self - University of Texas
Jim Kennard
as Self - Shipwreck Explorer, Shipwreck World
Alfredo Etchegaray
as Self - Admiral Graf Spee Researcher
Claudia Hartl
as Self - Dendrochronologist, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Christoph Gerigk
as Self - Expedition Diver
Evi Nomikou
as Self - Geologist - Oceanographer, University of Athens
Joshu Mountjoy
as Self - Marine Geologist
Melissa Connor
as Self - Archaeologist
Álvaro de Cózar
as Self - Journalist, El País, 2003-2015
Osamu Tagaya
as Self - Aviation Historian
Mark Britt
Maya Jasanoff
as Self - Historian and Author, Harvard University
Amy Borgens
as Self - Marine Archaeologist
Stephen Brusatte
as Self - Paleontologist, University of Edinburgh
Sam Willis
as Self - Archaeologist and Historian/Self - Naval Historian
Paul Mardikian
as Self - Senior Conservator, Warren Lasch Conservation Center
Nicola Lercari
as Self - Digital Archaeologist
Jesús Rivera Martinez
as Self - Spanish Institute of Oceanography
Masaaki Kimura
as Self - Marine Geologist
Klaudie Bertelink
as Self - Diver & Researcher
Stella Demesticha
as Self - Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology, University of Cyprus
James L. Nelson
as Self - Novelist
Joan Renner
as Self - Social Historian
Mike Roberts
as Self - Oceanographer, Bangor University
Barbara Moran
as Self - Author, The Day We Lost the H-bomb
Steve Mortimer
as Self - Technical Diver
Justin Gwynn
as Self - Senior Scientist, Norwegian Radiation & Nuclear Safety Authority
Loren Davis
as Self - Anthropologist & Archaeologist, Oregon State University
John Kidd
as Self - Operations Officer, NOAA
John Rossier
as Self - Expedition Diver
John Worth
as Self - Archaeologist, University of West Florida
Kenneth Lacovara
as Self - Director, Edelman Fossil Park
Lindsey Thomas
as Self - Maritime Archaeologist, ProMare Inc.
Simon Mills
as Self - Author, Exploring The Britannic
Knut Paasche
as Self - Archaeologist, Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage
John Bratten
as Self - Head Conservator, University of West Florida
Martijn Manders
as Self - Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
Dave Huber
as Self - Co-founder, Deep Gulf Energy
Steven Jaffe
as Self - Curator, Museum of the City of New York
Ian McCann
as Self - Archaeologist
Marc-André Gutscher
as Self - Geophysicist

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 15 Episodes

Season 3

2020 | 9 Episodes

Season 4

2021 | 10 Episodes




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