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December 3, 2021
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In the version that is shown on YTV in Canada, the story begins mid-way through the Dragon Ball Z series. Raditz, Goku's brother has traveled to Earth to find out why Goku has not yet destroyed the planet as he was supposed to do. But while as a baby, Goku was dropped (down a huge cliff) and forgot his real mission. Kakarot, Goku's real name battles his brother Raditzs along with former enemy Piccolo and friend Krillin. Meanwhile, Gohan; Goku's son reveals his hidden powers against Raditz and nearly kills Raditz. However Goku is killed in the end, but Raditz is eventually defeated by Piccolo. Before he dies, he tells them that two evil Saiyans even more powerful then he is, are on route to Earth. The remaining fighters, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu begin their training to battle the evil Saiyans, while Piccolo takes off with Gohan to train him in using his new found power. Meanwhile, Goku has to make his way back on Snake Way to King Kai's where he trains himself in the secret art of Kaio-ken.

Country: Japan

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 13, 1996

Also Known As: As Bólas do Dragón Z, كرة التنين زد |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Austria (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

martial arts

Company Credits

Production Co: Ocean Group, Toei Animation |  See more »


Chris Cason
as Tien/Super Ghost/Mr. Popo/Attendant 1/Pintar/Father Worm/Floating Man/Friar A/News Anchor
Mark Britten
as Oolong/Ox-King/Korin/Burter/Grand Kai/Moori/Alien Announcer/Mustard/Malaka/Commander
Michael Kopsa
as Yakon/Giran
Mayumi Tanaka
as Kuririn
Mark Hildreth
as Zeshin
Tony Sampson
as Man #2/Pigero
Rick Robertson
as Dabura/Olibu
Jon Allen
as Pink Hat Guy
Richard Newman
as Oolong/King Furry/Captain Ginyu/Porunga/Captain Chicken/Commander/Fleeing Citizen/John Johnson/Master Roshi/Mr. Blue Suit/Truck Driver/WHN Anchor
Bart Myer
as Spice
Jerry Jewell
as Nam
France Perras
as Bulma/Suno
Chuck Huber
as Kibito/Android 17/Garlic Jr./Additional Voices/Mr. Shu/Rittain/Rock/Slimjim/Terrified Man
Hiro Yûki
as Dende/Nokku
Laara Sadiq
as Chi-Chi/Maid/Nurse/Social Worker
Denise Logan
as West Supreme Kai
Brian Dobson
as Super Buu/Pirozhki/Kid Buu/Dr. Gero/Android 20/Evil Buu/Super Ghost/Friars/Future Gohan/Mr. Vodka/Rich Man
Bradford Jackson
as Oolong/King Cold/Biker/News Anchor/Pink Dragon/Police Captain
Adam Henderson
as Captain Strong
Sean Whitley
as Jewel
Ted Cole
as Yamcha/Android 17/Korin/Jewel/Additional Voices/Lionel the Cameraman/Pui Pui/Smitty/Namekian Warrior/Battleball Player/Cameraman/Commander Red/Elder Tsuno/Father/Gunman/Lionel the Camerman/Murdock/Namekian/Namole/Nareg/Underling
John Burgmeier
as Tien/Caroni/Gregory/Yamu/Civilian/Farmer/ZTV Announcer
Kirby Morrow
as Goku/Pintar/Crane Man/Fake Goku
Paul LeBlanc
as Yakon
Barry Watson
as Scratch/Desert Guy
Reece Thompson
as Uub
Tiffany Vollmer
as Bulma/Actress/Capsule Corp Computer/Receptionist/Scared Woman/Woman
Enuka Okuma
as Android #18
Naoko Watanabe
as Chichi
Matt Smith
as Tien/Goz/Red Ribbon Soldier
Laura Bailey
as Trunks/Gotenks/Erasa/Brunette Bakery Clerk/Woman/Woman B/Young Chi-Chi
Mark Lancaster
as Warrior C
Lisa Ann Beley
as Chi-Chi/Mother/Reporter/Terrified Woman
Dameon Clarke
as Cell/Killa/South Kai/Torbie/Professor/Additional Voices/Arqua/Boar Actor/Bora/Busjacker Leader/Crane Man/Fake Hercule/Future Gohan/Gohan's Glassmate/Jimbo/Kabu/Mighty Mask/Musuka's Lacky 1/Officer/Reckless Driver/Reg/Upa
Julie Franklin
as Washer Woman
Monika Antonelli
as Chiaotzu/Puar/Little Girl/Sister/Woman
Jane Perry
as Mrs. Briefs/Aerobics Woman
Shea Imboden
as Gunman
French Tickner
as King Moai
Leroy Jenkins
as Togakean
Alistair Abell
as Trunks/Baby Trunks/Sharpner/Torbie/Nok/Raditz/Additional Voices/Fleeing Citizen/Upa
Andrew Francis
as Dende
Linda Young
as Frieza/Piiza/Baba/Female Frog/Woman
Elan Ross Gibson
as Baba
Dale Kelly
as Narrator/Captain Ginyu
Eric Vale
as Trunks/World Tournament Announcer/Additional Voices/Boat Jerk/Police 2
Robert McCollum
as Goten
Michael Coleman
as Idasa/Mooki
Gabe Khouth
as Goten/Majin Soldier/Stuntman
Gordon Holey
as Warrior A
Megan Woodall
as Bulla
Chris Forbis
as Dr. Briefs/Aide/Control Officer/Dodoria/Kami/Namekian Warrior/Yuzukar
Stephanie Giotes
as Woman
Duncan Brannan
as Babidi/Sharpner/Smitty/Bibidi/Commander/Old Man
Brandon Potter
as Warrior B
Kôzô Shioya
as Majin Bû
Chris Cantrell
as Dude/Namekian
Doug Parker
as Bubbles/Blueberry/Mez/Subordinate
Sonny Strait
as Krillin/Additional Voices/Bardock/Idasa/Cameraman/Man/Soldier/Assistant Director Black/Bird/Civilian/General/Jerk/John Johnson/Manager/Mr. Borbonne/Mr. Vodka/Pit Bull Pete/T-Rex/TV Guy/Wild Tiger/Woodchuck
Phillip Wilburn
as Android 19/Pterosaur Baby
Doc Harris
as Narrator
Megumi Urawa
as Uub
Peter Kelamis
as Goku/Civilian
David Kaye
as Recoome/Ship Computer/Major Metallitron/Namekian Warrior
John Freeman
as Vinegar
Lydia Mackay
as Cynthia
Dave 'Squatch' Ward
as Ox-King
Paul Dobson
as Zarbon/Dodoria/Dr. Brief/Raiti/Korin/Subordinate/Dinosaur/Giant/Orlen/Underling B/Atla/Frieza's Ship Computer/Greger/Investigator 1/Oggers/Ritoian Boy/Shorty
Jeremy Inman
as Android 16/Battleball Quarterback
Nicole Jones
as Boy
Chris Rager
as Hercule/King Yemma/Goz/Additional Voices/Fat Dude/Gorilla/Gramps/Guppy/Papoi/South Supreme Kai/The Guy/Tie Guy/Toothless Guy
Christopher Bevins
as Bee/Worm
Stephanie Nadolny
as Gohan/Baby Trunks/Young Goku/East Kai/Idasam/Ship Computer/Female Reporter/Miss Hamilton/Angela/Caterpy/Chobi/Computer Voice/Girl/Instructor/Little Girl/Little James/Reporter
Jeff Munsterman
as General/North Supreme Kai
Justin Cook
as Dende/Super Buu/Lionel the Cameraman/Cell Junior/Evil Buu/Prelim Ref/Announcer/Camera Guy/Froug/Game Poy/Great Ape/Jerry/News Anchor/Police 1/Radio Announcer/Raditz/Spokesman/Tapkar
Hirotaka Suzuoki
as Kyaputen Chikin/Tenkaichi Budokai Announcer
Sean Schemmel
as Goku/King Kai/Nail/Vegito/Biker/Driver/Fake Goku/Mr. Musuka/Police Chief/Soldier
Gerard Plunkett
as Scarface
Cathy Weseluck
as Trunks/Chiaotzu/Puar/Marron/Android 19/East Kai/Idasam/Maron/Additional Voices/Bulla/Cargo/Saiyan Pod Computer/Aerobic Teacher/Bakery Clerk/Brother/Capsule Corp Computer/Chobi/Engaged Woman/Fish/Hatch/Icarus/Jink/Lemlia/Lime/Maid/Mother/Namekian Children/Old Witch/Reporter/Rom/Spaceship Computer/Washer Woman/Young Daughter
Takeshi Kusao
as Trunks
Robert O. Smith
as Guru
Rocío Garcel
as Bulma
Terry Klassen
as Krillin/Master Roshi/Babidi/Additional Voices/West Kai/Alien Announcer/Appule/Guldo/Cell Junior/Friar/Malaka/Street Cleaner/Grandpa Gohan/Ikose/Man/Reporter/Subordinate/Bibidi/Boat Jerk/Bora/Director/Fitness Trainer/General/Hunter/Jackie Chun/King Vegeta/Man #1/Mighty Mask/Milton Munroe/Namekian/News Anchor/Newscaster/North Supreme Kai/Soldier B/Subject/Underling C/Weatherman/Yardrat/Youth
Kelly Sheridan
as Erasa/Actress/Cynthia/Ship Computer/West Supreme Kai
Yûko Minaguchi
as Pan/Videl
Pauline Newstone
as Frieza
Melodee Lenz
as Marron/Girl Passenger
Jakie Cabe
as Sabertooth
Dale Wilson
as Cell/Kami/Olibu/King Yemma/Goz/Android 8/Cop/Mr. Borbonne/Mr. Lao/Piranha Pete/Terrified Man/Worker #2
Tabitha St. Germain
as Gotenks/Receptionist/Super Ghost
Moneca Stori
as Videl/Audience Member
Ryô Horikawa
as Vegeta
Alvin Sanders
as Mr. Popo/Lionel the Cameraman/Gregory/Zaacro/Pilot/Soldier A
Michael Dobson
as Supreme Kai/World Tournament Announcer/Kibito Kai/Jimmy Firecracker/Nappa/Spopovich/Additional Voices/Grand Kai/King Cold/Shin/Van Zant/Banan/Coach/Director Red/Nail/Namekian Elder/News Anchor/Newscaster/Pepper Johnson/Rock/Spectator #1/Strock/Umpire
Andrew Chandler
as Spopovich/Giran
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Raditz
Daphne Gere
as Maron
Andrew Kavadas
as Maraikoh
Bob Carter
as Otokosuki
Lane Pianta
as Hippy/Pilot
Masako Nozawa
as Son Gohan/Son Goku/Son Goten
Cynthia Cranz
as Chi-Chi/Mrs. Briefs/Bystander/Granny/Mrs. Brief/Pippi/Terrified Woman/Woman
Leah Clark
as Aerobics Teacher/Launch/Terrified Woman
Ceyli Delgadillo
as Dende/Brother
Maggie Blue O'Hara
as Bulma/Additional Voices/Aerobics Teacher/Sister/Woman
Kasey Buckley
as Girlfriend/Girl in Red
Phil Parsons
as Daikaioh
Susan Huber
as Pan
Laurie Steele
as Baba/Child/Purple Lady/Weather Girl/Young Krillin
Scott McNeil
as Piccolo/Majin Buu/Android 16/Old Kai/Additional Voices/Dabura/Dr. Briefs/Caroni/Jeice/Turtle/Killa/South Kai/Cell Junior/Farmer/General Tao/Moori/King Piccolo/Mez/Raspberry/Sabertooth/Arlian/Arqua/Assistant Director Black/Battleball Quarterback/Coach Freddy Hein/Daikaioh/Fake Cell/Friar/Frog-Face/Froug/Guide/Investigator 2/Kami/King Kai/Lesoy/Mr. Musuka/Namekian/News Anchor/Ogre/Papoi/Reg/Reporter/Robot Ogre/South Supreme Kai/Spirit/Spokesman/Staff Officer Black/Subject/Subordinate/Sui/Wild Tiger/Yardrat/Yetti
Brian Drummond
as Vegeta/Yajirobe/Baba/Pikkon/Vegito/Yamu/Additional Voices/Cell Junior/Geek/News Anchor/Arlian/Audience Member/Boat Jerk/Bun/Civilian/Commander/Fake Vegeta/Friars/General/Human Actor/King Vegeta/Man/Nick Hornsby/Rocky Rivers/Subordinate/Worm
Sean Teague
as Uub/Worm
Carlos Moreno
as Guy #2
Toshio Furukawa
as Piccolo
James Fields
as Jimmy Firecracker/Nick Hornby
Ward Perry
as Kami/King Yemma/Nail/Goose/Inspector Dog/Namekian Warrior
Derrik Poitevint
as Warriors
Christopher Sabat
as Piccolo/Vegeta/Yamcha/Mr. Popo/Kami/Additional Voices/Bubbles/Guru/Jeice/Porunga/Turtle/Recoome/Shenron/Vegito/King Vegeta/Korin/Moori/Icarus/Nappa/Guardian/King Piccolo/Namekian/Newscaster/Old Man/Raditz/Soldier/Subject/Zarbon/Audience/Baby Dinosaur/Boat Jerk/Burter/Bystander/Captain/Civilian/Cool Guy/Dinosaur/Fake Vegeta/Fitness Trainer/Friar/Friar B/Goz/Grandpa Gohan/Lizard/Major Metallitron/Man/Mez/Mooki/Namekian Warrior/Pilot/Reporter/Staff Officer Black/Subordinate/Terrified Man/Warrior/Zorn
Jillian Michaels
as Goten/Gohan/Bee/Piiza/Young Goku/Young Gohan
Matthew Piersall
as Warriors
Kyle Hebert
as Narrator/Gohan/Narrator (DVD version)/Ox-King/Pirozhki/West Kai/Pikkon/King Furry/Great Saiyaman/Audience Member/Friars/Man/Captain Chicken/Friar/Nok/Birdwell/Dino Bull/Dude/Farmer/Hippie/Hustler/Kasdan/Mayor/Mr. Blue Suit/Mustache Guy/Pupil A/Purple Guy/Reporter/Snake/Subject
Mike McFarland
as Master Roshi/Yajirobe/Additional Voices/Geek/Man/Pui Pui/Announcer/Mez/Android 8/Audience Member/Civilian/Commander/Cop/Director Red/Fake Cell/General/Hunter/Jackie Chun/Johnnie/Lieutenant/Mohawk Man/Musuka's Lacky 2/Newscaster/Pilot/Produce Man/Pupil C/Servant/Tank Top/Terrified Man/Toh Toh
Aaron Davidson
as Baby Pterry/Pterry Family/Subject B
Ellen Kennedy
as Nurse/Princess Snake
Alec Willows
as Oolong/Namekian/Underling A/Additional Voices/Man #3
Brad Swaile
as Gohan/Great Saiyaman
Brian Thomas
as Namekian
Myriam Sirois
as Scratch/Nurse
Brenna O'Brien
as Pan
Lalainia Lindbjerg
as Bulma/Daughter/Emi/Ena/Maid/Yudon
Janyse Jaud
as Chiko
Josh Martin
as Majin Buu/Kid Buu/Attendant 3/Commander Red/Pupil B/Turban
Daisuke Gôri
as Mr. Satan
Kent Williams
as Supreme Kai/Old Kai/Kibito Kai/Dr. Gero/Android 20/Shin/General Tao/Maraikoh/Mijorin/Mr. Lao/Old Witch/Rich Man/Soldier A/Subject A
Farrell Spence
as Android 18
Dylan Thompson
as Guldo/Salt
Don Brown
as Hercule/King Kai/Kibito/Burter/Moori/Shenron/Additional Voices/King Yemma/Yuzukar/Androids/Battleball Player/Boar Actor/Fake Hercule/Father Worm/Gorilla/Otokosuki/Pink Dragon/Soldier/Worm
Bill Townsley
as Lizard/Warriors
Mark Orvik
as Attendant 2/Van Zant/Pterosaur Baby
Meredith McCoy
as Android 18/Ikose/Blonde Bakery Clerk/Girl/Kori-Yu/Reporter/Tommy/Woman A
Hiromi Tsuru
as Bulma
Jôji Yanami
as Narration
Kara Edwards
as Goten/Videl/Gotenks/Lime
Saffron Henderson
as Gohan/Baby Trunks/Healing Chamber/Maid/Saibaman/Saibamen/Ship Computer
Willow Johnson
as Mrs. Briefs/Bakery Clerk/Woman
Carol Hope
as Mother/Big Girl/Suno
Ed Blaylock
as Eskimo/Guy #1
Andrea Libman
as Angela/Young Chi-Chi
Ian James Corlett
as Goku/Master Roshi/Additional Voices/Cui/Doctor/Reporter/Spectator #2/Subordinate

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1996 | 26 Episodes

Season 2

1997 | 27 Episodes

Season 3

1999 | 7 Episodes

Season 4

1999 | 32 Episodes

Season 5

2000 | 10 Episodes

Season 6

2000 | 8 Episodes

Season 7

2000 | 14 Episodes

Season 8

2000 | 13 Episodes

Season 9

2000 | 13 Episodes

Season 10

2000 | 29 Episodes

Season 11

2001 | 15 Episodes

Season 12

2001 | 10 Episodes

Season 13

2001 | 12 Episodes

Season 14

2001 | 22 Episodes

Season 15

2002 | 22 Episodes

Season 16

2002 | 16 Episodes



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