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Fate proved even more fickle in the post-feudal era for the Orange-Nassau family on the Dutch royal throne (all styled Willem, 'William') then for its realm. After exile in the French Revolution, the uniquely styled stadholders' family saw its crowned republic of the United Provinced promoted to a kingdom, covering all of the Low Countries. The same generation will lose most of the territorial gain again in the Belgian independence. Family relations are often strained or worse, especially between fathers and sons. Modern times bring more parliamentary constitutions.

Country: Netherlands

Type: miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: French, DutchRussian |  See more »

Release Date: March 6, 2010

Also Known As: De troon


Company Credits

Production Co: Proton Cinema, Lemming Film

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Matteo van der Grijn
as Frederik
Stefan van Watermeulen
as Zwijsen
Nanette Drazic
as Anna Pauwlona
Hugo Metsers
as Van Limburg Stirum
Jasper Boeke
as Van Hogendorp
Elisabeth van Nimwegen
as Emma
Deirdre Mullins
as Joanne
Bart Klever
as Willem V
Tijs Huys
as Flemish Friend 2
Femke Strasse
as Willemientje
Mike Reus
as Dumonceau
Robin Boissevain
as Guillot (teenager)
Marcel Musters
as Willem III
Frank Derijcke
as De Klerck
Alwin Pulinckx
as Flemish Friend 1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 6 Episodes

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