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October 23, 2021
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About this title


The first German production from the world's leading Internet TV Network is set in a German town in present day where the disappearance of two young children exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. In ten hour-long episodes, the story takes on a surprising twist that ties back to the same town in 1986.

Country: Germany

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: German

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Also Known As: Мрак, I segreti di Winden |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

small town
time travel

Company Credits

Production Co: Netflix, W&B Television


Angela Winkler
as Ines Kahnwald
Roland Wolf
as Police Officer 1954/Officer 1953
Henning Peker
as Pathologist Udo Meier
Christian Steyer
as H.G. Tannhaus 1986/Old Clockmaker/H.G. Tannhaus 1987
Lisa Kreuzer
as Claudia Tiedemann/Old Claudia Tiedemann
Nino Böhlau
as Bully #1
Lena Dörrie
as Nurse Clara Schrage
Christian Hutcherson
as Magnus Nielson/Magnus Nielson (Teen)
Anna Schönberg
as Nurse Donata
Merlin Rose
as Marek Tannhaus
Jakob Diehl
as Adult Unknown
Mieke Schymura
as Police Officer Jankowski
Mariella Josephine Aumann
as Young Helene Albers
Isaak Dentler
as Burglar
Jonas Gerzabek
as Child Jonas Kahnwald
Michael Mendl
as Bernd Doppler 1986/Bernd Doppler 1987/Old Bernd Doppler
Stephan Kampwirth
as Peter Doppler/Adult Peter Doppler
Jörg Malchow
as Prison Guard 1954
Lenz Lengers
as Bully #2
Anne Lebinsky
as Jana Nielsen 1986/Adult Jana Nielsen
Aurora Dervisi
as Child Silja
Rike Sindler
as Jana Nielsen 1953/Young Jana Nielsen
Helena Abay
as Yasin's Mother
Anatole Taubman
as Bernd Doppler 1953/Adult Bernd Doppler
Luna Arwen Krüger
as Child Martha Nielsen
Nele Trebs
as Katharina Nielsen 1986/Young Katharina Nielsen/Katharina Nielsen 1987
Hans Diehl
as Old Unknown
Leopold Hornung
as Torben Wöller/Wöller
Wolfram Koch
as Adult Magnus Nielsen/Unknown Man 1921
Natascha Paulick
as Drama Teacher
Alexander Schubert
as Power Plant Security Guard
as School Girl
Jördis Triebel
as Katharina Nielsen/Adult Katharina Nielsen
Nina Kronjäger
as Female Stranger
Luc Feit
as Veterinarian Dr. Schaller
Stephanie Amarell
as Charlotte Doppler 1986/Young Charlotte Doppler
Eva Maria Jost
as Nurse Anne Reisch
Arne Fiedler
as Labratory Technician
Christian Kerepeszki
as Powerplant Worker #2
Sandra Borgmann
as Elisabeth Doppler 2053/Adult Elisabeth Doppler
Arnd Klawitter
as H.G. Tannhaus 1953/Adult Clockmaker/H.G. Tannhaus 1954
Paula Kroh
as Library Student
Tara Fischer
as Girl in School/School Girl
Florian Panzner
as Daniel Kahnwald/Daniel Kahnwald 1954
Svenja Jung
as Sonja Tannhaus
Mark Waschke
as Noah/Adult Noah
Claude Heinrich
as Young Unknown
Sammy Scheuritzel
as Kilian Obendorf/Student #1 Theater
Daan Lennard Liebrenz
as Mikkel Nielsen
Sebastian Rudolph
as Michael Kahnwald
Karoline Eichhorn
as Charlotte Doppler/Adult Charlotte Doppler
Tom Jahn
as Jürgen Obendorf
Lisa-Marie Janke
as Nurse
Pablo Striebeck
as Young Peter Doppler
Hannes Wegener
as Dr. Reimann
Walter Kreye
as Tronte Nielsen/Old Tronte Nielsen
Julika Jenkins
as Claudia Tiedemann 1987/Adult Claudia Tiedemann/Claudia Tiedemann 1986
Maja Schöne
as Hannah Kahnwald/Adult Hannah Kahnwald
Nina Weniger
as School for the Deaf Teacher
Moritz Heinlin
as Bus Driver
Maximilian Dirr
as Soldier Checkpoint
Chris Theisinger
as Mercenary 2053
Oliver Bigalke
as Farmer #2
Joachim Paul Assböck
as Captain on Horse
Tamar Pelzig
as Doris/Franziska
Gina Stiebitz
as Franziska Doppler/Young Franziska Doppler
Anne Ratte-Polle
as Ines Kahnwald 1986/Ines Kahnwald 1987/Adult Ines Kahnwald
Eric Bouwer
as Male Nurse Psychiatry
Linus Fischer
as Young Gustav Tannhaus
Shani Atias
as Hannah Kahnwald
Andreas Pietschmann
as The Stranger/Stranger
Paul Lux
as Bartosz Tiedemann/Young Bartosz Tiedemann
Denis Schmidt
as Sebastian Krüger
Lissy Pernthaler
as Adult Silja Tiedemann
Cordelia Wege
as Greta Doppler 1953/Greta Doppler 1954/Greta Doppler
Sebastian Hülk
as Egon Tiedemann 1953/Egon Tiedemann 1954/Adult Egon Tiedemann
Anja Willutzki
as Young Erna
Valentin Oppermann
as Mads Nielsen
Tilla Kratochwil
as Adult Erna/Erna
Luise Heyer
as Doris Tiedemann/Doris Tiedemann 1954
Moritz Jahn
as Magnus Nielsen/Young Magnus Nielsen
Katharina Spiering
as Helene Albers/Nurse in Psychiatric Hospital
Frédéric Vonhof
as Scientist in Future
Gina Alice Stiebitz
as Franziska Doppler
Lena Urzendowsky
as Ines Kahnwald 1953/Young Ines Kahnwald
Axel Werner
as Gustav Tannhaus
Christian Pätzold
as Egon Tiedemann 1986/Egon Tiedemann 1987/Old Egon Tiedemann
Sylvester Groth
as Investigator Clausen
Holger Handtke
as Doctor
Tatja Seibt
as Jana Nielsen
Peter Benedict
as Aleksander Tiedemann/Adult Aleksander Tiedemann
Franz Hartwig
as Martin Döhring/Police Chief Martin Döhring
Hermann Beyer
as Helge Doppler/Old Helge Doppler
Cornelia Lippert
as Woman Search Party
Vico Mücke
as Yasin Friese
Lena Milan
as Pathologist/Teacher
Michael Ihnow
as Library Employee
Thomas Arnold
as Farmer Hermann Albers
Ludger Bökelmann
as Ulrich Nielsen 1986/Young Ulrich Nielsen
Jennipher Antoni
as Ulla Obendorf
Lydia Maria Makrides
as Regina Tiedemann 1986/Regina Tiedemann 1987/Young Regina Tiedemann
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
as Adam
Lea van Acken
as Girl from the Future/Silja Tiedemann
Joshio Marlon
as Tronte Nielsen 1953/Tronte Nielsen 1954/Young Tronte Nielsen
Nils Brunkhorst
as Teacher
Carlotta von Falkenhayn
as Elisabeth Doppler/Young Elisabeth Doppler
Winfried Glatzeder
as Old Ulrich Nielsen 1987/Old Ulrich Nielsen
Tom Philipp
as Helge Doppler 1953/Helge Doppler 1954/Young Helge Doppler
Carina Wiese
as Adult Franziska Doppler/Unknown Woman 1921
Andreas Schröders
as Powerplant Worker #1
Felix Kramer
as Tronte Nielsen 1986/Adult Tronte Nielsen
Oliver Masucci
as Ulrich Nielsen/Adult Ulrich Nielsen
Béla Gabor Lenz
as Aleksander Tiedemann 1986/Aleksander Tiedemann 1987/Young Aleksander Tiedemann
Leon Lukas Blaschke
as Student #2 Theater
Harald Effenberg
as Mann Suchtrupp (2017)
Mandy M. Haupert
as Teacher/Teacher at Anniversary Party
Barbara Philipp
as Caseworker Selma Ahrens
David Brückner
as Army Officer
Ella Lee
as Hannah Kahnwald 1986/Hannah Kahnwald 1987/Young Hannah Kahnwald
Michael Schenk
as Mayor of Winden
Peter Schneider
as Helge Doppler 1986/Helge Doppler 1987/Adult Helge Doppler
Hendrik Heutmann
as Farmer #1
Barbara Nüsse
as Eva
Anjorka Strechel
as Soldier in Tent
Will Beinbrink
as The Stranger
Antje Traue
as Agnes Nielsen/Agnes Nielsen 1954
Lea Willkowsky
as Secretary Jasmin Trewen/Secretary Nuclear Power Plant Jasmin Trewen
Christian Kuchenbuch
as Regina's Doctor
Louis Hofmann
as Jonas Kahnwald
Gwendolyn Göbel
as Claudia Tiedemann 1953/Claudia Tiedemann 1954/Young Claudia Tiedemann
Paul Radom
as Erik Obendorf
Till Patz
as Child Noah
Max Schimmelpfennig
as Young Noah/Noah 1921
Deborah Kaufmann
as Regina Tiedemann/Adult Regina Tiedemann
Anton Rubtsov
as Benni/Bernadette/Transvestite Benni
Roman Knizka
as Adult Bartosz Tiedemann/Man in Cave
Lisa Vicari
as Martha Nielsen
Werner Wölbern
as Gustav Tannhaus' Father
Anna König
as Pathologist Edda Heimann
Helena Pieske
as Agnes Nielsen 1921
Frederik Klaus
as Police Officer

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2020 | 8 Episodes




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