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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Curious George is a sweet African monkey who can't help but run into trouble. George's friend, "The Man in the Yellow Hat," tries very hard to care for George and is always saving the day. The show's themes are about learning, forgiveness and playful curiosity.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 4, 2006

Also Known As: Nysgjerrige Nils, Curioso come George |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Imagine Entertainment, The Eggplant Collective |  See more »


Rick Weiss
as Angry Bicyclist/Jogger
Charlie Schlatter
as Sam/Bruno The Magician/Store Clerk
Kimberly Brooks
as Admitting Nurse/Dana
Peter Jackson
as Cubbie Bears Coach
Dee Bradley Baker
as Gnocchi/Professor Anthony Pizza/Baby Parasaurolophus/Chubby Snow Monkey/Dr. Ghesund/Earl the Janitor/Goliath/Goofy Snow Monkey/Judge/Juicy Jay/Mailman/Maintenance Worker/Mama Parasaurolophus/Reginald the Clown/T-Rex/Uncle Dan
Dionne Quan
as Aunt Ling/Lily
Frank Welker
as Curious George/George/Mr. Quint/Tony Pizza/Professor Pizza/Stig/Captain Zang/Dumpling Duck/Flint Quint/Tricycle Clown
Carol Burnett
as Great Aunt Sylvia
Lauren Tom
as Mrs. Nguyen/Mai
Kath Soucie
as Mrs. Renkins/Mrs. Quint/Mint Quint/Bus Driver/Doxie #2/Dylan/Dylan's Mom/Kid/Ms. Beeman/Startled Baby/Tina/Wet Chick/Woman
Kody Kavitha
as Maisy/Teen Girl
Sunil Malhotra
as Man #1/Paramedic
Catherine Taber
as Ballerina/Hostess/Sous Chef
Lara Jill Miller
as Allie Whoops/Allie/Doxie #3/Fancy Woman/Freckles/Tourist #1
Jennifer Darling
as Old Lady/Elcee the Cat/Lunch Delivery Lady/Patients A/Receptionist
Susan Silo
as Netti Pisghetti/Nettie Pisghetti/Netti/Baby/Elicee/Marie Curie/Nelli Pisghetti/Nettie Pishghetti/Queen/Veterinarian
Jim Cummings
as Chef Pisghetti/Jumpy Squirrel/Mr. Quint/Jumpy/Stig/Chef Pinghetti/Chef Pisghettit/Chef Pishghetti/Claus Chroma/Construction Guy/Delivery Guy/Doxie #7/Dr. Alvin Einstein/Fisherman/Flint/Flint Quint/Herpatologist/Ice Rink Manager/King/Lloyd/Mr. Clint Quint/Mr. Quint, Engineer/Parrot Petey/Party Pete/Plummy English Narrator/Polite Scotsman/Poodlezilla/Professor Alvin Einstein/Rodney/Scottish Squirrel/Store Clerk/Tracy the Hen/Tuba Teacher
Raleigh Shuck
as Daniel's Dad
Clyde Kusatsu
as The Grocer/Hideki/Mr. Okano
Elin Carlson
as Dew Fairy/Witch
Miguel Sandoval
as Uncle Enrique
Masasa Moyo
as Astronaunt/Carole/Customer/The Mail Carrier
Joan Van Ark
as Stock Woman
Dave B. Mitchell
as Mechanic
Nick Jameson
as Uncle Tam
Rosslynn Taylor Jordan
as Vicki/Mom Shopper
Chris Cox
as Sunny The Cockatoo
as Vinny
April Winchell
as Chilla DeWinter/Melanie
Kari Wahlgren
as Boy/Cayley/Eustace/Mrs. Gould/Mrs. Somersault/Ms. Goody Tushews/Opera Singer/Princess/Subway Driver
Hiromi Dames
as Kazumi
India Ennenga
as Jodi
Chantelle Barry
as Zoe The Zookeeper/Air Stewart/Bailey Bungi
John Kassir
as Uncle Hassan
Amber Hood
as Carla/Cast Nurse
Kareena Brennon
as Kid
Rolonda Watts
as Professor Wiseman/Lady With Feather Boa/Wizard
Debi Derryberry
as Gnocchi/Mrs. Dulson/Crane Operator/Greta/Jinny Slottermerger/Little Girl/Lucky/Ms. Fairfax/Store Manager/TV Reporter/The Record Book Lady/Tribeca
Carmen Osbahr
as Rosita
Chris Bonno
as Information Clerk/Security Guard
Michael Horse
as John Atahalne
Brian George
as Buzter Beezman
Stephanie Lemelin
as Kieren
Nika Futterman
as Maintenance Worker/Old Lady/Patty/Pet Shop Owner
Susan Blu
as Mint Quint/Mrs. Lixo/Older Lady
Nolan North
as Hunt Official/Nilguini
Debra Wilson
as Vicki
Susan Boyajian
as Lady with Baby/Woman
Carlos Alazraqui
as Mr. Zoobel/Janitor/Luke/Man on Truck/Mr. Lixo/Recycling Center Worker/Taxes Businessman/The Announcer/The Salesman/The Watchman/Wall Street Man
Amy Hill
as Aviary Director
Phil Proctor
as Customer
Grey Griffin
as Betsy/Marco/Tenant/Betsty/Betsy, Marco/Chicken/Gardener/Grandmother/Kid/Kitten/Little Boy/Lydia/Marco, Customer #14/Molly Zucchini/Nanny/Photographer/Roy/Saleslady/Shelter Worker/TV Female Patient/Warehouse Manager/Wrap Clerk
James Sie
as Grocer's Son/Surgeon/Surgeon #2/The Collector
Phil Morris
as Fred
Chris Anthony Lansdowne
as Anna
Tara Strong
as Clare Zucchini/Little Girl/Rona/Stewardess/Ticket Clerk
Paul Eiding
as Movie Narrator
Jon Olsen
as Little Sheep/Loud Sheep
Gwendoline Yeo
as Dr. Chu
Jess Harnell
as Dinwoodie/Reginald/Toy Store Owner
B.J. Ward
as Aunt Margaret/Aunt Margret
Fred Tatasciore
as Bluejay/Mr. Cutter/Mr. Wolf
Megan Uesugi
as Rachel
Jeannie Elias
as Hamster Girl/Picnic Woman
Tim Dang
as Mr. Nguyen/Mr. Wu/Officer Ken
Elizabeth Daily
as Steve/Andie/Andi/Germette/Reporter/Beckah/Boat Captain/Country Radio Singer/Daisy/Disc Kid/Doxie #8/Fireperson/Fireperson Andie/Fireperson Andy/Grocer/Lead Hiker/Lucky/Mother Duck/Museum Worker #1/Photographer/Raptor/Scared Rider
Joher Coleman
as Dr. Raj Desai
Keely Smith
as Bonnie Smooth
Rino Romano
as The Narrator/Narrator/Dog Owner/Doxie #4/Fair Announcer/Newsreel Announcer
Bob Bergen
as Mr. Nettoyez/Clown/Mr. Nettoyet/Sports Collector Guy
Danny Mann
as Howie the Hog
Scott Menville
as Skater Boy
Dave Coulier
as Corn Roaster Guy/Mr. Ditty
Ray Porter
as Howlin' Hal
Candi Milo
as Mrs. Donuts/Sally Tessio/Friendly Sheep/Girl/Hobo Clown/Lady Clown/Mrs. Donuls, Mom/Mrs. Quint/Waitress
Julia Kato
as Judge #1/Yuki
Rosslyn Taulor
as Vicki
Jeff Bennett
as The Man with the Yellow Hat/Mr. Renkins/Al Einstein/Professor Einstein/Stew/Barbecue Guy/Barosaurus/Calhoun/Chicken/Dottie Dear/Duchess/Flint Quint/Football/Goliath/Highland Cow/Jester/Mr. Auger/Museum Worker #2/Ranger Hall/Snow Monkey/Sound Engineer/Spring Shoe Clown/Springy Sheep/Store Clerk/Volunteer Storyteller
Matt Kaminsky
as Jerry
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
as Abby
Hynden Walch
as Hallie
Ani Maldjian
as Gretel/Sandman
Jessica DiCicco
as Girl 1/Skater Boy
Edie McClurg
as The Doorwoman
Dawnn Lewis
as Mrs. Parker
Bindi Irwin
as Bindi Bungee
Andrew Kishino
as Origami Vendor/Seiji
Darin De Paul
as Barn Cat/Magnus
Cynthia Songé
as Painter
Bill Chott
as Hundley/The Doorman
Jacqueline Pinol
as Lab Tech #2/Nurse
Taylor Polidore
as Vinnie
Bumper Robinson
as Concierge/Dad/Dan/Mr. Berg
Cree Summer
as Ada/Doxie #6/Female Sweeper/Mover #2/Rebecca/Sisley/The Announcer
Lex Lang
as The Doorman/Hundley/The Doorman, Hundley/Blaze/Doorman/Hundley, The Doorman/Lil Mike/Pharmacist/Policeman/Sleeper Sheep
Melanie Minichino
as Boy/Daisy
Hedy Burress
as Teacher
Eden Riegel
as Mona
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Hat Salesperson
Hector Herrera
as Marco's Dad
Gary Anthony Williams
as Businessman/The Coach
Phil LaMarr
as Dewey Freezum/Doxie #1/Harold/Mr. Griggs/Mr. Teckel/Sanitation Worker, Plant manager
Jacqueline Obradors
as Marco's Sister
Ed Begley Jr.
as Vinny
Christian Lanz
as Contortionist Clown/Fernando/Grocer/Marco's Dad/Mill Worker/Pepe El Loco/Philippe
James Arnold Taylor
as Leo Zucchini
Eric Bauza
as Male Sweeper
Rob Paulsen
as Charkie/Compass/Mr. Glass/Hamilton/Mr. Dulson/Jagger/The Mayor/Workman/Announcer, Customer #13/Apartment Guy/Blanche The Goat/Blaze/Caped Hero/Charkie, Compass/Charlie/Compass the Pigeon/Compass, Mr. Quixote/Contractor/Failsafe/Mover #1/Mr. Reloj/Newsstand Guy/Pteranodon/Race Starter/Rhino/Sparky/Stegosaurus/The Zookeeper
Greg Baldwin
as Morty the Cab Driver
William H. Macy
as The Narrator
Annie Mumolo
as Bill/Sprint Quint/Dr. Levit/Ada/Bike Messenger/Bill's Mom/Doxie #5/Dr. Levi/Kid Tadpole/Lady/Lady Tenant/Lady in Car/Librarian/Mrs. Berg/Spring Quint/TV Reporter/Tourist #3
Jennifer Hale
as Beatrice/Janette
Indrajit Sarkar
as Sikh Gentleman
Kevin Michael Richardson
as Dr. Baker/Stew/Toots/Appliance Guy/Junkyard Owner/Mr. Popper/Ride Operator/Soccer Coach/Strong Man
Sylvia Villagran
as Marco's Mom/Vendor
Robbyn Kirmsse
as Germette
Pat Musick
as Old Woman/Bird Lady/Delivery Woman/Little Girl/Mrs. Dewey/Ms. Klopotznick
Myrna Velasco
as Rosa
Peabody Southwell
as Hansel

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2006 | 30 Episodes

Season 2

2007 | 20 Episodes

Season 3

2008 | 11 Episodes

Season 4

2009 | 9 Episodes

Season 5

2010 | 10 Episodes

Season 6

2011 | 10 Episodes

Season 7

2012 | 6 Episodes

Season 8

2014 | 6 Episodes

Season 9

2014 | 7 Episodes

Season 10

2020 | 15 Episodes

Season 11

2019 | 15 Episodes

Season 12

2021 | 15 Episodes

Season 13

2020 | 15 Episodes


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Daytime Emmy Awards 2007


Daytime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Children's Animated Program

Daytime Emmy Awards 2008


Daytime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Children's Animated Program


Daytime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Writing in Animation


Daytime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Sound Editing - Live Action and Animation

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