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October 24, 2021
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CBS's successful CSI franchise gets transplanted to the Big Apple. Cases involving sewer rats as witnesses, a victim whose head was slammed in a pizzeria oven, and murders of commodities traders, and--of course--a Red Sox fan. CSI: NY is a bleaker, grimmer version of its Las Vegas and Miami cousins. The team is made up of a pleasantly New Yawk but indistinct cast of characters. The teams leader Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), is a former Marine from Chicago. Mac is a veteran of the NYPD who lost his wife on 9/11, and as such must work to rebuild his personal life while supervising his team. He is organized, efficient, dedicated, and very proper in his management style. His second in command for the first 6 seasons is Detective Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), Stella is half-Greek, half-Italian, and entirely New York City. She helped Mac through the impact of his wife's death and has been by his side ever since. She is a savvy investigator, yet she often speaks before she thinks. Stella leaves New York to head a crime lab in New Orleans and is replaced by Detective Jo Danville (Sela Ward). Jo is a former FBI criminalist and an experienced psychological profiler. She and Mac quickly form a strong friendship and an even stronger working rapport. Jo is still haunted by her ousting from the FBI after blowing the whistle on improper lab procedure, so she works to regain her professional reputation. Joining them is younger CSIs Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito, who has since left the show), Aiden's replacement Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) and medical examiner turned CSI Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper). Rounding out the cast is the teams legal muscle Homicide Detective Don Flack (Eddie Cahill), Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, M.D. (Robert Joy) and lab tech Adam Ross (A. J. Buckley).

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 22, 2004

Also Known As: Stella Bonasera, CSI:NY |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Canada (G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
spin off

Company Credits

Production Co: Alliance Atlantis Communications, Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Production |  See more »


Melissa Zanit
as Schoolgirl
Chris Ellis
as Vincent Williams
Nicole Marie Lenz
as Concrete Cowgirl/Sandra Polk
Latarsha Rose
as Girlfriend
Toby Holguin
as Fernando Reyes
Ted Shred
as Fire Eater
Skyler Stone
as Ben Lowell
Frank Medrano
as Bruno
Dov Tiefenbach
as Walter Danzig
Maurice Compte
as Michael Armstrong
Cory Hardrict
as Luther Fields
Nicole J. Butler
as Rhonda Reynolds
Cynthia Silver
as Reporter #3
Steven Flynn
as Luke Sutton
Kenny Copeland Jr.
as Taurus Tevis
Steve Cameron
as HRT Operator Atterly
Cody Kennedy
as Jenna
Leroy Edwards III
as Sax Player
James C. Burns
as Fraud Consultant
Chris Mulkey
as Bernie Benton
Rex Ryan
as Self
Alex Nightman
as NYPD Officer
Rob Zabrecky
as The Professor
Jack McGee
as Officer Marks
Steve Paymer
as Donald Scott
Eion Bailey
as Dean Lessing
Danny Nucci
as Officer Nicholas Henderson
James Read
as Robert Monroe
Keith Stone
as Todd
Sunkrish Bala
as Alex
Harry Corrigan
as Shane Simmons
Tayler Buck
as Dee
Ben Bode
as Professor Newlin
Ray Starmann
as NYPD Lieutenant
Lela Loren
as Jo O'Keffe
Brian Bloom
as Dr. Craig Zimmer
Jarod Einsohn
as Nick Blount
Kimberly Dawn Guerrero
as Nicole Garner
Malcolm Bodon
as NYPD Police Officer
T.J. Hoban
as Kevin Carter
Stephen Full
as Lawrence
Gary Wolf
as Ryan Knight
Johnny Sneed
as Aaron Moreland
Brit Morgan
as Robin Graham
Skye Arens
as Sam
Will Rothhaar
as Luke Shelton
Jonathan Schmock
as Arthur Noonan
Christopher Chen
as Health Service Rep
Brad Prepon
as Bill Lemakkia
Chaz Griffin
as Sean
Jim Ortlieb
as John Swinton
Nayo Wallace
as Nora Boothe
Marianne Chambers
as Lisa Tate
Richard Portnow
as Preston Seville, Sr.
Daphne Duplaix
as Dr. Catherine Rydell
Dylan Saccoccio
as NYPD Officer
William Abadie
as Michel Hetu
Shane Brolly
as Colm Gunn
Noshir Dalal
as Officer
Erik Eidem
as Reece Turnball
Jaret Sacrey
as Stan Whitney
Steve Lord
as Chess Player
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Lt. John Malley
Stanton Barrett
as Owen Reid
Andrew Galves
as Ghillie Suit Marine
Sean Blakemore
as Nick Davis
Michael Eauslin
as Rioter
Jennifer O'Dell
as Miss Di Martino
Nicole Nogrady
as Bartender
Justin Clynes
as Trey Foster
Tim Barraco
as Greg Barbera
Austin Peck
as Daniel Gecko
Taylor Kinney
as Jason Locke
Dick Enberg
as Self
Rodney Eastman
as Clark Kranen
Val Lauren
as Jerry Gordon
Jude Ciccolella
as Nick Vicenzo
Austin Michael Coleman
as Michael Reynolds
Arden Cho
as Gahee Paik
Brian Tahash
as Clown Judge
Kavan Reece
as Leo
Gayle Brown
as Nadia Roque
Jessica Lee Wrabel
as Escort
William Gutierrez
as Medical Tech
Colton Shires
as Jordan Parr
Sam Huntington
as Connor Mulcahy
Johnathan Tchaikovsky
as Ethan Tierney
Judd Nelson
as Cigarette Company Executive
Zoli Suicide
as Self
Joe Reegan
as James Roberts
Timi Prulhiere
as Nora Prescott
Matthew Yang King
as Kim Wey
Natascha Hopkins
as Carolina
Brett Padelford
as Chef
Mary-Margaret Humes
as Helen Sanders
Carlos Leon
as Vincent Rosetti
Rafael Francisco
as Forensic lab technician 2009
JB Blanc
as Tripp Walker
Sean Maguire
as Alex Brodevesky
Shayla Beesley
as Abby
Symba Smith
Tim Guinee
as Chris Matthews/Nathan Purdue
Sonny Mario Ayon
as Thug
Marcia Firesten
as Dog Owner #2
Robert Forster
as Joe Vincent
Kat Dennings
as Sarah Endecott
Tiffani Fest
as Goth Girl
Mirelly Taylor
as Rita Mannete
Leif Gantvoort
as George
Jonah Lotan
as Dr. Marty Pino
Marlee Matlin
as Gina Mitchum
Sam Ball
as James Copeland
CJ Johnson
as Perp
Becky O'Donohue
as Vera Channing
Carmen Plumb
as Sunshine
Troy Gilbert
as Irishman
Nick Epper
as Ivan Paluck
Marmee Regine Cosico
as ND Pedestrian
David Black
as Photographer/Criminal
Reynaldo Pacheco
as Miguel Martinez
Joy Jolise
as Ice Princess
Mare Winningham
as Katherine Donovan
Scout Taylor-Compton
as Emmy Thomas
Julie Arebalo
as E.R. Doctor #1/ER Doctor #1
Heather Kafka
as Ophelia Dicharia
Robert Picardo
as Sheriff Benson
Norman Howell
as Dan Stanwyk
Jake Muxworthy
as Tanor Sommerset
Laurie Fortier
as Old Man
Brian Gross
as Greg Hufheinz
Lindsay Hollister
as Plus Size Paula
Steve Braun
as Smith
Craig Amendola
as Police Officer
Jay Boyer
as Clayton
Michael Trevino
as Gavin Skidmore
Mike Foy
as Arnold Vonley
Amara Zaragoza
as Carolyn Williams
Tara Darby
as Patient
Adam Jones
as Plain clothed cop
Emily Baldoni
as Emma Blackstone
Bruce Conner
as CSU Tech
Stacie Davis
as Olivia Madison
Alan Mueting
as NYPD Detective
Adrian R'Mante
as Besim Lumani
Chad Lindberg
as Chad Willingham
David DeLuise
as Lance Moretti
De'Angelo Wilson
as Lamar Adams
Josh Emerson
as Tony D'Alessio
Erik Fellows
as Charles Price
Samantha Quan
as Joanne Cho
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Joseph Winston
Erin O'Connor
as Mandi Como
Benny Nieves
as William Tucker
Paul Perri
as Joe Garford
Hill Harper
as Sheldon Hawkes
Jeff Campbell
as Bomb Squad Lieutenant
Ryan Adams
as Dave
Joey McIntyre
as Ray James
Bryan Dattilo
as Lucas Garlobo
James Ferris
as Clarence Rome
Walter Haynes
as ER Doctor #2
Jaylen Moore
as Marine Sniper
Drew Tyler Bell
as Alex Contoursi
Sam Anderson
as Dr. Richards
Vanessa Ferlito
as Aiden Burn
Chris Coy
as Joe Ross
Max Burkholder
as Sam
Larkin Campbell
as John Pollock
Erik Alexander Gavica
as Banger #1/Tomas Perez
Tony Daly
as Joel Ivey
Jean-Michel Richaud
as French Man
Megan James
as Girl
Schoen Hodges
as Boy
Conor Dubin
as Jason Parnell
Ben Bledsoe
as Preston Seville, Jr.
T. J. Thyne
Laura Parker
as Young Jennifer Brooks
Edward James Olmos
as Luther Devarro
Brian Poth
as Hank Gorem
Deanna Russo
as Laura Jeffries
Kevin Derr
as Sean Hovac
Anthony Brawner
as Driver
Sharni Vinson
as Lori Mandel
Lauren Rose Lewis
as Tonya Nettles
Georgia Hatzis
as Areti Moungri
Kirsty Lee Allan
as Teena Milford
Alex Cranmer
as Bob Tanner
Josh Randall
as Charles Martin
Deanna Webb
as Keg Stand Girl
Matt Baker
as Michael Starling
Anthony Martins
as Ahmed/Mihok Lev
McKenna Jones
as Zoya Carter
Devin Toft
as Tower Businessman
Jesse Peterson
as Patron
Clayne Crawford
as Wes Dillon
Kristen Kerr
as Brunette Victim
Navid Negahban
as Zane Kalim
Andrew J. West
as Johnny Cook
Tom Yi
as Lee Paik
Jadin Gould
as Young Lindsay
Aimee Garcia
as Rhonda Chavez
Christopher Bello
as John Szabo
Laura Buckles
as Bridesmaid
Victor Browne
as Jason Cartey
Denice Sealy
as Raquel Trinidad/Tech (Raquel Trinidad)
Nick Kiriazis
as Prosecutor
Olivia Burnette
as Madison Haynes
Spitfire Brown
as Albert Pelton
Joe Martin Thomas
as Donovan Tracy
Mark Simich
as Essex Palmer/Ron Blunt
Heidi Johanningmeier
as Girl in Film
Jana Kramer
as Paige Rowand
James McMann
as Spectator
Trent Gill
as Billy
Adam Levine
as Self
Matt Hoffman
as Chris Campbell
Jaerin Washington
as Club-Goer
Tiger Mendez
as Detective
Mia Kirshner
as Deborah Carter
Bobby Hosea
as Principal Hal Kinney
Steven Petrarca
as Frank Barret
Andy Comeau
as Carson Silo
Christine Fry
as Jeffries' Neighbor
Nick Wall
as Adoring Fan
Ryan Happy
as Bread Van Driver/Macabee Taylor
Asia De Marcos
as EMS Officer
Mickey Madden
as Self
Waymond Lee
as Taxi Cab Driver/Upscale Club Patron
Kelley Petrisi
as Angie's Friend
Alan Smyth
as Rupert Flannigan
Ali Williams
as Medical Technician/Sorority Girl
Sheryl Lee
as Ellen Garner
Julian Cain
as John Doe
Katharine Towne
as Tessa James
Christopher Halsted
as Kevin McBride
April Ennis
as Nurse
Martin Bright
as Jeeves the Slave
Paul Schackman
as Wendell Andrews
Jesiree Dizon
as Booth Babe
as Terrence Davis
Katie A. Keane
as Dr. Rachel Jeffries
Matt Carmody
as Michael Gibson
Coby Ryan McLaughlin
as James Belson
Brooklyn Sudano
as Colleen Ballard
Matt Bushell
as Marvin Hummel
Dawn Lewis
as Waitress
Christine Lakin
as Courtney Jensen
Morgan Hewitt
as Marina Morton
Scott Lowell
as Coach Dwight Gavin
Scott Richards
as Attorney
Jamie Snow
as Peter
Kelli Flynn
as Witness #1
Nick McCallum
as Rookie
Cyia Batten
as Ariana Lee
Charity Rahmer
as Dori Richards
Ivo Nandi
as Pavel Danshov
Gwen Holloway
as Helen
Trey Callaway
as Disgruntled Man
Thomas Calabro
as Charles Harris
Jeffrey D. Stevens
as Paramedic
Kevin Bickford
as Clown #2
Jim Pirri
as Bernardo Espargosa
Rance Howard
as Samuel Cooper
John DiMaggio
as Mike Donelly
Mandi Kreisher
as Maris Donovan
Christopher L. Antie
as Teen Boy
R. Keith Adams
as Officer #2
as Deborah Gayle
Michael Filipowich
as Jimmy Batts
Natalina Maggio
as Tennis Star/Young Debutant
Jeff Roop
as Richard Grossman
Kevin Interdonato
as Garland Clarke
Charles Moss
as Bar Patron
Michael Papajohn
as Adrik Fedoruk
Lauren Cohan
as Meredith Muir
Michael King
as Detective Dean Truby
Kieren Hutchison
as Finnegan Hansard
Pete Monaco
as Shoe Store Owner
Bryce Johnson
as Nick 'Cool' Emerson
Mackenzie Mauzy
as Sara Butler
Benjamin John Parrillo
as Frank Clark
Danica Patrick
as Liza Gray
Matt Corboy
as Keith DeYoung
Kandis Fay
as Paige, Party Girl #1
Pete Wentz
as Chester Byron
Vanessa Born
as Nurse
Terrence Edwards
as Marine Sergeant (Sheperd)
Leo J Clark
as Mark Hanson
Missy Suicide
as Self
John Cothran
as Dr. Kevin Phillips
Zachary Sauers
as Kid
Helen Slater
as Elizabeth Harris
Aidan Andrews
as Young Michael Reynolds
Aaron Easterbrooks
as Clown #1
Madeleine Hamer
as Ashley Braden
Jeremy Ray Valdez
as Antonio Reyes
Martin Kildare
as Jim Mooney
Mighty Mike Murga
as Juster
Amy Aquino
as Diane Lipstone
Kimberly Quinn
as Bonnie Dillard
Mati Moralejo
as Handball Player
Renee Darmiento
as Young Female
Scott Sheldon
as IA Lt. Bruce Jackson
Greg Germann
as Grave Digger/Victor Benton/Voice
Bruce MacVittie
as Det. Grant Lafferty
Anastacia McPherson
as Helen
Vincent Guastaferro
as Mr. Douglas
Kevin Weisman
as Mike Hess
Jonathan Palmer
as Congressman Devane
Laura Leigh Hughes
as Jennifer Stupaine
Damian Forest Light
as Inmate
Ashley Dyke
as Angela Isley
David Chisum
as Dep. Mayor Kaplan
Brad Carter
as Darius Cole
Louis Herthum
as Capt. Curtis Smith
Thomas Daniel
as Detective
Moshe Rothblum
as Rabbi Meir
David Clayton Rogers
as Campbell/Paul Larkin
Natalia Alvarez
as Glick's Girl
Joseph Mazurk
as Creepy Guy in Hoodie/Passer-By/Police Detective
Corey Pearson
as Randall Rodrigue
Casey McCarthy
as Melanie Hampton
Dameon Clarke
as Aaron Dexter
Peter Kim
as Jae Kwon
Olivia Presley
as CSI Tech
Beau Garrett
as Ali Rand
Mark Jones
as Marine Gunnery Sergeant
Robert Tena
as Larry Diaz
Spencer Hill
as Dennis Roubian
Larry Romano
as Louie Messer
Rachelle Lefevre
as Devon Maxford
Jim Metzler
as Dr. Huff
Michael Rady
as Kevin Murray
Jinny Lee Story
as Katie Lawrence
Olivia Summers
as Carole Hillcroft
Karen S. Gregan
as Karen Walker
Marguerite Moreau
as Louise Dukes
Annie Karstens
as Superfan
Ian Novotny
as Detective/Stage Manager
Chris Gartin
as Dan Coleman
Tanner Honan
as Student Testing
Creagen Dow
as Costumed Gear Soldier
Tyson Turrou
as Mauricio Flores
Maroon 5
as Themselves
Grant Alan Ouzts
as Player #1
John Terry
as McCanna Taylor
Joe Egender
as Billy Marks
Kristin Richardson
as Sarah Hansen
Jeff Leaf
as Travis Moss
Debbie Bledsoe
as NYPD Officer
Gregg Lee
as Homer
Erin Daniels
as Det. Brennan
Jack Hannibal
as Clay Becker
Michael Lawrence
as Stephen
Miki Black
as Honey Dipper #1/Nelly's Girl
Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Tom Riordan
as Foreman
Scott Kinworthy
as Eddie Williams
Hugh Scott
as Eric Slovenski
Paul Hipp
as William Mamet
Rhys Coiro
as Razor
Matt McTighe
as Michael Elgers
Christopher Stewart
as Booth Royd
Mason D. Davis
as Skateboarder
J. Scott Shonka
as Handyman
Roberta Hanlen
as Naomi Lawrence
as Bambi
Taylor Handley
as Billy Travers
Zack Duhame
as Bobby Manning
Ben Youcef
as Anton Greenway
as The Handsome Man
Alan Pietruszewski
as Male Reporter
Marcus Chait
as Steve Barker
Daniel Gadi
as Elmo Vidivic
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Kayla/Tara
Sydney Stutterheim
as Kelly Brooks
J. Grant Albrecht
as Dr. Leonard Giles
Anthony Crivello
as Ringmaster
Tracey Costello
as Toni Terrell - Coffee Shop Waitress
Emma Fitzpatrick
as Young Woman
Christie Burson
as Angela Kelly
Neill Skylar
as Jennie Parker
Mykel Shannon Jenkins
as Willie Burton
Jennifer Piper
as Ceci Astor
Stephen Roome
as Court Peterson
Jenna Gering
as Layla Vonner
Kiyano La'vin
as Asad Jamilla
Gill Garci
as Doorman
Chris Majors
as Rookie Cop
Heather Sossaman
as Megan Ferguson
Marc Lynn
as Dog Owner #1
Michael Welch
as Billy Wharton
Ian Reed Kesler
as Ryan Elliott
Justin Meloni
as Sal Bovado
Marty Yost
as Gilbert Novotny
Teddy Dunn
as Kevin Hall
Jett Dunlap
as Officer Cann
Seamus Dever
as Charles Cooper
Diana Popick
as Pole Dancer
Dax Griffin
as Steve Kaplan
Yuri Brown
as Reporter #2
Orson Chaplin
as Street Thug
Devon Cromwell
as Will Novick
Matthew Porretta
as Ron Bogda
John J. Dalesandro
as Maitre D'
Paul Keeley
as Robert Greggs
Annika Boras
as Paramedic
Warren Derosa
as Colin Barnett
Ron Melendez
as Sean Nolan
John Barbolla
as Phil
Charlie Weber
as Damon
Devanny Pinn
as Goth Girl
Raul Roy Berrios Jr.
as Party Goer
Bobbie Prewitt
as Young Girl
Brian Kudler
as Student
Brad Rowe
as Benjamin Sutor
Ross Gibby
as Jackson Pillock
Gene Farber
as Jake Williams
Mel Rodriguez
as Al McGrath
Louis Mandylor
as Det. Christos Temmas
Richard Tyson
as Frank Russo
Alvin Zalamea
as Clancy
Brett Arthur
as Councilman Mathew Rayburn
Nicole Pulliam
as Bartender
Alisha Gaddis
as Cell Phone Girl Friend
Owen Beckman
as Luke Fisher
Eduardo Renta
as Counterfeit Handbags Seller
Brooke Robinson
as Young Samantha Flack
Adam Rodríguez
Nevin Millan
as Tennis Ball Victim
Terrell Tilford
as Dr. Quinn Brookman
Hank Harris
as Johnny O'Dell
Eddie Davenport
as Tuxedo Man
Kathryn Harrold
as Judge Beverly Fulton
John Enos III
as Chuck White
Kathleen York
as Krista DiBello
Oren Michaeli
as Dancer
Lindy Booth
as Tess Larson
Roy Werner
as Judge William Riverton
Jessica Makinson
as Mary Ann D'Amico
Craig Woolson
as Defense Attorney
Carlos Alvarado
as Tommy Diaz
Sandra Hess
as Elizabeth Ferguson
Gustavo Navarro
as Trader #4
Mariah Buzolin
as Annie
Anna Clols
as Girlfriend
Rick Cornette
as Nick Russo
Brian Cousins
as Patrick Habis
Daniel Travis
as Larry Rose
Ross Thomas
as Sam
Leith M. Burke
as FBI Agent Johnson
Ana Alexander
as Zoya Pavlova
Amy Stewart
as Brenda Dillard
Chris Brochu
as Jason Riley
Ray Auxias
as Liebert Webster
Billy Gallo
as James Vackner
Dermott Downs
as Bartender
Matt Angel
as Allen Wilson
Valeri Ross
as Attorney
Marisa Ramirez
as Tania Santos
George Tasudis
as Tasso Papakota
Tanc Sade
as Zamir Duka
Ian Brennan
as Joe Silver
Michael O'Hara
as Bartender
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Bobby Lugano/Gordon Sprouse
Andy T. Tran
as Thug
Jason Olive
as Russell Ballard
Joshua Hoover
as Guy in a Dress
Marina Black
as Carolyn Astor
Nicole Taylor
as Kristen Melvoy
Andrew Bowen
as Bryce Sweet
Natalie Gal
as NYPD Officer/Nora
Alison Folland
as Stacey Gale
Christina Khoo
as Tran Paik
Al Santos
as Ollie Barnes
Victor McCay
as Harry Ellis
Bruce Dern
as Vet
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Troy Picozzi
Cameron Sanders
as Charley Duncan
Riley Brock
as Paramedic
Israel Wright
as Sam
Daniel Anderson
as Tournament Attendee
A.J. Buckley
as Adam Ross
Skyler Gisondo
as Jake Kaplan
Sammi Rotibi
as Arthur Bodie
Melissa Lee
as Melissa Wesley
Michael Massee
as Casey Steele
Tristen MacDonald
as Jackie Wright
Alec Holmes
as Chicago Detective
Ryan Carnes
as Nigel Ballantyne
Megan Dodds
as Christine Whitney
T.J. Thyne
as Ron Lathem
Joseph Slaughter
as Dot com
Robert A. Young
as Police Officer
Richard Gleason
as Jason Kinsey
Matt Dellapina
as Reporter #2
Elena Nikitina Bick
as Vampire
J. Kyle Manzay
as Boyfriend
Suzanna Guzmán
as Madame Butterfly
Shawn Patrick Nash
as Carl Custer
Mary Castro
as Masseuse
Rita Zohar
as Hannah Schnitzler
Andrew Fiscella
as Mickey D' Amato
Challen Cates
as Stacie Avida
Morgan Snyder
as Clinic Receptionist
Allen Lulu
as Officer
Roger Aaron Brown
as HRT Commander Richard Jackson
Katherine Ann McGregor
as Mrs. Leanne Baldwin
Spencer Grammer
as Kim Barnett
Christopher Carley
as Mitch Johnson
Don Jeanes
as Officer # 2
Dominic Flores
as Leo Banks
James Preston
as Tommy Hill
Victoria Barabas
as Reporter
Megan Ward
as Annie Cartland
Jacob Vargas
as Luis Torres
Jason Dibler
as Daniel Katums
Darius Devontaye Green
as Ping-Pong Player
David Di Brienza
as Cop in Station
Jonathan Davila
as Detective/Yankee Patron
Hollie Stenson
as Georgia Morrison
Adam Clark
as George Clark
Ryan Doom
as Christopher Bowfield
Melanie H. Gassaway
as Mrs. Reynolds
Peter Horton
as Cade Conover
Chad Faust
as James Sutton
Toni Wynne
as Tina Martin
Alexis Apple
as Karma
Scott Elrod
as Young Male
Dana Jamison
as Booth Babe
Rachel Perry
as Rebecca Monin
Megan Linder
as Mrs. Williams
Yun Choi
as Arresting Officer #1
Sophia Bui
as Rosie
LeRoyal Tutt
as Featured Game Expo Attendee
Omar J. Dorsey
as Thomas Reynolds
Angela Marsden
as Paramedic #1
Sandra Vidal
as Trophy Wife
Hope Olaidé Wilson
as Tori Bell
Evan Seidlitz
as Vampire
Paul Wesley
as Steve Samprass
Robbie Williams
as Phil Rennick
Scott Michael Morgan
as Harry Vernon
Emma Bates
as Birdy of Prey
Mary Chris Wall
as Nina Benson
David Gizzarelli
as Attorney for Witness
Napoleon Tavale
as ESU
Gary Kraus
as Mark Riley
Ken Luckey
as Daniel
Genoveva Winsen
as C. Welsh
Jennifer Hammond
as Business Woman/Lab Tech
Nikole Salas
as Gate Agent Brown
Jowharah Jones
as Kaitlyn
Susan Ruttan
as Mrs. Moreland
Michael Graziadei
as Keith Borgese
James Stevenson
as Dwayne Gessner
Kc Brandenstein
as Derby
J.W. Wolterman
as Friend
Valeska Miller
as Dancer #1
Jon Collin Barclay
as Beaten Guard
Kimberly Wallis
as Sophia Nevins
Brad Greenquist
as Theodore Gates
Christian Svensson
as Vinnie Marino
Jonathan Kowalsky
as Rooftop Sniper
Michelle Carr
as Waitress
Brian Catalano
as Jim Morris
Barry Del Sherman
as Richard Smockton
Patrice Fisher
as Jamie Banks
Heather Hemmens
as Paris Brooks
Rey Valentin
as Julian Feeney
Georgia Reed
as Greek Statue
Mike Pniewski
as Tom Zito
Jeff Perry
as Judge
Jesse Carmichael
as Self
Patrick Fischler
as Brent the Screenwriter
J.J. Clark
as Beer Guy
Sarah Christine Smith
as Marisa Richardson the Salesgirl
Matt Medrano
as Prison Guard
Rob Morrow
as Leonard Brooks
Sarah Remetch
as Self (as Sarah Remetch)
Maitland McConnell
as Autumn Archerson
Jsu Garcia
as Hector Vargas
Tony Sagastizado I
as Cup
Morgan H. Margolis
Griff Furst
as Artemis Hunt
David Kearse
as Man
Janice Estrada
as Driver
Jeris Poindexter
as George Albergo
Mario Ardila Jr.
as Fernando Flores
Josh Pence
as Bartender
Todd Cahoon
as Matt Cooper
Alesha Rucci
as Kelly Jones
Joseph O'Brien
as St Paddy's Day Parade Goer
David Aaron Baker
as Steve Kranen
Sabine Singh
as Erica Lancaster
Whitney Able
as Rita Steinway
Bug Hall
as Mike Black
Kate Gilligan
as Reporter #2
Chris Kohn
as Gator
Bailey Varness
as Diner Patron
Chris Tardio
as Steve Dark
Ramona DuBarry
as Reporter #1
Turk Matthews
as Chris Hall
Jonas Fisch
as Sound Tech
Marc Worden
as Declan Callahan
April Eden
as Female Attacker
Dorothy Meyers
as Pedestrian/Reporter
Dorian Missick
as Jayden Prince
Stephen Janousek
as Blue Collar Worker/CSI Tech
Anthony Azizi
as Broxton Langley
John McEnroe
as Jimmy Nelson/John McEnroe
Michael Gambino
as Super
Bradley Dodds
as Bill
Kevin P. Kearns
as Paddy Dolan
Danny Wynands
as Clark Boyd
Toni Fox
as Booth Babe
Steven Crowley
as Howie Simon
Rosa Arredondo
as Dora Lawson
Michaela McManus
as Susan Montgomery
Ciel Turich
as Benson's Coworker
Rob Boltin
as Leo Tyler
Stephen A. Chang
as Jody
Aly Michalka
as Miranda Beck
Bryan Irzyk
as Chinatown Fire Man
Stephen Sapienza
as Reporter
Scottie Thompson
as Lia Ramsey
Carl Ciarfalio
as Carlo
John Colella
as Robert Dulcet
Chris Payne Gilbert
as Dr. Henry Kroft
David Lombard
as Chaplain
Terasa Livingstone
as Phone Service Manager
Dean J. West
as Josh Knolls
Rosalee Mayeux
as Hannah's Mother
Jake Sandvig
as Jason Black
Heidi Moneymaker
as Cassidy Daniels
Alanna Ubach
as Constance Briell
Bjorn Geske
as Reporter
Clint Culp
as Bernard Chandler
Cullen Douglas
as Gerald Gordon
Roxy Darr
as Cheerleader
Paul Papadakis
as George Kolovos
Alex Ashbaugh
as Matthew DiBello
Angela Gots
as Cassie Davis
Nick Pellegrino
as Beppe Romano
Anthony Tavera
as Ruben Sandoval
Jim Sharp
as Ethan Ganz
Brian Hallisay
as Emery Gable
Sara Holden
as Female Hostage
Ella Thomas
as FBI Agent Deborah Meade
James Ellis Lane
as Croupier/Ray Nelson
Brian Lloyd
as Window Washer
Scott Alan Smith
as Marshall Palmer/Matthew Palmer
Tracey Ruggiero
as Jenna Donovan
Autumn Springfield
as Lab Tech/St. Patty's Day Parade Goer
Kevontay Jackson
as Tyrell Mann
Brittany Perry-Russell
as Lisa (Tight End)
Billy Brown
as Business Pedestrain/George Thomas
Troy Blendell
as Leonard Curson
Jennifer Bock
as Natalie Baldwin
Stefan Mavi
as Lab Tech/Officer Wells
Jonathan D. Lovitz
as Paralegal
Lori Rom
as Sharon Cates
John Kapelos
as Bobby Rossmore
Adam J. Harrington
as Officer Noonan
Meagan Tandy
as Model #1
Robert Gordon Spencer
as Cameraman
Neal McDonough
as Grant Hamilton
Nathan Anderson
as Craig Roberts
John Justice
as Klaus Braun
Jackie Tohn
as Ainsley McCrea
Brad Pennington
as Morgan
Meena Serendib
as Sri Lankan Mother
Tony Amendola
as Professor Papakota
Marla Sokoloff
as Abigail West
Sean Marquette
as Josh Herman
Gino Cafarelli
as Santa Claus
Lochlyn Munro
as Ethan Fallon
Larry Joshua
as Jack Manning
Brittany Mason
as Game Girl/Witness
David Ury
as Tommy 'The Geek' Hurtz
Dylan Bruce
as Young Man
Pat Banta
as Sam Harding
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Panthro Torres
Amy Davidson
as Carolyn
Tony Donno
as Bus Driver
Bar Paly
as Mia Opal
Heidi Schooler
as Megan Tanner
Jos Viramontes
as Dr. Marc Bergstrom
Joel Polis
as Prof. Clark Risenhoover
Edyta Sliwinska
as Ruby Love
Dennis W. Hall
as Steven Morris
Kato Bonner
as Damion Brock
Laurence Fishburne
as Raymond Langston
David Christian Welborn
as Coroner
Alex Sol
as Luther Willett
Michael Owen
as Robert Gallagher
Sarah Scott
as Shayna
Kelly Gullett
as Paramedic #2
John Brooks Jr.
as Color Guard
Olivia Crocicchia
as Kate Weber
Annika Peterson
as Mindy Sanchez
Shailene Woodley
as Evie Pierpont
Aimee Parker
as Female Suit
Miles Wood
as Anthony Dicorda
Tracy Dillon
as Elizabeth Page Grant
Robert Cicchini
as Felix Hall
Mike Gunther
as Craig Landeck
Tony Pasqualini
as Dr. Brandon Hardy
Mark Doerr
as Priest
David Guzzone
as Kevin Moretti
Alison Raimondi
as Nurse
Miranda Moore
as Rachel Carpenter
Jamie Elman
as Adam Sorenson
Kellan Lutz
as Alex Hopper
Sonya Walger
as Jane Parsons
Francis X. McCarthy
as Hank Shelton
Ilia Volok
as Gabe
Lee Thompson Young
as Kelvin Moore
James Defalco
as NYC Pedestrian
Gale Harold
as Kevin Scott
Rick L. Dean
as Photographer
Eric Lange
as Simon Winger
Meredith Moore
as Fearful Bride
James Logan
as Thin Man
Brandon Ray Olive
as Kevin Carpenter
Mickey Maxwell
as Waiter
Greg D'Agostino
as Uniformed Cop
Terry Wilkerson
as Lamont Tyson
Suzanne Reed
as Joanna Morgan
Misha Collins
as Morton Brite
Anya Engel-Adams
as Boxer Paula Rodriguez
Brian Oerly
as Lester Rhodes
Candice M Arnwine
as Police Officer
Greg Zola
as Dr. Tom Howard
Michael Nouri
as Denney Lancaster
Joel Gretsch
as Dr. Keith Beaumont
Kodi Kitchen
as Jessica Allen
Roger Narayan
as Actor
Seth Miller
as Marine Gunnery Sergeant in Central Park
Matt Wood
as Justin Scott
Amaury Nolasco
as Ruben DeRosa
Chase Kim
as Lee Nakashima
T.J. Linnard
as Eli Walsh
Orock Orock
as Mr. Herzlinger
James Black
as Luther Vandeross
Affion Crockett
as Carter England
Jay Kenneth Johnson
as Paul Deacon
Darrell Allen Lambert
as Marcus
Rachel Specter
as Sarah Morris
Long Nguyen
as Mitsuo Katsui
Anastasia Ganias
as Jamie Sunderland
Nelly Furtado
as Ava Brandt
Bradley Stryker
as Jason
Meg Cionni
as Marie Lowe
Marta Cross
as Reporter #2
Jeff Corbin
as Undercover Officer
Kelly Ogden
as Stephanie O'Dell
Wayne Bastrup
as Wayne Brown
Georgie Flores
as Laura Palmer
Lawrence Monoson
as Rudy Aronika
Thad Luckinbill
as Connor Dunbrook
Cisco Reyes
as Banger #2/Luis Accosta
Vince Grant
as Dr. Lyle Penn
Nana Kagga
as Josephine Delacroix
Matt Barr
as Thomas Brighton
Mercedes Mason
as Frankie Tyler
Karina Lombard
as Eva Martinez
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
as Hector Moody
Salina Sherwood
as Erika Barnett
Michele Specht
as Assistant Medical Examiner/Jenny
Bryan Becker
as Bobby Toole/Tony Russo
Carter Jenkins
as Will Galanis
P.G. Neil
as U.S. Marine
Alana Morshead
as Miranda Thomas
Katherine Boecher
as Nicole Jordan
Cait Fairbanks
as Mindy Sanchez - Age 14
Laura Miro
as Alice Tanaka
Matt Nolan
as Gus Stilton
Leia Thompson
as Paula Reed
Mason McCulley
as Richard
Jason Chambers
as Mercury
Bettis Richardson
as Danaus
Robert Parks-Valletta
as Stewart Kittredge
Jake Thomas
as Steve Davis
P.L. Brown
as Grady
Jack Gwaltney
as Sergeant Gavin Moran
Shi Ne Nielson
as Mitchiko Muzawa
Josie Davis
as Calliope Eckhart
Brendan Kelly
as Nick Donley
Tatum Shank
as Pharmacist
Hans Christianson
as Thug #1
Michael Hake
as Sammy Chen
Stig Eldred
as Thug #1
Maite Schwartz
as Allison
Michael Cory Davis
as Bouncer
Tyler Poelle
as Lawrence Wagner
Robin Thomas
as Abel Bloom
Marcus A. York
as Richard Keith
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm
as Terrence's Boy
April Bowlby
as Jenny Lee
David Packer
as Morty Sherman
Noa Tishby
as Polly Part'em
Michael Cornacchia
as Rosie
Jordan Rider
as Teddy Delabate
Wil Horneff
as Dennis Sporco
Sarah Aldrich
as Emily Dent
Zack Robidas
as Reporter #1
Sven Holmberg
as Jordy Tompkins
Alice Rietveld
as Sadie Kevitch
Buddy Dolan
as Hacker
Roger Barr
as Boy Scout Zombie
Jamie Chung
as Misty
Donna Pieroni
as Bearded Lady
Ryan McPartlin
as Terry Rockwell
Anna Mercedes Morris
as Carrie Langdon
Heather McComb
as Heather Davison
Steve Shampine
as Party Guest
Daniel Tatar
as Israeli Guy
Nathan Pitkanen
as Concert Goer
Tim Chiou
as Vince
Shashawnee Hall
as The Foreman
Laura Vandervoort
as Macy Sullivan
Aaron Behr
as Vinnie Parson
Tembi Locke
as Ellen Fielding
Rick Ravanello
as Congressman Eric Garth
Devon Gummersall
as Trevor Jones
Bryan Anderson
as Russ McHenry
Brendan Fehr
as Al Branson
Summer Altice
as Model #2
Deja Howell
as Emily Miller/Victoria Enzo
Josh Groban
as Josh Groban
James Lancaster
as Butler Randolph
Matt McKane
as George Williams
Jonathon Trent
as Ka Blam
as Female Impersonator
Daniel Cage Theodore
as Gabe Breslin
Olivia Stuck
as Lucy
Ray Reynolds
as Arrest Scene Witness/Senior Detective
Richard V. Licata
as Laughing Larry/Lawrence Gelächter
Marc Menchaca
as Leonard
Amy Gumenick
as Sandra Chandler
Fredro Starr
as Deacon
Sean Davis
as Michael Schaefer
Katie Boggs
as Sarah Nelson
Jenny Mollen
as Detective Angela Sayer
Will McCormack
as Todd Miller
Pancho Demmings
as Alonzo 'Chopper' Tevis
Kieran Campion
as Kenneth Grant
Marshall Faulk
as Self
Kiersten Hall
as Billy
Jenn Proske
as Serena Matthews
Brenna Gwyn Snowe
as Reporter
Kevin Kazakoff
as Johnny Holt
Shakti Devi
as Alex Kirkland
Brad Raider
as Justin
Laurie Searle
as Reporter #1
John Billingsley
as Cecil Arthur
Fabienne Maurer
as Lita Cartey
Terry Kinney
as Tom Mitford
Lauren Mary Kim
as Melinda Kitano
Allison Miller
as 'Omen'/Carensa Sanders
Hal Ozsan
as Tony DeLuca
Graham Beckel
as Telly Gines
Joe Morton
as Chief Dwight Hillborne
Ricardo Molina
as Christopher Garcia
Christopher Stapleton
as Anthony Martino
Randy Vinneau
as Lab Tech
Michael Cannon
as Dignitary
Timon Kyle Durrett
as TARU Office Jasper
Aaron Refvem
as Sam Harris
Benjamin Robin
as Strip Club Owner
Alison Woods
as Jen Parker
Courtney Farnsworth
as Christine Reynolds/Secretary
John Eric Bentley
as Roger Hagler
Joseph Sikora
as Joe Riggs
Paul Morente
as Filipino Guy
Sydney Park
as Ellie Danville
Nadine Nicole
as Lacey Deshane
Sarah Tareen
as Tina Paulson
Judith Hoag
as Mrs. Reynolds
Chad Guerrero
as Michael Paley
J.J. Perry
as Keith Gale
Jerry Ferris
as Officer Marty Santucci
Hannah Landberg
as Chocolate Model
Alexa Havins
as Jessica Thompson
Erin Lamont
as Crystal
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Officer Omar Lilly
Bill A. Jones
as Richard Kemp
Tracy Fraim
as Gino Cressida
Sasha Cohen
as Krista Palmer
Gino Montesinos
as Howie Davis
Mark A. Nash
as Detective
Vivan Dugré
as Marta Santo
Matt Haslett
as Reporter #2
Antonio Sabato Jr.
as Davi Santos
Cynthia Sheppard
as Ronna Dixon
Hira Ambrosino
as Angie Soon
Chad Randall
as George Parker
Breanne Racano Ferrara
as Jessica Hughes
Lauren Melendez
as Tracey
Jonathan Cherry
as James Golden
Mykelti Williamson
as Chief Brigham Sinclair
Mo Gallini
as Mitch Barrett
David Starzyk
as Charles Holden
Lightfield Lewis
as Declan Sullivan
George Haycraft
as Beat Boxer
Zack Scott
as Party Guest
Mary Ann Hermansen
as Reporter #3
Haviland Stillwell
as Akiko Haruka
Glenn Taranto
as James Sheehan
David Marciano
as Karl Drewdetski
Nixon Suicide
as Self
Patricia Martínez
as Sandra Lopez
Vanessa Curry
as Woman
Lissa Pallo
as Nurse Linda McCovey
Tiffany Dupont
as Hayley Montgommery
Lauren de Miranda
as Sketch Artist
Ramya Pratt
as Nina Robertson
Robert Curtis Brown
as Davis Ollenstein
Christian Campbell
as Noah Hubler/Patrick Dent
Tito Ortiz
as Derek Petrov
Stephanie Carpentieri
as CSI Tech
Charles Parks
as Mr. Moreland
Kelvin Yu
as David Oka
Guy Nardulli
as Vincent
Krishna Cole
as Male Customer
Josh Hammond
as Calvin Montgomery
Alex Carter
as Nathan Lewis
Rocio Vidal
as Secretary
Tom McComas
as Billy Morrison
Michelle Barkowski
as Young Lindsay Monroe's Blonde Friend
Nicole Mandich
as Diane Langston
Moe Irvin
as DEA Agent Dewey/Melvin La Grange
Gail O'Grady
as Millie Taylor
Sarah Habel
as Sarah Cates
Joel Brooks
as Felix Parker
Ajay Mehta
as Dr. Smythe
Amber Mead
as Ann Steele
Lester G. Reynolds
as Forensic Lab Tech
Jeremy Timmins
as Guy Loading Truck/NYPD Hockey Fan
Deena Dill
as Allison Scott
Gregory Alosio
as Clubgoer
Karina D'Bautista
as Lab Tech
Troy Ruptash
as Vincent Marino
Adam Huss
as Kyle Vance
Jaclyn Kerhulas
as Mrs. Marber/Officer Kalen Feeny
Cassius M. Willis
as Reporter #2
Jennifer Angelier
as NYPD Officer
John Ierardi
as Mark Johnston
Andrew Keegan
as Simon
Nefetari Spencer
as Reporter #1
Scott Connors
as James Turner
Julia Duffy
as Millie Hanford
Nynno Ahli
as Alex Martin
Shantel VanSanten
as Tara Habis
Kavi Ladnier
as Leila Vara
Jonna Walsh
as Nicole Harris
Chris Hartl
as Newstand Owner
Dana Cuomo
as Clarissa Evers
Emilio Rivera
as Little Stevie
Gerald Downey
as Prof. William Aldicott
Mark Sheppard
as Kevin Hannigan
Dave Marlin
as Young Jimmie Davis
John Patrick Amedori
as T.J. Lindmark
James Devoti
as Steffen Gross
Jeffrey G. Barnett
as Bartender/Ken Marion
Scott Subiono
as Marshall Hilson
Mädchen Amick
as Aubrey Hunter
Tanner Maguire
as Boy
Paula Mione
as Wedding Guest
Patrick Bauchau
as Dr. Willems
David L. Marston
as Bart Heart in Second Life
Cameron Dye
as Damon Runyon
Robert Costanzo
as Frank Meadows
Stefanie Butler
as Heather Rollins
Grant Harvey
as Eric Blaylock
Ranjani Brow
as Rachel Camden
Crystal Marze
as Fan
Peter Dobson
as Fred Becker
Casey Sander
as James Nelson
Stacey Travis
as Chandra Heckman
Robb Derringer
as Phillip Roth
Leila Arcieri
as Darcy Sullivan
Kincaid Walker
as Gate Attendant
William R. Brock
as Paramedic
Ara Anton
as Pedestrian
Parisa Fakhri
as Uni
Zach Grenier
as Ross Howell
Corin Nemec
as Todd Camden
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Detective Jessica Angell
Erik Stabenau
as Julian Grace
Bailee Madison
as Rose Duncan
Emily Procter
Gina St. John
as Reporter #1
Natalie Martinez
as Detective Jamie Lovato
Kyle Shaw
as ESU Officer
Sierra Hoyle
as Ellen White
Jordana Spiro
as Tavia Greenburg
Elle Fanning
as Jenny Como
Chris Meyer
as Colin Flynn
Sydney Walsh
as Laural Stanwyk
Lisa Gleave
as Jennifer Fazotti
Tarah Paige
as Paula Davis
Meghan Markle
as Veronica Perez
Robert Ri'chard
as Ray Griffin
Sandra Nelson
as Marilyn Bennett
Zach Savage
as Zander
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Melodee Constanza
Jennifer Jewel-High Jackson
as LeAnn Goodman
Fynn O'Hara
as Pole Dancer
Jeananne Goossen
as Officer Lauren Cooper
Lindsay Price
as Kate Price
Clinton 'Ton' Jones
as Security Guard
Eleanor Mercado
as Russell Ballard's love interest
Michael Hagerty
as Tim Goodman
Blake Robbins
as Jimmy Portico
Kristen Dalton
as Quinn Shelby
Charles S. Dutton
as Talmadge Neville
David Anthony Buglione
as Manny Skye
Todd Ryan Jones
as U.S. Marine
Mohammad Kavianpour
as CSI Tech
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Elderly Haitian Priestess
Brett Tucker
as Theodore Westwick
Bess Wohl
as Kendall Novak/Audrey Davis/Kendall Novack
Mark Mahoney
as Arvin Dooley
Russell Quinn Cummings
as Busboy
Murrugun the Mystic
as Sword Swallower
Emrhys Cooper
as Vincent Wright
Frank Grillo
as Jimmie Davis
Master P
as Kevin Vick
Ahna O'Reilly
as Halie
Daric Gates
as Tanglewood Guy
Chasty Ballesteros
as Rowena Black
Erwin Stone
as Rastafarian
Jayk Gallagher
as Bread Van Passenger
Rose Rollins
as Beth Garrett
Tory Kittles
as Sean Bally
Richard Vazquez
as Dancer
Lisa Sheridan
as Natalie Dalton
Maddy Curley
as Amy Fiedler
Micah Moses
as Detective Bungalon
Kym Mosley
as Yacht Guest #1
Nick Di Brizzi Jr.
as Paul Montenassi
Ijeoma Njaka
as Reporter #2
Courtenay Taylor
as Nurse Evette
Phuong Hoang
as Bistro Hostess
Paul Carafotes
as Detective Thacker
Antal Kalik
as Warrant Detective
Julie Adams
as Betty Willens
Farshad Farahat
as Omar Nizan
Marcus Ashley
as Nick Conway
Chrissy Lawver
as School Girl
Michael K. Williams
Jon Lee Brody
as Student
Johnny Palermo
as Ronnie Hall
Chad Michael Collins
as Officer Giles
Chris W. King
as Jason Williams
Hannah Sussman
as Fiona Chisolm
Jesse Chevy
as Charlie Hunt
Alex Band
as Trey Fager
Andy Hopper
as Skeezer
Steven James Price
as Police Officer
Michael McLafferty
as Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Shelley Berman
as George Savar
Silas Weir Mitchell
as David Scott
Brad Grunberg
as Melvin Heckman
Ted Raimi
as Garage Joe/Joe Strahil
Rosalie Ward
as Kelsey Coulter
B.J. Clinkscales
as Male Chef
Jack Chevanty
as Subway Guy
Gary Poux
as E.R. Doctor
Sean Vincent Biggins
as Leo Whitefield
Connor Barrett
as Toby Delafont
Rueben Grundy
as Super
Anthony Molinari
as Gil Duncan/Jimmy Allen
Kelley Daugherty
as Medical Examiner
C.J. Thomason
as Patrick Thompson
Mark Famiglietti
as Bobby Martin
Michael DeLuise
as Sonny Sassone
Parker Young
as Thad Wolff
Brad Graiff
as Attorney
Sam Page
as I.T. Guy/Liam Connover
Grace Dever
as Elisha Willens
Jake O'Flaherty
as Curtis Walker
Taira Soo
as Reporter #1
Michele Hicks
as Robin Prescott
Derek Craigie
as Finn Wexford
Jenna Ortega
as Aimee Moore
D.J. Elliott
as Greg Miller
Filip Watermann
as Bulgarian Man
Joaquin Perez-Campbell
as Captain Flood
Alex Schemmer
as Tony Clark
Gregory Harrison
as Roland Carson
Francis Guinan
as Ron Miller
Reece Rios
as Reporter #1
Shauna Stoddart
as Judge Alexis Halpern
Cori Bright
as Jane
Robert Maffia
as Abraham 'Abe' Katz
Kimberly Evan
as Upper East Side Tenant
Sean Shanks
as Jared Perkins
Fatimah Adams
as Ms. Herzlinger
Arye Gross
as Frank Moore/Wallace Carver
Darby Stanchfield
as Dawn Higgins
as Elephant
Mark Totty
as James McQuinn
Germaine De Leon
as A.J. Mata
as Stan Ridgeway
Meredith Monroe
as Mrs. Lewis
Kim Ridley
as Officer Scott
Bee Jay Joyer
as Juggler #1
Daniel Triplehorn
as Race Fan
Ray Abruzzo
as Bob Galanis
Dan Warner
as Polygraph Examiner
Stephen Chang
as Captain Chang
Rachel Ann Mullins
as Licking Girl
Gill Gayle
as Tony the Midtown Fisherman
Ricky Wood
as Fighter
Christian Monzon
as Daryn Kramer
Louise Linton
as Simone de Lille
Kerry Burnette
as Preacher from Lindale
John Larroquette
as Chief Ted Carver
Michael Lutz
as Bruce Abbott
Terrell Lee
as Officer Tony Hendershot
Yancey Arias
as Rick Devarro
Kacey Edgerly
as Lab Tech
Robbie Alexander
as Cyrus Menlo
Wayne King
as FBI Agent
Neal Matarazzo
as Henry Milton
Chris DeBlasio
as U.S. Marine
Sebastian Lopez Hinton
as CSI Tech
Angie Hill
as Jury Forewoman
Leah Rachel
as Leslie Wright
Joe Manganiello
as Rob Meyers
Patrick St. Esprit
as Gerald Branson
Jeff Branson
as Andy Stein
Danielle Burgio
as Margo Trent
Hart Turner
as Pascal Denton
David J Law
as NYPD Detective
Joshua Leonard
as Matt Paulson
Antonia Raftu
as Greek Woman
Paul C. Rademacher
as Student with Camera
Tracy Silver
as Receptionist
Lisa Marie Zaura
as Mackenzie Wade
Tiara Parker
as Talia Kirkfield
Joshua Levine
as Luther Stockton
Chad Williams
as D.J. Pratt
Christine Fazzino
as Marissa Sutherford
Jay Acovone
as Paul Gionetti
Michael Gross
as Executioner
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as J.J. Huntsville
Nina Smidt
as Waitress
Shawn Tischler
as Young Michael Byrne
Titus Caine
as Nemo
Lisa Jay
as Dana/Holly Golightly #3
Jerry Brennan
as Security Rover
Jaleesa Mendez
as Dancer
Gina Doctor
as Tech
David Sampen
as CSI Tech/NYPD
Peter O'Meara
as Paul Stryzewski
Sean Harmon
as Ethan Grohl
Vincent Young
as Stewart DeCaro
Robert Neary
as Jack Prescott
Ele Keats
as Mary McQuade
Dylan Tays
as Angie Charles
Tyler Jacob Moore
as U.S. Marine
Michael Clarke Duncan
as Quinn Sullivan
Andrew Lawrence
as Jake Calaveras
Dennis Keiffer
as Skinhead #2
Laura Penn
as Lab Tech
Maxine Bahns
as Elementary School Representative
Josh Wingate
as Kyle Lannigan
Ray Bengston
as Doctor #2
Jarrod Crawford
as Surgeon on TV
Via Garcia
as Pole dancer
Preston Jones
as Chad Hendricks
Alla Korot
as Connie Williams
Matthew Dunn
as Under-Age Boy in Photo
Yara Martinez
as Lisa Brigosa
Miguel Angel Caballero
as Hector
Edward Deraney
as Angelo Venetti Jr.
Brianna Brown
as Heidi Pesco
Paul Anthony Scott
as Dr. Roger Burgess
Brian Oblak
as FBI Agent Walsh
Neal Bledsoe
as Sam Friar
Anita Elsbree
as Kelly's Mother
Arsha Darbinyan
as Nadia Ivanov
Nick Offerman
as Joe Green
Edward Furlong
as Shane Casey
Ted Danson
as D.B. Russell
Al Vicente
as Jorge
Antoine Von Boozier
as Pedestrian
Adam Kaufman
as Elliot Gano
Reynaldo Gallegos
as Jose Martinez
Melissa Fumero
as Michelle Rhodes
Pinky Villaseñor
as ND Tech
Rick Marcus
as Xander Green
Elijah Samuel Quesada
as French Revolution Party Guest
Kristian A. Quino
as Officer Luke Norman
Eddie Cahill
as Don Flack
Peyton List
as Alexa Endecott
Lindsay Parker
as Jordan Benson
Garret Dillahunt
as Steve Collins
Eugene Robert Glazer
as Dr. Burr
Brandon Slagle
as News Cameraman
Michael DeLorenzo
as Rico Cerda
Ryan Locke
as Cabbie Killer
Sean Rose
as Chaz Archerson
Carlo Rota
as Joseph Vance
Justin Shilton
as Ed Riley
Andrew Macbeth
as Jarrod Stanton
Kodi Baker
as Lavin #43
Doc Duhame
as Henchman #1
Kate Miner
as Eva Hutton
Laurence N. Kaldor
as Frank Hertzberg
Karina Logue
as Mrs. Emma Milner
Donnie Jeffcoat
as Det. Stan Miller
Trae Ireland
as Man
Kat Coiro
as Maggie Hall
Matthew Frauman
as Eddie Jones
Leslie Bega
as Grace Walderson
Lisa Canning
as Lydia Johnson
Michael Antonacci
as Young Mitch Ventri
Freddie De Grate
as Zookeeper
Tania Raymonde
as Laura Roman
Don Wallace
as Shaun Deroy
William Mulligan
as Pump Operator
Gregory Mikurak
as Charlie Fairwick
Brigid O'Connell
as Pedestrian
Kathleen Munroe
as Samantha Flack
Eric Dickerson
as US Marshal
Mitchell Fink
as Russell McCulley
Lori Petty
as Maddy
Axe Osei Vita
as Circus Acrobat
Rick Hoffman
as Dr. Miles Feldstein
Ricarte Rivera
as Drug Dealer
Jamison Haase
as Riker's Guard
Logan Bartholomew
as Brian Miller
Chad Boldini
as Race Fan
Ricky Titus-Lam
as Frat Guy
Lucas Ford
as Jeff Conte
Michael Patrick Breen
as Fundraiser Attendee
Patrick A. Horton
as Billionaire Bidder at Auction
Eddie Mills
as Phillip Langdon
Dan Latham
as Chicago Pedestrian
Jason Beghe
as Jack Butler
James Tupper
as Paul Zernecky
Jamie Hill Fuller
as 'Natasha'/Michelle Lewis
Igor Zaninovich
as Patient #3/Thor
Tony Oller
as Nicholas Albertson
Cory Blair
as Young Detective Paul Burton
Kevin Ko
as Henry/Informant
Brian Goodman
as Tony Dirisa
Steve Sabo
as Coroner
Holly Lynch
as Anabel Pino
Amanda Bynes
Mark Steines
as Entertainment Reporter
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Raymond Harris
Dana de Celis
as Lillian Stanwick
Justin Dray
as Byron Wendle
Jennifer Elise Cox
as Melanie Stefano
Deirdre Quinn
as Elle Jeffries
Trevor Hammonds
as Driver
Joelle ten Damme
as Amanda
Alaina Huffman
as Lori Winton
Ken Garito
as Jimmy Duncan
Cameron Goodman
as Rose Wilson/She Hate Me
Jef Groff
as Angelo Gates/Jeff Scott
Mino Mackic
as Protester
Sandra Seeling
as Brandi Parsons
Leticia Castillo
as Octavia Figueroa
Edward Finlay
as Sean Peterson
Kate Norby
as Monica Drake
Mona Weiss
as Teen Girl
Travis Hammer
as Desk Manager
Nick Benseman
as Ben Hattfield
Michael William Freeman
as Colby Jenkins
Mandalynn Carlson
as Kelly Dupars
Era Atre
as Girl #1/Young Aashni Singh
Alexandra Barreto
as Linda Cortez
Lena Coco Hunter
as Lacy
Kevin Wayne Berger
as Court room officer evan
Patrick Fabian
as Charles Richmore
Jon Prescott
as Nick Gunn
Kevin Vyce
as Pedestrian
Jason Paul Field
as Dean Rovin
Nikki Deloach
as Lorelie Dennis
Sokhan Kevin Sar
as C.S.I Tech
Craig T. Nelson
as Robert Dunbrook
Jina Song
as Real Estate Agent
Louis Lombardi
as Stan Trovato
Daniel Milder
as Mike Hanson
Evan Helmuth
as Blake Mathers
Mike Starr
as Chief Vince Robinson
Jeffrey Nordling
as Senator Kirk Matthews
Michael McMillian
as Neal Cooper
Joshua LeBar
as Michael Wright
Trevor Graciano
as Ray Seeley
Tyler Francavilla
as Officer Miller
Valorie Curry
as Hannah McCray
Al Suicide
as Self
Ingrid Walters
as Flight Attendant
Cole Williams
as Bryce Aldecott
Neil Giuntoli
as Mark Stutz
Emily Robinson
as Caroline
Amelia Rose Baldwin
as Cute Tech
Kim Coates
as Detective Vicaro
Luis Jose Lopez
as Enrico Palmero
Jon Woodward Kirby
as Hotel Manager
Dayo Ade
as Derrick James
Jake Abel
as Kyle Sheridan
Mekia Cox
as Kia Rowe
David Burke
as Stanley Fisher
Scott Sahadi
as Paramedic
Russell Harvard
as Cole Rowen
Mike DiGiacinto
as Brian Sanders
Omid Zader
as Faraj Goyda
Tom Bresnahan
as Nick Lawson
Raphael Sbarge
as District Attorney Latham
Kim Kardashian
as Debbie Fallon
Shanna Collins
as Wendy
Sylvester Powell
as Thug
Cara Pifko
as Rachel Moore
Ron Lester
as Officer Murphy
Sean Morelli
as Officer Adams
Tahyna MacManus
as Quinci Feeney
Elizabeth Reynolds
as Vanessa Walters
Corsica Wilson
as Young Girl
Javier Picayo
as Tom Nikkos
Theo Alexander
as Charles Kohl
Kira Legg
as Ballerina
Kam Heskin
as Suspect X
Kelly Polk
as Isabel Wilde
Karl Brian Miller
as Snake Charmer
Michelle Lee
as Jody Sun
Candice Coke
as Alexandria Hollis
Toks Olagundoye
as Reporter #2
Chadwick Boseman
as Rondo
Chris Warren Gilbert
as Officer #1
Paul Ben-Victor
as Carmen Enzo
M. Martin Mapoma
as Adir Mobutu/Mosi Ghedi
Madison Davenport
as Abby Drake
Joseph Rye
as Ambassador
Nicolette Kluijver
as Referee
Julie McKinnon
as A/V Lab Tech/AV Lab Tech
Emily Brownell
as Drunk Party Girl
Jason Alan Smith
as Sam McFarland
Arthur Roberts
as Felix Henderson
Katie Gill
as Vanessa May
Aurelius DiBarsanti
as Execution Med Tech
Benjamín Benítez
as Kimball Saks
Christopher Watters
as Rick Amadori
Sarah Ospina
as Pedestrian
Mark Engelhardt
as FBI Agent Frank Richardson
Len Cordova
as Henry Flack
Mark Kelly
as Rob Bloom
Laird Macintosh
as Dr. Spencer Howard
Juan Gabriel Pareja
as Raymond Cruz
Cassidy Hice
as Emma
Alex Weed
as Scott Perfito
Kid Rock
as Self
Brian Guest
as Paul Benson
Riccardo LeBron
as Roland Benitez
Criss Angel
as Luke Blade
Brad Schmidt
as Jeremy Bloomfield
Michelle Winters
as Jane Doe/Scarlet
Martin Papazian
as Mr. Birnbaum
Brian Patrick Collins
as John Everett
Sy Franco
as Carmen Vega
Grace Matias
as Filipino Girl
Alicia Coppola
as Carmen Cavallo
Christopher May
as Martin Browning
Rodrigo Rojas
as Shawn Boyd
Alex Meraz
as Odelin Gonzales Jr.
James Shanklin
as Michael Byrne
Nick Grosvenor
as Fight Fan
Heath Castor
as NYPD Officer
John Wesley Shipp
as Patrick Quinn
Lymari Nadal
as Hazel Ortega
Brandon Scott
as William Dowd
Amara Cash
as Tour Guide
Matt Zogaric
as Boy in Film
William Russ
as Mr. Prescott
Allen Payne
as Willie Chancey
Stacy Haiduk
as Debra Archerson
Whitney Anderson
as Angie Cusato
Stephen Snedden
as Andy Lewis
John Leo Patti
as Anasuya's brother
Matt McCoy
as Martin Benson
Tom Poole
as Execution Witness
Emanuel Gountoumas
as 8 year old Henry
Sherri Saum
as Elaine Moore
Jeremy Glazer
as Mr. Booker
Claire Forlani
as Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Oliver Macready
as Scott
Guillermo Jorge
as Detective
Henry Sandifer
as Student
Brad Blaisdell
as Judge Vincent Corsica
Penelope Ann Miller
as Rose Whitley
Tony Aaron II
as Stuntman
Sarah Butler
as Alison Redman
Charles Shaughnessy
as Mr. Christensen
Edward Asner
as Abraham Klein
Josh Wood
as Rick Lawson
Selena Johnson
as Dance Fan/Hip Hop
K.D. Aubert
as Maude Messervy
Karina Michel
as Model
Mel Fair
as Reporter #1
Jasmine Golden
as Attractive Woman
Chris Carmack
as Colby Fisher
Chris Gann
as Mitchell Bentley III.
Sofya Skya
as Olympia
Paul James Jordan
as Craig Anderson
Michelle Pierce
as Jennifer Anderson
Brandon Fobbs
as Mike White
Jessica Morris
as Melody Spector
Daniel Kruse
as Attorney
Levi Ogner
as Tim Swirsky
Jayson Blair
as 'Y Monster'/Albert Linehart
Angela Sarafyan
as Sara Jackson
Greg Williams
as Detective
Jewel Christian
as Jane Doe
Palmer Davis
as Disapproving Mother
Gareth Williams
as Frank Stevenson
Tyler King
as Darin Carver
Ivan Shaw
as Billy James
Jane McLean
as Dr. Morgan Jefferson
Jaime Ray Newman
as Claire Taylor
Diana R. Lupo
as Charlotte DuBois
Eamon Behrens
as Johnny Lusano
Ashley Rickards
as Young Lindsay Monroe
Lisa Gabriel
as Coroner's Assistant
Rajeev Pahuja
as Detective
Koby Kumi-Diaka
as Timothy Brown
Najarra Townsend
as Patricia Kelly
Kerr Smith
as Drew Bedford
Chris Monberg
as Sean Kelly
Terrell Clayton
as Maurice Bradford
Tim James
as James Petty
Talia Toms
as Wife
Rick Williamson
as Chocolate Worker
Brandon W. Jones
as Frat Boy
Victoria Haynes
as Reporter #3
Suzy Brack
as Office Executive
Marc Abbink
as Serial Killer
Darlene Ava Williams
as Elephant Rider
Blaise Godbe Lipman
as Jake Bennett
Alison Sudol
as Nova Kent
Daniel Roebuck
as Ray Tortucci
Rosette Laursen
as Dancer #2
Philip Wayne
as Fulton Fish Market Manager
Charlie Koznick
as Anthony Colton
Andreas Arristos
as Detective
Anna Lichty
as Witness
Agim Kaba
as Eddie Brunson
Reid Scott
as Seth Riggin
Elaine Kagan
as Irene Flack
Kimberly Fisher
as Geisha Girl
Justin Hartley
as Elliott Bevins
Marie Joelyn
as Cage Dancer
Kelly Hu
as Detective Kaile Maka
Tasso Feldman
as Scott
Maria Zambrana
as Parent/Pedestrian
Emily Wilson
as Colette
Judita Wignall
as Tee KO
Melanie Nolen
as Evidence Photographer
Agustin Rodriguez
as Jimmy Valdez
Garrett Strommen
as Seth Wolf
Michael Alperin
as Pete Miller
June Little
as Singer
Darin Mangan
as Corpse
Elisha Skorman
as Lauren Salinas
Kaye Marie Talise
as Greek Statue
Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann
as Dancer
Melinda Dahl
as Estelle Christensen
Stephanie Venditto
as Sally Anderson
Carlos Sanchez
as Manny Moraga
Zac Henry
as Matt Campbell
Allison Steward
as Joanna 'Kandy' Kelton
Trenton Rostedt
as Theodore Hart
Kimberly Douglas
as Arresting Officer
Linda Porter
as Mary Riesling
Gray Ellis
as FBI Agent
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Portia Pryce
Kirk Acevedo
as James Boyd
Jeff Denton
as Vince Massoni
Michelle Krusiec
as Lisa Kim
Charles Hutchins
as British Tourist
Michael Irby
as Eduardo/Kenny Hexton
Frank Anello
as Officer McQuade
John Bain
as Luke Stevenson
Kristina Page
as Jessica - Party Girl #3/Party Girl
Jordan Bridges
as Alex Weston
Alex Solowitz
as Owen Hicks
Erica Piccininni
as Amanda Tanner
Ron Glass
as Colby Glass
Parisa Fitz-Henley
as Charlene Franklin
Juddson Keith Linn
as Officer Valasquez
Hal Landon Jr.
as Henry Wainright
Peter Giles
as John James III
Daniel Samonas
as Clark Robertson
Valentina de Angelis
as Libby Drake
Dianna Agron
as Jessica Grant
Ian Salmon
as Menacing Inmate
Nick Ballard
as Ethan
Robert Merrill
as Thomas Hanson
Brooklyn McLinn
as Tony Davis
Patrick O'Connor
as Dr. Martin Stilga
Nick Chinlund
as John Simmons
Cody Longo
as Tyler Josephson
Shiloh Fernandez
as Jake Fairwick
Shaya McCord
as 5-Year-Old Olivia Dalton
Brace Harris
as Uni
Stacey Yen
as Reporter #3
Ian Ziering
as Thom Weir
Geno Monteiro
as Lamont Henford
Melinda Cohen
as Esther Schnitzler
Yan Ruiz
as Elliott Stanton
Casey Siemaszko
as Paul Sabotini
Patrick Mulvey
as P.O. Kevin Hopkins
Rick Peters
as Josh Weaver
Jeremy Nichols
as Ian Casey
John Mese
as Lt. William Sythe
Torrey Vogel
as Paul Warren
Liz Kouri
as Detective #2
Laura Tatham
as Bridesmaid
Wolfgang Bodison
as Rodney Pruitt
Ariana Emnace
as Alexa Holdman
Jeff Hephner
as Evan Westcott
Elisha Yaffe
as Master Chief
John Edward Lee
as Newbie
Kevin Navayne
as Detective Ray Jackson
Tom Schanley
as Eli Bishop
Thomas Kopache
as Tenant Owner
John Ruby
as Detective Mills
Cherilyn Wilson
as Becky
Bobby Roe
as New York Baseball Player
Albie Selznick
as John Stupaine
Aaron Ashmore
as Cam Vandemann
as DJ Banner
Terricka Rogers
as NY Pedestrian
Ronnie Gene Blevins
as Mark Fields
Melina Kanakaredes
as Stella Bonasera
Emily Happe
as Sarah Bell
Frederick Koehler
as Billy Rendish
Jacqueline Lovell
as Louise Perry
Jace Jeanes
as Thug
Sandy Martin
as Mrs. Collins
Michael Duisenberg
as Craig Tomlin
Austin Priester
as Logan Peele/Ted Barclay
Evan Parke
as Albert 'Big Al' Grafton
Ryan Gray
as Dave Wilson
Robert Gant
as Felix Redman
Brian D'Addario
as Altar Boy #2
Michele Carroll
as Hero Texter
Oba Vita
as Circus Acrobat
Eddie Alfano
as Officer Denton
Tina Huang
as Reporter
Sonia Maria Martin
as Evelyn Danner
David Burtka
as David King
Mark Hengst
as Jeremy Howser
Ben Morrison
as Teammate
Natalie Floyd
as Jessica Drake
Samantha Sergeant
as Cheerleader #2
Dave Power
as James Madoff
Ryan Shams
as Reporter #1
Randy Hall
as Roger Stockwell
Ken Moreno
as Joe Carthage
Nadine Velazquez
as Marcia Vasquez
George Young Warner
as Roger Thomas
Tommy Savas
as Rick Contoursi
Ramon De Ocampo
as Lhamo Vadhana
Emily Harrison
as Amy Madoff
Matthew Love
as Clown #3
Moneer Yaqubi
as Alex Henley
David Barrera
as Jose Figueroa
Cantrell Harris
as Lonnie's Father
Ron Raymundo
as Spectator
Heidi Shepherd
as Isabelle Vaughn Store Employee/NY Club Go-Go Dancer
Wayne Lopez
as Manager
Michael Cudlitz
as Vern Dox
Adina Porter
as Shannon Goodall
Gene Patrick Smith
as CSI Tech
Dar Dixon
as Commission Member
Crystal Reed
as Jules Roday
Ira Berkowitz
as CSI Technician
Cedric Pendleton
as Jimmy Easman
Adam Nelson
as James Moore
Melissa Ordway
as Jenny Harper
Allison McAtee
as Jackie Thompson
Michael Maize
as Jake Lydell
Daniella Alonso
as Jenny Rodriguez
Graham Shiels
as Quentin Oswego
Vitali Baganov
as Dr. Bogdhan Ivanov
Kym Hoy
as Nina Chang
James Martin Kelly
as Cliff Angell
David Bloom
as Young Leonard Brooks
Bill Heck
as Brett Dohn
Melina Lizette
as Natalia Sanchez
Steve Kaufmann
as Gamer/Punk Rocker
Marcy McCusker
as Margo Demme
Dan Wells
as Devon Walsh
Sarah Scherger
as Mrs. Dickerson
David A. Cooper
as Reporter #2
James Handy
as Charles Ross
Roman Mitichyan
as Egyptian Thug
Jerome Ro Brooks
as Prison Inmate
Dominic Keating
as Rufus Knox
Ouija Whittemore
as Crime Lab Tech
Amber Stanton
Katharine McPhee
as Dana Melton/Odessa Shaw
Stephanie Denise Griffin
as Lily Becker
Bonnie Burroughs
as Linda Frazier
Mark Crane
as Trader #3
Kit Paquin
as Alyssa Ryan
Helena Barrett
as Liza Carpenter
Fernanda Andrade
as Yvonne
Clark Gilmer
as Model
Darren Michael
as Hero Tech
Josie DiVincenzo
as Candace Broadbent
Niko Nicotera
as Joseph Skiver
Irene Tsu
as Madam Tuki Song
Terrell Ransom Jr.
as Lonnie James
Michael Grant Terry
as Matt Huxley
Leslie-Anne Panaligan
as Felicia Badman
David Gallagher
as Marty Bosch
Mark Aiken
as Whitman Price
Joshua McCabe
as Cage Fight Fan/Theater Patron
Paul Vasquez
as Marcus Garcia/Officer Thomas
Chris Daughtry
as Machiavelli Taylor
Eugene Shaw
as UNI
Mike Kirkland
as Trader #2
Chris Krauser
as NY Pedestrian/New York Pedstrian
Austin Butler
as Benjamin Gold
Christopher Grove
as Brad Dobson
Bill Zasadil
as Nicholas Bristow
Tanya Raisa
as Gala Guest
David Julian Hirsh
as Zack Shannon
Gabriel Casseus
as Jerald Brown
Alexa Fischer
as Female Reporter
Desi Lydic
as Elaine Curtis
Jackson Davis
as Justin McKinney
Alayna Corrick
as Carla Kent
Kanin Howell
as Charlie Cooper/Lenny Starks/Paul Tortucci/Randy Williams
Greg Wrangler
as Daniel Thomason
Luke Zampas
as Shane Casey - Age 8
Kelly Shea
as Nurse
Shanti Wintergate
as Hallie on Wheels
Kent Shocknek
as Reporter
Jon Fleming
as Derek Payley
Kelly Connolly
as Vienna Hyatt
Michael Nardelli
as Matthew Kane
Raymond Parker
as Orderly
Samuel Page
Andrew St. John
as Dalton
Yael Shir
as Sorority Girl
Kevin Copelan
as Mental Ward Patient
Candice Candelori
as Teller
Valerie Azlynn
as Eve Demming
Kevin Pierce
as Trader #1
Joshua Dov
as Griffin Holden
Brian Jay
as Stuart Ashton
Adrian Neil
as Auction House Manager
Stephen Gabriel
as Mark
Hayley Marie Norman
as Tracy
Lauren Bowles
as Jamie Blake
Lindsay Pulsipher
as Cheryl Miller/Venus
Gina Philips
as Maddie Harris
Robyn Lively
as Sarah Myers
Anthony Giangrande
as Tom Fester
Jackie Quinones
as Puerto Rican Woman
Melissa Roy
as Reporter
Kelly Bellini
as Chrissy Watson
Christopher Jacot
as Harvin Garrity
Dedee Pfeiffer
as Grace Thomason
Tyler Ashman
as Young Mac
Martin Klebba
as Calvin Moore
James Badge Dale
as Henry Darius
James Velarde
as Ian Casey - Age 10
Jason Pendergraft
as Vinnie
Dale Gibson
as Jimmy Philbrook
Nathan Frizzell
as Curtis Almquist
Rafael Rojas III
as Gunman on Bicycle
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Peter Rector
Brian Linsley
as Yankee Baseball Player
Marc Menard
as Damien Barnes
Carl Conti
as Mr. Reynolds
Haran Jackson
as Groom #2
Adam Baldwin
as DHS Agent Brett Dunbar
Willam Belli
as Candy Darling
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Reggie Dunham
Lisa Darr
as Andrea Warren
Lauren Litt
as Brenda Russo
Scott Cohen
as Aaron Lesnick
Kelly Kolatac
as Cute Girl
Sandra McCoy
as Amber Capece
Roxanne Day
as Nina
Brittany Beaudry
as Cake Girl
Steve Hytner
as Alvin Marbert
William Gregory Lee
as Martin Boggs
Philip Bushell
as Father Crawford
Joy Gohring
as Donna
Kevin Fry
as McShea
Erika Barrett
as Duty Nurse
Kimberly Dooley
as Glenda Wallace
Chaz Fatur
as Zookeeper
Courtney Ford
as Nicole Moore
Alyssa Diaz
as Tracy James
Patrick Brennan
as Brian Brocko
Chad Morgan
as Liz Grayson
DJ Robinson
as Bomb Squad
Austin Highsmith Garces
as Rebecca Zernecky
Timothy V. Murphy
as Conner Wells
Eddie Driscoll
as Hal Weston
Tom Parker
as Allen Greenway
Tim Dragga
as Dieselpunk Fan
Minnie Gupta
as Fight Fan
David Truax
as Partygoer
Stacy Edwards
as Debbie Montenassi/Grace Travers
Casey Adams
as Toby Finch
Keirsten Kafka
as Live Painted Model
Toni Trucks
as Alicia Woods
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Dr. Karita Neville
Christian Dias
as Construction Worker
James D. Weston II
as S.F. Police Officer
Ashlee Williss
as Jane Doe #2
Giggi Yazicioglu
as Woman
Michael Mantell
as Dr. Gavin Moore
Jason Wiles
as John Curtis
Carol Kiernan
as Rita
Jerry Kernion
as Lonnie Tucci
Pat Monahan
as Sam Baker
Marvin Jordan
as Dante Hope
Kristin Cavallari
as Isabelle Vaughn
Bonnie McKee
as Eleanor Ravelle
Zack Ward
as Keith Milner
Michelle Rose
as Bank Hostage
Kamala Mathis
as Fire Breathing Woman
Benjamin Stockham
as Young Tom Reynolds
Noureen DeWulf
as Matrice Singh
Eli Jane
as Fight Fan
Gideon Emery
as Christopher Vackner
David Sullivan
as James Manning
Jullian Dulce Vida
as Boyd Hackman
Jason Cerbone
as Tony Reanetti
Don Kress
as Actor
Michael Gilio
as Kelly Lindgren
Julie Mond
as Abby Kirhoffer
Ricky Harris
as Disco Placid
Derek Hedlund
as FDNY Paramedic
George Newbern
as Alex Sheridan
John Dove
as Det. John Scagnetti
Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez
as Dancer
DaJuan Johnson
as Trey Williams
Amra Silajdzic
as Sass Dumonde
D.B. Sweeney
as A.D.A. Craig Hansen
Derek Mears
as Skinhead #1
Philip Waley
as Pool Player
Austin Lysy
as Thomas Gates
Rick D. Wasserman
as Walter Lisco
Sarah Adina
as Gears Girl
Jules Willcox
as Museum Curator
Cassandra Jean Amell
as Olivia Prescott
Elias Koteas
as Joe/Douglas Anderson
Edward Kerr
as Joel Paulson
Dominic Fumusa
as Robert Costa
Diva Zappa
as Della Fallon
Zack Stewart
as Lou Pugletti
Austin Kane
as Tommy Lewis
David Fumero
as Benny Madera
Matt Austin
as Lab Technician
Taylor Sheridan
as Joel Banks
Ryan Quintana
as Mortgage Broker
J.J. Dashnaw
as Groundskeeper/Perry Samuels
Alan Marco
as Subpoena Server
Joshua Snyder
as Mitch Henson
John Ross Bowie
as Lester Jayne
Robert Della Cerra
as Superintendent
Marcos A. Ferraez
as Manny Ravrara
Jason Gray
as Jeff Zegers the Store Detective
Fredric Lehne
as Ross Lee
Sean Taylor
as Doug Holden
Shane Silva
as Bailiff
Justin Baldoni
as Heath Kirkfield
Luis Dalmasy Jr.
as Len Barlow
John Sloan
as Theodore Wicks, aka Teddy Mayhem
Tyler Jameson Martinez
as FDNY Hockey Fan
Erin Micklow
as Ballerina
Adam Scott Weissman
as Nerd
Kevin Alejandro
as Tom Martin
Ashton Shane
as Pretty NYPD Cop
Jerry Zatarain Jr.
as Drew
Sidney Faison
as Dwayne Meade
Alexia Aleman
as Swimmer Witness
Lee Burns
as Gavin Ruvelle
Mike Mitchell Jr.
as Wedding Guest
Greg Davis Jr.
as Terrell Davenport
Billy Malone
as Cop #1/Desk Sergeant
Robert Mailhouse
as Stan Vonner
Nick Warnock
as Reporter #2
Tony Schiena
as Paul Martin
John Prosky
as Museum Administrator
Haley Strode
as Injured Woman
Giota Trakas
as Detective
Jonno Roberts
as Samson Rowe
Zachary Spicer
as Jeremy Harris
Daniel Arrias
as Bobby Venetti
Shawn Christian
as Ryan Chisholm
Walker Haynes
as Corporal Stan Whitney/E.R. Doctor #2/ER Doctor #2
Walker Curry
as Young Mac Taylor
Ed Quinn
as Frankie Mala
Joey Lawrence
as Clay Dobson
Neil Hopkins
as Yert Yawallac
Jesse Collver
as Paramedic/Record Store Clerk
Kelly Overton
as Lynette Richmont
Minta Allred
as Marie Casimira
Karyn Nesbit
as Teenage Girl
Jared Poe
as Jimmy Prineman
Samantha Lockwood
as Samantha, Party Girl #2
Sean R. Lake
as Lab Tech
William R. Spencer
as Troy Castro
Adrian Quinonez
as Bomb Squad Tech
Billy Lush
as Kieran Reilly
Katie Chonacas
as Anasuya Espargosa
Maury Sterling
as Neal Weston
Andrea Ramírez
as Carmen Martinez
The Dollyrots
as Rough Sects
Seidy Lopez
as Harried Mother
Andy Davoli
as Crazy Tony Tardala 'PAY UP'
Keri Lynn Pratt
as Paula Tolomeo
Vincent Ventresca
as Ron Ferguson
Michelle Page
as Audrey Noonan
Bryan Hayes
as Tony Baba
Corinne Massiah
as Michelle Woods
Verne Lundquist
as Self
Brady Matthews
as Damon Caro
Katerina Goode
as Backup Dancer #1
Jessalyn Gilsig
as Jordan Gates
Richard Voll
as Geroge Foodim
Rebecca Staab
as Jessica Freemont
Brian K. Jones
as Gigantaw
John Brently Reynolds
as Picasso
Pete Gardner
as Gavin Arnold
Cassidy Freeman
as Devon Hargrove
Katheryn Winnick
as Lisa Kay
Ori Pfeffer
as Armand Lepompier
Matt Battaglia
as Dr. Harrison Green
Michael Cotter
as Harry Rose
Kristin Proctor
as Tracy Colton
Christopher Le Crenn
as Hunter Hudson
Laura Ornelas
as Jamie Fisher
Francoise Alexander
as Mary
Tehmina Sunny
as Nailah Fayed
Jake Busey
as Randy Davis
Kimberly Shannon Murphy
as Veronica 'Roni' Parker
Eric Ritter
as Pete Riggs
Devin Brochu
as James Walker
Michael DeBartolo
as Back Store Gambler
Escher Holloway
as Torrey Powell
Wes Ramsey
as Dave Benton
Giovanni V. Giusti
as LFL Fan
David Caruso
as Horatio Caine
Tom Archdeacon
as Jackie Doyle
Molly Burnett
as Molly Byrne
Sheridan Crist
as Trevor Arnette
Justin Bruening
as Hank Frazier
Lesley-Ann Brandt
as Camille Jordanson
Andreas Lyon
as Danish Man
Peter Fonda
as William Hunt
Amanda MacDonald
as Madeline Briggs
Dorothea Swiac
as NY Pedestrian
Razzi Suicide
as Self
Ashlee Simpson
as Lila Wickfield
Vaughndio Forbes
as Protester
Octavia Spencer
as Child Welfare Rep
John Cappon
as EMT
Keith Stallworth
as Dancer
Justin Castor
as Brian
Jonathan Chase
as Brian Hamilton
Stewart Strauss
as Apartment Manager
Raoul Max Trujillo
as Odelin Gonzales
Jamison Jones
as Austin Cannon
Kristina Anapau
as Virginia Felton
Joel Geist
as John Andrews
Brooklyn Rae Silzer
as Lucy Messer
Jonathan Penner
as Newt Glick
Eugene Collier
as Working Man
Monyque Thompson Scott
as Pickpocketed Holiday Shopper
Deji LaRay
as Officer Campbell
Brendan Ford
as Doctor #1
Lee Majors
as Paul Burton
Nicholas Harvell
as Officer Holland
Robert Atkinson
as Chicago Pedestrian
Taylor Spill
as Girl In Crowd
Kyle Gallner
as Reed Garrett
Rudy Dobrev
as UNI Officer
Robert Joy
as Sid Hammerback
Sammi Hanratty
as Emma Mathews
JD Pardo
as Bobby Renton
Garrett Ryan
as Young Drew Bedford
Rob Evors
as Timothy Maxwell
Chad Todhunter
as Reuben Lewis
Jean Claude Leuyer
as Cadillac Kligman
Bret Ernst
as Pelham Boy #1
Marc Casabani
as Dr. Jim Barnes
Myk Watford
as Reno Martell
James Valentine
as Self
Anjul Nigam
as Harish Lev
Scot Davis
as Scott Colson
Laura Breckenridge
as Lisa Richards
Shanley Caswell
as Rachel Weber
Steve Kramer
as Administrative Judge
Christopher Warren
as Jonas stark/Jonas Stark
Brenda Barsumian
as Radiation Tech
Erin Cahill
as Agent Pangle
Abbe Meryl Feder
as Hannah Bloom
Suzie Pollard
as Lucy Scott
Tim Abell
as Edward Archerson
Terrence Julien
as Maximo Webster
Matt Wayne
as Boardwalk Tourist
Traciann McKenzie
as Hostage Cop
Sela Ward
as Jo Danville
Anthony Nacarato
as Michael Jones
Mitch English
as Newscaster
Ian Anthony Dale
as Ellis Park
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as Hector
Will Dailey
as Self
Kevin 'Repo' Thomas
as Thug #2
Mark L. Young
as Tom Reynolds
Carmen Argenziano
as Insp. Stanton Gerrard
Erik Aude
as Jewelry Store Manager
Will Wallace
as Owner
Sam Littlefield
as Paul Richmont
Adrienne Barbeau
as Dr. Theola Kumi
Wayne Duvall
as John Grimes
Kristen Shaw
as Deirdre Hertzberg
Justin Marchert
as Dante Gunther
Lisa Vachon
as Mom O'Dell
William Charles Mitchell
as Judge Philip Winford
Sara Mornell
as Beverly McCord
Tauvia Dawn
as Debbie Bogda
Frankie Shaw
as Kelly Rose
Larry Clarke
as Father Tim Murphy
Zachary Hopkins
as Blake Marshall
Jill Latiano
as Mandi Foster
Evan Jones
as Junior Mosley
Andrew W. Walker
as Greg Pullman
Katie Cleary
as Jessica Reid
La La Anthony
as Lisa Williams
Link Baker
as Construction Worker
Kevin Reid
as James Stanton
Jason Hoisington
as Young Benjamin Sutor
Kathryn Collins
as Lana Gregory
Richard Varga
as Nicole's E.R. Doctor
Marsh Mokhtari
as Grant Jordan
Danny Gil
as Seamus Reiter
Victoria Hoffman
as Rita Lowman
Shannon Marie Wada
as Samantha King
Derek Hughes
as John
Tye Alexander
as Pelham Boy #2
J. Anthony Pena
as Scarface
Aisha Hinds
as Brett Stokes
Alex Nesic
as Ryan Richards
Mackenzie Firgens
as Nurse
Ed Asner
Timothy George Connolly
as Alex Martin
Elena Tovar
as Victoria Jimenez
Scott C. Roe
as ESU Breacher
Erin Cardillo
as Elizabeth Barker
Olga Kay
as Juggler #2/Susan Young
Christina Scherer
as Mary Portico
Ryan Hartford
as Pedestrian
Justin Brannock
as Blake Zahn
Warner Miller
as Petrix Derosier
Christopher Cousins
as Oscar Bowers
Chris Todd
as Clothing Store Manager
Joshua Rush
as Luke Garito
Abby Walker
as Melanie Rogers
David McSweeney
as Bobby Maloney
Daniel Amerman
as Justin Vanderheyden
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
as Large Dominican Guard
Jeannette Sousa
as Samantha Rogers
Jeremy Ford
as Hero Texter #4
Alec Mazo
as George
Erica Jones
as Moore's Daughter
Darren Ross
as Crime Scene Reporter
Parker Torres
as Freshman
Marco Sanchez
as Ramir Santo
Christina McDowell
as Jennifer Spencer
Samuel Child
as Brent Vandeman
Meg MacRae
as Dawn of Destruction
Nichole Galicia
as Kara Garland
Billy Miller
as Will Graham
Brian Gant
as Dale Straker
Ryan Bittle
as Jackson Rudnick
Roy Abramsohn
as Male Reporter
Brenna Radding
as Stella Bonasera - Age 8/Young Stella
Kevin Rahm
as Tony Collins
Kayla Carlson
as Teenage Olivia Dalton
Paul James
as P.O. Trey Jensen
John Charles Meyer
as Antonio Reyes
Sexton Newby
as Physical Trainer
Corey Weber
as Forman
David Haley
as MacDonald Taylor
Wayne Knight
as Truman Bosch
Danny Pino
as Scotty Valens
Justin Reed
as Prison Inmate
Miguel Sagaz
as Jason
Tracy Kay
as Frantic Woman
Henry Kingi Jr.
as Gene
Trevor Wright
as Perry Lohmann
Deanna Smith
as Clinic Nurse
Mark Anthony Lopez
as LFL Fan
Lina Esco
as Angie Watson
Baelyn Neff
as Jessica Simms
Cliff Weissman
as Mr. Novick
Serena Hendrix
as Runway Model #2
Bumper Robinson
as Mike Prineman
Veronica Alicino
as Retired Lady
as Self
Ward Roberts
as Reporter #1
Jonathan George Burns
as Crazed Fan
Daniel Bonjour
as Derby Chasen
Truck Hudson
as Linus
Eli Goodman
as Greg Sanford
Nakia Secrest
as Rene Vanderfeld
Brandon Phillips
as Mechanic X
Robert Dill
as Police Officer
Petros Papadakis
as Rico Savalas
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Sophie Sinise
as Karen Winston
Lianne Lin
as Bunny
Hector Rodriguez Jr.
as Wedding Guest
as David Klein
Austin Whitlock
as Austin Tanner/Jason Dillard
Lynn Borden
as Elderly Woman with Dog
Jeremy Luke
as Randy Kern
Adoni Maropis
as Diakos/Large Man/Sebastian Diakos
Barbara Tarbuck
as Vivian Claven
Amir Ali Said
as Nicky
Carter MacIntyre
as Chris Boyle
Amber Zion
as Allison Mitchum
Vanessa Lachey
as Grace Chandler
Glenn Herman
as Simon Cade
Monica Herman
as Laura Davis
Kerie W. Edmead
as Officer # 1
Jonathan Goldstein
as Steven Benson
Arne Starr
as Corpse
Holly Valance
as Lydia
Alexis DeLaRosa
as Barry Fisk
Kendra Waldman
as Lita Cartey
Ethan Erickson
as Brendon Walsh
Jeff Brockton
as Dexter Nevins
Hollywood Yates
as Lumberjack
Andrea Bogart
as Beth Larson/Holly Golightly #1
Ed O'Ross
as Paul 'Tiny' Wojewedski
Michael Reilly Burke
as Dr. Harvey Fuller
Kevin Chamberlin
as Patient #1/The Flash
Mark Moses
as Blake Connors
Kelly Heaton
as Amanda
Scott Michael Underwood
as Drummer
Jenny Wade
as Fern Lazlow
Kevin Flores
as Declan Hollister
Vince Donvito
as Jeff Wesley
Dean Norris
as IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler
Paul Schulze
as Luke Robertson
Erik Smith
as Jesse Quinn
Rebecca Lowman
as Sybil Portico
Jamie Proctor
as Heather Ryan
Mac Brandt
as Nathan Brody
Raquel Alessi
as Brooke Hallworth
Michael B. Silver
as EMT
Erin Cottrell
as Patty Nelson
Marlana Carter
as Lisa
Noa Hegesh
as Julie Galanis
Mike Serlin
as Raymond Caldrone
Pleasant Wayne
as Police Officer
Stephanie-Marie Baker
as Carolyn Straker
Louis Fasanaro
as Cab Driver
Kris Lemche
as Anthony Lombardo
Andre Ware
as Tony Fenn
Anwar Burton
as Dancer
Seth Peterson
as Henry Willens
Melina Madsen
as Jenny Anders
Bryan Okes
as Reverend John McKlowski
Ryan Dusick
as Self
Michael Robert Brandon
as Amphibian Man
Mark Rolston
as Inspector Bill Markoni
Scott Wolf
as Mackinley Taylor
Craig Baxley Jr.
as Lenny Cook/Ted Kendricks
Todd Stashwick
as Ira Feinstein
Timothy T Tyler
Lisa Brenner
as Alena Maybrook
Casey LaBow
as Ella McBride
Mageina Tovah
as Eva Mason
Michael Atlas Lane
as Traceur
Stephen Pietropaolo
as Pete Sutton
Damion Poitier
as Thug #1
Elizabeth Ann Bennett
as Regina Bowen
Miles Williams
as Altar Boy #1
Lauren Stamile
as Amber Stanton
Mark Deklin
as Rick Smith
Sean Bunch
as Mr. Overcoat
Danielle Hartnett
as Reporter #2
Hayden McFarland
as Kid
Michael Petrone
as Fred Bayliss
Amanda Gist
as Maid of Honor
Gregory George Frank
as Corpse/NY Pedestrian/Small Town Lawyer
Allen Eckhouse
as Frat Boy
Shannon Robles
as Zombie Walk Participant
Wade Mylius
as Homeless Guy
Ariel Teal Toombs
as Businesswoman
Kristen Renton
as Melanie Dobson
Katie Carr
as Tina O'Donovan
Boo Arnold
as Dr. Jeff Evans
Gustin Smith
as Forensics Detective
Maya Rubin
as Monique
Tina Ivlev
as Rani Fedoruk
Josh Webber
as NYPD Officer
Robert Mammana
as Richard Hudson
Daniel Browning Smith
as Lukas Neiman
Bryan Terrell Clark
as Duckens LaBranche
Aria Wallace
as Emily Dickerson
Gregory Cruz
as Amos Delaware
Casey Strand
as Gwen the Actress
Vince Pavia
as Officer Stone
Nikki Griffin
as Vivian Knox
Steven Krueger
as Greg
Michael Ceorgoveanu
as Stephen
Joanne Rose
as Witness
Joe Williamson
as Derek Curson
Jonathan Strait
as Hostage Negotiator
Skeet Ulrich
as Hollis Eckhart
Kevin Kilner
as Dwight Bernard
Matias Masucci
as DJ Francais
Elvina Beck
as Cell Phone Girl
Rochelle Aytes
as Sienna
Rosemary Garris
as Woman in Garage
Heather Mazur
as ADA Natalie Greer/D.A. Natalie Greer
Cathy Shim
as Trina Butler
Chayton Arvin
as Samir Persaud
Sarah Lafleur
as Paige Worthy
Ross McCall
as Mike Adams
Devon Bagby
as Young Steve Davis
Gary Sinise
as Mac Taylor
Mandy Kowalski
as Vanessa Matlyn
Thom Tran
as ESU Officer
Clark Gregg
as D.A. Allen McShane
April Rose Krack
as Fire Performer
Marguerite MacIntyre
as Annie McBride
Travis Schuldt
as Aaron Collins
Anna Carolina Alvim
as Elena Martinez
Mia Sara
as Cala Winger
Freddy Bouciegues
as Randy Hontz/Slick
David Bursin
as Giraffe Keeper
Jon Gries
as Jim Warren
Andre Royo
as Big Willie Brown
Flaco Navaja
as Street Vendor
Moran Atias
as Marina Garito
Julia Rose
as Laura Bayliss
Mel Harris
as Julie Rollins
Audra Griffis
as Cheerleader
Lesli Kay
as Tanya Danville
McCaleb Burnett
as Kevin Davis
Rane Jameson
as Todd Flemming
Victor Togunde
as Wolford Bessie
Dinora Walcott
as Clerk
Paul Hodge
as Hank Bedford/Jesse Carver
Kyle Davis
as Jordan Stokes
Ashlee Gillespie
as Madison Riverton
Patrick Cooper
as Aquaman/Patient #2
Mike Risco
as Banger #3/Hector Vasquez
Jess Allen
as Erik Overson
Jay Jablonski
as Dugan Scott
Dan Buran
as Alec Green
Tim Fields
as Marshall Baxter
Vanessa Motta
as Whirling Wendy
Trenton Rogers
as Four-Year Old Clark
Ben Ciaramello
as Sam Cross
Gilbert Rosales
as Detective Rodney Minhas
Michael Weston
as Frank Waters
D'Anthony Palms
as Rydell Witherspoon
Gloria Votsis
as Risa Calaveras
Sarah Carter
as Haylen Becall
Greg Siff
as Evan Kelneck
Steve Cell
as Patrick Lantana
Jacqueline Pinol
as Rikki Sandoval
Tyler Kain
as Mia Wood
Nicole Malgarini
as Holly Golightly #2/Natalie Lederman
Geoff Meed
as Ronnie DeSoto
Natashia Williams
as Kendra Tevis
Finola Hughes
as Mrs. Christensen
Tim Sitarz
as Adam Baxter
Jay Renshaw
as Jesse Crawford
Pamela Royce
as Woman on bench/pedestrian
J.R. Cacia
as Mickey Donovan
Stephen Sowan
as Lars Scissorhands
Yvonne de La Paix
as Maid
Khalid Ghajji
as Keith Lewis
Elyssa Mai
as High School Student
Ron Yuan
as Dr. Evan Zao
Mark Kiely
as Jesse Colson
Johann Urb
as Grant Holliston
Erika Ringor
as ER Doctor
Vinessa Shaw
as Jennifer Walsh
Kyausha Simpson
as Backup Dancer #2
Todd Julian
as Jason Francis
Pete Brown
as John Summers
Gary Kasper
as Bodyguard
Neill Barry
as Salvador Zabo
Teo Olivares
as Noah
Schuyler Yancey
as Justin Parker
Ehab Elgharabawy
as Detective Jose
Don Fischer
as Matthew Stratford
Sean Jeffrey Jones
as Uniformed Officer
Claudia Mason
as Serena Portinova
Gregory R. Gordon
as Drug Addict
Troy Kotsur
as Dennis Mitchum
Crystal Dahl
as Pauline Rayburn
Cory Kirk
as Interrogation Room Officer
Matondo Kiantandu
as Police Officer
Sigmund Watkins
as Tim Campbell
Julia Barnett
as Reporter #2
Natalia Castellanos
as Sexy Woman
Stephanie Turner
as Brandi Kaplan
Catherine Kamei
as Doctor
Michael Worth
as Lucius Woods
Luc Austin
as Young Don Flack
Scott Valentine
as Dr. Steven Rydell
Steve Richard Harris
as Peter Grant
Olivia Weston
as Witness
Gonzalo Menendez
as Gus Drood
Juliet Brett
as Erin Watson
Shelly Cole
as Elva
Larry Poindexter
as Dr. Stanley Thatcher
Elizabeth Braun
as Michelle Moore
Micah Femia
as Lead Teen Boy
Rick Pasqualone
as Q.T. Jammer
Kehli O'Byrne
as Amy Duncan
Nicholas Beard
as CSI Tech/Detective
Mo McRae
as Willis Frazier
Christopher Place
as Businessman/Groomsman
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Clyde Duvall
Christian Kramme
as 14-Year-Old Jay Carver
Fiona Gubelmann
as Isabella Cooksey
Kelen Coleman
as Natalie Gerrard
Patti Pelton
as A.R. Nurse/O.R. Nurse
Sam Situmorang
as Felipe Zacharias
Jack Krizmanich
as Martin Stafford
Linda Howell
as Bikini Clad Girlfriend
Derek Easley
as Lead Evacuee
Matthew Lund
as SWAT Leader
Candis Cayne
as Quentin Conrad
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Sarah Karges
as Drunk Girl
Bill Raftery
as Self
Mark Ivanir
as Maxwell Neiman
Shane Johnson
as Liam Griffin
Ellen Woglom
as Briana Freemont
Mahmoud Osman
as Rioter
Alicia Ziegler
as Dana Haines
Peter Onorati
as Angelo Venetti Sr.
Sprague Grayden
as Jennifer Cooper
Chastity Dotson
as Tera Grace
Bryan Friday
as Handsome Young Man
Shawn Woods
as Jamal Tucker
Joshua Bitton
as Off. Terrence Foley
Corey Brown
as Government Official
John Johnson
as Fashion Photographer
Mark Colson
as Kevin Green
Nate Noggle
as Mr. Strauss
Mark Musashi
as Mackiyo Taylor
James Woodrow Stafford
as Guitarist
David James Elliott
as FBI Agent Russ Josephson/Russ Josephson
Mike Tannenbaum
as Self
Kevin G. Schmidt
as Tyler Bennet
Danielle McKee
as Lab Tech
Matt Jones
as Steve Blanton
Rumer Willis
as Mackendra Taylor
Lex Shontz
as Tyson Melo
Jamie Burton-Oare
as Angela
Julia Ormond
as Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford
Joe Nieves
as Robby Hull
Kelly Noonan
as Rebecca Anderson
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Yuri Sokov
Chris Engen
as John Hayes
Caroline Cole
as Ally Katzel
Jamie McShane
as Mitch Ventri
Clay Wilcox
as Paul Baxter
Esther Marie
as P.J. Davis
Eyal Podell
as Colin Clark
Vincent Laresca
as Al Santiago
Ryan Johnson
as Bob Smith
Peter Gannon
as Doorman
Alice Chen
as CSI Tech/Urban Hipster
Helena Mattsson
as Lauren Redgrave
Alex Madison
as Marcella Gomez/Trina Rolston
Nick Paonessa
as Richard Daly
Sam Trammell
as Charles Wright
Ashley Jones
as Kennedy Gable
Ashley Cusato
as Laurel Downs
Brooklynne James
as Cigarette & Candy Girl
Allen Rice
as Minister
Scot Sax
as Guitarist
Joleigh Fiore
as Pizza Girl
Naomi Peters
as Barber Shop Hostage
Danay Garcia
as Flora Pollock
Houston Hooker
as Young Will Davis
Jason Earl Carter
as Peep Show Guy
Lacey Beeman
as Calley
Nathanael Theisen
as Mario Galanti
Robert Baker
as Calvin George
Maestro Harrell
as Morris Davis
John David Denison
as Waiter
Andy Gill
as Walter Jones
John Lorenzo Sanchez
as Cabbie
Andre Kristoff
as Tony Garcia
Jamie Tisdale
as Samantha
Lewis Tan
as Kym Tanaka
Paul Lacovara
as Dario Gonzales
Bridger Zadina
as Nicky Harris
Steve Alderfer
as Frank Vincent Hunt
Mark R. Gerson
as Young Man
Christopher Maleki
as Gavin Bridge
Brad Beyer
as Jay Carver/Parker
Robbie Amell
as Riley Frazier
Charlotte Benesch
as Protester
Eve Mauro
as Heather Marist
Bill Smitrovich
as Robert Hicks
Renzo Lewis
as Male Escort
Manny Montana
as Off. Glenn Cates
Mayte Garcia
as Amalia Nelson
Jason Brooks
as Paul White
Aaron Hill
as Harlan Porter
as Self
Chelsea O'Toole
as Ballerina
Selina MacDonald
as Pole Dancer
Tara Summers
as Dr. Carly Emerson
Michelle Ewin
as Missy Freemont
Ryan Alosio
as Andy Kula
Mickey Cassidy
as Sean Murphy
Paula Trickey
as Kathleen Dunley
Dean Wayne
as CSI Tech/ME Tech
Nick Damici
as Detective Patrick Colton
Erin Chambers
as Verna Welke
Dominic Colón
as Mickey Nash
Bruce Nozick
as Gene Hartley
Nathalie Walker
as Tracy Wallace
as Punk Rocker
Ulysses Cuadra
as Anthony James
Nicholas Pratley
as Ryan Mallone
Andrew Hoagland
as Concierge
Andy Milder
as Truman Jafari
Blake Gibbons
as Darren Gorland
Lance Irwin
as Health Service Rep
Destiny Whitlock
as Bailey O'Dell
Alastair Bayardo
as Sleazy Man
Harold Perrineau
as Reggie Tifford
Nicole Paggi
Adam Perkins
as Correctional Officer
James C. Victor
as Vern Jackson
Rose Abdoo
as Blanca Vasquez
Vanessa Esperanza
as Monica
Trent Garrett
as Oliver Epps

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2004 | 23 Episodes

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2005 | 24 Episodes

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2006 | 24 Episodes

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2007 | 21 Episodes

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2008 | 25 Episodes

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2009 | 23 Episodes

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2011 | 18 Episodes

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