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October 22, 2021
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Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん) has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん) ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん) has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


Shinnosuke Nohara, A.K.A. Shin-chan, a combination of Dennis The Menace and Howard Stern, is a 5-year-old growing up in Kasukabe in this animated series. His foul mouth and rude behavior constantly scandalize his parents (although his father seems to be a big influence), his teacher, and everyone else with the bad luck to cross his path. Later in the series Shin-chan gains a baby sister, who seems well on the way to following in his footsteps.

Country: Japan

Type: Scripted

Status: Pilot

Language: English

Release Date: April 13, 1992

Also Known As: Crayon Shinchan, Crayon Shin-chan |  See more »

Parents Guide: Canada (14A), Netherlands (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on manga

Company Credits

Production Co: Funimation Productions, Shin Ei Animation |  See more »


Chris Cason
as Boo/Whitey/Weecock/YDT2
Terra Lewis
as Additional Voices
Kate Oxley
as Loli Pop/Lollipop
Newton Pittman
as Additional voices
Teiyû Ichiryûsai
as Masao-kun
Ian Sinclair
as Additional voices
Carli Mosier
as Bitzi
Caitlin Glass
as Miss Anderson
Jennifer Green
as Yuu Yakutsukuri
Doug Burks
as Additional Voices
Stephanie Young
as Nanako/Miss Bono
Michael Sinterniklaas
as The Flying Pecker
Jerry Jewell
as Happiness Bunny
Justin Cook
as Buri Buri Zaemon (Ham Solo)
Colleen Clinkenbeard
as Hima Nohara/Maso/Maso Sato/Baby the Butt/Hima Nohara, Maso
Cole Brown
Yumi Takada
as Yoshinaga-sensei
Jamie Marchi
as Miss Polly
Chuck Huber
as Hiro Nohara/Darth Bader
Chris Patton
as Dr. Enema
Gwendolyn Lau
as Penny's mother
Justin Nordell
as Gangster
Anthony Bowling
as Deliveryman
David Wilson-Brown
as Egg Salesman
Clarine Harp
as Miss Katz/Rachel Katz
Jason Liebrecht
as Principal Ench/Emperor/Principal Bernoulli Ench
Tiffany Grant
as Summer
Bob Carter
as Truck Driver
Kenny Green
Stacey Oristano
as Miss Noriti
Tamao Hayashi
as Nene-chan
Cynthia Cranz
as Mitzi Nohara/Mama Kappa/Mitsy Nohara/Princess Labia
Michie Tomizawa
as Matsuzaka-Sensei
Leah Clark
as Paris
Laura Bailey
as Shin-Chan Nohara
Jerome Fifty-Seven
as Grip
Brina Palencia
as Georgie/Georgie Herbert Walker Prescott III/Georgie Hebert Walker Prescott III
Carrie Savage
as Penny/Penny Milfer
Yui Aragaki
as Momoko
Rokurô Naya
as Enchô-sensei
Maeghan Albach
as Additional Voices
Laurie Steele
as Additional Voices/Yuka
Luci Christian
as Meg/Micchi
Melinda Wood Allen
as Additional Voices
Sean Teague
as Little Kid
Vic Mignogna
as Biker Bastard
Akiko Yajima
as Shinnosuke 'Shin-chan' Nohara
Mari Mashiba
as Kazama-kun
Alison Viktorin
as Additional Voices
Kayla Carlyle
as Kayla
Christopher Sabat
as Mr. K/Narrator/Yonro/Additional voices/Deflationman/Mr. Kei
Kyle Hebert
as King Gorilla
Chie Satô
as Bô-chan
Kotono Mitsuishi
as Ageo-sensei
Julie Mayfield
as Nushiyo Ooya
Eric Vale
as Yoshirin
Jenny Shakeshaft
as Suki
Orion Pitts
as Additional Voices
Kevin Connolly
as Shopper
Jenny Phagan
as Additional Voices
Mark Stoddard
as Realtor
Kent Williams
as Boy Scout Leader
Wendy Powell
as Hisae Koyama
Patrick Seitz
as Computer
Grey Griffin
as Georgie Hebert Walker Prescott III/Weecock
Russi Taylor
as Maso Sato/Weecock
Greg Ayres
as Boy Scout
Ryôka Yuzuki
as Commercial Girl
Troy Baker
as Action Bastard
Brandon Potter
as Wolf Leader
Bryan Massey
as Bill
Todd Haberkorn
as Flamer
Anndi McAfee
as Penny Milfer/Weecock
Sonny Strait
as Any-Wan Canblowme/Gin Nohara
Monica Rial
as Ai/Ai Suotome

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2006 | 26 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3

2011 | 26 Episodes



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