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Jan, 29, 2023
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Heeeere's Conan! The former longtime host of "Late Night" and abbreviated presenter of "The Tonight Show" moves his talk show act to the cable arena, where he becomes the staple of TBS' late-night talk show lineup that began a year earlier with the premiere of "Lopez Tonight." Making the transition to basic cable with Conan is his on-again, off-again sidekick/announcer, Andy Richter. Said O'Brien in his typical dry tone, "In three months I've gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I'm headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly."

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Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Language: English

Release Date: November 8, 2010

Also Known As: Conan (praatprogramma), 康納脫口秀コナン (トーク番組), Conan, Конан |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), United States (TV-14, TV-MA, TV-MA)


Company Credits

Production Co: Conaco


Richie 'La Bamba' Rosenberg
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band: Trombone/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Easter Chick/Richie 'La Bamba' Rosenberg
Scott Healy
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Self - The Basic Cable Band: Keyboards
Andrés du Bouchet
as Tony the Cameraman/Self/Santa Claus/Francisco Guglione - President of Boliviguay/Leslie the Wahlburgers Warrior/Butterscotch the Clown/Carmine Denunzio/Commercial Spokesman/Australian/El Chapo/Schmecky/Trey Triplethird III/555-Flower Spokersperson/Aldous Trunt/Arturo Palazzo/Average man who thinks about is sex every 50 minutes/Bane/Captain America Ferrera/Carl Masterson of Masterson's Machette's/Chad Italiano/Charles Bayliss - VP Intl Operations/Chef James Arno/Chief Hopper/Christopher Columbus/Comic Khan/Conan Chat Caller/Conan's Employee/Corona Beer Customer/Cyber Monday Spokesperson/DJ Butts/Darrel Stouffer/Declaration Signer/Ellis Island custom official/Fat Jesus/FedEx Delivery Driver/Gary/Giles Fontana/Gravy Man/Green Bay Packer Cottage Cheesehead/Head of Security/High-Powered Holiday CD spokesperson/Hosni Mubarak/Insane Man in Anti-Mistletoe Toe Missile Commercial/Justin Bieber fan/Lou Grabinsky/Ludwig van Beethoven/Man on street/Marcelino/Marcelino Cantori - Pest Control Officer/Nikolai Arensky/Nog Hog Singer/Penis Pun Spokesman/Phil the Stagehand/Port-a-Potty Attendant/Postal Worker/Pot Smuggler/Real Original Rey from Rey's Pizza/Reggie James/Ronny Tripwell - Undead Reporter/Ross McMichael/Salting Crew/Security Guard/Security Guard at Dryer/Self - Debate Audience Member/Sergei Stanislav/Silvio Berlusconi/T-Shirt Clerk/TSA Agent Mario Batista/TSA Agent Phil Batista/Tofurky Hunter/Toll Taker/Tommy Hurst/Tony Grim/Tsa Agent George Batista/Ugly Voter
Jimmy Vivino
as Self - Musical Director/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - Band Leader/Self - Bandleader/Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self - Jimmy Vivino & The Black Italians/Self - Musical Dirctor/Themselves - Musical Director
Mike Merritt
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Self - The Basic Cable Band: Bass/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band & Rock Candy Funk Party
Brian Stack
as Brian LaFontaine/James Sinclair St. Wallins/Joe Galliano/Doctor Octopus/Watson the Computer/Commercial Spokesman/God/Self/Thomas Jefferson/A-Hole/American Idol/Amish Farmer/Assassin/Astronaut Mime/Ayn Rand/Baconalia voice over/Bluetooth Guy #2 in Audience/Brendan Reilly/British Superman/Chest Waxer/Congressman/David/Declaration Signer/Derek Montbleu/Doc Croc/Don Kenworth/Donald McGuire/Dr. Dom Swarsky/Dr. Donald Clifton/Drunken Uncle/Ed Dennis/Ernie/Fisherman/Frankenstein/Frankenstein's Monster/Guy having meltdown, waving a machette/Guy holding down the guy holding down the floor/Hal Capone/Harley Trout/Herman Cain campaign ad announcer/Husband/Insane Man in Gravy Boat Lighthouse Commercial/Jimmy Hollenbeck/Justin Bieber fan/Mailman/Man at cocktail party/Man in Commercials/Man in Groupon Blimpie Ad/News of the World Announcer/Nog Hog Singer/Other Bowltrons (segment "The Flaming C")/Other Bowltrons (segment "The Flaming C: Episode 2")/Pallbearer/Paul Shaffer/Pittsburgh Steels fan/Ronald Goldman/Sen. Karl McClellan/Skydiver/Straight-Up Christmas CD spokesperson/Tom - Borders Spokesman/Tony Kent/Untreatable Gonorrhea Dancer/Urologist/Vinny Manzoni/WikiBear/Would-Be Gandalf/X-Factor differences announcer
Conan O'Brien
as Self - Host/Self/The Flaming C (voice)/Batman/Ben Wilcott-Intergalactic Nemesis/Jesus
Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band
as Themselves - Featuring/Self - Featuring/Themselves - Band/Themselves - Special Performance
James Wormworth
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Self - The Basic Cable Band: Drums/Self - Superbowl Bet
Deon Cole
as Self/January Jones/Self - Staff Writer/Self - Black History Month Presenter/Self - Guest/Commercial Spokesman/NBA Player/Pimp on a Treadmill/Self - Special Appearance/Aqua Man/Black Annie/Black Frodo/Black Republican Caucus Member/Captain Utah/Grandma Deondra/Jesse Meeks/John Quincy Jones/Man Falling Off Boat/Man Stuck in Relationship/Man in Alabama Tourism Ad/Man on Earthquake-Proof Toilet/Military Pilot Recruit/Minty the Candy Cane that Fell on the Ground/MySpace/Nigerian Mayor/Pallbearer/Self - 'Thursday' Rapper/Self - African American Spokesman/Self - Breaks Down the News/Self - Commenter/Self - Deon Breaks It Down/Self - Featuring/Self - First Black Comic Boo by All White Audience at the Apollo/Self - Gap Ad Commentator/Self - Lifestyle Correspondent/Self - Oscar Diversity/Self - Skinny Jeans Critic/Self - Super Bowl Prediction/Snazzy Napper Man/Stefan Hawking/Terence Green/Twitter Insurance Spokesman/UltraFade/Van Dooren employee/Wendell Jackson
Mark 'Love Man' Pender
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Self - The Basic Cable Band: Trumpet/Fish
José Arroyo
as R2-D2/Doctor/Accountant/Alex Kiva-Mota/Atty. Michael Jank/Brown Recluse Spider Owner/Chief Justice, Court of Appeals/Conan Chat Caller/Conan's Employee/Crystal Ann Rice's Puppeteer/Darth Mole/Dick Mitchell/Dr. Peters/Flavio Rizzi/French Guy/Gary Combine/Golden Globes Spokesperson/Grant Fraser of National Eggplant Growers Association/Italian Passerby/Jake Mitchkowsky/Jay Sekulow/Jeff Bezos/Jim - Gap Spokesman/Jose - Boliviguayan Cameraman/Karl the Graphic Artist/Lawyer/Lestat Institute for Word Therapy Doctor/Mark Ballerian/Mark Weller/Nobody the French Presidential Candidate/Pilar Bardem/Psychiatrist at Audienceys Give Back Foundation/Real Authentic Famous Rey from Rey's Pizza/Republican/Scrotum Donor/Self/Self - Writer/Sergei Stanislav/Seth Tomlinson/Socrates Palindrome/Staff Member/Steve the Forever 21 Manager/Steven Crews/Teacher/Tesla TBD Spokesperson/Thor's Accountant/Voter/Yale admissions office member
Andy Richter
as Self - Announcer/Self/self - Announcer/Anton Pisth & Bowltron #1 (voice)/Dean Otis Bachmeier/Mad Doctor/Robin/Satan/Timmy Mendez-Intergalactic Nemesis
Brian McCann
as Commercial Spokesman/Self/Minty the Candy Cane/Spider-Man/Audience Member/Batman/Bus Station Announcer/Doctor/Minty the Candy Cane that Fell on the Ground/Paul Revere/Abraham Lincoln/Air Guitarist/Airplane Passenger/American Idol/Amish Farmer/Andy Lewis/Anton Sinclair/Assassin/Astronaut Mime/Bartender/Carmageddon Guy/Catwoman Hopeful/Chick Magnet Guy in Audience/Congressman/D-Bag/Dan Drew - The Last Undecided Voter/Douchebag State Student/Evil Scientist/Exerciser/Fisherman/Flasher/Indian in Groupon TGIF Commercial/Irate Audience Member/Jed/Jesus/Jesus Christ/Jim Murphy the Lottery Loser/MIT Scientist/Mace Test Subject/Man Falling Out of Bed/Man in Groupon Furniture Ad/Man in Shorts Mailing Boot/Man with Nightclub in Pants/Member of 'Shhh'/Military Recruit/Minty/Moon Dancer/Nog Hog Singer/Patriot/Porn Conan/Porn Star/Priest/Raisin/Ronnie Gelbers/Sam 'Patch' Adams/Self - Supermessenger/Stingray/Stranded Driver/The Riddler/Tom from Cincinnati/Uncle Sam/Untreatable Gonorrhea Dancer/X-Factor differences announcer/Yale admissions office member/You Are the Audience Member announcer
Jerry Vivino
as Self - The Basic Cable Band/Self/Self - Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band/Self - The Basic Cable Band (as The Basic Cable Band)/Self - Co Host/Self - The Basic Cable Ban

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 165 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 162 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 159 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 157 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 159 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 147 Episodes

Season 7

2016 | 144 Episodes

Season 8

2017 | 117 Episodes

Season 9

2019 | 123 Episodes

Season 10

2020 | 116 Episodes

Season 11

2021 | 59 Episodes


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Excellence in Production Design Award 2011


Excellence in Production Design Award

Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety or Unscripted Series

Gold Derby TV Award 2011


Gold Derby TV Award

Variety Series

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