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October 21, 2021
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About this title


When fast-talking lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) finds his degree has been revoked, he is forced to go back to school at Greendale Community College. Hoping to score points with a pretty coed, he invents a study group and invites her to join it. Imagine his surprise when she's not the only one who shows up for help with Spanish from the "board-certified tutor" he proclaims himself to be. Though his command of the language is anything but good, the members continue to meet and end up learning a lot about themselves.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 17, 2009

Also Known As: Клуб отписаних, Zpátky do skoly |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

group of friends
community college

Company Credits

Production Co: Krasnoff Foster Productions, Harmonius Claptrap |  See more »


David Jean Thomas
as Chief Umbootu
Charlie Sanders
as Police Officer
James M. Connor
as Subway Rep
Matt Pittenger
as Cinjin
Max Charles
as Young Pierce
Tim Heidecker
as Male Four #1
Brandon Rush
as Male Unicorn
Luis Guzmán
as Luis Guzmán
Elena Campbell-Martinez
as Judge
Jordan Black
as Dean Spreck
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Professor Peter Sheffield
Derwin Jordan
as Reggie
Walton Goggins
as Mr. Stone
Amanda Lund
as Andi
James Kirkland
as Manager
Patrick O'Neil
as Christine's Boyfriend
Brett Gilbert
as Howie's Dad
Lisa Monahan Aust
as Narrator
Craig Michaelson
as Maintenance Worker
Gregory A. Thompson
as Dean Bigley
Jerry Minor
as Jerry the Janitor
Jarod Einsohn
as Crowd Member/Soldier 1
Charles Walker
as Minister
Germaine Mozel Sims
as Student
Brian Van Holt
as Willy
Danny Seckel
as Richard
Eric Christian Olsen
as Vaughn
Holland Roden
as Girl
Owen Wilson
as Other Study Group's Leader
Kevin Corrigan
as Professor Sean Garrity
Barak Hardley
as Michael
Chris Elliott
as Russell Borchert
Brad Slaughter
as Unicorn
Katie Locke O'Brien
as Cashier
Mitchell Hurwitz
as Koogler
Dante Brown
as Elijah Bennett
Jacques Slade
as M.C. Dan Harmon
Christopher Chen
as Custodian Smith
Jacob Clarke
as Abed's New Friend
Chlesie B.
as Journalism Student
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Picnic Table
Marcus Choi
as Glee Club Hip Hopper
Michael Bell
as Duke
Joshua Lassman
as Greendale Student
Justin Alston
as Guy #2
Bryan Stamp
as Greendale Library Student
Luke Perry
as Inspector Spacetime
Pat Crawford Brown
as Pierce's Mom
Bertrand Roberson Jr.
as Security Guard/Troy Look-a-Like/Troy
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Andre Bennett
Alice Dinnean
as Puppeteer
Beckett Gandolfi
as Student
Ian Roberts
as Coach Chapman
Mark Rivers
as Deep Dish
Carl Ciarfalio
as Cook #2
Christopher Boyer
as Minister
Forrest Wheeler
as Kid #2
Gloria Sandoval
as Cleaning Lady
Scott Bray
as Meatball Guy
Eddie Jackson
as Audience Member
Lesley Ann Warren
as Deb Perry
Jeff Hiller
as Glee Club Guy
Brit Marling
as Page
Brittany Tuyet Soto
as Girl
Paige Ivy
as Student/Bar Patron
Matt Besser
as Blake
Kristen O'Meara
as Woman in Blazer
Taran Killam
as Cory Radison
Steven Weber
as Detective Butcher
Eve Brent
as Glenda
Dan Bakkedahl
as Murray the AC Repairman
Darien Smalling
as Kevin
Tom Fonss
as Doug
Shaun Rylee
as Fro Yo Girl
Sean Riblett
as Chess Club Geek #3
Jay Chandrasekhar
as Gupta Gupti Gupta
John Oliver
as Professor Ian Duncan/Mix-Max/Xim-Xam
Victor Yerrid
as Puppeteer
Dan Byrd
as Greendale Team Member
Brad Stevens
as Official Man
Jeffery King
as Bar Patron #2
Craig Cackowski
as Officer Cackowski
Kirk Fox
as Blade
Marc Jablon
as Dr. Kedan/Dr. Ken Kedan
Mayuto Correa
as Old Shop Owner
Keith Saltojanes
as Greendale Student
Jen Kirkman
as Female Four
Donna Kimball
as Puppeteer
Robert Tarpinian
as Delivery Guy/Pizza Guy
Reuben A. Tafoya
as Student
Steve Agee
as David/Deejay
Ashanti Brown
as Sharice
Youlanda Davis
as Spanish Student
Margaret Newborn
as Guest/Teacher
Jeff Garlin
as Jeff Garlin
Valerie Humbard
as Injured Girl in Infirmary
D.C. Pierson
as Mark Millot
Chelsea Harris
as Freshman Girl
Sean McNabb
as Rock Musician
Shelby Rabara
as Randi
David Cross
as Hank Hickey
Patton Oswalt
as Male Nurse Jackie
Matt Lucas
as Toby
Tate Hanyok
as Deirdre
Will Hines
as Jude Gippernut
Michael McDonald
as Insurance Man
Trevor Brunsink
as Guy
David St. James
as Professor Albrecht
David Ury
as Rick
Lou Volpe
as Silvio
Michael Montiel
as Runner
Danielle Kaplowitz
as Vicki
Duncan Joiner
as Greg
Holly Holstein
as Female Student
Hal Rudnick
as Dennis
Carlos Moreno Jr.
as Waiter
Chad Zapfe
as Ass Crack Bandit Impersonator
Sam Felman
as Silent Protest Student
Charlotte Newhouse
as Professor Baker
Shawn Pelofsky
as Jewish Lady 1
Joshua Edward Moore
as Barry
Myko Olivier
as Ski Cap
Patrick Weil
as AC Student
Dan Harmon
as Commercial Announcer/Garrett Lambert/Sleep Apnea
Michelle Azar
as Jewish Lady 3
Samantha Ramirez
as Molly
Michael Anthony Rogers
as Janitor
Curtis Harris
as Shawn
Nathan Barnatt
as Basketball Player
Dante Henderson
as Ballet Plant #5
Erik Charles Nielsen
as Garrett Lambert/Garrett
Dominik Musiol
as Pavel
Lubella Gauna
as Student
Tug Coker
as Philip
Alex Klein
as Lukas
Zach Braff
as J.D.
Lee Majors
as Admiral Slaughter
John Hodgman
as Dr. Heidi
Wayne Federman
as Father
Greg Cromer
as Rich
Becky Feldman
as Activist
Charles Chen
as College Student
Tricia Helfer
as Lauren
Matthew Patrick Davis
as Glee Club Person
B.J. Novak
as Mr. Egypt
Ryan Martin
as Abed's Star-Burns
Jake Lockett
as Johnny/Tan Man
Travis Richey
as Inspector Spacetime
Paul F. Tompkins
as Robert
Grant Garry
as Student
Randall Park
as Crime Boss/Randall Park
Annie Mebane
as Other Girl
Sara Bareilles
as Balloon Guide
Jim Meskimen
as Christopher Walken Impersonator/Tommy Lee Jones Impersonator
William Rubio
as Raul Lopez
Anthony Liebetrau
as Bartender
Zachary Conneen
as Nathan
Deena Grassia
as Bully's Friend
Tracy Meyer
as Anarchist Girl
Elizabeth Del Rosario
as Theater Lobby Guest
Nathan Fillion
as Bob Waite
Josh Latzer
as Security Guard
Steve Guttenberg
as Maury
Luke Youngblood
as Magnitude
Leslie Connelly
as Girl
Vince Gilligan
as Devon
Spencer Crittenden
as Anthony
Paul Walter Hauser
as Student #3
French Stewart
as Vinnie
Dominic Dierkes
as Buzz
Chris Dugger
as Mr. Jacobson
William Charles Mitchell
as Mr. Bennett
Coleman Lannum
as Professor
Dioni Michelle Collins
as Abed's Shirley
Kent A. Gallegos
as Campus Security
Gary wayne Hoffman
as Dean Games Competitor
Dean Collins
as Scott Waugh
Talita Maia
as Sexy Portuguese Woman
Jill Latiano
as Courtney
Vinoj Zacharia
as Hotel Clerk
Ella Lazrae
as Children's Choir Member
Markeia McCarty
as Greendale Student
David Pryor
as Student
Lisa Loeb
as Julie
Saginaw Grant
as Chief Blue Sky
Linda Wörndl
as Student
Mike Rose
as Person #2
Max Barakat
as Ted
Matt Walsh
as Joshua
Gina Gershon
as Devon's Wife
O-Lan Jones
as Garrett's Mom
Jared Kusnitz
as Mark Cahill
Mike Hagerty
as Sully
Carol Schlanger
as Rich's Mom
Joel McHale
as Jeff Winger/Wingman
Kwesi Boakye
as Elijah Bennett
Amanda Arentsen
as Student
David Neher
as Todd
Maite Schwartz
as Mariah
Ted Rooney
as Marketing Professor
Edith Jefferson
as Pearl
Michael Cory Davis
as Sexy Dreadlocks
Blake Clark
as Coach Bogner
Gwen McGee
as Weird Sounding Lady
Kate Freund
as Person #3
Ken Schumaker
as George Clooney Impersonator
Chevy Chase
as Pierce Hawthorne
Allishia Claressa Knotts
as Cute Girl
Tom Yi
as Rabbi Chang
Johnny Pemberton
as Assistant
Karen Constantine
as Person #8
Malcolm McDowell
as Professor Cornwallis
Wendy McColm
as Kat
Danielle E. Hawkins
as Dancer
Tatiana Sarasty
as Student
Joe Nunez
as Bouncer
Eve Goldbloom
as Person #10
Dusan Brown
as Jordan Bennett
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Store Announcer
Ryan McPartlin
as Frisbee Student #3
Kumail Nanjiani
as Custodian Lapari/Lapari
Takuma Anzai
as Teen #1
Johnathan Brumfield
as Children's Choir Member
Danny Pudi
as Abed Nadir/Fourth Wall/Joey the White Abed
Ryan Ridley
as Telegram Man
Wil Garret
as Old Man/Harry
Tom Konkle
as Paradox
Giancarlo Esposito
as Gilbert Lawson
Cyrina Fiallo
as Claire
Cameron Johnson
as Kid #1
Alejandro Barrios
as Sexy Portuguese Man
Jack Black
as Buddy
Fran Bennett
as Nana
Jason Giffin
as Student
Peggy Stewart
as Agnes
Ben Zelevansky
as Postman
Eddie Lobo
as Student
Crystal the Monkey
as Annie's Boobs
Bryn Allen
as Girl Scout
Jasyn Jefferies
as Bartender
Sky Garland
as Children's Choir Member
Kelsey Gunn
as Science Student #1/Student #1/Woman
Willy Roberts
as Person #1
Logan Shea
as Guard Kid #1
Jeremy Scott Johnson
as Carl/Board Member #1/Carl - Board Member #1
Julianne Buescher
as Puppeteer
Leslie Hendrix
as Botanist
Jase Whitaker
as Candidate
Marcus Folmar
as Barber Professor
Tim Mikulecky
as Student #1
Blake Anderson
as Attendant
Jennifer Flack
as Abed's Britta
Sasha Compère
as Gwen Ridley
Maren McGuire
as Minerva
Jeff Copas
as Film Crew
Christopher Michael
as Security Guard #2
Sofia Gonzalez
as Girl
Brenda Arteaga-Walsh
as Anthropology Student
Jason Rogel
as Samoan
Emily Chang
as Janet
Rob Sanchez
as Bar Patron
Mark Anthony Lopez
as Student
Mark Ryan
as Constable Edmund
E.J. Callahan
as Old Prospector
Mikey Kelch
as Student
Tig Notaro
as Bartender
David Cohen
as Teacher
Toni French
as Heads of State Guest, Dancer
Paris Porter
as Hip Hopper
Nick Kroll
as Juergen
Jesse McIntosh
as Judgmental Student
Paul Williams
as Britta's Contact
Eddie Pepitone
as Crazy Schmidt
Andy Dick
as Helicopter Pilot/Tiny Man
Jay Johnston
as Police Officer #2
George Takei
as George Takei
Melissa Hunter
as Person #7
Jason Castle
as Greendale Student
William Love
as Greendale Human Being
Mikayla Burt
as Children's Choir Member
Maria Zambrana
as Hospital Patient
Michael McCafferty
as Brian
Jennie Garth
as Ensign
Natalina Maggio
as Hot Girl
Gian Molina
as Drummer
Thomas J Clark
as Peeing Guy
Brooke Lynn Howard
as Instagram Bestie
Patricia Belcher
as Cafeteria Lady
Brett Gipson
as Airforce Pilot
Sonny Saito
as Teen's Dad
Dan Eckman
as Derrick
Martin Starr
as Professor Cligoris
Shannon Welles
as Sassy Granny
Tom DeTrinis
as Red Hair
Rene Gube
as Randall
Jared Fogle
as Self
as Self
Felicia Chong
as Espanol Student
Michelle Krusiec
as Wu Mei
Dan Greenberg
as Sergio
Jason Alexander
as Mountain Man
John J. Reiner
as Joe Biden
Essam Ferris
as Captain Cook
Angela Trimbur
as Student #2/Woman
David Seger
as Drug Dealer
Candace McKinney
as Student
Sharon Lawrence
as Doreen
Sara Erikson
as Sabrina
James Cook
as Teenage Boy
Makenna James
as Sister
John Goodman
as Vice Dean Laybourne
John Michael Higgins
as Professor Whitman
Matt Gourley
as Briggs Hatton
Bill Parks
as Bill/Condom Water Balloon Man/Dude #1/Football Player/Student #1/Young Guy
Rob Corddry
as Alan Connor
Dante Basco
as Bully's Friend #2
Scott Rognlien
as Polygraph Assistant
Shak Ghacha
as 18 Year Old
Monique Slaughter
as Dancer
Paget Brewster
as Frankie Dart/Debra Chambers
Brent Anthony
as Young Jeff
Leslie Simms
as Rhonda
Brendan Hunt
as Hitchhiker
Drew Musselman
as Pushed by Chevy Chase 2011
Jeffrey O'Connell
as Burning Man
Nathan Clarkson
as Surprised Student
Brian Michael Jones
as Pawn
Tony Wilde
as Spaz
Julianna Guill
as Head Cheerleader
Ryan Lee
as Joshua
Jonathan Rado
as Lance
Debra Azar
as Clerk
Lauren Stamile
as Professor Michelle Slater
D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce
as Miss Urbana Champaign
Adrian Sparks
as Greene Daeye Leader
Brady Novak
as Richie/Board Member #2/Faculty #1/Richie - Board Member #2
Chris Tallman
as Bellman
Kay Lopez Koralisse
as Student
Benjamin Rockey
as Frat Boy
Katherine Von Till
as Nurse
Irene Choi
as Annie Kim
Bunny Levine
as Pierce's Mom
Lorin McCraley
as Drifter
Quinn Friedman
as Officer Warburton
Jill Benjamin
as Nurse
Rhoda Pell
as Person #9
Amber Tamblyn
as Thought Jacker Co-Star
Patrick Babbitt
as Subway #2/Worker
Andy Siegel
as Random Guy
Allen Eckhouse
as Partygoer
Angela Malhotra
as Female Student
Wesley Scott
as Dishwasher
Busy Philipps
as Greendale Team Member
Meggie McFadden
as Linda
Omar Leyva
as Janitor
Alison Brie
as Annie Edison/Tight Ship
JR Reed
as Inspector Spacetime
Michelle Glavan
as Darcy
Eric Wareheim
as Male Four #2
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Shirley Bennett/Three Kids
Chris Moss
as Ballet Plant #2/Dancer
Al Pugliese
as Repo Man
Lisa Long
as Lorraine
Drew Carey
as Ted
Kimberley Datnow
as Student
Katie Leclerc
as Carol
Milton T.J. Taylor
as Elijah
Maria Blasucci
as Intern
Clancy McLain
as Mikayla
Carrie Wiita
as Jenny Adams
Rob Schrab
as Cobra Commander
Sophie B. Hawkins
as Self
Iqbal Theba
as Gobi Nadir
Martin Mull
as George Perry
Jacob Bertrand
as Tinkle Town
Grant Venable
as Children's Choir Member
Jimmy Smagula
as Dink Dippindots
Aaron Takahashi
as Math Club Leader
Andrew Hawkes
as Storm Trooper #1
Kurt Ela
as Man in Diaper
Melanie Reisert
as Pierce's Hipster Group Member
Justin Roiland
as Ice Cube Head
Diana Peña
as College Student/Zombie
Kimmy Gatewood
as Glee Club Girl #2
Dino Stamatopoulos
as Star-Burns/Starburns
Jonathan Banks
as Professor Buzz Hickey/Professor Hickey/Major Dick
Travis Schuldt
as Rick/Subway
Bailey Forman
as Kid 2
Austin Nash Chase
as Nigel
Danielle Schneider
as Karen
Marlene Forte
as Doctora Escodera
Paitoon Cheng
as Asian Lady #1
Kerry Carney
as Student #2
Richard McGonagle
as Sanders
Alfred Dennis
as Richard
Holly Beavon
as Madonna Lookalike
Jack Kennedy
as Security Lower
Abigail Marlowe
as Female Britta Fan #1/Nicole/Receptionist
Joe Fria
as Cornelius Hawthorne
Bubba Dean Rambo
as Ballet Plant #3
Robert Dassie
as AC Dude
Gene Patrick Smith
as Student
Jess Allen
as Someone Else
Joe Hartzler
as Kevin
Bill Ratner
as Flint
Russ Walko
as Puppeteer
Abraham Benrubi
as Orderly
Myke Wilken
as Greendale Human Being
as Annie's Boobs
David Schroeder
as Old Janitor
Jamie Overla
as Dancer
Angela Sargeant
as Mrs. Bennett
Josh Holloway
as Black Rider
Jill E. Alexander
as Hostess
Lesley Tsina
as Mara
James Martin Kelly
as Warden
Micki Duran
as Dancer
Tom Lent
as Food Service Manager
Drew Massey
as Puppeteer
Hilary Duff
as Meghan
Marcy McCusker
as Quendra
Anthony Michael Hall
as Mike
Sandeep Parikh
as Abed's Abed
Lauren Anderson
as Intensive Karen/Karen Stone
Jemal McNeil
as Abed's Bodyguard
Bobby Garcia
as College Student
Pamela Shaddock
as Receptionist
Liz Porter
as Dancer
Eliza Coupe
as Agent Robin Vohlers
Raff Anoushian
as Security Guard
Josh Diamond
as Josh
Alan Gray
as #21 Football Player/Student in Cafeteria Line
Lily Cade
as Mike's Friend
James Brolin
as William Winger
Twink Caplan
as Madame LeClair
Brian Posehn
as Bixel
John O'Brien
as Chaplin
Billy Zane
as Honda Boss
Abed Gheith
as Janitor
Victor Phan
as College Student
Michael Adrian
as Jason
Katharine McPhee
as Amber
Tony Hale
as Professor Holly
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
as Destro
Amanda Alexandria
as Instagram Bestie
Larry Cedar
as Cornelius Hawthorne
Mel Rodriguez
as Sgt. Nunez
Jim Kane
as Guy in Suit
Donald Glover
as Troy Barnes
Keith David
as Elroy Patashnik/Narrator
Charley Koontz
as Neil
Aaron Himelstein
as Jeremy Simmons
Amanda Booth
as Danielle
Sydney Mikayla
as Children's Choir Member
Bill Blair
as Morbidor
Chris aka Trash Bright
as Rock Band Guitarist
Jay M. Brooks
as Proffesor Guderman
Brian R. Norris
as Travis
Hiromi Oshima
as Girl in Other Study Group
Tammy Fey
as Dancer
Thomas Kasp
as Teenage Boy
Derek Houck
as Reporter/Tim Briggs
Sage Charmaine
as Girl Guard
Joe Lo Truglio
as Mark
Americo Galli
as Student/'Not This Crack' Student/Briefcase Brigade Member/Fat Dog Dancer/Studying Student
Jeremy Marinas
as Bully's Friend
Ashli Cotton
as Student
Sancho Martin
as Lorenzo Lamas Impersonator
Enver Gjokaj
as Lukka
Jess Adams
as Jen
Galadriel Stineman
as Woman with Baby
Paulie Rojas Redding
as Girl #1
Will Harris
as Janitor #1
Jay Tapaoan
as Man
Sigmund Watkins
as Commando #1
Jason Mantzoukas
as Matt Lundergard
Meisha Lee
as Ballet Plant #4
Steven Wash Jr.
as Paul
Gary St. Valentine
as Mariachi Leader
Tim Blaney
as Puppeteer
Emmett Short
as Abed's Jeff
Brandon Soo Hoo
as Abed's Chang
Darsan Solomon
as Dave
Bruce Carter
as Morgan Freeman Impersonator
as Abed's Troy/Person #6
Anthony Gallo
as Bar Patron
Gillian Jacobs
as Britta Perry/Buzzkill
Patrick Cohen
as Waiter
Chanel Malvar
as Dancer
Taylar Hollomon
as Young Shirley
Andrea de Oliveira
as Alessandra Chang
Brisco Diggs
as Black Hitler
Tyrel Jackson Williams
as Jordan Bennett
Rene Napoli
as Spanish Student
Emily Ghamrawi
as Abra
Katherine Skelton
as Pretty Girl
Alan Sepinwall
as Student Watching Fight
Erin McGathy
as Stacy
Adam Silver
as Guy/Kim
Mario Perez
as Waiter
Omar Chavez
as Tony
Dave Eveler
as Billiards Class Student
Natasha Leggero
as Mysti
John Platt
as Abed's Pierce/Random
Sashi Bommakanty
as Security Guard/Abed Look-a-Like/Abed
Elizabeth Ann Porter
as Dancer
Justin Marco
as Marcus
Paul De Sousa
as Cook
Rachel Rubenstein
as Queen Chess Piece
Fred Willard
as Alter-Pierce
Brian Linsley
as Carter
Iris Braydon
as Jewish Lady 2
Bruno Amato
as Landlord
Jonesey Harp
as Susan, the Chiropracter
Randi Cee
as Interpretive Dance Student
Michael Ironside
as Colonel Archwood
Robert Patrick
as Waldron
Alex Shimizu
as Teen #2
Patrick Rafferty
as Chess Club Geek #2
Matt Jones
as Stoner Friend/Coffee Delivery Guy
Eva Tingley
as Sign Language Woman
J.P. Manoux
as Faux-by
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Professor Marshall Kane
Alex Schemmer
as Karl
Christopher Clausi
as Wedding Guest
Marque Richardson
as Special Agent Glenn Keenlan
Kim Robillard
as Man in Suit
Claudio Banks
as Craig Pelton's assistant
Ben Folds
as Professor Bublitz
Scott Deckert
as Band Frontman Simon
Nicole Fitzgerald
as Sexy Female Referee
Brandon Killham
as Howie
Alix Elizabeth Gitter
as Teenage Girl
Steven W. Bailey
as Janitor
Susan Grace
as Old Jewish Grandmother
Adam Devine
as Willy
Betty White
as Professor June Bauer
Jeff Holman
as Professor #2
Carla Jimenez
as Cashier
Kelly Lazarus
as Mary
David Born
as Robin Williams Impersonator
Kim Ridley
as School Bully
Brock Davis
as Annie's Classmate
Preston Strother
as Guard Kid #2
Abbey McBride
as Woman
Kasey Truman
as Irish Singer
Nick Bolton
as Student on Laptop
Michael Busch
as Math Nerd #1
James Earl
as Bouncer
Monica Young
as Female Spanish Professor
Scott Johnson
as Puppeteer
Jason Nunez
as Bar Patron #1
Richard Erdman
as Leonard
Brian Huskey
as Professor Gilbar
David Chan
as Old Yakuza Leader
Jae Suh Park
as Person #4
Wade Randolph
as Convict
Julian Feder
as Ryan
Miguel Izaguirre
as Carlo
Rachel Paquin
as Geena Davis Impersonator
Hymnson Chan
as Disabled Student
Brie Larson
as Rachel
Loretta Fox
as Mother
Summer Stevens
as Official Woman
Patrick Bradford
as Additional
Lisa Rinna
as Mark's Mom
Matt Riedy
as Professor #1
Molly McQueen
as Tracy
Charlie McKenna
as Sebastian
Michael Burt
as Children's Choir Member
James O'Kane
as Student
Ryan W. Garcia
as Domingo
Joe Pistone
as Nicolas Cage
David Tran
as Greendale Student/Student
Seth Green
as Scrunch
Carol Kiernan
as Jeff's Mom
Aryn Nelson
as Student
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Reinhold
Connor Rosen
as Brother
Chris Grabher
as Student
Jim Rash
as Dean Pelton/Vice Cobra Assistant Commander
Liz Cackowski
as Gail the School Counselor
Amber Lancaster
as Christine
Hank Chen
as Billiard Player/Gay Student
Kristen Henry King
as Jessica
Selisha Shertick
as Law Student
LeVar Burton
as LeVar Burton
Sara Van Horn
as Female Server/Lunch Lady
Zack Pearlman
as Archie
Craig Calman
as Costumed Janitor
Matt Berry
as Grifting Professor
Brian Gattas
as Dale
Reggie Watkins
as Guard
Rebecca Ann Johnson
as Glee Club Girl
Sabrina Carmichael
as Nervous Girl
Linna Carter
as Stage Manager
Aaron Hill
as Pizza Guy
Lee Weaver
as Joe
Candace Brown
as Jean Wilson
Steven D. Snyder
as Bare Chested Man
Matt Lorenzo
as Wedding Guest
Dan Paustian
as Frat Boy
Brooke Burns
as E.T. Host
Shawn Tischler
as Running Student
Kelsy Abbott
as Abed's Annie
Pavel Sfera
as Bono Impersonator
Ulysses Lee
as Chess Club Geek #1
as Candidate
Derek Mears
as Kickpuncher
Joy Meulenberg
as Coach Panos
Ken Jeong
as Ben Chang/Overkill
Bryan Birge
as Person #5
Eric Bauza
as Koogler Trailer Announcer/Narrator
Jillian Rose Reed
as Kelly Cortlandt
Mary McDonald-Lewis
as Scarlett
Greg Tuculescu
as Paramedic #1
Pandie Suicide
as Anarchist

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 25 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 24 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 13 Episodes




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Casting Society of America, USA 2010


Casting Society of America, USA

Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Television Pilot - Comedy

Gold Derby Awards 2010


Gold Derby Awards

Comedy Series


Gold Derby Awards

Comedy Lead Actor


Gold Derby Awards

Comedy Supporting Actor


Gold Derby Awards

Comedy Episode of the Year


Gold Derby Awards

Ensemble of the Year

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