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October 24, 2021
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About this title


When you first saw him, Lieutenant Columbo looked like a bum that just came off the street. He had a bumbling demeanor, was overly polite and seemed to chomp on the same short cigar on a daily basis. However, beneath all that comical exterior was probably the most dogged investigator in the Los Angeles Police Department. Columbo was often called on to investigate high profile murders that involved the rich and famous. The culprits were often amused by him, and just as they thought they were going to get away with murder, Columbo would find a way to trap them or find enough evidence to make them confess.

Official Sites: Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 1, 1971

Also Known As: 可倫坡, Giljotiini |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Canada (PG) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

police detective
basset hound
criminal investigation

Company Credits

Production Co: NBC Universal Television


Danny Wells
as Bookstore Clerk/Gary Keppler
Donald Chaffin
as Bar Patron/Club Patron/Detective
Stewart J. Zully
as Investigator #3/Sergeant Burke/Sewell
Ann Whitney
as Singing Lady
Jess Osuna
as Dr. Tim Shaeffer
George Hickman
as Derelict
Arthur Duncan
as Tap Dancer
Frieda Rentie
as Campaign Worker/Luncheon Guest
Ron Cey
as Ron Cey
Fred Holliday
as Crawford
Kathryn White
as 1st Woman
Teresa Ganzel
as Dede Perkins
Jim Halferty
as 1st Marine Cadet
Dave Florek
as Norm
Jamison Yang
as Print Guy
Roger Hampton
as Theo Kellerman
Richard Kline
as Louis 'Lou' Cates
Anthony Andrews
as Elliott Blake
Richard Assad
as Abdul
Susan Foster
as Lisa King
Mitzi Rogers
as Receptionist
Spencer Garrett
as Roger Gambles
Richard Saxton
as Newscaster
Tisha Sterling
as Linda Johnson
Pierrino Mascarino
as Tuba Player
Kate Benton
as Bayleaf Hostess
James Read
as Dr. Wesley Corman
Dorothy Constantine
as Chief's Secretary
Murray Pollack
as Businessman/Captain Jamison/Club Member/Funeral Guest/Party Guest/Party Guest at Art Gallery/Police Officer/Reporter
John Bowman
as Man
Ryan MacDonald
as Charles Whelan
Gino Conforti
as Ferdy
Christopher Templeton
as Marian Burke
Harry Hickox
as 2nd Detective
Lou Nova
as Detective
Denis Arndt
as Paul Mackey
Julie Newmar
as Lisa Chambers
Webster Williams
as Car Salesman
Emilio Fernández
as Miguel
Max Wagner
as Derelict
Philip Abbott
as Judge Foster
Patricia Mattick
as Margaret Williams
Jack Armstrong
as Man Outside Wax Museum
George Coe
as Dr. Sydney Hammer
Stanley Kamel
as Tim Haines
Carolyn Martin
as Clair - Lady Cashier
Peter Paul Eastman
as Executive/Luncheon Guest
Brioni Farrell
as Xenia
H.B. Haggerty
as Masseur
Hans Moebus
as Inquest Spectator/Reporter
Lawrence Maki
as Officer
Michael Horton
as Kerry Malone
Don Bovingloh
as Customer
Jerry Crews
as Watchman
Laura Gile
as Club Patron
Lainie Kazan
as Valerie Kirk
James Gregory
as Coach Rizzo/David L. Buckner
Tyne Daly
as Dolores/Dorothea McNally
Joe Staton
as Plainclothesman
Ida Lupino
as Doris Buckner/Edna Basket Brown
Mary Maldonado
as Latin Maid
Carol Swarbrick
as Casino Waitress
Judith Woodbury
as Audience Member
Rod McCary
as Coast Guard Officer
Bernard Sell
as Party Guest
Donald Pleasence
as Adrian Carsini
Joel Fabiani
as Dr. Charles Hunter
Will Geer
as Dr. Edmund Hidemann
Ernie F. Orsatti
as Police Officer
Honor Blackman
as Lillian Stanhope
Jeff Bollow
as Kid
Janet Julian
as Jill
Burt Young
as Mo Weinberg
Brett Halsey
as Ken Archer
Alberto Morin
as Chef Louis
Bruce Ed Morrow
as Medical Examiner
Barry Borofsky
as Swat Team Leader
as Nymph
James Greene
as Bert Spindler
Kim Hunter
as Edna Matthews
James Landi
as Police Officer
Sean McClory
as Captain
Elizabeth Lambert
as Leda/Woman in Bar
John Furlong
as Control Booth Attendant
Collin Wilcox Paxton
as Ruth Stafford
Brenda Isaacs Booth
as Redhead
Christopher C. Murphy
as Man Sitting at Burger Joint
Kymberly Newberry
as District Attorney
Dennis Dugan
as Sergeant Theodore "Mac" Albinsky
Joe Warfield
as Al Staley
Wallace Chadwell
as Framl - TV Director
Jack Tate
as John
Lee Montgomery
as Steve Spelberg
Susan Clark
as Beth Chadwick
Ed Fury
as Charlie/Plainclothesman
Nicol Williamson
as Dr. Eric Mason
Robert Madrid
as Policeman/Waiter
George Sawaya
as Detective/Legation Guard/Man
Paul Shenar
as Sgt. Young
Dee Timberlake
as Madge
Alf Powers
as Professor #2
Milene Ragan
as Ruth
Otis Young
as Lawrence Melville
Robin Bach
as Maitre D'/Waiter
Edward C. Short
as Derelict
Ben Slack
as Doctor
Charles Cioffi
as Sidney Ritter
Robert Foxworth
as Frank Brailie
Penny Santon
as Lucia/Momma
George Wendt
as Graham McVeigh
Stuart Nisbet
as Dr. Sullivan/Pinstripe
Duke Fishman
as Cop
Jared Martin
as Harry Alexander
Edie McClurg
as Mrs. Lerby
Robert Hitchcock
as Chess Match Observer/Club Member/Conference Guest/Party Guest/Waiter
Jack Slate
as Funeral Guest
Scott Salmon
as Fred Loring
John Fraser
as Det. Sgt. O'Keefe
Chuck McCann
as Roger White
John Finnegan
as Barney/1st Workman/Assistant Director/Carl/Chief Quentin Corbett/Guard/Lt. Duffy/Police Chief/Sean Jarvis/Sergeant/Waiter
Richard Stahl
as Ballistics Man/Burton/Mr. Fremont
Burr DeBenning
as Capt. Loomis
France Nuyen
as Miss Choy
Norma MacMillan
as Mrs. Martinson
Tom Moses
as Chief of Detectives
Michael Masters
as Security Guard
Mark Voland
as Sergeant
Alma Beltran
as Housekeeper/Mrs. Fernandez
Anita Dangler
as Mrs. Weatherford
Jeff Yagher
as Teddy McVeigh
JoAnna Cameron
as Lorna McGrath
Catherine McGoohan
as Rita
Mark Eric Charbonneau
as Bayleaf Waiter
Linda Gehringer
as Lorraine Buchinsky
Marilyn Tokuda
as Judy
Milton Frome
as Driver
Michael Pataki
as Sam
Patrick Culliton
as Danny Green
Sandy Kenyon
as Harris
John Francis
as Bartender
Kathryn Janssen
as Banquet Guest/Nurse/Party Guest/Woman at Airport/Woman at Inquest
Marcia Wallace
as Woman/Woman at Inquest
André Lawrence
as Youseff Alafa
Antony Ponzini
as Gregory Lopiccolo
Valerie Harper
as Eve Babcock
Bernie Kuby
as Mike Tucker/Nathan Flowers
Clete Roberts
as TV Anchor Man/TV Newsman
Jack Griffin
as Gate Guard
Aristides Priakos
as Young Wade
David Byrd
as Bailey/Ralph
Carol Jones
as Caroline Treynor
Randy Oglesby
as Joshua Vinten
Martin Landau
as Dexter Paris/Norman Paris
Joanna Going
as Melissa Alexandra Hayes
John Martin
as Sam Marlowe
Raye Birk
as Howard Seltzer
Samantha Eggar
as Vivian Brandt
L.Q. Jones
as Gun Dealer
Jack Shearer
as Investigator #1
Chad Willett
as Gabriel McEnery
Brian Patrick Farrell
as Messenger
Kay Yamamoto
as Front Desk Nurse
Martha Scott
as Margaret Meadis
Laurie Walters
as Helen Ashcroft
Kenny Salvatt
as Party Guest at Art Gallery
Donn Whyte
as Leach
Bruce Kirby
as Sergeant George Kramer/Lab Attendant Doug/Sgt. Phil Brindle/TV Repairman
Mary Ingersoll
as Sergeant Fitzwater
Bridget Hanley
as Mrs. Rusk
Yolanda Lloyd
as Rosa
Frances E. Nealy
as Hilda
Basil Hoffman
as Jason Danziger
Laurence Harvey
as Emmett Clayton
Shane McCabe
as Meyer McGinty
Ray Ballard
as 2nd Reporter/Gardener/Mr. Williams
Jerome Guardino
as Sergeant Burke/Harris/Sgt. Burke
Ross Martin
as Dale Kingston
Kathy Speirs
as 2nd Receptionist
Emile Stemmler
as Club Waiter
Glen Vernon
as 1st Officer
Jim Jarrett
as Production Assistant
Jeff Goldblum
as Protester
LaRue Stanley
as Gracie
Lew Ayres
as Dr. Howard Nicholson
Jason Wingreen
as Policeman
Gary Krawford
as Watch Salesman
Kathleen O'Malley
as Nurse
Dana Vitatoe
as Paramilitary Soldier
Raymond Singer
as Dentist
Jack Kruschen
as Tomlin Dudek
Loren Blackwell
as Waiter
Irene Tedrow
as Mrs. Charleswort
Martin Milner
as Jim Ferris
Jim Michael
as Funeral Guest
Ryal Haakenson
as Hotel Guest
Rip Torn
as Leon Lamarr
Joe Ohar
as Attendant
Valerie Landsburg
as Inquisitor Editor
Jim Neumarker
as Plainclothesman
Gregory Morton
as Older Lawyer
Ann Weldon
as Judge
James Wellington
as Hot Dog Vendor
Jeff Hochendoner
as Football Player at Wake
Leesa Zelkin
as Phone Girl
George Sperdakos
as Mr. Wagner/Thackery
Todd Martin
as Sergeant Burke/Sgt. Burke
Shani Wallis
as Gwen
Jana Brown
as Usher
Talya Ferro
as Telephone Co. Clerk
Dick Patterson
as Master of Ceremonies
Lee Reherman
as Football Player
Gary Berner
as Man in Bar
Greg Evigan
as Harold McCain
Karissa Corday
as Anchorwoman
William Shatner
as Fielding Chase/Ward Fowler
Paul Sorensen
as Police Pilot
John Ashton
as Calvin MacGruder
Britt Lind
as Trish
Dick Sondergaard
as Stage Hand
Janet Leigh
as Grace Wheeler Willis
Ted Rooney
as Mortician #2
Les Lannom
as Malloy
Paul King
as Observer at Scene
Lieux Dressler
as Ceil Gentry
Doug Franklin
as Coroner's Man
Peter Ashton
as Photographer at Sir Roger's Funeral
Steven Marlo
as Officer Banks
Christopher Titus
as Paramilitary Man #1
Melissa Young
as Blonde
Marianne Muellerleile
as Nurse Hilda
Tom Williams
as Bartender
George Tracy
as Derelict/Shopper
Tony Dante
as Funeral Guest
Robert Gibbons
as Clerk/Rogers
Jessie Royce Landis
as Mrs. Chadwick
Kevin McCarthy
as Dr. Frank Simmons
Don Eitner
as Pete Cockrum
Philip Bruns
as Gene Stafford
Craig Hosking
as Helicopter Pilot
Karen Mayo-Chandler
as Tiffany Keene
Marshall R. Teague
as Adam Evans
Richard Annis
as Officer
David Toma
as Policeman
Alex Henteloff
as Pawnbroker
Edward Cross
as 2nd Policeman
Jamie Rose
as Nancy Brower
Bradford Dillman
as Tony Goodland
Harold Harris
as Harry Chudnow
Anthony Zerbe
as Max Dyson
Fay DeWitt
as Angela
Don Nagel
as Doberman
Kathy Lukather
as Saleswoman
Steven Gilborn
as George
Monte Landis
as Steward
Don Calfa
as Rudy
Julius Carry
as Policeman
Flynn Robinson
as Basketball Player
Ralph Monaco
as Dispatcher
Susan Bredhoff
as Angela
Robert Terry Lee
as Photographer
Nancy Walker
as Nancy Walker
Jefferson Kibbee
as Frank/Jeff
Lucille Meredith
as Jean the seamstress/Lucy
Louise Lewis
as Mrs. Gompertz
Peter Haskell
as Budd Clarke
Julie Harris
as Karen Fielding
Guy Standeven
as Man in Pub
Ethelreda Leopold
as Exhibit Patron/Party Guest/Theatre Patron
Richard Roat
as Perkins
Paul Gale
as Dark-Haired Man
Jay Varela
as Capt. Ortega/Sgt. Rojas
Douglas Stark
as Chairman
Michael McGuire
as Hugh Caldwell
Nick Dennis
as Guard
Eddie Garrett
as Party Guest/Passerby/Photographer
Frank Wiltse
as Officer
Jennifer Asch
as Female Voice
Edward Colmans
as Minister
Paul Stewart
as Clifford Paris
Ed McCready
as Detective #2/Ed/Man In Bar/Plainclothesman/Security Guard/Tri-Con Security Guard
Sid Burston
as Driver
Eve Kagan
as Pink Feather Boa
Robert Karnes
as Grover/Sgt. Vernon
Troy Shire
as Cary
Raymond Lynch
as Detective Frank
Bill Macy
as Ruddick
Laurence Haddon
as Dean Howard Gillespie
Alecia St Leger
as Woman Outside Wax Museum
Michael Santiago
as 1st Policeman
Victor Izay
as Conroy/Lassiter/Medical Examiner
Thomas Calabro
as Detective Andy Parma
Bill Walker
as Crowell
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
as Commandante Sanchez
Mieko Kobayashi
as 2nd Geisha
Lisa Barnes
as Waitress
Robert Sorrells
as CIA Operative
Beverly Leech
as Deirdre 'DeeDee' Ross
Sandra Gould
as Matron
George Brenlin
as Locksmith
Victor Bevine
as Victor Bevine
James G. Richardson
as Shelly
Mary Beth Sikorski
as Receptionist
Gregg Rogen
as Todd
Angelo De Meo
as Desk Clerk
Mary Margaret Lewis
as Mavis
Mark Alan Kaufman
as Sandy
Hank Garrett
as Captain
Angela May
as Ruth
Alicia Chambers
as Kid
Army Archerd
as Army Archerd
José Rey
as Bartender
Lew Brown
as 2nd Detective/Farrell
Morgan Upton
as Ames
Robert Balderson
as Jerry
George C. Simms
as Officer
John Paul Ahearn
as Male Voice
Carlene Watkins
as Amy
Troy Melton
as Security Guard
Mario Bellini
as Derelict
Charles Macaulay
as Durkee/Farnsworth/Richard
Judson Morgan
as Charles/Judge
Barbara Colby
as Lilly La Sanka
Ken Sansom
as Paul
Jim Carson
as Radio Announcer
Michael Prince
as Michael Moore/Mr. Weatherford
Daphne Cheung
as Next Nymph of the Month
Peter Allas
as Security Man #1
Luis Moreno
as Officer
Brent Dunsford
as Pub Patron
James V. Christy
as Sharkey
Kenneth Tobey
as Police Commissioner
Aaron Seville
as Policeman
William Windom
as Everett Logan
Heidi Brühl
as Linda Robinson
Gary Conway
as Enrico Guiseppe Carsini
George J. Peters
as Mr. Martinson
John Randolph
as Colonel Mayehoff
E.A. Sirianni
as Norbert
Louis Zorich
as Frank Staplin
Ken Weiler
as Singer
Danny Hassel
as Lifeguard
Mel Ferrer
as Jerry Parks
David Sheiner
as Ray
Louis Herthum
as Technician
Catherine Battistone
as 2nd Female Guest
Joel Fluellen
as Charles
Rob Garrison
as Young Man
Michael Jeffers
as Barfly
Lenny Hicks
as Eddie/Morgue Attendant
Rande Leaman
as Staffer
John Fink
as Michael Clark
as Kanji Ousu
David Alan Graf
as Bystander at Accident
Ann Driscoll
as Mrs. Halstead
Suzanne Pleshette
as Helen Stewart
Robert Alan Browne
as Detective Lancer
John Hugh McKnight
as Club Patron
Geoff Koch
as Singing Football Player
Lou Wagner
as Ross
Douglas Roberts
as Linwood Coben
Gil Newsom
as Reporter
Raymond O'Keefe
as Sgt. Rickets
Peggy Walton-Walker
as Liz Cooper
Karen Maruyama
as Maid
Byron Morrow
as Amos Lawrence
Carole Hemingway
as Self
Clyde McLeod
as Club Patron/Conference Guest
Harry Harvey
as Manager
Jennifer Fabos
as Young Actress
Bert Madrid
as Crew Member
Vincent J. McEveety
as Bus Boy/Policeman/Second Policeman
Eloise Hardt
as Cathy - Maid
Gerald Peters
as Inspector Smythe
Kelly Flynn
as Bellboy
Frank Puglia
as Janitor at Winery
Judd Hirsch
as Make-up Artist
Mickey Golden
as Reporter/Ambulance Man/Bart Kepple's Caddy/Campaign Worker/Casino Gambler/Executive/Guest at art gallery party/Man In Hospital Waiting Room/Police Officer/Spectator
Steven Ford
as Toby Ritt
Albie Selznick
as Detective McKittrick
Joey Banks
as Paramedic
Fred Jay Gordon
as Technician
Peter Jurasik
as Dr. Simon Ward
Ron Rifkin
as Luther
Susie Singer Carter
as Darlene
Ralph Wilcox
as Chef
William Christopher
as Male Scientist
John Petlock
as Male Guest/Medical Examiner/Plainclothesman #2
Heath Kizzier
as Photo Clerk
Dennis Bailey
as Sergeant Lewis
Elven Havard
as Serviceman
Mary Wickes
as Landlady
Al Pugliese
as Phil Crossette
Joanna Sanchez
as Sgt. Nancy Duran
Rosanna Huffman
as Mrs. Thornwood/Tracy O'Connor
Theodore Bikel
as Oliver Brandt
John Kerr
as Col. Roger Dutton
Diane Baker
as Joanna Clay
George Golden
as Theatre Patron
Susan Jacoby
as Woman (Rose)
Rod Steiger
as Vincenzo Fortelli
Robert Middleton
as Vic Norris
Mimi Cozzens
as Person at Track
Bart Braverman
as 2nd Picketer
Roberta Hanlen
as Bartender
Barbara Rhoades
as Hostess/Joyce
Arlene Martel
as Gloria West/Salesgirl/Tanya Baker
Arthur Batanides
as Murph
John Archer
as Paul
Mike Edward Lally
as TV Cameraman
Frank Aletter
as Dr. Ernie Garrison
Don Mantooth
as Phil
Don Swayze
as Albert Wagner
Anika Marinelli
as P.A.
Janis Paige
as Goldie Williamson
Dana Elcar
as Falcon
Kip Gilman
as Jonathan
Nick DeMauro
as Locksmith
Anne Francis
as Nurse Sharon Martin/Valerie Bishop
John Idakitis
as Bartender at Restaurant
Leonard Simon
as Dr. Michaelson
Edwin Rochelle
as Club Member
Bryan Montgomery
as Security Man #2
Marc Singer
as Young TV Doctor
Robert Rothwell
as 2nd Detective/Minister
Barbara Baldavin
as Brimmer's Secretary
John Orchard
as Country Constable
Eldon Burke
as Photographer
Little Richard
as Little Richard
Peter Schreiner
as Otto
Redmond Gleeson
as Arnold/George Thomas
Thayer David
as Clerk
Robin Gordon
as Shorts
Siobhan McCafferty
as Samantha
Daniel Elam
as Derelict/Executive/Onlooker
Michael G. Hawkins
as Plainclothesman
Roddy McDowall
as Roger Stanford
Michael Leopard
as Bartender
Lenore Kasdorf
as Janice
Lynnette Mettey
as Gloria Jr.
Don Knight
as Mike Alexander/Stagehand outside dressing room
Robert Vaughn
as Charles 'Charlie' Clay/Hayden Danziger
Andy Romano
as Sergeant Major Lester Keegan
Pamela Campbell
as Cassie Marlowe
Holly Martin Baker
as Prostitute
Huey Redwine
as 1st Man
Dick Cherney
as Airport Security
Matthew Rhys
as Justin Price
Walter Koenig
as Sgt. Johnson
Rob Narita
as Uniformed Policeman
Stack Pierce
as President Loren Jefferson
Marshall Grant
as Band Member
Don S. Davis
as Bertie
Tom Marvich
as Technician #1
Fritz Ford
as Detective
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
as S. Baxter
Jon Lormer
as Hearing Officer
Dawn Frame
as Audrey
Paul DeCeglie
as Banquet Guest/Executive
Justin Lord
as Lt. Albert Schiffer
Enrique Lucero
as Jaime Delgado
Lindsay Crouse
as Dr. Joan Allenby
Arthur Wong
as Diplomat
Bob Templeton
as Observer at Crime Scene/Police Officer
Darrell Zwerling
as Lewis D. Lacey/Motel Manager
Pippa Scott
as Jean Davis
Mark Lonow
as Theodore 'Ted' Malloy
Bob Wootton
as Band Member
Dennis Robertson
as 1st Reporter/Detective Marley/Jerry
Jane Greer
as Sylvia Danziger
Robby the Robot
as MM7
Alan Manson
as Sid Daley
Joseph Roman
as Shop Foreman
Susan Gibney
as Madge
Rocky Frier
as Parking Attendant
Leonard Nimoy
as Dr. Barry Mayfield
Janet Eilber
as Jenny Padget
Elizabeth Swackhamer
as Sara
Dan Birch
as Magician at Cemetary
Ronald Adam
as George, Steward at Supt. Durk's Club
Kenneth Danziger
as Reporter at Sir Roger's Funeral
Roscoe Lee Browne
as Dr. Steadman
Christopher Hart
as Magician at Cemetary
Len Wayland
as Capt. Of Detectives
James Millhollin
as Ralph - Elderly Man
Sondra Currie
as Mrs. Rocca/Sgt. Hubach
Primo López
as Party Guest/Reporter/Waiter
Robert Ellenstein
as Stein
Mimi Monaco
as Wanda
Mary Jackson
as Annie
Tony Cristino
as Stickman
Randy Lee Troyer
as Mercenary
Ron Troncatty
as Traffic Policeman
James Almanzar
as Bartender
Rodha Lawrence
as Guest at Wake
Richard Lanci
as 1st Patrolman
Robert Brown
as Arthur Meadis
Iris Bahr
as Police Officer
Dona Speir
as Model #2
Jack Berle
as Party Guest/Banquet Guest/Reporter/Stage Hand
Johnny Gardella
as Eddie
Timothy Carey
as Bert/Tony
Michael P. Byrne
as Schwartz
Katey Sagal
as Secretary
Jorge Rivero
as Carlos
Joanne DiVito
as Choreographer
Steve O'Connor
as Throve
Sandra Smith
as Cathy Goodland
Dick Dinman
as Kermit Morgan
Vic Tayback
as Sam Franklin
Joe Pine
as Party Guest/Banquet Guest/Clerk/Man at Dedication
Terry G. Warren
as Policeman
Shaun Toub
as Amir
Michael Gregory
as Mr. Hacker
Ernesto Macias
as Fred
LeRoy Ellis
as Basketball Player
Marge Redmond
as Helen Hendrix
Alan Scarfe
as Sir Harry Matthews
Roy Kerry
as Guard #1
J.S. Johnson
as Palmer
Lawrence Cook
as Quincy [Murphy in credits]
Jake Jacobs
as D.A.
Sandra Wild
as Nymph
Claudia Christian
as Lisa Martin
Tad Horino
as Gardener Ando Miaki
Luis Avalos
as Antonio
Denice Kumagai
as Martha
William 'Scotty' McGlynn
as Gate guard
Rick Najera
as Henry Santos
Jimmy Joyce
as Camera Operator/Handwriting Expert/Workman
Robert Deery
as Policeman at Stadium
Isabel García Lorca
as Julie
John Calvin
as Charlie Shoup
Larry Gilman
as Tomblin
Susan Damante
as Melissa
Mel Stevens
as Dr. Freeman
Jorge Garcia
as Julius
Brenda Vaccaro
as Jess McCurdy
Bonnie Van Dyke
as Maryann Cobb
Noel Conlon
as Detective
William Wintersole
as Dr. Hunt
Veronica Anderson
as Maid
Tom Dreesen
as TV Host
Paul Gleason
as Parsons
Raven Grey Eagle
as Party Guest
Marv Goux
as Coach/Leo Gentry
Julia Montgomery
as Cindy
Ian Abercrombie
as Sidney (Party Guest)
Cady Huffman
as Receptionist
Jim McMillan
as Basketball Player
Aneta Corsaut
as Nurse Morgan
Patsy Garrett
as Cleaning Woman
Tim Moran
as Real Duke
Jackie Cooper
as Nelson Hayward
Michael Richardson
as Young Lawyer
Nicole Grey
as Porno Actress
Richard Bull
as 2nd Detective
Nico Stevens
as Funeral Guest/Party Guest
David Armstrong
as Doctor/Party Guest/Stage Hand
Shep Houghton
as Auction Guest/Chess Match Observer/Party Guest
Julius Branca
as Abe Lasko
Molly Hagan
as Ruth 'Ruthie' Jernigan/Victoria Chase
Larry Storch
as Mr. Weekly
Bruce Weitz
as Cook
Dorian Harewood
as Cop Looking In Columbo's Car Window After Whiplash Crash
Stanley Waxman
as Senior TV doctor
Fran Ryan
as Woman at Airport
Noel Toy
as Diplomat
Stephen Macht
as David Kincaid
Anne Baxter
as Nora Chandler
Bart Greene
as Executive/Janitor/Workman
Morris Buchanan
as 2nd Detective/Lab Man
Celeste Holm
as Phyllis Lytton Brandt
Jimmy Charters
as Man in Pub
Harold Gould
as Agent Carlson
Joseph Chapman
as Prosecutor
Kristin Bauer van Straten
as Suzie Endicott
Bee-Be Smith
as Reporter
Mariette Hartley
as Eileen McRae/Veronica
Bennett Liss
as Corporal
Betty McGuire
as Della
Katherine Cannon
as June Clark
Michael V. Gazzo
as Vittorio Rossi
David White
as Phil Corrigan
Rue McClanahan
as Verity Chandler
Hector Elizondo
as Hassan Salah
Dawn Wells
as Female Guest
Edward Bach
as Executive
Hank Robinson
as Gym Member
Norma Connolly
as Celia
Fred Moon
as Bar Patron
Kelly Nelson
as Rookie Cop
Linda Gaye Scott
as Alma
Maggie Mellin
as Woman
Don Ameche
as Frank Simpson
Steve Zettler
as Lieutenant Bravo
John C. Anders
as Officer Davis
Eddie Quillan
as Ferguson
James Jeter
as Security Guard
Douglas Dirkson
as Jeff the airport mechanic
Marte Boyle Slout
as Lady At Auction
Ken DuMain
as Club Patron/Man in Line/Party Guest/Reporter
Charles Champion
as Major Charlie
Leeza Vinnichenko
as Cleaning Woman
Maurice Evans
as Raymond
Abigail Shelton
as Nurse
Avner Garbi
as Kardarsian
Warren Berlinger
as Det. Jack Stroller
John Fiedler
as Doctor
Oskar Werner
as Harold Van Wick
Edward Talbot 'Chip' Matthews
as Paramedic
Don Bledsoe
as Man in Street
Eric James
as R.J. Denning
Stephen Liska
as Casino Manager
Alicia Gilbert
as Nymph
Mark Russell
as Brimmer Agency Detective/Police Sgt.
Regina Leeds
as Reporter #1
Frank Baker
as Theatre Patron
John Dehner
as Commodore Otis Swanson/Roland Pangborn
Peter Maloney
as Artie Podell
Ora Frosh
as Woman Down Hall
Chad Bell
as Kid
Darren Scott
as Valet
Tony Regan
as Club Patron/Doctor/Man in Hospital Waiting Room/Military Officer/Onlooker
Donald Craig
as Auctioneer
Mark Arnott
as David Sherwin
Marco Khan
as Guard #2
Paul Ganus
as Jack
Victor Toyota
as Servant
Larry Randolph
as John
Otto Friese
as Man Outside Wax Museum
Lonnie Johnson
as Football Player at Stadium
Reg Thomason
as Man at Museum Reception
Chester Hayes
as Cook
Kenneth Mars
as Mike
Victoria Boa
as Shari
Tom McDonough
as Military Officer
Tony Giorgio
as Harry
Seth Foster
as Al Morrow
Robert Trumbull
as D. A.
Jim Antonio
as Joe Doyle
Paul Burke
as Horace Sherwin
Jeff Perry
as Leonard Fisher
Susan Edwards
as Woman Victim
Priscilla Barnes
as Nurse
William Lucking
as Dominic Doyle
Ted Gehring
as Security Guard
Hoke Howell
as Sergeant
Jeremy McCollum
as Toby
Sam Jaffe
as Dr. Henry Willis
Linda Dona
as Barbara Baylor
Doug MacHugh
as Bartender #1
Robert Culp
as Dr. Bart Kepple/Investigator Brimmer/Jordan Rowe/Paul Hanlon
Darrell Kunitomi
as Factotum
Bill Edward Rogers
as Policeman/Uniformed Policeman #2
Elizabeth Ruscio
as Fran
Hank Brandt
as Attorney
John F. O'Donohue
as Doherty
Daniel Davis
as Alex Varrick
Tom Henschel
as Fingerprint Man
Gerry Gibson
as Pat O'Connor
Antony Alda
as Mario DeLuca
Kishe Caelan-Wallace
as Rave Dancer
James Lashly
as Sidney Winnik
Charles Walker
as Truck Driver
William Chalmers
as Client
Maura Spencer-Reed
as Female Guest
John McCann
as Brandon/Officer
John Williams
as Sir Roger Haversham
Frank Baxter
as Fred/Walter Gray
Mark Daneri
as Customer
Arthur Malet
as Fenwick
Louis Jourdan
as Paul Gerard
Obi Ndefo
as Nathaniel Murphy
Kate Hawley
as Mrs. Johnson
Joyce Jillson
as Joan Stacey
Loren Brown
as Derelict
Lisa Moore
as Nancy
Jeannie Berlin
as Janie Brandt
Carol Barbee
as Diane
Eric Poppick
as Soap Opera Director
Lenny Citrano
as Barber/Valet
Conrad Bachmann
as Henry Chalfont
Matt Flynn
as Guest
Jeri McBride
as Restaurant Patron
Maury Sterling
as Store Clerk
Harold 'Happy' Hairston
as Basketball Player
Dorothy Dells
as Julia/Secretary
Jeanette Nolan
as Kate O'Connell/Mrs. Peck
Pamela Austin
as Jennifer Williamson
Arnold Roberts
as Banquet Guest/Office Worker
Clark Ross
as Executive/Gym Member/Inquest Spectator/Man at Dedication/Party Guest
Lee Grant
as Leslie Williams
Lesley Ann Warren
as Nadia Donner
Bob Harks
as Policeman/Waiter/Bar Patron/Chauffer/Chauffeur/Fingerprint Technician/Guard/Man at Dedication
Pat Morita
as The House Boy
William Bryant
as Fields/Sgt. Jeffries
Henry Beckman
as Man at Murder Scene
Fred Draper
as Cab Driver/David Morris/Joseph/Lab Tech/Murcheson/Swanny Swanson
Grant Heslov
as Lab Technician
James McEachin
as Billy Jones/Walter Mearhead
Andrew Philpot
as Captain Alpha
Eddie Albert
as Maj. Gen. Martin J. Hollister
Jimmy Murphy
as Charlie
David Doty
as Colleague
Nick Pellegrino
as Legation Gate Guard
David Rasche
as Patrick Kinsley
Rebecca Staab
as Tina
Maurice Marsac
as Waiter
Roma Alvarez
as Maid
Edward Winter
as Charlton 'Charlie' Chambers
George Skaff
as Haj Kura/The Producer
Jim Pelham
as 2nd Officer
Joe Renteria
as Box Attendant Jimmy
Steve Kelso
as Policeman
Meg James
as Tour Guide
John Blower
as Waiter
Richard Niehaus
as Audience Member
Pamela Stephenson
as Jennifer Chambers - Soap Opera Actress
Ken Swofford
as Harry Stone
Jack Krupnick
as Limousine Driver
Leslie Nielsen
as A.J. Henderson/Peter Hamilton
Carol Mansell
as Hysterical Lady
Charner Wallis
as 3rd Woman
Susan Krebs
as Wendy
Harlan Warde
as Paul Williams
Casey Van Patten
as Reporter #2
George Buck
as George Thornwood
Tricia Long
as Real Barbara
Ron Olsen
as T.V. Announcer
Charles Gilliard
as Man Outside Wax Museum/Sightseer
Marie Silva-Alexander
as Dance Instructor
Marr Nealon
as Nurse's Aide
George Washburn
as Hearse Driver
Tony Amendola
as Clergyman
William Mims
as Gallery Attendant
Dion Anderson
as Stuart March
Michael Russo
as Duke Dimarco
Stephen Caffrey
as Justin Rowe
Reid Smith
as Andy Stevens
Yorgo Constantine
as Deirdre's Agent
Roger Etienne
as Night Visitor
Rick Marzan
as Police Officer
Eddie Smith
as Carnival Patron
Marla Adams
as Sheila Byrnes
G.F. Smith
as Salesman
Darnell Harrison
as Technician #3
Scott N. Stevens
as Gerald
Jo Anderson
as Lydia Corman
Richard Riehle
as Sergeant Degarmo/Sgt Degarmo
Fionnula Flanagan
as Louise
J.R. Clark
as Harry Lassiter
Frantz Turner
as Fingerprint Man
Anthony Holland
as Darryl
Joel Beeson
as Clyde
Gayle Harbor
as Lisa
Jeff Michalski
as Medical Examiner
Kim Cattrall
as Joanne Nicholls
John William Gibson
as Paramilitary Man #2
Jeff Gerrard
as PA/Stage Hand
Dale Johnson
as Waiter
John Brennan
as Wedding Guest
Steven Hill
as Mr. Marosco
Lee Arenberg
as Paramilitary Man #3
Bebe Louie
as Policewoman
Norman Palmer
as Banquet Guest/Club Member
Della Reese
as Johnny Carson's Guest
Annie Waterman
as Third Woman
Reginald Fenderson
as Mechanic
Will Nye
as Officer Will
Edith Head
as Edith Head
B.J. Turner
as Decorator 'Vito'
Sian Barbara Allen
as Shirley Blaine
León Singer
as Fernando
Peter Jolly
as Charlie
Trisha Noble
as Marcy Hubbard
Hugh Gillin
as Priest at Funeral
Joe Bellan
as Joe
Paul Willson
as Delivery Man
John Davis Chandler
as Eddie Kane
Ron Masak
as Eddie Fenelle
Michael Goldfinger
as Laundry Truck Driver
Rosemary Murphy
as Margaret Halperin
Sally Kellerman
as Liz Houston
Leon Alton
as Theatre Patron
Robert Board
as Campaign Worker
Mathias Reitz
as Anton
William Smith
as Ken Nichols
Larry D. Mann
as Albert
Dorrie Thomson
as Miss Eisenback
James Olson
as Paul Rifkin
Ronald Long
as Mr. Jones
Jamie Lee Curtis
as Waitress
Benjie Bancroft
as Chess Match Observer/Party Guest/Police Officer
Katie O'Rourke
as Hotel Assistant Manager
Robert R. Ross Jr.
as Norm
Douglas Fisher
as Butler
Curtis Credel
as The Magician
Terrence Beasor
as Contractor
John Wilder
as Man in Pub
Stephen Quadros
as Paramilitary Man #4
Michael J. Grayson
as Bar Patron/Chauffeur/Chess Match Official
Trish Van Devere
as Kay Freestone
Celeste Yarnall
as Gloria
Patricia Allison
as Melanie
Layne Mathess
as Fashion Moderator
Ben Marino
as Sgt. Ned Randall
Joseph La Cava
as Medical Examiner/Croupier
Tom Simcox
as William Haynes
Al Beaudine
as Stage Hand/Technician
Mark Margolis
as Cosner
Lynn Clark
as Marcia
Morgan Jones
as Crime Lab Man/Lab Technician/Wilson
Victor Campos
as Doyle
Juliet Mills
as Eileen Hacker
D.V. Caitlyn
as Second Biker
Cliff Carnell
as Officer Wilson/Photo Shop Man/Plainclothesman
Vincent Price
as David Lang
Carmen Argenziano
as Coroner Anderson
Gerry Okuneff
as Dealer/Patrolman/Plainclothes Detective/Walter Sterling
Julian Stone
as Neddy Malcolm
Arthur Hill
as The Governor
Eleanor Zee
as Thelma
Paul Jenkins
as Sergeant Douglas
Nate Esformes
as Hakim
Peter Wise
as Ozzie
Bob Dishy
as Sergeant Frederic Wilson/Sgt. John J. Wilson
Michael Payne
as Jefferson
Patrick Cupo
as Officer Rogers
Donald Moffat
as Sheldon Hays
Shera Danese
as Cathleen Calvert/Eve Plummer/Geraldine Ferguson/Molly/Trish Fairbanks/Vanessa Barsini
Vera Miles
as Viveca Scott
Doug Savant
as Detective Dennis Mulrooney
Al Benner
as 2nd Drunk
Ruth Gordon
as Abigail Mitchell
Michael Bandoni
as Landscaper
Regis Cordic
as Deputy Commissioner/Lewis
Tricia O'Neil
as Miss Cochran - the dog trainer
Jacques Aubuchon
as Jeffrey Neal
Don Keefer
as Deputy Coroner/Medical Examiner
Lars Hensen
as Man in Line
Robert Walker Jr.
as Neil Cahill
Bruce Marchiano
as 2nd Technician
Vern Rowe
as Restaurant Manager
Gary Kernick
as SWAT Officer
Sammy Goldstein
as Pianist
Bill Zuckert
as Capt. August/Capt. Sampson/Father
Ivan Naranjo
as Sgt. Hernandez, L.A.P.D.
Bill McKinney
as Luke Basket
Joan Shawlee
as Mitilda
Sidney Armus
as Officer Corso
Curt Booker
as Reporter #2
Pauline Chamberlain
as Lady in Pub
Michael Fox
as Dr. Benson
Danny Dayton
as Director
Ann Barrass
as Woman Outside Wax Museum
Joanne Lara
as Angela
Joyce Van Patten
as Ruth Lytton/Sister of Mercy
Victor Harrington
as Man at Museum Reception
Maria Grimm
as Nina Montoya
John Payne
as Ned Diamond
Laurence Luckinbill
as Mark McAndrews
Bettye Ackerman
as Miss Sherman
Robert Shayne
as Rudy Matthews
Sharon Johansen
as Miss Dudley
Charles Howerton
as Colonel Eckherdt
Richard Epcar
as Thug
Robert Doyle
as Winery Tour Guide
Frank McRae
as Lt. Robertson
June Saruwatari
as Maid
Robert Walden
as Billy Fine/Plainclothesman
Tom Signorelli
as Doctor
Noble 'Kid' Chissell
as Party Guest
Cheryl Paris
as Marcy Edwards
Miyako Kurata
as 1st Geisha
James Willett
as Security Man
Fred Porter
as Sailor
Gary Hollis
as Technician #2
Douglas Callan
as Young Actor
Wilfrid Hyde-White
as Kittering, Esq./Tanner
Jon Miller
as Sgt. Miller
Joe Chrest
as Mercer
Shashawnee Hall
as Investigator #2
Mabel Etherington
as Lady in Pub
Jennifer Sky
as Vanessa
John William Young
as Man In Pajamas
Anne Ramsey
as Rough Masseuse
Buddy Joe Hooker
as Policeman on P.A.
Katherine Darc
as Boutique Assistant/Kris - The Nude Model
Keith Erickson
as Basketball Player
Nehemiah Persoff
as Jesse Jerome
Van Epperson
as Photographer
Richard Caine
as Bennett
Richard Libertini
as Sheik Yarami
Rand Brooks
as Jerry - Wine Lab Assistant
George Hoagland
as CIA Operative
Nan Martin
as Rose Walker
Jack Bender
as Wolpert
Farrell Mayer
as Police Official
John Zaremba
as Coroner
Blythe Danner
as Janice Benedict
Jane Alden
as Producer
Francine York
as Sgt. Leftkowitz
Dick Balduzzi
as Janitor
Penny Fuller
as Mrs. Finch
Michael Bacall
as Tommy
Joe Faust
as Stetson Hat
James Frawley
as Roark
Harry Danner
as Fitch
Johnny Silver
as Tow Truck Driver
Hillary Danner
as Rebecca
Robert Conrad
as Milo Janus
Marjorie Stapp
as 2nd Woman
Cosmo Sardo
as Club Member/Dress Shop Worker/Executive/Funeral Guest/Party Guest
Steve Schirripa
as Freddie
Peggy Mondo
as Woman
Time Winters
as Stan
Dean Jagger
as Walter Cunnell
Dick Baker
as Detective at Harold's
Val Avery
as Artie Jessup/Harry Barnes/Louie/Ralph Dobbs
Lorna Scott
as Close Friend
Angelo Grisanti
as 1st Detective
Rainelle Saunders
as Art Director
Charles Gideon Davis
as I-Ching Scholar
Sal Mineo
as Rachman Habib
Poupée Bocar
as Rosanna Wells
Patricia Huston
as Louise Hays
Jim Bockelman
as Patrolman Kelleher
Helen Shaver
as Vivian Dimitri
Frank Simons
as Polygraph Operator
Penny Johnson Jerald
as Maxine Jarrett
Bobby Gilbert
as Exhibit Patron/Theatre Patron
John Cassavetes
as Alex Benedict
Dennis Rucker
as Parking Boy (Joe)
Anne Haney
as Louise
Larry McCormick
as News Anchor
Joshua Bryant
as Dr. MacMurray/Wayne Taylor
Robert Donner
as Arnie/The Drunk/Zeke Rivers
Ernesto Molinari
as Chef
Don Schneider
as Bystander at Beach
Concetta D'Agnese
as Receptionist
Vito Scotti
as Chadwick/Maitre d'/Mr. Grindell/Salvatore De Fonte/Thomas Dolan/Vito
Richard Basehart
as Nicholas Frame
Alan Fudge
as David Chase/Mr. Harrow/Mr. Redman
Franklin Cover
as Harry Jenkins
Patricia Barry
as Francine
George Hamilton
as Dr. Mark Collier/Wade Anders
Marshall Nord
as Deputy
Jack Cassidy
as Ken Franklin/Riley Greenleaf/The Great Santini
Don Gordon
as Alvin Deschler
Edward Hibbert
as Bramley Kahn
Giles Douglas
as Photographer
Richard Anderson
as Bryce Chadwick
Karen Machon
as Dr. Anita Borden
Rosalind Miles
as Nancy
Charlie Jones
as Newscaster
Barbara d'Altair
as 2nd Female Voice
Robert Buckingham
as Detective/Doctor/Party Guest/Passerby
Jeff McGrail
as Policeman #1
Dafidd McCracken
as Bernie
Michael Strong
as Sgt. Hoffman
Jessica Walter
as Margaret Nicholson
Hanna Landy
as Woman
Karl Wiedergott
as Ollie Sachs
Johnny Carbajal
as Emilio
Peter Walker
as Narrator
Davis Roberts
as Kramer/Policeman
Marabina Jaimes
as Tisha
Ray Milland
as Arthur Kennicutt/Jarvis Goodland
Clive Revill
as Joe Devlin
Barry O'Neill
as Randy
Bernard Fox
as Det. Chief Supt. William Durk/Purser Watkins
Glenn Taranto
as Engineer
Madeleine Sherwood
as Miss Brady
Ron Stokes
as Tom
Joanne Linville
as Vickie Hayward
Eugene Jackson
as Conference Guest/Man in Line
Daniel Trent
as Detective #1/Detective Braverman
Kate Reid
as Mrs. Walters
Karen Austin
as Dr. Paula Hall
George Simmons
as Stylist
Gigi Rice
as Dian's Secretary
Floyd Levine
as Lieutenant Schultz
John Roarke
as John Roarke
Carolyn Carradine
as First Biker/Major's Wife/Receptionist
Gregory Sierra
as Lou D'Allessandro
Barron Christian
as Cardinal Richelieu
Jimmy Ortega
as Reporter
Alice Backes
as Harriet Jenkins/Mrs. Moyland
Dianne Travis
as Executive/Blonde At Birthday Of Mrs Hayward/Blonde In Road/Blonde Instructor/Club Member/Greta/Lady Scientist
Stephen Elliott
as Carl Donner/General Padget
Haven Earle Haley
as 2nd Reporter
Ken Bryan
as Ambulance Attendant
George Holmes
as Detective/Executive/Gym Member/Party Guest/Plane Passenger
David Huddleston
as The Mayor
Ben Frommer
as Arthur/Bartender/Cook/Photographer
Gretchen Corbett
as Jessica Conroy
Maryesther Denver
as Elderly Woman
Jon Beshara
as Dillinger
Margaret Howell
as Saleswoman in Jewelry Store
Forrest Tucker
as Bo Williamson
John Dunbar
as Photographer
Gary Kroeger
as Freddy Brower
Emily Kuroda
as Linda
Bob Whitney
as Detective
Larry Grant
as Photographer/Reporter
Liddy Roley
as Policewoman
Majel Barrett
as Hospital Announcer
Bert Holland
as Whitehead
John Wheeler
as Client of 'Eve Babcock'
Dick Van Dyke
as Paul Galesko
Beth Chamberlin
as Cindy
James A. Watson Jr.
as Sergeant McCauley
Peter Falk
as Columbo
Faye Dunaway
as Lauren Staton
Ilona Wilson
as Lady by Pool
Susan Bachli
as Hooker
Shaaron Claridge
as Police dispatcher
Peter Zapp
as Mayor's Aide
Anthony Beninati
as Charles
Albert Popwell
as Al Como
John Milford
as 1st Detective
Sidney Miller
as Director
Harry Hollins
as Captain
Henry Crowell Jr.
as Spectator
Louise Latham
as Mrs. Norris
Peter S. Feibleman
as Milton Shaeffer
Antoinette Bower
as Frances Galesko
Doug Sheehan
as Riley
Sandra Giles
as Sixth Woman
Francesca Cappucci
as Allison Montgomery (TV News)
Frank DiElsi
as Policeman
Trevor Denman
as Horse Race Announcer
Tim O'Connor
as Edward Lytton/Michael Hatheway
Jude Farese
as Al Murphy/Highway Patrolman
Glorie Kaufman
as Brenda
Ricardo Montalban
as Luis Montoya
Linda Burroughs
as Another Woman
Robin Clarke
as Senator Gordon Madison
Kendra Booth
as Southern Nymph
Patrick Bauchau
as Max Barsini
Yvonne Farrow
as Janet
Art Kassul
as First Drunk
Janet Margolin
as Theresa Goren
Dyana Ortelli
as Colenari
Lois Battle
as Waitress
George Conrad
as Mario-Tailor's Apprentice
Robert Costanzo
as Sgt. Russo
Leoda Richards
as Club Patron/Executive/Luncheon Guest/Museum Patron/Party Guest/Party Guest at Art Gallery/Theatre Patron
Richard O'Brien
as Priest
Susan Howard
as Shirley Wagner
Robert Douglas
as Dr. Frank Pierce
Richard Pearson
as Diver
Vance Davis
as Officer Hendryx
Doreen Murphy
as Barmaid
Rosemary Forsyth
as Joanna Ferris
Richard Drout Miller
as 1st Reporter
Heather James
as Woman in Bar
Robert F. Simon
as Dr. Westrum
Bernard Behrens
as George O'Connell
Hedley Mattingly
as Customs Man
Fisher Stevens
as Alex Bradey
Ariel Llinas
as Paramedic
Antonio Medina
as Deirdre's Agent
Cynthia Sikes
as Della
Roberto Rodriguez
as Customer
Joe Banks
as Policeman #2
Curt Conway
as Evans
Francis De Sales
as Patterson
Efrain Figueroa
as McGee
Claude Johnson
as Policeman
Gene Davis
as Man #2
Dean Stockwell
as Eric Wagner/Lloyd Harrington
Khin-Kyaw Maung
as Maitre D'
T.J. Castronovo
as Policeman
Virginia Bingham
as Fourth Woman
Catherane Skillen
as Smoking diner
Garry Walberg
as 1st Detective
Thomas Bellin
as Technician
Barney Phillips
as Captain Wyler
Michele Lamar Richards
as Airline Clerk
Jill Remez
as Waitress
Bert Remsen
as Mark
Mary Angela Shea
as Reporter #1
Lucy Saroyan
as Elise
Jeffrey King
as Kurtz
Jack Laufer
as Gerald 'Gerry' Winters
Gary Hershberger
as Cooper Redman
as Miko
Ross Elliott
as Dr. Lansberg
Ian McShane
as Leland St. John
A.G. Parks
as Jazz Musician
Paul Carr
as Hammond
Guy Stockwell
as Club Owner
Tom McFadden
as Police Pilot
Harvey Jason
as The Director
Bill Andes
as Campaign Mgr.
Florence Pepper
as Club Patron
Harry Johnson
as Charlie
Marc Hannibal
as Fingerprint Man
Daniel Bryan Cartwell
as Bartender at Turf Club
Richard Dysart
as Max Duval
Frank Converse
as Mr. Fallon
Mickey Spillane
as Alan Mallory
Pat Crowley
as Mrs. Lenore Kennicutt
Andrew Stevens
as Wayne Jennings
Pat Harrington Jr.
as Buddy Castle
Norman Stevans
as Party Guest/Auction Guest/Driver/Hospital Visitor/Museum Patron
William Bogert
as Randall Thurston
Colby Chester
as Jerry
Lola Albright
as Clare Daley
Kay Perry
as Honey
Robert E. Meredith
as Joe
Len Felber
as Bar Patron/Casino Patron/Man at Dedication/Onlooker
Rita Taggart
as Mrs. Staplin
Martin Sheen
as Karl Lessing
Anjanette Comer
as Jenifer Welles
David Sobel
as Waiter
Mark Wheeler
as Cadet Roy Springer
Herschel Sparber
as Priestly
Guerin Barry
as Hairdresser
Jeremy Murray
as Pedestrian
Dana Andersen
as Dori
Annette Molen
as Girl
Robert Carricart
as Hector Rangel
Brian Markinson
as Deirdre's Agent
John Marlin
as Chef
Eric Christmas
as Bruno Wexler
Rob Elk
as Stalker
Maree Cheatham
as Mrs. Rowe
Jed Allan
as Phil
Donna Bullock
as Tracy Rose
Janit Baldwin
as Tina
René Assa
as Police Officer
Randy Doney
as Dancer In Rehearsal
Socorro Swan
as Nancy
Fred Wood
as Man in Pub
Peter Saputo
as Man in Bar
Randall James Jeffries
as Wesley's Friend
George Wyner
as Film Editor
Paul LeClair
as Waiter
Patrick O'Neal
as Elliot Markham/Frank Flanagan
James Sutorius
as Prof. D.E. Rusk
Howard McGillin
as George Camponella
Luis Delgado
as City Employee
Miguel Pérez
as Freddie - Security Guard
Dabney Coleman
as Detective Murray/Hugh Creighton
Eva Charney
as Gal
Peter Church
as Constable
Harvey Gold
as Coroner/Harry Lewis
Johnny Cash
as Tommy Brown
Audrey Wasilewski
as Attendant
Don Diamond
as Larry/Portland Desk Clerk
Scott Atkinson
as Tony
Manuel DePina
as 1st Detective/2nd Reporter/Photographer
Steve Tschudy
as Defendant
Barry Corbin
as Clifford Calvert
Adrian Ricard
as DMV Clerk
Ray Kellogg
as Security Guard
Anne McGoohan
as Marcia
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Tony Galper
Kirk Thornton
as Police Technician
Michele Bernath
as Cashier/Fifth Woman
Michael McManus
as Tanzer
Gena Rowlands
as Elizabeth Van Wick
Nita Talbot
as Marcia Dalton
Myrna Loy
as Lizzy Fielding
Patrick Macnee
as Capt. Gibbon
Jean Byron
as Pat
Jerry Hausner
as Coroner
Dick Sargent
as Dick Sargent
Monty O'Grady
as Conference Guest/Doctor/Party Guest/Restaurant Patron/Stage Hand
Johnny Carson
as Self - TV Host
Bill Hickman
as Traffic Cop
Ian Buchanan
as Sean Brantley
Daniel McDonald
as Strassa
Aubrey Morris
as Fred
Kedric Wolfe
as Customs Officer
Kathleen King
as Suzy
Steve Gravers
as Sergeant
George Chavez
as Tile Man
Anitra Ford
as Woman at Theatre
Peter Noel Duhamel
as Detective
Danny Goldman
as Press Photographer
Cody Glenn
as First Policeman
G.D. Spradlin
as Martin Hammond
Deborah White
as Angela
Lew Palter
as Lab Technician
Betsy Palmer
as Martha Lamarr
Peter Lampert
as Alvin Metzler
Larry Watson
as Sound Man
Michael Halpin
as Staff Person
Richard Kiley
as Mark Halperin
Kathryn Kelly Wiget
as Miss Johnson
Tom Isbell
as Sgt. Brady
Frank Farmer
as Professor #1
Lynne Marta
as Frances
Barry Robins
as King Hamid Kamal of Suari
Bruno Kirby
as Cadet Morgan
Jeanne Wolf
as Self
James Sikking
as Policeman in Office
Kyle Fredericks
as Girl at Wake
Buck Young
as Guard/Guest at Wake
Larry Burrell
as Newsman/TV Reporter Hal Fisher
Annie Stewart
as Rebecca Christy
Mario Gallo
as Dr. Perenchio
Bart Burns
as Sgt. Fields/Thompson
Judy Jean Berns
as Middle-Aged Spinster
Robert Loggia
as Harry Blandford
Robert Clotworthy
as Boodle Boy/Jonathan B. Miller
Charles D. Miller
as Crime Scene Cop
Susan Barrister
as Waitress
Arthur Tovey
as Man at Dedication/Man in Art Gallery/Waiter
Alexander Folk
as Patient
George Gaynes
as Everett/Frenchman
Dan Butler
as Sergeant Goodman
Allen Rice
as Man At Auction
Walker Edmiston
as Auctioneer/Gardener
Sorrell Booke
as Bertie Hastings/J.J. Stringer
Jeffrey Sayre
as Chess Match Observer/Executive/Theatre Patron
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita'
as Chambermaid
Milt Kogan
as Medical Examiner/Dubbing Chief
Steve Forrest
as Big Fred
Shauna Steiner
as Newswoman
Craig Chudy
as Policeman in Operating Theater
Ben Yudell
as Kevin
W.S. Holland
as Band Member
Armando Pucci
as Nick Franco
Jessica Devlin
as 2nd Woman
Charles Frank
as Edmund Galvin
Mike Lally
as Bartender/Police Photographer/2nd Bartender/Cab Driver/Campaign Worker/Charlie/Club Member/Cop with Orange Juice/Detective/Fruit Seller/Man Tallying Figures/Man in Bank Vault/Man in Line/Man in Snack Bar/Michael Lally/Mike - Mechanic/Old Man in Alley/Parking Lot Guard/Party Guest/Scientist/Sgt. George Carter/Tram Operator/Waiter
Greg Mace
as Coroner's Assistant
George Marshall Ruge
as Angelo
Deidre Hall
as Dian Hunter/Receptionist
Albert Paulsen
as Vincent Pauley
Charlie Dell
as Mortician #1
Harrison Page
as Detective Sgt. Arthur Brown
James Ingersoll
as John
José Ferrer
as Dr. Marshall Cahill
Wayne C. Dvorak
as Fritz (Maitre D')
Ron Castro
as Officer Sanchez
Robert Cole
as Chef/Crew Member/Party Guest
Lloyd Bochner
as Mazoor Berozski
Murray MacLeod
as Dr. Simpson
A Martinez
as Curro Rangel
Thom Carney
as Manager
Lance LeGault
as Police Captain
Earl Spainard
as Fisherman
Marie Chambers
as Lisa
Jack Riley
as Director
Jean-Paul Vignon
as Maitre d'
Shelley Morrison
as Nick's Maid
Martin Strader
as Derelict
Patrick McGoohan
as Col. Lyle C. Rumford/Eric Prince/Nelson Brenner/Oscar Finch
Jay Acovone
as Bruno Romano
Pat Riley
as Basketball Player
Deborah Rose
as Housekeeper
Paula Trickey
as Nymph at Pool
Jack Manning
as Daniel Morris
Lisa Marie Russell
as Judy
Ed Begley Jr.
as Irving Krutch/Officer Stein
Cliff Emmich
as Tubby Comfort
Michael Alldredge
as Connolly
Don Ames
as Party Guest
Ken Lerner
as Dr. Walter Neff
Victor Millan
as Detective Flores
David Cowgill
as Crewman
Billy Connolly
as Findlay Crawford
Tony Perez
as Reporter
Richard Sarstedt
as Philip
Karen Lamm
as Susan Gerard
Oscar Beregi Jr.
as Proprietor
Jan Hoag
as Woman
Milanka Stevens
as Party Guest

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1971 | 7 Episodes

Season 2

1972 | 7 Episodes

Season 3

1973 | 4 Episodes

Season 4

1974 | 4 Episodes

Season 5

1975 | 6 Episodes

Season 6

1976 | 2 Episodes

Season 7

1977 | 4 Episodes

Season 8

1989 | 4 Episodes

Season 9

1989 | 6 Episodes

Season 10

1991 | 2 Episodes

Season 11

1991 | 3 Episodes

Season 12

1993 | 3 Episodes

Season 13

1995 | 5 Episodes




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Primetime Emmy Awards 1971


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Single Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1972


Edgar Allan Poe Awards

Best Television Episode

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