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October 27, 2021
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About this title


District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is composed of the uniformed cops, who deal with street crimes, and the Intelligence Unit, which deals with major crimes like drug trafficking and high-profile murders. Sgt. Hank Voight -- a tough boss who doesn't mind bending the rules a little in the pursuit of justice -- heads the unit's elite team. The responsibilities of life on the force take a toll on the officers, as they struggle to balance their personal lives with the strain of the job. From Emmy-winning producer Dick Wolf.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 8, 2014

Also Known As: Chicago P.D.: Distrito 21, A Lei de Chicago |  See more »


Plot Keywords

chicago, illinois
spin off
crime investigation

Company Credits

Production Co: Wolf Films, Universal Television


Elizabeth Argus
as Jasmine
R.J.W. Mays
as Diner Owner Claire
Kerry Cahill
as Sergeant Marie Stilman
Michael James Reed
as Clyde Dupree/Gordon Tannenbaum
Esau Pritchett
as David Lowdell
Jeremy Peter Johnson
as Lawyer
Brittany Lange
as Restaurant Patron
Jose Rosario Jr.
as 'Big Frank' Bennett
Christine Vrem-Ydstie
as Julianne Hudson (Wells)
Mary Williamson
as Tedesco
Aaron Walters
as ER Doctor
Larnell James Shadd
as Christian Lewis
John-Michael Lyles
as DeVante Boyd
Russ Panzarella
as AP Reporter/Business Lunch Patron/Casino Gambler/Dolan's Neighbor/Downtown Type/Driver/Gaffney Medical Center Visitor - Family Member/Gold Coaster/Gun Dealer/High End Shopper/Hotel Bar Patron/Lincoln Park Brownstone Guest/Perp Being Arrested at Police Station Front Desk/Perp Under Arrest at District 21 Front Desk/Strip Club Patron/TV Personality/Terrified Neighbor at Bombing Aftermath
Christopher R Ellis
as FTO/Officer Sam Mularz
Saul Huezo
as Luis Garza
James Willoby
as Chicago Police Officer/Police Officer
Antonio Polk
as Ron McGinty
Mark St. Cyr
as Arthur Burton
Spencer Garrett
as Wade Henslow
Antonio Ciano
as Ryan Novak
Ian Bohen
as Edwin Stillwell
Will Miracle
as Steve Ulrich
Tony Crane
as Jimmy Sanguinetti
Samuel Hunt
as Greg Gerwitz
Jack Ball
as Jimmy
Damian Fuller
as Heckler
Tammy Stackpoole
as Shelby Jarvek
Paulina Olszynski
as Charlene Radgan
Patrick Cameron
as EMT
Shaya Harris
as Annie Hartley
Haley Seda
as Isabella Muniz
Matt Deangelis
as Jeffrey Alan Hill
Victor Gonzalez Ruiz
as Enrique Becerra
Asta Razma
as Convention Attendee
David Saunders
as Security Officer
Doug MacKechnie
as Husband
Tiffany Bedwell
as Victoria Lewyn
Kevin Kane
as Mike Sorensen
James Randle
as 20-Year Old Male Witness/Reuben Jones
Laila Rose Dyer
as 10 Yr. Old Niece
Salar Ardebili
as Bashir Wateef
Heather Chrisler
as Tawny Darrens
Xander Castillo
as Ryder
Brian Harlan
as Jason Woodley
Armando Reyes
as Miguel
Ian Paul Custer
as Dominik Perko
Will Jones
as Gang Unit Cop #1/Security Guard
Larry Nazimek
as Airline Pilot/CPD Sgt
Simon Tran
as Buyer
Mia Vivens
as Veronica
Andres Enriquez
as Randy
Toni Elizabeth White
as Psychologist
Richard Traub
as Seth Morgan
Jaqueline DaSilva
as Morgan Williams
Joshua Torrez
as Billy/Drugstore
Jacqueline Hickel
as Sherie Miller
Matthew Salter
as Bakery Patron/Club Dancer/Gang Leader/Perpetrator
Darren Stephens
as Male White Shirt
Trinidad Garcia
as Lopez
Mackenzie Gulley
as Pedestrian/Commuter
Will Lidke
as Gregory Barnes
Steve Herson
as CTA Supervisor Leonard
Andre Bellos
as Security Guard
Phillip Johnson Richardson
as Daryl Ingram
Lynette Braasch
as Crime Scene Tech
Ric Walker
as Security Guard
Courtney Crouse
as N.D. Analyst
Brianna Borger
as Shelby
Anji White
as Keisha
Taylor Kinney
as Kelly Severide
Sean Sullivan
as Bomb Squad Tech/Officer Sullivan/Officer Sullivan (Bomb Squad Leader)
Brian Keane
as Raymond McKinnon
Zion Bly
as Neighborhood kid
Jerah Milligan
as Keon Walters
Roy Anderson
as CTA Officer
Josh Hambrock
as Mitch
Josh Diogo
as Yuri
Richard Esteras
as Clerk
John Henry Roberts
as Jackson Graves
Alana Arenas
as Homicide Detective Novick
Jeff Dlugolecki
as Motel Desk Clerk
Kellie Overbey
as Anne Cates
Joe Reegan
as Joseph Catalano
Bear Bellinger
as DHS Agent
Aaron Michael
as Lindsay's Friend
Bradford S. Stevens
as Bob Hayes/Cabbie
Jennifer Young
as Tech 2
Abraham Lim
as Tony Chin
Ali Burch
as Janet Flynn
Bartek Szymanski
as Peter Dmitrov
Celeste Burns
as Maria
Charisma Carpenter
as Brianna Logan
Thomas Anthony Quinn
as Walter Vollman
Lindsay Teske
as Restaurant Patron/Young Park Goer
Corey Reynolds
as Steve Burns
Emir García
as Pedestrian
Frederick Paul Williams
as Jerome York/Security Guard
Emily Wolf
as Hailey
Diana Lee
as Instructor
Leif Gantvoort
as Bergstrom
Sean Cooper
as Maury Kerr/Ballistics Tech
Tony DiFalco
as Lawyer
Matt Pratt
as Owen Reese
Javier Gutierrez
as Driver
Bonnie Hariri
as Party Goer
Cesar Jaime
as Paramedic Cesar
Roxana Castro
as Party Girl
Aiden Shurr
as Cody Barton
Joseff Stevenson
as Reid Dryer
Jeremiah Garcia
as Alex Santos/Car Jacker #1/Flex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lenius
as Young Woman
Kevin Michael Doyle
as Commander Steve Burtt
Brett Matthews
as Lyle
Kirk Jacobson
as Officer Cione
Dano Duran
as Cabbie
Dana Ashbrook
as Mark Scalise
Jennie Moreau
as Claire Ames
Dillon Kelleher
as Terry Egan/Petey
Aron Lamar
as Rev
Alba Guerra
as Susana
Tony Comrie
as Ray/Banker/Lawyer/Photo Array Perp
Yadira Correa
as Lopez
Britt Baron
as Party Girl
Amy J. Carle
as Doctor
Adam Tanguay
as Patrolman/Patrolman Roark
Brian Christensen
as Victor Cullen
Mark Spates Smith
as Pedestrian/Super
Rosa Gonzalez
as Guadalupe
Brian Huther
as Patrol Officer Joey Mendez
Brian Shaw
as White Shirt One
David Je
as Lab Guard/Triad Member
Carson Downey
as Missing Child
Jim Saltouros
as FOP Rep Ed Glasser/Williams
Zachary Hernandez
as Chase
Nathan Sutton
as Eric Shaw
Emily Peterson
as Wendy
Shariba Rivers
as Principal
Jordan Hill
as Gun Shot Victim/Spectator
Phil Senjanin
as Chinatown Shooting Witness/Hospital Visitor/Lawyer/Racetrack Patron/Trauma Patient/Vigil Attendee
Gabriel Ruiz
as Latino Man 1/Mike Sheffield/Raul Acosta
Jeff Owen
as Freddie
Colt Cabana
as Harlan Betts
Jorge Chapa
as Frank Lopez
Hans Fleischmann
as Chris Campbell
Phillip Cusic
as Travis Butler
Julian Williams
as Chris Howard
Susaan Jamshidi
as Psych Resident
Maxine Vradenburg
as Blonde Girl
Jay Reeves Montgomery
as Jeff Trubin
Vincent Shuster
as Andrew Gibson
Haley Webb
as Michelle Sullivan
MaYaa Boateng
as Alyssa
Anaam Singh
as Young Parishioner
Hunter Emery
as Dexter
Jordan Scott Johnson
as Flea Market Shopper
Steve Wojtas
as SWAT Team Leader Carson Hicks/SWAT Sniper
Ron Stevens Sr.
as Bang-Bang
Dominique La'Shea
as Lauryn Monroe
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Sharon Goodwin
Max Fitzpatrick
as Luke Ivey
Ola Osundairo
as Trey
Jordan Brodess
as CPIC Tech #2
Ryan Burch
as Ian Huntley
Grant Varjas
as Jimmy Rickert
Rafaela Ochoa
as Pedestrian/Hospital Visitor/Chemo Patient/Downtown Street Pedestrian/Family Member/Female Club Lounge Patron/Train Commuter
Summer Cain
as Jessica Harris
Barbara Elizabeth Maleski
as Festival Goer
Matt Rockwood
as Wright
Nick Lang
as Counter Guy
Louis Robert Thompson
as Sam Fowley
Adam Busch
as Jeff Tolan
David Carranza
as Hector Silva
Dean Evans
as Grave Digger
as Extra
Laura Lapidus
as Janine
as Odafin Tutuola
Carlo Lorenzo Garcia
as Benny Lopez
Torrey DeVitto
as Natalie Manning
A.C. Smith
as Superintendent
Brian Tee
as Ethan Choi/Jesse Kong
Todd Obuchowski
as Building Manager
Lawrence Clark-Bey
as Ron Gaffney
Stella Maeve
as Nadia Decotis
Kelsey Brennan
as Emma Vespe/Jessica Hartley
Grant Stokes
as Board Member 1
Jordan Thomas Woods
as Racegoer
Michelle Renee Thompson
as Clara Hill
Jonny Beauchamp
as Pete Damian
Dan Waller
as Nick Djurovic
William Brown
as Bill Van Camp
Jacqueline Martinez
as Pedestrian
Deborah Rayne
as Kate
Mark Hood
as Rashad
Jon Beal
as Steve Sawyer
Chris Abel
as District Fire Chief
DuJuan Cole
as Nate Lewis
Kim Shaw
as Sarah Jaines-Huntley
Anna Yee
as Reporter
Miguel Lepe Jr.
as Attendant
Sam Guinan-Nyhart
as Vance Williams
Matthew H. Torres
as Busboy
Michael Ryan Perez
as Rent-a-Cop
Emilio Robles
as Maintenance Man
Ned Bellamy
as Arlen Pfister
Alex Manette
as Wes Denton
Danielle Rizzo
as Sarah Hines
Ayssette Muñoz
as Carolina
Matthew Shepherd
as Background/Black Grid Protestor/Extra/Metal-head Criminal
Joey Auzenne
as Calaca
Amy Morton
as Trudy Platt
Lisa Breitman
as NBC Reporter
David Payton
as Tony Mills
Isabel Thompson
as Margot Trent
Malika Samuel
as Monica Adams
Mark H. Dold
as Bob Clinton
Ashleigh LaThrop
as Young Woman
Patrick Flueger
as Adam Ruzek
James Hoelzel
as Deputy Superintendent Hogan
Richard Nunez
as Ignacio Perez
Benedict Samuel
as Matthew Garrett
Angie Shriner
as Meyers
Toribio Barrera
as Bank Security Guard
Heidi Johanningmeier
as Jasmine
Dawn Bless
as Evidence Room Officer
Steve Pavlik
as Day Drinker #1
Kevin Pollack
as Pedestrian
Lauren Schuster
as Isla Sherman
Cori Woods
as Bianca Telvin
Andre Teamer
as Gary Brother #1
Vincenzo Hinckley
as Kade Davis
Aidan Traynor
as Passenger
Nate Santana
as Kirby Michaels
Brian Neal
as Bar Patron
Anjelica Masson
as Camilla
Richard Brooks
as Lieutenant Mike Carey
Mia Park
as Nurse Beth
Greg Poljacik
as Ted
Marty Murray
as Foreman
Flor De Liz Perez
as Sarah Montero
Madison McLaughlin
as Michelle Sovana
Michael Vieau
as Dan Jenkins
Robert Bramlett
as Gangbanger
Keith Arthur Bolden
as Mr. Butler
Dana Lynne Gilhooley
as Matlof
Marc Grapey
as Victor
Annie Thurman
as Addie Sumter
Noel Gugliemi
as Chico
Skarlett Beverly
as Staff
Jenniffer Weigel
as Reporter
Susana Victoria
as Lucia
Darja Väärsi
as Funeral Mourner/Parolee/Pedestrian
Mackenzie Neal
as Twin Daughter #2
Adam Fane
as Ryan Hammond
Henri Sallis
as Neighbor
Rena Sofer
as Police Counselor
Sebastian Arboleda
as Luis Silva
Benjamin Levy Aguilar
as Franco Chavaro
Alexis J. Rogers-Jackson
as Principal Brenner
Phil Ridarelli
as Bradley Milner
Jason Tolliver
as Shot Caller/Southside Shot-Caller
Kara Killmer
as Sylvie Brett
Nicole DePue
as Funeral Mourner
Brett Gray
as Aiden West
Joe Adler
as Gerald Dougherty
Jazlyn Yoder
as Tamra Collins
Xavier Lagunas
as Rafael Cabrera/Source One
Flavia Pallozzi
as Nellie Carr
Cayne Collier
as Foreman
Emily Gregory
as Bryn
Clancy Brown
as Eddie Little
Nora Dunn
as Dr. Richardson
Michael Filipowich
as Nick Vosh
Roy Gonzalez
as Carlos Rosales
Benjamin Hoffman
as Brendan Seeley
Annie Fitzpatrick
as Gloria Dowd
Marlyne Barrett
as Maggie Lockwood
Lindsay McCleery
as Megan Benson
Craig Hurley
as Property Manager
Erik Christensen
as Man 1
Brett Houdek
as Carnival Goer
Mark Allan Stewart
as James Beckett
Scott Benjaminson
as Johnny Douglas/Detective Tim Powell
Marcos Barnes
as Joaquin
Tim Kidwell
as Kurt Sansone
Antwain L. Jones
as Security 2
Thomas Kosik
as Restaurant Patron
Jacob Grubb
as Bartender/Brian
Christopher Kahler
as Perp/Drive-by onlooker/Inmate/Undercover Officer
Ila Stacker
as 8 Yr. Old Niece
Kate Fry
as Amy Barton
Marti Gobel
as Woman
Kevin Viol
as Daniel Richter
Charles E Tiedje
as Police Sergeant
Ian Plant
as Travis
Rachel DiPillo
as Sarah Reese
Adam Soule
as Alex Weiss/Thomas Kade
Jon Jordan
as Ben Larson
Leo Lee
as Walter Ng
Meg Warner
as Pearl Ames
Nicole Ari Parker
as Samantha Miller
Erin Charchut
as Holly's Step-Mom
David Zallis
as Co-Worker
Benny Mora
as Vince
Jim Deselm
as Jogger
Brian Muller
as Andrew Latimer
Al'Jaleel McGhee
as Bird
Jay J. Bidwell
as Seminar Attendee
Sean Bradley
as Mason Brahmer
Viridiana Marquez
as Passport Photo Girl
Craig Spidle
as Dr. Isaac Webber
Jackie Seijo
as PPO
Deverin Deonte
as Bernard 'Bay Bay' Ward/Eddie Weller
Danny McCarthy
as Mark
Joelle Brianne
as Stacia Mulaney
Lucy Blehar
as Felicia 'Sierra' Hughes
Peter Collins
as Tommy Flynn
Rob Glidden
as Lloyd
Michelle Fox
as Woman
Shaun Graves
as Jim Owens
Darryl Warren
as Fred Teague
Ernest Perry Jr.
as Reginald/Willy
Denyce Lawton
as Maya Williams
Terrence c Ward
as Restaurant Patron
Tony Sirkin
as Motel Manager
Chris Allen
as Junkyard Worker
Ryan Paddock
as Industrial Worker/Man at Sobriety Checkpoint/News Cameraman/Pedestrian/Security Guard
Brian Luce
as Tact Officer
Abby Blankenship
as Charlotte Henslow
Taylor Mallory
as Darius Brown
Sheri Winkelmann
as Woman
Yehudah David
as Juvie Hostage
Coco Elysses
as Store Owner
Dale Pavinski
as Brent Norelli
Darren Sheehan
as Park Goer/Undercover Cop
Emmanuel Manzanares
as Mean Priest
Alonzo Fields-Brewer
as Kid
Sarah Lin Mitchell
as Maddie/Maddie Callahan
Jake Guerrero
as Lt. Gamboa
Ira Amyx
as Richard Dolan
Syed S. Haidari
as Iraqi Man
Joe Dougherty
as Officer McManus
Brenda Strong
as Attorney Green
Mia Navarez
as Pregnant Woman
Steve Bernstein
as Doctor
Sierra Swan
as Brandi Powell
Clare Cooney
as Nicole Williams
Gregory Linington
as Peter Manetti
Chase Penny
as Store Manager
James Houton
as Priest
Dan Smeriglio
as Victim's Father
Matt McTighe
as Freddy Mays
Halie Robinson
as Sheri
Paul D'Addario
as Foreman
Ben Youcef
as Frank Toma
Peter Alexander Kostis
as Bartender
Melanie Keller
as Nurse Michelle Foster
as Francesca 'Frannie' Jefferson
Scott Buechler
as Dan Llewellyn
Reem Amara
as ICU Nurse
Nate Aikens Jr.
as Ricky Barnes
Billy Aaron Brown
as Michael Ganz
Kelvin Roston
as Russell Moore
Robert Galati
as Young FBI
Rene L. Moreno
as Victor
Arif Yampolsky
as Chris Baron
Maria Isabel Aguilera
as Mrs. Heredia
Sean Ramey
as O'Malley
Jonathan Duran
as Alex Alonzo
Javier Carmona
as Priest
Karin McKie
as COPA Representative/COPA Two
Ashton Swinford
as Sammy
Cole Doman
as Billy Braddem
Fiona Robert
as Hayden Tannenbaum
Tom Pettey
as Vincent Pollack
Christina Seo
as Hostage
Paul Springer
as G Lord Lookout
Paul Anthony Stewart
as Dominick Cooke
Miranda Rae Mayo
as Stella Kidd
Wayne Benson
as Eddie Ryan
Joe Zarrow
as Kent Kosar
Alex Henderson
as Boy
Francisco Santiago III
as Juan Morales
Lou Taylor Pucci
as Teddy Courtney
Charles Stransky
as Marco
Andrew Saenz
as Ernesto/Anthony Ochoa
Jess Mendoza
as Hector Becerra
Eamonn Walker
as Wallace Boden
Don Forston
as Phil Rodiger/Phil
Dennis Garcia
as Jose Torres/Uniform Cop
Ricky Cowan
as Travis LaRoc
Steve Harris
as Brian Rochester
Messiah Equiano
as Mark 'Markey' Caines
Charlee Cotton
as Rebecca
Jesse Bob Harper
as Lawyer
Daniel Patrick Sullivan
as Mark Klosterman
Tobias Truvillion
as Kenny Armstrong
Damien Diaz
as Jorge Luna
Dennis Schnell
as Ray Clarton
Julio A. Santos-De Soto
as Beto Martinez
Juan Francisco Villa
as Eric Gonzalez
Jade Radford
as Nia Benson
Angela Fornero
as CPIC Officer Meyers
Sharon Marie Elliott
as Bank Manager
Stephanie Branco
as Roxanne Cabrera
Lynette Shakespeare
as Flo
Adam Poss
as Paramedic
Gabrielle Lott-Rogers
as Pastor Aqueela Barnes
Yuriy Sardarov
as Brian Zvonecek
Akili Ni Mali
as Shelly
Joshua Butler
as Josh 'The Pope' Daniels
Laura Wettingfeld
as Elizabeth McKenney
Tom Lowell
as Worker
Charlie Strater
as COPA One
Naphtali Brooks
as Upscale Restaurant Guest
Peter Coventry Smith
as Dylan Oates
Franklin DeWar
as Night Club Patron
Rodger Jackson
as Gang Unit Specialist #1
Clarence Aumend
as Zeb
Jason Uzarraga
as Bodyguard #3
Ricardo Flores
as Three Corner King #1
Kyle Gibson
as Lawyer
Pat Parks
as Theresa Clarendon
Oscar Dorsey
as Club Goer/Englewood Pedestrian/Pedestrian/Perp in Police Station
Danny Reese
as Rev's Neighbor
Braden Crothers
as Max Flynn
Li Jun Li
as Julie Tay/Anna Tse
Leena Kurishingal
as O.R. Nurse
Joel P.E. King
as Reverend Dennis Reed
Bashany Garcia
as Woman
Wanda Christine
as Birdie
Paul Brian Fagen
as Frank Medica
Millie Hurley
as Junie Gamble
Jonathan Posthuma
as Protester/Seminar Attendee
Blair Sams
as Penny Marsden
Roberto Mantica
as Medic
Randy Skaggs
as Mechanic
Jarrett King
as Guard
Sally Elting
as Sadie
Anthony Ferraris
as Tony
Gabriel Ellis
as Gustav Munoz
Stephanie Cotton
as Rochelle Dolan
Melody Betts
as Talia
Emma Ve
as Airport Traveler
Ana Alexander
as Irina Petrova
Andrea Cañizares-Fernandez
as Emma Fuller
Andrew Weir
as Doctor Simmons
Tim Rhoze
as Dom
Gabriela Castillo
as Mexican Resident 1
Mack Heath
as Vosh Sr.
Bianca Shofner
as Gloria Romero
Daniel Craig Baker
as Uniformed Patrol Officer
Ryan Robinson
as Banger 1
Joelle Carter
as Laura Nagel
Dion Strowhorn Sr.
as Bartender
Danielle Davis
as Marcia Harris
Erin Oechsel
as Moony's Wife
Malkia Stampley
as Vicky Metzler
Joe Anderson
as Head Mechanic
Barry Vaughnj
as Prison Inmate
Isabel Quintero
as Woman
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Eric McKenzie
Josh Salt
as Cameron Spence
Deshun Robinson
as Joshua
Brittany Campbell
as Vanessa
Dave Thomas Brown
as Carl Dougherty
Ser'Darius Blain
as Brian Johnson
Ariella Villatoro-Nevarez
as Rec Kid #3
Pamela A. Cain
as Hospital Visitor
Michael Gaston
as Parish
Melissa Briskman
as Hallie Morella
Geno Walker
as Boswell
Brian Slaten
as Cranston
Manni L. Perez
as Devon Rozata
Sammi Rotibi
as Marcus West
Josh Russell
as Inmate
Greta Oglesby
as Rhonda Thompson
Sam Long
as Hostess
Jonathan O'Brien
as Baron Drew
Wil Traval
as Sean McGrady
John C. McGinley
as Brian Kelton
Chris Corres
as Marco Perez
Skyler Adams
as Nick
Di'Monte Henning
as G Lord Shot Caller/Jaylon
Bola Bon Jova
as Marlo
Bill Gordon
as Trent Tagerty
Devion Stevens
as Teenager
Luigi Sottile
as Larry Wozniak
Burke Moses
as Martin Ainge
Samantha Sookdeosingh
as College Student/Pedestrian
Valerie Rose
as Church Parishioner
Henry Godinez
as Detective Leo Hernandez
Joann Birt
as Ally
Arturo Del Puerto
as Adres Diaz aka Pulpo/Adres 'Pulpo' Diaz/Adres Diaz aka Puipo
Elijah Marcano
as Ethan James
Kenny Richards
as Forklift Driver
Leanne Johnson
as Detective Powell/FBI Special Agent
Danny Mora
as Store Owner
Amanda Tea
as Chemo Patient
Michael Monroe Goodman
as Med Security Guard
Pamela Jones
as News Commentator #1
Bryan Christopher
as Reporter #2
Christian Valdivieso
as Danny
Matt Singletary
as Prison Guard #1
Eric T. Miller
as David Dixon
Jeff Meyer
as Eric
Lance Brock
as Casino Patron/Strip Club Patron
James Hatten
as Prison Guard
Alexander Chaplin
as Dr. Lewis Macy
Spencer Grammer
as Jean Cassidy/Jenn Cassidy
Martin Martinez
as Miguel Almonte
Steve Lennertz
as Detective
Jeremy Isaiah Earl
as Phil Gamble/Carl 'Blue' Johnson
Kale Clauson
as Mason 'Mad Max' Rutowski
Michelle Shelton Huff
as Lawyer
Edward Georg
as Loudmouth Friend #3
Allius Barnes
as Nathan Hawkins
Maria Jean Margaglione
as Pro-Zoey Supporter
Brett Diggs
as Paul Bayless
Stephen Louis Grush
as Paul Staples/Rick Manning
Stephanie Fantauzzi
as Abby McSweeney
Michael Rebresh
as Bartender
Faruk Amireh
as Jamel
Casimere Jollette
as Daughter
Jodi-Kay Edwards
as Concert Goer
Pam Mack
as Hale/Investigator Hale/Michelle Post
Cisco Cotto
as News Commentator #2/Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter Two
Erik LaRay Harvey
as Devon Tucker
Iesha Rochelle
as Deisha Wallace
Angelique Cabral
as Gina Gawronski
Sean Wiberg
as Jordan Sansone
A.D. Sommerio
as ED Doctor
Fernando del Cuadro
as Daniel Mendoza
Ron O.J. Parson
as Elderly Man/Sgt. Jake Gibbs
Kevin Oestenstad
as Lewis Barrow
Teddy Williams
as Bernardo Garcia
Wesley Toledo
as Driver
Alex Bellisle
as Keeper
Billy Rude
as Jeffries
Beatriz Jamaica
as Carmen
Chris Routhe
as I.A. Officer
Eddie Diaz
as Argentine Bodyguard
Hunter Jones
as Luis Vargas
Joanna Whicker
as Claire Meyers
Gus Halper
as Oliver Tuxhorn
Andy Lutz
as Boyfriend
Kyle Hatley
as Travis James
David Eigenberg
as Christopher Herrmann
Mickey O'Sullivan
as Detective Tom Doyle/Forsman (Raven's Gunman)/Jake Harper/Karl Forsman/Officer Tom Doyle/Tom Doyle
Adrian Aguilar
as Agent Freddie Castillo
Nicole C. Barnes
as Bombing Victim
Estavion White
as Gangster/Tact team (plain clothes)
Donn Carl Harper
as Mailman
James McDaniel
as James Whitaker
Michael Graziadei
as Josh Miller
Mekhi Phifer
as Joe Baker
Klarke Gill
as Violet Fry
Maurice Cobige
as Resident #1
Keiji Asada
as Bodyguard #2
Fania Bourn
as Second Mother
Loretta Rezos
as Patricia
Marcus Martin
as Chaplain
Emma Jo Boyden
as Isabel Lane
Kyra Sorce
as Ara
Jay Horace Black
as Father
Nelson Carvajal
as Festivalgoer/Mall Patron
Richard David
as Officer Leavins
Jon Seda
as Antonio Dawson
Demetrius Grosse
as Ray
Andre Mayon
as Construction worker/Security Guard
Drew Powell
as Chris Boyd
La'Mar Hawkins
as Rick Guiterrez
Laura Wiggins
as Juliana Parks
Brendan Dooling
as Scott 'Scoot' Fitzgerald
John-Michael Carlton
as Gus Jackson
Antonio St. James
as Kenneth Waddell/Prison Guard #2
Allen Theosky Rowe
as Eddie Cao
Joseph Wiens
as Burglary Victim
Rob Morrow
as Evan Gilchrist
Andre Truss
as Booker Ford
Izer Martinez
as Miguel Soto
Micah Wilson
as Lawrence's Son
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
as Detective Sumners/Detective Mia Sumners
Joseph Lee Anderson
as Carter Perry
David Anthony Marshall
as Frank Hancock
Phuong Kubacki
as Young Reporter
Morgan Lavenstein
as Dealer
Laura Stuart Obenauf
as Business Woman
Kelsey Risher
as Cop
Alexandra Wright
as Megan Harper
Bobby Nickels
as Scorpio
Mark Johnson
as Attorney
Molly Dauk
as Tina Sullivan
Whitney Tate
as Erika Moore
Shane Woodson
as Nathan Whitcomb
Taylor Dean
as Granddaughter
Chris Froseth
as Leo Tuxhorn
Cage Sebastian Pierre
as Undercover Detective
Lizze Broadway
as JoJo McKinnon
Brennan Roche
as Jeremy Reynolds
Cleveland Clark
as Deon Barnes
Mark Willis
as Hardcase
David Aaron Baker
as Jeremy Pettigrew
Sam Sweis
as Basir
Anthony Goodwin
as Todd Ledbetter
Scarlett Harper
as Caitlin
Travele Judon
as Jail Guard
Daniel Kyri
as Ritter
Joe Yau
as Andrew Jin
Mike Schiff
as Harry Klinsman
Richard Gallion
as Trayzell
Devito Parker Jr.
as Neighborhood Kid
John Victor Allen
as Jacob Sims
Anthony Azizi
as Akeem Dabiri
Joaquin Giovanni Nolasco
as Wally the Tech
Michael Gambino
as Witness
Maria Turner
as Mama Armstrong
Manny Ureña
as Luis Reyes
Jazmin Amaro
as Girl Two
David Goodloe
as Billy
Bri Sudia
as Amy
Dennis William Grimes
as Alderman Jason Collier/State's Attorney Joel McPherson
Ralph Alexander
as Bar Patron
Philip Winchester
as Peter Stone
Jackson Evans
as Crime Scene Tech
Branden Cook
as Darrell Miller
Charles Halford
as Logan Teague
Scott Michael Foster
as Transit Worker
Alberto Rosende
as Blake Gallo
Ben Thompson
as Mike Santana
Brian Andrus
as Constituent
Travis Delgado
as Brian Miles/Patrol Officer #1/Patrol Officer Brian Miles
Shelby Garrett
as Tina
Gary Simmers
as Patrol Officer/Patrol Officer Wigand/Patrolman Wigand/Uni
Billy Wirth
as Charlie
Samantha Pauly
as May
Tae Chourb
as Bodyguard #1
L. Williams
as Auto Savage Worker
Alex Livinalli
as Paco
Ryan Bourque
as Trevor Dunne
Byron Glenn Willis
as Demarcus
Denny Love
as Marcus
Lance Tafelski
as Lucasz Gregorie
Kimberli Flores
as Carmen DeLeon
Kristy Acosta
as Waitress
Brad Esquivel
as Boat Dock Worker/Gun Show Attendee/Nightclub Goer
Nora Caroll
as Cathy Ward/Kathy Ward
Wendell Pierce
as Ray Price/Alderman Ray Price
Sriram Parthasarathy
as Tech
Eric C. Lynch
as Officer/Officer Dichter/Patrolman Dichter/Uniform #1
Ann Sonneville
as Sarah James
Eli Saucedo
as Willy Hernandez
Bryan Kelly
as Werder
Tafadzwa Diener
as Paramedic 1
Patrick Deal
as Mackie Carter
Cayen Martin
as Trent Brown
Montel Spurlock
as Dwayne Monroe
Currie Graham
as Todd Smith
Avi Lake
as Imogene
Brady Sherman
as Sammy
William Brown Jr.
as Security Guard Roy
Nicholas Mayer
as Paramedic
Anna E. Hanson
as Protester
Pat Whalen
as Vince Stow
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Lighting Tech/Octavio Ramirez/Raul Martinez - El Lobo
Johnathan Gorman
as Jarrod Ganek
Teri Schnaubelt
as Tricia's Mother
Bianca Lawson
as Kylie Rosales
Bernhard Verhoeven
as Bouncer
Valerie Querns
as Mrs. Ross
Kathy Wolter
as IAD Officer Karen O'Toole
Ronnel Taylor
as Bryce/Gary Brother #2
Lisa McConnell
as Friend #2
Marina Squerciati
as Kim Burgess
Michael A. Dean
as Officer Andres Garcia
Antoine Pierre
as Tommy
Reid Carpenter
as Bailiff
Ashland Thomas
as ED Doctor/Bombing Victim Being Treated/Bus Passenger/Cook County Sherriff/Driver/ISP Crime Lab Clerk/Neighbor/Softball Dad
Dev Kennedy
as Danny Corson
Jack Gallagher
as Buyer One
Lamar Barnes
as Martin Wyatt
Bryson L Thomas
as Lamar Garrison
Tony Demil
as Keith Monahan
Paul Perroni
as Ken Amis
Barbara Blomquist
as Elderly Woman
Marley Haley
as Little Girl
Rich Wilkie
as Driver
Hugh Callaly
as Sergeant Tynan
Joe Minoso
as Joe Cruz
Jordan Kulow
as Clerk
Sofía Lama
as Marcella Gomez
Danny Garcia
as Raul
Eileen Galindo
as Mama Alma Garcia
Furly Mac
as Colin Lowe/Damon Briggs
Toussaint Stevens Jr.
as Resident
Keith Kupferer
as Frank Amerson/Gary Stevens/Joe
Ben Marten
as Kehoe
Michael Nouri
as Carlo Tafani
TJ Morris
as Pro-McSorely Supporter
Heidi Drennan
as Secretary
Taylor Raye
as FOP Rep
Keante Smith
as Malcolm
Jamie Vann
as Heath
Elena Marisa Flores
as Officer Rosado/Talia Davis
Kylen Davis
as Jordan Atwater
Michael Trucco
as Frank Barrett
Andrew Knox
as Detective Keith O'Brien
Michael Brunlieb
as Homeless Man
Emily Lane
as Katie Hughes
Colin Donnell
as Connor Rhodes
Danny Socorro Martinez
as Patrolman Garcia
Kyle Scatliffe
as Aaron Whittles
Kara Zediker
as Sarah Normark
Jay Disney
as Dean Ross
Peter Oyloe
as Kenneth
Cisco Reyes
as Jose Soto
Bechir Sylvain
as Wes
Bill Cranley
as Ben Wilcomb
Nate Donley
as Conner Boyd
Patrick De Nicola
as Marco Walker
Josh Odor
as Oscar Flynn
José René Bolaños
as Neighborhood Onlookers
Suellen Burton
as Lisa Sims
A.J. Miller
as Jeff Vespe
Gabrial Morrison
as Spencer Whalen
Mark Janz
as Club Supervisor
Ivan Ellis
as Marcus Tate/Vic
Chronicle Ganawah
as Sammy Ray
Rebecca Blair
as May
Dana Omar
as Adrian
Chelsea Morgan
as Sloane Tuxhorn
Tom Pelphrey
as Scrap
Lachrisa Grandberry
as Neighbor
Richard Pickren
as Frank Powell
Keith D. Gallagher
as Denny Gibson
Jon Sklaroff
as Schultz
Brian Smith
as Coach
Van Ferro
as Hardware Store Patron/Ray Price Supporter/Waitstaff
Dan Cooney
as Bernie Hoffman
David Hernandez
as Cartel Frontman/Gael Rodriguez
Alejandro Raya
as Officer Caswith/Patrol Officer #1/Patrol Officer #2/Patrol Officer 2
Terayle Hill
as Trey Woodson
Jeremy Davidson
as Sgt. Dave Roland
Marya Grandy
as OEMC Officer
Taron Patton
as Aunt Shona
Patrick Blashill
as Mickey/M.E.
Dan Sauer
as Wilson Richards
James Andrew O'Connor
as Ted Berner
Shane Hendrix
as Billy Melman
Marcus Hendricks
as Officer #1/Patrol Officer/Patrol Sergeant/Uniform
Brandon Fierro
as Bank Manager (2018)/Basketball Player (2018)/Daniel Double/Heckler double/Stunts Drug guy
Nancy Pender
as Reporter One
Tim Chiou
as Rick Fong
Josh Bradshaw
as Firefighter/Bystander/FBI Special Agent/Festival Goer
Gail Bean
as Sienna
C.J. Rush
as Kirby
Corrbette Pasko
as Officer Landry
Deshaun Trotter
as Runner
Nick Wechsler
as Kenny Rixton
Ti Nicole Danridge
as Kayla
Opal Staples
as Moira Kenton
Christopher Meister
as ASA Tom Lake/Larry Klamp
Marc Menchaca
as Owen Kozelek
Laurel Krabacher
as Mother
Bailey Chase
as David Lang
Todd W. Edwards
as Frankie Roman
Monette McLin
as Nurse
Sean Davis
as Patrolman Malcolm
Lauren M. Vance
as DCFS Social Worker/Police Supporter
Amy Rapp
as Secretary
Joy Lang
as Maureen Clifford
Jin Park
as Jill
Kevin McCormick
as Robert James 'RJ' Riggs
Stephen Eugene Walker
as Lieutenant Mike Packer
Kieran Campion
as Darren Sanders
Karen Sentíes
as Mexican Woman
Monte O'Quinn
as Bouncer
Jasmine Carmichael
as Sharice Valentine
Andrzej Krukowski
as Stepan Nestrov
Ricky Wayne
as Detective Parker/Officer DeLuca
John Pankow
as Tommy Wells
Barbara Eve Harris
as Emma Crowley
Amanda Powell
as Beth Carr/Dana Goldsmith
David Zayas
as Carlos Mendoza
Melissa DuPrey
as Carr/Detective Luisa Flores
Jim Kozyra
as Meek Dude (Passenger)
Elvis Garcia
as Clerk
Ron Turner
as Sikes
Matt Kozlowski
as Sul
Tyson Milner
as Customer/NATO Protester
Schalet Jackson
as Banquet Attendee/Casino Gambler
Joseph Sikora
as Kevin Bingham
Marco Morales
as Andre Velasco
Rich Holton
as Cory
Rebekah Ward
as Fiona Wells
Rich Ting
as Chang
Sam Straley
as Nathan Ward/Tyler Whitlock
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Latrell Wade
Jesse Spencer
as Matthew Casey
Tariq Griffin
as Bank Robber/Curtis Jace
Bokeem Woodbine
as Derek Keyes
Brynden Cleveland
as Street Kid
Kevin Sizemore
as Michael Willard
Tracy Fraim
as Michael Doyle
Ron Dean
as Ray Sharansky
Cynthia Von Orthal
as Debra Murphy
Bobby Daye
as Forensic Accountant
Gary W Golden
as Billy Fagen/Physician
Ele Bardha
as Peter Walker
Pete Young
as Kelton Constituent
Patrick Clear
as Judge Darren Lachlan
Tanya Thai McBride
as Trauma Nurse
Tyrone Marshall Brown
as Benji 'Bones' Keyes
Mykelti Williamson
as Denny Woods
Monica Raymund
as Gabriela Dawson
Peter Greene
as Rory Jensen
Katherine Keberlein
as Heather Hansen
Myles Gillespie
as Bodyguard
Dora Madison
as Alissa Martin
Danny Irizarry
as Colin Blake
Brandon Bowens
as Onlooker in Neighborhood/Police Officer/Strip Club Patron
Ken Bradley
as Duff/Mr. Reese
Ray Andrecheck
as Cashier
Ariana Grace Sarinas
as Lisha Luang
Wendy Mateo
as Crime Tech/Hayley Rodriguez/Tech
Michael Accardo
as Chief O'Leary/Chief Tim O'Leary
Chandra West
as Jennifer Spencer
Andy Janopoulos
as Loudmouth Friend #2
James T. Alfred
as Agent Rose
Rashada Dawan
as Gail Ridgell
Barton Fitzpatrick
as Jamal Tate
Jeremy Shamos
as Dr. Dean Reybold
John Thurner
as Psych Nurse
Rhonda Lorenz-Pignato
as Cashier
Subhash Thakrar
as Owner
Matthew James Ballinger
as Mike Cox
Mitch Gora
as Horizon Group Member/Pedestrian/Perp Being Questioned at District 21 Station
Landree Fleming
as Jenny Barcles
Evan Bruce
as SWAT Spotter
Andrew White
as Mr. Mercedes
Alona Leoine
as Frantic Carnival Kid
Monica Barbaro
as Anna Valdez
Brianne Tju
as Mira Davis
Atra Asdou
as Shauna
Gregory Alexander
as Osberto/Osberto Ochoa
Cynthia Rodriguez
as Lexie Wright
Chelsea Watts
as Bartender
Japhet Balaban
as Kirby Peterson
Clifford McGhee
as Andre Walker
Aimee Laurence
as Zoey Silver
Mark Rosenthal
as O'Brian
Nickolas Loquercio
as Eric Scalise
Tara Mallen
as Renee Evans
Birgundi Baker
as Jess
Anne Heche
as Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan
Kamal Hans
as Store Owner
David Schwartzbaum
as Clerk
Fernando Albiar
as Vendor
James Krag
as Holly's Dad/Mathers
Logan Hulick
as Michael Bukowski
Lawrence Adimora
as Kurtis Washington
Johnny Ray Gill
as Kendrick Gaines
John Nantz Jr.
as Inmate 44
Peter Moore
as Robert Larson
D'Andre Davis
as Noah
Jeff Parker
as Dr. Smith
Cheryl Graeff
as Doctor Gordon
Michael Rispoli
as Officer Dave Wheelan
Je'Naye La'Nise
as Woman
Charlie Barnett
as Peter Mills
Jahmann Massey
as News Stand Attendant - Bus Patron
Jimmy Caruso
as Patrolman/Patrol Cop 2/Patrol Officer 2
Marceline Hugot
as Geraldine Crane
Mitch Salm
as Party Boy
Scott Bryce
as Scott Graynor
Andrew Hawkes
as Tommy O'Neil
Peter J. Reineman
as Alexander Gage/Ornery Guy
Christopher Gliege
as Carl 'Ginger' Hearnes
Galen Ryan Kane
as James Pell
Grey Sercl
as Festival Goer
Lawrence Grimm
as Glen Pearson
Michael Torpey
as Drew Stommer
Brigid Duffy
as Old Woman
Jeremy Warner
as Lieutenant
Maureen Sebastian
as ASA Dana Shelby
David Alan Anderson
as Miles Tillman/Sgt. Martinez
Alexander Sparks
as IA Detective One
Travis W Bruyer
as Police Officer
Camille Robinson
as Nurse Tanya
Samantha Varga
as Girlfriend
Sarah East
as Clarissa
Phil Madura
as ICE Supervisor
Lou Canellis
as Veteran Tribute Reporter
Zach Grenier
as Father Bill McSorley
Angela Hearts-Glass
as Miss Warner
Eryn Koehn
as Xaviera
Erik Hellman
as Dr. Alec Willhite/Dr. Alec Willmate
Adrienne Lewis
as Kimona Williams/Receptionist
Bill Larkin
as Neighbor
Michael B. Woods
as Bobby Trent
Desmond Gray
as Paramedic Desmond
Olga Aguilar
as Nurse
Luis Rico
as Delgado's Thug 1
Joey Abril
as Mal
Dylan Baker
as Dr. David Arata
Gary Perez
as Fabian Sosa
Steve Kim
as Billy Leong
Colleen Madden
as Annie Wheelan
Peter A Kelly
as TAC Officer Cargill
Chris Holder
as Banks
India de Beaufort
as Layla Roslyn
Ulyses Espinoza
as Hector Santiago
Dom Kegel
as New Prisoner
Luke Slattery
as Sammy Logan
Dave Maher
as Officer Gallins
Adam David Thompson
as Billy Mays
Mary Kocur
as Funeral Mourner
Charlette Speigner
as Patient with Atwater
Jeanine Bartel
as Valerie Holt
Demetrios Troy
as Officer Mike Corbet
Danny Rhodes
as Bartender
Edgar Miguel Sanchez
as George Higgins
Adam Joel
as Compatriot/Jack
Delaney Vallese
as Brady Facility Teen/Fiona James
Jaiden Hidalgo
as Travis Normark
Summer Powell
as Resident 1
Dominic Rains
as Crockett Marcel
Lisa Vidal
as Alexa Rivera
Frank Anthony Meo
as Paramedic/Paramedic #2
Roger Wiggins
as CPD Detective/Detective/Sgt.
Ira Carol McGill
as Monica's Grandmother
Kelly Carevic
as Festival Attendee/Kolezek Family
Julie Greenberg
as Jess Saxon
Stacy Stoltz
as Jenny Sanders
Izzie Rose
as Terrified 7-Year-Old Girl
Ramona Edith Williams
as Makayla Ward
Sophie Thatcher
as Carolyn Clifford
John Robinson
as Jacob Seeley
Bobby Hitz
as Mack
Danny Lewis
as Patrolman Miles
Sarab Kamoo
as Det. Hannah Ray
Annie Munch
as Lauren Hansen
Robert Cornelius
as Ken
Bowman Wright
as Terrance Valentine
Tamara Kamara
as Tipsy Woman
Noelle Bou-Sliman
as Waitress
Bruce Altman
as Donald Clark
Sally Staats
as Zoey Simms
Katie Monds
as Alicia Meyers
Veronica Gutierrez
as Gina Morales
Matthew Rauch
as David Heller
Kylie Rogers
as Polly Carlson
Dre Marquis
as Eric Wilson/Jesse Kemp
Patrick Thompson
as John Waddell
McKinley Belcher III
as Aubrey Carrington
Blaire Brown
as Taja Bowes
Dominick Wilkins
as JoJo McGinnis
Bobbi MacKenzie
as Vinessa Atwater
Clark Lichty
as Lane Cromwell
John Gawlik
as Arthur Banks/Chief Arthur Banks/Lee Davis/Uniform
Meg DeLacy
as Tonya Whitley
Michael McCracken
as John
Ray Austin
as Officer Hiller/Joe Mason/Uni
Ian Bedford
as Commander Ed Fogel/Commander Fogel
Jilon VanOver
as Bobby Rose
Gonzalo Vargas
as Esteban Urbina
Donald Paul
as Book Barr
Jason Singer
as Oskar Bembenek
Cory Scott Allen
as Ritchie Gibson
Jeff Christian
as Sheriff Johnny Lester
Ramissa Ma'at
as Lila Bolad
Steven R. McQueen
as Jimmy Borelli
Madison Freeland
as Renee Ferguson
Melissa Carlson
as Meredith Olinsky
Carmen Bertucci
as Carmine/Carmine Lupino
Cillian O'Sullivan
as Shane Sullivan
Ayanna Bria Bakari
as Rochelle Moret
Eryn Nicole Pablico
as Tina Vasquez
Elizabeth Kline
as Audrey
Ninos Baba
as Mukesh Hassan
Alicia Hilton
as Detective
Quincy Kelly
as Goon
Francis Guinan
as Jeff Rafferty
Randy Steinmeyer
as Frank Knoller/Jerome Dougherty
Luke Daigle
as Donald Novak
Tom. T. Tran
as Hu
Corey Brill
as Robert Dean
Taylor Anthony Miller
as Keith McIntire
Mark Collins
as Coach Rollins
Kay Kron
as Witness
Ricardo Gamboa
as Adolfo
Tiffany Renee Johnson
as Lauren Brooks
Daisy Hernandez
as Immigrant Woman
Mysun Wade
as Young Banger
Aaron Roman Weiner
as Ben Reynolds/Marshall Carter
Fernando Morales
as Hugo Campos
Lucien Cambric
as Malik/Miles Vincent
Izzy Diaz
as Marvin
Beth Lacke
as Caroline Burton
Mary Jo Faraci
as Ms. Rodiger
Jonathan Keaton
as Officer/Patrol Officer 1
Jamaal Fields-Green
as Jamal Meeky
Nazneen Contractor
as Dawn Harper
Ray Abruzzo
as Frank
Andrew Micheli
as Mark Ellsmere
Mya Neal
as Twin Daughter #1
Eriq Reese
as 16 Year Old
Karmann Bajuyo
as FBI Agent Keller
Catherine Smitko
as Katherine Bradley
Diamond Simmons-James
as Antoinette
Brett Schneider
as Patrick Vaughn
Adrianne Cury
as Principal
David Aron Damane
as Maurice/Maurice Owens
Jeremy J. Sykes
as Molly's Bar Patron
Violett Beane
as Maya Collins
Donald Scott
as Honor Guard
Carmen Cenko
as Hispanic Lady/Hugo's Mom
Ana Walczak
as Rita Moore
Briana Smith
as Beth Murphy
Omar Bader
as Teddy
Enrique Guzman
as Bodyguard
Jake Helm
as Dylan
Michelle Duffy
as Mrs. Henslow
Maryam Basir
as Sienna Brody
Thomas Nardini
as Hipster
Mary Louise Scott
as Bar Patron
Wai Yim
as Jin
Alexa Adderley
as Brianna Woods
Alyssa Soleil Rivera
as Girl One
Loren Ashley Jones
as Female Pedestrian
Shaz Campbell
as Defense Lawyer
Ramon Camín
as Guillermo
Amanda Marcheschi
as Nurse Dina
Emily Dorsch
as Kate Smith
Jamie Anne Allman
as Linda Sovana
Mike Fierro
as Freddy's Accomplice
Rachel Cerda
as FBI Agent Julia Cortes/Cassie Thomas
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Jake Miller
Patty Babin
as Female Teller
Steven Williams
as Bishop
Arie Marchioni
as Ferrell
Ross Magyar
as Super
Todd Netherton
as Man
Lauren McLaughlin
as Protester
Lindee Katdare
as News Reporter
Kai A. Ealy
as T.J. Jones
Sean Blake
as O'Brien
Al Luis
as Chicago tourist/Conventioneer/Hospital Visitor/Interviewed person/Pedestrian
Cher Alvarez
as Karla Moore
Charles Andrew Gardner
as Michael
Greg Trzaskoma
as Manager
Maurice Demus
as Charles Gray
Mark Harper
as Guard #1
Tyler Elliot Burke
as Wallace Blake
Michael Fatigato
as Emilio Quentin
Sean Jasko
as Cooper
Rae Gray
as Ruby Baker
Brittany Burch
as Hadley
Dion Orta
as Wally
Bridget Adams-King
as Receptionist
Lauren LaStrada
as Sally
Kaitlin Bowens
as DCFS Child
Shane Kenyon
as Sam Carden
Jerry Rossetti
as Convenience Store Clerk
José Ramón Rosario
as Uncle Papo
Jennifer Grace
as Janine
John Turk
as Training Officer #1
Chris Daley
as Evan Kozelek
William Burke
as Sparrow
Peyton Wilson
as Carol Scalise
Andie Dae
as Receptionist
Krystel Mcneil
as Amanda
Berto Colon
as Rey
Kelvin Han Yee
as Dennis Lee
Jason Wells
as Wiry Man
Missy Galvin
as Young Woman (Vanessa)
Lisa Faser
as Jainie Saunders/Janie Saunders
Eunice Woods
as Janice Hendricks
Brady 'Beemer' Wolfgram
as Michael Perry
Lilia Vassileva
as Natalie
Robert Finlayson
as Construction Foreman
Jesse Soffer
as Jay Halstead
Sean Gallagher
as Gary McCoy/Lt. Carter
John Kelly
as Aaron McIntyre/Charles Gorman
Lauren Siciliano
as Hopeful Mother
Sara Williams
as Patrol Officer
Oliver Platt
as Daniel Charles
Manny Sevilla
as Worker
Luis Calderon
as Carlos
Aida Delaz
as Woman
Thomas Murray
as Foreman
Yung Sirc
as TK Ice
Connor Del Rio
as Jordan Biggs
David Krajecki
as Francis Kruger
Richard Thomas
as Adam Ames
Cliff Chamberlain
as Neil Vance
James Chudnow
as Greeter of Mayor at Festival/dead man on bunk slab in Morgue
Javen Oswald
as Jordan Denton
Eugene Parker
as Joe Kenton
Nikki Miller
as Kelton's Assistant
David A. Walker
as Chet Oldman
Cameron Duckery
as Nate Stevenson
Ilana Kohanchi
as Crystal
Christopher Hainsworth
as Ted Marchand
Tom Hickey
as Agent Hill
Kathleen Munroe
as Dr. Andrea Danover
H. Adoni Esho
as Hardware Manager
Garret Kaminskis
as Police Chief Jackson Park/Police Officer 21st District/Stateville Correctional Officer
Kurt Naebig
as Lt. Bruce Belden
Marcus Choi
as Daniel Jung
Susan Moniz
as Wife
Michael Anthony Rawlins
as Adam Wright
David Lind
as Caleb Hoff
Leea Ayers
as Neighbor
Camrus Johnson
as Devin Williams
Emmanuel Miramontes
as Oscar
Kristin Naomi Garcia
as Extra
Micah Samuel
as Jerald Watkins
Dan Latham
as Officer Keefer
Jeannie Affelder
as Mrs. Elliot
Jason Beghe
as Hank Voight
Joaquín Maceo Rosa
as Javier Ortiz
Jeff Garretson
as Manager
Ta'Rhonda Jones
as Sherri Gifford
Michael Grant
as Marty Shaw
Brendan Samuel Sullivan
as Gareth Evans
Christian Gray
as Brill
John Judd
as Warden John Riggs
Tirf Alexius
as Jury Foreman
E'Mon Lauren
as Kimmi Johnson
Annelise Cepero
as Maria Guerra
Alan Cassman
as Michael Williams
Darilyn Burtley
as Kiara Suggs
Brendan Sexton III
as Ian Marks
Jaeleen Davis
as Patient with Antonio
Greg Matthew Anderson
as Jason Logan
Kimm Beavers
as Kayla Pierce
Michael Blakely
as Patrol cop 1
Sandra Delgado
as Ana Rios
Katherine Mitchell
as Judge Laura Maddox
Peter Jacobson
as Mr. Friedman
Jocelyn Zamudio
as Elena Sanchez
Brian Nelson Jr.
as Smiley
Colleen Mooney
as Woman in Wine Bar
Deanna Reed-Foster
as Tina Cantrell
J.P. McAllister
as Tony Reed
Shawn Roundtree Jr.
as Jeff Duncan
Edwin Lee Gibson
as Milton
Sean Parris
as Brian Mooney
Jorie Binion
as Rec Kid #1
Stacey Elaine Jackson
as Friend #1
Brian Bowman
as Pedestrian
Ron Russell
as Delivery Guy
Mesiyah Oduro-Kwarten
as Teen
Justine M. Constantino
as High School Student/Transient
Richard Cooke
as Matthew Markum
Kevin Lingle
as George Wilko
Abbi Donovan
as Tracy
Kiki Moritsugu
as Mrs. Childs
Alex Diehl
as Kenny Rose
Alex Stage
as Spencer York
Kris D. Lofton
as Greshawn
Darren Jones
as Parole Officer Lewis
Anthony Mingilino
as Colo's Friend
Miriam Lee
as Paramedic/EMT
Andrew Tinpo Lee
as Donald Chen
José Antonio García
as Hugo Sanchez
Linda Gillum
as Liz McCaffery
Henri Franklin
as Malik Simmons
Denis Mulvihill
as Rodiger Family Friend
Andy Murray
as Gus
Matthew Martinez Hannon
as Det. Tierney
Scott Duff
as Mr. Jones
Bobby Rodriguez
as Chico Gang Member
Ronald L. Conner
as Chief Chet Harper/Prophet
James Sharpe
as Graham Norcross
Josiah Smith
as Street Kid
Thea Camara
as Deputy Sheriff
as Theo Mitchell
Alex Zelenka
as Club Employee/Nightclub Goer/Vender
Kirk Anderson
as William Wells
Lobo Sebastian
as Alex Del Toro
Jimmy Callahan
as Ray Kozelek
C. Anthony Jackson
as Training Officer #2
Arthur-Angelo Sarinas
as Loo
Evan Linder
as Dillon James
Mya Levels
as Bar Patron
Noah Robinson
as Jaylen Hines
Matthew Elam
as Andre Thompson
Mel Roberson
as Beto/Det. James Cullen/Homicide Detective
Erika Haaland
as Abby Goulding
Ricky Staffieri
as Frank Carriger
Aaron Todd Douglas
as Manager
Marvin Quijada
as Smitty (Olinsky's Old C.I.)
Mariska Hargitay
as Sergeant Olivia Benson/Lieutenant Olivia Benson
Troy West
as Anderson Narz
Hans Dieter Wolff
as Cafe Patron/Carnival Goer/Crime Scene Observer/Diner Patron/Mike Fahey DCFS/Pedestrian
Rich Komenich
as Store Owner
Janyce Caraballo
as Adriana
Caroline Neff
as Olive Morgan/Olive Morgan Voight
Terrell Allen
as Crank/Dupree/Male Neighbor
Terry Bozeman
as Dr. Miller
Nicholas Harazin
as Patrol Officer/Patrolman Weiss
Ricardo Dávila
as Carlos Martinez
Lureena Cornwell
as ND Tech
Jenny McManus
as Crime Scene Neighbor
Sophia Bush
as Erin Lindsay
Poppy Golland
as Amanda
Kaitlyn Caldwell
as Tamara Pierce
Jeff Stenzel
as Driver/Neighbor
Kyla Kenedy
as Amanda
Victor Almanzar
as Oscar Mena
Naima Hebrail Kidjo
as Paramedic Naïma/Paramedic
Nicki Micheaux
as Alicia Price
Stella Grace Fitzgerald
as Becca Clarton
Christian Castro
as Boxer
Jeremy Shouldis
as Dr. Marty Peterson
Michael Beach
as Darius Walker
Michael Wollner
as Bruce Wegner
Barret Walz
as ATF Supervisor Greg Hammet/Earbuds
France Jean-Baptiste
as Landlady
Cassie Slater
as Young Homeless Woman
Calvin Thomas
as Security Guard
Ayanna Berkshire
as Samantha 'Sammy' Jones
Joseph Kathrein
as Nate
Emmanuel Johnston
as Younger Banger
Tania Richard
as Leticia Tatum
Patrick Lane
as Andrew Page
Justin Kucsulain
as Colburn
Gus Schlanbusch
as Sandford Greg
Michael Park
as Asher Roslyn
Ty Jones
as Brian Macklin
Emery Johnson
as Molly's Bar Patron/Museum Goer
Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Detective Ricci
Elaine Rivkin
as Female White Shirt
Blake Morris
as Calvin Suggs
Karl Iglesias
as Maxwell 'Goldfish' Clay
Doug James
as Father McClosky
Lissette Espaillat
as Mariela Hernandez
Zach Appelman
as Matt Miller
David Alan Basche
as Jim Sheltie
Sarah Irwin
as Teenager
Gustavo Martin
as Festival Goer
Christoph Ptack
as Priest
Michael Hargrove
as John Ellis
Benjamin Mast
as Pedestrian/Police Lineup Filler/Protester
Yaya DaCosta
as April Sexton
Suzette Gunn
as Isabel 'Q' Torres
Santino Craven
as Thug #1
Aaron Latterell
as Jason Monahan
Javoun Baker
as Jamal Pierce/Miles Johnson
Shaun Rapp
as Paramedic
Earnest Lee
as Voice in the Court
Lisa Roti
as Nora Harrington
Melissa Sagemiller
as Detective Julia Willhite
Lawrence Kern
as CPD Officer Hartman/Uniform
Anthony Goes
as Kent Darby
Kerry Dutka
as NATO Protester
Tim Mass
as McIntire's Brother
Kevin Theis
as Fritz Welson/Seabury
Pat McGann
as Homeowner
Demorris Burrows
as Isaiah Young
Molly Pan
as Lissa
Tommy Lee Johnston
as Mark McLelland
Dan Lin
as Boyfriend
Aj Carr
as T.J./Vance Ingram
Amanda Rhodes
as Sarah Murphy
Ashley Noel
as Cynthia Robbins
Leopold Manswell
as Quincy Barrett
Guy Massey
as Neil Bunker
Katherine Reis
as Valerie Gilchrist
Kelli Giddish
as Amanda Rollins
Ariane Ackerberg
as Molly's Bartender/Mollys Bartender
John Mossman
as Judge
Rasell L. Holt
as Thaddius 'T-Rod' Rodgers/Truman Powell
Drew Johnson
as Bob Reilly
Caleb Martin
as Molly's Bar Patron
Emilio Rigales
as Foreman
Brett Lee
as Shipp
James Bannon
as Voice Actor
Sharon Coleman
as Judge Murray's Mother/Union Station Traveler
Ally Carey
as Allie Corson
Nick Gehlfuss
as Will Halstead
Edward Hayes
as Protester
Wendi Bazar
as Owner
Mark D. Hines
as Kelly Tyler
Jamila Velazquez
as Emily Vega
Leah Urzendowski
as Black Grid Girl
Erik Jensen
as Martin Watts
Rob Goeppner
as Brady
Johanna McKenzie Miller
as Sharon McCoy
Rachel Melius
as Charlotte Reegan
Lucas Kerr
as Craig Gorman
Callie Johnson
as Kristie Bradford
Kevin Gliwa
as Undercover Cop/Undercover Police Officer/New Inmate
Derek Phillips
as Damien Boyd
Michael Hogan
as Dominic Grillo
Brian Geraghty
as Sean Roman
Adam M. Williams
as Junkie
Nicole Laurenzi
as Spanish Wife
Jason Bradley
as Brad Snyder/Larry Shepard
Alexa Moffo
as Sage
Terri Douglas
Eric Leonard
as Jimmy
Kate Hodge
as Deborah Meyer
Susan Gordon
as Tricia Reynolds
Ryan Heindl
as Johnny Winston
Enrique Luis Veguilla
as Pedestrian
Felix Solis
as Lieutenant Guthrie
Matt DeCaro
as Officer Delaney/Benny
Matt Gomez Hidaka
as Miguel Reyes
Kaley Ronayne
as Sam Scott
Claudine Tambuatco
as Claire Yeats
Ashley Manteca
as Maya Spriggs
Charlie Newhart
as Marcus Bradley
Howie Johnson
as Sgt. Conroy
Molly Hernandez
as Elisa Rodriguez
Kate Black-Spence
as Employee
Catherine Perzee
as Waitress
Jenny Hale
as Bus Passenger
David Vogel
as IA Detective
Dennis Kelly
as Isaac Hayden
Yolonda Ross
as Sarah Washington
David Jay Schneider
as Tommy Jacks
Brian Peters
as Eric Mitchell
Linda Reiter
as Darlene Woodley
Charles Powell
as Bar Patron
Ireon Roach
as Chelsea Kemp
John Bedford Lloyd
as Don Enrietto
Hannah Toriumi
as Amber Morris
Steve Waltien
as Businessman
Maggie Scrantom
as Lissa Egan
Benjamin Rodriguez
as Dealer
Eric Lane
as Carter
Meighan Gerachis
as Evidence Tech/Medford/Crime Scene Tech/Forensic Officer
Steven Skybell
as Ben Meyer
Max Thomas
as Justin Belz
Armando Carlo IV
as Chris Sepka
Virginia Mcelligott
as Bethany O'Sullivan
Thomas Gaitsch
as Homicide Detective/Homicide Dick
Lara Mainier
as Waitress
Sarah Razmann
as Denise
Royce Jade
as Motel Clerk
Shavar D. Clark
as Tariq Morris
Charlee Amacher
as Housekeeper
Bradley Vargovick
as Lincoln Park Dad/Poker Player
Marika Mashburn
as Claire
James Knight
as Clay Carlson
Suzanne Sole
as Mimi
Debi Wollitzer
as Driver/Pedestrian
Patrick Mulvey
as Officer Bell
Heidi Kurzejka
as Genevieve
Dan Flannery
as Judge
Julian Parker
as Dante Rashard/Xavier Greene
Andrew Key
as Corey Kipton
Andy Junk
as Wilson
Epic Scon
as Nurse Eric
Laura T. Fisher
as Katrina Novak
Robert Belushi
as Landon Vanick
Jossie Thacker
as Deanna Lewis
Matt Kahler
as Jake
Eric Balfour
as Spiro Dalon
Jacqui Graziano
as Secretary
Kennedy Caldwell
as Mia
Mahmoud Alshaikh
as Azul Rahim/John Eakin
Brooke Breit
as Records Clerk
Christine Dye
as Roman's Mother
Billy Minshall
as Manager
Joshlyn Camille Lomax
as Teen Girl
Marilyn Bass
as Ally Berner
Duke Czlonka
as News Anchor
Lee Albritton
as Bystander
Tony Castillo
as Julio/Witness
Ryan-James Hatanaka
as Daren Okada
Colleen O'Neill
as Lara Michaels
LaRoyce Hawkins
as Kevin Atwater
Orion Lay-Sleeper
as Clerk
Sam Brice
as TMac Pierce
Anne Gallagher
as Tamra's Mom
Michele Sweeney Abrams
as Crime Victim #2/Driver/Police Officer 21st District (Burke)/Police officer 21st District/Woman in Mollys Bar
Temeceka Harris
as Mother
Roxanne Saylor
as Bank Manager #2
Sophie Kaegi
as 12 Year Old Girl
Anabelle Acosta
as Camila Vega
Mike 'Leo' Leonardi
as Freddie Valeo
Heidi Heck
as Molly's Bar Patron
Vanessa Lynch
as Daughter
Ricky Orozco
as Theo
Adrian Bond
as Forensic Photographer
Patricia Urbonas Clark
as Social Worker/Festival Goer
Corr Kendricks
as Lemonte Washington/Little Dougie
David A Litton
as Bar patron/Club patron
Donzaleigh Abernathy
as Jeanette Barnes
Karin Anglin
as Alexa Grant/Dr. Parker
Jasmine Bracey
as Jovanna
as Resident 2
Lance Baker
as Rupert Yackey
Ian Casselberry
as Carlos Perez
Kelson McAuliffe
as Kurt
Rolando Boyce
as Eddie Brackton
Brian Elles
as Neighbor
Anne Jacques
as Grandma Mandy
Lanisha Javon Gholston
as Ann
Tyler Ravelson
as Gregor Toros
Tyra Ferrell
as Mrs. Burton
Patrick Byas
as Marcus Kelly
Kelvin Davis
as Roy
Dallas Roberts
as Greg Yates
Deveon Mitchell
as K-Mac
Samuel Meadows
as Bar Patron/Club Patron
Chike Johnson
as Detective Joe/Homicide Detective Joe
Eddie Huchro
as Detective Franny Quinn
Michael Maize
as Roy Walton
Rick Smith
as Husband
Elise Randall
as Kate
Peter Masterton
as Staff
Ellie Reed
as Josie Valescu
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Mrs. Toma
Lesley Bevan
as Clare Wilenko
Brandon Lewis
as Tyler
Carl Clemons-Hopkins
as DEA Agent Thomas
Tiffany L. Addison
as Kay
Rege Lewis
as Kendall
Travis A. Knight
as Patrolman Bobby Price
Jason Martinez
as Carlos DeLeon
Jessie Fisher
as Krista Manning
Emily Tumen
as Allison Becks
Chris Amos
as Graham Simmons
Maya Moravec
as Eva Dawson
Deonne B. Wright
as Elderly Woman #2
Dan Donohue
as Russell Tillman
Daniella Pereira
as Bartender
Jessica Bess Lanius
as Susannah Webber
Jay Whittaker
as Trenton Bostaph
Erin Lovelace
as Chelsea Roberts
Greg Berman
as John Radigan
Chris Jones
as Evacuee/Inmate
Terrell Ransom Jr.
as Corey Jenkins
Enza Lappo
as Girlfriend
Johnathon Schaech
as Detective Scott Hart
Jesse Rambis
as Patrolman
Charles Baker
as Terry Warfield
Jessica Dean Turner
as Kasey Hartman
Lisseth Chavez
as Vanessa Rojas
Steve O'Connell
as Agent Silva/Dean Masters
Fernanda Carrasco
as Deon's Girlfriend
Luisa Blanco
as Young Woman
Matt Schwader
as Ted Powell
Ryan Kitley
as Don Hastings/Marty Wilcomb
Abie Irabor
as Monika Jace
Elena Chernyakova
as Bartender
Wesley T. Jones
as Andre Lambert
Dayanara Hurn
as Juror
David Folsom
as Gil Durham
Alex Gillmor
as Bill Clifford
Annie Ilonzeh
as Emily Foster
Rose Massano
as Dorothy Hughes
Ricardo Gutiérrez
as Bob Kirchen/Marco Rivera
Brendan McCarthy
as Vince Parker
Ryan Carr
as Ryan Porter
Paul Pierro
as Club Member/Male EMT
David Girolmo
as Jim Varley
Trent Eisfeller
as Ty Henley
Archie Kao
as Sheldon Jin
Kathy Scambiatterra
as Medical Examiner/Medical Examiner Ruth Dwyer/M.E./Ruth Dwyer
Chelcie Ross
as Robert Platt/Trudy's Father
Jimmy Pennington
as Greg Penley/Pat Kent
Lindsay Stock
as Sarah Frazier
Walter S. Bernard
as Elijah Hendricks
Andrew Cole Abrams
as Manning's Son/Street Thief Boy
Kenny Santiago Marrero
as Gustavo
Louise Lamson
as Dr. Heather Holcomb
Justin Cornwell
as James Grant
Robert Flynn
as Desk Officer/Officer Cray
Bernard Gilbert
as Eddie Greene
Julia Rose Duray
as Rachel 'Tana' Meyer
Jim Dougherty
as Ben Forsick
Will Clinger
as Vaughn Bash
Cameron Cullers
as Fugitive
Markie Post
as Barbara 'Bunny' Fletcher
Julian Hester
as Jimmy Lewis/John Sorenstein
Erica Foster
as Fire Victim Jessica
Giovanni McEastland
as Arcade Boy
Andy Ahrens
as Danny Borrelli
Lee Stark
as Bartender Lisa
Jaime Santana
as Ty
Jesse Dabson
as John Marsden/Keith Hughes
Lydia Berger Gray
as Jessica Ramirez
Travis Wright
as Reggie Watt
Bubba Weiler
as Kelton
Dennis Flanagan
as Nick Morella
James Colby
as Ray Dwyer/Sergeant Ray Dwyer
Alex Stein
as Mike
London Curtis
as Teenager
Brian Michael Smith
as Roland Garrett
Jasmine Grant
as Tana Pearson
Vicky Jeudy
as Angela Nelson
Bill Kalinak
as Mark
James Farruggio
as John Morin/Special Agent Eric Collins
Timothy Edward Kane
as Alderman Braddem
Chris R. Jones
as Racegoer/Yuppie Fisherman
Danica Monroe
as Kathy Morris
Autumn Joy
as Jane Henderson
Charles Rahi Chun
as Henry Yu
Elias Rios
as AJ Flores
Lizzy Leigh
as Bus Station Pedestrian/Chemo patient/NATO Protester
DeAndre Brown
as Jesse Kemp
Timothy V. Murphy
as Zadra
Jose Nateras
as Fernando Diaz
Kathy Hanner
as Trauma Nurse
Tevion Lanier
as Tony Hill
Zachary Polisner
as Zach Wheelan
Charles Jenkins
as Street Pastor
Ricky Bartlett
as Security Guard 1
Philip Casnoff
as Mr. Dowd
Sophia Echendu
as Kia York
Corinne Natyshak
as Lauren Wasson
Eric Altheide
as Jordan Silver
Josephine Rogulich
as Young Party Girl
Brian McCaskill
as Ben Barton/Dale Hansen
Daniela Colucci
as Julia Higgins
Paige Smith
as Adam Mazur/Manager
Billy Burke
as Jake McCoy
Amy Montgomery
as Anne Larson
Kevin Quinn
as Nate Hansen
Robin Beaman
as Parishoner #1
Christian Stolte
as Randall McHolland
Jesse Garcia
as Reimundo Morales
Ian Bratschie
as Vincent Avenel
Ava Morse
as Emmy Willhite
Alex Weisman
as Chout
Krista Braun
as Jane Framingham
Antonique Smith
as Detective Rachael Rojas
Raj Bond
as Nasim
Gideon Emery
as Wade McGregor
Corey Hendrix
as 'Sticks' Daniels/Vyshonne Kamen
Den Erickson
as Back Ground Officer/Biker Thug/Detective
Taylor John Smith
as Nick Sutter
Minita Gandhi
as Dr. Prospere
Cornelius Byrd
as Corner Boy
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Commander Fischer
Ashley Marie Lewis
as Casino Gambling Addict
Mercedes White
as Female Neighbor
Samuel Evan Horowitz
as Hector/Tommy Rollins
Duane Deering
as Ruben Gilbright
Saul Stein
as Arnold Chilewich/Arnold Chiliwech
Zhanna Albertini
as Vanessa Scott
Mike Schminke
as Greene
Tim Gooch
as Roger Simpson
Anthony Conway
as Brandon Walters
Kevin Hope
as Bones/Red
Lily Wren Henderson
as Lacy Collins
Julian Griffith
as ND Patrolman/Patrol Officer
Sean Michael Sullivan
as Bomb Squad Tech/Bomb Tech/Charles Lang
Jules Willcox
as Nicole Silver
Joey Burke
as Heckler
Michael Sherwin
as Allen Tullis
Elias Koteas
as Alvin Olinsky
Anna Wren Fry
as Rosie Dolan
Steve Piper
as Bar Patron/IAB Detective
Robert Upton
as Jordan Lockett/Marques
Kelvin Harrison Jr.
as Michael Ellis
Adenike Thomas
as Alanah Mercer
Shirley Rumierk
as Lisa Martinez
Michael Carollo
as Officer
Omari Ferrell
as Jalyn
Mustafa Harris
as Derrick Winslow
Nick Mayes
as Father Alende
Oana Molosag
as Cake girl
Amanda Righetti
as Dr. Holly Whelan
Leslie Perez
as Daniella Rios
Courtney Rioux
as EMT/Paramedic Courtney
Caryn West
as Cathy Dougherty
Brian Plazas
as Fabian's Political Staffer
AlexAnn Hopkins
as Olene
Ariel Richardson
as Kristy Pierce
Ivan Vega
as Cell Phone Man
Ryan Imhoff
as Connor Wix
Vincent Teninty
as ICE Supervisor/Wendell
Keith Machekanyanga
as Damari Evans
Erika Hakmiller
as Kathy
Ike Smith
as Dean Royal
Lisandra Tena
as Lina Ochoa
Titus Welliver
as Ronald Booth
Becca Hurd
as Sheri
Scott Anderson
as Street Deputy Timmons
Nicholas Dantes
as Emilio Silva
Ruth Mitchell
as Parishoner #2
Storm Reid
as Denise
Ron Nakahara
as De Zheng
Billy Malone
as Sergeant Marino
Sean Fortunato
as Detective Bascom
Elizabeth Laidlaw
as Elena Becerra/Dr. Rebecca Sloan/Liza Tannebaum
Ashley Crowe
as Angie McCallister
Selena Mirza
as Owner's Wife
Matthew Klingler
as Cade
Nova Gaver
as Teen Girl
Giota Trakas
as Neighbor/After Party Goer/Bulgarian Mourner/Car Driver/EL Commuter/Pedestrian/Waitress
Rebecca Guth
as Lawyer/Woman in Police Station
Alice da Cunha
as Lucia Campos
Joslyn Jones
as Claire Burke
Rachel Lewis
as Cafe Patron/Diner Patron/Dinner Party Guest/Dive Bar Patron/Molly's Bar Patron
Dominique Jirri
as Internal Affairs Agent/Limo Girl
Will Janowitz
as Mark Rollins
Natalie Joyce
as Staffer
Catalina Ribero
as Latinx Woman
Michael J. Sanow
as Civilian Extra/Military Extra
Anton Bassey
as Kenny Reevis
Abby Lee
as Callie Gibson
Richard Ross
as Roger Harrington
Rudy Galvan
as Malcolm
Joseph Meyers
as Loudmouth Friend #1
Billy Lush
as Jesse Conway
Keith Campen
as Shot Caller
Eibur Stepney-Manuel
as Grandmother/Rose
Darlene Benigno
as Apartment Tenant/Business Commuter/Canaryville Neighbor/Neighbor/News Reporter/Pedestrian/State's Attorney/Sue
Maisie Merlock
as Sasha
Carlos Miranda
as Luis Vega
Christian Wilson
as Deon
Michael McGrady
as Supervising ASA James Osha
Fedja Temim
as Terry Egan
Brian Jones
as Gallery Lawyer
Onata Aprile
as Amy
Sandy Piña
as Girlfriend
Caitlin Looney
as Shelby
Marsha Estell
as Neighbor Woman
Andre Alvarez
as Carlos Infante
Juan Vanga
as Mechanic
Tommy Rivera-Vega
as Clerk
Ben Kass
as Derek/Derek Moore/Vincent Williams
Joseph R. Lopez
as Joe the Shark/Lawyer
R. Charles Wilkerson
as Pastor Mike
Richard Roye
as Bomb Tech
Duke Faeger
as Lukas Perko
Brantley Peirick
as Young Kevin
Richard Ryker
as TJ Trevino
Phil Tyler
as Officer Werner
Keisha Champagne
as Virginia Cutler
Ronan Starnes
as Henry Meyers
Antonio Brunetti
as Jo-Jo
Jillian Lenna
as Party Goer
Sharon Anderlik
as Wife
Jayden Marine
as Oscar
Alka Nayyar
as Dr. Joy Isley
Jill Karrenbrock
as Andrew Lowry
John Sharian
as Kurt Hollister
Alessandra Sierra
as Karla de Leon
Robert Knepper
as Adrian Gish
Robert McLean
as Johnny
Jeanne T. Arrigo
as DCFS Child Advocate
Karissa Murrell Myers
as Nurse
Cassie Kramer
as Patient with Olinsky
Marcelo Augustus Wright
as Teenager
Matt Katzenmeier
as Boyfriend
Kailey Bell
as Tech Elise Boyle
Andrae Todd James Bicy
as Upstart Coach
Trevor Long
as Logan Gaines
LaShawn Banks
as Rev
Stoney Eubanks
as Son
Gustavo Gomez
as Alonzo Amaya
Bret Tuomi
as Alan Metcalf
Christopher B. Duncan
as Lavar Spann
Kevin Ging
as Day Drinker #2
Simeon Henderson
as Calvin Hill/Officer Tom Rodriguez/Reggie Barnes
Katrina Robertson
as Chemo Patient
Sherrice Eaglin
as Cecily Ellis
Jay Karnes
as FBI Agent William Graff
Steve Haggard
as Ward
Todd Behrend
as Dan Arensberg/Mike Adams
Rafael Cabrera
as Alejandro Hermanez
Randle Michael
as Cicero Cop/Vagrant
Aris Rogers II
as Shawn Page
David Pittu
as Mr. Toma
Edwin Walker
as Omar Fry
Nate Faust
as Colin Briggs/Mike Rankin
Matthew J. Valadez
as Meat Factory Immigrant handcuffed going into ICE van
Natasha Forouzannia
as Amber Banks
Kathleen Lawlor
as Karen Sansone
Casey Tutton
as Collette
Tracy Spiridakos
as Hailey Upton
Mark Pellegrino
as Jim Anderoff
John Daron Rodriguez
as Dylan
Angela Ingersoll
as Annie
Malachi Weir
as Coleman Lewis
Ashley J. Dearborn
as Elderly Woman #1
Paul Grondy
as Barry Stegg
Adriana Leonard
as Denise Miranda
Daniel Cantor
as Lawyer/Lt. Pierson
Matthew Sherbach
as Lonnie Rodiger/Lonnie
Carolyn Kruse
as Jeweler
Sophia Ntovas
as Marley McCoy
Jordan Coughtry
as Security Guard
Christian Ortega
as Tom 'Blaster' Bosatta
Alyse Dionne
as Lisa Hoffman
Zoe Ishmael
as Vinessa Atwater/Vinessa
Nicolas Gamboa
as Eduardo Valera
Edward Williams III
as Chris Taylor
Miriam Moss
as Teen Girl
Frank Patrick Gasparro
as Bartender
Abby Pierce
as Rachel
Danny Junod
as Tommy
Ashley Clark
as Ann Weller
Aira Alcantara
as Girlfriend
Bill Meincke
as Bartender
Suzanne Lang
as Tara Becks
Tim Vaughn
as Glenn Ward/Miles
Sarah Timms Chittaro
as Upscale Guet, Molly's Bar Patron
Grayson Orr
as Finn
Jeffery Arseneau
as Bank Customer/Concert Goer/Jewelry Store Shopper/Park Goer/Perpetrator
Molly Reynolds
as Female Neighbor
Ryan Czerwonko
as Alex
Siera Cerny
as Allison Collier
Daniel Pinder
as Michael/Skateboard Kid
Phil Rice
as Andre/Wilson Young
Milauna Jackson
as Laila Davis
Molly Callinan
as Broken Girl
Matthew Isler
as John Randall
Paul Zinke
as Jordan
Andy Bolduc
as Tech #1
James Udom
as Cam Barlow
Rafael Poueriet
as Keith Stinson
Mary Q. Angel
as Mom
Michael Dailey
as Bus Manager
Byron Coolie
as Marv
Tyler Almodovar
as Rec Kid #2
Calvin Dutton
as Orion Sampson
Nina O'Keefe
as Tricia Marcello
Rob North
as Richard North
Paul Stroili
as Barton Perry
Phil Burke
as Cooper
Marcus Giamatti
as Gerry
Chris Agos
as ASA Steve Kot
Felicia Fields
as Mary Williams
Ethan Nguyen
as Quan Vo
Stephen Monroe Taylor
as Patrick Carter
John Ferrick
as Evan Lormer
Rinska Carrasco
as Lola/Valerie Muniz
Alejandro Hernandez
as Roberto Diaz
Jillian Mitchell
as Shanee Wallis
Karen Woditsch
as Linda Blake
Steven Beaudion
as Jorge
Jaye Ladymore
as ASA Catherine Boyd/ASA Katherine Boyd
Rashun Carter
as Earl Potts
Brian Boland
as Sam Whiting
Carlos Javier Rivera
as Dante Silva
Antonia Arcely
as Flora
Ana Mackenzie
as Amanda Derkos
Jay Thurman
as Homeowner
Adrian Matilla
as Ramiro Lopez
Michael Pool
as Med Tech
Johnny Ferro
as Alex
Warner Miller
as Amir Dafallah
Jordane Christie
as Michael Hudson
Leland Lambert
as Police SGT/Protester
Aaron Serotsky
as Dr. David Seldon
Andrew Neftalí Perez
as Juan Mendoza
Matthew W. Allen
as Fusion Unit Detective/Orderly/PD Lawyer/Police Station Perp/Restaurant Dad
Jose Santiago
as Johnny Marquez
Wes Needham
as Patrolman Parks
Brandon Dahlquist
as Jeffrey Baker
Chance Bone
as Darren Carlson
Brandon Smalls
as Trey Butler
W. Tré Davis
as Darius
Victoria Allen
as Penny Coker
Hanna Dworkin
as Gail Corson/DCFS Agent
Charlie Oh
as Craig
Celeste M Cooper
as Medical Examiner
Laurie Larson
as Piper Gish
Norm Boucher
as Ron Murphy
David Lowenthal
as Marine Unit Lieutenant/Rudy Finnegan
Jeffrey T. Rogers
as IRT Officer Davis/Uniform Officer
Santo Fazio
as Gustavo
Lucci Di
as Police Officer
Will 'Kay Eye' Nicks III
as Gang Member One
Christopher J. Love
as Trainer
Mark Alex Hanna
as DEA Agent/FBI Agent/Homicide Detective/Narcotics Officer
Curtis Edward Jackson
as Amos
Whitney Chitwood
as Speaker
Ahmir Elijah
as Bryant
Jim Cantafio
as Investigator Starkey/Joe Pineiro/Starkey
William Kletzien
as Driver
Nefra Burlock
as Sandy
Aayisha Humphrey
as Juvenile Advocate
Lauren German
as Leslie Shay
Tricia Ritter
as Lincoln Park Daughter/Waitress
Ric Morgan
as Rich Guy/SWAT Breacher
Daniel Houle
as Detective McCabe/Todd Harris
Lindsey Nero
as Mom
Anthony Moseley
as Warren Tagerty
Denise Dal Vera
as Jessica Huntley
Danny Pino
as Nick Amaro
Patrick George Adamek
as Black Grid Member/E.R. Patient
Chris McKinney
as Franklin Barnes
Agneeta Thacker
as Vanessa Yeats
Nick J. McNeil
as Guard #1
Matt Philliben
as Joe Powell
Lorrisa Julianus
as Young Ukrainian Woman
Louis Cancelmi
as Charlie Koslo
Anita Chandwaney
as Nurse/Owner
Greg Tarzan Davis
as Reece
Yuri Rutman
as Nikolay Lukov
Nathan Haston
as Concertgoer
Rochelle Therrien
as Manager
Olivia Washington
as Michelle
Lorraine Toussaint
as Shambala Green
Brian White
as Dallas Patterson
Jack Coleman
as Bob Ruzek
Kennedy D. Leathers
as Girl
Sam Derence
as Dr. Applebaum/Dr. Calloway
Thomas E. Sullivan
as Keith Tasker
Evelyn Gaynor
as Girlfriend/Teacher
Behzad Dabu
as Fusion Unit Tech
Christian Forrest
as Scott Jansen
Mary Beth Dolan
as FTO
Markice Moore
as Malik Farber
Chad Rosenberg
as Cook County Sheriff/Neighbor/Tennis Pro
Rogelio Douglas Jr.
as Kris
Sammy A. Publes
as Alberto Flores/Joseph Ortiz/Marcos Robles
Jose Sanchez
as Doctor/Office Employee
Quinn Grooms
as Protester
Lewon Johns
as CPD Marine Diver
Rayven Symone Ferrell
as Kendra
Paul Schulze
as Joseph Price
Jimmie Allen
as Westside Hustler
Charles Michael Davis
as Blair Williams
RJ Brown
as Nathan Whitaker
Sasha Smith
as Elsa James
Zach Garcia
as Diego Dawson
Derek Hahn
as ATF Task Force Agent/Prison Guard
J. Alphonse Nicholson
as Lamar Jenkins
Greg Finley
as Trent Stow
Tommy Patrick
as Young Officer
Ariana Chantelle Cordero
as Eva Dawson
Mark Dacascos
as Jimmy Shi
Steven G. Norfleet
as Shabazz
Stan Adams
as Tim Hardy
Kylene Thomas
as Sarah's School Friend
Mark Vallarta
as Alessio Colo
Ambria Sylvain
as Young Woman
Jean Zarzour
as Detective Lopez
Gigi Nubani
as Woman (Ara Hassam)
Kona N. Burks
as Det. Boyd
Yasen Peyankov
as Vasil Lukov
Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson
as Jordan Atwater
Scot Morton
as Board Member 3
Dustin Whitehead
as Loudmouth
Bluu J King
as Young Gang Banger
Joseph Julian Soria
as Rolo Ramirez
LaNisa Renee Frederick
as Bebe Willis
John F. Gray
as Allan Sloan
Christian Anthony
as Copeland Briggs
Sal Velez Jr.
as Benito Vadala 'The Cowboy'/Cowboy
Andrea Adams
as Patrol Officer 1/Patrol Woman
Andhy Méndez
as Damien Soto/Juan Martinez
Kevin Tre'von Patterson
as Daryl/Kareem
Ainsley Elias
as Charmagne Stewart
Aaron Crippen
as Tow Truck Driver
Christian Isely
as Instructor/Lead SWAT Member
Manuel Uriza
as Pedro Silva
Hannah Roberts
as Gym Member
Sage Lorinne Miskel
as Young Girl
Mahogany Milan
as Heroin Addict
Robert Wisdom
as Ron Perry
Josh Segarra
as Justin Voight
Mat Vairo
as Zach Silver
Erin Luboff
as Basketball Fan/Neighbor/Pedestrian
Chris D. Thomas
as IAD Detective/Poker Player/Walter Logan
John Kishline
as Gavin Collins
JoJo Romero
as Dead Latin Priest
Guy Holling
as Leonard Millwood
Charlie Petrach
as Dixon Supporter
Sam Pearson
as Jason Rizzo/Marcus Walker
Lorena Diaz
as Nurse Doris/Nancy Moreno RN
America Olivo
as Laura Dawson
Cleveland Berto
as Andre Cooper
Lamar Curtis
as Bomb Squad
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Bodyguard #2
Mia Katigbak
as Susan Jin
Todd A. Horman
as George Lehr (Civilian)
Jennie Sophia
as Leigh Crewes
Eric Lindberg
as Property Crimes Sgt.
Bernardo Badillo
as Frank Delgado
Mary Beth Burns
as Manager
George C. Owens
as Brad
Robert Forte Shannon III
as Omar Martel
Trinity Murdock
as Building Manager
Kizzmett Pringle
as Sara Moore
Melanie Loren
as Female Witness
Anthony Rogers
as Thug
Jack Schumacher
as James Moony
Norm Woodel
as Landlord
Esai Morales
as Chief Lugo
Alzan Pelesic
as Stepan
Amanda Catania
as Witness' Friend
Victor Holstein
as Kurt Hartley/Worker
Jahkil Naeem Jackson
as Theo Evans
Larson Lee Brumfield
as Bully/DCFS Teen/Swim Team Member
Jasmine Williams
as Black Grid Member
Sharrieff Pugh
as Quinton Kane
Geneva Maccarone
as Jane Doe/Ruby Garcia
Samantha Beach
as Viveca Addario
Alejandro Verdin
as Kid
Brent Sexton
as Sergeant Kenny
Christine Bunuan
as Interviewer/Kate Chen
Ryan B. Johnson
as Patrolman
Mark Forrest
as Chief George Baumgartner
Sydney Pierick
as Hannah Cates
Peter Scanavino
as Dominick Carisi Jr.
Armand Schultz
as Alderman Colin Becks
Alexander Cirillo
as Pedestrian
Jason Sutton
as Ross Gibson
Jeremy Ratchford
as Jim
Elliott Sowards
as Officer Jim Harper
Jessica Little
as Tania
Chris McClure
as John
Steve Silver
as Detective Donahue
Skipp Sudduth
as John Bukowski
Lisa Kolb
as Bar Patron
Danika Yarosh
as Ellie Olstern
Peter DeFaria
as Officer Tackett
Jonathan Brunson
as Patrol Officer
Geoff Meed
as Jared Miko
Calvin Evans
as Saint
Shaun Baer
as Hotel Manager #2
Richard Gallagher
as Darren Woodhull
Scott Myers
as Man
Rachel Sledd
as Hotel Manager #1
Rainee Denham
as Donna Klosterman
Megan Kneiblher
as Brady Teen/Nursing Student
Patrick Page
as Calvin Huntley
Jessica Rothe
as Madison
William Gines
as Lawrence/Narcotics Officer
Eddie Torres
as Mateo/Juan Fernandez
Madalyn Horcher
as Isabel Perez
Brenda Barrie
as Carolyn
as White Shirt/Pedestrian/Perp/Bartender/Basketball Coach/Club Goer/Court Sheriff/Jazz patron/Neighborhood Onlooker/Pilsen Parent/Prisoner/pedestrian/white Shirt
Isaac White
as D'Anthony
Larry Neumann Jr.
as John Dolan
Tommy Beardmore
as Darren Maloney
Alina Jenine Taber
as Lexi Olinsky
Marsha Stephanie Blake
as Janice Watkins
Michael Pogue
as ND Doctor
Al Vento
as Boxer
Michael T. Downey
as Manager
Randall McDonald
as Calvin Shaw/Patrol Officer #1
Anish Jethmalani
as Owner
K.D. O'Hair
as Nikki Culler
Ed Flynn
as Detective Dennis/Detective Lawrence Stark/Detective Stark
Gregory Hardigan
as Driver
Patrick Gough
as Aaron Jones
Robin Weigert
as Voight's Handler
Michael Goldberg
as Bill Mahoney/Patrol Cop 1
Max Ganet
as Acura Owner
Tyler Ritter
as Rex Goldwin
Ben Wilson
as Officer Murphy
Jon Hudson Odom
as Laz
Kenneth Raskin
as Manny
Paloma Nozicka
as Carrie Seldon/Natalie Minos/Vera
Matthias Kocur
as Bully Kicking Ethan/Funeral Mourner
Helen Young
as Detective Chen
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
as Jorge Pena
J. Anthony Kopec
as CSI Forensics Tech Officer/Under Cover Detective
Janice Hasegawa
as Wife
Kelli Simpkins
as State Attorney
Elizabeth Reiners
as Internal Affairs Agent/Courtroom Clerk/Detective
Christina Euphrat
as Natalie
Whitney Johnson
as Lisa Page
Kristin Andersson
as Elisha Nicotero
Kyla Norton
as Resident #2
Carlos Anthony Ruiz
as Metal Head
Annabel Armour
as Judge Fern Sikorsky
Emily Berman
as Ella Porter/Maggie
John Carter Brown
as Roman's Father
Alex Trepka
as Ruby's Neighbor
Church Lockett
as Pastor
Melody Cooper Jones
as Donna Perry
Christian J.J. Anderson
as Mechanic
Summer Naomi Smart
as Greta
Dash Mihok
as Jeff Frazier
Maya Martinez
as Maria Diaz
Roel Navarro
as Dr. Vasquez
Matthew Lucki
as River Forest Cop #1
Nikki Lynette
as Liza Radley
Alexis Louder
as Jasmine Price
Meghan Maureen McDonough
as Dana Blaine
Spencer Moss
as Tigan Wilds
Katie Flahive
as Stephanie
Caroline Kwan
as Megan Laughlin
Brian C. Schilling
as Medic
Laura Dobberstein
as Pedestrian with Auto
Randy Flagler
as Capp
Mike Peebler
as Aaron Franceur
Mimi Michaels
as Gina Reilly
Tom Jansson
as Doctor
Patrick John Flueger
as Adam Ruzek
Ellen Woglom
as Megan Shay
Gregory Fenner
as Peanut
Todd Courson
as Kirby Dexhart
Steve Schine
as Curtis
Krenee Tolson
as Shelly Bates 'The R.A.'
Zach Twardowski
as Tech 2
Jordan Vintryst
as Jensen's Heavy #1
Paul Adelstein
as Jason Crawford
Kecha Kambe
as Taja's Mom
Melissa Canciller
as ND Nurse/Shelly Yuang
Sheri Beth Dusek
as Lenni Tuxhorn
Jennifer Estlin
as Alexandra/Virginia Watts
Carl Weathers
as Mark Jefferies
Mark Nilsson
as River Forest Cop #2
Jessica Lauren East
as Patrolman Riley
Marvin Cruz
as Bouncer
Dale Rivera
as Quack Doctor
Stephen Conrad Moore
as Clayton 'Bug' Howard
Lucas Marx
as Brayden
Evan D. Ivory
as Terrence Hanson
Jesse Lee Soffer
as Jay Halstead
Sable Selena
as Woman
Jacqueline Williams
as Officer Becerra
Michael Oilar
as Cranston Lookalike/Onlooker
Karla Beard
as Emmie Kemp
Cody Davis
as Special Police Officer
Bishop Stevens
as Diamond Buyers Muscle
Tony Domino
as Doctor
Malcom Banks
as Gerard Garner
Andrew Goetten
as Bartender
Jenny Avery
as Ann Hoffman
Terry Berner
as Landlord/Shipping Clerk
Cyrus Farmer
as Reverend Pembelton
Jess Berry
as Anne
Matthew Quattrocki
as Curt Framingham
Kamran Abbassian
as Tariq
Luke James Crowe
as Bar Patron
Chip Zien
as Judge Lurman
Bill Reilly
as NA Meeting Attendee
Chris Vecchio
as Witness
VyVy Nguyen
as Grace Nguyen
John R. Thomsen
as Deputy Police Chief/DEA Agent
Omar Vega Jr.
as Miguel Cortez
Sean Rickert
as Construction Worker 2
Nathan Hosner
as Dr. Lewis Rand
Lucinda Johnston
as CPD Spokeswoman
Nathan J. Carter
as Jeremy Dolan
Tim Baltz
as Peterson
Gavin Lawrence
as Witness
Carmen Roman
as Susan (Williams) Baldwin
Amro Salama
as Roberts
Dandrell Scott
as Mitchell Adams
Dylan Jost
as Austin Forchette/Ken Riley
Isaac Alexander
as Andre Griffin
Jerod Howard
as U.S. Marshall
Claudia Santos
as Clara
Kagan Brewer
as Bobby Nelson
Jeff Bukowski
as Patron
Jesimiel T. Jaddua
as AJ Hines
Andrea Susan Bush
as Prostitute
Law Tarello
as Dan Dietz
Michael Drayer
as Tommy
Michelle Jasso
as Shelly
Adam Bitterman
as Clay Terkla
Colm O'Reilly
as Building Manager
Jessica Ridenour
as Janet Graham/Young Lawyer
Vincent Kracht
as Troy Wrightman
Conor Woods
as Sam Driscoll
Jimmy Carrane
as Guard #2
Gabe Estrada
as Worker
Chris Redd
as Carl
Jae K. Renfrow
as Franklin

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