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October 22, 2021
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Charmed (2018)’s
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United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Charmed (2018) is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Charmed (2018) has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Charmed (2018) ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Charmed (2018) has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


This reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches. Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds, a witch's work is never done.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: October 14, 2018

Also Known As: मंत्रमुग्ध, 聖女魔咒 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Poppy Productions, Reveal Entertainment |  See more »


Jason Asuncion
as Orderly #5
Zoe Wiesenthal
as Layla
David Lyle
as Card Player #1
Jordana Zinger
as Little Girl #2/Little Girl - 1957
Carlena Britch
as Greta
June B. Wilde
as Nurse
Brad Bergeron
as Adorable Guy
Joyce Robbins
as Nita
Kenneth Welsh
as Fenric the Vile
Molly Grace
as Young Teenage Girl
Addison Tessema
as Student with Cell Phone
Peyton List
as Nadia
Shekhar Paleja
as Jerry Jr.
Ali Stroker
as Emily
Newsha Richards
as Hypnotized Woman
Philip Prajoux
as Concierge
Leo Chiang
as Balthazar
Michelle Adrienne
as Another Rushee
Anthony Bailey
as Guard
Jacqueline Sabouniha
as Blue Suit #1
Virginia Williams
as Charity Callahan
Diane Farr
as Francesca Jameson
Martin Wilson
as Roger
Andrea Ross
as Elder Connor
Devon Kenzo
as Trevor
Nevis Unipan
as Cassie
Tina Rahimi
as Student
Demord Dann
as Frank Warren
Kiera Wallace
as Female Student
Rupert Evans
as Harry Greenwood
Audessa Parafina
as Dancer #5
Kalvin Olafson
as Man
Jodi Pongratz
as Construction Flagger
Joe Tuliao
as Dancer #2
Allison Klause
as Adorable Girl
Steffanie Davis
as The Hilltones
Natasha Inniss
as Sarcana Witch
Aline Elasmar
as Sela
Chris Cound
as Pyronik #1
Mike Mitchell
as Shank Criminal
Melonie Diaz
as Mel Vera
Michael Cha
as Rugged Man
Alyson Bath
as Susan #2
Nadia White
as Dancer
Halle Gall
as Dancer #3
Victoria Katongo
as Tori
Harrison MacDonald
as Mr. Chase/Witchfinder General
Jesse James Pierce
as Faction Guard #1
Stephen Adekolu
as Caliban #1/Lead Guard
Abraham Lim
as Chip
Morgan Taylor Campbell
as Medusa
Nathan Parrott
as Little Boy (Harry)
Meagan Tandy
as Summer
Josh Brauer
as Demon Guard
Jennifer Tong
as Cult Follower
Scott Pocha
as Malignant Demon
Lindsay Navarro
as Trisha Cullen
Requell Jodeah
as Mediator
Francesca Bianchi
as Young Woman (Clara)
William Matzhold
as Muscle Bound Kid
as Mo
Robert Pine
as Warner Thaine
Joanna Marie Reyes
as Cult Follower
Parm Soor
as Doctor
Kandyse McClure
as The Guardian
Maika Toporowski
as Lady Visionary
Serje Basi
as Vampire
Poppy Drayton
as Abigael Jameson-Caine
Chad Humeniuk
as Father
Dominique Robinson
as Swan's Assistant #1
Genevieve Lam
as Student at Microphone
Ricardo Pequenino
as Frat Bro
Yumi Ogawa
as Wine Shopper
Harman Deol
as Hot Guy at Stoplight Party
Viola Cerullo
as Daisy
Zac Vran
as Dancer #4
Tedra Rogers
as Viv
Callard Harris
as Leon
Stephanie George
as Greta
Lina Lecompte
as Sorority Girl
Sheila Tyson
as Waitress
Ben Beauchemin
as Cam/Cam Sasso
Ali Liebert
as Jill
Peter Dewhurst
as British Police Officer
Jimmy Tatro
as Gideon
Davis Zand
as Caliban #2
Robert Egger
as Frank Foreman
Cecilia Deacon
as Dylan
Brent Zulyniak
as Embalmed Corpse
Charles Jarman
as Thug
Vanessa Chiu
as Doctor
Jacqueline Robbins
as Rita
Ghazal Azarbad
as Bella
Seth Ranaweera
as Head Doctor/Scientist
Zahra Anderson
as Delivery Person
Madeleine Kelders
as Customer
Laara Sadiq
as Dean Alonso
Chris Cannon
as Burly Man
Justin Stone
as Guy
Natalie Gibson
as Driver
Johnny Sutherland
as Trey
Chelsea Brady
as Ancient Charmed One #1
Cheryl Siegel
as Viola
Wei Chung
as Dylan
Annette Ducharme
as Patient #2
Angie Chen
as Professor #1
Abby de Forest
as Female Guard
Sharlene Royer
as Delivery Lady
Michael Gonzales
as Male Patron
Emma Stewart
as Cult Follower
Helena Heidebrecht
as Dead Witch #1 (Mary)
Leo Rano
as Callum
Sara Thompson
as Julie
Kallie Hu
as Female Patron
Ariel Ladret
as Witch
Edward Foy
as Ivan
Chrissie Fit
as Effie
Daniel Cudmore
as Golem
Jessica Steen
as Devorah Silver
Lia Lam
as Susan #1
Sonja Bennett
as Amelia
Fraser Corbett
as Hulking Frat Guy
Simon Chin
as Malignant Demon
Daniel Needs
as Drunk Bro
Anjali Appadurai
as The Hilltones
Art Kitching
as Scientist
Sia Foryoh
as Wendy
Zach Kostersky
as Boyfriend
Brittany Mitchell
as Flirty Woman
Thomas Wayne Hum
as Abduction Man #2
Maggie Ma
as The Hilltones
Jessie Liang
as Nameless Witch
Sam Robert Muik
as Hot Guy at Stoplight Party
Miranda Frigon
as Gloria/Gloria Lee
Tom Tasse
as Carter/Carter Westwell
J.J. Hawkins
as Kevin
Mark Lewis Oglesby
as Abduction Man #1
Jason William Day
as Primordial Demon
Samuel Ingram Gillmore
as Man Bun
Isla Sunar
as Little Girl #1
Cassandra Consiglio
as Ancient Charmed One #3/Future Mel
Jason Diaz
as Antonio
Jojo Ahenkorah
as Guard
Julie Tao
as Jillian
Cameron Hilts
as The Assassin
Louise Hradsky
as Dance Instructor
Valerie Cruz
as Marisol Vera
Tracey Roath
as Matronly Woman
Michael Bean
as Dr. Gregorian
Sarah Cantuba
as Ancient Charmed One #2
Sara Gagne
as Card Player #2
Kevin Fortin
as The Assassin
Emily Bader
as Chloe
Karen Khunkhun
as News Anchor
Eva La Dare
as Mama Roz
Aman Mann
as Mateen
Nailya Red
as Sarcana Witch
Natalie Malaika
as BSU Participant
Michael Arzadon
as Husband
Chris Chin
as Shaman
Josh Chambers
as Jason
Craig Parker
as Alastair Caine
Paul Wu
as Mr. Evil
Lucius Fairburn
as Henchman #1
Kamyar Pazandeh
as Corpse
Lorna Rose Harris
as Mother
Tommy Europe
as Faction Guard #2
Tim Zhang
as Barista
Kelly McCabe
as Bar Dude
Eric Bempong
as Chuck
Camden Filtness
as Classmate
Jerome Yoo
as Viktor
Marcio Moreno
as Guard #2
Nick Hargrove
as Parker Wagner-Caine
Timothy Wallace
as Shadow Demon Figure
Aliesha Pearson
as Blonde Woman
Dan Ginnane
as Barback #2
Constantine Rousouli
as Hunter Caine
Reilly Dolman
as Omon
Michel Issa Rubio
as Acolyte in Black/Man In Black
Rick Pearce
as Mugger
Christopher Ang
as Tulipe Guard
Dimitri Vantis
as Proprietor
Rowan Jang
as Student
Teal Fiddler
as Patient #4
Shiva Kalaiselvan
as Katrina Chandra
Felix Solis
as Ray Vera
Rhianna Jagpal
as Brandy
Bethany Brown
as Ruby
Robert Hayley
as Henchman #2/Nurse Sam
Ben Afful
as Biker Leader
Anoop Randhawa
as Scientist
Portia Colpitts
as Young Rosemary Shea
Kevin Haaland
as Shep
Melville Jarrett III
as Nurse
Kathleen Keatings
as Witch #2
Mya Wollf
as Imposing Female Bouncer
Emma Willey
as Young Woman
Britney Katelyn Miller
as Hot Woman
Ryan Spong
as Officer
Elinet Louicius
as Faction Guard
Melinda McGraw
as Vivienne Laurent
Breslin Franklin Geddes
as Apparition Boy 2
Colm Hill
as Noah
Scott Porter
as Levi
Dominic McDowell
as Brett
Charles Siegel
as Frank
Rebekah Asselstine
as Cult Follower
Amy Ambrosio
as Safespace Singer
Sam Rahmani
as Witch #1
Emilija Baranac
as Heidi
Luke Sykes
as Hot Guy (Roger)
Tyler Eyres
as Bar Patron
Leah Pipes
as Fiona Callahan
Aliza Vellani
as Alisha
Yurij Kis
as Orderly #2
Quinnie Vu
as Danielle
Karin Konoval
as Elder Robinson
Kory Grim
as Vagrant Tongue Demon
Mareya Salazar
as Josefina Reyes
Brendon Zub
as Trip Bailey
Agnes Tong
as Anya
Colin Decker
as Yellow Demon
Nathan Witte
as Godric
Andre Tricoteux
as Hooded Executioner/Vagrant Bouncer/Vagrant Demon 3
Chris Gauthier
as Elliot Larson
Nicholas Dohy
as Electrical Worker/Militia Soldier
Malaya Rivera Drew
as Cyd
Trevor Roberts
as Librarian
Garrett Quirk
as Professor Brown
Rob Carpenter
as Customer
Clint Carleton
as Creature/Faceless Man/Sad Clown/Tentacle Creature
Matt Kennedy
as Orderly #6/Swan's Assistant #2
Jessica Garcie
as Nurse Abby
Paul Vos
as Richard
Rady Panov
as Creepy Dude Bro
Natalie Trent
as Florence
Palma Lawrence Reed
as Galvin's Grandmother
Aleyse Shannon
as Jada Shields
Nathan Ozee
as Shy Guy
Jaime Camil
as Mr. Miranda
Kelsi Chartrand
as Elder Wade
Chris Webb
as Tartarus Guard
Braden Chase
as Shea Group Security Guard
Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes
as Young Vivienne
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
as Lainey
Ben Cotton
as Bruce
Abby Ross
as Jenna in 1989
Eric Balfour
as Julian Shea
Brendan Riggs
as Todd
Lisa Chandler
as Female Doctor
Geoffrey Blake
as The Sentinel
Alessandro Juliani
as ShopToad Lawyer
Tyler Blackburn
as Viralis
Heather Doerksen
as Aladria
Zebastin Borjeau
as Young Julian
Adam DiMarco
as Zack
Bzhaun Rhoden
as Cedric
Rachel Renaud
as Cult Follower
Brian Cyburt
as Judd
Veena Sood
as Amita Chandra
Jinsook Koo
as Elder Chen
Madeleine Mantock
as Macy Vaughn
Kimi Alexander
as Scarlet
Meghan Drew
as Barback #1
Thomas Cadrot
as Dexter Vaughn
Raylene Harewood
as Daphne
Rya Kihlstedt
as Julia Wagner
Leah Lewis
as Angela Wu
Andrew Morgado
as Demon Eye
Klarc Jerome Wilson
as Pretentious Guy
Chloe Bridges
as Tessa Flores-Cohen
Katie Stuart
as Dr. Kenwood
Liam Raymond Dib
as Programmer
Kari Matchett
as Laurie Brewster
Charlie Gillespie
as Brian
Tim Niverth
as Bystander
Alisha Dhillon
as Barista
Kenneth Tynan
as Vendor
Sierra Kachan
as The Hilltones
Caroline Cave
as Jenna Gordonson
Kaitlyn Yott
as Willow
Kaiden Berge
as Vagrant Demon 1
Ross Wirtanen
as Dancer #6
Sohm Kapila
as Priyanka Bari
Derrick de Villiers
as Vagrant Leader
Adrian Glynn McMorran
as Devil
Sarah Jeffery
as Maggie Vera
Kevin Mundy
as Some Guy (Hooded Figure)
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Cate Monroe
Paul Cheng
as Kadal Demon
Shannon Cooney
as Professor/Professor #2
Michele Goyns
as Roxy
Dustin MacDougall
as Vagrant Demon
Shelene Yung
as Nurse Cheryl
Camille Legg
as Penelope
Mackenzie Marsh
as Knansie
Dexter August Geddes
as Apparition Boy 1
Nikki Wallin
as Hooker
Kris McRonney
as Whitelighter
Brian Markinson
as Dr. Lawrence
Jack Gillett
as Gideon
Alexa Barajas
as Girl
Ryan Jinn
as Wes
Marie Marolle
as Nose Ring Biker
Masa Delara
as Mess Leader
Theresa Wong
as Margaret Choy
Reanna Cameron
as Sorority Girl
Amanda Voll
as Woman
Greer Whillans
as Dancer #1
Dalias Blake
as Orderly #1
McKaley Miller
as Brenda Mancini
Alexis Louder
as Lee Duhon
Azura Skye
as Helen McGantry
Chiara Guzzo
as Trishelle
Sylvi Maccormac
as Plaintiff
Eliza Norbury
as Uptight Tourist
Michelle C. Smith
as Dead Witch #2/Elder Zaragoza
Nia Cummins
as Opposing Counsel
Golly Nikbakht
as Blue Suit #2
Ashley Roxburgh
as Lola
Michael Meneer
as Stuart
Jennifer Li
as Young Safespacer #2
Richard Meen
as Bounty Hunter Demon
Kwesi Ameyaw
as Engineer
Maya Macatumpag
as Doris
Dean Paul Gibson
as Hildegrim
Nevada Banks
as Passerby
Barry Nerling
as Tartarus Guard/Vagrant Demon #1
Brittany Good
as Cult Follower/Dancer
Crystal Mudry
as Young Safespacer #1
Samantha Cole
as Eriel Asante
Sean Kohnke
as Vagrant Demon 2
Jordan Donica
as Jordan Chase
Emily Tennant
as Angelica
Panthea Vatandoost
as Sasha
Hiro Kanagawa
as Dr. Tanaka
Amos Stern
as One Percent Leader
Ser'Darius Blain
as Galvin Burdette
La'Mya Jackson
as Teen
Andy Thompson
as Morgue Technician
Troy Adamson
as Dad (Cassie's)
Nesta Chapman
as Janet
Janet Kidder
as Dean Rebecca Eldon
Lee Tichon
as Guard #1
Tim Donadt
as Alfie
Jason Burkart
as Malachi
Ashlea Earl
as Female Hostage
John Moutray
as Pyronik #2
Jeremy Lacombe
as Hot Guy at Stoplight Party
Meghan Gardiner
as Apparition Wife
Timothy V. Murphy
as Demon Boss
Rorelee Tio
as Saved Witch
Christin Park
as Swan
Adil Zaidi
as Zach
Rebecca Finch
as Woman - 1957
Jaden Oehr
as Georgie
Roan Curtis
as Kyra
Liam Howe
as Frat Guy
Kevin Osea
as Demon Boi
Tara Geraghty
as Eleanor
Lyza Ulrych
as Banshee
Aiyanna Miorin
as Young Maggie
Ellen Tamaki
as Niko Hamada
Jaleese Green
as Fun Girl (Kel)
Arjun Malik
as Worker
Tarun Keram
as Barista/Waiter
Vanessa Prasad
as Jayla
Jennifer Rose Garcia
as Aptitudematch Employee
Matthew Willig
as Dante
Charlie Nesbitt
as Cute Date
Guilherme Babilônia
as Kretz
Eric Pollins
as Priest
Leonard Roberts
as Dexter Vaughn
Kira Clavell
as Jennifer
Nathalie Babis
as Rosemary Shea
Khamisa Wilsher
as Aliya/Sarcana Witch
Kate Burton
as Celeste
Natalie Hall
as Lucy
Tally Rodin
as Creepy Girl
Jessica Sipos
as Waverly Jameson
Mariesa Crouse
as Cult Follower
Brad Kelly
as Biker Demon
Iman Hassan
as Patient #3
Derek Mears
as Kyon
Danielle Brokopp
as Dancer
Denise A. Ryan
as Patient #1
Breanna Watkins
as Mother Pedestrian
Raresh DiMofte
as Priest
Michael Sousa
as Waiter
Glenn Ennis
as Skeleton Demon
Mandy B. Rose
as London (Witch)

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 19 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 18 Episodes

Season 4




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Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2019


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Fantasy Television Series

Leo Awards 2019


Leo Awards

Best Stunt Coordination in a Dramatic Series

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