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A six-part miniseries which follows six young Australians who go to war, full of confidence and bravado. They land in Singapore in 1942, just in time for surrender. With 15,000 others, they are marched off to Changi prison camp. Together, the six boys survive three and a half years of incarceration. Along the way they see many mates disappear to various work camps and while Gordon loses a toe, Curley nearly his mind, Eddie his faith, Bill his ability to trust, David his memory and Tom his soul, they never lose their central dependence on each other. Almost sixty years later, the six prepare to get together for what may be their last hurrah.

Country: Australia

Type: miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 14, 2001

Also Known As: Changi

Parents Guide: Australia (MA)


Company Credits

Production Co: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), UK-TV Australia

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Peter Gow
as Guard
Ken Senga
as General Tanaka
Stephen James King
as Jack
Christopher James Baker
as Lofty Morgan
Ichiro Harada
as Guard
Bevan Wilson
as Dr. Russell
David Baldwin
as Professor Myers
Tony Butler
as The Four Majors
Rebecca Murphy
as Young Vi
Sean Taylor
as Colonel Smythe
Nick Hardcastle
as Physiotherapist
Tung Ly
as Guard
Geoff Morrell
as Rowdy
Alison Albany
as Maid Mary
Katherine Slattery
as Betty

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1


Awards & NominationsSee full list »

AFI Award 2001


AFI Award

Best Telefeature or Mini-Series


AFI Award

Best Actor in a Telefeature or Mini-Series


AFI Award

Best Screenplay on a Television Drama

ARIA Music Award 2002


ARIA Music Award

Best Original Soundtrack Album

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