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October 27, 2021
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About this title


A psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King's best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland. The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock has figured prominently in King's literary career: Cujo, The Dark Half and Needful Things, as well as novella The Body and numerous short stories such as Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption are either set there or contain references to Castle Rock. Castle Rock is an original suspense/thriller - a first-of-its-kind reimagining that explores the themes and worlds uniting the entire King canon, while brushing up against some of his most iconic and beloved stories.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: July 25, 2018

Also Known As: 城堡岩, Castle Rock |  See more »


Plot Keywords

horror anthology

Company Credits

Production Co: Bad Robot, Old Curiosity Shop |  See more »


Thomas K. Belgrey
as Marius Lambert
Ronnell Hunt
as Officer Woods
Tod Randolph
as Handsome Woman
Morgan Sessoms
as Castle Rock Resident
William Allen
as Prisoner
Jack Cercone
as Evangelist
Dawn Sedlier
as Birthday Woman
Oscar Martin Aguilar
as Boy
Steve Rasetta
as Cornfed Guard
Andeth Man
as Marstenites
Ray Dudley
as Bar Patron
Mamie Gummer
as Matthew Deaver's Mother
Jack Brunault
as Bailiff
Bill Mootos
as Parade MC
Paul Richard Yarborough
as Tattooed Inmate
Tierre Diaz
as Mellow Tiger Patron/Somali Mall Employee
Aaron Staton
as Pastor/Reverend Appleton
Tenea Intriago
as Vera
Adam Teper
as Dead Settler
John O'Halloran
as Male Squatter
Daniel Burns
as Mayor Dusty Coughlin
Joseph Bonamico
as Bored Guard
Chris Mulkey
as Clay
Harold Rudolph
as Parent
Audrey Moore
as Mrs. Strand
Tom Place
as Guard
Creighton Jones Jr.
as Football Fan
Les Papp II
as Male Patient
Tashanea Whitlow
as Field Reporter
Johnny C. Buckner Jr.
as Cop #4
Cheryl Singleton
as Teacher
Michael Malvesti
as Cop #1
Celeste Oliva
as Sunburned Guard
Madison Johnson
as Young Annie
Caleel Harris
as Young Henry Deaver
Melanie Lynskey
as Molly Strand
Dennis Daniel
as Parade Onlooker
Noel Fisher
as Dennis Zalewski
Rebecca Gibel
as Julie
CJ Jones
as Odin Branch
Daniel McLaughlin
as Diego
Michael Randazzese
as Marstenite/Shawshank Guard
Tom Akos
as Stunt Prisoner #1
Rob Norton
as Ian
Erica McDermott
as ER Nurse
Ned Daly
as Maine Attorney
Ken Kansky
as Inmate
Joe Maurer
as Shawshank Inmate
Jayne Atkinson
as Officer Reese
Paul Bellefeuille
as Shawshank Guard
Nathan Fisher
as Boy in Settlement
Frances Conroy
as Martha Lacy
Joe Stapleton
as Ron
Jamie Ghazarian
as Lucy
George Tessier
as Acadian Musketeer/Castle Rock Citizen/Park Goer
Adrian M. Mompoint
as Shawshank Correctional officer Johnston
Matthew Delamater
as Bearded Prison Guard
Adam Rothenberg
as Reverend Matthew Deaver
Scott Glenn
as Alan Pangborn
Dennis Staroselsky
as Stephen Bannerman
Brionne Davis
as Garrett Coyne
Paul Sparks
as John 'Ace' Merrill
Sheila Salaverry
as Bowler
Johnny Lee Davenport
as Professor #1
Bill Skarsgård
as The Kid
Simba Dibinga
as Burly Cop
Trip Case
as Prosecutor
Peta Sergeant
as Angela/Marret
Jack Shipley
as Resident
Ivy Ebanks
as Bridesmaid
Brian West
as Bowler
Matthew D. Matteo
as Patrice
Sarah Gadon
as Rita K. Green
Nicole Albanese
as Helene
Suad Diriye
as Somali Translator
John W. Iwanonkiw
as Shawshank Corrections Officer Potter
Maurice Emmanuel Parent
as Cop #2
Amanda Brooks
as Psychologist
Rory Culkin
as Willie
Rebecca Lerman
as Puritan
Keith J. Stevens
as Guest Chainsaw Guy Dave
Katie Novak
as French Settler
Owen Burke
as Lance
David Alpay
as Mandolin Player/Pastor Augustin
Sommer Blair
as 1970s Woman
André Holland
as Henry Deaver
Amanda Camarena Burdier
as Bridge Dedication Guest
Skylan Brooks
as Timothy
Chris Everett
as Social Worker
Kate Avallone
as Evelyn
Tony Ionno
as Castle Rock Citizen
Jimi Stanton
as Deputy Benker
James DeFilippi
as Defendant
Abby Corrigan
as Chance
Richie Acevedo
as Shawshank Prisoner/Prisoner
Mark Harelik
as Gordon
Elaine Victoria Grey
as Bar Patron/Resident
Angela Hurley
as Church-Goer
Damien Di Paola
as Cop #1
Kyla Packard
as Little Girl
Timothy DuBois
as Ghost Parishioner
Hannah Crowley-Paolillo
as Smoking Hag
Matthew Alan
as Chris Merrill
Jennifer Lafleur
as Mallory
Ann Cusack
as Warden Porter
Louise Mara
as Marstenite/Patient Family Member/Settler
Richard O'Rourke
as Prison Barber
Maggie Curran
as Waitress
Zak Watson Smith
as Black Ops Soldier
Kristy Nolen
as Guard
Dayshaun Moore
as Young Henry Deaver (Age 7)
Idiris Yusuf
as Young Abdi
Faysal Ahmed
as Hassan
Aaron James Jastrab
as Brat #1
Maximo Duran
as Audience Member
Kelby Turner Akin
as Marstenite
Brian Anastasio
as Marstenite
Amanda Collins
as Lab Tech
Yusuf Ismail
as Magan
Dennis Maler
as Robert Zalewski (Juniper Hills Orderly)
Michael Rodrick
as Briggs
Tim Niverth
as Shawshank Inmate
Georgia Lyman
as Heather/Texas Guard
Caidon Vasquez
as Boy
Franco Pinacchio
as Prisoner
Danielle Perry
as Administrator
Alexandre Bagot
as Bertrand
James Harvey Ward
as Guard Jimmy
Peter Lewis Walsh
as Castle Rock Citizen/Football Spectator/Mellow Tiger Patron
Ted Opalinski
as Tower Guard
Roseann Ferrante
as Bartender
Charlie Tahan
as Dean Merrill
Jaison Hunter
as Suit #1
Bradley A. Boyd
as Maine State Trooper
Joe Garland
as Officer
Barkhad Abdi
as Abdi Howlwadaag
Carissa Roy
as Bridge Dedication Guest
Paul D. Messina
as Car Show Participant/Courthouse Visitor
Marc Carver
as Large Man
Wendy Bellevue
as Nurse
Jose Guns Alves
as Cop #3
Jane Levy
as Jackie Torrance
Tim Robbins
as Reginald 'Pop' Merrill
Christine Mascott
as Female Squatter
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Robere
James J. LaBonte
as Police Officer
David S. Bookbinder
as Castle Rock Citizen
Jeremiah Kissel
as Lou
Anthony Andruss
as Bar Patron
Allison Tolman
as Molly's Sister
Tom Granger
as Resident
Lizzy Caplan
as Annie Wilkes
Kris Sidberry
as Nurse
Brandon Whitehead
as Annoyed Citizen/Heckler
Charlotte Peed
as Party Guest #2
Jonathan Fielding
as VA Doctor
Abdullahi Ahmed
as Somali Worker
Lloyd Crago
as Prison Inmate
Forest Quaglia
as College Student
Robin Weigert
as Crysilda Wilkes
Rodrigo Lopresti
as Gaddis
Charles Luise
as Marstenite
Mathilde Dehaye
as Amity/Amity Lambert
Jason J. Tavares
as Texas State Police Officer
Marianna Bassham
as Prison Doctor
Nadezhda Russo
as French Settler
Isayas Theodros
as Jamal
Chris Breen
as Prison Inmate
Chosen Jacobs
as Wendell Deaver
Daphney Leigh
as Somalian
David Flores
as Mustached Teen
Anne Reardon
as Marstenite
Sam Turich
as Medic
Rosemary Quinlan
as Jeannie
Harper Pilat
as Doodler
Rocco Navarro
as Statue Carrier
Chris Richards
as Timid Guard
Lin Hult
as Prison Visitor
David Arthur Sousa
as Castle Rock Citizen
Jason Crowell
as Shawshank Prisoner
Alexander W. Pollock
as Pierre
Jeff Bouffard
as Prison Guard
Greg Black
as Shawshank Corrections Officer
Kevin Dennis
as Background
Sharmarke Yusuf
as Axmed/Abdi's Guy
Derek Mellor
as Castle Rock Citizen
Hodan Yusuf
as Kalifo
Andrea Athanassiou
as Zoe
Brett Rickaby
as Sheriff Jim
Zabryna Guevara
as Doctor Vargas
Lydia Barnett-Mulligan
as Female Patient
Oliver Comstock Reynolds
as Enchanted Castle Rocker
Terry O'Quinn
as Dale Lacy
Elbert Kim
as Parade Goer/Maine State Trooper
John Hoogenakker
as Carl Wilkes
Bill Thorpe
as Party Guest #1
Al Flores IV
as Shawshank Prison Inmate
Chris Coy
as Boyd
Lauren Bowles
as Gordon's Wife/Lillith
Tom Yates
as Sergeant
Osmani Rodriguez
as Castle Rock Cop
Anna Rizzo
as Female Guard
Nathan Porter
as Mental Patient
Charlie Tacker
as Young Chris
Reese Grande
as Coroner/Emily
Jimmy LeBlanc
as Goateed Inmate
Andrea Higgins
as Funeral Goer
Charles Van Eman
as Church Pastor
Lou Consolo
as Inmate 161834
Derek Pratt
as Marstenite Guard
Brian E. Stead
as Guard
Peter Brownlee
as Castle Rock Citizen
Nada Despotovich
as Bartender
Ross Higgins
as Shawshank Prison Guard
Alison Wright
as Valerie Blount
Robert Oliva
as Castle Rock Citizen/Man Walking Across Bridge/Mellow Tiger Bar Patron
Thomas Kee
as Cop/Officer
Thomas Dellamonica
as Willie Hand Double
Tom Kemp
as Older Deputy
Rob Lévesque
as Parisioner
Harbi Osman
as Naji/Naji (Tea Man)
Kevin Daigneault
as Bar Patron
James Le Gros
as Sheriff of Castle Rock
Timothy John Smith
as Deputy Ridgewick
Brendan Egan
as Guard
Bates Wilder
as Cop #2/Donny the Barman
Christopher Nardizzi
as Firefighter/Prison Guard
David L. Tamarin
as Blood Donor
Colbi Gannett
as Young Joy Wilkes
Art Hennessey
as Cemetery Clerk
Sissy Spacek
as Ruth Deaver
Chemi Che-Mponda
as Somali Mall Patron/Somali Townsperson
Gwen MacKay
as Bar Patron
Joseph Oliveira
as Shawshank Prisoner
Mohamed Abdinasir Mohamed
as Engineer
Samantha Richert
as Home Administrator
Michele Egerton
as Somali American
David Selby
as Josef Desjardins
Lance Norris
as Driver
Max von Schroeter
as Teen Ace
Richard Chandler
as Mover
Burke Moses
as Local Color Host
Peter Gannon
as Excited Guard
Olga N. Bogdanova
as Bridesmaid
Forrest Weber
as Louis
Patrick Vincent Curran
as Bar Manager/Bartender
Danny T. O'Brien
as Karaoke Singer
Ruby Cruz
as Teen Annie
Amy Lyn Elliott
as Shawshank Corrections Officer Owens
Rickland Powell
as LNJ Village Councilman/Shawshank Prisoner
Caroline Lawton
as Deputy Fran
Yefim Somin
as Shawshank Prison Janitor
Jed Griswold
as Bar Patron
Kim Gordon
as Chatty Neighbor
Jeffrey Pierce
as Young Alan Pangborn
Paul Noonan
as Marstenite
Christina Calvao
as Warden's Secretary
Erika Belisle
as Castle Rock Citizen
James Wilcox
as Security Guard
Lonnie Farmer
as Stout C.O.
Debbie Campbell
as Woman
Rob DiNinni
as Birthday Man
Rebecca Huerta
as EMT
Yusra Warsama
as Dr. Nadia Howlwadaag
Janet Wu
as Newscaster
Joy Lang
as Councilwoman Pinto
Julienne Hanzelka Kim
as Teagan
Kristina Byerley
as Marsten Citizen
Colton Osorio
as Nose Picker
Eric Sharpe
as Shawshank Corrections Officer Wells
Weverton Alves
as Shawshank Inmate
Chris Marko
as Inmate
Josh Cooke
as Reeves
Mark Zeisler
as Cal
Patrick W. Griffin
as Boy
Scott Lockhart
as Shawshank Correctional Officer
Ian Dylan Hunt
as Choir Member/Marstenite/Parishoner Paul
Christopher Deschenes
as Prisoner
Greg Grunberg
as Boucher
Emma Whitney
as Little Girl
Cassady McClincy
as Young Molly Strand
David J. Flores
as Mustache Teen
Josiah Harvey
as Shawshank Prisoner
Mickey Gilmore
as Shawshank Prisoner
Alex Ziwak
as Prison Inmate
Idil Guled
as Young Nadia
Khloe Packard
as Little Girl
William Xifaras
as Driver
Kenneth Siddons
as Short Inmate
Terry Monfet
as Server
Charles Coan
as British Soldier/Pedestrian
Brahms Guignard
as Castle Rock Citizen
Phyllis Somerville
as Leanne
Chad Knorr
as Billy
Nicole Despotopulos
as Castle Rock Citizen
Elsie Fisher
as Joy Wilkes
Frank Ridley
as Lieutenant
Richard Schiff
as Warden Porter's Superior
Russell Posner
as Derek
John Diehl
as John
Paul Meredith
as Utility Truck Driver
Sasha Kuznetsova
as Bar Patron/Bus Passenger
Schuyler Fisk
as Young Ruth Deaver

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 10 Episodes




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Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA)

Best Original Score - TV Show/Limited Series


Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA)

Outstanding Music Supervision - Television

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