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May, 21, 2022
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Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


In the year 2068, Earth receives a mysterious signal from Mars, a newly formed international intelligence and anti-terrorist organization, Spectrum, whose agents are code-named according to various colours, sends one of their top agent Captain Black on a mission to find the signal source. He and his crew discover a hidden alien race called The Mysterons, who are curious about Earth and it's inhabitants and sent the signals to meet new life. However Black mistakes a camera for a cannon and orders an attack on the Mysteron complex. This misunderstanding provokes the Mysterons to declare a war of nerves on Earth and throughout the series, they continually make terrorist threats to either kill VIP's such as world leaders, destroy locations such as cities and countries, and in some cases even entire continents. They then attempt to follow through with their threats by using what the Mysterons call "the ability of Retrometablism", simply put they can create an exact duplicate of anyone or anything they kill/destroy and it will be under their control. The Mysterons first act is to take over Captain Black's mind who then becomes the Mysterons top agent on earth. Meanwhile, Spectrum is put in charge of combating the Mysterons, and when one of their other top agents Captin Scarlet is killed and subjected to the Mysteron duplication process, but he was still alive at the time and as a result, his clone was able to shake off the Mysterons' control. This event gives Scarlet the added side effect of being virtually indestructible and impossible to kill, he can survive any wound as he will eventually heal himself to full recovery. This leaves Captain Scarlet to becoming Spectrums greatest asset in the fight against the Mysterons. As an agent of Spectrum, Captain Scarlet is under the leadership of Colonel White, whom with the help of his right-hand man, Lieutenant Green are ready to mobilize Spectrum forces at a moments notice from the airborne aircraft carrier called Cloudbase stationed high above the clouds. These include its fighter squadron, The Angels (5 beautiful yet deadly and skilled female combat pilots) piloting their Angel Interceptors as well as a fleet of other Spectrum Vehicles such as the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles (SPV), the Spectrum Saloon Cars (SSC), the Spectrum Passenger Jets (SPJ) and the Spectrum Helicopters among the many others. So when a Mysteron threat is announced Captain Scarlet together with his partner, Captain Blue as well as the other Spectrum Captain's seen in the series Captain Ocher, Captain Magenta and Captain Gray, must be constantly vigilant to fight against the deadly alien menace of the Mysterons from Mars.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 29, 1967

Also Known As: Captain Scarlet und die Rache der Mysterons, Captain ScarletEl capitán Escarlata, Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, キャプテン・スカーレット, Марсианские войны капитана Скарлета, El Capitan Escarlata, Capitaine Scarlet, Capitão Scarlet, Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet, キャプテンスカーレット |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), UK (U)United States (TV-PG, TV-G, TV-PG) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Century 21 Television, Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

CastSee full cast »

Shane Rimmer
as Mason/Pilot/Sergeant
Paul Maxwell
as Captain Grey/World President/1st Policeman/Base Commander/Breck/Captain - USS Panther II/DT19 Pilot/Fire Chief/General Tiempo/General Ward/Guard/Porter Benson/Supreme Commander of Earth Forces
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
as Captain Brown/Doctor Fawn/Agent 042/Airport Operator/Base Controller/Captain Hassel/Carter/Fairfield/Harris/Helicopter A42 Pilot/Lieutenant Belmont/Lieutenant Dean/Macy/Marshall/Morgan/Space General Paterson/Spectrum HQ, London
Neil McCallum
as 4th Policeman/Airport Controller/Professor G.A. Carney/Raynor/Security Centre Guard
Lian-Shin Yang
as Harmony Angel
Cy Grant
as Lieutenant Green
Jeremy Wilkin
as Captain Ochre/Radio Announcer/Human Captain Black/2nd Medical Student/3rd Policeman/5th Policeman/Andre Verdain/Angelini/Barman/Captain/Colonel Storm/Commissionaire/Control/Delta Garage Attendant/Director General Xian Yoh/Director General's Double/Distillery Attendant/Dr. Denton/Dr. Giadello/Dr. Kurnitz/Dr. Sommers/Guard 2/Jackson/Kinley/Lieutenant Burroughs/Lookout Warden/Major Gravener/Morton/Pilot/Radiographer/Reporter Harry/Rhodes/Robot/Security Man/Senior Cadet Joe Johnson/Shroeder/Spectrum, New York/Tribune Control Operator
Francis Matthews
as Captain Scarlet
David Healy
as Commodore Goddard/Dr. Conrad/Dr. Mitchell/Frazer/Geiger Operator/General Cope/General Rebus/Guard Voice 2/Jason Smith/Kruger/Lunar Controller/Major Brooks/Major Moran/Major Stone/President Roberts
Ed Bishop
as Captain Blue/Narrator
Bud Tingwell
Gary Files
as Captain Magenta/Holt/Sergeant/1st Medical Student/1st Warden (Post 14)/3rd Warden (Post 40)/Arab/Bank Security/Big Bear Sentry/Cadet Phil Machin/Captain Indigo/Charlie Hansen/Commander Williams/Conrad Olafson/Croupier/DJ Bob Lynn/Doig/Dr Turner/Driver/Eddie/Engineer/Ensin Soames/Flight Desk/Kramer/Lumberjack/Major Reeves/Mervin Brand/Neilson/Photographer Joe/Pilot/Security Chief/Security Guard/Trapper/Waiter
Sylvia Anderson
as Melody Angel/Gabrielle/Judith Chapman/Linda Nolan/Receptionist/Vice President's Wife
Janna Hill
as Symphony Angel/Intercontinental Airlines Tannoy
Martin King
as Guard/2nd Policeman/2nd Warden (Post 28)/Airstrip Announcer/Arab/Attendant/Bank Security/Bill Williams/Captain/Cariboo Sentry/Carl/DT19 Co-Pilot/Dr. Baxter/Dr. Theodore Magnus/Garage Mechanic/Helicopter Operator/Hotspot Control/MCA Tanker Driver's Mate/Navigator/Oil Worker/Orson/Red Dear Sentry (Joe)/Richards/Security Base Guard 1/Security Base Guard 2/Security Captain/Security Chief/Sergeant/Speech Intelligence Decoder (S.I.D)/Steele/TVR-17 Controller/Vice President

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1


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