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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Michael Westen is steamed -- or, more precisely, burned. His career as a spy ends when he gets a "burn notice," the covert equivalent of a pink slip. Stuck in his hometown of Miami, he intends to find out who did this to him and why, although that's not easy to do: With the burn notice attached to his name, he is cut off from his usual contacts and has to fly under the radar of the intelligence network lest he tip off his secret enemy. So it's a good thing he can rely on help from Fiona, his ex-girlfriend and IRA spy, and his friend Sam, also a former spy. Then there's Madeline, Michael's mother, a hypochondriac but probably not a spy.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 28, 2007

Also Known As: Último aviso, Agent |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Canada (G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

miami, florida
private investigator

Company Credits

Production Co: Fabrik Entertainment, Flying Glass of Milk Productions |  See more »


Oliver Keller
as Tyler
Chance Kelly
as Vincent
Stewart J. Zully
as Feldman
Rodrigo De la Rosa
as Burly Guard
Chris Ellis
as Virgil Watkins
Bill Kelly
as Agent Sexton
Nestor Serrano
as Tony Caro
David Steel
as Security Guard (Norm)
Mark Salem
as Weasely Guy
Danny Trejo
as Felipe Vega
Roger J. Timber
as Security Guard
Lucy Lawless
as Evelyn
Carlos Sanz
as Armando Puente
Maurice Compte
as Trevor
Owen Harn
as Vic
Jason Katz
as Cousin Robbie
David Andrew Nash
as Gate Guard
Orlando Espinosa
as Bodega Clerk
James C. Burns
as Ryder Stahl
Joel Spence
as Isogene Manager
Michele Nordin
as Denise O'Lear
Spencer Garrett
as Lynch
Ben Hausbach
as FBI Agent
Garret Dillahunt
as Simon Escher
Oona O'Connell
as Club Girl
Dean Coleman
as Drunk Businessman #1
as Dolly
Alejandro Posada
as Security Guard
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Ruben Hernandez
Paul D. Schad
as Tourist
Tom Stedham
as CIA Agent/Prison Guard/Mercenary
Tamara Paquette
as Lunch Companion #1
Andrew Divoff
as Ivan
Ben Clerveaux
as Black Tie Auction Guest/Chemical Factory Foreman/Featured Taxi Driver/Gala Patron/Hotel Patron
Ward G. Smith
as Arthur Meyers
Ivy Stein
as Cassie
Kevin L. Humes
Rachel Faulkner
as Carlito's Patron
Tyne Daly
as Tina
James Ransone
as Dennis Wayne Barfield
Jeff Brozovich
as Burly Operative
Chris Charles Herbert
as Auctioneer
Reggie Pierre
as Abednego
Chris Morena
as Driver
Martin Amado
as Hotel Employee
Xavier Coronel
as Hotel Manager
Rich Sommer
as Winston
Erik Fabregat
as Matt Reese
David Barry Gray
as Kenny
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
as Pablo
Joseph Giambrone
as Cafe Patron/Chemical Factory Worker
Erik Palladino
as Matheson
Brett Cullen
as Lawrence Henderson
Nicholas Alexander
as Skateboarder #2
Jennifer Keister
as Peggy
Niko Nedyalkov
as Goateed Thug/Russian
Tom Parish
as Waiter - Charthouse
Erick Avari
as Nefzi
Ronald Shelley
as Kelly Duke
Adam Vernier
as Fire Chief
Jude Ciccolella
as Connor Johnson
Jelena Panfilova
as Russian Girl
Angela Miller
as Hospital Receptionist
John Mahoney
as Management
Ray Lloyd
as Nydam
James Lane
as Disgruntled Techie
Roy Lynam
as Whit
Christopher Parker
as Cop
Mark De Alessandro
as Police Officer
Timothy Brennen
as Bomb Maker-Keith
Wade Allain-Marcus
as Hispanic Man
Charles Harrelson
as Edward
Israel Garcia
as Hector Rivera
Elsie Gattas
as Receptionist
Chad Gall
as Grad Student
Ravil Isyanov
as Vladimir Duboff
Diana Garle
as Receptionist
Ellen Jacoby
as Dog Lady
JB Blanc
as Ivan
Owen Miller
as Agent Harper
Charisma Carpenter
as Nicki Skyler
James Pace
as SWAT Commander
Dean Cain
as Ryan Pewterbaugh
Julie Anne Prescott
as Thug Girl
Basil Wallace
as Claude Laurent
Patrick Fabian
as Zeke
Manny Hernandez
as Eduardo
Julio Perez
as Thug
Keith Aherne
as Big Man
Chuck Aurin
as Fiona's Neighbor/Loan Shark/Traffic Jam driver
Tom Nowicki
as Conrad
Andrew Sensenig
as Board of Health Agent
Henri Lubatti
as Steve Cahill
Aygemang Clay
as Scowling Hardass
Paulo César Quevedo
as Eddy
Phil Armijo
as Trucker
Al Sapienza
as FBI Agent Callahan
Dimitri Diatchenko
as Boris
Vincent Chimato
as Clerk
Erica Hare
as Carlito Waitress
Mario Ernesto Sánchez
as Campos
V.J. Foster
as Vitali
Laurel Levey
as Bank Hostage/Street Thug
Marshall Manesh
as Anwar
Megan Gallacher
as Cell Phone Girl
Peggy Sheffield
as Warden Mills
Paul Louis
as Alfredo
Jeffrey Johnson
as Kent Fontenau
Rachel Burttram
as Shannon Park's Assistant
Iris Lynne Sherman
as Sister #1
Lucas Martin
as Son
Cristina del Carmen
as Golf Club Secretary
Jay R. Ferguson
as John O'Lear
Justina Machado
as Lauren
Natalie Dreyfuss
as Sophie Stagner
Jeff Chase
as Wayne Ray
Damian Lang
as Building Security Guard
Chris Ballinger
as Police Officer
Grant Koo
as Asian Driver & Bodyguard
John Allen Nelson
as Lesher
Cedric Dumornay
as National Guardsman
Tyrone Clinton
as Security Guard
Rachel Katz
as Anne
Aviva Baumann
as Eve
Mario Nalini
as Cartel Guard #1
Assaf Cohen
as Waseem
Han Soto
as Guard #2
Jeff Wiens
as Pilot
Amy Pietz
as Jeannie Anderson
Liannette Altuve
as Hostage
Emily Baldoni
as Katya
Randy Barco
as Morris's Henchmen
Raphael Sbarge
as Pete Jackman
Sarahi Diaz
as Rebecca
John Verea
as Juan Ruiz
Tricia Helfer
as Carla
Anthony Ruivivar
as Rafael Montero
Marc Macaulay
as Agent Harris
Deborah L. Sherman
as Manager
Oded Fehr
as Timo
Michael Erle Hancock
as Lawyer
Bruce Michael
as Non-Stop Talking Guy
William Barnes
as Cop/Marshal #1
Alan Dale
as Ken Bocklage
Sterling Royston
as Auction Guest/Casino Guest/Computer Hacker
Christian Lopez
as Shirtless Bar Patron
Frenchi Firecracker
as Cash Out Teller/Child Protective Custody Employee/DEA Agent
Frank Whaley
as Josh Wagner
Steve Lantz
as Security Guard
Roy Lewis Garton
as DCA Agent
Candice Loper
as Party Girl
Sergio Quintero
as Wannabe
Annilie Hastey
as Sugar's Girl
Tracy Lee
as Military Prison.Guard
Karla Dieseldorff
as Kissing Girlfriend
Hunter Womack
as Rawls
Keith Hudson
as Hulking Guy/Pano
Oscar Corbella
as Albert Machado
Pedro Moreno
as Vaughn's Lookout
Peter Mensah
as Marco Cabral
Joseph Akharoh Jr.
as Beach Side Speaker
Oleg Prudius
as Guard
Jesse Furman
as Guard #2
Patrick Mickler
as Hal
Claudio Pinto
as Soldier
Luis Burbano
as Security Guard
Greg Sproles
as Serge
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Dean Hunter
Ashani Roberts
as Waitress
Tim Griffin
as Frank Westen
Elissa Kapneck
as Model
Emmett Hunter
as Operative
Brian Tee
as Takeda
Patrick H. Fox
as CIA Agent
Justin Michael Kelley
as Chase Scene Cop
Matt Nix
as News Reporter
Meg Pryor
as FAA Clerk - Linda
Carlos Jorge Guerrero
as Esteban
Wade Williams
as Carter
Christy Antonio
as Receptionist
Randall Core
as CIA Agent/CIA Tech
Giovanni Rodriguez
as Alpha Team Member/Hatchet Man
Jere Burns
as Anson Fullerton
Nicholas X. Parsons
as Teacher's Assistant
Robert J. Fox
as CIA Tech
Mariam Devash
as Inmate
John Pyper-Ferguson
as James Kendrick
Josh Randall
as Greg
Nelson J. Perez
as Head Security
Stephen Bullard
as MI6 Agent
Roberto E. Moscoso
as Hospital Guard
Memo Sauceda
as Ramiro Salazar
Stacy Haiduk
as Rachel
Amy Vitale
as Kidnapped Russian Girl
Audrey Landers
as Veronica
Clayne Crawford
as Ryan Johnson
John Vanis II
as Thug
Ravi Kapoor
as Yash Ahluwalia
Marya Pirak
as Hot Promo Girl
Darnell Kirkwood
as Guard
Chick Bernhard
as Truck Driver
Michael Francis
as Thug
Mack Preston
as Bud
Adam Gagan
as Thug
Jamil Malik
as Damour Guard/Yash's Guard
John Ales
as Matt Bailey
Dan Kelly
as Account Manager
Darryl Baldwin
as Thug
Claudia Londoño
as Woman in Restaurant
Sisily Marin
as Pedestrian
Joe Hess
as Gilbert Kessler
Tim Bass
as Gus
Steven Klein
as Alexi
P.J. Byrne
as Stacey Conolly
Andrew Crocker
as Kessler
Garrett Kruithof
as Motorcycle Dealer
Chris O'Connor
as Sergeant
Keri Maletto
as Clinic Nurse
Gabe Sklar
as Young Nate Westen
Joe Kimble
as Bill Johnson
Ken Clement
as Takarov
Barry Brandt
as Security Guard
Shane Walters
as Door Man
Karen Garcia
as Carlito Waitress
Justin Smith
as Blake
Connor Kelly
as Landes
John van Dalen
as Auctioneer
Angélica Celaya
as Angela Flores
Sope Aluko
as Dr. Winnick
Sean Patrick Kennedy
as Restaurant Patron
Cristhian Andrews
as CIA Tech Specialist
Mikhail Avraham
as Amari Reeds
Jannette Sepwa
as Irritated Guard
Mike Mercadal
as Driver
Ian Anthony Williams
as Ty
Max Perlich
as Hank
Margo Peace
as Nurse
Aerica D'Amaro
as Detective Holloway
W. Earl Brown
as Zechariah
Justin Sean Watson
as Hospital Security Guard
Edwin Negron
as Pedestrian
Laurence Mason
as Andre Dekker
Richard Schiff
as Phillip Cowan
Scott Michael Campbell
as Jake Miller
Roe Dunkley
as Construction/EMT
Luis Antonio
as Pilot
Antares Davis
as Regina
Antoni Corone
as Mason
Massiel Checo
as Cocaine Packer/Cuban Cop
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Rincon
Michael O'Keefe
as Wallace
Dean Napolitano
as Riker Executive
Idalis DeLeon
as Concha Ramirez
Rey Hernandez
as Lead Commando/Muscle Kid
Charles Mesure
as Jack Frakes
John Archie
as Police Chief Thomas
Mark Lainer
as Hill
Bodo Goerisch
as Irish Bar Patron
David Hemphill
as Runner
Edwin Lopez
as Ryder's Guy
David Fine
as Baranski
Guri Weinberg
as Ari Zamar
Tom Gallop
as Kevin Skyler
Carlos Guerrero
as Rico
Warren Raven Neal
as Huge Thug
David Pachucki
as Office Worker
Joshua Ritter
as Fisherman
Logan Newell
as CSS Agent #2
Tristan Hall
as Featured Child on Swing
Ptolemy Slocum
as Oswald Patterson
Benito Martinez
as David
Byron Mann
as Ming Khan
Jack Dimich
as Djovic
David Yuzuk
as Cop/Guard #2/Security Guard
Lorenzo Toledo
as Cop
Julie Upton
as Female Thief
Brendan O'Malley
as Gabriel Manaro
Jeffrey Hersh
as CIA Agent/Driver/Navy Seal/Officer
Avis-Marie Barnes
as Judy
Russell Duncan
as Club Guy
Tony Senzamici
as Detective Tom Kendrick
Thomas Gilbert
as Mason Goon #1
Justin McLendon
as Valet
Gary Weeks
as Campbell
Sara Frankino
as High School Prom Student
Dominick Vicchiullo
as Security Guard
Kristof Konrad
as Milovan Dragas
Joe Vida
as Doctor
Kit DeZolt
as College Student
Michael St. Pierre
as Bald Man
Michael Naughton
as Andy
Sandor Juan
as Police Officer
Chris Marazzo
as Derek Poole
Gino Salvano
as Rashad
Isaac Feldman
as Bank Manager
Ilza Ponko
as Beatriz
Debi Mazar
as Amy
Eduardo Pérez
as Police Detective
Sticky Fingaz
as Felix Cole
Adele Uddo
as Angela
Eric Perez
as Gambler/Morris's Henchman
Rick Seguso
as Jesse's Contact
Dominick LaBanca
as Bald Man
Tony Lewis Centore
as Shop Owner
Nicholle Tom
as Melissa Fontenau
Michael Christopher Rodney
as Sherrod Washington
Craig Bonaventura
as Nando's Thug/Rocker Kid
Carlos Gómez
as Carlos
Aaron Goldenberg
as Confused Bellhop
Gregg Henry
as Ian Covey
Tommy O'Brien
as CIA Brass John Casey/Hotel Guest/Melvin Turner/Night Club Patron
Brian Scannell
as Dean
Anthony A. Cruz
as Cop #1
Jim R. Coleman
as Building Supervisor
Chris Conner
as Stuart
André Holland
as Dion Carver
Matthew Humphreys
as Philip
Rod Ball
as Jailer
Paul Hipp
as Al Sapienza
Rhys Coiro
as Vince Cutler
David Piggott
as Ravel
Alkhanfri Fred
as Charlie
Scott Lewis
as Jamaican #2
Joe Rodriguez
as Pedestrian
Robert Nuzzie
as Flirt
Natalia Marie
as Prisoner/Restaurant Patron
Alexander Leaty
as Corner Boy
Scott Borish
as Tom Norris
Sally Born
as Nurse
Joe Echegaray
as Scary Gangbanger
Patrick Louis Ah-Wong
as Burly Guard
Andrew Wind
as Anderson
John Cosomano
as AFC Security Chief
Navi Rawat
as Kendra
Leif Lynch
as Waiter - Romanov's
Tim Powell
as Mr. Autry
Gregg Avedon
as Eric
Graham Shiels
as Todd
Burt Reynolds
as Paul Anderson
Rebeca Donovan
as Mall Shopper
James Martin Kelly
as Lieutenant Seth Casey
Larry Bukovey
as Man with Shopping Bag
Luis Fernandez
as Banger #1
Trave Reynolds
as Soldier
Karen Stephens
as Receptionist
David W. LeBlanc
as Bartender/CIA Brass R. Cooper/Jogger/News Reporter
Julie Kendall
as Bank Hostage
Zach Sale
as Brian
Brett Taylor
as Hoffman
Ed Montalvo
as The Operative
Ray Wise
as Mr. Pyne
Dean Grimes
as Shooter
Charlie Weber
as Jacob Starky
Trina Christine Mason
as Pool Girl #1
Philip Hoelcher
as Cop #1/K-9 Officer
Craig Witz
as Russian/Russian Cartel-Boat Captain
Vincent Flood
as Anthony
Daniel Dasent
as Tall Operative
Jean Louisa Kelly
as Emily
Jason Bartley
as Nigerian Thug/Valentine's Bodyguard
Luke Albright
as Jake
Jose Miguel Vasquez
as Marina Security Guard
Helmy Lavezzari
as Gambler/Hotel - Tourist
Olga Bespalenko
as Secretary
Kiki Harris
as Jessica
Jessica K. Peterson
as Attendant
Johnny Colon
as Police Sergeant
Ethan Henry
as Guard
Daniel Gerroll
as Carson Huxley
Jessica Baldwin
as Melody Miller
Chris Ashby
as Cop #3
Benhur Sito Barrero
as Thug in Car
Jerome RM Turner
as CIA Agent
Sonja Sohn
as Olivia Riley
Terrance Murphy
as Bartender/Suited Man
Jimmy Star
as Clothing Designer/Miami Dade Marine Officer
Fiorella Mayorca
as Burn Victim
Stephen L. Cohen
as Henchman/Mourner/Steele's Guard
W. Paul Bodie
as Lead Guard
Gabriel Lopez
as Security Guard
Lorena Segura York
as Marta
Norm McDonald
as Suit
Vanessa Martinas
as Club Dancer/Passerby/Shopper
R.D. Call
as Brian Quinn
David J. Porras
as Man #1
Zabryna Guevara
as Ayn
Robert Thompson
as Armed Guard/Getaway Driver/Pool Patron
Lyduan Gonzalez
as Dominican Thug
Lorraine Caporaso
as Bank Customer/Black Tie Auction Guest/Café Patron
Rob Benedict
as Eddie Ash
B.J. Parker
as Police Officer
Izzy Martinez
as Carmelo Thug/Spectator
Stephen Brevig
as Thug Poker Player
Esme Rebecca Susan Nix
as Little Girl
George Tasudis
as Oleg
Everett Graves
as Little Kid
Michael Gregory
as George
Dedee Pfeiffer
as Cara Stagner
Michael T. Weiss
as Holcomb
Fredrick Bam Scott
as Dion's Thug
Vanessa Volt
as Latin Waitress
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Damon
Shawn Fralin
as Xavier's Thug
as Banger #2
Jeffrey Donovan
as Michael Westen
James D. Ballard
as Attorney
Jeffrey A. Stern
as Upcale Security Guard
Katherine LaNasa
as Shannon Park
René Lavan
as Alejandro Lopez
Ely Feldman
as Visitor in Jail
Thor Wahlestedt
as Tommy
Anthony Starke
as Doug Baker
Ken Benjamin
as Jamaican #1
Christopher Maher
as Dr. Omar Hamed
Michael Ironside
as Gregory Hart
Desiree Anderson
as Sorority Girl #1
Alexa Kuve
as Marcela Flores
William Haze
as Oscar Wilhem
Victor Salvatore
as Shop Owner
Christie Miró
as Policewoman
Kylee Cochran
as Ruth Westen
Chiko Mendez
as CIA Tech/Man
Amanda Canciano
as Bar Patron/Carlito's Bar
Raymond Forchion
as Butch McCall
Ricardo Finnis
as Bartender/Police Officer
Melissa Cabana
as Receptionist
Gregg Weiner
as Yevgeni
Jay Harrington
as Erik Luna
David Mackey
as Fuller
Rayvon Chelsea Casamayor
as Tanya
Steven W. Bailey
as Buddy
Rick Batalla
as Rico
Judy Clayton
as Phyllis
Michael Montrond
as Associate
Steven Murley
as Police Officer
John C. McGinley
as Tom Card
as Bar Patron
Thomas Blood
as Head Guard
Ray Bouchard
as Gringo Pilot
Jalen James Acosta
as Guy
Tommy Groth
as Rudy
Katie Barberi
as Ms. Arnold
Matthew Chizever
as Guard
Elayne Wilks
as Laura
Casey Hendershot
as Irish Thug #4
Timothy V. Murphy
as Vincent Durov
Ric Kong
as Khan's Thug
Diane Adams
as Counselor
William Mapother
as Garret Hartley
Andy Mackenzie
as Hunter
Paul Caesar
as Guard
Robert F. Holt
as Irish Thug #3
Patrick Bradford
as Additional
Jonathan Adams
as Joseph Kamba
Erik Joseph
as DEA Agent
Valeska Castillo
as Sabrina
Julia Shure
as Hostage
Horatio Tihanyi
as Jimmy's Guy
Jacob Vargas
as Omar Hernandez
Serafin Falcon
as Security Guard
Devon Dassaw
as Radio Operator
Juan Santos
as Bobby
Brandon Morris
as Agent Lane
David Sussman
as Pilot
Adam Clark
as Tony Soto
Josh Mueller
as Bus boy
Nick Galarza
as Joey
Brittney Collins
as Trina
Brian Haase
as Bodyguard
Alex Castro
as Gabriel's Thug
Tom Norsemann
as Serge
Julio Lourido
as Hitman
Steve DuMouchel
as Bruce Gellman
Craig Wroe
as Walter
Tay Lindsey
as Mercenary
Alan D'Antoni
as Pavel's Friend
Dwayne Smith
as Guard
Gideon Emery
as Sean Glenanne
Clayton Rohner
as Nick Madison
Bobby Dodge
as Officer Pepiol
Amy Wegmann
as News Announcer
Nicholas Turturro
as Tommy
Hayes Hargrove
as The Tester
Gina Duval
as Club Girl
Cindy Gold
as Waitress
Stacy Ann Rose
as Clerk
Gabrielle Anwar
as Fiona Glenanne
Steven Culp
as Christian Aikins
Kevin A. Walton
as Guard/Owen/Security Jacket Robber
Brando Eaton
as Evan
Patrick Michael Buckley
as Leg Wound Robber
Nicholas Simmons
as CSS Agent #1/Cop #1/Thief #1
Matt Winston
as Howard
Scott Michael Morgan
as Jonathan Carver
Anthony Bless
as Right Hand Thug
Rick D. Wasserman
as Wes Foster
René Granado
as Armed Guard
John Dudley
as Police Officer at Impound Lot
Clarence Williams III
as Jean Pierre's Father
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
as Nursing Station Attendant
Kent Lefebvre
as Skateboarder #1
Rancel Hernandez Martinez
as Bartender
John Bixler
as Maitre d'
Janice Sims
as Police Officer
Steve Gebara
as CIA Agent
Udo Nwabudku
as Special Forces Guy
Cherry-Ann Parris
as Club Patron
Angelo Valderrama
as Claudio
Derrick Rodgers
as Surly Guard
Elioret Silva
as Huge Thug
Charlie Nix
as Jack
Eric Weida
as Tony Lara
Ernie Boch
as Hot Dog Vendor
Pete Penuel
as James Bailey
Joe Mignone
as Club Guy
Stephen Muzzonigro
as Jimmy
Marcia Frazier
as MI6 Agent
Mike Guzman
as Orderly
John Ross Bowie
as Paul
Christian Ochoa
as Chacho
Andrew Bryniarski
as Big Ed
Matt Doman
as Daryl Jordan
Jon Seda
as Cole
Marcos A. Ferraez
as Thorne
Tom Izdon
as Lab Worker/Porter
Rhea Seehorn
as Patty
Don Festge
as Armed Nuclear Guard/US Marshall
Derek Latta
as Cop #1/Guard #2
Enrique Herrera
as Coffee Vendor
Zachery Ty Bryan
as Drew
Taylor Tunes
as Model
Laura Regan
as Sarah Aikins
Jim Ferraro
as Driver/Fake Oscar
Patrick Fischler
as Jimmy
Carlos Bernard
as Gabriel
Tony Walls
as Head Security Guard
José Zúñiga
as Vasquez
Derrick Redford
as Bank Teller
Mandy June Turpin
as Paula Foster
Chrissy Marie Kelly
as Shannon
Raw Leiba
as Ricardo
Tyrees Allen
as CIA Director
Steve Zurk
as Benny
Joe Vita
as Gio Russo
Cindy Taylor
as Bonnie
Joel Swetow
as Eli Zamar
Adam Fortner
as Security Guard
Kevin Alejandro
as Raul
Raheem Babalola
as Lloyd Ritchey
Heather Lange
as Guard
Todd Cahoon
as Ric Peterson
Dalton Tice
as Ten Year Old Boy
Claudia Rocafort
as ER Doctor/Ms. Reynolds
Ben Shenkman
as Tom Strickler
Brian Van Holt
as Harlan
Tolga Kavut
as Security Guy
Coby Bell
as Jesse Porter
Max Martini
as Gerard
Katherine Gilton
as Auction Guest/Hotel Guest
Keith C. Wade
as Opa-Locka Security Guard
Fernando Pacanins
as Henchman
Nicholas Melendez
as Corner Boy
Nick E. Tarabay
as Dexter Gamble
Jeremy Palko
as Coast Guard Captain
Taryn Manning
as Nicole
Kristanna Loken
as Rebecca Lang
Matt Lauria
as Ethan
Hannia Guillen
as Debbie
Carmen López
as Driver
Kim Ostrenko
as Facility Manager
Todd Warren
as Shooter
Steven Crowley
as Club Guy
Francisco Paz
as Black Market Customer
Arthur Joseph
as Servant
Castulo Guerra
as Refino Cortez
David Lomax
as Mason Goon #2
M.C. Gainey
as Jacob Orr
Chris Payne Gilbert
as Thomas McKee
Andy Davoli
as Brad Ramsey
Derek Roberts
as Head of Security
Gil Torres Jr.
as Bank Security Guard/Fruit Vendor
George Kokkoris
as Earl
Stephen Martines
as Carlos Cruz
Phillip Giannikas
as Martin
Kim Taratko
as Secretary
Lawrence H. Collins
as Deputy Director Clark
Mia Terez Deuschle
as Party Girl
Tim Pulnik
as Sentry
Paul Gutrecht
as Ilan Zamar
Stella Maris Ortiz
as Security Guard/Sister #2
as Call Girl
Todd Allen Durkin
as Ross
Tony Abbate
as CIA Officer
Arturo Rossi
as Sugar
Lincoln Potwin
as Well Dressed Man
Victor Centofanti
as Plant Employee
Yamil Piedra
as Ray
Katia Buendia
as Juan's Daughter
Brendan Quilter
as Someone in the Crowd
David Fickas
as Jack Dixon
Alfredo Barrios Jr.
as Agent Ramirez
Michael Beasley
as Detective Tau
Gene Bunge
as Groundskeeper
Brian Brightman
as CIA Interrogator
Alex Livinalli
as DCA Agent
Gui Inacio
as Fiona's Date
Renata Eastlick
as Tech
Keith Diamond
as John Beck
Eric Roberts
as Reed Perkins
Lance Tafelski
as Vic
Jordan Werner
as Guard Carter
Teo Castellanos
as Operative
Mike Rio
as Mercenary
Kim Cozort
as Lindsey
Rico Aragon
as Bartender
Anthony Peyton
as Officer
Gaston Renaud
as Red Bull Robber
Wayne LeGette
as Greyson Miller
Gavin Rossdale
as Armand
Peter Anaya
as Montero's Thug
Marla Sokoloff
as Melanie
Patton Oswalt
as Calvin Schmidt
Lochlyn Munro
as Dr. Jed
Shayna Bofill
as Leila
Christina Jolie Breza
as Hotel Employee
Rodney Rowland
as Bank Robber
Greg Pitts
as Warrick
Angel Luis Hernández
as La Nación Inmate/Security Guard
Kai Lennox
as Dan Tesmond
Neil Butterfield
as Randall
Moon Bloodgood
as Detective Paxson
Hess Wesley
as Lunch Companion #2/Soldier
Hank Stone
as Karl
Allison Huntley
as Loving Woman
Sammy Sheik
as Khalid Maziq
Kane Schirmer
as Security Guard
Ric Reitz
as Jack Vale
Jay Karnes
as Tyler Brennen
Brooklyn Murphy
as Restaurant Patron
Gerald Owens
as Therapist
Dennis Spain
as SWAT Team Leader
Jon Ecklund
as Evan
Alfonso DiLuca
as Cristo
Robin Givens
as Kandi
Talina Adamo
as Sexy Secretary
Jamison Jones
as Charles Archer
Alexie Gilmore
as Claire Baruchel
Pete Marzilli
as Connor
Jocko Sims
as Billy Taylor
Michael Gordon
as Jimmy
Gregory Sanon
as Witness
Tony Demil
as Alpha Team Operative
Adam B. Scott
as Delivery Guy
Ilia Volok
as Jan Haseck
J.C. MacKenzie
as Hector Oaks
Eric Lange
as Bill Reese
Eiko Nijo
as Ryoko Maji
Michael Luckett
as CIA Commando
Aaron McPherson
as C.J.
Jason Andis
as Cuban Cop-Airport Scene
Karma Hall
as Mother on Playground
Cheryl Hargrove
as Waitress
Mark Pellegrino
as Quentin King
Antonio Jaramillo
as Detective Garza
Louis Aguirre
as Karnes
Meta Golding
as Selina
Jordan Belfi
as Cody Ward
Charles De La Rosa
as Detective Lopez
Johnny Messner
as Glenn Harrick
Dushawn Moses
as ATF Agent
Andrew Benator
as Clerk
Andrew Rasputin
as Lead Guard
Amanda C. Harris
as Sorority Girl #2
Jeff Kober
as Falcone
Jonathan G. Rodriguez
as Dominican Thug
Mike Robinson
as AFC Guard/Cop #2
Chad L. Coleman
as Brady Pressman
Beth Curry
as Donna Foster
Joel Gretsch
as Scott Chandler
Amaury Nolasco
as Mateo
Eric Esteban
as Hiroshi
James Black
as Jean Pierre Duman
Marina Benedict
as Colonel Oksana Zhirkov
James Gaiero
as Bar Patron/Lawyer
Erik King
as Bolo
Ian Anthony Dale
as Xavier
Matthew James Nix
as Matthew
Jimmy Roger
as Cop #1
Carlos Orizondo
as Mechoso
Stefan Pinto
as Libyan Operative
Peter J. Lucas
as Pyotr Chechik
Tino Tsutras
as Brandon Diggs
Adrian F. Gonzalez
as Mercenary
Aubrey Peeples
as Sophie Resnick
Amber Norell
as Mall Patron/Yogurt Shop Patron
Jeremiah Durden
as Bell Hop
Bechir Sylvain
as Pierre
Joe Vega
as Thug #1
Nick Volpe
as Little Boy
Stephen Tate
as Uniformed Cop
Richard Burgi
as Morris
Larry Clarke
as Henry
Joe Hursley
as Justin Walsh
Fedor Steer
as Lead Operative
Michael McBride
as Bartender/Irish Thug #1
Milena Rivero
as Serrano's Daughter
Sofia Citarella
as Joanne
Nicholas Lea
as Quinn Luna
Jessica Guadix
Ryan Jacobs
as CIA Agent
Scott Sorrels
as Guard #1
Tim Matheson
as Larry Sizemore
Josie Davis
as April Luna
Bruce Blauer
as Ray Wagoner
Ben Watkins
as Ricky Watkins
William Waddell Jr.
as Detective
Chris Sundlee
as Bermuda Tourist
Melissa Eaton
as Waitress
Andy Quiroga
as Edgar/Head Security Guard
Joey Naber
as James' Operative
Tim Ware
as Jumbo
Michael Rooker
as Dale Lawson
Robert Melo
as Bartender
Jessika Brodosi
as Petite Woman
Stefen Laurantz
as Zeke's Partner #1
Keith Blaney
as Shady Car Salesman
Erick Szot
as Security Guard/Security Guard, Cop
Buddy Dolan
as Irish Thug #2
James McEvoy
as Cop
Christina Moore
as Isabella
Alexander Alsina
as Javier
Daimion Johnson
as Agent Braun
Jay Gutierrez
as Student
Van Banoovong
as Bartender/Inmate/Scientist/Tourist
Erin Beute
as Check-In Woman
Frank Licari
as Guard Hill
Roberto Escobar
as Marco
Alison Pelletier
as Club Girl
Paul Blackthorne
as Thomas O'Neill
Fawad Siddiqui
as Head Consul
Rick Yudt
as Security Consultant
Sherman Roberts
as Tailor
Sandra Ives
as HR Lady
Steven T. Robinson
as Businessman
Susie Abromeit
as Jenna Reese
Klif Gehring
as Gunther Ehren
Natalie Stavola
as Daycare Worker
Igor Jijikine
as Vlad
Karin Kelts
as Felicia
Mark Newman
as Real EMT
Tony McFarr
as Lead Guy/Stunt Billy
Robb Ross
as Russian Thug
Richard Cravens
as Commando
Tina Casciani
as Alicia Renson
Javier Morga
as Gustavo
Ana Layevska
as Irina
Valeska Grant
as FBI Agent
Paul Barth
as Heliocopter Pilot
Michael Jace
as Jeff Taylor
Owen Meyer
as James' Operative/James Operative
Danny Pino
as Adam Scott
Justin Santos
as Little Boy
Dina Meyer
as Samantha
Bridey Kearns
as Prisoner
Chris Marks
as Maintenance Man/Oscar Markov
Kenny Johnson
as Tyler Gray
Meshaun Labrone
as Marcus
Milton Perez
as Bartender
Chris Vance
as Mason Gilroy
Adam Cronan
as Surveillance Guy
Peter Paul DeLeo
as Security Guard
Jennifer Taylor
as Elsa
Sergei Zelinsky
as Pavel
Scott Getz
as Fisherman/Undercover Agent
Rebecca Thompson
as CIA Tech
Hakim Callender
as Sherrod's Associate
Ricky Wayne
as Walt Renson
Sean Mahabir
as Police Officer #2
David Zayas
as Javier
Brian White
as Agent Woods
Michael B. Jordan
as Corey Jensen
Evan Judson
as Bravo Team Operative
Jack Coleman
as Andrew Strong
Ahmad Newman
as Factory Worker/South Beach Type
Raquel Merediz
as Restaurant Patron
Pam Cook
as Clerk
Alicia Reese
as Bank Customer/Mall Patron
Robert Younis
as Akhom Thabet
Shawn Hebert
as Sandcastle Kid
Edward Youssef
as Big Biker
Ricky Waugh
as Al
Michael Reilly Burke
as Peter Mallard
Kristian Lugo
as Caterer
Joe Abby
as Detective 1
Thomas Falborn
as NTSB Administrator
Rebecca Lowman
as Patricia
Mike Benitez
as Printer
Todd Jensen
as Dean Myers
Christina Rodriguez
as Police Detective/CIA Agent/FBI Agent/Police Officer
Rick Kelly
as Tim Hastings
George Maniatakos
as Curley
Richard Kind
as Marv
Danny Machado
as Police Officer
Tom Hillmann
as Lieutenant Briggs
Elizabeth A. Bottino-Miloscia
as Mother Visiting Son in Prison with Granddaughter
Eric Bivens-Bush
as KC
Michael Aronov
as Serb/Vlade
Seth Peterson
as Nate Westen
Frank Tedesco
as Miami Dade Marine Officer
Harrison Myles
as Restaurant Customer
Todd Stashwick
as Carmelo Dante
Callie Thorne
as Natalie Rice
Grant Show
as Max
Brice Beckham
as Jeremy
Steven Bauer
as Reyes
Abigail Kuklis
as Gorgeous Hostess
Method Man
as Valentine
Zay Zay Aquino
as Policeman #1
Lauren Stamile
as Agent Pearce
Jackie Becker
as Hotel Desk Clerk
Matthew Sterling Nye
as Stoner Teen
Olga Jane Shimansky
as Elena
John Doman
as Bill Cowley
Brandiss Lashai Seward
as Guard/Guard #2
Allee Newhoff
as Bikeshop Owner's Daughter
Michael Houston King
as Wayne Meyerson
Otto Sanchez
as Diego Garza
Alan Ruck
as Max Lyster
Kelvin Yu
as Nick Lam
Elizabeth Grace Becker
as Club Patron
Paul Wight
as Griffin Black
Alex Carter
as Jason Bly
Tamara Jones
as Officer #2
Billy Smith
as James Leary
Sharon Gless
as Madeline Westen
Andrew Howard
as Tavian Korzha
Manuel Uriza
as Cruz
Beau Yotty
as FBI Front Desk Agent
Ni Osouna
as Thug
Dave Duda
as Truck Driver
Freddy Hernandez
as Bartender
Robert Wisdom
as Vaughn Anderson
Santos Caraballo
as CIA Tech
Mauricio Suarez
as David
JLynne Herrington
as Prisoner
Fiona Landers
as Karina
Sam Yazbeck
as Bouncer
Michael E. Sanders
as Guardian
Jesse St. Louis
as Guard #1
Brett Rice
as Union Rep
Josh Frazier
as Henchman
Guillaume Campanacci
as Jacques
Andrea Conte
as Realtor
Stephen Gallagher
as Yogurt Shop Patron Kid
Sandi Stock
as Cafe Waitress
Daniel Joseph Wilson
as Bennett Tash
Leo Fitzpatrick
as Ted Seyers
Fernando Martinez
as Clyde/Guard #3
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Grizzled Operative
Chaz Mena
as Xander Thompson
Adam Simpson
as Gary
Earl Poitier
as Jean
Clancy McLain
as Hexley's Bar Interest
Mark Sheppard
as Tom Prescott
Nancy Duerr
as Cathy DePaolo
Tony Dolison
as Bodyguard
Buddha Gonzalez
as Aryan Brother Inmate
Gildart Jackson
as Barton
Sebastian Roché
as Roger Steele
Mayra Vallejo
as Drug Packer/Shopper
Michael Dale
as Ryder's Guy #1
Adrian Pasdar
as Burke
Michael Jacques
as Colonel Russell
Patrick Campion
as FBI Agent
Brad Champion
as Bartender
Rob Batie
as Security Guard
Marjorie O'Neill-Butler
as Housekeeper
Mary Elizabeth Bell
as Daughter in Pool/Girl Visiting Father in Prison/Girl with Grandmother
Patrick Bauchau
as Lucien Balan
Esai Morales
as Ernie Paseo
Jim Perez
as Officer Anderson/Officer Castro
Sonya McCarter
as Trustee/Uniformed Officer
Blake Adams
as Chase
Kevin McNally
as James Vanek
Scott Edward Lambert
as Bad Guy
Nikolas Holmes
as Police Officer
as Nigerian Beauty #1
vaughn-Rian st. James
as D.B.
Michael Shanks
as Victor
Ian Emanuel Driving
as Rick
Daniel Franzese
as Dougie
Mike Estes
as Military Helicopter Pilot/Thug
Carlos Farach
as Cartel Guard #2
Miguel Suarez
as Biker
Brian Travinski
as Armed Bodyguard
Erik Bello
as Rebecca Lang's brother
Arley Ryder
as Carlito's Patron
China Chow
as Lucy Chen
Dylan Baker
as Raines
Jerry Sommer
as Officer #1
Michael Weston
as Spencer Watkowski
Nick Duckart
as Guard #1
Mark Alan Ziegler
as Bartender
Matt Levine
as Officer
Eliezer Castro
as Police Officer
Curt Willis
as Gator
Bruce Campbell
as Sam Axe
Jacqueline Pinol
as Sophia
Jim H. Miranda
as Antonio
Wilson Pennell
as Charlie
David Meunier
as Ben Snyder
Acie Mitchell
as SWAT Cop
Gene Harding
as Checkpoint Thug
Aaron Berger
as Brandon
Jeff Johnson
as Sniper
Dominic Rains
as Sharif Damour
George Sandalakis
as Nerdy Professor
Ron Yuan
as Lee
Brian Letscher
as Ward
Maya Stange
as Gillian Walsh
Holly Beth Billington
as Female FBI Agent
Alon Aboutboul
as Jabbar Hamady
Damon Sementilli
as Agent
Dennie Gordon
as Female Senator
John Trapani
as Boat Rental Clerk
Howard Elfman
as Stan
Paul Tei
as Barry
Matt Horohoe
as Joel Davenport
Makeba Pace
as Parole Officer
Dave Corey
as City Fire Chief/DEA Agent
Pearce Blair
as Frightened Employee/Major Contributor to the Senator
Nestor A. Lao
as Bodyguard
Danny Doskis
as CIA Agent
Jimena Hoyos
as Waitress
Anthony Belevtsov
as Lieutenant
Simon Kassianides
as George Anders/Scummy Banker
Chuck Ardezzone
as Burly Goon
Mitch Lemos
as Prison Sniper
Hemky Madera
as Eddie
David Dayan Fisher
as Miles Vanderwaal
Brett Golov
as Male Thief
Yuliya Madsen
as Party Guest
Spencer Bernstein
as Charlie
Steven Brack
as Courthouse Security Guard
Larry Miller
as Harvey Gunderson
Gary Bristow
as CIA Officer
Gonzalo Menendez
as Lucio Velasquez
Lovensky Jean-Baptiste
as Crowley
Michele Simms
as Lila Wagner
Czech Jean
as Gangster #1/Prison Guard
Amy McKenna
as Tiffany Ward
Terra Dawn
as Beach Patron
Silas Weir Mitchell
as Seymour
Dash Mihok
as Fleetwood/Jack Yablonski
R. Emmett Fitzsimmons
as Jail Cop
Sharon Oliphant
as Yogi
Moyses Gabin
as Hulking Guard
Robert Gonzalez-Pino
as Business Man #1
Adam C. Crowe
as CIA Officer
Ricardo Chavira
as Rafael Serano
Samari Robinson
as Child-Tony
Jesse Borrego
as Nando
Luis Da Silva Jr.
as Dominican Cop/Panama Officer/Prison Gang
John Cassarino
as Uniform Cop
John McKerrow
as Drunk Businessman #2
Laura Turnbull
as Waitress
John Manzelli
as Eric Kemp
Armando Rodriguez
as House Security/Thug
Mark Ivanir
as FSB Handler/Ivan Vaskov
Anthony E. Valentin
as Loudmouth Gangbanger
Matt Kelsey
as Doctor
Rachel Yeager
as Dawn
Faran Tahir
as Ahmad Damour
Wil J. Jackson
as National Guardsman
Alona Tal
as Sonya
Steven Lane
as Doctor Tyler
Chris Lindsay
as Guard
Vanessa Lotero
as Isabella
Michael Joseph Donovan
as Cop
Aniela McGuinness
as Waitress
Steven Sean Garland
as Pike
Jair Rojas
as Angry Guard
Natalia Baron
as Calia
Robert Patrick
as John Barrett
Marie Debrey
as Female EMT
Charles Van Dyke
as Bingo Announcer
Aubrey Kessler
as Darla
Taylor Anthony Miller
as Brandon DePaolo
Arye Gross
as Perry Clark
Christopher De Stefano
as Biltmore Hotel Guest/CIA Agent Assault Unit/CIA Agent Computer Tech in Surveillant Van/CIA Agent Undercover Construction Worker/CIA Agent at Funeral/FBI Agent/Mayfair Hotel Guest/Washington D.C. Businessman
Darby Stanchfield
as Sadie Forte
Nishant Gogna
as Yash's Guard
Mark Totty
as Carl Wilhelm
Paul Niebanck
as Prescott's Accomplice
Rus Blackwell
as Mack
Alexander Alonso
as Police Officer #1
Xavier Burbano
as Mr. Thomas/Vasquez Military Guard
Daniel DiMaggio
as Young Michael Westen
Arsi Rey
as Cooper
Maxwell Terlecki
as Nick Carnahan
Simon Needham
as Claude
Michael Irvin
as Coach Shawn Martin
NM Garcia
as Police Officer
Shannon Gartman
as Fashion Critic
Cappy Pillon
as Pilot
Kourtney Brown
as Cop
Richard Ceasar Valdez
as Gruff Cop
Wendell Kinney
as Agent Fuller
Yancey Arias
as Jacob
Patti Gardner
as Secretary
Marcus Chong
as Caleb
Matthew Rimmer
as Merc #1
Christina Christian
as Female Bartender
Mike Russell
as Miami Pedestrian
Cindy Pickett
as Diane
Brad Barfield
as Ron
Holt McCallany
as Santora
Dan Martin
as Dan Siebels
Lazar Stojadinovic
as Dominican Amateur Boxer
Sheaun McKinney
as Camaro Owner
Harriet Oser
as Regina
Steve Sands
as Uncoordinated Man
Alexa Valenti
as Blake's Girlfriend
Vic Stagliano
as Duke
Paulina Cossio
as Resort Clerk
Brad Henson
as Guard #1
James Frain
as James Forte
Richard Haylor
as Commander Jackson
Ivo Lopez
as Alvaro Desantos
Paul Aldanée
as Campos Henchman #1/Lybian Operative #2/Morris Henchman#1
Rick Gomez
as William Resnick
Kyle Williams
as Cop
Carla Gallo
as Sherry
Brian Blu
as Undercover Patron
Tony Perez
as Diego Cruz
Kellie Kessling
as Becky
Jonathan LaPaglia
as Coleman
Oscar A. Diaz
as Caleb
Terry L. Reed
as Angry Hotel Guest/Attorney/Bar Patron/Botique Store Patron/Doctor
Alex Alvarez
as Courier
Stephanie Guimaraes
as Roxy
Robert Schlegel
as Armed Bodyguard/Armed Guard/Armed Prison Guard

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2007 | 12 Episodes

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2008 | 16 Episodes

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2009 | 16 Episodes

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2010 | 18 Episodes

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2011 | 18 Episodes

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2012 | 18 Episodes

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2013 | 13 Episodes




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