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October 23, 2021
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About this title


BULL stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the founder of one of the most prolific trial consulting firms of all time. Brilliant, brash and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses and the accused tick. Bull employs an enviable team of experts at Trial Analysis Corporation to shape successful narratives down to the very last detail. They include his quick-witted ex-brother-in-law, Benny Colón, who plays a defense attorney in mock trials; Marissa Morgan, a cutting-edge neurolinguistics expert from the Department of Homeland Security; former NYPD detective Danny James, the firm's tough but relatable investigator; haughty millennial hacker Cable McCrory, who is responsible for gathering cyber intelligence; and Chunk Palmer, a fashion-conscious stylist and former All-American defensive back who fine-tunes clients' appearances for trial. In high-stakes trials, Dr. Bull's combination of remarkable insight into human nature, three Ph.D.s and top-notch staff creates winning strategies that tip the scales of justice in his clients' favor.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Also Known As: BULL / ブル 法廷を操る男, Др. Бул |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Amblin Television, Atelier Paul Attanasio |  See more »


Zoey Martinson
as Sabrina
Valencia Yearwood
as Juror #5
Cilda Shaur
as Mock Juror #2
Daren Donofrio
as Agent Campbell
Khamailei Angelil
as Aide
Nicholas Velez
as Sai
De'Adre Aziza
as Wendy
Deborah S. Craig
as ADA Darcy Whittier
Maddie Corman
as Marcia Grossman
Latarsha Rose
as Donna Henderson
Karen Bergreen
as Witness #9
Adia Smith-Eriksson
as Store Clerk
Paul Fitzgerald
as Defense Attorney Peter Glauster
Liza Colón-Zayas
as ADA Jessica Goodman
Drew Levy
as Teddy Miller
Grainger Hines
as Chief Walt Simonds
Sally Stewart
as Judge Connie Yarlborough
William Sadler
as Father Andy
Christine Renee Miller
as Lynn
Brad Garrett
as Ron Getman
Andrew Paterini
as Adam Doherty
Mike Keller
as Court Officer
Robert Eli
as Geoffrey Schreiber
Hennessy Winkler
as Bartender
Stuart Zagnit
as Potential Juror #11
Alesandra Nahodil
as Job Recruiter
Kim Exum
as Agatha
Chris Beetem
as John Phillips
Jana Joldzic
as Zasha Kovolchuk
Rich Graff
as Lucas
Lela Loren
as Katherine George
Kenneth Maharaj
as Plaintiff's Expert
Salena Qureshi
as Chloe
Robyn Babina
as ADA Assistant
Jason Liebman
as Dr. Floyd Weber
Douglas Everett Davis
as Roger Navarre
Jessy Katz
as Juror #5
Hani Furstenberg
as Elizabeth McConnell
Christy Matino
as Sam's Prom Date
Kathleen Kwan
as Dr. Wolf
Ashley Bryant
as Sasha Lambert
Rosie Sowa
as Mirror Sara
Ben Loving
as Man #3
Denise S. Anderson
as Lawyer
Seth Gilliam
as Dr. Poulson
Andrea Morales
as Alison
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Judge Lucille Abernathy/Judge Abernathy
Steve Lord
as Bouncer
Jarrod LaBine
as Court Spectator/Hollywood Agent at Gala
Alina Cho
as Daytime Talk Show Host
Phillip Chorba
as Man #1
Lynne Valley
as Juror Juliette Lee
Beth Malone
as Tessa Snyder
Shara Ashley Zeiger
as Juror #7
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Court Stenographer/Ladies Gun Club Member/Mock Juror
Laurie Kirk
as Onlooker
Catherine Curtin
as Joyce Magruder
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Veronica Browning
Frankie Verroca
as Prisoner
Angel Dillemuth
as Juror #3
Tim Aumiller
as Witness #13
Johnathan Tchaikovsky
as Ryan Mitchell
Michael Ford
as Ron Delancey
Hunter Douglass
as Larger Wrestler
Chloe Wepper
as Dr. Acevedo
Bryce Lorenzo
as Allison
Jamar Greene
as Customer #2
Jeff Williams
as Juror #10
Anthony Perullo
as Witness #10
Jacob Gutierrez
as Cole Adkins
Kathy-Ann Hart
as Juror #8
Michele Cannon
as Mirror Juror #8
Tim Guinee
as AUSA Darryl Holden
Ron Canada
as Judge Miles Skurnick
Jordan Carey
as State Trooper
Billy Rick
as Juror #11
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Coach Wayne Davis
Nicole Shalhoub
as Prosecutor Valence
Curzon Dobell
as Calvin Browning
Bernadette Quigley
as Juror #40
Costello Carey
as Perpetrator
Andrew Sensenig
as AAG Jeffrey Lang
Olga Merediz
as Judge Ollis
Raymond Neil Hernandez
as Agent Blair
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Court Administrator/Court Clerk/SAG Lawyer
Armando Riesco
as AUSA Olsen/AUSA Dennis Olsen
Liza Fernandez
as Nurse Darna Bautista
Florence Faivre
as Claudine Caffrey
Mick Leroy
as Court Officer
Alok Tewari
as ADA Williams
Bobby Moreno
as Ralph Kelly
Christopher Chan
as Mr. Walker
Oge Agulué
as Lead ESU Officer
Andres Munar
as ADA Newhall
Lawrence Winslow
as Detective Lacy
Brian Cade
as Captain Lambert
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Jai/Sean Laheri
Michael Turner
as Carter Finch/Juror #5
Samuel H. Levine
as Lex Booker
Andrew Hsu
as ADA Gary Duluth
Andreas Pliatsikas
as Juror #4
Ben Young III
as Inmate #1
Kyle LeMaire
as Mirror George
Kevin D. McGee
as Court Administrator/Court Gallery
Joel de la Fuente
as Brent Janson
Amber Gray
as Dr. Kinsey
Alfredo Romeo Suarez
as Carlos Acevedo
Billy Beyrer
as Mr. Condron
Pascal Yen-Pfister
as Second Representative
Lilly Brown
as Lena
Frank Whaley
as Max Hyland/Ray Peterman
Molly Griggs
as Claire Markes
Tonya Canady
as Potential Juror #2
Naaji Sky Adzimah
as Administrative Assistant
Rose Bianco
as Consuelo
Chris Richards
as Blue Collar Guy Juror
Cadence Burke
as Kid Singing #1
John DiGiorgio
as Federal Marshal
Andrew Ayala
as Juror Frederick West
Marcus Ho
as Joe Mercado
Cory Censoprano
as Man #1
Ralph Adriel Johnson
as Witness #2
Joshua Zisholtz
as Roger
David A. Gregory
as Kelvin Li
Kana Hatakeyama
as Juror #11
Wendy Davis
as Samara Walton
Chris Perfetti
as ADA Frank Russo
Helen Mendes
as Mirror Martha Plemmons
Sarah Dacey-Charles
as Jury Forewoman
David Carranza
as Jesse
Yurie Collins
as Mock Juror #2
George Newton
as Juror George
Katy Grenfell
as Pam
Bill Raymond
as Judge Jessup
Matthew Lawler
as Nathan Connor
Adam Aalderks
as Derek Miller aka Jared Preszler
Maxim Swinton
as Lucas Summerfield
Phumzile Sitole
as Angela Davidson
Gabby Cocco
as Morgan Newhouse
Christina Redd
as Rosalind Mirror
Robbie Sublett
as Agent Mercier
Alex Landi
as Juror 1
Lenny Nelson
as Homeless Man
Sam Vartholomeos
as Adam Harris
Isabelle Phillips
as Juror #7
Bill Kocis
as Juror #11
Kyle Glenn
as CO Ty
James P. Rees
as Witness #6
Nathaniel Arcand
as Makya 'Mack' Benally
Emma Orelove
as Linda Campbell
Courtney Alana Ward
as Potential Juror #7
Chris Jackson
as Chunk Palmer
Huw Collins
as Gabe
Eve Plumb
as Joan Lawson
Becky Griffin
as Lawyer
Cherry Fu
as Makeup Artist
Ghana Leigh
as Middle-Aged Female Juror
Afton Williamson
as ADA Gabrielle Ramsden
Kara F. Green
as Juror #3
Alanna Saunders
as Woman #1A
Alex Hazen Floyd
as Daniel Zabinski
Edward James Hyland
as Judge Levy
John Rothman
as Blake Powers
Luke Kirby
as Harry Kemp
Israel Acevedo
as Booking Officer
James Lurie
as Keith O'Leary
Lars Engstrom
as Juror #22
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Evelyn Waters
Nina Kassa
as Cheryl/Juror #3
Michael Genet
as Judge Hopkins
Meredyth Kenney
as Reporter #1
Amar Atkins
as Man
Laura King Otazo
as Jury Forewoman
Brian Adam DeJesus
as CO Paco
Frank De Julio
as Elliot Miles
Drae Campbell
as Juror #30/Lisa
Roger Wayne
as Officer Levy
Leslie Trentalange
as Kate
Annie Pisapia
as Pedestrian
Jayce Bartok
as Vin Gallico
Michael James Shaw
as Rick Jarvis
Aaron Lazar
as Mark Burns
Thomas D. Weaver
as Potential Juror #8
Mark Zeisler
as Judge Sullivan
Megan Sikora
as Ruth Sampson
Jennifer Mudge
as Nurse Jansen
Josh Hamilton
as Mr. Westbury
Nina Murano
as Juror #22
Holiday Mia Kriegel
as Sonya Waliczek
Ellen Adair
as ADA Glover
Christopher Braden
as Golf Pro #1/State Investigator Jack Martel
Holly Holcomb
as Jessa Northrop
Anna Holbrook
as Juror 17
Buckner Hinkle
as Doug
Hazel Anne Raymundo
as Witness #8
Joshua Cameron
as Carlos
Bhavesh Patel
as ADA Martin Joshi
Yaron Urbas
as Coroner
Jo Young
as Juror #3
Daniel Boyd Yahraes
as Mock Juror
Linus Ignatius
as Ivan Kovolchuk
An-Li Bogan
as Jacqueline Stone
Nadia Alexander
as Olivia Lexington
Isa Goldberg
as Foreperson/Juror #7
Leenya Rideout
as Juror #21
Kaden Alexander Hughes
as Callum Hartwell
Dana Delany
as Sylvia Banner
Sam Gilroy
as Garrett Gatewood
Freddy Ordenana
as Witness #5
Jay Hieron
as Rodrigo 'The Ramrod' Rivera
Samantha Jones
as Bess Johnson
Kevin Godec
as Patrick
Ellen Toland
as Hailee Sparks
Keith Reddin
as Derek Goodman
Fenton Li
as Jury Foreman
Tony Nation
as Reporter #2/Reporter #3
Terrin Hill
as Defense Counsel
Jake Goldberg
as Juror #6/Karl Langford
Kara Jackson
as Helen Potter
Mary Testa
as Rita
James C.B. Gray
as Assistant District Attorney
Michiko Sasaki
as Nurse
Chengusoyane Kargbo
as Juror #13
James A. Stephens
as Juror #11
Jon Shaver
as Fire Chief
Lauren Brickman
as Madeline Fox
James P. Engel
as Attorney
Ariel Estrada
as Business Man
Amy Ingram
as Juror #9
Stephen Federbusch
as Juror #23
Kenneth Tigar
as Judge Janovich
Hannah Sullivan
as Foreperson/Juror #22
Matt Provenza
as Chunk's Server/Fashion Attendee
Joe Feldman-Barros
as Agent Ford
Jim Walton
as Juror #7
Freddy Rodríguez
as Benny Colón
Brett Temple
as Brad Silver
Adam Braunstein
as Ely Planter
Bobby Potts
as Marshal #3
Brian Distance
as Mirror George
Francesca Faridany
as Rachel Elliot
Robert G. McKay
as Chief Denton
Rebecca Luker
as Michele Downey
Kerry Malloy
as Michael Cole
Saskia Starck
as Assistant
Todd Susman
as Judge Cleary/Judge Mathias Cleary
Antoinette LaVecchia
as Judge Aimes
Curtiss Cook
as Dean Poole
Curran Connor
as Juror Jacob
Tiffany Robinson
as Mirror Agatha
Eliza Dushku
as J.P. Nunnelly
Samantha Rivers Cole
as Juror #11
Milly Guzman
as Potential Juror #1
David Wohl
as Judge Mayerson
Myrna Cabello
as Mrs. Watkins
Lauran L'Rae
as Jemma's Friend
Kevin Sebastian
as Walter
Lydia Gladstone
as Mirror Connie
Jacob Berger
as Police Officer
Jordyn Crawford
as Delivery Man/Tech Crew
Nat Cassidy
as Brian McCannon
Sarah Grace Welbourn
as Mock Juror #3
José Báez
as Jurors #3
Mandy Gonzalez
as Patricia Ariaz
Odette Warder Henderson
as Bar Patron
Denise Bessette
as Mock Foreman #3
Kwajalyn Brown
as Judge Nancy Akintola
Katarina Morhacova
as Natalia
John Ventimiglia
as Dormit
Steve Rizzo
as Pedestrian
Kelcy Griffin
as Judge Duggan/Layla Everton
Kathleen DeSilva
as FBI Agent #2
Reggie Talley
as Taxi Driver
Sushant Adlakha
as Club Goer
Aimee Mullins
as Alice Yarrow
Nico Bustamante
as Peter Novak
Rand Guerrero
as Polygraph Examiner
Jimmie Saito
as Peyton Shong
Sam Kearns
as Party Host
Hannah Jelinovic
as Hawley Slan
Sarah Podemski
as Wera Harjo
Oscar Gary
as Inmate Fakhar
Tiffany Villarin
as Amanda Toll
Anthony Hull
as Kendrick
Scott Martin
as Juror
Kenita Miller
as Elaine Yarsborough/Juror #4
Jonah Falcon
as Suspicious Repairman
Justin Restivo
as Juror #1
Aldo Uribe
as Mirror Carlos
Harlin C. Kearsley
as Guard
Dan Shor
as Dr. Shepard
Wayne Xavier Norman
as Court Officer
Jake Eavey
as Bobby Vega
Aiden Murray
as Max Doherty
Adriana Ducassi
as Gina
Stephen O'Reilly
as Jeffrey Bryant
Sebastian Caron
as Little Boy
Desmin Borges
as Reed Kenworthy
Regina Hardy
as Deputy Court Officer NYPD
Stuart Luth
as Hands Up Juror
Anna Finkelshteyn
as Witness #15
Sheri Chalnick
as Juror
Seth Barrish
as Dr. Grant
Robert C. Kirk
as Frank Pulver
Benjamin Thys
as Malcolm
Heather Patterson King
as Geoffrey's Attorney
Manny Dunn
as Club Goer/Fashion Show Attendee
Emily Behny
as Juror #1
Stephanie Szostak
as Annabelle Harper
Paton Ashbrook
as Beth Alexander
Kyle Bary
as Receptionist
Christopher James Baker
as Hayden Watkins
Ana Kayne
as Dylan Hyland
Manu Narayan
as George
Rosie Berrido
as Claudia Garcia
Gibson Frazier
as Dr. Benson
Todd Faulkner
as Dave Reynolds
Katie Amess
as Kendall Nagel
Vladimir Troitsky
as Anthony Gibson
Tarik Davis
as Juror William
Jimmy Star
as Juror
Mike Britt
as Cabbie
Dan Kloeffler
as Reporter #3
Gabriel Lopez
as Moving Man
Maceo Oliver
as Detective Rue
Kelsey Saunders
as Trial Juror #8
Jenna Cortese
as Kyra Ketchum (Keri's Sister)
Michael Panes
as Juror Dionysus
Wolfe Jin
as Zach
James Martinez
as Agent Conrad
Laura Dale
as Ashley Richardson
Alexander Hodge
as DJ Oculus
Michael DeBarge
as Mirror Juror/Pedestrian/Protester
Chinasa Ogbuagu
as ADA Kelly Scrivener
Claudia DiFolco
as Simone
Sawandi Wilson
as Detective
Alton Fitzgerald White
as Judge Tahani
Sean Cullen
as Rob Schaeffer
Dorcas Leung
as Lily
Jon Krupp
as Foreperson/Juror #7
Brian Calì
as Mr. Belli
Chloë Levine
as Jemma Whitbeck
Joe Starr
as Inspector Kenneth Anderson
Gino Anthony Pesi
as Hank Alston
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Garret Akin
Monique St. Cyr
as Patricia Delaney
Omar Maskati
as Jace Rundle
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Controller #3
Tricia Alexandro
as Mrs. Renfrow
Becca Nevins
as Carla Cowley
Austin Ku
as Dr. James Muller
Myles Clohessy
as Brendan McCandless
Jody Prusan
as Juror #4/Ms. Benson
Sigali Hamberger
as Man on the Street #5
Evander Duck Jr.
as Judge McNeil
Deborah Mace
as Santa Elf
Alexis Suarez
as Clerk
Rod Knoll
as Arthur Jolene
Joe Tippett
as Merle Deavers
Jim Ireland
as Airport Cop
Kristen Hung
as Grace Yang
Matt Dellapina
as Eric Rentzel
Rebecca Knox
as Katrina
Julian Rozzell Jr.
as Charles Keller
Franca Vercelloni
as Juror #2
Jason MacDonald
as Clint Dickerson
Johnny Celentano
as Guard
Roma Maffia
as Hazel Diaz
Driton Tomaj
as Gordon Guthrie
Delaney Quinn
as Irina Belov
Daniel Passaro
as Agent Easley
Nancy Farrell
as Noreen
Jacqueline Guillen
as Woman in Her Twenties
Kim Bonifay
as Juror #1
Vishaal Reddy
as Juror #6
Dhanish Karthik Kolar
as Peter Mansley
Carlos Arce Jr.
as Juror #12
Shawna Hamic
as Potential Juror #1
Graham Winton
as Frank Uzarski
Mairin Lee
as NYPD Officer Pearce
Kevin Kolack
as Controller #1
Erik LaRay Harvey
as William Flanigan
Erin Anderson
as Witness #7
Olivia Horton
as Candice Aspin
Kresh Novakovic
as Man in Overcoat
Richard Litt
as Judge Brisbee
James Gunn
as Uniformed Officer
Ephraim Chase
as Desk Sergeant
Kyra Weeks
as Assistant
Sahr Ngaujah
as ADA Carter
James Lynch
as Juror #9
as Darius Lambert
Lauren Yaffe
as ER Patient/Pedestrian/Subway Passenger
Tawny Cypress
as Brooke Ford
Daniel Morgan Shelley
as Rogers
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Sports Bar Patron/Upscale Investor
Victor Williams
as AUSA Rosenberg
Darren Pettie
as Derek Reed
John Wu
as Juror #6
Laila Robins
as Colleen McCandless
Kim Ramirez
as Agent Dean
Peter Herrick
as Juror #1
Peter Maloney
as Judge
Chance Smith
as Young Leo
Michael Weatherly
as Jason Bull
Rebecca Harris
as Sally Harris
Ka-Ling Cheung
as Housekeeper Paula Moyer
Brian Ogilvie
as Singing Dad
Maria Dizzia
as Dr. Margot Statton
Joanie Anderson
as Juror #3
Corey Marshall
as Court Officer
David Oliver
as Juror #12
Ta'Nika Gibson
as Eye-Rolling Young Woman
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Gallery
Brendan Dooling
as Troy Dickerson
John-Michael Carlton
as Mark Defore
Hannah Kelsy
as College Student
Michael Rose
as Mr. Ravenswood
Christina Nieves
as Rachel
Debra Wassum
as Juror #8
Bobby Roman
as Agent Franks
Fiona Walsh
as Gate Attendant
Sammy Dell
as Patrick Miller
Cezar Williams
as Controller #2
Lizzy DeClement
as Tiffany Gibson
Annie Henk
as ADA Fredericks
Dipa Anitia
as Juror #3
Alex Trow
as ADA Boyd
John Mondin
as Curtis Jones
Hayley Griffith
as Kristen Kelly
Tom Deckman
as Ted Mirror
Robert Thackery
as Torin North
Alejandra Reyes
as Tiara Mirror
Parker Stevenson
as Gavin Everton
Vickie Warehime
as Potential Juror #7
Michael C. Williams
as Boxing Announcer
Rogelio Douglas III
as Corporal Lovaas
Rosa Arredondo
as Judge Borden
Tyler Barnhardt
as Carter Hayes
Wanda Nobles Colon
as Juror #1
Renée Stork
as Juror #2
Krystin Goodwin
as On Air Reporter/Reporter #1
Remy Zaken
as Juror Sarah
Lara Goldie
as Allie Luskin
Ronald Guttman
as Marcus Clayton
Emmanuel Rodriguez
as Pedestrian/Protester
Ben Thompson
as Jeff Hill
Mark Delabarre
as Judge Moreland
Nozipho Mclean
as Tess
William Henderson White
as Mock Foreman #1
Lana Young
as Heidi
Chad Goodridge
as Rocco
Patrick Holden O'Neill
as Isaiah Sims
as Protester
Kearran Giovanni
as Lindsey Erickson
Hadi Tabbal
as Brooks Boseman
Denise Pillott
as Female Patient's Nurse/Intake Nurse/Nurse
Tom Rhoads
as Juror
Carolyn McCormick
as Judge Marion Stadler
as Naomi
Charles Michael Bendas
as Peter
Scott Aiello
as Detective Daniels
George Zouvelos
as Detective Greco/Investigative Journalist (210)/Journalist
Christina Bennett Lind
as Sofia Cooper
Lucy Taylor
as Dawn Connor
Diana Craig
as Georgia
Sadat Waddy
as Young Louis Grant
Mary Theresa Archbold
as Matilda Fontes/NYCCS Worker
Drew Valins
as Bar Owner
Ramona Floyd
as Federal Magistrate
Sandra Fay Williams
as Juror Athena
Juan Carlos Diaz
as Isaac Garcia
Justine Lupe
as Ginny Bretton
Jason Kaufman
as David Stratton
Jacob Pitts
as Roland Terrell
Jeremy Landon Hays
as Eugene Hobbs
as Juror Geraldine
Alex Ashrafi
as Mirror Christopher
Ami Sheth
as Erica Povery
Ed Moran
as Officer Lyden
C.J. Valleroy
as Lucas Schweiger
Satchel Eden Bell
as Cassie Williams
Candice A. Buenrostro
as Reporter- Maria Lopez
Rey Lucas
as Liam Wright
Lynn Marocola
as Court Officer
Chris Miskiewicz
as Adam Shaw
Jim Bracchitta
as Tom Messina
Vin Knight
as Leon
Alexa Mareka
as Holly Kerrigan
Alexander Spitfire
as Native American Juror
Lindsey Blanchard
as Kid Singing #3
Jeff Rubino
as Witness #1
Nathan Klau
as ND Lawyer
Caroline Strong
as Veronica
Lee Fitzjames
as Cowgirl
Joe Grifasi
as Judge Rand/Judge Arlen Rand
Jolie Chan
as Juror #7
David Roberts
as Juror #12
Annie Heise
as Angela Newton
Gus Birney
as Penny Spiro
Arija Bareikis
as Moira Dickerson
Brian Berrebbi
as Doorman
Alexa Mansour
as Yuna Kee
Estelle Lee
as Jury Forewoman
Gameela Wright
as Lawyer Watts
Jill Flint
as Diana Lindsay
Cameisha Cotton
as Jessica
John Caliendo
as Juror #3
Maxine Prescott
as Witness #14
Auden Thornton
as Sarah Lynch
Charlayne Woodard
as Dawn Taylor
Jack Gore
as Charlie Crawford
Krys Marshall
as Sadie Washington
Rachel Konstantin
as Mrs. Newhouse
T. Ryder Smith
as Dr. Latham
Jack Halpin
as Airline Exec
Mario Corry
as Kevin Webster
Kyle Scatliffe
as Grant
Bobbie Peterson
as Juror
Nico Dowd
as Eight Year Old Boy
Kerry Flanagan
as Medical Examiner Ferrel
Marko Caka
as Jury Member/Mark
Mandela Bellamy
as Brenda Novack
Amelia Workman
as Avery Templeton
Jill Hennessy
as Ellen McCrory
Holly Lisker
as Juror #5
Jaime Lee Kirchner
as Danny James
Kendall Lloyd
as George
Zara Lahme
as High School Student
Darren Goldstein
as Agent Timothy Stokes
R.A. Guirand
as Kenny
Morgan Lynch
as Blaze Miller
Jef Canter
as Choking Man/Mark
Jo Yang
as Juror #13
Ren Margate
as Cabbie
Nick Bailey
as Jeff
Blain Sanchez
as Juror Dave Lemanski
Michelle Wilson
as AAG Gina West
Daniel Oreskes
as Judge Greene
Anna Osceola
as Kira Petrova
Mitchell Greenberg
as Jury Foreman
Tony Neil Butler
as District Attorney Holloway
David Neal Levin
as Richard Briggs
Annabelle Attanasio
as Cable McCrory
Jeremy Davidson
as ADA Peluso
Lisa Arrindell
as Dr. Linsey Allendale
Paul Tawczynski
as Stabbing Victim
Alicia Harding
as Lily Zbyszek
Matt R Stover
as Football Fan
Anna Cecilia Seaward
as Carol
John Douglas Thompson
as Greg Perkins
Reg Rogers
as Freddy Bensimon
Charles E. Wallace
as Juror #43
Randall McNeal
as Reporter
Em Grosland
as Young Hipster
John Ellison Conlee
as Peter Elliot
Ambre Anderson
as Juror #37
Adams Desir
as Leo Craddick
Tara Westwood
as Addison Whitfield
Susan Oliveras
as TAC Worker/Staffer
Maryann Plunkett
as Judge Donna
Emily Donahoe
as Sarah Mirror
Jane Dashow
as Judge Greenfield
Minka Kelly
as Kara Clayton
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Judge Lee
Stacey Sargeant
as ADA Barrett/ADA Barrrett
Jes Dugger
as Lacey
Jen Jacob
as Amanda Liddell/Foreperson
Kim Sykes
as Judge Foley
Robert Montano
as Dr. Roger Simpkins
Craig muMs Grant
as Walter Mora
Josh Cooke
as Kevin Weeks
Eric Stoltz
as Moderator/Red Headed Political Reporter
Jade Wu
as Judge Cara Bergen
Evan Leone
as Leo Novak
Jane Bradley
as Juror #3
Adrianna Mitchell
as ADA Olson
Adrienne Williams
as Christina
And Palladino
as Cowboy
Adam LeFevre
as Victor Harper
Quincy Giles
as Marcus Lott
Julia Atwood
as Katherine Graham
Daisy Garrison
as Alicia Doherty
PeterPaul Shaker
as Andy
Maggie Low
as Judge Bingham
Niru Anya
as M.P.
Deborah Hedwall
as Judge Hancock
Yamilah Saravong
as Vanessa Phillips
Nell Verlaque
as Emily Connor
Rachel Deacon
as Skylar Brown
Rock Jones
as Man on the Street #4
David Heckel
as Insurance Agent
Jonathan Hogan
as Terrence Cahill
Giullian Yao Gioiello
as Lt. Chang
Doris McCarthy
as Lawyer/Client/Court Stenographer/Gala Attendee/Juror #16/NYC Pedestrian/Voir dire juror
Robert Gorrie
as E.J.
Dani Deetté
as FBI Agent Camargo
E.J. Bonilla
as Rodrigo
Jared Kemp
as Jordan Henderson
Gayle Samuels
as Judge
Murphy Guyer
as AUSA Reynolds/Dr. Thiessen
Tina DiJoseph
as Mother
Chuck Cooper
as Judge Elmendorf
Natasha Murray
as Mock Foreman #2
Kisha Barr
as Juror #1
William Oliver Watkins
as Lincoln James
Brandon T. Snider
as Mustachioed Controller
Elizabeth Rich
as Leslie Garfield
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as Prosecutor Benjamin
Rachel Lin
as Erica
Frisco Cosme
as FBI Agent
Angela Jeanneau
as Nurse Mabley
Alexis Ijeoma Nwokoji
as Woman #2
Catherine Familia
as Collen Akin
Joseph DeBona
as Prison Guard
Tyrone Marshall Brown
as ADA Richard Abernathy
Richard Bekins
as Robert Harney
Mari Crawford
as Mirror Juror
Kate Grimes
as Dr. Jessica Wilson
Peter Holleran
as Juror #36
Tom Tammi
as Talk Show Host
Derek Peith
as Young Man
Giancarlo Carmona
as Juor #17
Callie Thorne
as Madeline McBride
Angel Desai
as ADA Truman
Karmine Alers
as Maria Garcia
Chester Jones III
as Jeb Rooney
Karina Arroyave
as Lurla Gray
Blair Tate
as Restaurant Patron
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
as Inmate
Jeremy Shamos
as Isaac Chambers
Tantoo Cardinal
as Chief Tsosie
John Hedges
as Juror #6
Doug Trapp
as Dr. Bryce Winters
Geoff Schuppert
as Juror #3
Alex Carter
as James Weeks
Pamela Stewart
as Potential Juror #2
Zachary Leipert
as Club-goer
David St. Louis
as Roderick Walton
Ana Yi Puig
as Woman #3
A.Z. Kelsey
as Matt Williams
Chelsea Watts
as Juror #3
Erin Dilly
as AUSA Hartman
Katt Masterson
as Laura Coleman
Eddie Yu
as James
Molly Crowley
as Margaret
Deanna Greif
as Potential Juror #3
Brooke Bloom
as Dr. Natalie Reznick
Bob Juergens
as Juror #12
Jake Soister
as Officer of the Court
LeVera Sutton
as Jury Foreman
Marisa Brau-Reyes
as Youngish Woman
Matt Lipton
as Christopher
Kimberly Marable
as Uniformed Officer #1
Valisa Tate
as Flight Attendant
Jamaal Burcher
as Delivery Man
Yvonna Pearson
as Gretchen Tyler
Kimberley Aria Peterson
as Paula
Geoffrey Dawe
as Fred Mirror
Jake Hanson
as Lawyer
Anne Troup
as Agent Alice Chamblee
Ian Lithgow
as CEO Griffin Fuller
Christopher Kien Dao
as High School Wrestler
Lee Tergesen
as ADA Lawrence Charles
Kelvin McGrue
as Marshal Manuel Cardillo
Lorenzo Villanueva
as Pledge #2
Sarah Kaufmann
as Cheerleader
Brit Whittle
as Dave Whitney
Kati Sharp
as Angela Miles
Towanda Underdue
as Mirror Geraldine
Faron Salisbury
as Juror Zeus
Omar Corominas
as Guard
K.C. Arora
as Juror #22
Mia Amoscato
as Mae Reed
Patrick Noonan
as Officer Sampson
Maureen Sebastian
as Carmen Murphy
Mitzi Akaha
as Bridget Means
Jordan Baker
as Dr. Matthews
Amanda Quaid
as Public Defender Cassandra Bennet
Brian Dykstra
as Doug Harris
Charles Everett
as Detective Stallard
Klaudia Suszczynska
as Soho Shopper
Anna Wood
as Vivian Cahill
Jett Salazar
as Cashier
Brian Gallagher
as ATF Agent Jackson Miller
Jaclyn S. Powell
as Juror #12/Makeup Party Lady/Powell
Kenneth Kyle Martinez
as Pedestrian
Trent Falco
as TAC Employee
Johan Gran
as Andrew Zbyszek
Bob Leszczak
as Gallery Member/Holiday Shopper/Mirror Juror/Voir Dire Juror/Waiter
Gary Littman
as Robert
Christopher Fox
as Mauricio Rentzel
Joris Stuyck
as Kiril Sidorenko
Ricardo Alvarado
as Mock Foreman #4
Robert Myers
as Church Attendee/Lawyer/Mirror Juror
Susan Blommaert
as Judge Hanlon
Mike Menendez
as Juror #19/Willard Goss
Mike C. Waldron
as Harvey Bonecker/Retired Police Captain Commissioner
Annabella Sciorra
as ADA Shelley Giordano
Trevor E. Dickerson
as Lead Agent
Reyna de Courcy
as Lily Galloway
Luke Slattery
as Brandon Peters
Stephen Plunkett
as ADA Monroe
John Siciliano
as Harrison
Adam David Thompson
as Derrick Graham
Joshua Dela Cruz
as Adam Bunson
Ben Hollandsworth
as Gil Foster
Matt W. Cody
as Juror #2
Jose Guns Alves
as Jack Hernandez
Lissa Danshaw
as Orderly
Daniel Jenkins
as ADA Carey Weinbach
Jeanine Bartel
as Stella Fox
Kimberly Stern
as Witness #3
Tom Brangle
as Roger Juror
Torsten N. Hillhouse
as Boss
Aaron Costa Ganis
as Jake Monroe
Edward Sass III
as Theo
Lizbeth Mackay
as Teresa
Dylan Prince
as Antwan Davis
Tony Hairston
as Tribal Court Juror
Ahna O'Reilly
as Erin Flemming
Torrey Wigfield
as Mirror Walter
Patrick Cann
as Guard
Frank Fernandez
as Court Gallery/Pedestrian
Steve Boghossian
as Partner
Lisa Darden
as Juror Alice
Melvin Lima
as Juror #13
Kurt Fuller
as Judge Robert Genda
Willa Fitzgerald
as Susan Bryant
John Leonard Thompson
as Dr. Sommerville
Tessa Kim
as Claudine
Jean Chung
as Jenna the Diner
Alyssa Keegan
as Kim Donovan
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Pedestrian/Gallery/Pedestrian with Umbrella/Pizza Patron/Voir Dire
Stacey Roca
as Cecilia Novak/Tracey Brennan
Jeremy Xido
as Beto Fontes
Liz Glazer
as Juror #18
Thursday Farrar
as Ruth Keller
Tom Martin
as Thomas Hill
Joseph Adams
as Prosecutor
Brennan Brown
as Steve Perry
Ryan Forsythe
as Frat Boy 1
Ali Marsh
as Allison Burnam
David Rysdahl
as Wes
Matthew Rauch
as ADA Neil Pike
Ami Brabson
as Judge/Judge Tchaikovsky
DazMann Still
as Tom Greaven
Hilary Ward
as Gloria Mora
Satomi Hofmann
as Dr. Nancy Medawar
Cathy Trien
as Juror #24
Tony Rossi
as Clerk
Mike Malvagno
as Ice Cream Vendor
Ray Proscia
as Jonathan Zbyszek
Robbie DeRaffele
as Basketball player/NBA Player/Traveler
Ellie Knaus
as TV Reporter
Thomas Lyons
as Tanner Duncan
Randy Schein
as Dr. Ferris
Donald Paul
as James Wheeler
Nathan Darrow
as Jim Grayson
Charisse Matthews
as Kellyann Juror
Cillian O'Sullivan
as Nathan Alexander
Jenny Jules
as AUSA Hatcher
Avery Glymph
as FBI Special Agent Braxton
Lawrence Ballard
as Judge Ted Granby
Jeremiah Wiggins
as ADA Nathan Clark
Juan Carlos Merino
as Jury Foreman
Divya Sethi
as Mirror Jessica
Chelsea Debo
as Rachel Carter
Tony Mitchell
as Coach Finch
Jesse Lee
as Josh Takahashi
Penn Lynn White
as Connie
Casey Ford Alexander
as Newsperson #1
Iphy Murphy
as Student
John Bubniak
as Michael Wess
Helen Laser
as Woman
Raheem F. Brock
as Guard
John James Cronin
as Son
Wadi Jones
as Darius Jones
Nemuna Ceesay
as Britney Lang
Christopher Harrod
as Juror #4
Suki Úna Rae
as Party Girl/University Student
Liam Lane
as Head Representative
Kevin Rose
as Court Officer
Lee Garrett
as George Brooks
Marjorie Johnson
as Mrs. Pierce
Jenna DiMartini
as Sexy NYPD Officer
Meghan Roberts
as Model
Michael Garin
as Judge Monaghan
Tim Miller
as Friendly Juror
Jason Ostrowski
as Coach Gary
Jocelyne Wen
as Ling
Warren Bub
as Frank Mirror
Salwa Khan
as Dr. Harris
Sarah Mack
as Juror 39
Tony Plana
as Sean Perkins
James Kautz
as Mirror Wade
Bill Vila
as Mock Juror #1
Paulina Porizkova
as Nella Wester
Joe Fusco
as Mock Juror #1
Lori Vega
as Juror #9
Marisa Marra
as Jury/Upscale Investor/Voir Dire
Kelvin Hale
as Court Officer/Courthouse Guard
Alexa Adderley
as Kelsey
Aseem Tiwari
as Leo Frye
Maria Huyghue
as Erin's Friend
Emmy Berkowitz
as Maura Summerfield
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
as Chris
Manny Perez
as Trent Bolton
Amanda Anthony
as TAC Employee
Garret Riley
as Gallery Member/Passerby/TAC Employee/TAC Staff
James Francis Ginty
as Josh O'Connor
Debra Monk
as Sandy Harper
Michael Castillejos
as FBI Agent
Daoud Heidami
as Richard Newhouse
Robb Fitzgerald
as Valance's 2nd Chair
Mike El Beta
as Protester
Dave Quay
as John Powers
Graham Powell
as Agent Williams
Rae Gray
as Elizabeth Parker
Ian Whitt
as Oliver Meek
Patrick King
as Juror Aaron
Morgan Webb
as Neely Lamm
José Ramón Rosario
as Judge Fleming
Abbi Snee
as Grace/Grace Fisher
Daniel London
as Mark Zimmer
Nicky Torchia
as Teenager
Johnny Biehle
as Bailiff
Sea Shimooka
as Golfer #1
Chance Kelly
as Detective Murphy
Sheilagh Weymouth
as Judith Stein/Juror #12/Juror #17
Kate Blumberg
as AUSA Yolanda Cruz
Jason Boyle
as Juror Peter
Yara Martinez
as Isabella Colón/Isabella 'Izzy' Colón
Dianna Aguilar
as Claire/Reporter #1
Josh Mowery
as Attorney
Sol Miranda
as Cecilia
Paulina Mondragón
as Clubgoer/Gallery Visitor
Edwin Ferrer
as Mock Juror #1
Guy A. Fortt
as Dennis Lewis
Suzanna Woodhead
as Juror #15
Jennifer Cody
as Woman in Crowd
Jaime Lincoln Smith
as Levi Hartwell
Celeste Oliva
as AUSA Young
James Ciccone
as Anthony
Edward M. Kelahan
as Juror #7
Talene Monahon
as ADA Conway/ADA Helen Conway
Dacyl Acevedo
as Angela/Female Guard
John Scurti
as Cesar Caputo
Michael Kaurene
as Dr.Hank Knight
China Shavers
as Jody Harper
Darlene Violette
as Ellen
Gabriela Fresquez
as Reporter
Kinga Piersiak
as Witness #16
Jesse Ray Sheps
as Luke
Patricia Mauceri
as Fatima Elmasry
Clark Jackson
as Preston Dunn
Marcus Choi
as David Yang
Cara Seymour
as Heather
Christina Shea-Wright
as Detective Valerie Cobb
Tony Del Bono
as Foreman/Juror #4
Hampton Fluker
as ADA Maxwell
Gina White
as Beautiful Hotel Woman/Casino Drink Girl/Party Guest/TAC Employee
Montego Glover
as Astrid Montego
Lilli Cooper
as Claudia
Barrett Doss
as Kerry Ketchum
Ben Jaeger-Thomas
as David Deakin
Los Jones
as Imposing Man
Alberto Vazquez
as Jury Member
John McAdorey
as Townsperson
Frank Harts
as ADA Madden
Tim Connell
as Man in Expensive Suit
J. Alexander
as Self
Brittini Schreiber
as Amanda Bynes
Bill Kux
as Juror #9
Nnamudi Amobi
as Neighbor
Kacie Sheik
as Courtney
Harry Chambarry
as Judge
Celeste Arias
as Reese
Ned Eisenberg
as Christopher Franklin
Xander Berkeley
as Judge Hollingsworth
Sebastian Arcelus
as Eric Crawford
Dominic Longo
as Withrow Employee
Megan Channell
as Rachel
Nasreen Rahman
as Witness #11
Shanga Parker
as Tony Mancuso
Anthony J DeAnzeris
as Mirror Arthur
Logan Rose Nelms
as Amanda Reed
Lauren Hodges
as Tonia Harris
CJ Parson
as Juror #6
Stephanie Ittleson
as Judge Rogers
Dave Bachman
as Dr. Talbertson
Eric Carter
as Juror #3
Leticia Castillo
as Juror #17
Lizzie King-Hall
as Singing Mom
Alison Cimmet
as Betsy Hanson
Amy Stiller
as Neighbor #1
Erin Noel Grennan
as Juror #2
C.J. Wilson
as Dr. Donovan Benanti
Trevor J Swan
as Court Officer
Peter Jacobson
as Garret Tilden
Stacey Oristano
as Monica Miller
William Popp
as Chef Johnny Hansen
Carey Lowell
as ADA Marina DeMarte
James Michael Reilly
as David Murphy/Juror #11
Philip Hernandez
as Principal McDonald
Emma Kikue
as Tara Atkins
Howard W. Overshown
as Inglis
Marin Ireland
as Maya Whitbeck
Curtiss Cook Jr.
as Antwan Mirror
Karen Cole
as Juror #7
Ashley Brooke
as Makayla Newton
Robert Paul Verdi
as LARPer
Tre Jamison
as Darren
Alia Guidry
as Juror #4
Daphne Gaines
as ASA Theresa Jordan
Ronald Peet
as Kevin Wright
Isaiah Washington
as Jules Caffrey
Andy Murray
as Warden Hewitt
Samara Riviera
as Juror Maria Abend
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
as Sam Whalen
Bibi Nshimba
as Captain Sharice Wellstone
Archie Panjabi
as Arti Cander
Bruno Iannone
as Older Man
Quinn Shephard
as Tally North
Willie C. Carpenter
as Judge Robinson
Sara Cuozzo-Gonzalez
as Nurse Bautista's Daughter
David L. Townsend
as Desmond Tatlock
Jeremy Francis Bell
as Lumansic Student
Malikha Mallette
as Television Newswoman
Jeff Gorcyca
as Technician
Cassandra Dupler
as Courtroom Gallery
Stewart Steinberg
as Mr. Greene
Tracy Perez
as Gina Coleman
Will Tomi
as Sydney
Meg Gibson
as Dr. Sandra Barnes
Michael McFadden
as Mike/Paul Martin
Otis Livingston
as Sports Reporter
Paul Ben-Victor
as Ryan Vance
Twinkle Burke
as Shari Combs
Elena Ouspenskaia
as Karine Kovolchuk
Ashlie Atkinson
as Kendall Tyler
Delilah Rose Pellow
as Lila Reed
Geoffrey J.D. Payne
as Stockbroker
Norm Lewis
as Medical Examiner Henson
Luke Forbes
as Louis the Bailiff
Lora Lee
as Jade Bennington
Isabelle McCalla
as Erica
Dani Baum
as Juror #5
William Connell
as Robeson Stand-In
Kody Christiansen
as Juror
Michael Park
as Keith Watkins
Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Rebecca Lexington
Ryan J. Haddad
as Juror #2
Chaka Desilva
as Joe Chavis
Ana Roshelle Diaz
as Tiara Williams
Zach Appelman
as Richard
David Alan Basche
as David Newton
Tanya Everett
as Juror #2
Carla Duren
as Lucy Lewis
Hamilton Clancy
as Frank McCall/Middle Aged Man
Aryaan Arora
as Taj
Samantha Ricchiuti
as Gallery
Mark Stolzenberg
as Frank
Audrey Rapoport
as Juror #13
Britne Oldford
as Ronnie Vincent
Chris Cafero
as Simon Jones
Liz Holtan
as Clara Larson
Veanne Cox
as Judge Graves
Carla Oudin
as Malone Grayson
Art McFarland
as Daniel Miller
Zuzanna Szadkowski
as Emily Kaminsky
Sebastian Beacon
as Brent Orloff
Katherine Reis
as Taylor Bensimon
Amor Schumacher
as Addison Whitfield
Geneva Carr
as Marissa Morgan
Boris Granolic
as Jeremy Brennan
Megan Li Wang
as Eden
Paul Hickert
as Walt Hyland
Aaron Gonzalez
as Lionel
Patricia R. Floyd
as Faye Schiraldi
Jazzy Kae
as Anna Baker/Anna
Zonya Love
as Nurse
Lionel Segee Moise
as Male Anchor
Stacey Raymond
as Detective Spears
Kasey Buckley
as Officer Raney
Charles Brice
as Bobby Lewis
Lisa Hammer
as Teacher One
Carla Carvalho
as Lawyer
Duvall O'Steen
as Dr. Strand
Marjan Neshat
as Elena
John Speredakos
as Adam's Lawyer
Tom Lipinski
as Dr. Terrence Robeson
John Bolger
as Judge McFarlane
David Wilson Barnes
as David Sherman
Nick Vergara
as Court Officer
AJ Yalchin
as Juror #11
Tammy Blanchard
as Adele Bensimon
Linda Powell
as Colonel Garcia
Robert Gugliuzzo
as Mock Juror
Frank Bal
as Cop #1
Sonya Harum
as Kate Martin
Tamara Hickey
as Gail Peters
Gabrielle Reid
as Lisa Medina
Gerald Webb
as Detective Marshall Gates
Caitlin O'Connell
as Anna Schuster/Retired Family Court Judge Comissioner
Adrienne Breland
as Juror #27
Cait Cortelyou
as Delilah
Guyviaud Joseph
as Raymond Hill
Byron Clohessy
as Officer Avery
Amy Rutberg
as Abigail Walsh
Yolonda Ross
as Judge Knight
Amanda Dela Cruz
as Juror #7
Geoffrey Cantor
as Dr. Kulkarni
John Bedford Lloyd
as Commissioner Taylor
Matthew Arkin
as Forensic Specialist Richards
Paul Mann
as Irina's Father/Yuri Belov
Lauren Norvelle
as April
David Edwin
as Paul Fisher
Andrew Kaempfer
as Mirror Roger
Jane Stiles
as Blaze Mirror
Rob Louis
as Stage Crew Head
Athena Colón
as Darbie
Eric Sheffer Stevens
as Matthew Holt
RJ Vaillancourt
as Juror #1
Steve Sanpietro
as Detective Mayovsky
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Carol
Mark Maciejewski
as Potential Juror #1
Laci Broussard
as Mia
Inna Muratova
as TAC Employee
Rebecca Wisocky
as AUSA Lambert
Haley Rawson
as Gina Anders
Sprague Theobald
as Vincent Moreau
Bill DeLorge
as Core Victim
Javier E. Gómez
as Bodega Owner
Ivan Martin
as Det. John Bradley
Teagle F. Bougere
as Dr. Park
Theis Weckesser
as Uniformed Officer
Ken Holmes
as Chic Office Staff/Paparazzi
Lenny Delgado
as Priest
Daniel Raymont
as Vince Stowman
Amy Holmes
as Reporter
Caris Vujcec
as Dr. Kendra Collier
Nicholas Barasch
as Mendel
Nancy Nagrant
as Sarah Barton
Rebecca Thomas
as Major Crumpler
Mariana Leung
as Designer Assistant
Jinn S. Kim
as ESU Specialist
Adrienne D. Williams
as Judge Gabby Harper
Maya Jasmin
as Journalist/Pedestrian
Andrew Rothenberg
as Medical Examiner Paul Ortiz
Chris Costa
as Desk Sergeant
James Tam
as Mirror Sydney
Rosalyn Coleman
as Judge
Victoria Prescott
as Mother
Gina Jarrin
as Juror #15
Victor Slezak
as Eric Godford
Francie Swift
as Julia Martin
Barbara Tirrell
as Judge Gladwell
Owen Campbell
as Peter Walsh
Tarek Bishara
as Jim Cooper
Jen Egan
as M.P. 2
Garrett J. Gray
as Waiter
Steve Witting
as Priest
Lyman Chen
as Doctor
Evan Parke
as Lt. Tharder
Matthew Humphreys
as ADA Pappas
Joanna Adler
as Dr. Judy Barnes
Kim Berrios Lin
as Juror #8/Theresa Richardson
Mark R. Anthony
as Security Guard 1.17
Elisabeth Ness
as Sara
Johnathan Fernandez
as Giancarlo Sartor
Johnny Hopkins
as Randy Markes
Monica Rae Summers Gonzalez
as Kendall Landry
Allen Chen
as ADA USA 2nd Chair
Keenan Jolliff
as Dominick
Lily Davis
as Gemma
Z Chuen
as 2nd Chair ADA
David Gibson
as Dr. Rabineau
Aaron Dean Eisenberg
as Stephen Raposa
Mark Aldrich
as Jeremy
Bartley Booz
as Juror 12
Darrell Dennis
as Han Locklear
John Palladino
as John Malford
Donté Bonner
as Officer Zarmeke
George Morafetis
as Juror #1
Logan Crawford
as News Reporter/Newscaster
Matt Servitto
as Marshall Hitchcock
Sarah Steele
as Ellen Huff
Barney Fitzpatrick
as Juror #8
Benjamin Bonenfant
as Bartender
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Mrs. Shadid
Marlon Perrier
as Bailiff
Andrew Frace
as Police Officer
Mateo Ferro
as Antonio Garcia
Elliot Santiago
as Juan Carlos Morales
Barbara Garrick
as Cara Sutherland
John Noble Barrack
as NYPD Cop
Riley Burke
as Kid Singing #2
Samantha Marie Ware
as Lacey Adams
Andrew Polk
as Judge Pringle
Graceann Dorse
as Jury Foreperson
Lia Lando
as Journalist
Erika Robel
as Stella
Arianne Recto
as Lucy
Frank Wood
as Dr. Edwin Pruitt
Margaret Reed
as Doctor
Ramsey Faragallah
as Henry Wakefield
Florence Regina
as Jury Foreman
Johnny Rivera
as Counterman
Dan Albertson
as Daryl (Juror #3)
Jonathan Walker
as Congressman Peter Conors
Joe Candelora
as Juror #15
Gregory Jones
as Dr. Greyridge
Alan R. Rodriguez
as Agent Marquez
Maryann Towne
as Colleen Dworkin
Drew Youngblood
as Henry Collins
Amy Gordon
as Saleswoman
Ed Jewett
as Ned Elston
Wesley T. Jones
as Officer Chambers
Malcolm Goodwin
as Eddie Mitchell
Ty Doran
as Jacob
Alan Trinca
as Marshal #2
Kent Shocknek
as Tapper Like Newsman
Otoja Abit
as Alan Coleman
Doug Yasuda
as Judge
Jason Tottenham
as Wade Macintyre
Amelia Campbell
as Mrs. Jones
Yuval Boim
as Travis Robbins
Denim Roberson
as Henry
Cruz Rodriguez
as Child Painting in Classroom
Edgar Fox
as Attending Physician
Charlie Semine
as Gary Sharp
Bristol Pomeroy
as Agent Arnold
Tiffany Eatz
as Connor's Wife
Ben Vereen
as Willie Lambert
Brynne McManimie
as Capt. Elissa Willimon
Romy Nordlinger
as Gate Attendant
Lucas Hunt
as Emcee
Teddy Coluca
as Potential Juror #3
Gillian Saker
as Heather Shaughnessy
Laurie Folkes
as Customer #1
Cherie Mendez
as Potential Juror #5
Shannon Moore
as Juror #5
Malcolm C. Murray
as Officer Lambert
Billy Hepfinger
as Juror #28
Heather Hill
as Mirror Juror Alice
Jenni Graham
as Juror #6
Amy Hargreaves
as Kathleen Peterson
Katie Beth Hall
as Emma Johnson
Jeremiah Birkett
as Brian Harper
Julie Megan Smith
as Ava Lewis Rainer
Jeremiah Craft
as Tyler Young
Gadi Rubin
as Potential Juror #3
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Josh Shoemaker
Emily Swallow
as AUSA Audrey Valdez
David Harrell
as Witness #4
Freddy Rodriguez
Alan Aisenberg
as Blake Lambert
Elisa Perry
as Leslie
Marty Rhone
as Criminal Court Judge
Elizabeth Paige
as Yael
Eugene Mishin
as Goon
Karl Jacob
as Sarcoma
Daniela Reina
as Court Gallery Member
Clara Stack
as Hannah Kelly
Jasmine Rush
as Nurse Stacy Kelly
Emily Tremaine
as Laura
Michael Nagle
as Investor
Suzanna Hay
as Mary Juror #1
Erin Fish
as Foreperson/Juror #26
Nikki M. James
as Chloe Talbott
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Rosalind Hammer
as Sabrina's Mom
Annabelle Wachtel
as Charlotte 'Charlie' Kensington
Megan McGarvey
as Potential Juror #2
Brandon Morris
as Officer Abeita
Nadia Dajani
as Thalia Macera
Daniel Macarone
as Mock Juror
Dena Tyler
as Liberty Davis
Jordan Mahome
as William Henderson
Krista Braun
as Ashley Nelson/Juror #6
Terrence Shingler
as Man in Suit
Robert Bryson
as Jury Foreman
Malin Barr
as Tanya Bryant
Rachel Paula Green
as Juror #17
Davis Duffield
as Stanley McClellan
Ariel Eliaz
as Lead Driver
Liz McCartney
as Motel Clerk
Guy Lockard
as Cal Peters
Jenna Stern
as A.D.A. Amy Lake
Rick Zahn
as Judge Carter
Hank Lin
as Juror #27
Folami Williams
as Caterer
Alma Cuervo
as Judge Argawal
Don Guillory
as Ethan Juror #7/Reggie Baumann
Leslie Silva
as Judge Maya Lamkin
Lucy Owen
as Tamara Ridenour
Lawrence Arancio
as Juror Orville Maynard
Anna Weng
as Stella
Taprena Michelle Augustine
as Ginny Caffrey
Donald Dash
as Dennis
Rotimi Paul
as M.P. 3
Sterling Jerins
as Young Tally
Matt Clevy
as Bailiff
Brian Hotaling
as Dr. Bryce Yates
Arron Lloyd
as Andrew Valentin/Juror #9
Nadia Quinn
as Ava's Mom
Fredric Lehne
as Judge Wanecraft
Stefanie Flores
as Karen Phillips
Darin Guerrasio
as Dr. Miller
Mark James Fernandes
as Juror #32
Jeanine Serralles
as ADA Michelle Rios
Edelen McWilliams
as FBI Agent Sturgeon
Sandra Thigpen
as AUSA Knight
Leilani Fideler
as Young Woman
Mandy June Turpin
as Judge Hamilton
MacKenzie Meehan
as Taylor Rentzel
Prema Cruz
as Tonya Colfax
Skye Radcliffe Grayson
as Nina
Amelia Fowler
as Amy
Danny Johnson
as Judge Beverly
Lisa Dennett
as Interpreter
Brian Roland
as Tech #1
Alexandra Madera
as Celeb/Juror
Andy Zou
as Pledge #1
Marlene Hodgdon
as Jury Foreman
Diane Hess
as Patricia Morrison
Miller Tai
as Juror #12
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Captain Taylor Mathison
Mike Mitchell Jr.
as Gas Station Manager
Amy Staats
as Molly O'Neil
Joe Holt
as Kellan King
Jada Jarvis
as Court Gallery
Andrew Dolan
as Homeland Security Agent
Rahim Rosen
as Gallery Lawyer
Kevin Corrigan
as Rick Brown
Russell G. Jones
as Judge Easley
Zachary Spicer
as Brian Martin
Anthony Michael Bucci
as Guy
Charles Dumas
as Older Man
Sasha Sen
as Foreperson/Juror #19
Dan Ziskie
as Walter Franklin
Kevin Alex Santiago
as Juror #12
Robyn Rosario
as Deb Erwin
Dana Eskelson
as Brenda
Vedette Lim
as ADA Selma Rivers
Clara Wong
as Mary Fowler
Stanton Nash
as Security Officer
Joey Rippo
as Nicholas Allen
Ramon Nuñez
as Dewey Cussler
Mercedes Ruehl
as Judge Hudson/Judge Tessa Hudson
Carolyn Ann De Melo
as Juror #2
Michele Rave Grassani
as Make-up Artist
Guy Whitlock
as Judge Roscommons
Rebecca Kling
as Georgia Norton
Kathryn Kuhn
as Aerialist
Allison Wick
as Waitress
Datus Puryear
as Police Officer #1
Shawn Parsons
as Nathan Raynor
Brian McCormack
as Fred Baker
Brianna Fernandez
as Karla Angel
Brian Tweedy
as Golfer #2
Ginger Tice Pennington
as The Neighborhood Gossiper
Ian Kahn
as Rex Kensington
Erinn Anova
as Marshal #1
Cindy Cheung
as Wendy Anderson
Kevin Isola
as Brett Brunning
Amelia Hammer Harris
as Susan Jones
Quentin Nguyen-Duy
as Man/Victor Phillips
Josh Berresford
as Juror #9
Trevor Long
as Norman Schweiger
Jon Lindstrom
as Donovan Nichols
Christopher Jackson
Beth Dzuricky
as Juror #1
Joseph Ragno
as Judge Weston Stanley
Chris Barnes
as Bus Driver
Dante Briggins
as Juror
Donovan Christie Jr.
as ADA Kiehl/ADA Ken Kiehl
Adinah Alexander
as Judge Pamela Rothstein
Lynne Taylor
as Dr. Diposo
Jénel Stevens
as Olivia Brooks
Gregory Abbey
as ADA Donoghue
Olivia Lucy Phillip
as Juror #11
Alexie Gilmore
as Lena Crawford
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Rebecca Whalen
Emilie Mirvis
as Waitress
James Andrew Fraser
as Court Officer Fowler
Johanna Lugo
as Court Gallery/Juror
Ollie Robinson
as Mauricio Rentzel
Briana Swann Christie
as Juror #3
Delaney Williams
as Wilson Jessup
J.C. MacKenzie
as Judge McPherson
Gabriel Awan
as Court Officer
Michelle Santiago
as Greenwich Lawyer
Izzy Hanson-Johnston
as Ava Simmons
Celia Keenan-Bolger
as Kristen Grayson
Alex Hurt
as ADA Bill Knebel
Shawn Black
as High Stakes Gambler
Rami Margron
as ER Doctor/Triage Doctor
Tom Degnan
as Special Agent John Riley
Kyle Vincent Terry
as Informant
Laura Breckenridge
as Erin Howland
Dimitri Carter
as Ahmaud Coleman
Narada Campbell
as Inmate #2
Ozzie Stewart
as Potential Juror #7
Jennifer Brito
as FBI Guard
Joseph Soeder
as Koi Platero
Zack Abramowitz
as Bailiff/Court Officer
Marquise Vilson
as Inmate Carter
Amy Hayes
as Juror #27
Tirosh Schneider
as Juror #16
Austin Katz
as Laser Tag Boy
Kayla King
as Woman #1
Robert T. Bogue
as Gov. Dean Whitfield
Angela McKenzie
as Lawyer
Shamma Casson
as Native American Juror
SaraGrace Tramont
as Filipino Nurse
Brenda McCullough
as Juror #8
Michael Bonini
as Zack Burnam
Holly Curran
as Lt. Tamsin Dale
Chelsea Ingram
as Jennifer Ascot/Juror #7
Sahar Bibiyan
as Babysitter
Madeline Virbasius
as Jacob's Mom
Vincent Tumeo
as Court Officer/Juror #6/Lawyer
La La Anthony
as Lesley Caffrey
Thomas Benton
as Judge Ferris
John Madigan
as Football Fan/Gamer Fan
April Yvette Thompson
as Dr. Marian Grint
Sean Patrick Reilly
as Monsignor Espinoza
Shannon Marie Sullivan
as Nurse Abbott
Frank Monteleone
as Connor Booth
Peggy J. Scott
as Lydia Helms/Realtor
CJ Adams
as Theo Crawford
Paul Skye Lehrman
as Young George Hall
Sasha Frolova
as Lily Knowles
Gio Castellano
as Sherman Castaway
Jennifer Roszell
as Denise Danford
Meggie McKinnon
as Juror #16
Aaron Serotsky
as Attorney Dworkin
Bryan Hamilton
as Sebastian
D.C. Williams
as Eric
Samuel Difiore
as Boxer Trainer
Alex Neumeier
as Taima Peshlakai
Amy Hohn
as Judge Volk
Mehdi Barakchian
as Kevin
Alex Breaux
as Rob McKellen
James Wilcox
as Gary Chilton
Kathleen Henry
as Jennifer
Teresa Ting
as Alyssa Yang
Dave T. Koenig
as Simon Acevedo
Damian Norfleet
as Maître d'
Mark Lehneman
as Lawyer/Potential Juror/Upscale Investor
Ted Koch
as Teddy Higgins
Rob Smith
as Reporter #2
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Perry Sinclair
Nick Sullivan
as Expert
Jessica Perez
as Self
Amir Arison
as ADA Roy Wilson
Adam Lindo
as M.P. 1
Kelly Karloff
as Verinka
Gilbert D. Sanchez
as Pledge #3
Jenny L. Saldaña
as Harried Mother
Jay Wilkison
as Miles McConnell
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati
as Inmate Tan
David Pendleton
as Juror #11
David Shumbris
as Officer
Michael J. Doherty
as Officer Sampson's son
Gabrielle Lee
as Leora Josephson
Marcus Naylor
as Dr. David Parsons
Meredith Handerhan
as Bess Mirror
Roger Brenner
as NY State Court Officer/EMT/FDNY/NYPD/Nypd/Officer/officer
Thomas Francis Murphy
as Donovan McCandless
Reiko Aylesworth
as Carolyn Kelly
Noelle LuSane
as Juror #6
Thomas E. Sullivan
as Logan Porter
Teo Rapp-Olsson
as Bryan Reese
Dereje Tarrant
as Alexander Andrews
Kim Brockington
as Sheila Hartley
Babak Tafti
as Dr. Samir Shadid
Brian Sgambati
as Plain Clothed Detective
Alexander Martin Jones
as Juror #15
Cristina Rosato
as Sofia Dern
Nikki Kim
as Babysitter
Lauren Sharpe
as Nera Rhineglass
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Judge Thornton
Josh Liveright
as Judge Ranken
Roberta Thompson
as Juror
Ross Degraw
as Gerald Montgomery
Tanesha Marie Gary
as Mirror Leslie
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Amir Elmasry
Reed Birney
as Judge Humphrey
Christina Jackson
as Laurel Guthrie
Sanyika Gray
as Juror #23
Nkeki Obi-Melekwe
as Juror #11
Andre Ware
as Colonel Abernathy Jackson
Stephanie Weppler
as Potential Juror #1
Atticus Cain
as Juror #2/Mr. Wallace
Jerry Shulman
as Juror #1
Orlagh Cassidy
as Lisbeth Mosley
Michael De Quinzio
as Juror#6 - Neil
Kit Flanagan
as Judge Johnson
Harry Raab Alderson
as Frederick
Janel Moloney
as ADA Sutherland
Samantha Mathis
as Avery Kress
Jim O'Hare
as Benjamin Nadler
Cathy Salvodon
as Dr. Hannah Kim
Woody Fu
as Juror #18
Gary Wilmes
as Kyle Wilkinson
Andhy Méndez
as Detective Boone
Jackie Taylor
as Model Fashion Show Attendee
Michelle Vo
as Dr. Harris
Alysia Joy Powell
as Juror #22
Na'im Shaw
as Man #2
Anthony Ferrara
as Gallery
Ceasar F. Barajas
as Juror #32
Meryl Jones Williams
as Dr. Amy Levin
Hanako Greensmith
as Veronica Hill
Nile Bullock
as Young Eddie Mitchell
Teresa Woods
as Reporter #2
Matt Wall
as Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Sam McMurray
as Errol Windemere
Joe Naples
as Detective #1
Carey Van Driest
as Attorney Roberts
Greg Cohan
as Man #2
Philip Hoffman
as Judge Naumann
Johnny Bermudez
as Police Officer
Hollis McCarthy
as Judge/Judge Raney
James Vincent Boland
as Freddie
Eric Freeman
as Calvin
Chris Roberts
as Juror #42
James Foster Jr.
as Juror #7
Ryan Speakman
as Ted Shears
Andy Striph
as Glen
Feliz Ramirez
as Female Server
Natalie Roy
as Olivia Wright
Geoffrey Blake
as Oscar Weber
Cameron Fuller
as Upperclassman Jim
Faith Logan
as Courtroom Gallery/Coffeeshop Patron/Hudson University Student/Juror/Self/Texas Cowgirl/Voir Dire Juror
Sandra Marante
as Juror #5
Dan McCabe
as Carter Spinell
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Inmate Rodriguez
Jonathan Strait
as Mr. Conover
Jessica McHugh
as Brian's Sister
Brian Corrigan
as Deacon
Kevin Kilner
as Peter Maybrook
Michael Devine
as David
Vinny Anand
as Police Officer
Meng Ai
as Witness #12
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Jury Member/Pedestrian
Lilli Stein
as Susan Grey
Erik Gullberg
as Mr. Summerfield
Martin Tsien
as ADA 2nd Chair
Ava Paloma
as Sophia Holmes
Theo Iyer
as ND Person
Katie Kocik
as Juror
Tovah Feldshuh
as Judge Garner
Zakiya Cook
as Barista
Robin S. Walker
as Juror #33
Jack Hammel
as Juror #5
Griffin Santopietro
as James Donovan
Andrew L Ricci
as Juror #3
Kristine Renee Farley
as Misty Marx
Leandro Cano
as Pat Harjo
Ryan G. Dunkin
as Edward
Joseph John Moffa
as Person #1
Verlon Brown
as Bailiff #2
Pedro Tavarez Jr.
as High School Wrestler/Voir Dire
Lucca De Oliveira
as Austin
Kurt Perry
as Juror #11
Sharrieff Pugh
as Joseph Lowell
Caitlin Mehner
as Julia Summerfield
Sincée J. Daniels
as Juror #23
Veronica Delgado
as Juror
Michelle Sohn
as Forewoman
Ivan Moore
as Court Officer
Amanda Song Lee
as Flight Attendant
Armand Schultz
as John Honaker
Benz Antoine
as Agent Kincaid
John McLaughlin
as Juror #4/The Doodler
Jake Silbermann
as Chris Fields
Michele Tauber
as Juror Martha Plemmons
Andre Jackson Jr.
as Technician
Lidiane Fernandes
as Indra Pratt
George Salazar
as Foley
James McCaffrey
as Thornton Grey
Caroline Kaplan
as Rachel Grey
Andre L. Pierce
as Opposing Gamer
Richard Saudek
as Jury Foreman
Brian Sheppard
as Alvin
Madeline Grey DeFreece
as Juror #9
Stephanie Berry
as Judge Franklin
Richard Gallagher
as Ryan Raposa
Adam Griffin
as Mr. Toliver
Michael Fell
as Juror #2
Lawryn La Croix
as Juror #31
Louie Gasparro
as Hector Morales
Gerard Renison
as Guard
Omar Torres
as Officer
Stephen Medvidick
as Mark
Jennifer Jiles
as Jennifer Thomas
Jason Furlani
as AUSA Duncan
Jeff Auer
as Jeremy Lexington
Lucy Martin
as Elderly Woman
Angelic Zambrana
as Jessica Lee
Tommy Beardmore
as Sam Keane
Suzzanne Douglas
as Betty Everton
Joe Passarella
as Juror #1
Vincent Ingrisano
as Jury Foreman
Alexander Fox
as Mauricio Rentzel
Josh Alscher
as Wade Macklin
Ellen Mah
as TAC Support Staffer
Leslie C. Nemet
as Notary Public
Molly Fahey
as Juror #30
Elizabeth Alderfer
as Whitney Holland
Autumn Guzzardi
as Waitress
Louis Martinez
as Juror #2
Ajna Jai
as Jessica
Wendy Makkena
as Sherri Gibson
Ben Gougeon
as Barry Fletcher
Jeff Panzarella
as Freddy Grimaldi
Federico Rodriguez
as Will Mercado
Tiffany Denise Hobbs
as Juror #4
Brandi Bravo
as Juror #11
Ron Komora
as Elderly Man
Joel Haberli
as Chief of Surgery
Chase Kuertz
as Juror Peter Rushford
Brandy Burre
as Dr. Soto
Karen Neil
as Mock Juror #3
Vincent Paolicelli
as High School Student
Jacob Michael
as Tyler
Juan Castano
as Young Rick Hall
Nellesa Walthour
as Teacher Two
Brian McCarthy
as Garrett Kurtz
Leajato Amara Robinson
as Kendrick Gorman
Dwelvan David
as Juror #12
Piercey Dalton
as Tara Newton
Rob Morgan
as Gerald Washington
Jordan Dean
as State Trooper Stevens
Kristin Carey
as Greer McLachlan
Garrett Forster
as Connor McCandless
Ava Wrubel
as Kid in Courthouse
Molly Camp
as Caroline Collins
Marcos A. Gonzalez
as DEA Agent
John Rue
as George Donahue
Alison Chace
as Allison Rojas
Aaron Walker
as Security Guard
James Riordan
as Judge Wentworth
Vince Edgehill
as Juror #14/Randy Grider
Hallie Samuels
as Juror #15
Cara Buono
as Amaya Andrews
Rachel Rath
as Waitress
Elise Santora
as Judge Reeves
James Lee Reed
as Texas Ranger #2
Tonya Pinkins
as Judge Maynard
Todd Baker
as Older Juror
Alexandru Aldea
as Juror #8
Toby Leonard Moore
as Andrew Withrow
Shari Abdul
as Cosplayer
Adrianne Frost
as Marian
Enid Graham
as Judge Wallace
David Furr
as Greg Valerian
Boris Khaykin
as Yuri Pasternak
Niguel Quinn
as Reggie Craven
Arnold Y. Kim
as Potential Juror #1
Niyi Oni
as Officer Jim Spencer
Todd Etelson
as Jury Foreperson
Hailey Vest
as Emily Baker
Ken Schwarz
as Corrections Officer
Adam Dietlein
as Attractive Man
Andy Bustillos
as Larry
Dave Morrissey Jr.
as MacNamara
Michael Frederic
as Attorney Malloy
Susan Blackwell
as Dr. Rainey
Kristi Kirk
as Juror #11
Sagine Valla
as DA Lisa Dunn
Holly Taylor
as Chloe Newhouse
Cyrus Farmer
as Arthur Craddick/Gregory Berry
Albert Jones
as Constantine Delaney
Tatyana Zbirovskaya
as Daria Ivanova
Dominique Lawson
as Assistant Director
Patrick Cooley
as Driver/Martin
Betsy Aidem
as Gwen Kinsey
Aaron Morton
as Louis Grant
Chip Zien
as Professor Jameson
Christine Toy Johnson
as Judge Conway
Brett Davenport
as Police Officer #2
Janis Dardaris
as Judge Dalton
Donnie Keshawarz
as Detective Kaminsky/Major Carl Burkitt
Danny Kuriakose
as Man on the Street #3
Blaire Brooks
as Gloria Holland
Brenda Crawley
as Juror #7
Michael Maliakel
as Arin
Corey Allen
as Abel Bekele
Nyleek Moore
as Sam Lowell
Tara Summers
as Melanie Wright
Sean Hankinson
as Juror #1
Alicia Aswat
as Lawyer
Diana Perez
as Reporter
Daniel Pearce
as Dr. Bendry
Dominic Colón
as Manuel Garcia
Peter Francis James
as Clyde Rutledge
Tricia Paoluccio
as Yvonne Fowler
Cate Smit
as Wife
Michael Drayer
as Chris Coleman
Frederick Weller
as Pete Peters
Christian Conn
as Mark Rojas
Frank Ridley
as Detective Jacobson/Judge Albert Darling
Alex Danilov
as Carter Phillips
Galway McCullough
as Moderator

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2016 | 23 Episodes

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2017 | 22 Episodes

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2018 | 22 Episodes

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2019 | 20 Episodes

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2020 | 16 Episodes

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2021 | 3 Episodes




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