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October 21, 2021
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Buffy The Vampire Slayer is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Buffy The Vampire Slayer has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


"In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer." Buffy Summers knows this tale by heart, and no matter how hard she tries to be just a "normal girl", she can not escape from her destiny... Thankfully, she is not alone in her quest to save the world, as she has the help of her friends, the hilarious (and surprisingly quite effective) evil-fighting team called "The Scooby Gang". Together, Buffy & co. will slay their demons, survive one apocalypse after another, attend high school and college... and above all, understand that growing up can truly be Hell sometimes... literally.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 10, 1997

Also Known As: Buffy, vampyyrintappaja, Khac Tinh Ma Ca Rong |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, PG), Brazil (14, 12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school

Company Credits

Production Co: Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises |  See more »


Kali Rocha
as Halfrek/Cecily Addams
Samuel Bliss Cooper
as Vamp Lackey
James M. Connor
as Scientist/Scientist #1
Steven M. Porter
as Jack
Tupelo Jereme
as Girl #2
David Brisbin
as Mr. Anderson
Dom Magwili
as Doctor
Alexis Denisof
as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Troy Brenna
as Avilas Demon/Nezzla Demon
Scott Berman
as Mover #2
Joe Howard
as Priest
Damon Sharpe
as Male Student
Kevin Carter
as Mr. Typical
Sarah Scivier
as Nurse
Paul Greenberg
as Shempy Vamp
Scott Harlan
as Aldo Gianfranco
Richard Assad
as Shopkeeper
Brent Hinkley
as Manny
Elizabeth Payne
as Waitress
Price Jackson
as Blayne Moll
Stefan Umstead
as Second Paramedic
Adam Kaufman
as Parker Abrams
Peggy Goss
as Crazy Person
Scott Hamm
as Jock
Thomas Michael Ferguson
as Gary
Michele Nordin
as Rachel
Jack McGee
as Doug Perren
Matthew Lang
as 2nd Male Partygoer/High Priest Minion
Karara Muhoro
as Shadow Man #2
Pierrino Mascarino
as Thelonius
Eion Bailey
as Kyle DuFours
as Rona
Seth Coltan
as Security Guard #2
Justin Shilton
as Munroe
Kristen Winnicki
as Cordette/Gwen
Michael Merton
as Mr. Savitsky
Juanita Jennings
as Dr. Wilkinson
Taylor Sutherland
as Villager #1
Tod Thawley
as Hus
Nancy Young
as Vampire #4
Will Rothhaar
as James
John Scalco
as Topanga Inbreed #2
Paul McMichael
as Student
Bru Muller
as Mr. Davis
Andy Marshall
as Scientist #1
John O'Leary
as Council Member #5/Kaltenbach
Barbara C. Adside
as Creature
Rachel Bilson
as Colleen
Billy Maddox
as Frawley
Chi Muoi Lo
as Creaig Fong
Patrick Belton
as College Kid #1
Jesse Tobias
as Self - Band Member
Sarah Bibb
as Fighting Girl
Brian Kolb
as Bank Guard
Alice Dinnean
as Baby Demon Puppeteer/Mummy Hand
Fab Filippo
as Scott Hope
Dagney Kerr
as Kathy Newman
Ernie Longoria
as Band Member
Rick Zieff
as Mr. Whitmore
Joy DeMichelle
as Ms. Lefcourt
David Redding
as Uber-Vamp #1
Johnny Green
as Way Cool Guy
Dominic Rambaran
as Paramedic #1
Mark Gantt
as Demon
John Saint Ryan
as Colonel George Haviland
Faith S. Abrahams
as Peaches
Sam Arnold
as Brendan
Barbara Whinnery
as Mrs. Anderson
David Wells
as Cheese Man
Shannon Hillary
as Dav
Candice Nicole
as Young Buffy
Carrie Southworth
as Betty
Julie Michaels
as Blond Vamp Ford Lets Go
Kavan Reece
as Justin
Dierdre Holder
as Hospital Doctor
Nelson Frederick
as Villager
Carlos Jacott
as Ken
Emma Caulfield Ford
as Anya
Ravil Isyanov
as Monk
Jeff Langton
as Vampire
Derek Anthony
as Imposing Demon
Kelly Connell
as Norman Pfister
Anthony S. Johnson
as Father
Lesli Jean Matta
as Vampire Girl #2
Tori McPetrie
as Michelle
Charisma Carpenter
as Cordelia Chase
Sarah Hagan
as Amanda
Musetta Vander
as Natalie French
Patrice Walters
as Woman
Danielle Pessis
as Christy
Meredith Cross
as Nurse #2
Vanessa Bednar
as 50's Girl #2
Andrea Baker
as Sales Girl
Ryan Raddatz
as Todd
Thom Khoury Williams
as Vampire
Iyari Limon
as Kennedy
Jay Waddell
as Demonic Villain
Mueen Jahan
as Doctor
Anna Maria Maccarrone
as Waitress
J. Patrick Lawlor
as Thomas
Clayton J. Barber
as Demon #1
Carlos Amezcua
as Newscaster
Jake Phillips
as Kip
Daniel Tamm
as Mooster
Brandon Keener
as Lance Brooks
Rebecca Jackson
as Tarantula
Hinton Battle
as Sweet
Skip Stellrecht
as Agent Manetti
Daniel Hagen
as Social Services Supervisor
Don Lewis
as Gentleman
Winsome Brown
as Woman Customer
Melanie MacQueen
as Mrs. Epps
Brian Gross
as Tor Hauer
Kelly Parver
as Girl in Park
Elin Hampton
as Co-Worker
Mike Summers
as Band Member
Joyce Guy
as Professor Hawkins
Anthony Anselmi
as Partier
Ben Hisoler
as Bronze Patron
Craig Zimmerman
as Minion #1
Laura Roth
as Sophie
Bernard White
as Tour Guide
Chad Lindberg
as Dave
Jack Jozefson
as Rusty
Sabrina Speer
as Girl
Lauren E. Roman
as Nancy Doyle
Denise Johnson
as Celia
Jean Speegle Howard
as Real Natalie French
Tom Kiesche
as Vampire
Nathan Fillion
as Caleb
Jane Cho
as Nurse #1
Pedro Pascal
as Eddie
Lindsay Taylor
as Little Girl
Staci Lawrence
as Customer
Daniel Dehring
as Red Robed #1
William Monaghan
as Dr. Gregory
Hunter Cochran
as College Guy #2
Gert Bettens
as Self - K's Choice
Paige Moss
as Veruca
Brian Turk
as Mort
Katharine Leonard
as Female Partygoer
as Halo Friendlies
RaéVen Kelly
as Lisa
Adam Busch
as Warren Mears
Josh Braaten
as Torg
Robert Noble
as Night Manager
Mercedes McNab
as Harmony Kendall
Darin Heames
as Parker
Steve Heinze
as Vampire #1
Megahn Perry
as Theresa Klusmeyer
Nancy Lenehan
as Pat
Chad Erickson
as Guy
Brian Tee
as Intern
Shonda Farr
as April
James Wellington
as Nightwatchman
James Jude Courtney
as Der Kindestod
Kerry Zook
as First Female Victim
Amber Benson
as Tara Maclay
Robert Arce
as Mr. Beach
Rainy Jo Stout
as Junkie Vampire Girl
Wade Williams
as General Gregor
Kate Orsini
as Girl at Bronze
Brian Poth
as Fighting Boy
Melik Malkasian
as Brian
Henrik Rosvall
as Sven
Brian Sampson
as Victim in cage
Christopher May
as Male Customer
Ciaran Hope
as Cafe Guitarist/Singer
Heath Castor
as Party Guest
Erin Leigh Price
as Vampire Chick
Jeffrey Sharmat
as Drowning Boy
Scott Becker
as Lost Freshman
MaryBeth Scherr
as Villager #2
Timothy Anderson
as Henchman
Anil Raman
as Earnest Fellow
David Boreanaz
as Angel/Angelus
Anne Keeble
as Drusilla's Sister of Caligula
Jeffrey Jacquin
as Meter Man
Clayne Crawford
as Rodney Munson
Nick Kokich
as Demon Teen
Adena Bjork
as Student
Ken Thorley
as Neal
Gregory White
as Coach Herrold
Greg Solomon
as Vampire Pool Player
D.B. Woodside
as Principal Robin Wood
K. Todd Freeman
as Mr. Trick
Hal Robinson
as Lester Worth
Denice Sealy
as Student Volunteer
K.D. Aubert
as Nikki Wood
Gil Birmingham
as Peru Man
Adam Gifford
as Tough Vamp
Patricia Bethune
as Mrs. Kalish
Julie Costello
as Ilsa
Chris Wiley
as Roger
Lance E. Nichols
as Middle-Aged Man
Mel Fair
as Tentacle Demon
Rick Gonzalez
as Tomas
Lisa Johnson
as Paula
Carl J. Johnson
as Crazy #3/Crazie #2
Amy Powell
as Reporter/T.V. News Reporter
Stacey Scowley
as Young Woman
Robert Munic
as Intern
Steven Gilborn
as Uncle Rory
Jack Sundmacher
as Ronnie
Vincent Schiavelli
as Uncle Enyos
Keith Brunsmann
as Vamp - Lackey
James Lurie
as Mr. Miller
Peggy Stewart
as Ms. Barton
Michael Emanuel
as Burly Guard
Mark-Eugene Garcia
as Prisoner
Angela Sarafyan
as Lori
John Ritter
as Ted Buchanan
Katie Gray
as Indian Girl
Tess Hall
as Punk Girl
Sharon Pratt
as Bar Patron
Mary Wilcher
as Shannon
Kelley Deal
as The Breeders
Katharine Towne
as Sunday
Richard Maybery
as Vampire Bouncer
D. B. Woodside
as Robin Wood
Shawn Pyfrom
as Little Boy
Brie McCaddin
as Cute Girl
Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Buffy Summers/Buffy Bot/Faith
Riff Regan
as Willow
Alan Abelew
as Brian Kirsch
Aytl Jensen
as Corozif Turlok (Vampire)
Randy Thompson
as Dr. Kriegel
Noel Gugliemi
as Vince
Josh Jacobson
as Teen
Michael Harney
as Xander's Father
Cameron Bender
as Stoner
Sean Lennon
as Band Member
Liam Kyle Sullivan
as Pledge
Natasha Pearce
as Lisa
Dwight Bacquie
as Security Guard
Andrew Reville
as Timothy
Annie Coffey
as Woman in Club
Max Perlich
as Whistler
Jade Carter
as Lieutenant
Julia Lee
as Chanterelle/Lily
Kevin Cristaldi
as First Paramedic
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Big Ugly
Judita Wignall
as Guitarist/Judita Wignall - Singer
Catherine Petra Villalobos
as Ally Roads
Christian Vincent
as Vampire
David Franco
as Vamp #3
Elyssa D. Vito
as Young Dawn
Brandon Lee Eberhart
as Magic Shop Customer
Krissy Carlson
as Emily (Dancer)
Brian Hawley
as Orderly
Alexandra Lee
as Young Buffy
Marti Noxon
as Parking Ticket Woman
Todd McIntosh
as Vampire
Whitney Dylan
as Lysette
Shannon Welles
as Gypsy Woman
John Hawkes
as George
Colin Malone
as Creepy Guy
Julia Morizawa
as Potential
Todd Babcock
as Tom Warner
Keith Allan
as Skinny Mental Patient
Wendy Worthington
as Lunch Lady
Jeff Denton
as Vampire
Grant Garrison
as Roy
Kim Deal
as The Breeders
Mike Kimmel
as Harv
Joseph Daube
as Hans
Amelinda Smith
as Katrina Silber
Damien Eckhardt
as Jack Mayhew
Rodney Charles
as Orderly
Jerome Elston Scott
as Stoner
as Lissa
Asher Glaser
as Boy in Bronze
Kevin Weisman
as Dreg
Clara Bryant
as Molly
Corey Michael Blake
as Waiter
as Chloe
Zachary Woodlee
as Demon/Henchman
Rachael Bella
as Dead Girl
Joshua Wheeler
as Driver
Joey Hiott
as Josh Age 10
Michael Rothhaar
as Suitman
Nick Chinlund
as Major Ellis
Casey McCarthy
as Julie
Michelle Miracle
as Locker Girl
Brian Reddy
as Police Chief Bob
Anne Betancourt
as Principal Stevens
Edward James Gage
as Mover #1
Norma Michaels
as Older Woman
Amber Tamblyn
as Janice Penshaw
Nicole Prescott
as Lishanne
Michelle Branch
as Michelle Branch
Jarrett Lennon
as Martin Wilder
Kristine Sutherland
as Joyce Summers
Susan Chuang
as Nurse
Eric Balfour
as Jesse
Eliza Dushku
as Faith/Buffy Summers
Jason Behr
as Billy 'Ford' Fordham
Paul Nygro
as Rough-Looking Demon
JR Reed
as Vamp - Guard
Kelly Felix
as Teenager
Camila Griggs
as Gym Teacher
Tony Sago
as Paramedic #2
Zach Hudson
as Superstar Demon
Eric Matheny
as Colm
Alexandra Johnes
as Sheila Martini
Donald Bishop
as Butcher
Suzanne Mackay
as Dancer
Jim Lau
Jim Ferguson
as Self - Band Member
Joseph Benjamin Stewart
as Vampire Night Club Extra
Alan Loayza
as Stressed Out Boy
Dave Power
as Zack
April Weeden
as Subway Slayer
Kaarina Aufranc
as Nancy
T.W. Leshner
as Feral Teen
Jack Esformes
as Doctor
Anthony Harrell
as Matthew
Steven D. Fernandez
as Little Trick o Treat Boy
Joel Grey
as Doc
Jake Patellis
as Dodd McAlvy
Kevin Daniels
as Bouncer
Ryan Browning
as Richard
Melanie Sirmons
as Brie
Barbara Pilavin
as Old Woman
Michael Cudlitz
as Bob
John Patrick White
as Pete Clarner
Michael Leopard
as Roughneck
Gloria Koehn Straube
as Graduation Student/Student
Christopher Leps
as Agent Goodman
Rif Hutton
as General
Melina Webberley
as Little Girl
Heather Sossaman
as Sick Girl in Hospital
Lee Garlington
as Jessica Harris
Keith Campbell
as Werewolf
Megan Vint
as Karen
Denise Emery
as Slayerette
Franc Ross
as Razor
Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
as Vampire
Tom Lenk
as Andrew Wells/Cyrus
Lindsay Crouse
as Professor Maggie Walsh
Carlease Burke
as Detective Winslow
Dean Grimes
as Frank Sidekick #1
Dominic Keating
as Blair
Charlie Weber
as Ben
Greg Vaughan
as Richard Anderson
Suzanne Krull
as Clerk
AJ Wedding
as Red Robed #2
Jennifer Nicole
as Body-Double Willow
Stefan Marks
as Guard #1
Stephanie Denise Griffin
as Tux Girl
Richard Herd
as Dr. Stanley Backer
Channon Roe
as Jack O'Toole
Angie Hart
as Self/Self - Band Member
Tony Delocht
as Band Member
Ashleigh Ann Wood
as Sara Age 18
Marc Blucas
as Riley Finn
Damani Roberts
as Young Robin
Miho Hatori
as Band Member
Tanya Raisa
as Student
Matt Koruba
as Teen Boy
Kavan Smith
as Man
Jason Posey
as Linebacker
Jeff McCredie
as Officer
Jenna Edwards
as Trailer Girl
Charlie Brumbly
as Gentleman
Johnny Guerra
as Student
Mark Elliott Silverberg
as Passing Student
Rob Grad
as Band Member
Rob Youngberg
as Self - Band Member
Abigail Mavity
as Sara Age 8
Fleming Brooks
as Mandraz
Mark Ankeny
as Dean Guerrero
Atto Attie
as Self - Band Member
Paul Morgan Stetler
as Young Doctor
Andy Umberger
as D'Hoffryn
Rich Werner
as Morgan Shay
Michelle Ferrara
as Mother
Greg Wayne
as Student
Christopher Dahlberg
as Tackle
Spice Williams-Crosby
as Patrice
Jennifer Shon
as Rachel
Kenny Apel
as Security Guard #2
Rob Benedict
as Jape
Yuka Honda
as Band Member
Elizabeth Anne Allen
as Amy Madison
Azura Skye
as Cassie Newton
Steve McManus
as Self - Band Member
Adrian Neil
as Vamp Lackey #1
Evie Peck
as Angry Girl
Robert Mont
as Van Driver
David Reivers
as Foreman
Robia LaMorte
as Jenny Calendar
Yan England
as O'Donnell
George Hertzberg
as Adam
Erica Luttrell
as Karen
Justin Doran
as Hogan Martin
Charles M. Kerper
James Marsters
as Spike
David Tuchman
as Freshman
Paul-Felix Montez
as Mysterious Guy
Robia Scott
as Jenny Calendar
Brett Wagner
as Trucker
J.B. Gaynor
as Little Boy
Danny Strong
as Jonathan Levinson
Stephen Triplett
as Vamp #2
John Patrick Clerkin
as Man
Emmanuel Xuereb
as Whip
Deborah Brown
as Girl
Marcus Salgado
as Vampire
David Adefeso
as Paramedic #2
Keith MacKechnie
as Parent
Steven W. Bailey
as Cave Demon
Christie Abbott
as Helpless Girl
Eric Prescott
as Cop #2
Adam Lieberman
as Carl
Richard Wharton
as Homeowner
Timo Ellis
as Band Member
Megan Gray
as Sandy
Richard Presley Jr.
as The Breeders
Aimee Mann
as Singer
Shawnie Costello
as Inga
Michiko Nishiwaki
as Vampire
Ian Abercrombie
as Old Man
Serena Scott Thomas
as Gwendolyn Post
Lyndon Smith
as Little Boy
Alyson Hannigan
as Willow Rosenberg
Alan Heitz
as Slook
Daniel Murray
as Creepy Cult Guy
Walter Jones
as Edward
Derrick L. McMillon
as Ron
George Wallace
as Old Man
Cate Cohen
as Building Manager
Hallie Lambert
as Crying Student
Abigail Gershman
as Girl
Susan Leslie
as First Cop
Nicole Bilderback
as Cordette/Cordette #1
David Haydn-Jones
as Hobson
Steve Summers
as Band Member
Armin Shimerman
as Principal Snyder
Michael Warren
as Doctor
Cynthia LaMontagne
as Lydia
Saverio Guerra
as Willy the Snitch
Daniel Wilson
as Shadow Man #3
Ryan Francis
as Soldier
Blaize Andres
as Child Vampire
Patrese Borem
as Young Woman
Michael Nagy
as Alfonse
Mark Weathers
as Student
Adam Clark
as Cop
Rich Muller
as Student
Jeff Mince
as Band Member
Enrique Almeida
as Marco
Steven Anthony Lawrence
as Chunky Kid
Sara Van Horn
as Older Nurse
Jeff Maynard
as Lance
Mark Kriski
as Weatherman
Tim Hodgin
as Coroner
Jennie Chester
as Kate
Jim Jenkins
as Priest
Royal Crown Revue
as Themselves
Corin Norton
as Crying Girl
Ace Mask
as Professor Roberts
Chris Garnant
as Stoner #1
Andrea Gall
as Customer
Alan Henry Brown
as Demon Bartender/Funeral Director
William Vogt
as Jamie
April Adams
as Nurse Lampkin
Ira Steck
as New Vamp
Jymm Thomas
as Themselves - Band
Susan Ruttan
as Doris Kroeger
Alex Toma
as Aaron
Chris Chauncey
as Clumsy student
Riki Lindhome
as Cheryl
Ally Maki
as Japanese Girl
Devin Reeve
as Vampire
Kelli Garner
as Kirstie
Elizabeth Thuax
as Little Girl
Jen Furlong
as Date
Wendy Clifford
as Mrs. Taggert
Wentworth Miller
as Gage Petronzi
Amanda Wilmshurst
as Cheerleader Joy/Senior Cheerleader
Anna Lauren Long
as Potential Slayer
Todd Duffey
as Murk
Vaughn Armstrong
as Cop
Larry Bagby
as Larry Blaisdell
Michael Schoenfeld
as Security Guard #1
Scott Rinker
as R.A.
Zachery Ty Bryan
as Peter Nicols
Blake Soper
as Michael Czajak
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Principal Flutie
Kaycee Shank
as College Kid #2
Cami Elen
as Self - Band Member
Scott Duthie
as Formidable Vampire/Frat Brother #2/Party Crasher Zombie/Thug
John Bellucci
as Man
Stuart McLean
as Philip Henry
Glenn Morshower
as Mr. Newton
Rudolf Martin
as Dracula
Carla Betz
as Bassist
R.D. Price
as Pizza Guy
Justin Jon Ross
as Joey Anderson
John Rosenfeld
as Vamp Lackey #2
Lee Everett
as Candy Gorch
Jeff Pruitt
as Bouncer/Vampire #1
Lauren Nissi
as Girlfriend
Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy
as Margaret
Coby Bell
as Young Man
Mark Ginther
as Horned Demon
Bryan Cuprill
as Roy
Mark Daneri
as Scientist #2
Jack Conley
as Cain
Jeremy Roberts
as Kakistos
Tom Wyner
as Sid
John Michael Herndon
as Vampire
Andrew Palmer
as Lean Boy
Dorian Missick
as Police Officer
Christopher Doyle
as Colin
Gerri Sutyak
as Self - Band Member
Pat Crawford Brown
as Old Lady
Debbie Lee Carrington
as Creature
Michael S. Pack
as Helmouth Mouth Tentacle Left/Vampire Bouncer
Roberto Santos
as Grimes
Chris Johns
as Airline Passenger
Rob Boltin
as Soldier
Camden Toy
as Ubervamp/Gentleman/Gnarl/Übervamp
J. Robin Miller
as Laura
John Colella
as Police Officer
Joanie Pleasant
as Helpless Girl
Raymond Roswell
as Lab Tech
Dan Wistrom
as Band Member
Julian Franco
as Young Bartender
Jennifer Lutheran
as Potential Slayer
Scot Zeller
as Henchman/Tap Dancing Victim
Kate Luhr
as Young Woman
Clint Culp
as Bartender
Roger W. Morrissey
as Demon/Tapparich
Kate Rodger
as Paramedic
Paul Gutrecht
as Tony
Loanne Bishop
as 911 Operator
Conchata Ferrell
as Nurse Greenliegh
Pamela Buck
as Bank Customer/College Student/Concerned Onlooker
Adam Weiner
as Simon
Troy Blendell
as Jinx
Christophe Beck
as Pianist
Christopher Wiehl
as Owen Thurman
Stephen Silberkraus
as High School Student/College Student
Mariah O'Brien
as Nancy
Armand Reiser
as Desk Sergeant
Don Dowe
as Construction Worker
Nathan Anderson
as John Lee
Douglas Bennett
as Phillip
Shane Barach
as Daniel
Bernard Addison
as Cop #1
Julie Fulton
as FBI Teacher
Nicholette Dixon
as Sister
William Riley
as Band Member
Kevin Christy
as Josh
Karen Charnell
as Shady Lady
Richard Hoyt-Miller
as Policeman
Jordi Vilasuso
as Dixon
Jason Christopher
as Nonserious Guy
John Knight
as Bud #1
Sean Moran
as Stage Manager
Mando Lopez
as The Breeders
Richard Riehle
as Merrick
Dawn Worrall
as Christy
Lorin Davis
as Witch Woman
Bianca Lawson
as Kendra
Walter Borchert
as Demon #2/Jeff/New Vampire
Beth Aylward
as Waitress
Tamara Braun
as Frenzied Girl/Tara
Robin Atkin Downes
as Machida
Kirsten Nelson
as Lorraine Ross
Thomas G. Waites
as Second Cop
Robinne Lee
as Charlotte - Sired Vampire
Charles Wesley
as Meanest Vamp
Sophia Crawford
as Vamp
Ken Strunk
as Dead Janitor
Charles Cyphers
as Coach Carl Marin
Lily Knight
as Gronx
Kathryn Joosten
as Genevive Holt
Eric Saiet
as Dalton
Toni Valenta
as Self - Band Member
Nicholas Brendon
as Xander Harris
Rob Nagle
as Robson
Frederick Dawson
as Porter
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Kit Holburn
Amy Adams
as Cousin Beth
Sarah Bettens
as Self - K's Choice
Jason Barnett
as Vampire
Nathan Burgess
as Duncan
Simon Chernin
as Student
Chad Todhunter
as Rickie
Jordan Belfi
as Ryan
Laura Silverman
as Vampire #2
Bob Harris
as Training Video Narrator
Terry Walters
as Ms. Tishler
Jackson Bolt
as Viking Warrior
Carl Anthony Nespoli
as Bringer
John Jabaley
as Tito
Samuel Jacobs
as Peruvian Boy
Jeff Kober
as Rack/Zachary Kralik
Michael Ross Verona
as Teacher
Matt Sims
as College Guy #1
Phill Lewis
as Mr. Platt
Clare Kramer
as Glory
Felicia Day
as Vi
Kevin Rankin
as Donny Maclay
Brad Hardin
as Captive Demon/Gora/Tombstone Vampire
Kevin Owers
as Smith
Brent Jennings
as Absalom
Patricia Place
as Woman
Bruno Gunn
as Captured Bringer
Kris Iyer
as Nigel
Pat Skipper
as Doctor
William Forward
as Doctor
Marita Schaub
as Vampire Girl #1
as Band Member
Kevin Keller
as Band Member
Harris Yulin
as Quentin Travers
Rick Garcia
as Reporter
Chet Grissom
as Detective
Jane Silvia
as Conservative Woman
Gary Imhoff
as Teacher
Molly Bryant
as Ms. Murray
Lily Jackson
as Witchy Poo
David Grammer
as Crazy Citizen
Jane Espenson
as Lunch Lady
Thad Luckinbill
as R.J. Brooks
Mace Lombard
as Tom
Daniel McFeeley
as Warty Demon
Jeremy Garrett
as Cameron Walker
Louis E. Rosas
as Vampire
Bob Fimiani
as Mr. Ward
Larry Clarke
as Monk
Twyla Banks
as Gennie/Girl
Amanda Fuller
as Eve
Dell Yount
as Truck Guy
Aaron Miller
as Minion
John Sarkisian
as Old Monk
Emma Caulfield
as Anya Jenkins
Sharon Ferguson
as Primitive
Jim Childs
as Student Audience
Ken Feinberg
as Chaos Demon
Juliet Landau
as Drusilla
Jeffrey Steven Smith
as Adam/Guy in Computer Class
Alessandro Mastrobuono
as Villager #3
Michael Matthys
as Paramedic
Tanoai Reed
as Flaming-Fists Warrior
Kane McGee
as Band Member
Jack Stehlin
as Dr. Angelman
Darianne Galden
as Student #1
Torry Pendergrass
as Lei-Ach Demon
as Halo Friendlies
Ezra Buzzington
as Bartender
Anna Coman-Hidy
as 50's Girl #1
Robin Sachs
as Ethan Rayne
Jack Plotnick
as Deputy Mayor Allan Finch
Edward Edwards
as Male Ghost
Sandra Von Johnson
as Nun
Sara Lawall
as Housewife Type
Brian Pietro
as Coach
Ming Qiu
as Chinese Slayer
Michael Bailey Smith
as Toth
Richard Beatty
as Small Demon
David Zepeda
as Carlos
Paulo Andrés
as Dr. Powell
Jennifer Sky
as Heidi Barrie
Dean Butler
as Hank Summers
Kimberly McRae
as Visitor
Rick Stear
as Boone
Ryan Bittle
as Mitch
Noelle Hannibal
as Demon
Shane West
as Sean
Caroline Lagerfelt
as Anne
Bailey Chase
as Graham Miller
Ed Francis Martin
as Teacher
Mike Rad
as Rookie
Ryan Tasz
as Ben
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Dawn Summers
Tony Zajkowski
as Self - Band Member
Michael Bacall
as Eric
John Timmons
as Viking #2
Erik Betts
as Agent Brown/Assassin #2/Demon/Predator Demon/Uber-Vamp #1/Uber-Vamp #2/Vamp #2/Vamp #4/Vampire
Meredith Salenger
as Grace Newman
Marc Vilt
as Movie Goer
Danielle Weeks
as Debbie Foley
April Dion
as Kissing Girl
Time Winters
as Dr. Overheiser
Robert Vito
as Cute Boy
Lorna Scott
as Miss Beakman
Bobby Brewer
as Hoffman
Joe DiGiandomenico
as Matt
Chris Daniels
as Stabbing Vampire
Andy Hallett
as Student
Alejandro Estornel
as Henchman
Jessica Townsend
as Cheryl
James Lew
as Vampire
Mark C. Phelan
as Agent Doyle
Gary Bullock
as Shrouded Man
James C. Leary
as Clem/Loose Skinned Demon
Amy Hathaway
as Christine
Matthew R. Anderson
as Pallbearer
Geordie White
as Vamp #1
Michael Zlabinger
as Student at Mic
Victor Z. Isaac
as Pimply Teen
Jonathan Goldstein
as Mike
Christopher Emerson
as Josh Age 21
Ethan Erickson
as Percy West
Nik E. Carey
as Vampire
Alastair Duncan
as Collins
Julia Jasunas
as Trick-or-Treater
Mimi Paley
as Little Buffy Summers
Anthony Steven Giordano
as Student
James MacDonald
as Detective Stein
Jessa French
as Cleo
Larissa Reynolds
as Present Girl
Mark Burnham
as Lenny
Bonita Friedericy
as Mrs. Finkle
Rick Scarry
as Sergeant
Adam Grimes
as Lobster Boy
Nina Gervitz
as Teacher
Sulo Williams
as Chaz
Tove Kingsbury
as Tux Boy
Jamison Ryan
as Fritz
James Parks
as Tector Gorch
Todd Stashwick
as M'Fashnik Demon
Doug Jones
as Gentleman
Nerf Herder
as Nerf Herder
Michael Manasseri
as Skyler
Peter Husmann
as Mailman
Mageina Tovah
as Jonesing Girl
Robert Catrini
as Prof. Riegert
Angelo Spizzirri
as Chris Epps
Lenora May
as Mrs. Jackson
Adam Paul
as Skanky Vamp
Charles Duckworth
as Glenn
Conor O'Farrell
as Colonel McNamara
Anne Zogby
as Student
Miriam Flynn
as Mrs. Frank
Lisa Ann Cabasa
as Injured Girl
Marion Calvert
as Gina
Natalie Strauss
as Teacher
Kelly Donovan
as Xander Double/Xander Harris
Benita Krista Nall
as Young Woman
Demetra Raven
as Girl At Bat
Jeremy Foley
as Billy Palmer
Emily Kay
as Maria
Bill Ferguson
as Self - Band Member
Julie Benz
as Darla
Jeremy Howard
as Dead Nerd
David Solomon
as Minister
Raymond O'Connor
as Teeth
Michael McCraine
as Rhonda Kelley
Marshe Daniel
as Brother
Jeff Stacy
as Band Member
Scott Torrence
as Dickie
Parry Shen
as Student
Brooke Bloom
as Nicole
Harrison Young
as Old Man
Robin Riker
as Catherine Madison
Jimmie F. Skaggs
as Courier
Geoffrey Kasule
as Shadow Man #1
Brian J. Williams
as Vampire #1
Michael Earl Reid
as Custodian
Jack Donner
as Cleric #1
Julie Hermelin
as Clerk
Wayne Sable
as Freshman
Mitchell Dean
as Workers
Mary-Pat Green
as Blood Bank Doctor
Hila Levy
as Pretty Girl
Carla Sofia
as Woman
Willie Garson
as Security Guard
John Ennis
as Manager
Christian Clemenson
as Balthazar
Mark Linn
as Helmouth Mouth Tentacle Right
Edward Fletcher
as Male Partygoer
Jordan Baker
as Sheila Rosenberg
Justin Urich
as Wendell
Ranjani Brow
as Young Nun
Brett Moses
as Student
Courtnee Draper
as Annabelle
Marjorie Lovett
as Mrs. Parker
Brad Kane
as Jonathan Levinson/Tucker Wells
Noor Shic
as Lady with Rosary
Casey Sander
as Tony Harris
Karim Prince
as Dante Chavalier
Jeff Wilson
as Evan
Lancel Reyes
as (1 of 4) Cloaked Minion of D'Hoffryn/Henchman/Lab Demon
Abraham Benrubi
as Olaf
Jeremy Ratchford
as Lyle Gorch
Jordana Spiro
as Callie Anderson
Edith Fields
as School Nurse
Oliver Muirhead
as Philip
Jason Hall
as Devon MacLeish
Terence Bernie Hines
as Shop Keeper
Clea DuVall
as Marcie Ross
Mark Deakins
as Malcolm/Moloch
Edie Caggiano
as Mother
Dania Ramirez
as Caridad
Ginger Williams
as Girl
Sonni Paisley
as Potential
Thomas Bellin
as Dr. Gold
Jennifer Bergman
as Girl in Bronze
Geoff Meed
as Mag/Andrew Borba/Vampire
Joss Whedon
as News Caster
Doron Keenan
as Commando #2
Kal Penn
as Hunt
Harry Groener
as Mayor Richard Wilkins
Bif Naked
as Lead Singer
David Meunier
as Rat-Faced Demon
James Stephens
as Dr. Weirick
Jonathan M. Woodward
as Holden Webster
Linda Li
as Talent Show Violinist
Kelly Lynn Warren
as Parent #2
Aldis Hodge
as Masked Teen
Keram Malicki-Sánchez
as Freddy Iverson
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Bouncer
Ana Maria Lagasca
as Potential Slayer
Harry Johnson
as Parent #1
Marcie Lynn Ross
as Dead Woman
Jarrad Paul
as Diego
Scott Gurney
as Kevin
Zitto Kazann
as Gypsy Man
Mitch Morris
as Cute Boy
Jennifer Hetrick
as Ms. Moran
Elizabeth Cazenave
as Teacher
Tony Sears
as Morgue Attendant
Anthony Head
as Rupert Giles
Fritz Greve
as Construction Worker
Michael Younger
as Truck Driver
Gary Kasper
as Lagos
as Halo Friendlies
Nell Shanahan
as Waitress
Susannah L. Brown
as Caterer Girl
George Sarah
as Wedding Orchestra Conductor
Miranda Kwok
as Fighting Potential
Alex Skuby
as Vincent
Marilyn Brett
as Lady
Juan Guerra
as Random Student
J. Evan Bonifant
as Kevin
J Barton
as Mike Helgenberg
Amy Chance
as Aphrodesia/Girl #1
Michael Worth
as Vampire
Nick Cornish
as Guy
Ivana Milicevic
as Sam Finn
Chad Stahelski
as Kulak
Bob Morrisey
as Crazy #1/Homeless Man
Anastasia Horne
as Laurie
Sujata Day
as Shy Girl
Elizabeth A. Riedel
as Vampire
Tom Bailey
as Tree Seller Guy
Phina Oruche
as Olivia
Michael R Bowman
as Lab Tech
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Boy
Karim Oliver
as Bud #1
Persia White
as Aura
Cindy Folkerson
as Burning Vampire
Jabari Hearn
as Steve
Mark Metcalf
as The Master
Bryan Friday
as Demon #1
Monica Snow
as Pretty Girl
Neil Daly
as Mason
Linda Christopher
as Nora
Andrew J. Ferchland
as Collin
Randi Cee
as Dancer
David Ghilardi
as Teacher
Michael Giordani
as Jonesing Guy
Tim Hager
as Administrator
Wendy Way
as Diedre Page
Jack Knight
as Homeless Guy
Jeff Ricketts
as Weatherby
Daniel Weaver
as Handsome Young Man
Darris Love
as Hallmate
Jim Doughan
as Mr. Pole
Ara Celi
as Ampata Gutierrez/The Inca Mummy Girl
Eric Whitmore
as Night Watchman
Paul Darrigo
as Driver
Paull Walia
as Friend
Lisa Hoyle
as Demon
Mike Grief
as Klyed
Donovan Brown
as Helmouth Eye Tentacle
Robert Covarrubias
as Caretaker
Jermyn Daube
as Frederick
Christa Engelskirch
as High School Student
Phil Mallon
as Vampire
Marc Rose
as Josh
Burke Roberts
as Marc
Joe Ochman
as Janitor
Ron Roggé
as Cop
Christopher James
as Guard #2
Justin Gorence
as Orlando
Harley Zumbrum
as Demon Guard
David Engler
as Initiative Guy
Steven Jang
as College Kid #3
Alan Blackney
as Evacuating Sunnydale Resident
Tia Matza
as Teacher
Jessica Biscardi
as Council Woman #1
John F. Kearney
as Elderly Man
Steve Rankin
as Mr. Maclay
Kelli Wheeler
as School Girl
Kristy Wu
as Chao-Ahn
Seth Green
as Oz
Annie Talbot
as Lady with Baby
Beth Skipp
as Lulu
Garrett Brawith
as Frank
Daniel Spanton
as Viking #1
Chaney Kley
as Brad
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Prof. Bellamy
Lisa Rae Black
as Self - Band Member
Andrew Ducote
as Ryan
Brian Thompson
as Luke/The Judge
Alex Baik
as Demon
Chasen Hampton
as Elliot
Christopher Gorham
as James Stanley
Damian Mooney
as Patrol Cop
Julia Ling
as Potential with Power #2
Jeff Shrewsbury
as Bronze patron #1/Minion/Minion #2/Student #7/Stunt Crazy #6
Megalyn Echikunwoke
as Vaughne
Kelly Smith
as Innocent Girl
Ingo Neuhaus
as Daryl Epps
Leonard Roberts
as Forrest Gates
Margaret Easley
as Curator
John W. Beach
as Student
Gil Christner
as Resident
Denise Dowse
as Ms. Miller
Jeannette Papineau
as Cheerleader
Leland Crooke
as Professor Lillian
Paul Hayes
as Older Nightwatchman
Christine Healy
as The Guardian
Jay Michael Ferguson
as Another Student
Erika Amato
as Band Member
Lisa Jay
as Linda
The Breeders
as Themselves
Darius Dudley
as Minister
Nichole Hiltz
as Diana
Mary Sheldon
as Nurse
Jeri Austin
as Running Girl
Jennifer Slimko
as Vampire Girl #3
Ken Lerner
as Principal Bob Flutie
David Fury
as Mustard Man
Adam Bitterman
as Gachnar
Andrew Wasser
as Slime-Cover Demon
Patty Ross
as Cool Guy's Mom
Jack Thomas
as Council Member #4
Craig J. McIntyre
as Vampire Pool Player
Jan Hoag
as Cousin Carol
Paul Bates
as Crazy #2/Crazie #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1997 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

1997 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

1998 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

1999 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2000 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2001 | 22 Episodes

Season 7

2002 | 22 Episodes




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