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This eight-part OVA (Original Video Animation, or made-for-video) series is set in the giant megalopolis of MegaTokyo in the year 2033. The story chronicles the battles of four women in power armor against an evil mega-corporation called GENOM. BGC is one of the most popular series among fans of Japanese animation ("anime"), as well as fans of the cyberpunk genre.

Country: Japan

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: Japanese

Release Date: February 25, 1987

Also Known As: Bubblegum crisis, Κρίση τσιχλόφουσκαςКризис каждый день, Bubblegum Crisis, Baburugamu kuraishisu, 吹泡糖危機, バブルガムクライシス, 泡泡糖危機, 버블검 크라이시스 |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Anime International Company (AIC), Artmic, Youmex

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1987 | 8 Episodes


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