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October 22, 2021
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Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore, formerly of Young, Frutt & Berluti, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm focusing on civil cases. With some help from his friend and mentor, veteran attorney Denny Crane, Shore quickly makes his mark winning cases no one would take, often using less than honest methods. In doing so, he develops a rival in his colleague Brad Chase, who has been assigned to the office partly to keep an eye on the increasingly eccentric (and possibly senile) Denny Crane. Though his questionable conduct might make him a few enemies along the way, Alan's not one to be underestimated, nor will he let trivial things like honesty or integrity get in the way of winning a case.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 3, 2004

Also Known As: Jogi játszmák, Юристы Бостона |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Germany (0, 12, 6, 16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

boston, massachusetts
male friendship
spin off

Company Credits

Production Co: David E. Kelley Productions, 20th Century Fox Television


Kali Rocha
as Allison Lovejoy
Eidan Hanzei
as Dr. Lee
Taylor McCluskey
as Thug #2
Lou Beatty Jr.
as Judge Gordon Kolodny
Roberta Orlandi
as Marissa Martini
Tom Knickerbocker
as Dr. Mahoney/Dr. Rich Farrell
Steven M. Porter
as Kevin Willhite
David Brisbin
as Derek Ross
Nestor Serrano
as D.A.G. Ronald Lazarus
Fiona Hale
as Mrs. Ferrion
Lisa Kaminir
as D.A. Valerie Murrow/D. A. Valerie Murrow
Ken Davitian
as Mr. Kahanov
Michael Oberlander
as Dr. Steven Rayburn
Ned Vaughn
as U.S.D.A. Rep Joel Beavis
Cory Hardrict
as Billy Jr.
Curt Bouril
as Edwards
Nicole J. Butler
as Clerk/Clerk #1/Clerk #2
Elizabeth Payne
as Foreperson
Mark Hicks
as Undercover Narc
Kitana Baker
as Beautiful Woman
Nick Lee
as Juror
Grainger Hines
as Jensen
Lee Whittaker
as Paul Harris
Kevin Farrell
as Salesman
Elaine Lockhart
as Plaintiff
Ben Bode
as Atty. Greg Montero
Margo Harshman
as Margie Coggins
Jim O'Heir
as Gil Furnald
Constance Zimmer
as Claire Simms
Dean Cudworth
as Detective Ian Peters
Aydiee Vaughn
as Night Court Hooker
Sean Ross
as Jury Forman
Raymond Ma
as Zhu Chang
Alfie Silas
as Singer
Taya Asimos
as Reporter
Denis Arndt
as A.D.A. Joshua Wendt
Glenda Morgan Brown
as Foreperson
Johnny Sneed
as Sam Sawtelle
Randall Rapstine
as Foreman
Hildy Brooks
as Judge Nora Lang/Chairwoman Nora Lang
Sumalee Montano
as Dr. Linda Corbin
Christine Scott Bennett
as Woman
Jim Ortlieb
as Dr. George Murrow
Tom Hoads
as Medical staff member
Lamont Dixon
as Attendant
Yvonne Huff Lee
as Mary Bennett
Richard Portnow
as Judge Peter Harding
Thom Gossom Jr.
as Judge Blake Winters
Mark Tymchyshyn
Patrick Belton
as Reporter #5
Lainie Kazan
as Judge Paula Stern
Jessy Schram
as Claire Wilson
Joyce Greenleaf
as Sister Mary Flagerty
David Gautreaux
as A.A.G. Marshall Brickman
Nelson Mashita
as Poi
Clare Carey
as Deena Rice
Isabella Hofmann
as Carolyn Joseph
Graham Clarke
as Court Clerk
Marc Vann
as D.A. Scott Berger/D.A. Scott Bodnar
Christopher Andrews
as Courtroom Observer
Deb Snyder
as Foreperson
Bob Gunton
as Attorney William Connolly
Mark Tomesek
as Edison
Sandy Colton
as Singer #2
Ally Walker
as Phoebe Prentice
William Murphy
as Mechanical Bull Attendant
Aubrey Chandler
as Woman
Corbin Bernsen
as Attorney Eli Granger
Steve Sabo
as Network Executive
Jude Ciccolella
as General Robert Seagram
Lisa Banes
as Attorney Kimberly Mellon
Thomas F. Wilson
as Jeffrey Bass
Dawn Marie Anderson
as Assistant District Attorney
Xander Berkeley
as A.D.A. Rex Swarthmore
April Rios
as Fiona
Laura Ann Tull
as Bailiff
Michael Loeffelholz
as Reverend Kurt Joyner
Ungela Brockman
as Dr. Powell
Matthew Hatchette
as Lenny Serra
Joelle ten Damme
as Emily Watson
Verda Bridges
as Mrs. Owens
Dan Byrd
as Edward Scanlon
Rebecca Lin
as Receptionist/CPS Receptionist
Michael Wiseman
as D.A. Bret Haber
Kelly Connell
as Attorney John Hoberg
Anthony S. Johnson
as Judge/Judge Baker
Page Kennedy
as Dennis Pryor
Jeanne Simpson
as Teresa Klein
Ron Canada
as Judge Willard Reese
Laura Kai Chen
as Mary
Larry Drake
as Bishop Luke Bernard
Laura Leighton
as Erica Dolenz
Steve Seagren
as Bellows/Night Court Beat Cop
Kevin Wayne Berger
as Bar Patron
Jim Jansen
as Marshall Kennedy
Patrick Fabian
as Attorney Stanley Gould
S.E. Perry
as MC in Ballroom
Robert Foxworth
as Judge Simon Devon
Hallee Hirsh
as Michelle Cabot-Levinson
Denise Boutte
as Reporter #6
Ryan Michelle Bathe
as Sara Holt
Margaret Welsh
as Alena
Rebecca Avery
as Foreperson
C. Stephen Browder
as Bailiff
Craig Anton
as Ray Richardson
Marshall Manesh
as George Keene
Lou Volpe
as Dominic Martini
Carl Reiner
as Milton Bombay
Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer
as Singer
Mare Winningham
as Patrice Kelly
Charles Emmett
as Detective Smiley
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Technician
Chuck McCann
as Judge Byron Fudd
Brett Hunt
as Reporter
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Attorney Vivian Marino
Eric Bolton
as Juror
Alex Nevil
as Terry
Brian Chenoweth
as Marshall Bettman
Lawrence Pressman
as Judge Floyd Hurwitz
Nia Long
as Vanessa Walker
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Ned Hayden
John Papapavlos
as Clerk
Joyce Guy
as Riva Boitelle
Linda Gehringer
as Lee Tyler
Victoria Lea Rudd
as Marisol Obisbo
Willie C. Carpenter
as Walter Mack
Melissa Cook
as Producer
David Burke
as D.A. Casey Mathias
William Atherton
as A.D.A. Howard Zale
Marcella Lentz-Pope
as Megan Raulston
Derrex Brady
as Corporal Brian Webb
Amara Zaragoza
as Cassie
Aja Evans
as Jessica
Scott Allan Campbell
as Detective Scott Reynolds
Randall Barnett
as Evans
Shirley Jordan
as Foreperson
Randy Oglesby
as Walter Edmunds
Meredith Patterson
as Missy Tiggs/Missy Frank
Ben Scott
as Morris
Jack Shearer
as Justice Antonin Scalia/Night Court Judge
Harvey Levin
as Self
Suzanne Whang
as Juror #1
Frank Whaley
as Frankie Cox
David Clennon
as Attorney Braxton Mason
Matthew Lenhart
as Jury Foreman
Terry Bozeman
as Adam Herbett
Paul Perri
as Ronald Emmerich
Erik Kowalski
as Paralegal
Clyde Kusatsu
as Judge Matsumura
Ming-Na Wen
as Ming Wang Shu
Jessica Ray
as Rosalyn
Kent Faulcon
as Owen Patterson
Frasier Murray
as Fisherman
Mari Weiss
as Nancy Murr
Wayne Wilderson
as Attorney Paul Phillips
Kay Panabaker
as Abby Holt
Gregory Itzin
as A.D.A. Todd Milken
Pamela Adlon
as Emma Path
Emily Montague
as Hannah Guttman
Michael Ray Reed
as Juror/Press Crew Member
Debra Mooney
as Judge Patrice Webb
Sam Anderson
as Walter Fife
Elaine Tan
as Lisa
Paul Collins
as Lance Buttram
Larry King
as Larry King
Josh Braaten
as Scott Warner
Valerie Mahaffey
as Mary Winston
David Lee Russek
as Sergeant Jason Hendler
Robert Noble
as Judge Swink
Tyler Labine
as A.D.A. Jonathan Winant/Jonathan Winant
Wesley Thompson
as Tim
Robert Benny
as Coast Guard
Marty Lodge
as Rick Guttman
Austin Tichenor
as Marshall Stepcoe
Jackie Debatin
as Jenna Aesop
Chasey James
as Juror
Ted Garcia
as Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter #2
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Detective Willet
Jere Burns
as A.D.A. Joe Isaacs/Attorney Joe Isaacs
Dey Young
as Sarah Berman
Kim Evey
as Helen Choi
Joey Slotnick
as Simon Griffin
William Shatner
as Denny Crane
Mike Hagerty
as Wally Bird
Ron Butler
as Dr. Kohler
Joe Conti
as A.D.A. Paul Smithie/Bailiff
Melora Hardin
as Sharon Brant
William Russ
as A.D.A. Christopher Palmer
Mary Gross
as Leigh Swift
Kwesi Boakye
as Turnip
Lucas Grabeel
as Jason Matheny
Peter Breitmayer
as Joel Landson
Weston Nathanson
as John Emerson
Nick Toth
as Minister Bill
Walter Addison
as Justice Kennedy
Ned Bellamy
as Harold Pines
Dakota Sky
as Boy #2
Marianne Muellerleile
as Evelyn
Roz Witt
as Justice Ginsburg
Ashton Holmes
as Scott Little
Tom Yi
as Foreman
Gerry Becker
as Mr. Faber
Mary Elizabeth Barrett
as Clerk/Clerk #3
Veanne Cox
as Dr. Kathleen Ryan
Kate Beahan
as Attorney Audrey Patterson
Paul Dooley
as Judge Wendel Donahue
Michael Kostroff
as Dr. David Cannon
Traber Burns
as Warden
Patricia Bethune
Adam Gifford
as Officer Devon Ritchie
Jim Turner
as Father Joseph Martin
Lee Makanga
as Court Clerk
Michael Miraula
as Jury Audience Member
Brett Weston
as Juror
Greg Baine
as Steve
Henry Gibson
as Judge Clark Brown
Sarah Culberson
as Female Assistant
Fran Bennett
as Judge Diane Avent
Kellie Koppel
as Law Clerk
P.J. Byrne
as Matthew Steinkellner
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Stephanie Rogers
Marco Martinez
as Foreman
Leon Russom
as Colonel George Hegarty
Gina Ravera
as Dr. Amanda Gerard
Philip Weyland
as Clerk/Kelly
Marcus Folmar
as Bailiff/Bailiff #1/Jail Bailiff #2
Jay Davis
as Host
John Robert
as Attorney's Client/Reporter/Reporter #5/Restaurant Patron
Marisa Coughlan
as Melissa Hughes
Paul Schackman
as Attorney Pepper Minkin/Stu Himelfarb
Barbara Scolaro
as Ana
Meredith Eaton
as Bethany Horowitz
Stacy Galina
as Jody Young
Scott Goldrich
as Background
Norma Jean
as Juror/Courtroom Observer
Randy Thompson
as Officer Carl Ralston
Christina Cindrich
as Julia
Lakshmi Manchu
as Juror #6
LaFern Cusack
as Foreperson
Emilio Cueto
as Courtroom Observer
David Cohen
as Lawyer
Kate Hodge
as Kaye Kent
Daniel Roebuck
as Russell Blayney
Jayne Taini
as Principal Berleth
Timothy Omundson
as Attorney Bill Withers
Job Alonso
as Juror
Matt DeCaro
as Dr. Jacob Levine
Maury Chaykin
as Ryan Myerson
Spencer Scott
as Reporter
Nadine Ellis
as Singer #3
Jarrod Bailey
as Harris' Son
Jerry Cutler
as Rabbi Hershman
Jeffrey Markle
as Clerk #1
Nora Dunn
as Attorney Cynthia Rhodes
Lombardo Boyar
as Ramone Valasquez
Dana Delany
as Samantha Fleming
Scott Michael Campbell
as Neill
Gregory Alan Williams
as John Zenawi
Livia Treviño
as Foreperson
Howard Hesseman
as Judge Robert Thompson
Kevin Dunigan
as Campaign Aide #1
Stephanie Venditto
as Evelyn Sawtelle
Brandon Molale
as Mike
Theo Wilson
as Foreman
Benjamin John Parrillo
as Andrew Forbes
Laura Henry
as Clerk/Clerk #2/Clerk #1
Kerry Washington
as Chelina Hall
Missi Pyle
as Renee Winger
Cristin Mortenson
as Clerk
Sue Nelson
as Dr. Hoffman
Michael Hilow
as P.I. Jerome
Jen Kuhn
as Mary Bradley
Marie Antoinette
as CNN Reporter
Rebecca Metz
as Lynnie Cox
Nakia Burrise
as Liz
Keisuke Hoashi
as Police Technician
Amy Aquino
as Judge Phyllis Tamber
Brenda Wehle
as Judge O'Keefe
Brandi Burkhardt
as Debbie
John Berg
as Judge Hober
Jonathan Palmer
as Public Defender Adams
Vincent Angell
as A.D.A. Richard Kirkland
Steve Ryan
as Special Agent Kevin Drummond
Carey Scott
as Officer
Heather McPhaul
as Female Prisoner
Craig Barnett
as M.E. Simmons/Man in Bar
John Marshall Jones
as Adam Murch
Anthony W. Preston
as Paralegal
Zondra Wilson
as Job Applicant
Kimberly Bosso
as On-Air Reporter
Hugh B. Holub
as Foreperson
Kristin Crandall
as Legal Clerk
John Posey
as Chief Justice Roberts
Patrick O'Connor
as Irwin Middleman
Ralph Drischell
as Foreman
Rick Hickman
as Dr. Smith
Annmarie Lynn Gracey
as Reporter
Emily Nelson
as Marcie Cooper
Elgin Brown
as Zinberg
Peter Kim
as Chinese Businessman #3
Rod McLachlan
as Steve Hughes
Anne Betancourt
as Judge Isabel Hernandez
Norma Michaels
as Adele Freeman
Mark C. Baldwin
as Political Ad Announcer
Rachelle Lefevre
as Dana Strickland
Kimberly Williams-Paisley
as Attorney Elisa Brooks
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Frank Lawrence
Jean Montanti
as Foreperson
Ashley Sawdaye
as Bartender
Deborah Cresswell
as Nurse #1
Matt Braaten
as Singing Juror
Curtis Armstrong
as Dr. Zachary Simon
Bobbie Norman
as Judge Keneally
Lyle Skosey
as Assistant U.S. Attorney
Vito D'Ambrosio
as Justice Samuel Alito
Thomas Kopache
as Judge Dale Wallace
Joey Yu
as Chinese Businessman #2
Annie Wersching
as Ellen Tanner
Phillip Palmer
as Newscaster/Reporter #2
William Rogers
as Foreman
Shay Kuehlmann
as Courtroom Attendent
Fernando Alessandri
as Man in Restaurant
Amy Hill
as Dr. Kathleen Rosewell
Carlos Gómez
as Attorney Ernesto Herrera
Joel Anderson
as Atty. Kevin Ripley
Holmes Osborne
as Mayor George Bostwick
Michael Strickland
as Foreman
James Rebhorn
as Wade Mathis
Frederick Koehler
as Jason Binder
Jenny O'Hara
as Judge Kimberly Ohlund
Aaron D. Spears
as Terrence Maxwell
Tom Virtue
as Father Tulley
Billy Mayo
as Detective Sean Wilkins
Brenda Strong
as Judge Judy Beacon
Heidemarie Fuentes
as Courtroom Spectator/Juror
Allan Louis
as Ande Mkeba
Richard Bairos
as Miguel Dominguez
Alison La Placa
as Andrea Michele
Jim Lau
as Chinese Businessman #4/Toque
Soren Hellerup
as Xavier
Rupert Everett
as Malcolm Holmes
Alanna Dedek
as Lauren
David Dean Bottrell
as Lincoln Meyer
Chandler Hill
as Dr. Kirk
Heidi Heller
as Clerk
James Howell
as Police Officer
Christine Dunford
as Attorney Shelley Ford
Michael Bofshever
as Charles Costello
Tim Snay
as Grant Kennard
Chris D'Elia
as Kevin Quinlan
Richard McGonagle
as A.A.G. Norman Wood
Rick Yune
as Troi Ran
Brian Waller
as Reporter
David Barrera
as Officer Joe Garrett
Kimberly Fox
as Barista
Buddy Lewis
as Wesson
Thomas Bankowski
as Mock Justice Scalia
Ella Christopher
as Pavlova Kharminov
Simon Rhee
as Tokyo Guy
Lori Caulfield
as Juror
Charlet Takahashi Chung
as Kim Wang Shu
Shirley Saunders
as Foreperson
Jennifer Parsons
as Dr. Reesa Klaywig
Penelope Windust
as Martha Silver
Stu Levin
as Justice Breyer
April Grace
as Attorney Regina Williams
Rich Cooper
as Paul Rober
Rob Narita
as Dr. Kerry Woo
Kathleen Davis
as Wedding Guest
Mary Kathleen Gordon
as Sylvie While
Cameron Daddo
as Sean Wilkes
Gibby Brand
as Dr. Leonard Raskin
Alex Paez
as Officer Coulier
Scott Paulin
as U.S. Attorney Jonathan Shapiro
Lee Garlington
as Alisa McKenzie
Harrison Held
as TV Reporter
Carolyn Lawrence
as Thirty-Year-Old Juror
Kim Delgado
as Foreman
Matt Malloy
as Donald Wharton
Robin Wilson
as Digna
Jon Bernthal
as Michael Shea
John J. Dalesandro
as Atty. Klein
Bruce French
as Dr. Ned Thiel
John Cragen
as Paramedic
John O'Brien
as Clerk #2
Brandon Ford Green
as George
Brian Kerwin
as Jack Fleming
Jaleel White
as Kevin Givens
Michael Raymond-James
as Kevin Armus
Geri Mars
as Crying Juror
Stacey Moseley
as Karen Sears
Carol Shook
as Upscale Fundraiser Guest/Upscale Fundrasier Guest
Bonnie Burroughs
as Lauren Delhorn
Christina Souza
as Ellen Webster
Brian Vowell
as White Collar Criminal
Mitch Pileggi
as U.S. Attorney Mark Freestone
Patrick Renna
as A.D.A. Warren Peters/Attorney Warren Peters/Warren Peters
Bill Blair
as Mock Justice Souter
Purva Bedi
as Translator
Mary Boucher
as Judge Rose Olsheim
Tony Todd
as Detective Walter Berenson
Jake Richardson
as Graham
Billy Valentine
as Bandleader
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Vivian Stewart
John Montana
as Pundit #1
Renee Taglia
as Attorney
Jermaine Stegall
as Musician
Samantha Klein
as Jody Beckham
Rikki Klieman
as Self
Michael Shannon
as Avery Wilson
Mary Ostrow
as Nancy Holt
David Beckett
as Band Leader
Deb Hiett
as Cindy
Gregg Daniel
as Dr. Jason Marcini
Camille Solari
as Giselli
Jeff Bowser
as Clerk #2
Bert Rosario
as Jose Pitino
Fred Meyers
as Willis Berger
Stephen Lee
as Aaron Sears
Ken Land
as Dr. Samuel Williams
Robert R. Shafer
as Smith
Jimmy Star
as Courtroom attendee/Juror
Tina Morasco
as Annette
Todd Waring
as Daniel Ralston
Andy Umberger
as Attorney Morrison
Louise Claps
as Criminal Court Foreperson
Keena Ferguson
as Waitress
Katey Sagal
as Barbara Little
Adam Arkin
as A.D.A. Douglas Kupfer
John Jason Bailey
as Reporter
Mark Henderson
as Dr. Perry
Georgia Murray
as Self
Lindsay Frost
as Beth Guttman
Ellen Crawford
as Frances Stadler
Rene Napoli
as Bartender/Lawyer/Reporter
Frank Payne
as Phil Mickle
Britt George
as Coroner
Jadzia Pittman
as Sarah
James Dalesandro
as Judge Mitchell
Julie Pop
as Laurie Berger
Diana Yanez
as Foreperson #1
Katherine LaNasa
as Pat Ontario
Tucker Maloney
as Dancing Lawyer
Antonio Sol
as Featured Vocalist
Laura Lyman
as Assistant Prosecutor
Christopher Carroll
as Judge Stephen Bickel
Hannah Leigh
as Marissa Deaver
Victor Raider-Wexler
as Dr. Bender
Victor McCay
as Dr. Malcolm Freemont
Jeremiah Birkett
as Warren Litch
Pat Towne
as Dr. Ray
Jason Blicker
as A.D.A. Duncan Jones/Attorney Timothy Simms
Schatar Sapphira Collier
as Female Prisoner
David Grant Wright
as Mock Justice Stevens
David Loucks
as Featured Vocalist
Josh Zuckerman
as Michael Scanlon
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Randall Kirk
Taraji P. Henson
as Whitney Rome
Ricardo Finnis
as TV Reporter
Christopher Rich
as Attorney Melvin Palmer
Brian Santos
as Background Actor
Bob Rumnock
as Foreman/Jury Forman
Lisa Temple
as Assistant District Attorney
David Connell
as Tourette's Guy
T.J. Thyne
as Mark Shrum
Betty White
as Catherine Piper
Kathleen Wilhoite
as Sophia Wilson
Steve Hytner
as Principal Daniels
V.S. Russell
as Jury Member
Emily Liu
as A.D.A. Alexa Chen
Ming Lo
as Hyung Lee/Dr. Lee Chang
Jenjer Vick Robin
as Annie/Helen/Jeffrey Coho's Assistant
Charles Rahi Chun
as Dr. Jeffrey Wong
Cristine Rose
as Meredith Waters
Rob Brownstein
as Dr. Timothy Wood
Harsh Nayyar
as Dr. Barati Waibi
Monica Young
as Cigarette Girl
Justin Mentell
as Garrett Wells
Philip Baker Hall
as Ernie Dell
Rolando Molina
as Miguel Obisbo
Matt Knudsen
as Waiter
Austin Highsmith Garces
as Lara Kohn
Konstantina Mallios
as Receptionist/The Receptionist
Derrick L. McMillon
as Security Guard
Merrin Dungey
as Sandy Zionts
Anselmo Martini
as Attorney at Law
Alex Spencer
as Juror
Nicole Bilderback
as Crane's Secretary/Secretary
Roma Maffia
as Judge Victoria Peyton
Stacy Edwards
as D. A. Chelios
Karen Lew
as Clerk/Clerk #2
Michael Brownlee
as Reporter #2
Jonathan Castellanos
as Domingo Obisbo
Scott Conte
as Officer Davis
Brandon Alameda
as Featured Vocalist
Armin Shimerman
as Judge Brian Hooper
Jonathan Adams
as Officer Preston Holt
Mike Sode
as Client
Heather Locklear
as Kelly Nolan
Jill Brennan
as Gracie Jane
Megan Ward
as Susan May
Michael Mantell
as Mayor Thomas Steinbrenner
Parker Posey
as Marlene Stanger
Carol Kiernan
as Manager
Reggie De Morton
as Tenant #1
Marietta DePrima
as Grace Mathias
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Douglas Karnes
Colby French
as Officer Taylor Jessel
Bill Porter
as Bailiff/News Camera Man/Restaurant Patron
Kristin Bauer van Straten
as Tori Pines
Craig Bierko
as Jeffrey Coho
David Axel
as Dewey
Enrique Almeida
as Prisoner #2
Beau Dremann
as Bailiff #2
David Pearl
as Bailiff
Alice Drummond
as Lydia Tuffalo
Steven Anderson
as Walter Seymore
James Troesh
as Man
Mark Knudsen
as Waiter
Lisa Waltz
as Dorothy Scanlon
Charlie Hartsock
as Foreman
Diana Kyle
as Secondary Juror
Stacey Hayes
as Model #1
Rowan Joseph
as Foreman
Avery Kidd Waddell
as Dan
David Sullivan
as Jason Canfield
Obie Sims
as Paramedic
Vyto Ruginis
as Captain Larry McDonald
Michael Landes
as Leo Morris
Forrest Landis
as Altar Boy
Michael Holden
as Rabbi Saul Levine
Brian Hatton
as Foreman
Don McManus
as A.D.A. John Lennox
Steven Culp
as A.D.A. Norman Wilson
Ken Edling
as Reporter/Upscale Fundraiser Guest
George Newbern
as Dr. Allen Konigsberg
Greg Brown
as Juror
Jenny Leonhardt
as Defendant's Wife
Michael Bryan French
as Alex Naughton
Matt Winston
as Ryan Chism
Tawny René Hamilton
as Foreperson
Maura Soden
as Melissa Stevens
Kerry Finlayson
as Reporter #8
Mary Chris Wall
as Elizabeth Tilley
Lake Bell
as Sally Heep
Phil Abrams
as Lou Schneider
Cecilia Suárez
as Maria Delgadillo
Christie Lynn Smith
as Maureen Janely
Susan Ruttan
as Jeanie Biddle
Frances Fisher
as Carrie
Chris McGarry
as Mark Pinnard
René Auberjonois
Charles Currie
as Bennett Lyne
Robin Middleton
as Jury Foreperson
Khali Macintyre
as Nancy Wilding
Michelle Russo
as Beautiful Lady/Denny Crane's Secretary
Dink O'Neal
as Man
Danielle Sapia
as Saundra
Dakin Matthews
as Judge Harvey Fletcher
Leigh-Allyn Baker
as Frannie Huber
Steven M. Gagnon
as Detective Lowe
Jim Kratt
as Prisoner #2
Elizabeth Dennehy
as Samantha Taylor
Caroline Aaron
as Phyllis Goulet
Jim Antonio
as Walt Bonner
Saffron Burrows
as Lorraine Weller
Will Radford
as Miles Tibbet
A. Russell Andrews
as Johnny Damon
Pamela Dunlap
as Adams/Yellowstone
McKinley Freeman
as Entertainment Lawyer
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Dr. Alvin Azinabinacroft
Michael O'Neill
as Dr. Robert McLean
Christopher Stanley
as CEO Robert Winthrop
Brad Bovee
as P.I. Smollers
Michael Patrick McGill
as Officer Brian Whistler
Dennis Chavis
as Juror #2
Scott MacDonald
as Officer Michael Minden
P.J. O'Connor
as Foreman #2
Tyrees Allen
as A.A.G. Doug Beecham
Leslie Jordan
as Bernard Ferrion
Ron Ostrow
as Attorney Cone
Adrian LaTourelle
as Chris Mott
T.J. Ramini
as Benyam Kallah
Adalia Braydon
as Denny Crane's Secretary
Jonathan Kehoe
as Patron
Leonard Kelly-Young
as Hugh McDowell
Tony Denison
as Kurt Loomis
Donovan Scott
as Judge Christopher Serra
Jay Malone
as Jason Engels
Sunil Narkar
as Lawyer
Rocky Carroll
as A.D.A. John Shubert
Art Frankel
as Walter Schmidt
Brent Keast
as Dr. Brill
John Prosky
as Attorney Walt Devlin
Ryan Kelley
as Stuart Milch
Regan Burns
as Stan
Ms. P. Reney
as Psyche Nurse
Shawn Christian
as Tim Bauer
Mion Lee
as Spa Attendant
Rhona Mitra
as Tara Wilson
Erica Gimpel
as Attorney Samantha Fried
Billy Kane
as Guy with Bomb
Shannon O'Hurley
as Phyllis Deaver
Carol Herman
as Juror #7
Al Sharpton
as Reverend Al Sharpton
Jeri Ryan
as Courtney Reese
Annie Potts
as Joy Espenson
Eric Payne
as Sam Halpern/Halpern/Mark Halpern
Tammy La
as Reporter #3
Sean Blodgett
as Reporter/Reporter #1
Debbie Lee Carrington
as Patty
Pam Trotter
as Jan
John F. Schaffer
as Chicago Atty.
Michael Glover
as Vince Odoms
Steven Eckholdt
as A.D.A. Richard Kelton
Missy Yager
as Marcy Kirkland
Ryan Cutrona
as Congressman Raymond Jacobs
Veronica Cartwright
as Judge Peggy Zeder
Sarita Michelle
as Model #2
Jeffrey Morrow
as Foreman
Vicki Davis
as Sylvia Donato
Mike Faverman
as Chef
Joanna Cassidy
as Beverly Bridge
Drew Butler
as Officer Tudor
David Bowe
as Jeffrey Addario
Aisha Tyler
as A.D.A. Taryn Campbell
Allan Wasserman
as A.D.A. Oliver Goldberg
David Kaufman
as Dr. Sam Karp
Wayne Mitchell
as FBI Agent
Perry Cornelius
as Paramedic
Bernadette Peters
as Judge Marianna Folger
Robert Joseph
as Federal Marshall Joseph Reynolds
David Doty
as Judge Ephraim Woods
Christine Tucci
as D.A. Mary Ann Huff
Pete Gardner
as Mr. Nayman
Freddie Prinze Jr.
as Donny Crane
Scott Alan Smith
as Dr. Randall
Tony Winters
as Ruppello
Valerie Bertinelli
as Carol Hober
Yamil Piedra
as Joe
Butch Hammett
as George Tanner
Nick Searcy
as Harry Beckham
Kevin Cooney
as Atty. Smith
Tom Selleck
as Ivan Tiggs
Adriana DeMeo
as Julie
Mary McNeill
as Arresting Officer
Stephen Silberkraus
as Pedestrian
Zylan Brooks
as Clerk/Clerk #1
Cade Olivas
as Alberto Lopez
John Kapelos
as Detective Wayne Farley
Kayla Mae Maloney
as Emily Hayden
Sharon Omi
as Ming
Dayan Kodua
as Job Applicant
Nancy Stephens
as Judge Wilcox
Joleen Lutz
as Cathy
Kevin Isola
as Michael Reisz/Scott Craven
Joel McCrary
as Guy Flanders
D. Elliot Woods
as The Man
David Lowell
as Dr. Harold Prescott
Currie Graham
as A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg
Betsy Brandt
as Gwen Richards
Anthony Heald
as Judge Harvey Cooper
Gennelle Dedek
as Katey
Kevin Dunn
as Attorney Jonathan Weiner
Dave Johnson
as Court Spectator
Christopher B. Duncan
as Dr. Jeremy Marley
Susan Floyd
as Wendy Moore
Richard Riehle
as Dr. Barry Glouberman
Ana Ortiz
as A.D.A. Holly Raines
Dave Anthony
as Technician
Patti Yasutake
as Dr. Claire Simon
Aaron Lustig
as Dr. Herbert Waylon/Wolfgang Blitzkrieg
Joel Polis
as Attorney Eric Yavitch
Leah Lail
as Annie Spotnick
Margot Demeter
as Witness
Craig Mitchell
as Prisoner #1
Karmyn Tyler
as Assistant D.A.
Rachelle Carson-Begley
as Irene Hoberman
Bruna Matsin
as Family Member of Susan May
Ken Strunk
as Father Martin
John Summers
as Lawyer
Christopher Baskerville
as Juror
Kristopher Maz
as Ryan
Lily Knight
as Helen Gershen
Tony Pasqualini
as U.S. Attorney Joyner
Jane Lynch
as Joanna Monroe
Kyle Secor
as Dr. Robert Brooks
Kevin R. Kelly
as Foreman #2
Bruno Campos
as A.D.A. Mark Wills
Candice Cunningham
as Receptionist
Joey Honsa
as Jenny Pratt
Freda Foh Shen
as Dr. Ann Kumi
Leslie Rishkofski
as Court Observer
Barry Sigismondi
as Officer James
Christina Chang
as Attorney Elizabeth Tyler
Eric Lange
as George Parkes
Robert Joy
as A.D.A. Nicholas Preston/A.D.A. William Preston
Michelle Forbes
as Juliette Monroe
Brady Cook
as Crane's Assistant
Susyn Elise Duris
as Asst. DA
Will Greenberg
as Troy
DeRynn Thompson
as Reporter
Ping Wu
as Chinese Businessman #1
Art Chudabala
as Peter Clark
Butch Klein
as Ray
Nike Doukas
as A.D.A. Allison Hayes
John Beasley
as Detective Walter McKay
Saul Rubinek
as Donald Feldcamp
Tom Amandes
as A.A.G. Jeremy Hollis
Tessa Auberjonois
as Evette
Gregor Manns
as Tenant #4
Brent Jennings
as Marshall Gottlieb
Kevin Owers
as Nigel
Michael Christian Alexander
as Officer Michaels/Officer Lawrence Michaels
Pat Skipper
as Attorney Michael Roker
Robin Tweed
as Attorney
Annie Abbott
as Justice Frances Oliver
Obba Babatundé
as Dr. Stanley Rivers/Dr. Victor Rivers
Roberto Montesinos
as Tenant #2
Patrick Brown
as Reporter #7
Crystal Allen
as Maddie Tyler
Simone Moore
as Ania Gadios
Shawn D. Gray
Shania Accius
as Nurse
Scott Reitz
as Swat Police
David Mehl
as Court Reporter/Lincoln Look-alike #1/Photographer
Jack Impellizzeri
as Officer Jones/Officer Jackson
William Charles Mitchell
as Judge Harold Hasson
John Considine
as Judge Lance Abrams
Larry Clarke
as Bill Morgan
Philip Newby
as Dr. Harvey Loper
Steve Tom
as Martin Jeffries
Aramis Knight
as Tito Perez
Bradford English
as CEO Michael Ryder
Tommy Koenig
as Officer Mike Carr
Julie Claire
as Kiersten Blau
Cari Zoch
as Officer Peters
Victoria Hoffman
as Foreperson
James Keane
as Joe Gordon
Aisha Hinds
as Beah Toomy
Kurt Scholler
as Bailiff/Jail Bailiff #1
Eugene Boles
as Reid
Charlie Adams
as Prisoner #3
Bradley James
as Federal Marshall Thomas Leahy
K.T. Thangavelu
as Dr. Futz
Ron Schwartz
as Associate Attorney
Kevin Chapman
as Officer Wayne Kirkland
Jon Sklaroff
as Ronald Jessel
Ann Ryerson
as Caryl Hutchins
Ava Marie Carmichael
as Court Clerk
Sian Heder
as Rachel Beckett
Lamont Thompson
as Officer Aaron Payne
Jeremy Davidson
as Peter Barrett
Sabrina Sloan
as Singer #1
Shon Little
as Minister
Shawn Michael Patrick
as Dr. Kodash
Peter Gray Lewis
as Dr. Alan Christie/Dr. Christie
Frank Stirling
as Underwood
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Robert Berrin - Zozo the Clown
Edward Edwards
as Ronald Matheny
as Band Singer/Singing Juror
Dennis Cockrum
as Detective James Jacobs/Officer James Jacobs
Patrick John Hurley
as Bryce Laughlin
Bonnie Bartlett
as Marguerite Hauser
John Short
as Dr. Raymond Young
Diane Sellers
as Tenant No. 3
Tom McGowan
as Noris Milk
Rick Deats
as General Milton Eckert
Marty Ryan
as Jury Foreman
Lauri Johnson
as Sister Catherine
Scarlett Chorvat
as Sandy
Valerie Vaile
as Juror #4
Daniel Edward Mora
as Julio Flores
Jessica Tuck
as Attorney Sheila Zale
Van Epperson
as Dr. Paul Rawlings
Lee Duncan
as Justice Thomas
Ivar Brogger
as Professor Matthew Tyler
Treisa Gary
as Foreperson
Jay Thomas
as Ian Hoberman
Yeniffer Behrens
as Carmen Flores
Michele Moreno
as Juror #3
Richie Keen
as Luke Kenneally
Richard V. Licata
as Judge Dale Melman
H. Richard Greene
as Judge Harry Hingham
Loretta Devine
as Annabelle Carruthers/Judge Victoria Thomson
Derek Magyar
as Gregory Stone
Lileé Anderson
as Hooker
Dan Gilvezan
as Evan Holt
Michael C. Mahon
as Officer James Gilmore
Steve Hasley
as Foreman
Karl T. Wright
as A.D.A. George Martin/Doyle Chernack
Ray Laska
as Judge James Billmeyer
Alyss Henderson
as Pedicurist
Dominic Comperatore
as Joe Martini
Oded Gross
as James Nasland
Kenneth Kimmins
as Dr. James Tusten
A.J. Presley
as Thug #1
Craig muMs Grant
as Joseph Washington
Frank Mercuri
as Bailiff
Richard Fancy
as Father Michael Ryan
Ashley Rios
as Fiona
Robert Wuhl
as Bob Binder
Mark Tuura
as Juror #7
Patrick Breen
as A.D.A. Otto Beedle
Enn Reitel
as Father Kevin Maher
Julian Starks
as Guard
Robin Krieger
as Pundit #2
Allison Miller
as Marlena Hoffman
Joe Morton
as Attorney Steve Duprey
Fred Helsel
as Fat Man
David A. Kimball
as George Knott
Paul Cassell
as Dr. Frank Wessmer
Barbara Eve Harris
as Principal Holliston
John Hartmann
as Tom Raulston
Gina Gianni
as Mistress
Kristin Somo
as Crane's Assistant
Gina Torres
as A.D.A. Mary Franklin
Ed Brigadier
as Foreman
Susana G. Esteban
as DA's Assistant
Odetta Bassett
as Foreperson
Arne Starr
as Man in Gallery
Regina Palian
as Juror
Rene Auberjonois
as Paul Lewiston
Emilee Wallace
as Fiona
Lorna Raver
as Judge Katherine Taylor
Shelley Long
as Miriam Watson
Patricia Belcher
as Judge Leslie Bishop
Ed O'Ross
as Judge Phillip Stevens
Andrea Massion
as Cantor Ravitz
Mark Moses
as A.D.A. George McDougal
Rich Ting
as Court Reporter
Cheri Oteri
as Martha Headly
Wolf Muser
as Linwood Winchell
Andy Clement
as Denny's Makeup Technician
J. Patrick McCormack
as Judge Sean O'Byrne
Dean Norris
as Byron Kaneb
Paul Schulze
as JAG Schoenewics
Cornell Womack
as Dr. Darryl Grant
Cory Smith
as Bartender
Matthew McCray
as Man
Mary Beth McDonough
as Janice Warner
Stuart Pankin
as Judge Gilbert Potts
Mark A. Nash
as Courtroom
Kevin Will
as Officer Michael Bardo
Carole Russo
as Medical Technician
Mark Derwin
as Attorney Michael Eaves
Sharon Lawrence
as Judge Rita Sharpley
Saida Pagan
as Reporter #4
Kirk B.R. Woller
as FBI Special Agent John Sharpe
Sara Erikson
as Kate
Tanner Woodley
as School Boy
Julie Bowen
as Denise Bauer
John Michael Higgins
as Jerry Austin
Tom Ormeny
as New York Atty.
David Starzyk
as Attorney Daniel Gellman/Attorney Gellman
Jayne Brook
as Rachel Lewiston
Michael Leydon Campbell
as Michael Foster
James Eckhouse
as Dr. Adam Carter
Nigel Gibbs
as Detective Wade Spindle/Court Officer
Paul Buxton
as Thomason
Glenn Taranto
as Maitre D'
Todd Stashwick
as Matthew Calder
Jen Gentile
as Nancy Moran
Peter Mackenzie
as Reid Harrington
Dig Wayne
as Atty. Beckham
Cynthia Harmon
as Paralegal
Robert Wagner
as Barry Goal
Mark Chaet
as Attorney Byron Robb
Diane Kim
as Newscaster/Reporter
Lauren Stamile
as Audrey Puiezzy
Ewan Chung
as Chinese Businessman #5
BJ Wallace
as Henry
Matt Letscher
as A.D.A. Adam Mersel
Wes Craven
as Self
Conor O'Farrell
as A.D.A. Glenn Jackson
Alan Ruck
as Attorney Wayne Davidson
Lorin McCraley
as Dwayne Willis
Diz White
as Secretary
Megan Gallagher
as Gigi Gering
Nicole Sullivan
as Joan Rubin
Danielle Phelan
as Rachel Carpenter
Liza Oppenheimer
as Casey
Miriam Flynn
as Gretchen Winters
Daniel Kash
as Patrick
Sam McMurray
as General Mark 'Fitz' Fitzgerald
Gail O'Grady
as Judge Gloria Weldon
Marie Michel
as Model #3
Stephen Wheeler
as Assistant DA
Deena Dill
as Female Server
Marques Johnson
as Foreman/Jury Foreman
Terrance Christopher Jones
as FBI Agent #2
Tina Ivlev
as Lauren Addario
Michael J. Fox
as Daniel Post
J.J. Boone
as Jacqueline Ross/Nurse
Craig Patton
as Jury Forman
Kat Sawyer
as Judge Brenford
Judith Moreland
as Detective Ellen Adams
Robin Riker
as Candy Springtime
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Doris Thumper
Helen Eigenberg
as Atty. Tompkins
Kathy Lamkin
as Judge Marcia Fudge
Elizabeth Narciso
as Paralegal
Gerald Downey
as Joel Kohn
LaShun Ellis
as Foreperson
Wendy Gazelle
as Maureen Rhodes
Chris Butler
as Officer Kent Stone
Lisa Kaseman
as Calder's Receptionist
Sierra McCormick
as Daniella
Rosemary Garris
as Shocked Woman/Juror #1
Laura Carson
as Foreperson
Nayanna Holley
Francesca P. Roberts
as Judge Jamie Atkinson
Patricia Mizen
as Bobbie
Kayd Currier
as Lawyer
Jesse Daly
as Waiter
James Moses Black
as Guard
Stephen Root
as Ethan Melman
Christian Clemenson
as Jerry Espenson
Michael Ensign
as Judge Paul Resnick
Lisa Lynch
as Harris' Wife
Mark Edward Smith
as Bailiff
Ann Cusack
as Dr. Donna Follette
Timothy R. McFadyen
as Clerk
Gus Lynch
as Juror
James Edson
as Smith
Juan Garcia
as Detective Perry Vale
Christie Insley
as Corinne
Derek Webster
as Dr. Giles Bromfield
L.G. Ross
as Reporter
Candice Bergen
as Shirley Schmidt
Elizabeth Sampson
as Marybeth Hewitt
Leandro Cano
as Prisoner #1
Richard Gant
as Judge Vincent Kimball
Robert Costanzo
as Wayne Picker
Stacey Travis
as Carol Cabot
Matt Kaminsky
as Mike Beckett
Jenifer Lewis
as Judge Isabel Fisher
Ken Howard
as Judge Walter Yardley
Rusty Schwimmer
as Helen Binder
Zach Grenier
as U.S. Attorney Chris Randolph
David Norona
as A.D.A. Harris
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as William Brewster
Michael Chieffo
as Dr. Saul Robbins
Nina Avetisova
as Paralegal
David Trice
as Foreman
Glen Walker
as Anchorman/Reporter/News Anchor/TV anchorman
Anita Finlay
as Helen Poole
Shawn Barber
as Juror
Joan Rivers
as Self
Ismail Bashey
as Dr. Martin Lee
Sarah Carter
as Tracey Green
Megan Mullally
as Renata Hill/Sarah Popeil
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Nora Jacobs
Angela Sargeant
as Foreperson #1
Michael Cutt
as Officer Blanchard
Dov Davidoff
as Joe Hellman
Reggie Jordan
as Reporter #2
Anna Gunn
as Attorney Susan Bixby
Bernadette Speakes
as Lab Tech
Romy Rosemont
as Stephanie Beller
Pamela Shaddock
as Marshall of the Court/Marshall of the Supreme Court
Gary Anthony Williams
as Clarence Bell
Stephen Holland
as Foreman
Max Knowles
as Boy #1
Antonio T. Tillman
as Court Observer
Parker Quinn
as Paralegal
Michael Eric Strickland
as Dr. Sylvan Turrette
Michael Dempsey
as Dominick Ryan
Takayo Fischer
as Clerk/Court Clerk
Baadja-Lyne Odums
as Juror #5
Christine Ebersole
as Sunny Fields
Carole Gutierrez
as Foreperson
Angela Chee
as Reporter
Lisa Vidal
as Irma Levine
Konstantine Anthony
as Crying Juror
Ron Yuan
as Zhang Wu
Jerald Garner
as FBI Agent
Larry Cedar
as Robert Hopper
Elizabeth Susan Carter
as Waitress
Peggy Etra
as Foreperson
Matthew J. Williamson
as Sean Harmon
Mark L. Taylor
as Attorney Adam Jovanka
Vincent Maeder
as Reporter
Kurt Fuller
as Reverend Donald Diddum
Brad Wilson
as Clerk #1/Maitre'd
Mongo Brownlee
as Pete
Elizabeth Mitchell
as Christine Pauley
William Daniels
as Judge Milton Brody
Paulah May
as Drunk Bar Patron
Maree Cheatham
as Georgina Babineaux
Angela Goethals
as Officer Ellen Belott
Jim Holmes
as ICE Agent Daniel Foster
Christopher Moynihan
as Derek Roth
Brian Carpenter
as Dr. Ferrell
Michael Nanfria
as Det. Frank Richards
Liz Laird
as Jury Foreperson
Tom Verica
as A.U.S.A. Carl Newell
Delta Burke
as Bella Horowitz
Larry Miller
as Edwin Poole
Ron Pearson
as Spencer Hamilton
Joan McMurtrey
as Natalie Cabot
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. Joshua Forbes
Lovensky Jean-Baptiste
as Jerome Harris
George Segal
as Paul Cruickshank
Yoni Tabac
as Reporter
George Wyner
as Al Bostick
Richard Kuegeman
as Customer
Donna Cooper
as Secretary
Danielle Bisutti
as Roberta Sloane
Freddie Johnson
as Reporter
Shelley Berman
as Judge Robert Sanders
Kim Webb
as Reporter
Don Pugsley
as Prisoner #4
Audrey Wasilewski
as Traci Carpenter
Bonnie Bailey-Reed
as Harriet Bird
Marcy Goldman
as Foreperson
Bob Rusch
as John
Joseph Buttler
as Foreman
Ethan Phillips
as Michael Schiller
Eric Christie
as Sergeant
Ray Proscia
as Paul Schwimmer
Christina Romero Mollison
as Lawyer
Liam Craig
as Attorney Gerald Litman
Marty Belafsky
as Joshua Abrams
Scott Klace
as Dr. Mitchell Levinson
Stephen Hornyak
as Officer
Robert Cesario
as Dr. Lee Watson
Bruce Gray
as Dr. Earl Roberts
Robert Frank Telfer
as Man
Chi McBride
as Steven Harper
Louis Giambalvo
as Judge Franzetti
Monica Potter
as Lori Colson
Cheryl White
as Mary Stevens
Dalpre Grayer
as Terrence Owens
Mark Valley
as Brad Chase
Peter Onorati
as A.D.A. Stewart Betts
Michael A. Templeton
as Lawyer
David McKnight
as Graham Potter
Tom Kemp
as Oliver Atkins
Shem Walker
as Mrs. Deboru
Vic Polizos
as Detective Frank Richmond
Scott Bakula
as Jack Ross
John Aylward
as Tom Orchard
Krystal Grenseman
as Jury Member
Sam Temeles
as Dr. Lott
Frank Birney
as Judge William Howe
John Sterling Carter
as Male Attorney
Yolanda C Benton
as Female Prisoner
Alyson Reed
as Roberta Turner
Kimberly Evan
as Bridesmaid
Grant Shaud
as Perry Winston
Jason Earles
as Mitchy Weston
Sterling K. Brown
as Zeke Borns
Blair Bess
as Detective/Hostage Negotiator
Christopher J. Marcinko
as Juror
Phyllis Diller
as Self
Jennifer Aspen
as Maureen Fleming
Jesse D. Goins
as Dr. Anyar Marks/Dr. Marks
Steve Valentine
as Dan Rice
Cas Anvar
as Dr. Paul Harris
Bellamy Young
as Cynthia Nichols
Sierra Abel
as Harris' Daughter
Tim McFadyen
as Clerk/Steve
Robin Pearson Rose
as Janet Fleming
Joe Ochman
as Minister
Robert Clotworthy
as Zachary West
Ray Abruzzo
as John Sciarra/USAG Sciarra
Leyna Nguyen
as Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter #3
Barry Primus
as Professor Jeffrey Benoit
Amy Penney
as Waitress
John Larroquette
as Carl Sack
James Spader
as Alan Shore
Amrapali Ambegaokar
as Kavita Pokharel
Matt Riedy
as Dr. Duncan
Sue Ozeran
as Esther Brown
Mike Binder
as Clarence Nichols
Deirdre M. Smith
as Jury Foreperson
Jennifer Williams
as Foreperson
Matt Champagne
as Bob Mathias
Michael McKean
as Dwight Biddle
Neal Matarazzo
as Brian Stevens
Brian Howe
as Martin Monrow
Andrew Prine
as Sam Wolfson
Geoffrey Owens
as Dr. Mitch Norris
Ted Lyde
as Foreman/Robert Coldwell
Dan Martin
as Detective Russell Roberts
David Purdham
as Judge William Connolly
Bill Smitrovich
as D.A. Jack Fitzhugh
Kelly Smith
as Amelia Warner
Marissa Welsh
as Juror
Travis McKenna
as Mark Harrison
Jason Brooks
as Justin Murray
Clifton MaCabe Murray
as Fishing Guide
Tara Summers
as Katie Lloyd
Wayne Thomas Yorke
as Waiter
Hollis Doherty
as Jury Foreperson
Joe Guzaldo
as Bert McAdams
Ellen Bry
as Attorney Shelby Morris
Michael Gross
as Father Nicholas McClinton
Ed Begley Jr.
as Clifford Cabot
John Thaddeus
as Detective John Stephenson
Christopher Neiman
as Marshall Prig
Bess Armstrong
as Penelope Kimball
David Weisenberg
as Man in Suit
Damien Leake
as Referee Jack
Andy Milder
as Dr. Gill
Ken Lerner
as Howard Bridge
Ken Jeong
as Coroner Myron Okubo
Erika Greenspan
as Female Patient
Dennis Lee Nowicki
Lance Irwin
as Baliff
Peter MacNicol
as Dr. Sydney Field
Greta Sesheta
as Foreperson
Dianna Miranda
as Helena Perez
Jan Hoag
as Jane Baker
Steven Shaw
as Jury Foreman
Jennifer Kaye Evans
as News Reporter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2004 | 17 Episodes

Season 2

2005 | 27 Episodes

Season 3

2006 | 24 Episodes

Season 4

2007 | 20 Episodes

Season 5

2008 | 13 Episodes




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American Cinema Editors, USA

Best Edited One-Hour Series for Television

Casting Society of America, USA 2005


Casting Society of America, USA

Best Dramatic Episodic Casting

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