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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Atlantic City at the dawn of Prohibition is a place where the rules don't apply. And the man who runs things -- legally and otherwise -- is the town's treasurer, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, who is equal parts politician and gangster. Side by side with his brother Elias, Atlantic City's sheriff, and a crew of ward bosses and local tough guys, Nucky gains a reputation as the man to see for illegal alcohol. He does business with all the top gangsters -- Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, "Big Jim" Colosimo -- and he does it well ... until a former protégé takes matters into his own hands, setting the Feds on Nucky's tail.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 19, 2010

Also Known As: Gengszterkorzó, Zakazane imperium |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, R18+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new jersey
prohibition era

Company Credits

Production Co: Home Box Office (HBO), Leverage Management |  See more »


Roe Hartrampf
as Skeeter Walsh
George R. Sheffey
as Traymore Hotel Concierge
Richmond Hoxie
as Harlan Stone
Jessy Smith
as Dancer at the Old Rumpus
Alice Ellis
as Gwynne - Artemis Club Girl
Bill Cwikowski
Jason Boyle
as Danny
Fred Arsenault
as Agent #1
Paul Fitzgerald
as Charles Gabler
Heather Lynne Chasse
as Dancer Jessica
Brian Haley
as Lead Guard
Gillian Abbott
Mattilyn Rochester Kravitz
as Clara Chariton
Nick Diamantis
as Rosetti Thug/Gyp Rosetti's Associate/U.S. Soldier WWI/Waiter
Rich Petrillo
as Boardwalk Pedestrian/Still Bootlegger/Babettes Guest/Capone Legbreaker/Gangster/Gangster at Table/Luchiano Club Gun Check/Luciano Gunman/Western Electric Factory Worker
Curt Bouril
as Clifford Lathrop
Jack Huston
as Richard Harrow
Sebastian Tillinger
as Hubert McCready
Yelena Shmulenson
as Emma Horvitz
Kurt Meier
as Swimmer Boy
Cynthia Silver
as Tourist #2
Chris Mulkey
as Boss Frank Hague
Sarah Galvin
as Mental Hospital Patient
Richard Herron
Clayton James Mackay
as Boy
Matthew Schallipp
as Wendell
Dagmara Dominczyk
as Dinah Linehan
Chuck Schanamann
as Klan Member/Shopkeeper
Kareem M. Lucas
Erik Frandsen
James Ciccone
as Joe Masseria's Thug
Prudence Wright Holmes
as Widow
Jessica Swesey
as Babette's Dancer/Dancer/Old Rumpus Dancer
Maud Arnold
as Onyx Club Dancer 2/Onyx Club Dancer
Joel Marsh Garland
as Stu
Michael Halsey
as Bill Neilan
Meredith Riley Stewart
as Babette's Dancer
Samantha Buck
as Apartment Hunting Wife
Kate Cullen Roberts
as Gossipy Prostitute
Byron Jennings
as Dr. Cotton
James Rutledge
as Hospital Chairman
Vic Bagratuni
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Noah Forrest
as Capone Thug
Brett Joseph DePetrillo
as Lucky Luciano Bodyguard
Bill Cohen
Matt D'Amico
as Capone Entourage Member
Jimmy Palumbo
as Businessman #3
Dominik Tiefenthaler
as Rudy
Christina Shea-Wright
David Chadwick
as Red Levine
Adam Zotovich
as Babette's Dancer #3
Anthony J. Gallo
as Sam Moceri
Anatol Yusef
as Meyer Lansky
Roy Milton Davis
as Pony Wrangler
Mario Macaluso
as Incrocci
Peter Conboy
as Court Officer
Paul Pilcz
Judson Jones
as John #1
Carmine Raspaolo
as Angelo
Lynne Valley
as Temperance Singer
Miranda Plant
as Beachgoer
Erin Mae Miller
as Temperance Singer
Alexander Jameson
as Temple Student
Steve Fogelman
as Ritz Hotel Doorman/Hotel Doorman
McKenna Kerrigan
as Nurse
Sidné Anderson
as Demanding Mother
Don Arangio
as Newsie
Kathryn Barnhardt
as Student 2
Scott Moreau
as Agent
Gabriel Olds
as Noel Pearson
John Buscemi
as Bodyguard
Matthew Broadley
as Patrick Thompson
Jorge Pupo
as Bank Manager
Mary Grill
as Woman at Herkemeyer's Speakeasy
John C. Vennema
as Lawrence Conors
Tim Ransom
as Victor Drake - Defense Attorney
John P. Keller
Kari Nicolle
as Actress
Glenn Peters
as Priest
Charles Gray
as Switchblade Wielder at Bar
Johann Carlo
as Teresina Capone
Daniel Wolfe
as Tourist #1
Scott Drummond
Peter Patrikios
as Archie
Megan Ferguson
as Claudia
Dieter Riesle
as Babette's Dancer/Eddie's Friend 1
Saint Marino
as Kennedy Agent
as Rabbi Elli
Michael Warner
as Klan Recruiter
Robert Dorfman
as Max Hirsch
Vic Noto
as Hearse
Cezary Skarzynski
as Boxer #2
Sara King
Drew Humphrey
as Babette's Dancer
Alan Davis
as Drunk Sailor
Joseph Harrell
as Jail guard
John Francis Hebert
as Mayor Bader's Aide
Sean Stanco
as Bodyguard
Steve Routman
as Davidoff
Josh Pesin
as World War I Veteran
Haley Zutty
as Guzik's Son
Lee Cunningham
as Van Alden's Neighbor
Bree Branker
Christopher Jon Gombos
as Western Electric Factory Worker
James Michael Reilly
as Realtor
Aleksa Palladino
as Angela Darmody
Gretchen Mol
as Gillian Darmody
Frank Root
as Babette's Dancer
Kayla Ferguson
as Doris
Brian Donahue
as Chain Gang Guard
Noah Unger
as Chester
Chris Angerman
as Newsboy
Michael Dean
as FBI Instructor #1/State Investigator
Dan Levinson
as Musician
Anthony Engellis
as Rossi
Trampas Thompson
Rhonda Ayers
Ian Hart
as Ethan Thompson/Young Ethan Thompson
Christopher McCann
as Mortician
Eric Reid Schroeder
as Tenement Man
Cal Koury
as Beach Hideout Bodyguard/Nucky Thompson Bodyguard
Rose Ftz
as Vendor
Josh Caras
as Henry/Henry Gaines
Greg Harvey
as Man headbutted by Owen
Ian Bonner
as Working Class Thug
Bob Roseman
as Fitzy
Megan Reinking
as Annabelle
Chloe Harting
as Showgirl on Boardwalk
Carolyn Doherty
as Party Dancer #2
Bob Braswell
as Pratt
P.J. Brown
as Chicago Prohibition Agent Coughlin/Prohibition Agent Emmet L. Coughlin
Woodrow Morton
as Busboy
Brent Bateman
as Eddie Corrigan, Chicago Tribune Reporter
Matt Hobby
as House Servant Phillip/Thompson House Servant Phillip/Thompson House Butler Phillip
Jeffrey D. Petrauskas
as Irish Boy
Nisi Sturgis
as June Thompson
Jehan-Pierre 'The Preacher' Vassau
Domenic Ambroselli
as Dermot Thompson
Tommaso Antico
as Dancer
Craig Bockhorn
as Businessman #2
Chris Fischer
as Uniformed Cop
Stephen DeRosa
as Eddie Cantor
Ben Eckstein
as Sonny/Sonny Capone
Omar Scroggins
as Harold C. Madison
Jason Roeser
as Bartender at Babettes
Thomas Endres
as Philadelphia Enquirer Reporter
Emma Holzer
as Edith Thompson
Jodie Sanders
as Ruby
Erin McGrath
as Edith Day
Marcella Lentz-Pope
as Mae Capone
Jack Moran Jr.
as Sheriff Deputy #1
Michael Hayward-Jones
as Senator 2
Risa Dorken
as Lower Class Girl
Bruce Conner
as Mayor's Assistant Nick
David L. Townsend
as Arthur Lasch
Sam Klein
as Tennis Player
Mary Murphy
John Alix
as Dancer
Peter Van Wagner
as Isaac Ginsburg
Gregory Bastien
Andy Schneeflock
Mick O'Rourke
as Thug #2
Ernest Williams Jr.
as Jazz Dancer #8/Jazz Dancer 611
Tommy Nelson
as Ned
A.J. Heekin
as Poker Dealer
Byrne Davis Jr.
as Whiskey Whiskers
Melana Lloyd
Patrick Pitu
as Duyrea Frost
Erica Fae
as Charlotte
Christina Toth
Jeremy Bobb
as Dickie Pastor
Laura Millis McClatchy
as Voter #3
Jenna Gavigan
as Evelyn - Artemis Club Girl/Evelyn
Joseph Huffman
as Boardwalk Walker
Aaron J. Savage
as Protester
McKenzie Shea
as Deuces Girl
Lizzy Plimpton
as Boss Frank Hague's Date
Boris McGiver
as Sheriff Jacob Lindsay/Sheriff
Nora Paller
as Temple Student
Anthony Pasqua
as Italian Gangster
Joe Caniano
as Jake Guzik
Lou Brockman
Ashlie Atkinson
as Gianconda Rosetti - Gyp's Wife
Anne Bergstedt
as Gillian's Prostitute/Prostitute
Tyler Rollinson
Jacob Knoll
as Police Officer #1
Warren Kelley
as David Hewson
Giuseppe Ardizzone
as Capone Thug #1/Capone Leg Breaker/Torrio Bodyguard
Jennifer Ferrin
as Carolyn Rothstein
Graig Guggenheim
as Torio Thug
Gerard Sullivan
as Nucky's Bodyguard
Nate Steinwachs
as Federal Agent/Babbette's Patron
Eduardo J. Escobar
as Cuban Poet
Anthony Laciura
as Eddie Kessler
Lisa Joyce
as Mary Dittrich
Michael Thomas Walker
as Fats
John Mainieri
as Brighton Hotel Manager
Jerry Lobrow
as Boardwalk Spectator/FBI Agent/Funeral Mourner/Republican Conventioneer
David Gable
as Federal Agent/Maître d'
Bryant Carroll
as William 'Wild Bill' Lovett
Sean Phillips
Joel Hatch
as Dr. Edward Holt
Matthew Lawler
as Mr. Posner
M. Xavier O'Connor
as Ritz Elevator Operator
Amelia Lowe
as Onyx Club Patron/Onyx Club Patron 3
Stephane Nicoli
as Customer
Randy Neumann
as Referee
Vincent Riviezzo
as Mob Pallbearer
Cary Gottlieb
as Cracker
Stanley Bahorek
Roberto De Felice
as Gerardo Scarpato
Desira Pesta
as Four Deuces Prostitute
Curtis Shumaker
as Ward Boss
Nick Robinson
as Rowland Smith - Nate's Partner
Austin Kennedy
as Ladder Boy
Alex Cranmer
as Talmer
James P. Anderson
as The Judge
Peter Claymore
as Grey-Haired Man
Justiin A. Davis
as Lester White
Katelyn O'Friel
Kevin Carolan
as Boardwalk Barker
Ted Rooney
as John McGarrigle
Mia Ciccarelle
as Daughter
Noel Dinneen
as Mickey's Warehouse Guard 2
Mark Stolzenberg
as Carnival Photographer
Julia Osborne
Matt McDonald
as Agent Beagan
Lily Narbonne
as Temple University Student
Sean LeeRoy
as Nucky's Bodyguard
Michael Louis Gibson
as Hirram Cobb/Hirrum Cobb/Owen's Man
Jessica DiGiovanni
as Tart
Frosty Lawson
as Bandleader/Trombone Player
Derrick Simmons
Jesse Stone Spadaccini
as Polio Child
Clark Carmichael
as Armory guardsman
Scott Montgomery
as Bellhop
Alicia Ruggiero
as Agent Men #1
Bill Kocis
Allen Holloway
as UNIA Member
DeWitt Fleming Jr.
as Tap Dancer 1
Jen Ponton
as Student 1
Kerstin Julia Dietrich
as Onyx Club Dancer
Brian D. Coats
as Levi/Levi - Boneau's Man
Kristen Sieh
as Louise
Eva Grace Kellner
as Abigail Van Alden
Zeke Elizondo
as Chester
Rory McTigue
as Teddy Schroeder/Teddy Thompson
John Shuman
Sam Guncler
as Croupier
Jerry Hyman
as Man at Bar Mitzvah
Edward James Hyland
as Judge Ketchum
Laine Rettmer
as Star's friend
Anna Katarina
as Isabelle Jeunet/Madame Isabelle Jeunet
Spencer Aste
as Customs Official
Scott Lehman
as Philadelphia Police Detective
Dustin Olson
as Sheriff's deputy
Bill Bria
Allen Jared
as Crying Husband
Max Maxy
as Deacons Assistant
Glenn Alba
as Beach Gentleman
Robert Clohessy
as Alderman Jim Neary
Grant Lancaster
as Worker Boy
Spencer Moses
as Ukulele player
Jeffrey Scott Stevens
as Onyx Club Patron
Joe Jones
Alex Webb
as Bribing Lobbyist 1
Natasha Tax
as Working Class Girl
Evan DiMartino
Clem McIntosh
as Wellman/Wellman - WWI Veteran
Eric Ladin
as J. Edgar Hoover/Director J. Edgar Hoover
Michael De Nola
as Gangster #1
David Antoine
as Mechanic
Megan Sikora
as Dominatrix
Clem Cheung
as Chinese Man
Christopher M. Polito
as Meyer Lansky Bar Tender
Louis Vanaria
as Lucien D'Alessio
Brian Silliman
as Photographer #1
Steve Buscemi
as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson
Jeffrey Schecter
Costa Nicolas
as Rocko
Katy Boyer
Rhett Henckel
as Treasury Agent
Brian Geraghty
as Agent Warren Knox/Jim Tolliver/Agent Knox/Warren Knox/Agent James M. Tolliver
George Aloi
as Bill
Terri Douglas
Ivo Nandi
as Joe Masseria
Gary Craig
as Political Lobbyist
John Marinacci
as Dealer
Georgina Ransley
as Tart
Greg Peace
as Federal Guard
Michael Cumpsty
as Father Ed Brennan/Father Brennan
Rocco Parente
as Falcone/Rosetti Thug #3
Terence Winter
as Radio commentator
Allison Guinn
as Capone's Whore
Emma Berg
as Girlfriend
Kylie Sanders
as Ruby
Jacob A. Ware
as Agent Selby/Agent Harold Selby
Erin Fogel
as Mary
David Itchkawitz
as Upscale Citizen
Mark Borkowski
as Paul Sagorsky
Peter Michael Biondolillo
as Beach Pyramid Boy
Ryan Woodle
as Phil/Phil - Faraday Iron Salesman/Phil - Faraday Irons Salesman
Nadia Alexander
as Bethany Rohan
John Virag
Morgan Spector
as Frank Capone
Denny Dale Bess
as Interrogated Klansman
Kenneth Cavett
as Drunken Celt
Daniel Marconi
as Paper Boy
Mary Van Arsdel
as Werner's Secretary
Henry Stram
as D.W. Fletcher
Carina Castagna
as Middle Class Girl
David Vadim
as Abe Attel
Brian Harlan Brooks
as Jazz Dancer #1/Jazz Dancer 603
Ivan Sandomire
as Butcher Shop Customer
Zac Henry
as Delivery Driver
Nate Dern
as Bureau of Investigation Agent
Kristen Schiano
as Lobster Girl
Deshane Granger
as Narcisse's Gangster
Gray Ellis
as Angry Church Member
Natalia Lepore Hagan
as Onyx Club Patron/Onyx Club Patron 2
John Treacy Egan
as Duncan O'Connor
Bruce Sabath
as Dancing Business Tycoon
Christian Davidock
as Dick Heatherton
Kathryn Avery
as Dancer #1/Dancer #2
Richard Eggstein
Vivian Nixon
as Onyx Club Dancer
Faith Sandberg
as Kitty
Renee Flemings
as Mrs. Bridge
Ella Jane New
as Odette
Joseph Anthony Byrd
as Sterling
Liam Ferguson
as Sheriff's Deputy
James P. Engel
as Tourist #2
Maggie Fine
as Jerry Flentje's Neighbor in 1-C
Joseph Byrne
as Agent #3
Scott Sowers
as Joseph Earl Dinler
Todd Fredericks
as Postal Worker
Scott Burik
as Alfred Gordetsky
Kenneth Tigar
as Dentist
Jim Schubin
as Phil Gardner/Phil Gardner - WWI Veteran
Jordan Lage
as young Leander Whitlock/Agent #5/King Neptune
Clea Alsip
as Viola
Jeffrey M. Marchetti
as Jackie Sweaty Palm
Karl Baker Olson
Danny McCarthy
as Pat Halligan
Frank Vlastnik
Skai Jackson
as Adeline White
Daniel Raymont
Annika Merkel
as Herkemeyer's Speakeasy Patron
Rebecca Luker
as Sister Agnes
Mark Povinelli
as Kevin Kiley
Brian Costantino
as Maranzano Bodyguard
Ray DeForest
as Drag Queen Fortune Teller
Mark Axelowitz
as Court Reporter
Tim Eliot
as Matthews - Disabled WWI Veteran
Bruce Meakem
Tricia Burns
as Cicero Prostitute 1
Angela Dirksen
as Screaming Woman
Madeline Getty
as Nora Thompson/Eli Thompson's Daughter/Eli Thompson's daughter
Rudy Mungaray
as Cuban Captain
Logan Kulick
as Working Class Son
Heather Gilbert
as Prostitute
Casey Smith
as American Legion Guest/Fight Patron
Wilbur Edwin Henry
as Agent #2
Colby Q. Lindeman
as Dancer
Joel Briel
as Chef Vola
George B. Colucci Jr.
Kevin Csolak
as William Thompson
Noah Racey
as Babette's Dancer #7/Dancer
Gael Schaefer
John Hemphill
Barbara Tirrell
as Edith
Ned Luke
as Boorish Man
Matt Benincasa
as Boxing Fan
Ron Livingston
as Roy Phillips
Kristopher Lee Weaver
as Leroy Bradford Wendover
Owen Campbell
as Clayton Davies/Clayton
Richard Barlow
as Jack Corbett - Sagorsky's Neighbor
Ria Gusman
George Demas
Will Sandoval
as World War I Veteran/WWI Veteran
Kenn Mann
as Postal Worker
Thaddeus McCants
Steve Witting
as Funeral Director
Kaydence Frank
as Showgirl
Louis Gossett Jr.
as Oscar Boneau
William Glenn
as Aristocrat at Bar
Johnny Mascali
David Stam
G. Michelle Robinson
as Mrs. Sybill Crawford/Mrs.Crawford
Natalie M. Stone
as Patron at Babette's
Shae D'lyn
as Carolyn Rothstein
Ben Jeffrey
as Agent #4
Clifton Samuels
as Dancer/Onyx Club Patron/Onyx Club Patron 4
Dionne Audain
as Mrs. Tremaine/Mrs. Tremaine - North Side Resident
Deborah Collins
Joe Fionda
as FBI Agent/Federal Agent
Liz Logan
as Elegant Harlem Lady #2
Robert Szalai
as Crony
Carl Burrows
as Male Guest #1
Megan Loya McQueen
as Prostitute 1
Kendal Ridgeway
as Nurse
A'Lisa Miles
as Mamie Smith
Mateo Moreno
as Atlantic City Dandy
Rob Sheridan
as District Attorney
Mary B. McCann
as Matron
Jon Douglas Rainey
as Al Capone's Henchman/Al Capone's henchman/FBI Agent
Mark Lotito
as Dr. Cuomo
Richard Easton
as Jackson Parkhurst
Frank Crudele
as Big Jim Colosimo
Michael Siberry
as Senator Wendell Lloyd/Wendell Lloyd
Danielle Davenport
as Chalky's Date
Thomas Schall
as Middle-Aged Man
Marc Basil
Bill Geary
as Party Guest
Amy Warren
as Pauline
Maggie Steele
as Odette
John Stepanian
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Eric L. Abrams
as Jerome
John Joseph Gallagher
as Celt #1/Celtic
Tom DeFulvio
as Beachgoer
Jorge Ferragut
Salvatore Inzerillo
as Thomas Gagliano
Michael Broussard
as Celt
Donté Bonner
as Chalky's Man #1
Malik J Ali
as Church Member
Greg Oliver Bodine
as Agent #2
Vivian Kalinov
as Mother with son
Gene Jones
as Indiana Counter Man
Lindsay Roebuck
as Dancer
Lee Zarrett
as Nate - Faraday Irons Salesman
Francesca Harper
as Jazz Dancer #5/Jazz Dancer 608
Patrick Carroll
as Richard 'Peg Leg' Lonergan
Melissa McMeekin
as Nurse
Campbell Dunsmore
as Miss Finch
Barney Fitzpatrick
Lauren Champlin
as Female Patient
Declan McTigue
as Teddy Schroeder/Teddy Thompson
Romina Schwedler
as Onyx Club Dancer
Michaela Sprague
as Dancer
Rich Rothbell
as Drunken Irishman
Joseph Anthony Sudol
as Bootlegger
Karmen Kluge
as Coffee Shop Waitress/The New Thompson House Maid
Chris Haag
as Philadelphia Prohibition Agent 1
DeWanda Wise
as Henny Walker
Caleb Eckstein
as Sonny/Sonny Capone
Emma Cooper
as Cicero Prostitute
Rege Lewis
as Travis Elkins
David McElwee
as Roger's Friend
Mary Bacon
as Marie
J.C. Montgomery
Margo Seibert
as Uppity Nanny
Estelle Bajou
as Hooker
Paz de la Huerta
as Lucy Danziger
Pat Vecchio
Carmella Stolyar
as Deuces girl
Michael Winther
Balint Pinczehelyi
Joseph La Rocca
as Vito
Eric Stretch
as Sterling
Mat Hostetler
as Agent Keener/Fed #1
Al Linea
as Matteo D'Allessio
Connor Noon
as Tommy Darmody
William Ward
as Babette's Dancer/Party Dancer #8/Will
Spelman M. Beaubrun
as Zulu Warrior
Robert C. Kirk
as Mr. Johansen - Motorist
Timothy Sekk
as Gilbert Longacre
David K. Anderson
James Hosey
as Mickey's Alcohol Delivery Boy/Mickey's Delivery Boy
Anthony Cerbone
as Antonio
Peter Appel
as Alby Gold
Rachel Kenney
as Boardwalk Barker
Paul Calderon
as Arquimedes
Ian Blackman
as D.A. Lawrence Eisley
Marilyn Sue Perry
as Mrs. Mayhew
Nick Stannard
as Board Dignitary 1
Michael Shannon
as Nelson Van Alden/George Mueller
Nicholas Alexander Martino
as Pius D'Alessio
Corey Parker Robinson
Bo Dietl
as North Side Resident
Ed Heavey
as Nucky's Bodyguard #2/Tunney
Jeffrey C. Sousa
Brendan Abbott
as World War One Veteran
Blair Sams
as Mrs. Lindsay/Mrs. Lindsay, 1884
Loren Dunn
as Ben Hoffman
Ed Jewett
as Jess Smith/Jess Smith - Daugherty's Aide
Sean Weil
as Liam
John Harrington Bland
as Scotty Gulliver - Faraday Irons Manager/Scotty Gulliver
Dustin Charles
as Agent #4
Michael Pitt
as James 'Jimmy' Darmody
Joe Tuttle
Vladimir Troitsky
as Photo Studio Owner
Rachel Rusch
as Torrio's date
Mike Britt
as Moses
Terry Greiss
Zachary Clark
Jonathan Baston
as Cornelius
John E. Brady
Kelsey Saunders
as Musician
Meg Steedle
as Lillian 'Billie' Kent/Billie Kent
Marc D. Donovan
as Deputy Ramsey/Deputy Ramsey - Tabor Heights
Nick Joseph
as Bellhop
Munro M. Bonnell
Casey Davis
as Onyx Club Member
Joe Rusnak
as Conventioneer
Shane Nepveu
as Flitch
Joe Abbate
as Pat
Jon Necaj
as Boy at Al Capone's Trial
Jake Woodbury Davis
as Tip
Renan Kanbay
as Law Applicant
Nolan Lyons
as Young Enoch Thompson
Molly Parker
as Nucky's Wife in photo
Kate Kuen
as Tart
Nancy Harris
as Maranzano's Receptionist
Gary Troy
as Del Grogan
Grace Van Patten
as Ruth Lindsay, 1884
Donna Kendall Stearns
Shaun O'Hagan
as Mr. Glass
Will Cart
as Martin Sharpe
Steve Konopelski
as Office Party Guest
Bobby Cannavale
as Gyp Rosetti
Shane Tunney
as Local/Princeton Student
Dominique Swift
as Adeline White
Lakisha May
as Narcisse's Secretary
Martin Klebba
as Boxing Dwarf
Sean Cullen
as Carl Billings
Lauren A. Kennedy
as Irish Immigrant
Davy J. Marr
as Maranzano Gangster/Onyx Club Patron
Michael Countryman
as Frank Wilson
Tim Kelly
Emily Tyra
as Dancer #5
Manuel Rojas
Adam Mucci
as Deputy Halloran
Robin Madel
as Prudence/Thompson House Servant Prudence
Kevin M. Costello
as WWI Veteran
Richie Noodles
as Bodyguard
Brian Calì
Robert Bizik
as Brothel Customer/Speakeasy Customer
Dolores Winn
as Still Worker
R. Alex Murray
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Chalky White
Samuel Taylor
as Paddy Ryan
Pierce Cravens
as Cal Widdecombe
Jared Grimes
as Tap Dancer 2
Ethan Grant
as Belfast Man
Julian Murdoch
as Church Boy
Billy Joe Kiessling
as Driver
Kellye Janel
as Dancer
Brittany Engel-Adams
as Onyx Club Dancer 3/Onyx Club Dancer
Randall Newsome
as Douglas Wallbridge
Leighton Bryan
as Talia Bindleman
Joe Tippett
as Cal
Lindsay Zehra Ozgunay
as Al Capone's Brothel Worker/Brothel Worker
Jack Ferry
as Gareth Murray/Thompson House Guard Gareth Murray
William Fowle
as Bribing Lobbyist 3
Burke Moses
as Mr. Jeffries
Kelly Karavites
as Federal Agent/The New Thompson House Butler
Julian Rozzell Jr.
as Harlan
Bill Buell
as Donald Flance
Chris Cenatiempo
as Bouncer
Bryan T. Donovan
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Sean Allison
as Boxer #1
Erik Weiner
as Agent Sebso
Tyler Jones
as Temple Student
Joanna Bonaro
as Asst. DA Secretary
Sol Landerman
as Herman Kaufman
Jeffrey C. Wolf
as Babette's Dancer
John Mitchell
as Rosetti Thug #2
Tanya Wheelock
as Bathing Beauty
Ty Robinson
as Samuel Crawford
Norman Aaronson
as Convention Goer/Court Reporter/Fleeced Deed Buyer
Aaron Krohn
Josie Gallina
as Emily Schroeder
Joel Brady
as Agent Clarkson
Annika Franklin
as Cicero Prostitute 2
Evie Paller
as Temple Student
Isaiah Stokes
as Louis
Katie Klaus
as Nurse
Doug Sheppard
as Babette's\sDancer #4
Kimberly Huston
as Babbette's Guest/Partygoer
Jordan Gelber
as Simon
Alex Martinez Wallace
as Valet
Grant Machan
Michael Kincade
as Victrola Delivery Man
Vincent Rossi
Heather Gehring Plotkin
Felicity Stiverson
as Babette's Dancer/Babette's Dancer #5/Party Dancer #7
Craig Wroe
Jonathan Brody
as Reporter/Onyx Club Patron 1
Tom Coiner
as A.D.A. Eugene Mulhearne
Tim House
as Third Klansman Raider
Erik LaRay Harvey
as Dunn Purnsley
Robert Verlaque
as Professor
Tomas Elizondo
as Chester
Tyson Hall
Chris Anthony Giles
as Clarence Williams
Devin Harjes
as Jack Dempsey
Rony Clanton
as Butler/Langston
John Bolton
as Carl Switzer
Stephen Izzi
Heather Ashley Chase
as Dancer Jessie
Jerome Brooks Jr.
as Onyx Club Waiter/Purnsley's Men
Sean Dugan
as Jeffrey Romsey
Eva Carrozza
Cicily Daniels
as Jazz Dancer #3/Jazz Dancer 602
Hunter Foster
as U.S. Marshal Gavin Lynnquist
Herbert Bennett
as Mickey's Warehouse Guard 1
Mikey Post
as Mike Green
Susan Barnes Walker
as Librarian
Maggie Lakis
as Singing Whore
Joseph Tudisco
as Player #2
Megan Hartig
as Law Applicant
Sarah Skogland
as Dancer #2/Dancer #4
Sandra Blaney
as Suffragette
Dartel McRae
as Church Member
Elizabeth Wright
as Cicero Prostitute 2
T.J. Kenneally
as Charles Kenneth Thorogood
Benjamin Forster
as Carruthers
Pernell Walker
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Sean
Brad Aldous
as Photographer
Kylie Cast
as Middle Class Girl
RJ Fattori
J.J. Pyle
as Prostitute #3
Patricia Hodges
as Middle Class Woman
Angelo Berkowitz
as Lansky's Driver
Kevin Nagle
as Thug #1
Ralph Byers
as Jack 'Doc' Kearns
Maya Kazan
as Mabel Jeffries-Thompson
Adam Scarimbolo
as Morris
Malachy Cleary
as Warren G. Harding
Fredric Lehne
as Owney Madden
Richard James Porter
as Impatient Man
Christiane Seidel
as Sigrid Mueller/Sigrid
Victoria Dennis
as School Girl
Edelen McWilliams
as Bettyanne Mulhaney
Patch Darragh
as Robert Bennett III/Bennett
Paul Locke
as Rosetti Thug
Anne-Sophie Marie
as Theater Attendee
Steve Beauchamp
as Sid/Sid - Nucky's Bodyguard/Sid - Nucky's Aide
Kent Sladyk
as Gangster/Gangster with Torrio
Frank Deal
as Mr. Franklin Shearer
Rick Kincaid
Kerry O'Malley
as Edwina Shearer/Mrs. Edwina Shearer
Rosemary Howard
as Speakeasy patron
Celestine Rae
as Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 11/Onyx Club Dancer 9
Greg Antonacci
as Johnny Torrio
David Aaron Baker
as Bill Fallon
Charleigh E. Parker
as Lady Jean
David Edward Jackson
as Gas Jockey
Vince Giordano
as Bandleader
Darik Bernard
as Narcisse Thug #1
David Rossmer
as Middle-Aged Agent
Richard Rowan
John Mondin
as Carny
Charlie Cox
as Owen Sleater
Frank L. Messina
as Frankie/Gladhandler/Torrio Bodyguard/Capone/Capone Bodyguard
Theodore Feldman
as Crutches/Hospital Visitor w
Margaret Daly
as Mrs. Landau
Will Janowitz
as Hymie Weiss
Milton A. Marsh III
as Babette's Busboy
Marshall Sharer
as Bodyguard
Travis Tope
as Joe Harper/Slim
KC Wright
as Josephine
Keith Leonard
as Doorman
Sean Bell
as Skip
Matty Blake
as State Trooper
Judy James
Alexis Eileen Murphy
as Boardwalk Girl
Ann Marie Seall
as Upper-Class Babette
Peter Bradbury
as Kitchen Manager
Olli Haaskivi
as Conors' Assistant
Peter Riga
as Coffee Drinker on Boardwalk/Fire Chief (Dream Sequences)/Hotel Guest/Reporter at News Conference
Lori Hammel
as Voice
Lauren Elder
as Madge - Mickey's Date
Daniel O'Shea
as Irish farm owner
Pearce Bunting
as Bill McCoy
Jeanmarie Lally
as Mrs. Spratt
Cat Davis
as Commodore's Whore
Jonathon Ruckman
as Mickey's Man
Todd Davis
Matthew Gooley
as Newspaper Reporter
James Farley
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Bill Sage
as Solomon Bishop/George Bishop
Kiva Dawson
as Party Dancer #1
Laurie Dawn
as Freida Short
Christopher Gullo
as Parade Dignitary
John Cenatiempo
as Scarpelli
Lanie MacEwan
as Mrs. Hollis
Irungu Mutu
as Africanus
Andrew James Bleidner
as Busboy Waiter
Patrick M. Walsh
as Luciano Thug #1
Caroline Grossman
Destiny Monet Cruz
as School Girl
Daniel Martin Berkey
as Senator 1
Onata Aprile
as Susan Thompson
Danny Doherty
Danielle Froelich
as Dancer
Patricia Arquette
as Sally Wheet
Dan Marshall
as Businessman Pedestrian Smoking Cigar/Man Chasing Hat Outside The Greasy Spoon/Upper-Class Pedestrian Smoking Cigar
Courtney Rottenberger
Samuel Ray Gates
as Franklin
Barthelemy Atsin
as Noah Hookway
Patrick Holden O'Neill
as Tom
Kathleen Wilce
as Woman at Town Hall
Jennifer Jones
as Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 7/Onyx Club Dancer 5
Laurence Lowry
as Celt #2
Susan Wands
as Mrs. O'Neil
Raymond McAnally
as Workman #1
Joseph Riccobene
as Frankie Yale
Adam Ratcliffe
Katence A. Lucas
as School Girl
Margot Jewers
as Temperance Singer
Oakes Fegley
as Young Elias Thompson
Bob Engel
as Abe Klein
Darilyn Castillo
as Rumba Dancer
Christopher McDonald
as Harry Daugherty/Harry Daugherty - US Attorney General/US Attorney General Harry Daugherty
Tod Engle
as Bribing Lobbyist 2
William Forsythe
as Manny Horvitz
Anjuli Sanneman
as Middle Class Woman
Marla McReynolds
as Onyx Club Dancer 8/Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 6
Alonzo Wright
as Onyx Club Musician
Michael Badalucco
as Harry Prince
Johnny DiGiorgio
as Boardwalk Boy
Brendan Burke
as Mickey's Driver
Derek Milhem
as Attendant
Michael Metta
as Cigarette Buyer/Stock Broker
Kathleen Hope Reilly
as Cream - George Baxter's Girlfriend
Karen Chmielnicki
as Maryska
Andrew Parker Greenwood
as Patricia Patrick
John Talalas
as Boss Guard
Charles Marleau
as Onyx Club Couple/Young FBI Agent
Dion Sapp
as Narcisse Thug
Nadya Migalko
as Restaurant Patron
Ned Coulter
as Dr. Hollis
Remy Auberjonois
as Theodore Hardeen
Jeannette Gould
as Funeral Attendee
Jeff Talbott
as Boy Scout Troop Leader
Nicole Nelson
as Temperance Singer
Nore Davis
Chris Skeries
as Cigarette Buyer/Photographer
Joe Giorgio
as Joey
Suzanne Savoy
as Mrs. Pendergast
Michael Stuhlbarg
as Arnold Rothstein
Christopher J. Domig
as Corner Hotel Manager, 1884
Chloe Arnold
as Onyx Club Dancer 1/Onyx Club Dancer
Josh Berresford
Afra Hines
as Onyx Club Dancer 5/Onyx Club Dancer
Kathy Brier
as Sophie Tucker
Gino Cafarelli
as Mercurio
Marc Pickering
as Deputy Sheriff Enoch Thompson
Isabelle Arely Palladino
as Lady
Harry L. Seddon
as Fisherman
Lindsay Dunn
Casey Webb
Paul Jude Letersky
as Postal Supervisor/Farraday Iron Salesman/NJ State Police Officer/Angry Church Member/Babette's Patron/Conventioneer/County Office Clerk/Farraday's Salesman #4
Lynn Spencer
as Four Deuces Prostitute
Joseph DeVito
as Masseria's Man #1
Ed Moran
as Agent Pearl
Zoë D'Amato
as Babette's Guest
Mark Manley
as Babette's Dancer/Babette's Dancer #6/Party Dancer #5
Andrea Sooch
as Pauline
Tracy Middendorf
as Babbette/Babette
Morgan Smith
Lee Summers
as Otis
Maddie Jo Landers
as Pauline
Christopher James Quinn
as Reporter #2
Pierre O'Farrell
as Conventioneer
Mark Hamlet
Nicky Julius
as Gino
Jack Koenig
as Agent #6
Stephen Badalamenti
as Player #1
Ginger Kearns
as Irene
Alessandro Nicolaci
as Lifeguard
Gregory Abbey
Robert Lee Harvey
as Fire Juggler
Emily Meade
as Pearl
Mark Havlis
as Cab Driver/Sign Handyman
Rob Ashkenas
as Maranzano Thug
Mark C. Montague
as Man in White Suit
Dameka Hayes
as Jazz Dancer #6/Jazz Dancer 606
Lo Freidenstine
as Anne Thompson
Jon DeVries
as Pete
Anne Hugus
Richard Pruitt
as Chief Sweeney
Grace Rex
as Tabor Heights Diner Waitress
Vincent Lorusso
Matt Bailey
as George Raft
Daniel Bartkewicz
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Nathan Klau
Michael Chenevert
as Reporter #2
Blaise Corrigan
as Fighting Moonshiner
Kevin Henderson
as Dr. Carl Surran
Jonathan Dickson
as Delivery Guy
Richard Flight
as Rosetti Thug #5
Olan Montgomery
as Irish Bartender Principal
Peter Hourihan
as Agent #3
Dana Ivey
as Mrs. McGarry
Tuck Milligan
as Dr. Brubaker
Robin Hopkins
as Housewife
Anthony Aibel
as Reporter
Roberta Colindrez
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Ralph Capone
Ian Klein
James Campbell
as Jenkins
John Cerny
as Boardwalk Worker
Naomi McDougall Jones
as Screaming Secretary
Kenny Shapiro
as Bootlegger
Brady Noon
as Tommy Darmody
Darrell Shipley
as Earl
Maxine Prescott
Alexis Boursier
as Chicago Reporter
Justin Swain
as Patrick
Jim Zunt
as Boardwalk Patron/Courtroom Attorney/Herkemeyer's Speakeasy Patron
Jonathan Dwyer
as Hotel Patron
Narada Campbell
T.J. Linnard
as Legion Hall Bartender/Tuckman WWI Veteran
James Taffurelli
as Capone's Thug
Terrence Clowe
as Jazz Dancer #2/Jazz Dancer 605
Bernard Bygott
as Agent #1
Susan Kirby
as Secretary
Katie Hartke
Danny Burstein
as Lolly Steinman
Shea Whigham
as Elias 'Eli' Thompson
Tom Aldredge
as Ethan Thompson
Chris Koch
as Hotel Guest
Ben Rosenfield
as Willie Thompson
Michael Wren Gucciardo
as Brokers Client
Jack Haley
as Bartender
Jack Halpin
Sarah Middlemiss
as Onyx Upperclass Patron
Tom Stratford
as Townsman/Gyp's Man/Rosetti Thug #4
Eddie Noone
as FBI Applicant/FBI Instructor
Peter Mintun
as Nickelodeon Pianist
Nick Nappy
as Sheriff Keck
Christian Delevante
as Richard Harrow Imposter
Dan Truman
as Waiter
Richard Patterson
as Chalky's Honky Tonk Guest
Marko Caka
as Slick Gangster
Wayne Duvall
as Governor Edward I. Edwards
David Licht
Brandon Zumsteg
as Brian Thompson
Ned Noyes
as Hank/Hank - Faraday Iron Salesman/Hank - Faraday Irons Salesman
Joe Iacona
as Elderly Patient
Monty Geer
as Runaway Teen
Rick Kain
as Ira Carroll
Kwabena Ampofo
Phil Cappadora
as Gangster
Clayton Dean Smith
as Employee
Max Kumangai
as Jazz Dancer 609
Jana Stella
as Burlesque Waitress
Happy Anderson
as Waiter
Eden Marryshow
Nic Novicki
as Carl Heely
Ashlynn Alexander
as Capone Prostitute
Fran Lieu
as Temperance Singer
Eric Michael Roy
as Sixtus D'alessio
Fred Armstrong
as Player #2
Justin Patterson
Booch O'Connell
as Irish Girl
Leslie Henstock
as Hooker 1
Edoardo Ballerini
as Ignatius D'Alessio
Erin Moore
as Onyx Club Dancer 9/Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 7
Chris J. Cullen
as Arresting Officer/Bodyguard
Joyce Van Patten
as Mrs. Zeller - Crab Woman
Andrew Kober
as Waiter
Alejandro Santoni
as Cuban Gentleman
Christopher Cangero
as Dancer
Jacob Wingfield
as Rosetti's thug
David Neal Levin
as Mustache Man #1
Wrenn Schmidt
as Julia Sagorsky/Julia Sagorsky Harrow
David W. Thompson
as Bellboy
Sarah Sugrue
as Young Girl
Virginia Kull
as Nan Britton
Ayo Jackson
as Onyx Club Dancer
Chris Caldovino
as Tonino Sandrelli
Jennifer Rias
as Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 10/Onyx Club Dancer 12
Angus Hepburn
as Daniel Fitzgerald
Warner Miller
as Milton
Horace V. Rogers
as Deacon Markham
Tracy Sallows
as Katheryn Bader/Kathryn Bader
Ellie Braverman
Venida Evans
as Ada Monroe
Logan Fry
as Guest at Award Ceremony/Speakeasy Patron
Heather Lind
as Katy
Reg Rogers
as Robert Hodge
Edmund Genest
as Mr. Markham
Randall McNeal
Nicholas B. Tierney
as Swimmer Boy
Kate Owens
as High Class Girl
John Ellison Conlee
as Commodore Louis Kaestner
Brian G. Andersson
as Club Patron/Upscale Club Patron
Patrick Kennedy
as Dr. Douglas Mason
E.J. Carroll
as Sheriff Victor Sickles
James Collura Jr.
Michael Simon Hall
as Sardi's Bartender
Jake Cerny
as School Student
Nick Sandow
as Waxey Gordon
Mark E. Phillips
as Brothel Patron
Arron Shiver
as Dean O'Banion
Manuel Palazzo
as Party Dancer #6
Miriam Pultro
as Artemis Club Girl
Malin Bergman
as Dead Girl on Slab
Ananias Dixon
Nicole Roderick
as Belle
Nick Sullivan
Matt Harrington
as Luciano Agent
Atdhe Trepca
as Boy Scout
Rémy Bennett
as Floozy
Sam Platizky
as FBI Cadet
Jimmie James
as Klansman #1
And Palladino
as Western Electric Factory Worker
Jared Johnston
as Federal Agent
Louis Cancelmi
as Mike D'Angelo
Charlotte Maier
as Intellectual Female Guest/Mrs. Landau
Ryan Redebaugh
as Cop
Thomas Philip O'Neill
as Halsey
Gregory Dann
Keith Herron
Marcus Naylor
Joseph Leinwand
as Beach goer
Roy William Gardner
as Faro Dealer
Ashley Wren Collins
as Hotel Maid
Truck Hudson
as Timothy
Jeff Kready
as World War One Veteran
Victoria Finehout-Vigil
Austin Jones
as Waiter Martin
Stephen Paul Johnson
as Dolph Liebling
Roger Brenner
as Newspaper Reporter/Waiter
Salvatore Rossi
as Sonny Capone
Trisha McCormick
as Eunice
Doris McCarthy
as Tampa Hotel Guest
Lee Godart
as Don Maxime Ronis
Kevin Loreque
as Savarin Waiter
as Weems - Boneau's Man
Kelly Macdonald
as Margaret Thompson/Margaret Schroeder/Mrs. Rohan
Joseph Sikora
as Hans Schroeder
Charlie Romanelli
Stephen Hill
as Priest
Arthur S. Brown
as Sheepherder
Bryonna Kristoferson
as Queen Marinda
Brittney Lee Hamilton
as Star
Dave Konig
as Reporter 1
Regan Lutz
as School Girl
Geoff Pierson
as Senator Walter Edge
Ray Crisara
as Tall
Marcus Antturi
as Young Jim Neary
Lauren Sharpe
as Ukulele Girl
Scott Robertson
as Businessman #1
Casey Cipriani
as Tart
Elizabeth Rich
Ross Degraw
Jacqueline Pennewill
as Lillian/Thompson House Maid Lillian/House Maid Lilian/Lilian
Helmar Augustus Cooper
as Pastor
Maranda Barskey
as Singing Whore
Demosthenes Chrysan
as George Anastos
Elizabeth Ward Land
as Helen Hewson
Matt Giroveanu
as Deputy #1/Press Photographer
Christina Jackson
as Maybelle White/Maybelle Anne White
Shannon Garland
as Nuala Rohan
Gregg Micheals
as Hobo/Salesman
Richard Bekins
as Theodore Rollins
Rob Kramer
as Player #1
Allen Lewis Rickman
as George Baxter
Richard R. Corapi
as Hospital Patient/Patient in Wheelchair/Stage Manager/Turkish Bath Owner
Danny Wolohan
Alison Solomon
as Babette's Dancer
Leslie Flesner
as Dancer #2
Travis Jacobs
Guy Veryzer
as Reporter
Johnathan Hallgrey
as Hotel Protester/Kitchen Rioter
Max von Essen
as Paul Muni
Cliff Moylan
as Beach guard
James Cromwell
as Andrew W. Mellon
Simone Assboeck
as Babette's Dancer
Alexander Ryan
as Boy Scout
Michael Solomon
as Philadelphia Prohibition Agent 2
Madelyn Barkocy
as School Teacher
Tom Toner
as Mr. Ennis
Dan Sharkey
as Herb Crocker
Queen Esther
as Jazz Dancer #4/Jazz Dancer 604
Matt Letscher
as Joseph P. Kennedy
Douglas Ryan
as Conductor
Meagan Weiden
as Irish Girl
Michael Coley
as Waiter
Caitlin Kerchner
as Upper Class Norwegian
Chris Brennan
as Onyx Club Patron
Billy Smith
as Davey Murdoch
Fiana Toibin
as Mrs. Neary
Joseph Daniel Murphy
as Boardwalk Child
Andrew Howard
as August Tucker
Joseph K. Bevilacqua
as David Sarnoff
Edward Manley
as John Wright
Neda Pesut
Lamar Richardson
as Onyx Club Dancer
Steven L. Barron
as Reporter #1/Vocal Reporter
Rachael Ma
as Onyx Club Smoker
Tommar Wilson
as Carter - Onyx Club Bartender
Andrew MacLarty
as Elevator operator
Amadeo Fusca
as Joe Bonnano
Ian Stuart
as Judge
Wade Mylius
as Elmer/Elmer - Faraday Iron Salesman
Paul Sparks
as Mickey Doyle
Erin Dilly
as Eleanor Thompson/Elenore Thompson
Kevin O'Rourke
as Edward Bader/Mayor Edward Bader
Nikolas Kontomanolis
as Chicago Patron
Alan Squats
as Featured Cuban Protester
Sam Yazbeck
as Maranzano Thug
Nick Wyman
as Dr. Landau/Dr. Robert Landau
Tom Waters
as Hobo Cook
Laura Butler
as Egyptian Waitress/World War I Wife
Ben Livingston
as Hotel Manager
Surya Botofasina
as Mr. Coates - Onyx Club Pianist/Mr. Coates
Don Stitt
as Barker
Maria Shamkalian
as Girl in Love
Moira Driscoll
as Beach matron
Jim Dykes
as High Roller
David Campbell
as Eli's Deputy #3/Tom (Nucky's Bodyguard)/Nucky's Bodyguard #1
Gregory Morley
as Pete (Nucky's Bodyguard)
Nicole J. Johnson
as Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 6
Matthew Ray
as FBI Student
Malcolm Madera
as Last Rosetti Thug
Rebecca Darke
Franklin Ojeda Smith
as Deacon Lemuel Cuffy
Emery Kalinov
as Son with Mother
Danielle DeSantis
as Irish Girl
Gerry McIntyre
as Jazz Dancer 607
Jeb Kreager
as Army recruiter
Anna Mancini
as Dancer
Mike Massimino
as Capone Entourage Member
Jonathan Weisbrod
as Princeton Student
Frank Shattuck
as Charlie Sheridan
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Porter
Tristan Laurence Perez
as Arris' Assistant
Marceline Hugot
as Sister Bernice
Katherine Roarty
Stephanie Mas
as Dancer
Katie Kocik
as Working Class Woman
Lucas Wells
as LeBaron
Robyn Young
as Floozy
Stephen Root
as Gaston Means/Gaston Means - Special Investigator
Faron Salisbury
as Nucky's Body Guard
Steve Triebes
as WWI Recruitment Officer
Tom Morrissey
as Mr. Webber
Johnny Pruitt
as Vern - Choreographer
Zivile Kaminskaite
as Chicago Scandaling Swap Member
Stephen Graham
as Al Capone
Jo Armeniox
as Alma Pastor
Chloe Lenihan
as Woman in Palmistry
Kate Boyer
as Redhead
Deanna Dys
as Dancer/Party Dancer #3
Clarke Thorell
as Clifton King
Connie Watkins
as Housekeeper
Clint Headley
as Churchgoer/Heroin Addict
Angela Anvil
as Flower Girl
Joseph Aniska
as Agent Sawicki/Agent Stan Sawicki
Edwin McDonough
as Priest
Johnnie Mae
as Louanne
Ken Forman
as Stage Manager
Marc Bicking
as Councilman
Julianne Nicholson
as Esther Randolph/Assistant US Attorney Esther Randolph
Alyssa H. Chase
as Upscale Prostitute
William Pogatsia
as Boy Selling Lottery Tickets
Ashley Klein
as Bordello Girl
Aaron Joshua
as Stoop Loudmouth
Ian Scott McGregor
as Halloran's Attorney
Bill Camp
as Glenmore
Stephanie Corbett
as Al Capone's Prostitute/Chicago Prostitute
William Hill
as Ward Boss O'Neill/Ward Boss O'Neil
Victoria Mack
Sasha Kaye
as Prohibition Lady
Sheffield Chastain
as Luciano Bodyguard
Gary Littman
as Radio Announcer
Rachel McPhee
as Lady in the Wagon
Michele Tauber
as Mrs. Fishbaum
William T. Donovan
as Waiter
Harold O'Neal
as James P. Johnson
Tony Curran
as Eamonn Rohan
Joel Van Liew
as Dr. Salt
Nathan Williams
as Edge's Aide/Harvey - Informer
Laura Dooling
as Cigarette Girl
Noel Wilson
as Ward Boss/Ward Boss 2
John Lantz
as Tailor 1
Susan Blommaert
as Irene Davis
Jared Brito
as Irish Boy
Richard Saudek
Joe Moran
as FBI Recruit
Carolina Santos Read
as Cigarette Girl in Babette's Supper Club
Jack O'Connell
as Celt #3
Peter Epstein
as Masseria's Man #2
Peter McRobbie
as Supervisor Elliot/Frederick Elliot
Ted Pejovich
as Senator 3
Jenelle Lynn Randall
Christian Kauffmann
as Judge Graves
Darlinda Just Darlinda
as Upscale Whore #1
Jennifer Locke
as Onyx Club Dancer
Joseph Dimartino
as Four Deuces Bartender/Bartender/Hawthorne Inn Bartender
Steven Hauck
as Mr. Pendergast
Katie Henney
as Young Woman
John Keating
as Ernie Moran
Nneoma Nkuku
as Aphra Tyson
Margot Bingham
as Daughter Maitland
Elizabeth Rose Sharp
as German Child
Jim Dolan
as Western Union Messenger
David Raimo
as Middle Class Man/Postal Worker
Karida Griffith
as Onyx Club Dancer 4/Onyx Club Dancer
Christopher McLinden
as Robert Elwood St. John/Robert St. John
Loyita Chapel
as Crying Wife
Kenneth Boys
as Dr. Buchwald
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Pinky Rabinowitz
Brian Myers Cooper
as David
Victor Verhaeghe
as Ward Boss Fleming/County Treasurer Damien Fleming
Jason Furlani
as Caiozzo
Chase Coleman
as Billy Winslow
Katy Wright-Mead
as Roberta/Roberta - Diner Waitress
Craig Waletzko
as 'Jumping' Joe Klenah
Kate Harpootlian
as Dancer #3/Dancer
Jeffrey Wright
as Valentin Narcisse
Tommy Nohilly
as Bert
Katherine Waterston
as Emma Harrow/Emma Harrow McCready
Vincent Ingrisano
as Agent #5
Whitney Bashor
as Coat Check Girl
Jena Mroz
as Gillian's Prostiute/Gillian's Prostitute
Giampiero Judica
as Salvatore Maranzano
Michael Zegen
as Benny Siegel
Laura Knight
as Mrs. Fleming
Francesca Scorsese
as Little Girl on Boardwalk
Susan Louise O'Connor
as Hotel Maid
Sarah Shankman
Paul Krasner
as Hobo
John Leonard Thompson
as Father Schuck
Jim True-Frost
as Eliot Ness
Tighe Swanson
as Fire Breather
Stephen Hanna
as Dancer
Colleen Grate
Maxwell Zener
Ephraim Benton
as Baptism Boy
Randy Noojin
Dominic Chianese
as Leander Cephas Whitlock
Brian Kealty
as Federal Agent
Santana Draper
as Chicken Bone Beach Kid
Michael K. Williams
as Chalky White
Laura E. Taylor
Georgia Ximenes Lifsher
as Kitty
Oona Mekas
as Helen Russell - Dr. Mason's Fiancee
Michael McEachran
Dabney Coleman
as Commodore Louis Kaestner
Mike Catapano
as Nucky's Bodyguard
Natalie Paul
as Beatrice Carson
Aija Terauda
as Deuces Girl
Charlie Plummer
as Michael Thompson
Andrae Paul Cezair
as Onyx Club Staff
Chloe Elaine Scharf
as Irish Girl/Working Class Daughter
Jeremy Bright
as Lascivious Clerk
Billy Magnussen
as Roger McAllister
Jonathan Tindle
as Doctor Berns
Tony Rossi
as Reporter 2
Julia Losner
as Neptune's Consort
Frank Galdorise
as Brothel Customer
Michael Armstrong Barr
as Assistant Bank Manager
Jacqueline Knapp
as Florence Harding
Ben Van Bergen
as Thomas
Thomas Lyons
Amanda Suchy
as Babette's Dancer #2
Daniel J. Watts
Robert Langdon Lloyd
as School Boy
Donald Paul
as Prisoner
Leajato Amara Robinson
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Judge Varick
George Pendill
as Capone Thug/Gyp's Thug
Tyler Ingram
as Babette's Dancer/Party Dancer #4
Tom Kemp
Orlando McDonald
as Babette's Busboy
David C. Roehm Sr.
as Civil War Veteran
Brian Tyree Henry
as Winston 'Scrapper' - Oscar's Nephew/Winston aka Scrapper
Scott Jaeck
as Ward Boss
Giovanni Celentano
as Lucky Luciano's First Lieutenant/Lucky Luciano's 1st Lieutenant
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson
as Wilfred
John Little
as Bishop Norman
Martin Abrahams
as HoBo #2/Opium Den Patron
Judy Del Giudice
as Malfada - Gyp's Mother
Patrick Gallo
as Franco
Lucas Caleb Rooney
as Joe Miller - O'Banion's Man/Rosetti's Man
Karen Walsh Rullman
as Mrs. Boyd
Linda Thompson Williams
as Widow
Jeremiah Wiggins
as Albert McCaully
Valentino Musumeci
John Rue
as Mayor Harry Bacharach
Anthony DeVito
as Deuces Bouncer #1
Jae Ponder
as Onyx Club Dancer/Onyx Club Dancer 10/Onyx Club Dancer 8
Jacob Clemente
as Delivery Boy
Donavon Dietz
Steve Luker
as Gillian's Customer
Matthew F. O'Connor
as Boardwalk Barker
Daniel Cox
as Jess Smith
James Riordan
as Franklin Werner
Annie Paul
as Showgirl #1
Jeff Norris
as Sheriff Deputy #2
Kevin Pariseau
as Ma Capone
Mauro Bossi
as Capone's Arm Guard
Dan Daily
as Buck
Daniel Angus Cox
as Jess Smith
Vincenzo Amato
as Vincenzo Petrucelli
as Upscale Whore #2
Bob Sorenson
as Dale/John Ferry - Gillian's Court Lawyer
Ryan Johnson
as Althea
Christopher G Gates
as Gangster
Alisa Miles
Jonah Young
as Guard
Josiah Early
as Robert Dittrich
Enid Graham
as Rose Van Alden
James Jackson Jr.
as Jazz Dancer/Jazz Dancer #7
Deanna Gibson
as Suffragette
Jennifer Lynn Tune
as Babette's Dancer
Kate Loprest
as Corrine/Corrine - Artemis Club Girl/Student Corrine
Alexander Stine
as Phelps
Edward Carnevale
as Cenzo
Anna Stone
as Bridget Walsh
Finian Montague
as Shearer's Son
Bethany Kay
as Margery
Steve Garfanti
as AL Capone Body Guard/Western Electric Factory Worker
Katherine LaFountain
as School Girl
Eric Leviton
Max Casella
as Leo D'Alessio
Martin Markaj
as Sam Red Levine
Craig DiFrancia
as Rosetti Soldier #6
Martin LaPlatney
as Mr. Darlington
David Schallipp
as Wendell
Ally Brunetti
as Middle Class Woman 1923
Susan Varon
as Madam Regina
Lynsey Leigh Price
as High Class Girl/Kissing Couple #2/Temple Student
Ryan Dinning
as Young Eli Thompson
Olivia Nikkanen
as Fern
Jeffrey Ware
as Still Worker
Raymond Mamrak
as Church Patron/Dock Worker/Laborer
Neal Matarazzo
Gary Schnakenberg
as Court Gallery
Michael X. Martin
as Police Officer #2
Greg Pronko
Rick Bolander
as Man in Black
Eliud Kauffman
as Army Captain
Mike Houston
as Ralph/Ralph - Faraday Irons Salesman/Ralph - Faraday Iron Salesman
Janet Anderson
as Bible Camp Lady
Martino Caputo
as Headbreaker #4
Derek Michaels
as Senator
Edward McGinty
as Ward Boss Boyd/Ward Boss Aloysius Boyd
Juan Mirt
Lucy Gallina
as Emily Schroeder
Glenn Quentin
as Bellhop
Gaetano LoGiudice
Emily Dorsch
as Cornelia Predock/Cornelia Predock - Thompson Neighbor
James Caufield
as Barber
Madeleine Yen
as Young Gillian
Natalie Wachen
as Lenore White
Emma Kenney
as Aylesh Rohan
Craig Geraghty
as Voter #1
Alex Eckstein
as Sonny/Sonny Capone
Ronald Scott Maestri
as Municipal Worker
Madyson Pellegrino
as School Girl
Peter Francis James
as Oliver Crawford
Don Puglisi
as Poker Player
Rick Crom
as Sagorsky's Attorney
Jennifer Bowles
as Babette's Dancer/Dancer
Drena De Niro
as Negrablanca
Frank Ridley
as Conductor
Charlotte Booker
as Cicero Landlady
Richardson Desil
as Senior kitchen worker
Elisha Lawson
as Prisoner #1
Glenn Fleshler
as George Remus/George Remus - Bootlegger
Rae Gray
as Claudia
Galway McCullough
as Voter #2
Vincent Piazza
as Lucky Luciano
Jay Russell
as Prosecutor
Graeme Malcolm

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 12 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2013 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2014 | 8 Episodes




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