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October 19, 2021
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About this title


Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, the New York Police Commissioner, and patriarch of the Reagan clan, a multigenerational family of cops. Frank's oldest son is Danny, a seasoned detective and Iraqi War veteran who occasionally uses dubious tactics to solve cases. Daughter Erin, the lone female, is an assistant district attorney. Fresh out of Harvard Law, Jamie is the youngest member and "golden boy" of the family. Jamie gave up a lucrative future in law to continue the family's tradition in police work, and is asked to participate in a secretive investigation that even his father does not know about.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: September 24, 2010

Also Known As: Rođeni policajci, Spravedlnost v krvi |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
police commissioner

Company Credits

Production Co: Panda Productions Inc., Paw in Your Face Productions |  See more »


Roe Hartrampf
as Bryan Parker
Joe Maruzzo
as Sal Laduca
Chris Walker
as Detective #1
Gwendolyn Bucci
as Dancer #2
Jenna Williams
as Cara Simpson
Nicholas Velez
as Officer McGreevy
De'Adre Aziza
as Sharon Parsons
Mike Scerbo
as Pedestrian
Lara Wolf
as Female Cop
Liza Colón-Zayas
as Ana Baez
Richard Kline
as Judge Angioli
Sarah Boatright
as Sarah
Merel Julia
as Baez's Mom
Grainger Hines
as Senator Stanford Harris
Michael Monteiro
as Court Gallery Detective
William Sadler
as Armin Janko
R.J. Foster
as Bartender
Rachael Emrich
as Stacy Fryman
Vincent Curatola
as Chief Norm Valenti
Gloria Reuben
as Rachel Weber
Andrew Paterini
as Press
Rebeka Choudhury
as Waitress
Joe Sabatino
as Billy Lloyd
Dina Drew
as Woman
Jim Cleary
as Reporter
Ashley Wool
as Ice Skater
Tabitha Holbert
as TARU Tech/TARU #1
Eric Mabius
as Richard Rourke
Donal Brophy
as Andrew
Samantha Buck
as Sheri Dean
Catherine Blades
as Darcy
Ryan Farrell
as Broker #1
Rashid Helper
as Undercover Cop
Townsend Ambrecht
as Deceased's Son
Russell Dennis Lewis
as Steve Rhodes
Russell Jordan
as Clerk
Kevin Kane
as Officer Bill Becker
Jeremy Beiler
as Tech
Robert John Burke
as Jyle Hogan
Jimmy Palumbo
as Chief Winston
Ashley Bryant
as Stephanie Peters
Elizabeth Weitzen
as Barista on Coffee Truck
William Abadie
as Alex Schecter
Michael-Scott Druckenmiller
as FDNY Paramedic/FDNY/Paramedic
Claire Byrne
as Nun
Janie Brookshire
as Alexis Barnett
Cadden Jones
as Maitre'D
Samuel Dunning
as Ryan Heide
Mark Morettini
as Det. Powell/Detective Powell/TARU Sheen/Taru
Phillip Chorba
as Hotel Manager
Lynne Valley
as Attorney
Mark Richard Goldman
as Coffee Shop Patron/Pedestrian
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Businesswoman Pedestrian/Pedestrian
Mark Azarcon
as Kidnapper
Catherine Curtin
as Ruth Bukowski
Alani Ilongwe
as Handsome
Brian Keane
as David Bowles
Jerah Milligan
as Ron Ward
Tom Wopat
as Craig Iverson
Sayra Player
as Crystal Harper
Frankie Verroca
as Street Old Guy
Angel Dillemuth
as Delivery Man
Alex Corrado
as Rogers
Kristin Parker
as Rebecca Collins
Joe Leon
as Restaurant Owner
Caroline Pluta
as Leah Harris/Selena Moore
Ricki Lander
as Sophia
Kario Marcel
as Samir
Kathy-Ann Hart
as Angie Miller
Mark Linn-Baker
as Carlton Miller
as Rabbi Elli
Ron Canada
as Deputy Dir. Tom Mason
James Nuciforo
as Nuciforo/Detective Nuciforo/Det. Nuciforo/Escort/Jim/Nucifora
Eric Tabach
as Charles Hayes
Raul Aranas
as Clerk
Ben McHugh
as Jonathan Barnett
Gillian Alexy
as Ellen Sloan
Victor Garber
as Donald Stein
Eric Santiago
as Karate Instructor
Jeter Rivera
as Carlos Delgado/Boy 1
Jerry DiLeo
as Police Officer/Italian Mobster
Mark Hattan
as Detective
Dee Dee Moss
as Tourist
Anthony Duluc
as Police Cadet
Raymond Neil Hernandez
as Man
Johnny Pozzi
as Perp
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Funeral Mourner/Gallery Member/ND Pedestrian/Tucker Personnel
Armando Riesco
as Raoul Delgado
Vincent Pastore
as Richie Tomlin
Moise Morancy
as Twitter Ty
Bob Roseman
as EMT 2/Store Manager
Brandon Tyler Harris
as Ryan Gallagher
Christopher Chan
as Doctor
Dana Ashbrook
as Tommy Banks
Marc Kudisch
as Terry Longacre
Andres Munar
as Officer Manny Francisco
Sami Gayle
as Nicky Reagan-Boyle/Nicky Boyle
Jason Bowen
as Detective Luke Raines
Jeffrey D. Petrauskas
as Derby Kid
James Villemaire
as Tom Henkes
Angela Palmer-Haibach
as Garza Protestor
Dan Grimaldi
as Tommy Barrone, Sr.
Stephen Schnetzer
as Hassan Nejari
Susie Stewart Rubio
as Woman
Ben Young III
as Dmitry
Michael Madsen
as Benjamin Walker
Joanna Gleason
as Grace Newhouse
Jeff Wiens
as PBA Lawyer for Cutter
Josef Karl Buchel
as Dad-To-Be
Sea McHale
as Kyle Miller
Joel de la Fuente
as Edward Gomez
Michael Drumgold
as Student #3
Julio Trinidad
as Jose Flores/Man in Crowd
Sai Lang
as Tech
Leigh Ann Larkin
as Medical Examiner Megan Carson
Anthony Ruivivar
as Det Tommy Jordan
Noelle Franco
as Maria Cuesta
Don Harvey
as Det. Connelly
Jeffrey Parrillo
as Cadet
Mick O'Rourke
as mMr Weissberg
Lilly Brown
as Officer Brooks
Frank Whaley
as Gary Heller
J.J. Wynder
as Marcus Green
Emanuele Ancorini
as John Vinchetti Jr
John DeBlasio
as Union Leader
Chris Stack
as Kyle Freelander
Christina Brucato
as Ann Delamar
Nicholas J. Giangiulio
as Sergeant
Austin Davis
as Bouncer
Tijuana Ricks
as ESU/ESU Woman
David Anzuelo
as Mr. Campos
Ann Harada
as IAB Lieutenant Sloan
Brad Fleischer
as Officer Tim Welch
Bryan Fitzgerald
as Brandon Phelps
Tyran Brown
as Theodore Williams
Omar Ezat
as Officer Tedesco
Michelle Simone Miller
as Onlooker #2
Tom Riis Farrell
as Fred Rosebrock
Joe Dawson
as Justin Armel
Eric Lommel
as Jack Sparrow
Jeffrey C. Hawkins
as Doctor/Mayor's Aide
Anthony Cipriani
as Wedding Guest
Shannon Ashe
as Lindsey Wentworth
Jerry Lobrow
as Office Employee
Brian Avers
as Zachary Danhart
Amber Owens
as Female Prosecutor
Stephane Nicoli
as Student
Erin Burniston
as Rose Davis
Danny Henriquez
as Chavo
Tamara Tunie
as Monica Graham
Joey Slotnick
as Show Writer Klein
David Coussins
as John Spencer
Victoria Cartagena
as Letitia Williams
Amy Southers
as High School Student
Scott William Winters
as Det. Russ Vandenberg
Sam Yim
as Cashier
Maddox Elliot
as Alex
Laurence Blum
as Cop
Tisa Howard
as Detective Washburn
Jason Mills
as Hanlon
Rory Duffy
as Fireman/Officer Calica/Uniform 1
Grim Reaper Q.
as Nathan Earring Bradley
Greg Jackson
as Hassett's Lawyer
Lameece Issaq
as Bank Teller
James P. Rees
as Sam Sullivan
Joey Auzenne
as Mondo
Claire McClanahan
as Mrs. Jones
Amy Morton
as Amanda Harris
Alex Michaels
as Oscar (Bartender)
Marco Verna
as Karantanos
Rasha Zamamiri
as Aisha Nejari
Mark David Watson
as Officer Spencer
Afton Williamson
as Officer Perez
Sullivan Jones
as Detective Davis
George Feaster
as Homeless Guy
Stephen Rowe
as Johnny Lyons/PBA President Johnny Lyons
John Rothman
as Walter Harris
Jason Kolotouros
as Kevin Moran
Laine Rettmer
as Lori
Michael Borrelli
as Richie
Yohance Myles
as Lee Baldokoski
Jimmy Brooks
as Moses Thug #2
Michael Genet
as Judge Alexander
Louis Mustillo
as Lenny
Brian Adam DeJesus
as Orlando
Traci Hovel
as Girlfriend #1
Roger Wayne
as Bruce Zarelli
Alex Kingston
as Commander Sloane Thompson
Gabriel Furman
as Jessie Collins
Flor De Liz Perez
as Anna Chavez
David Lavine
as Doctor
Annie Pisapia
as Dinner Patron
Dharon Jones
as Tory Washington
Jayce Bartok
as Andy Rice
Michael James Shaw
as Ronald Lloyd
Thomas D. Weaver
as Power Fundraiser
Patrick Dillon Curry
as Student #1
Phillip James Griffith
as Raymond Stevens
Olek Krupa
as Maximilian Gruschenko
Robert Lee Leng
as Officer Leong
Jeff Kim
as Billy Chin
Antonio Watson
as Andrew Price
Bonnie Rose
as Secretary
Megan Byrne
as Lawyer
Mason Pettit
as Dean Charlton
Julian Gavilanes
as UNI
Ruby Singleton
as Girl in the Spotted Pig Bar
Anna Holbrook
as Lisa Dowd
Christopher Akpobiyeri
as Uniform
Joshua Cameron
as Salem Haddad
Bhavesh Patel
as Jared Mehra
Stefan Ionesco
as Vladimir
Shannon Thornton
as Sara
Gerald Jones III
as Derek Jackson
Mario Tarquinio
as Hookah Bar Patron
Alfredo Narciso
as Det. Montero
Steve Antonucci
Raymond Anthony Thomas
as C.O. James Caraceno
Christian Coulson
as Brooks Hammond
Alex Sgambati
as Mindy Gummerman
Keith Pillow
as Morgan's Underling
Marsha Dietlein
as Mrs. Clarke
Natalie Knepp
as Laura Peck
Charles Mesure
as Garda Commissioner Farrelly
Malik Hammond
as Yoo-Hoo
Irene Rose
as Clerk
Melissa Errico
as Rivka Morganthal
Marguerite Stimpson
as Emily Mathews
Mary Mattison
as Leah Brandt
Amanda Castanos
as Maid
Jose Soto
as Luis
Carolyn Feldschuh
as Woman with Cane
Ariel Estrada
as Nurse Attending Receptionist
Nick Palazzo
as Guy (Pizza Shop)
Tony Mazzulli
as Taru Tech.
C. Thomas Howell
as Alex Polanski
Jack Dimich
as Rustam
Christopher M. Russo
as Sgt. Parsons
P.J. Marshall
as Tommy Flynn
Fyvush Finkel
as Moishe
Michael Minarik
as Jake Gayley
Damien Bosco
as Detective Fusco/Police Officer
Danny McCarthy
as Jerrie Demarest/Lieutenant
Meredith Jackson
as Event Manager
Gabriella Dileo
as Daughter
Tonya Glanz
as Officer Kara Walsh
Mark Axelowitz
as CSU Detective
Antoinette LaVecchia
as Elaine/Vicky Savecchio
Curtiss Cook
as Detective Jones
Bonnie Root
as Kathy Elliot
Erin Neufer
as Alison Gable
Matthew Boston
as Eddie Krumfeldt
Lauren Patten
as Rachel Witten
Rudy Mungaray
as Lupino
Annie Young
as HNT Lieutenant
James DuMont
as Thomas Wallace
Sean Collins
as Undercover Cop
Larisa Alesia Polk
as Uniform
Jeff Leaf
as Officer Paul Delman
Stephen Medwid
as Corrections Officer
Joseph Costa
as Pharmacist
Franky G
as Sgt. Russell
Tim Wright
as Coach
Kevin Sebastian
as Spiderboy
Carmine Cangialosi
as Str8Arrow
Nat Cassidy
as Duane Pitney
Marcia Jean Kurtz
as Marion Davis
Matthew Iacono
as Student
Alex Brightman
as Ralph Lamont
Chip Brookes
as Stuart Lemarque
Alexandra O'Daly
as Cop 3
Eric Arriola
as Gangbanger #2
Alex Fernandez
as Sgt. Daniel Vega
José Báez
as Drug Dealer/Homeless Man
Ellie Pettit
as Rebecca
Odette Warder Henderson
as Senator
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Balloon Popper at Job Fair
Shemar Jonas
as Man
Teresa Yenque
as Lucinda Garza
Addison LeMay
as Boris the Bodyguard/Mark Apuzzo
Odiseas Georgiadis
as Andre Bell
Gianmarco Soresi
as Reporter #1
Kelcy Griffin
as Renee James
Mark Lotito
as Mr. Foster
as Ruby
Chetna Goel
as Neighborhood Kid
Matt Raimo
as Actor
Toni D'Antonio
as Consuela
Reggie Talley
as Perp
Erin Cummings
as Lori D'Angelo
Danielle Davenport
as Nia Martin
Maria Rivera
as Ella Martin
Chazz Palminteri
as Angelo Gallo
Annie Q.
as Lila
John Joseph Gallagher
as Desk Clerk
Carly Sullivan
as Masseuse
Salvatore Inzerillo
as Jorge
Susan Misner
as Karen Waters
Mackenzie Astin
as Ryan Bennett
Henry Packer
as Rabbi
Wai Ching Ho
as Stranger
Michael Guagno
as Doorman
Adriane Lenox
as Judge
Darlene Demorizi
as Pia Toledo
Kevin Collins
as Roger Thornton
Justin Ahdoot
as Raj Choudry
Andrew Pastides
as Dorian
Stevie Steel
as Betsy
Mike Colter
as Cliff Reacher
Jake Eavey
as Perp #2
Katty Velasquez
as Melissa Sanchez
Jeremy Dash
as Tattooed Gang Member
Noah Robbins
as Richie Turner
James Biberi
as Dan McCormick/Kola
Rebecca Naomi Jones
as Barbara Keyes
Emily Jenda
as Receptionist
Gregory Jbara
as Garrett Moore
Judith Delgado
as Maude
Annemarie Lawless
as Wendy Munson
Mahira Kakkar
as Doctor/Dr. Gupta
Pawel Szajda
as Sergei Sokoloff
Terence Lorino
as John Bell
J.C. Montgomery
as Chief Sinclair
Maurice Jones
as Officer Bigelow
Branden Wellington
as Firefighter #1
Ben Getz
as Reynaldo
Dj Nino Carta
as Undercover Detective
Edgar Ribon
as Chile Fan #2
Barbara Galella
as Parishioner #1
Shirley Dluginski
as Crime Scene Onlooker
Tommy Bayiokos
as Reagan's High Commanding Officer/Santa Claus
Yoriko Haraguchi
as Rachel
Seth Barrish
as Alex Lawlor
Mat Hostetler
as Handler
Andrea Navedo
as Lydia Gonsalves/Yolanda Gonsalves
Gavin Sofronski
as Boy
Rebecca Budig
as Connie Patrick
Guiesseppe Jones
as Officer Coles
Agnes Ching
as Reporter #1
Robert C. Kirk
as Lt. Vance
Angel Rosa
as Officer Montrose
Norman Schultz
as UNI
Shana Kaplan
as College Student
Li Jun Li
as Nicka
Ian Blackman
as Lawyer
Rose Sias
as Young Mom
Ana Kayne
as Officer Kelsey Bryson
Rebecca Faulkenberry
as Misty Kaye
Anthony Chatmon II
as Officer Davis
Danny Lee
John Enos III
as Jimmy Vitale
Gibson Frazier
as Dr. Randall Glenroy
Jon McCormick
as John Redding
Doug E. Doug
as Lamar Roberts
Roslyn Ruff
as Kimberly Crawford
Daron Ross
as ESU #3/ESU Captain/ESU Officer #1
Nick Klementowicz
as Sergei Karenin
Anna Eilinsfeld
as Svetlana Bayul
Kerry Butler
as Mary Jo Clarkson
Kym Gomes
as Mrs. Washington
Ryan Johnston
as Joey
Karen Choy
as Bartender
Julia Cosaluzzo
as TARU Technician
Michael DeBarge
as Subway Commuter
Marisa Ramirez
as Maria Baez
Eric William Morris
as Noble Sanfino
Lee Shepherd
as Dr. Fried
Jessica Collins
as Becky Walenski
Shaun O'Hagan
as Officer Long/Officer Matthew Long
Aisha De Haas
as Traffic Agent
Kal Parekh
as Dr. Pruit
Ken Arnold
as Fat Cat
Michael T. Weiss
as Sonny Malevsky
Brandon J. Shaw
as Eddie's Partner
Beau Baxter
as David Cohen
Jason Griffith
as Suit
Emma Doss
as Resident #3
Richard Short
as Lemon
David Patrick Kelly
as Donald Berry
Sean Meehan
as Lt. Nash
Gina Rados
as Detective
James Le Gros
as Don Voorhees
Bobbi A Bordley
as Keisha Smith
Carra Patterson
as Officer Dolores Munoz
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Dino Mancini
Kyle Sheldon
as ADA #1
Stephen W. Tenner
as Beau/Detective Argenzio
Paul Malignaggi
as Mel
Edgar Felix
as Priest
A.J. Buckley
as Sergeant Mulvey
Chris Werkmeister
as Customer
Myles Clohessy
as Rick 'Junior' Wolf
Garvin James
as Looter #3
Rick Younger
as Councilwoman Lewis
Alexis Suarez
as Cop #3/Cop 2/Uniform 2/Uniformed Cop
Leland Alexander Wheeler
as Billy
Vanessa Aspillaga
as Rosalie Morales
Grizz Chapman
as Tiny Giondo
Christopher M. Elassad
as Uniform
Kurt McKinney
as Agent Stark
Meltem Gulturk
as EMT #1
Omar Lopez Cepero
as Security Guard #1
Burke Moses
as Ron Steward
Morgan Nichols
as Lineup Detective
Socorro Santiago
as Manuela Torres
Anthony T. Solano
as Cartel Member #1
Larry Petersen
as Boss
Gracyn Mix
as Club Goer #3
Natalie Buck
as Megan
James Russell
as Desk Clerk
Hye Jin Jang
as ATF Agent
Sophie Hayden
as Naomi
Devin Dobran
as Protestor
Krystina Bailey
as Charina
Norman Aaronson
as Bank robbery victim
Vanessa Ray
as Eddie Janko/Eddie Reagan/Eddie Janko-Reagan
Alexander Chaplin
as Mickey Cardoza
Michael G. Chin
as Man
Kevin Bielinski
as Hazmat Detective/Police Officer in Bar
Eileen Weisinger
as Mrs. Watkins
Christopher Carley
as Matt Kaye
Charlie Garber
as Hasidic Prayer Leader
James Preston
as Blake Woods
John Emmett Whitney
as Uniform
Graham Winton
as Monroe
Jordan Gelber
as Bobby
Babs Olusanmokun
as Phantom
Josh Burrow
as Miles Thomas
Stephanie Fantauzzi
as Gabby Castillo
Ryan Broussard
as Officer Harrington
Chris Conroy
as Brandon Mitchell
Jason Ford
as Waiter
Coleman Annison
as Student Protester
Kevin Coubal
as Uniformed Officer
Jean-François Ogoubiyi
as Faithful 1
Kevin Kolack
as EMT 2
Lola Glaudini
as Anna
Lucy Fava
as Sudi Zaki
Andrea Cirie
as Miriam Katz
Juney Smith
as Doorman
Kresh Novakovic
as Detective Vin Langford/Plainclothes #2
Patrick Brana
as Calvin Benton
Devin Harjes
as Sam Padell
Taylor Selé
as Winston Hill
Teddy Cañez
as Congressman Suarez
Elizabeth Loyacano
as Tina Costello
Kelly AuCoin
as Jack Cavanaugh
Callum Adams
as Billy Coyle
Adam Desautels
as NY State Trooper
Omar J. Dorsey
as Ernie 'Goodnight' Mason
Ivette Dumeng
as Young Mother
Frank Fortunato
as Uniformed Officer
Donovan Sanders
as NYPD Lieutenant
Caroline Blanton
as Hostess
Tawny Cypress
as Patrice
Roger Cross
as James Reed
Tam Mutu
as Sgt. Ray Langley
Drew Hirshfield
as CCS Detective
Victor Williams
as Oliver
Veronica Cruz
as Marina Santiago
Max Weinberg
as Mario Vangelis
Inés del Castillo
as Officer Reyes
Jason Yachanin
as Sound Tech
Jacqueline Honulik
as Designer's Model/Hostess/Society Woman
Yair Ben-Dor
as Naseem
Thom Niemann
as Martin Greer
Brooke Hoover
as Neighbor
Diane Davis
as Karen Wallace
Jason Alan Carvell
as Chris Teller
Pernell Walker
as Medic
Kate Rogal
as Valerie Traynor
Ron Kuby
as Roy Dukaski
Edward Turner
as Boy
Ka-Ling Cheung
as Asian Masseuse
Jake Myers
as Camera Man
Vincent Spano
as John Hotchkiss
Brandon Rush
as Officer DeNoon/Officer Denoon
Mandi Masden
as Lauren Goodwin
Khalia R Gourdine
as Muslim Student
Juan Arturo
as Javier
Mike Pniewski
as Vaughn Morgan
John-Michael Carlton
as Nate Towers
Jamie Jackson
as Boris Vache
Topher Mikels
as Mischa
Erica Sinner
as German Tourist
Mike McClusky
as Officer Carter
Christopher L. Graves
as IAB Lieutenant
Rayford Howell
as Sgt. Spinner
Paul L. Coffey
as Dad
Roscoe Orman
as Ethan Goodwin
Isaiah Negrón
as Marcus/Tommy
Kerry O'Malley
as Lydia Forman
Crystal Lake Evans
as Eva Gold
Bridget Moynahan
as Erin Reagan/Erin Reagan-Boyle
Max Arciniega
as Esteban Torres
David Aaron Baker
as Father Leo
Derek Clarke
as Protestor #1
Erick Zamora
as Julio
Darik Bernard
as Officer Irving
Dipa Anitia
as Maggie Downey
Alex Trow
as Jogger
Wonza Johnson
as Teddy Lavigne
Jennifer Capri
as Panicked Mom
Chris Tardio
as Kevin Carr
Tom Deckman
as John Dexter
J. Bernard Calloway
as Michael Hicks
Ellen Parker
as Mrs. Polanski
Lisann Valentin
as Lorraine Burch
Dorothy Meyers
as Restaurant Patron
Deborah Twiss
as Sheila Gormley
Frances Lozada
as Hispanic Woman
Yinka Adeboyeku
as Bunky
Stephanie Umoh
as Connie Williams
Lenny Platt
as Joe Ferraro
Alvin Crawford
as Captain Gus Rampton
Manny Ureña
as Diego Perez
Dean Ciallella
as Wedding Guest
Stephen Sapienza
as NYPD Officer/EMT 1
Greg Paul
as Undercover Cop/Bass Player
Alberto Rosende
as Carlos Santiago
Michael Patrick Hart
as Handcuffed Criminal
Kelli O'Hara
as Lisa
Steven Weisz
as Cop #5/Court Officer
Samuel Ray Gates
as Reporter #1
Simon MacLean
as Attorney Maxwell
Joseph Riccobene
as Larry Bonniello
Kelly Southerland
as Wall Street Fight Club Guy
Mark DiConzo
as Marty Ellis
Carolyn McCormick
as Joyce Powers
Sagar Kiran
as Polygraph Tech #2
Stacey Giambastiani
as Woman
Sara Amante
as Jen
Kimberli Flores
as Andrea Rodriguez
Joshua Windley
as Child
Anouk Dutruit
as Natalia Bajek
Monifa Suber
as Supporting
Colleen Zenk
as Joan
Arianna Hoeppner
as Girl #1
Gino Cafarelli
as Tony
Ben Hyland
as Tommy
James Holloway
as Officer Caminitti
Sadie Friedman
as Noelle King
Ginger Ruriko Busch
as Whitney
Jalesia Martinez
as NYPD Cadet
Yani Marin
as Samantha
Lenny Lemer
as Lieutenant
Jamie Marie Hannigan
as Crime Scene Investigation Unit
Pun Bandhu
as Doctor/E.R. Doctor
Tom Mason
as Rick
Jarid Faubel
as Brian Baker
Kathiamarice Lopez
as Officer Marisol Serrano
Alex Charak
as Wayne Foster
William Lex Ham
as Patron
Robert Prescott
as Detective Crockett
Dylan Chalfy
as Kevin Firestone
Danielle Savre
as Emily Harrison
Jason Cadieux
as Michael Ruiz
Tracy Howe
as Rory Brennan
Jim Bracchitta
as IA Sgt. Carl Bannon
Alexa Mareka
as Elle Copley
Katie Maguire
as Officer Flanagan
Jeff Rubino
as Cop 4
Daniel Bartkewicz
as Teacher
Caroline Strong
as Donna Del Rio
Camari Brown
as Uniform at Crime Scene
David Roberts
as Lieutenant
Gus Birney
as Carrie Ross
Chinaza Uche
as Pete
Christine Davis
as Clerk
Noel Joseph Allain
as Boris Ostrovsky
Gameela Wright
as Reporter #2/Reporter Helen/Reporter/Reporter #1/Reporter #3/Helen/News Anchor/Reporter 2/Stand-up Reporter/TV Reporter
Denise Scilabra
as ADA/Police Officer/Reporter
Brad Fryman
as Johnny Lovell
Auden Thornton
as Angie
Danielle Lee Greaves
as Norma
Will Estes
as Jamie Reagan
Dylan Moore
as Sydney Davenport
Lucas Salvagno
as Miles Tarshis
Elizabeth Norment
as Gail Holt
Robin Skye
as Judge Adrian Jones
Kabir Bery
as Tough Guy #3
LeRoy McClain
as Sam Terhune
Larry Gregory
as Chief Special Operations Division/Chief Wallace
T. Ryder Smith
as Miles
Patricia Rae
as Mrs. Ortiz
Malachi Nimmons
as Barry
J. Mallory McCree
as Deshawn Williams
Tino Tsutras
as Carlos
Ted Arcidi
as Robbie Gold
Nick Nappy
as Businessman/Parent
George Signoriello
as All White Crowd Member
Valence Thomas
as Reporter 1
Robert Turano
as Captain
Ron Scott
as Precinct Commander #2
Dominique Fishback
as Charelle Tyler
Leonidas Ocampo
as Luis
Deyvi Antonio Martinez
as Cartel Member #3
Cara Grace O'Connor
as Little Girl
Debargo Sanyal
as Malik
Timothy Busfield
as Charles Bynes
Marc Bonan
as Brian Stratton
Leia Thompson
as Bartender
Darren Goldstein
as Asher Lefko
R.A. Guirand
as EMT #2/Medic #1
Danielle M. Williamson
as Student
Dimitri Meskouris
as Henry Hartens
Duane Murray
as P.D. Adelman
Randi Clarke Lennon
as Director
Jared Zirilli
as Brian Conner/Val Savecchio
Aasif Mandvi
as Samar Charwell
Daniel Oreskes
as Alan Murtaugh
Kevin Chapman
as Art Buckner
Tony Neil Butler
as Chief Holmes
Douglas J. Aguirre
as Firing Range Officer/Uniform
Esther David
as Reporter #2
Joseph Oliveira
as Detective Marvin
Daphne Zelle
as Antifa Friend #2
Zack Robidas
as Officer Peter Grasso
Anthony DeSando
as Joey Razzano
Alicia Harding
as Nurse
Joel Hurt Jones
as Charles Klein
Tracy Sallows
as Leslie
Jeremy Holm
as David Rossi
Alexandra Rosario
as Patient
James Andrew O'Connor
as Lenny 'Sick' Saccio
Sara M. Rice
as Dancer
Heather Lind
as Melissa Samuels
Mlé Chester
as Officer Anderson
Reginald Huc
as Desk Sgt. Wakefield
Manuel Herrera
as Osvaldo V.
Frank Licari
as Christopher Mancuso
Ethan Hova
as Dr. Ibrahim
Robert J Morgalo
as Blue Collar Bar Patron
Michael Sirow
as Man Tourist
Spencer House
as Parker Mack
Kristina Bartlett
as Santini/Police Tech/TARU Tech Santini/Taru Tech Santini
Sophia Parra
as Trophy Wife
Jane Dashow
as Neighbor
Kenny Wong
as Doctor
James Murtaugh
as Ret. Det. Loggia
Hasaan Gilmer
as Duwann Wilson
Todd Lawson
as Father Kennelly
Paul DuBois
as Nervous Manager
Ananias Dixon
as Wendall
Dominik Garcia
as Tina Araya
Robert Montano
as Hector Rodriguez/Tommy Vasquez
Kieran Campion
as Vince Walker
Kareem Hamdy
as Hookah Scene
Isaiah Frizzelle
as Taru #2
Jamil A.C. Mangan
as Lawyer
Josh Drake
as Kevin Stoneman
Meredith Travers
as Grace
Lori Loughlin
as Grace Edwards
Aldous Davidson
as Hiro/Jimmy/Sketch Artist
Karolina Muller
as Milli Skye
Rachel Adams
as Secretary
Adrienne Williams
as Judge Bryant
Eddie Allen
as David Drexler
And Palladino
as CSU
Neal Huff
as Leaf Memphis
Clifton Davis
as Inspector Azoulay
Joshua Lagos
as Perp
Donnie Wahlberg
as Danny Reagan
John Pankow
as John Romano
TaiVon McKinney
as Officer Smith
Will Rogers
as Owen
David Zayas
as Governor Martin Mendez
Haviland Morris
as Linda Tomlin
Sean Ringgold
as Pierre
Doris McCarthy
as Grand Juror/Lawyer/Neighbor
Arthur J. Nascarella
as Dominic Reina
Wayne Pretlow
as Ted Shelton
E.J. Bonilla
as Julio
Daniel Cosgrove
as Det. Felix Evans
Murphy Guyer
as Sam Ellis
Cynthia Mace
as Siobhan Collins
Patrick Devaney
as Court Officer/NYPD Captain
Joseph Sikora
as Mark Phelan
Sophia Gennusa
as Jennifer
Stephen Hill
as Det. Ted Foster
Amy Carlson
as Linda Reagan
Mara Davi
as Bianca Sanfino
Logan Horn
as Kevin Keith/Peter Jones
Natasha Murray
as Laticia Washington
David Deblinger
as Meyer Black
John Asher
as Jimmy 'Tuna' Wallace
Cindy De La Cruz
as Ramona Lewis
Narci Regina
as Gabrielle (Front Desk)
Treat Williams
as Lenny Ross
Theresa Tirone
as Officer Fucci
Michael D. Joseph
as Park Goer
Chris Lanceley
as Guy
Maximo Pain
as Tony
Chelsea Reed Davis
as Young Woman
Brennan Taylor
as Reporter #1
Frisco Cosme
as Ghost
John Mancini
as Marine
Aamir Lynch
as Party Goer #1
Alex Mickiewicz
as Jay Hotchkiss
Charley Brucato
as Reina's Driver
Sharon Lawrence
as Christine Sanders
Danny Binstock
as Ben Wilson
Valerie Brookshire
as Officer Delmano/Uniform
Monica Raymund
as Luisa Sosa
Amanda Setton
as Sylvia
Richard Bekins
as Scott Gibson
David Starzyk
as Evan Beck
Kate Grimes
as Lisa Sutherland
Ronny Mercedes
as Johnny
Callie Thorne
as Maggie Gibson
Angel Desai
as Judy Farrow
Karina Arroyave
as Carmen Thompson
Method Man
as Mario Hunt
Volney Stefflre
as Todd Kowalchuck
Andy Prosky
as Reina's Lawyer
Lindsay Torrey
as Robin
Christian Campbell
as Peter Stratton
Diana Bologna
as Vivian Abetemarco
Tim Smallwood
as David Carvell
Michael Michele
as Lois Potter
Jayne Atkinson
as Sharon Harris
Alex Carter
as Special Agent Alexander Clune
Billy Smith
as Sgt. Rutkowski
Brian Faherty
as Ronald
Sha Michael
as Club Goer
Arielle Ingrassia-Smith
as Pedestrian
Deidre Goodwin
as Maureen
Brandhyze Stanley
as Grace Michaels/Reporter/Grace Michaels (Reporter #1)
Chelsea Watts
as Karlynn Bell
Michael Iacono
as Altar Boy
Chanel Maya Banks
as Maria Romano
Jonathan Castro
as Dr. Robinson
Patrick Murney
as James Ratchet
Megan Ketch
as Detective Kate Lansing/Kate Lansing
Darien Sills-Evans
as ESU Cop/ESU Guy
Frank Alfano
as Perp #3
Jake Robinson
as Logan
Okieriete Onaodowan
as Damon Williams
Michael Rispoli
as Jack Condo/Vitale
Chuck Lewkowicz
as Burt
Jamaal Burcher
as City Hall Worker/NYPD Officer/Strip Club Patron
Louis Sallan
as Traffic Cop
JaQwan J. Kelly
as Malcolm James
Elizabeth Narciso
as Cadet
Malcolm A. Chavis
as Perp
Ale Valentina
as Marisol
Scott Bryce
as Dr. Alex Garland
Sean Allan Krill
as Elon Lubin
Neal Mayer
as Reporter #3
Faron Salisbury
as Perp
David Shih
as CSU Tech
Josephine Pizzino
as Angry Community Member
Hoon Lee
as Detective Tuan
Christopher Cassarino
as John Marconi
Charles Everett
as Detective #2
Donald Sage Mackay
as Lt. Mike Collier
Christian Navarro
as Uniform #1
Marc Bicking
as Reporter
Jett Salazar
as Joseph Rivera
Shawn Gonzalez
as Los Lordes Gang Member
Casey Waller
as Woman
Sylvia Kauders
as Mrs. Caruso
William Hill
as Roy
Gabe Fazio
as Jimmy Wallace
Rio Puertollano
as Esteban
Bob Leszczak
as Witness
Marielle Young
as Christina Ruiz
Ray Wiederhold
as ESU Sergeant
Kathryn Erbe
as Dr. Bennett
Glenn Turner
as Homeless Guy
Jeff Mantel
as ESU Captain
Zane Garcia
as Frat Guy
Christopher Halladay
as Gun Store Clerk
Reyna de Courcy
as Lydia
Brandon Ocasio
as Officer Ramos
Ben Hollandsworth
as Party Promoter
Matt W. Cody
as City Council Member
Joselin Reyes
as Valerie
Preston Simpson
as Detective Gerken
Jos Laniado
as Arturo Vega
Mitchell McGuire
as John McKenna
Tim Moriarty
as Priest
Daniel Jenkins
as Jerry Phillips
Margot Bingham
as Special Agent Maureen Bell
Mahaleia Gray
as Girl on the Bicycle
Lucy Walters
as Vanessa
Tomike Ogugua
as Driver #1
Clinton Brandhagen
as Conrad
Manuel Cortes Alcazar
as Gang Member
Stephen Bienskie
as Restaurant Manager
Steve Boghossian
as Walsh
Denia Brache
as Dolores
Katie Kreisler
as Jill Carmago
Kevin D'Arcy
as Luke Lent
Rodrigo Lopresti
as Keith Daley
Willa Fitzgerald
as Lacey Sutherland
Thursday Farrar
as Nurse
David DeCicco
as Cadet
Dominic Chianese
as Happy Jack
Hemky Madera
as Ted Santiago
Magdalena Borlando
as Christine Rizzo
Brian J. Smith
as Robert Carter
Andrew Madsen
as Bartender
Corey Michael Lincoln
as Lee Cranston
Fiona Choi
as Tech
Ali Marsh
as Patricia Restin
Wass Stevens
as Stevie 'Angels' D'Angelo
Whoopi Goldberg
as Regina Thomas/City Council Speaker Regina Thomas
Matthew Rocheleau
as Reporter
Jackie Cruz
as Rosa Alvarez
Yaegel T. Welch
as Mason Grant
Drew Moerlein
as Skip Fuller
Julian Alexander
as Cop/Officer Cooper
Mike Malvagno
as College Student/Protestor
Matt Grossman
as Uniform #2
Jack Schlossberg
as Officer Jack Hammer
Anthony Mangano
as Detective/Cop
Michael Mulheren
as Chris Scanlon
Donald Paul
as Asad Abdullah Kaar
Nathan Darrow
as Officer Reynolds
Alejandra Rivera Flaviá
as Olivia Rodriguez
Faran Tahir
as El Haq
Alfred Sauchelli Jr.
as Bartender
Colleen Clinton
as Agent Anderson
Brandon Uranowitz
as Michael Goldman
Dee Richardson
as Kid
Michele Hicks
as Cat Holloway
Abigail Hawk
as Abigail Baker/Det. Abigail Baker/Det. Melissa Baker/Det. Melissa
Evan Hall
as Rick Austin
Jay O. Sanders
as Jimmy Reagan
John Capes
as Charles Bryce
Scott Richard Foster
as Court Officer/ESU Officer #2
Brian Hutchison
as Connor O'Brien
Justine Cotsonas
as Alyson
Larry Mitchell
as Mickey O'Donnell
Catherine Chadwick
as Judge Keller
Jimonn Cole
as Derek Redlich
Ernesto Nodal
as Prisoner
Petronia Paley
as Josephine Stratton
Tom Bruno
as Angry Mob Person #5/ESU #3/FDNY Ladder Driver/FDNY Stunt #4/John Marino/NYPD Officer #3
Ariel Bonilla
as Oscar
Rebecca Mader
as Tori Parsons
David Brown
as Bodega Owner
Suki Úna Rae
as Fashion Photographer
Craig DiFrancia
as Chris Maldonado
Matt Little
as Driver #2
Tony Bennett
as Tony Bennett
Meghan Roberts
as Sarah
David Beach
as Bruce Bruckner
Jim Ford
as Driver
Teniece Divya Johnson
as Drunk Broad #2/Rita Brown AKA 'Sunup'/Undercover Cop 3
Neal Matarazzo
as Mr. Vickers
David Carl
as Pink Donut Man
Perry Yung
as Sung Lee
January LaVoy
as Denise Donohue
Sidiki Fofana
as Moses Thug #1
Ari Werlein
as District 65 Lieutenant/Lieutenant
Cecelia Antoinette
as Gail Carter
Chris Pollard
as Bartender
Robert Farrior
as Skip Ballister
Omar Ghonim
as Imam
Daryl Embry
as Print Journalist
Holt McCallany
as Robert McCoy
Mike Houston
as Uniform/Cop/Off Duty #2/Officer Lee/Officer Mowery/Uniformed Cop
Michelle Duffy
as Shelly Elwood
Martino Caputo
as Sgt. Mannato
Edvin Ortega
as Uniform #1
Emma R. Mudd
as Child in Park
Heather Marie Wolf
as Bridget
JJ Condon
as Josh
Edward Crawford
as Officer Cadet
Tituss Burgess
as Priest
Veronica Reyes-How
as Gloria Santiago
Luis Moco
as Louie
Thomas Jay Ryan
as Judge Carter Metcalf
Genevieve Angelson
as Whitney Simmons
Manny Perez
as Fernando Ortiz
Richard Busser
Ronald Scott Maestri
as Cafe Patron
Kevin O'Donnell
as Detective Mike Hofferman
Alonzo Bristol
as Desk Sergeant
Wendy Hoopes
as Diane Bennett
Bianca Amato
as Cindy Perry
Bernardo Cubria
as Uniform
Ken Marks
as Gregory Clohessy
Charlotte Booker
as Ruth
Iliana Garcia
as Risa
Tammy Pescatelli
as Lorraine Carpacci
Elisha Lawson
as Allen Castillo/Jason Gordon
Carmen Zilles
as Angela Alvarez
Joseph Maniscalco
as Soccer Dad
Therese Plaehn
as Reporter #3
José Ramón Rosario
as Francisco Lopez
Abbi Snee
as Jennifer Crowley
Leon Gonzalez
as Club Goer
Curtis Lyons
as Raid Team Member
Zach McNally
as Dennis Strand
Alexander Goyco
as Geo Valdez
Myles Ellison
as Lineup Guy #4
Christina Vidal
as ADA Marta Avila
Kate Blumberg
as Carol Hines
Malik Yoba
as Darryl Reid
Kelvin Han Yee
as Mr. Chen
Michael James Levy
as Photographer
Sol Miranda
as Mrs. Campos
Danny Trejo
as Jose Rojas
Matthew R. Staley
as Tim 'The Streeber' Streebinksy
Neal Bledsoe
as Cassidy
Nick Diamantis
as Broker
Tibor Feldman
as Chief ME/M.E. Craig Esterbrook/M.E. Dr. Craig Esterbrook
Lucas Papaelias
as Kenneth
Edwin Ferrer
as NYPD Explorer
Daniel Sauli
as Siblano
Jessica Sherr
as Triage Nurse
Jefferson Reardon
as Hoody
Michael DeLorenzo
as Fausto
James Ciccone
as Super
Edward M. Kelahan
as Paramedic
Charlie Sausa
as Derick/Super
Sean Crespo
as Larry Hale
Nicolas Salgado
as Thurgood
Joel Marsh Garland
as Street Light Andy
Adrian Alvarado
as Jorge
Jay Patterson
as Dennis Driscoll
Christian Wallace
as Vincent Martin
Trent Kendall
as Roger Winters
Len Cariou
as Henry Reagan
Sumalee Montano
as Inspector Jane Kimura
George Boseman
as NYPD Detective/S.W.A.T.
Clark Jackson
as Bronx District Attorney
Anthony Lee Medina
as Rudy Williams
Joe Urla
as Officer Tedesco
Jack Mulcahy
as Vincent Russo
Julian Joseph
as Kelvin
Jovan Tyler-Graham
as Reggie
Los Jones
as Torres
Kathrine Narducci
as Anna Bianco
Peter Conboy
as New York City Police Officer/NYPD Crime Tech/New York Police Officer/Police Officer
Dane Clarke II
as Devon Jackson
Ellie Smith
as Drunk Female Passenger
Mousa Kraish
as Khalid Hassan
Vinicius Damasceno
as Miguel Lora
Gilbert Soto
as Businessman
Armando Acevedo
as IAB Detective Marcos
Christina Sajous
as Detective Victoria Bashul
Emma Pearson
as Jenny
Andrea Roth
as Kelly Davidson
Nnamudi Amobi
as Uniform/Uniform 2
Kacie Sheik
as Christy Stewart
Caitlin McGee
as Melissa Rella
Ned Eisenberg
as Sandy
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Cop/Detective Jim Malone/Uni #1
Tom Day
as Doctor/ICU Doctor
Penny McNamee
as Marie Grasso
Christopher Parker
as DA Detective #2/ESU Swat
Anthony 'Treach' Criss
as Tyrell Green
Lauren Messina
as Podcast Producer
Belinda Johnson
as Levitt's Wife
Todd Gearhart
as Matt Douglas
Canedy Knowles
as Nurse #3/Nurse 2
Chance Casaus
as Lineup Guy #2
Jillian Macklin
as Richard's Lawyer
Lauren Hodges
as Ashley Durke
Dave Bachman
as Attorney
Heather Simms
as Diana Brooks
Bradley W. Anderson
as Detective Steve Driscoll
Jake Cherry
as Victor Bajek
Staci Charles
as Morgan/ADA Morgan
Hadasa Isolino
as Hostage Woman #1
Anita Gillette
as Colleen McGuire
James Northrup
as Gunman
Marc Bouwer
as Marc Bouwer
William Popp
as Marcus Donovan
Joy Jones
as Alice Williams
Bill Walters
as Hasidic Official/Vagrant
Kris Arnold
as Father Denby
Nathaniel J. Ryan
as Cop #3
Roman Maldonado
as Cortez
Ezra Barnes
as Dr. Ingram
Adam Henry Garcia
as Andre Calderon
Dominique Huett
as Sexy Plumber
Peter Oliver
as Luke Hobbs
Jamie Rezanour
as Angela
Jeaniene Green
as Nurse
Edward J. Burns
as Chris Pappas
Dan Amboyer
as Nicholas Papadopoulos
Lyrica Okano
as Margo Chan
Zack Roberts
as Brian Zinneman
Grant Koo
as Delivery Cyclist
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
as Trevor Thompson
Joy Flowers
as Reporter
Stephen DeRosa
as Albert Becker
Amy Evans
as Uniform #1
Chris Guttadaro
as Cop #1
Khalil Kain
as FBI Agent Hill
Sarah Wilson
as Sara Allen
Jim Lynch
as Father Barnes
Raphael Sbarge
as Mickey Rodansky
Antonio Ortiz
as Hector Alou
Caitlin FitzGerald
as Benita
Richie Stephens
as Vlad
Andy Powers
as Officer Wallace
Abraham Makany
as Sam Khoury
Amy Wilson
as Elaine Carson
Gina Jun
as Attorney/Restaurant Patron
Curtis Hahne
as Canine Cop
Joe Pinter
as Don (Hotel Guest)
Mary Elizabeth Reciniello
as Ice Skater
Chandler Lovelle
as Club Goer #1
Andrew Raab
as Huckster
Meg Gibson
as Pender
Michael Imperioli
as Robert Lewis
Flex Alexander
as Demarcus King
Jeremy Bobb
as Jonathan Gelman
Dylan Walsh
as Mayor Peter Chase
Mateo Gómez
as Manuel
Deborah Fennelly
as Elaine 'Doc' Pressly
Michael Lewis
as Todd Connelly
Frank Spagnolo
as Court Officer/Bailiff/Captain/Court Clerk
Andrea Boehlke
as Toweled Girl
Anthony Pasqua
as Police Officer
Megan Boone
as Candice McElroy
Ashlie Atkinson
as Sandra Colby
James Glorioso Jr.
as Off Duty Detective
Victor Almanzar
as Enrico
Sean Archer
as Allen Hughes
Michael Beach
as FBI Agent Adam Parker
Norm Lewis
as DA James Campbell
Luke Forbes
as Jefferson
George Olesky
as Alexei
James Brickhouse
as Court Officer
Jim Siokos
as Uniform #1
Emmanuel Hierro
as Carter Member #4
Sam Towers
as Tyler Kemper
David Lee Russek
as Jimmy Costello
Gerard Sullivan
as Construction Worker/NYPD Emergency Services/Prison Guard/Secret Service Agent
Luke Lesko
as Detective Arthur Hines
Tatiana Fulmer
as Shanna Gates
Gregory Haney
as Larissa
Andrea Weston
as Nurse
Jackie Debatin
as Mickey, Club Owner
Gia Crovatin
as Collette Dawkins
Raquel Castro
as Martina Fernandez
Devin Ratray
as Matthew Kindler
Peter Gerety
as Bishop Donovan
Jake Ventimiglia
as Detective Patrick Ogden
Bebe Neuwirth
as Kelly Peterson
Hassan Johnson
as Morgan Rutherford
Zach Appelman
as Sean Bartch
Suzanne Johnson
as Julia
Brian Morvant
as Perp
Hamilton Clancy
as Doug Lynch
Shirley Roeca
as Aunt Marisol
Theo Stockman
as Timothy Abbey
Juan Carlos Infante
as Jose Gomez
William Ragsdale
as Lt. Dean Stafford
Drew McVety
as Michael Sanders
Kushtrim Hoxha
as Robert Sava
Lucky Gretzinger
as Jamie's Driver
James Snyder
as Billy Coffin
Karen Tsen Lee
as Woman
Jinkx Monsoon
as Dennis/Tallulah
Simone Elizabeth Bart
as Lewis' Assistant
Anthony Wruble
as Student
Carolyn Baeumler
as Meg Coogan
Teena Byrd
as Assistant District Attorney/Commuter/Cop/Court Gallery Member/Member of the Press/Reporter/Secretary/Still Photographer/Tourist
Ginna Le Vine
as Mandy Acosta
Elliot Villar
as James Montero
Ruby Cruz
as Amanda Webster
Frank Liotti
as George Dano
Saundra Santiago
as Carmen Baez
Leif Riddell
as Dean Aaron Dekker
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Sam Walker
Cliff Samara
as Manny's Father
Fady Kerko
as El Haq's Associate
Patricia R. Floyd
as Grandmother Doris
Justine J. Hall
as E.R. Nurse
Buzz Roddy
as Superintendant
Akintola Jiboyewa
as Damian
Laylah Maldonado
as Child
Declan Mulvey
as Uniform #1
Mike Whaley
as Cop
Angela Sarafyan
as Frannie Ferguson
Emiliano Díez
as Wilson Ortega
Andrew Halliday
as Hotel Manager
Ashley Hill
as Lucy Kandel
Patrick Daniel Faerber
as Officer Robert Leary
Keith Mackler
as Protester
Nate Lombardi
as Martinez
Angela Polite
as Mother Jeffers
Felder Charbonnet
as Detective
Michael Potts
as Thorton Mead
Bridget Gabbe
as Kelsey
Nick Gehlfuss
as Jimmy the Bookie
RayJonaldy Rodriguez
as Luis Rosas
Alex Webb
as Richard Lockhart
Joe Jones
as Ian Cameron
Natasha Tax
as Nicky's Close Friend
Terence Archie
as Khalid
Charles Brice
as James Prince
Alexis Windsor
as Detective
Jamal Thomas
as Detective Rogers
Jamila Velazquez
as Camila Garcia
Clem Cheung
as Jin
John Rankin
as Meech
Tracy Wilder
as PBA Lawyer for Walsh
Kristine Nielsen
as Ms. Wilson
Michelle Mazza
as Precinct Commander #1
Malik Dixon
as Smooth Operator
David Wilson Barnes
as Doc/Dr. Alex Dawson/Police Psychiatrist
Liam Keenan
as Steven Rossi
Jonas Cohen
as Mitchell Greer
Linda Powell
as Pauline
Gracie Beardsley
as Young Girl
Felix Solis
as Hector Florez
Shane McRae
as Johnny Evans
La Tanya Hall
as Sabine Winston
Anderson Jenkins
as ESU Lieutenant/Mechanic
Kika Cicmanec
as Hostess
Guyviaud Joseph
as Uniform/Uni/Uniform #1/Uniform #2
Alexandra Wentworth
as Naomi
Pat Labez
as Mrs. Patterson/Reporter on TV
Ian Paola
as Paco Flores
Ashley Gerasimovich
as Claire
Jeremy Zierau
as Hassidim
Adam Bramson
as Perp #4
Airon Armstrong
as Bruce Epstein
Paul Douglas Anderson
as Bystander #2
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Detective/College Student/Jogger/News Reporter/Pedestrian/Spectator/Subway Commuter
Jodi Michelle Pynn
as Irate Driver #1
Jeremy McLain
as Detective
Kirk Acevedo
as Javi Baez
Connie Ray
as Ann Harris/Ruth
Jefferson White
as Officer Eric Carlson
Nathan James
as Highway Patrolman
Luis Moreno
as Suarez
Jeff Grossman
as Police Officer
Pat Bowie
as Carol Reed
Joshua Dye
as Jackson Wilks
Jon Patrick Walker
as Dr. Ed Greenfield
Magaly Colimon
as Karen Jividen
Parisa Fitz-Henley
as Lizzy Hughes
Maxwell Whittington-Cooper
as Officer Jordan
Inna Muratova
as Secretary
Nasser Faris
as Imam Jadid
Kyra Kennedy
as Reporter 1
Mimi Rogers
as Trudy Slaughter
Rodney Smith
as Detective #2/Uni 2
Henny Russell
as Lt. Sue Prentice
Kevin T. Collins
as Sully
John Finn
as David Cummings
Ken Holmes
as Bar Patron/Law Student/Waitstaff
Angela Oh
as Detective Amy Prisk
Shawn Michael
as Bobby/Escalade Bobby
Robert Keiley
as Bomb Squad Officer
Izzy Ruiz
as Officer 1/Uni 1
Melanie Evans
as Young DA
Brian Sills
as Bystander 2
C.G. Alexander
as Neighbor
Atticus Burrello
as Luka Draganic
Sticky Fingaz
as Clinton 'Ice' Wallace/Clinton Wallace
Kevin Csolak
as Luke Ryder
Adam Rashad Glenn
as Leader
Harry Sutton Jr.
as Reporter Robert/Robert - Reporter/Reporter #1/Robert
Kristopher Lee Weaver
as Tommy Hickman
Nick Cordero
as Victor Lugo
James Coll
as ESU
Cynthia Elane
as Foster Mom
Noel Elie
as Alyssa/Alyssa, Receptionist
Nick Gregory
as Stephen
Douglas Schneider
as Detective Walker
Matthew Humphreys
as Arthur Phillips
William Glenn
as Detective in Precinct
Pollyanna Uruena
as Dominican Girl #1
Jenny Powers
as Marilyn
Eric Murray
as Ronald Tourneff
Jeremie Harris
as Lyle Trevino
Kenya Brome
as Defense Lawyer
Peter Benson
as Kenneth Tripp
Andrew Hovelson
as Chris Frye
Samantha Browne-Walters
as Pedestrian/Bar Patron/Onlooker
Brian Knoebel
as Towel Boy
Allen Chen
as Husband
Z Chuen
as NYPD Officer
Aaron Dean Eisenberg
as Michael Oates
Alexis Cash
as Chase's Assistant/Mayor's Assistant
Sheetal Sheth
as Isabelle Nassar
Adam Davenport
as Bouncer
Matthew Dunehoo
as Homeless Guy #2
Patrick Byas
as Jeffrey Starks
Mckean Rand
as Eddie
Edgar Nicholson
as Neighborhood Church Member
Drew Lewis
as Polygraph Tech #1
Jade Scott Yorker
as Tyrell Dawes
Barney Fitzpatrick
as Jack Kehoe
Geisha Otero
as Woman from Neighborhood
Amaral Savage
as Gang Member
Romina Schwedler
as Secretary
Ernie Hudson
as Darryl Ward
Jacob Dickey
as Officer Luis Diaz
Ted Sod
as Bus Driver
Stephen Pilkington
as Carlo Tomassi
Mary Bacon
as Nada Draganic
Topher Nuccio
as Bachelor #2
Isabel Harper Leight
as Sophia Abetemarco
D.K. Bowser
as Super
Frank Wood
as Father Markhum
John Mavungo
as Church Security
Lisha McKoy
as Sgt. Estelle Bond
Quinn VanAntwerp
as Robert Rattner
Johnny Rivera
as Bystander #2
Kyasia M. Thomas
as Crowd Woman
Johnathon Schaech
as Detective Jimmy Mosley
Jonathan Walker
as Jeffrey Durning
Jaime Miller
as Officer Dunleevy
Phedmos Prophete
as Faithful 2
James Hosey
as Boy
Alan R. Rodriguez
as Franco/Goggins
Chris Cardona
as Repairman
Brandon J. Dirden
as Lt. Simon Kinnear
Danny Hoch
as Billy Leo
Ed Heavey
as Billy Jackson/Lee Bukowski
Sean Weil
as Theodore Wessel
Sasha Allen
as Carmen Hill
Elijah Boothe
as Student #4
Joe Tuttle
as Oliver Landry
Rachel Ticotin
as Carmen Castillo
Malcolm Goodwin
as Angelo Reid
Danny Deferrari
as Warren Davis
Nitya Vidyasagar
as Dr. Nadia Khan
Annunziata Gianzero
as Maria
Chandra Thomas
as Denise Brown
Yoshiro Kono
as Poker Player
Jeremy Cohen
as Edward Silvestri
Yuval Boim
as Levi
Melanie Torres
as Attractive Business Woman
Charlie Semine
as Officer Randy Cutter
Aime Donna Kelly
as Angelique Loomis
Bristol Pomeroy
as Colin's Lawyer
Renan Kanbay
as Tourist with Camera
Gwynneth Bensen
as Anna Zoltin
Andrea Ryan
as Restaurant Patron/Wife of Dignitary
Jason Kravits
as Dave Greenwald
Michael Buscemi
as Owen Stapleton
Audrey Kennedy
as Kerstin Lawson
Madeline Weinstein
as Carla Redding
Peter Rini
as Roger Kelly
Ejyp Johnson
as Trevor
Misha Whalen
as Mrs. Gorski
Adam Monley
as Gold Shield Cop
Lauren Annunziata
as Club Goer #2
Frankie J. Alvarez
as Father Phillip
Billy Hepfinger
as Desk Sergeant
Dikran Tulaine
as Lech Choinski
Ann Marie Yoo
as Escort Girl/Violinist
Maya Frank
as Nightclub Owner
Melissa Benoist
as Renee
Kristin Griffith
as Laura Gates
Adam Mucci
as Linkner
John Kroft
as Boy Classmate
Bubba Weiler
as Justin Mathews
Isabel Santiago
as Isabel Delgado
Emma Ishta
as Mindy Kaye
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Detective Freehill
Mike Tableman
as Cadet
Shevy Gutierrez
as Uni
Ryan Wruble
as Student
Riley Barnes
as Robert Watkins
Scott Cohen
as Dr. Warren Wakefield
Danielle Nicolette Najarian
as Internal Affairs Detective
John Thomas Cramer
as Russ Anderson
Ally Ibach
as Sorority Girl
Jasmine Rush
as Uniform
Cady Huffman
as Sheila Gormley
Thomas Bair
as Kyle Rice
DJ Renegade
as Pedestrian
Patrick Klein
as Construction Worker
Bryan T. Donovan
as Brendan McGuire
Miles Grose
as Luis Rodriguez
Michael Quinlan
as Jim Beresford/Journalist
Lilla Crawford
as Lily Coleman
Isaiah Stokes
as Leader/Perp #2
Sofia Sokolov
as Sophia
Suzie Lew
as Officer Collins/Uni
as Arab American Tech
Gregg Edelman
as Seymour Kerwin
Nadia Dajani
as Jane Cooley
David Fierro
as Super
Kate Rockwell
as Claire Gilmore
Elena McGhee
as Homeless Woman
Craig Bierko
as Ray Cross
Dena Tyler
as Girlfriend #2
Craig Walker
as Ivano Draganic
Damon Daunno
as Mancuso
Madison Wright
as Skinny Girl
James Michael Farrell
as Detective Drexel
Emily Dann
as Kathleen D'Amato
Dared Wright
as John #1
Gideon Emery
as Daniel Shapiro
Alan Avitan
as Hospital Patient
Marisol Sacramento
as Lily Rivera
John Bolton
as Tom Pincus
Johnny M. Wu
as Jaw Long
Mark Anthony Brooks
as Raoul
Guy Lockard
as CSU Officer Douglas
Laura Rothschild
as Vice-Princ.
Brock Harris
as Derrick Sanders
Idriis Mandala-Lupe
as Van Guy
Liz Fye
as Maya
Anton Obeid
as Gas Station Clerk
Casey Predovic
as Uniform
Austin Lysy
as Howard Markham
Don Guillory
as Joe Raymond
Alison Campbell
as Young Woman
Robert Sean Leonard
as William Holt
Anthony Arkin
as Abe Silver
Jac Carrera
as Young Osvaldo Fan
Dillon Mathews
as Broker/Courtroom Admin
Lucy Owen
as Angela Ferraro
Elaine del Valle
as Sophia Martin
George Hampe
as Doorman
Stephen Barker Turner
as Richard Hansen
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Max Murdock
Ashley North
as Passerby/Pedestrian/College Student/Criminal/Mom in Park/Speed Dater/Undercover Detective
Shirley Rumierk
as Parole Officer Ramirez
Barbara Vincent
as NYPD Officer
Josh Hyman
as Bachelor #3
Donald Dash
as Will Thomas
MiMi Ryder
as Nicole Rossi
Patricia Hodges
as Cop/Medical Receptionist/Paramedic
Nathan Scherich
as Officer Russell
Cate Bottiglione
as Renzulli's Wife
Brian Hotaling
as Mr. Jones
Ceazar Reyes
as Tough #3
Ralph Byers
as Randy St. Clair
Arron Lloyd
as Gangbanger #1
Chris Bellant
as Assistant Director
Fredric Lehne
as Chief Trumball/Lieutenant Trumball
Gabriel Gutierrez
as Carlos Villalobos
Tony Giorgio
as Uniform Cop
Phyllis Johnson
as Team Leader
Pamela Dunlap
as Judge Dolan
Angela Reed
as Mrs. Holmes
Danielle Montezinos
as Subway Victim
Michael O'Neill
as Recycling plant worker
Patch Darragh
as Joe Kaplan
Eva Kaminsky
as Brittany Davis
Megan Haley
as Hostess
Ben Rosenblatt
as Ira Pressly
Derek Chadwick
as Sam
Devon Malik Beckford
as Dishwasher
Danny Johnson
as ESU Captain/ESU Robbins
Bahar Beihaghi
as Yelena
Amelia Fowler
as Waitress
Jakeim Hart
as Manuel Escobar
Alexandria Suarez
as Teresa
Terra Kimberly Scott
as Nightclub Girl
Izzy Ringer
as Unconscious Girl
Chris Vaina
as Spectator
Rosemary Howard
as Dr. White/E.R. Nurse/Nurse Whittaker/Patient
Jada Jarvis
as Supporter
Louie Leonardo
as Santo Castillo
William Michals
as Waiter
Ken Krugman
as Man #2
Zachary Spicer
as Det. Brent Miller
Dan Ziskie
as Joseph Polito
Alexandra Socha
as Hannah Lancaster
Christopher Shyer
as Martin Post
Jim Klock
as Captain Keith Butler
Nihara Nichelle
as Western Union Employee
Emily Ann Garcia
as Tomas Family Member
Quincy Chad
as Security Guard Bobby
Matthew Gooley
as Police Lieutenant
Erica Pappas
as Natalie
James Farley
as Chief of Police
Jose Mesina
as Bartender
Karen Ludwig
as Leslie
Illya Konstantin
as Bryce Madeiro
Louis Troche
as Diner Host
Azhar Khan
as Abdel Salem
Danny Doherty
as Super
Joe Wooley
as Court Reporter/Press/Task Force Dept Boss
Eric Elizaga
as Delivery Guy
Brianna Reid
as Cousin Wilky
Francis Capra
as Pablo Torres
Jessica Hoffman
as Girl In Deli
Sophia Rokhlin
as Helen Korth
Logan Sutherland
as Lacrosse Player
Brian Luna
as Sergeant Martinez
Max Abe Plush
as Soccer Player
Elisabetta D'Avenia
as Waitress
Joe Alo
as Lineup Suspect
Liza J. Bennett
as Mrs. Gibson
Lukas Hassel
as Marty Dustin
Lou Martini Jr.
as Murray
Ana Reeder
as Louise Kendrick
John Cannon
as Officer #1/Uniform/Uniform #2
Mia Sinclair Jenness
as Emily Bennett
Megan Tusing
as Stacy Vaughn
Shaun Rey
as Cartel Member #2
Ernesto Rosas
as Bartender
Michael Badalucco
as Ronnie Russo
Raquel Almazan
as Female Paramedic/Paramedic
Richard Brevard
as Bartender
Tony Campisi
as Gerry O'Grady
Joe Giorgio
as Uniform
Paul Borghese
as Manager
Sean Kleier
as Bobby Jones
T.J. Atoms
as Kid 2
Clayton Sauer
as Peter
Lenny Venito
as Louis Weems
Antony Hagopian
as Gavin Bryant
Jon Lindstrom
as Judge Fenton
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Judge Cheryl Harvey
Charlie Tahan
as Michael Keenan
Bob Gaynor
as Cole Farragaut
Aiden Eyrick
as Jacob Haas
Lee Summers
as Sgt. Stiles
Raissa Dorff
as Defense Attorney
Ben Bailey
as Emmett Fells
Joan Rosenfels
as Mrs. Griffin
Jesse Sharp
as Desk Sergeant
Stanley Nallem
as Young Boy
Shindo Ki Rodriguez
as Bar Patron/Pedestrian/Venezuelan Fan
Alexis Bronkovic
as Stenographer
Emma Adele Galvin
as Maggie Parker
Gregory Abbey
as Investigator Davis
Imran Sheikh
as Manny
Tyagi Schwartz
as Ray Milo
David Pittu
as Agent Jason Tomasetti
Alice Kremelberg
as Alyson Duvitz
Jon DeVries
as Mr. Freelander
Delaney Williams
as Bureau Chief Dennis Egan
Jalina Mercado
as Hector Florez' Daughter
Chantal Maurice
as Officer Williams/Uni/Uniform #3
Addy Bella
as Nadia Garza
Mechelle Lassiter
as Nurse
Peter Hourihan
as Parker
Andrew Terraciano
as Sean Reagan
Celia Keenan-Bolger
as Ellen Turner
Charlë Webb
as Officer Cooper
Madison Hall
as Stephen Campbell's Girlfriend
Harold Bridgeforth
as Commuter
Rufus Collins
as Dale Hunnicut
Paul Woodburn
as Captain
Tom Degnan
as Fire Marshal Rick Kelly
Stephanie Andujar
as Molly Chavez
Will Hochman
as Joe Hill
Vladimir Calixte
as Toussaint Lazard
Daisy Tahan
as Stacy Goldman
Saul Rubinek
as Sy Goodman
Paula Jon DeRose
as Andrea Wright
Andre Da Silva
as ESU Captain Diaz
Jennifer Brito
as EMT
David Iacono
as Andy Diaz
Julian Gamble
as Chief Ronnie Monroe
John Patrick O'Keefe
as Super
Julia Haubner
as Diner
Sofia Regan
as Dr. Jennifer Bennet
Deon Frank
as Neighbor #2
Benjamin Frankenberg
as Lineup Guy #1
Michael Emery
as Phil Daelman
Mason Versaw
as Donald Turner
Miriam Cruz
as Grandmother
David Castro
as Louis Edwards
R. Ward Duffy
as Norm Gower
Richard Burgi
as Councilman Tommy Mancini
Isabelle Kornblau
as Young Attractive Woman
Bill Irwin
as Cardinal Brennan
Joe Avellar
as Reporter John/Reporter #1/Reporter #3
Frank Garcia
as Bodega Owner
Michael Capperella
as Tommy Russell
Omar A. Soriano
as Thomas Miller
Al Nazemian
as Aruna Patel
April Yvette Thompson
as Letitia
Shannon Marie Sullivan
as Brooke
Happy Anderson
as Bartender
Eden Marryshow
as Mark Rivera
Chelsea Lopez
as Tina McDermott
Kalyn West
as Rachel
Michael Kennealy
as ESU Tech
Gina Hernandez
as Detective/Mayor's Aid
Neal Lerner
as Jerry Randall
Paul Skye Lehrman
as Mike
Wrenn Schmidt
as Anna Goodwin
Alana Johnson
as Consuela Flores
Jennifer Roszell
as Elaine Peterson
Deborah Green
as Fertility Patient
Bruce Winant
as Scott Rosen
Meghann Fahy
as Lacey Chambers
Marvina Vinique
as Barbara Stroman
David Hammond
as Perpetrator/Prisoner
Venida Evans
as Mrs. Alice Jackson
Kim Roberts
as Judge Waters
Karen Shallo
as Judge #1/Mrs. Meyers
Jeannette Faye
as Sinead
Jorge Vega
as Little Kid
Joseph Latimore
as Mills
Matthew Hardy
as Brent Alston (Reporter)
Roy Jackson
as Detective Tiny
Theo van Golen
as Field Trip Student
Alex Breaux
as Eli Harris
Paul A Nielsen
as Police Chief at Conference
Dave T. Koenig
as Larry
Curt Carlson
as ESU #1
Chelsea Spack
as Margaret Middleton
Luna Lauren Velez
as Special Agent Veronica Molina
James Lyones
as Diner patron
Cynthia Darlow
as Mrs. Cardinelli
Adam Lindo
as Jose Nunez
John Earl Jelks
as Ray Bell
Lili Mirojnick
as Angela Ferrera
Slate Holmgren
as Bob
Tod Rainey
as Undercover Cop
David Shumbris
as John Johanssen
Taryn Tonelli
as Cindy/Receptionist
Gregory Dann
as Thomas Kowalski
Emily Crehan
as Girl
Christopher Mann
as Deputy Commissioner of Ops
Christopher Martinez
as Devon
Leon Outlaw Jr.
as Michael Potter
Alexis Yates
as Resident
Verania Kenton
as EMT #1
Angela Pierce
as Susanna Taylor
Teo Rapp-Olsson
as Todd Bukowski
Ayumi Patterson
as Lisa
James Mena
as Aide
Rich Campbell
as Pianist
Ethan Henley
as Male Explorer
Aubrey Dollar
as Sandy Huffman
Jeremy Luke
as Det. Douglas
Julia Goldani Telles
as Morgan
Babak Tafti
as Hafiz Demir
Spenser Granese
as Brian Kent
Corwin C. Tuggles
as Hakim
Paige Turco
as Detective Ryan
Brian Sgambati
as Detective Kelsey
Dave Konig
as JJ Baruch
Tanya Perez
as Agent Martinez
Aaron Michael Davies
as Protester #1
Thea McCartan
as Reporter #1
Mark Moses
as Curtis Swint
Candy Buckley
as Shelly Wilder
Joe Gately
as Detective
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Jack Quayle
Jill Paice
as Bev Gower
Connor Gibbons
as Patrick
Jeff Wincott
as Captain Mancuso/ESU Captain
Ross Degraw
as Roy King
Domenico Del Giacco
as Mobster
Cormac Cullinane
as Ryan Young
Josh Salatin
as Officer Kevin Olivet
RJ Brown
as Martin Brown
Reed Birney
as Burden Maxwell
Christina Jackson
as Ariel Winston
J. Alphonse Nicholson
as Schlenger
Andre Ware
as Sergeant
Chris Lazzaro
as Devane
Karl Kenzler
as Jeremy Breen
Ivan Camilo
as Manuel Alvarez
Muhammad Cunningham
as Stinger
Collin Manley
as Student
Orlagh Cassidy
as Anne Carter
Aiden Medina
as Ernesto
Bryan Dechart
as Photographer
Russ Spiegel
as Tony Bennett Bandmember
Steven Bauer
as Gerry Guererro/Gerry Guerrero
Billie Rae
as Lilly Williams
Mark Dancewicz
as Officer #1
Harry Raab Alderson
as Joseph/Unconscious Boy
Jabari Gray
as Lawyer
Mark Deklin
as Donnie Hassett
Blake Segal
as Explorer Driver
Gunner Wright
as Graham Baxter
Gary Wilmes
as Roth
Joseph Siravo
as Nicholas Bianco
Michelle Vo
as Officer Wendy Chu
Heidi Armbruster
as Michele Grande
Craig Austin
as EMT #2
Clarke Peters
as Nathan Anderson
Patty Riccardella
as Stage Manager
Diane Cossa
as Mother
Andrew Pang
as Doctor
Matt Wall
as Warren
Sofia Bryant
as Female Explorer
Mike Havok
as Subway Victim
Paugh Shadow
as Ukrainian Mafia Man in Bar
Edward Manley
as Chris Keenan
Marbel Melendez
as Pool Player
James Meddock
as Lincoln Jones
Philip Hoffman
as Attorney/Lawyer
L. Steven Taylor
as Peter Fleming
Christopher Sieber
as Mike Dougherty
Jaden Harmon
as Derek
Paul Michael Valley
as Richard Hart
Lauren L. Owen
as Rich Girl's Friend
Tommy McInnis
as EMT 2/Officer Callaghan
Beth Chamberlin
as Amy Seabrook
David Levi
as Gavin Schlenger
Michelle Federer
as Erika Ramus
Bob Jesser
as Office Manager
America Olivo
as Officer Jill Carpenter
Leo Fitzpatrick
as Leo Packer
Matthew Ray
as NYPD Corps
Colin Ryan
as Campus Cop
Stephen Niese
as Ryan Sneed
Mariann Mayberry
as Janice Phillips
Chuja Seo
as Mrs. Chen
Darren Lipari
as Plainclothes Cop #1
Aaron Wyche
as Acevedo
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Police Detective at Funeral Service/Print Reporter/Restaurant Patron
Tim Rogan
as Mark
Dakota Brown
as Drunk Broad #1
Wayne Maugans
as Precinct Commander #3
Moogie Brooks
as Motorcyclist
Tom O'Keefe
as Adam Miller
Mary Jo Mecca
as Sophie Davis
Cassandra Freeman
as Shelly Wayne
Mela Hudson
as Commuter/Helpful Stranger
Cindy Motz
as News Reporter
Esai Morales
as Sgt. Trey Delgado
Gianpaolo Venuta
as Jared
Travis Schuldt
as Ken
Ariane Rinehart
as Tara
Sanjit De Silva
as Sammy Khan
Marco Torriani
as Alex
Miguel Jarquin-Moreland
as Roland Hurley
Flaco Navaja
as Victor Mendez
Martin Ewens
as Bachelor #1
Sharrieff Pugh
as Third Person Thorpe
Scott Eliasoph
as Hospital Visitor/Mourner/Upscale Diner Patron
Peter Sweet
as Witness
Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie
as Goon #3
Johnnie Mae
as Female Resident
McCaleb Burnett
as Jimmy Deleo
Jasmine Cephas Jones
as Shania Costa
Richard Waugh
as Donald Banse
Michelle Sohn
as Travel Agent
Nancy Rodriguez
as Leona Hayes
Jessica Shelby
as Mary Salter
Geraldine Hughes
as Meara McGuire
Matthew Miniero
as T.J. Stewart
Tina Fabrique
as Donna Davis
Sarah Wynter
as Whitney Robshaw
Annie Meisels
as Nurse #1/Nurse #3
Henry Yuk
as Mr. Chow
Kate Levy
as Jeane Richards
Gloria Votsis
as Sabrina
Ben Yannette
as Officer Acosta
Joel Van Liew
as Defense Attorney
James McCaffrey
as Det. William Carter
George Katt
as Davor Vlasic/Officer Horvat
Frank Pando
as Alex Fuentes
Jack O'Connell
as Stanich
Steven Cambria
as Court Officer
Kim Kauffman
as Skateboarder in Sandals
Richard Gallagher
as Tech
Sasha Neboga
as Maid of Honor
Regan Mizrahi
as Wyatt Richmond
Janelle McDermoth
as Detective Peterson
Omar Torres
as Police at Citifield
Jason Furlani
as Uniform
Jeff Auer
as Bob
Iliana Guibert
as Councilwoman Hernandez
Alex Kruz
as Officer
Brigitte Viellieu-Davis
as Reporter #1/Rosario
Craig Waletzko
as Conor's Dad/Dr. Miller
Audrey Chaffee
as Lucy
Karina Casiano
as Maria Lora
Mateo Lizcano
as Boy
Vincent Ingrisano
as Waiter
Joseph Naples
as Court Officer
Todd Julian
as Tyler Lee
Justin Cunningham
as Officer Addison
Lee Stringer
as Shoo Fly
Meg Carriero
as Reporter #3
James Naughton
as Chief Bell
Drew Reade
as Derick Madigan
Casey Krehbiel
as Passerby
C.S. Lee
as Mr. Lin
Arielle Siegel
as Det. Byrne
Jeff Panzarella
as Gino Grazioso
Joel Quinones
as Friend of Tic Tac
as Boom Mic Operator
Molly Anne Coogan
as Keira
Jessica Angleskhan
as Nurse
Hannah Cabell
as Officer Billy Fox
Robin Borden
as Homeless Woman
Asa Somers
as Frank
Izabella Miko
as Milena
Christian Frazier
as Off Duty Officer/Rev. Potter's Bodyguard
Sharri Jones
as Model
Matthew William Ellis
as Debutante Escort
David Bishins
as Inspector Reid
Jordan Leeds
as Michael Sutton
Savannah Wise
as Holly/Rhonda Lynne Watson
Katie Garner
as Fashion Show Attendant
Chloe Elaine Scharf
as School Girl
Victor Cruz
as CSU Tech Flores/Tech/CSU Flores/TARU Tech Flores
Eugenia Kuzmina
as Denise Salter
Akim Black
as Cory Fields
Amelie McKendry
as Reporter
Jacqueline Knapp
as Mrs. Cantwell
Sam Moko
as High School Student/Professional Athlete/Professional Basketball Player
Nicholas J. Coleman
as Officer Landau
Mimi Michaels
as Stephanie Dunleevy
Jacob Michael
as Doug Jones
Juan Castano
as Preston Miller
Edward Cordiano
as Vincent Harrah
Brian McCarthy
as Paul Davis
Annalaina Marks
as Atlanta
Leajato Amara Robinson
as Protester #3
Andre De Leon
as Civilian #1
Linda Marie Larson
as Irene Lloyd
Peter Onorati
as Vince D'Amato
Ryan M. Shaw
as Man/Tough #1
Susie Essman
as Judge Clarice Karl
Andrea Patterson
as Cop #5
Dora Mavrakis
as Press
Lucas Caleb Rooney
as Chief Thomas Penworth
Teresa Avia Lim
as Leslie Chang
Griffin Newman
as Sam Johnson
Alexia Rasmussen
as Sophia Babikov
Jennifer Lim
as Wai-Chee
Isaiah Mueller
as The Bushwick Butcher
Panama Redd
as Corrections Officer #2
Marcos A. Gonzalez
as Photographer
Holmes Lindsay IV
as Dealer
Joe Nieves
as Joe Martinez
Ahmad Castang
as Dante Mickelwhite
Marlene Lawston
as Nicky
K.K. Moggie
as Katie Gray
Abdul L. Howard
as Patrol Officer
Alexandru Aldea
as Mike's Lawyer
Toby Leonard Moore
as Richard Reed
Enid Graham
as FBI SA Emily Valko
Alex Emanuel
as Sean Stevens
Constantin Tripes
as Eamon
Robin Morse
as Phyllis Miller
Janet Zarish
as Valerie Daniels
Andrea Ramos
as Marianna
Ken Schwarz
as Hameed's Lawyer
James Chen
as Nelson Chiu
Alexandra Neil
as Joan McCandless
Ivan Quintanilla
as Drew
Jordan Knight
as Man in Police Station
Joseph A. Testa
as Parishioner #2
Philip Ettinger
as John John
Raul Casso
as Sebastian Calso
Tiffany Hodges
as Alana Robbins
Albert Jones
as Roland Gates
Larry Bull
as Detective Travers
Gerardo Rodriguez
as Sergeant Alvarez
Aaron Morton
as Paramedic
Scott Parkinson
as Ron Peters
Raymond Mamrak
as Fashion Photographer
Robin Campbell
as Nurse/Nurse Moran
Ryan Cooper
as Mark Stanzo
Brett Davenport
as Officer Muldoon
Sam Robards
as Roger Carson
Geoffrey Owens
as Sergeant Weller
Benjamin Snyder
as Matthew D'Angelo
Dennis Jay Funny
as Construction Project Manager
Brian Wiles
as Mike Kostel
Tom Kemnitz Jr.
as Messenger
Timothy Devlin
as Alphonso
as Mrs. Williams
Nicolette Pierini
as Penelope Drake
Keren Dukes
as Cerise Paxton
Sakina Jaffrey
as Mrs. Demir
DeLance Minefee
as Emegency Medical Team
Mickey Jaiven
as Thug #1
Wallace Smith
as Officer Ritter
Rosemary De Angelis
as Mrs. Goldfarb
Vladimir Bibic
as Yuri
Dave Bobb
as Angry Man
Mark Armstrong
as Will Atwater
Steve Greenstein
as Owner
Michael Masini
as Pete Mahoney
Tricia Paoluccio
as Judge Enid Kramer
Sally Wheeler
as Doctor
Mauricio Ovalle
as Neighborhood Resident #1
Jennifer Bowles
as Dr. Alice Dornan/Alice Dornan
Pilar Witherspoon
as Nurse Gleason
Nathaniel Stampley
as ESU
Becky Boggs
as Waiter
Tarik Lowe
as Terrance Banks
Richardson Desil
as ESU #3
Dennis Haysbert
as Deputy Chief Don Kent
Patrick Collins
as Jimmy Quinn
Frank Huerta
as Phil
Jenny Gorelick
as Woman in Crowd
Tim Hopper
as Carl Patrick
Brian Walters
as Dude
Daren Donofrio
as Police Cadet
Ed Schiff
as Rabbi Shmuel
Nestor Serrano
as Capt. Elwood/Captain Derek Elwood
KeiLyn Durrel Jones
as Officer Ray Flores
Daniel Abeles
as Officer Richard Clark
Samantha Soule
as Joyce
Carolina Do
as Mayor's Assistant
Nicole Coulon
as Female Tourist
Paul Fitzgerald
as Anthony Deleon/Detective Deleon
Lisa Kaminir
as Margarite Juliano
Brian Haley
as Wayne Rivano
Joe Lisi
as Chief of Patrol/NYPD Chief of Counterterrorism
Keet Davis
as Gangbanger #1
Marcus Carl Franklin
as Tom Mackey
Erika Rolfsrud
as Kathy Zora
Lisa Arnett
as Penelope
Curt Bouril
as Captain Bullman
Josh Joya
as Manny Ortiz
Christine Renee Miller
as ME April Watkins
Jack McGee
as Father Peter Quinn
Mike Keller
as Lt. McDonnell
Anthony Mazza
as ESU #2/ESU Captain/SWAT
Robert Eli
as Owen Sarni
Isabel Ellison
as Mother
Stuart Zagnit
as Karl
Eric Todd
as Justin Taylor
Young Mazino
as Officer Andy Chen
Rick Lindenmuth
as Congressman's Entourage
Chris Beetem
as Matthew Restin
Francesca Reale
as Gabriella Morretti
Peter Hermann
as Jack Boyle
Eric McKenzie
as Renzo
Kenneth Maharaj
as Business Owner #1
James L. Lorenzo
as Darren Macintyre
Jarod Einsohn
as Dylan Sanders
Rachel Alana Handler
as Bomb Victim/Veteran
Jun Naito
as Joey
Carol Anne Mueller
as Teacher
Alysia Reiner
as Hannah
Nick Dillenburg
as Det. John Welby
James Michael Brandes
as Nicky Farina
Felicia Pearson
as Roxy Barnes
Erin Gann
as Leo Morris
Foster Reisz
as Doorman
Shelley Juel Scott
as Brenda Cropper/Uniform
John Auer
as Mob Enforcer/Russian Mob
Harri Molese
as Elderly Lady
Shawn Luckey
as CSU Tech
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Leslie Fuller.
Joshua Torrez
as David Fernandez
Stanton Barrett
as Whitmore
Jose Maria Aguila
as Officer Scott Polansky
Jarrod LaBine
as Community Leader/Detective/Press Cameraman
Erik Palladino
as Jimmy Costa
Scott Benzing
as Cadet
Kris Eivers
as Gunman
Nadia Gan
as Ming-Tai
Gil Perez-Abraham
as Jorge
Kamar de los Reyes
as Santana
Andrew Casanova
as Santiago Cabbad
Ben Davis
as Lieutenant Jonathan Harvey
Oliver Palmer
as Langley
Tim Ransom
as John McFarland
Kellie Overbey
as Jodi Weiss
Charles Gray
as Manager
Jake Boyd
as Marshall Huntington
Jamar Greene
as Damien Ross
Emily Althaus
as Christina Henley
Brian Edwards
as CSU Tech
Carlos Leon
as Eduardo Soto
Dieter Riesle
as Vladmir Sarbonis
Tim Guinee
as Stuart Wentworth
Brandon Gilpin
as Deon Williams
Charisma Carpenter
as Marianne Romano
Joseph Lyle Taylor
as Ronnie D'Angelo
Elena Goode
as Vicky
Tracy Friedman
as Driver
Elizabeth A. Davis
as Tatiana
Steven J. Klaszky
as Police Chief
Dalton Harrod
as Mark
Leo Minaya
as Javier Fernandez
Brian Patrick Murphy
as Uniform #1
Debra Walton
as Nurse #1
Christopher Jon Gombos
as Joey Sava
Olga Merediz
as Inez
Brandon Williams
as Gerald Bradley
Katia Koziara
as Pharmacist
Brian Donahue
as Court Officer/Neighbor/Security Officer
Devin Zamir Coleman
as Child/Foster Center Child
Tom Bateman
as Morgue Clerk
Jessie Mueller
as Faith Madson
Benton Greene
as Officer/Tombs Officer/Uniform/Uniform #3
Anthony Engellis
as Michael Reade
Jackson Loo
as Doctor
Brett Dalton
as Phillip Gibson
Nahanni Johnstone
as Allie Roth
Alok Tewari
as Imam Ansar
Jasmine Mathews
as Darla Vickers
Gabrielle C. Archer
as Girlfriend
Sam Kebede
as Randy
R. Marcos Taylor
as Doorman
Brent Bateman
as Firefighter #2
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Parmar Hameed
Lauren Kelly
as Diane
Johnny Serret
as Jose Otero
Jibril Goodman
as Pedestrian
Tommy Krutainis
as Dancer
Kareem Savinon
as Dante
Vince Gatton
as Podcast Engineer
Billy Kay
as Xavier Sardina
Shawna Christensen
as Melissa Bell
Danny Berisha
as Uniform/Uniform #2
Danny Bolero
as Owner
Victor Rasuk
as Officer John Gagliano
Rocco Basile
as Officer Wolffe
Erik Heger
as Guy
Mark Boyett
as Minister
Bruce Conner
as Police Officer
Herby William
as Faithful #7
Danielle Clavell
as Liz Diaz
Ki Hong Lee
as David Lin
Charles Borland
as Lt. James McCarthy
Briana Marin
as Luisa Salazar
Don Scime
as Joel Ross
Andy Schneeflock
as Office Manager
Jorge Chapa
as Doorman
Wolfgang Jackson Lacz
as Son
Yvonna Kopacz Wright
as Ava Hotchkiss
Stephen Reich
as Agent Schilling
Patrick T. Johnson
as Chief Timothy Dunne
Elle Catanzarite
as Little Noni
Franco Gonzalez
as Carlos
Hunter Emery
as Little G
Kevin Dang
as Park Goer
Erin Mackey
as Rachel
Chris Richards
as Medical Examiner
Ralph Adriel Johnson
as Jonas Evans
Cory Censoprano
as Dogwalker
Alex Podulke
as Mark Siriani
Coy DeLuca
as Biker
LaTanya Richardson Jackson
as Lt. Dee Ann Carver
Edward Furs
as Super
Scott Speiser
as Richard Hayes
Chris Perfetti
as ADA Elliot Pinsky
Jenny Maguire
as Sue Lockhart
Matt Thompson
as Bike Guy
Chaz Lamar Shepherd
as Det. Chamberlain
David Carranza
as Venezuela Fan #2
Jake B. Miller
as Michael Hudson
David Gunning
as Dr. Myers
John Mainieri
as Father Duff
as Omar Sayid
Bryant Carroll
as Manager
Brian Quijada
as Venezuela Fan #1
Todd Anthony
as Boyfriend
Taylor Rose
as Danielle Levine
Jason Jurman
as Jeffrey
Robbie Sublett
as Spencer Croft
Alex Cranmer
as Officer Glen Butler
Josh Randall
as Tommy Pierce
Tahnee Jade
as Undercover Cop
Erika Woods
as Nurse
Carter Roy
as Vincent Pellegrino
Lev Gorn
as Det. Arkady Levin
Chris Tera
as Bomb Squad/CSU Tech/Islamic Parade Marcher/Undercover Detective
Kim Shaw
as Clara Hayes
John-Patrick Driscoll
as Detective Langraf
Siera Florindo
as Henrietta Tanby
James Thomas Bligh
as Police Officer
Jared Morrison
as TARU Tech Walker/Collins/Detective/Detective Walker/Man
Cullen O. Johnson
as Farrelly's Father
Derrick Simmons
as Security Guard
John Scherer
as Sal Marino
Alicia Ruggiero
as Figure Skater
Diomargy Nunez
as Cop
Will Chase
as William Flood
Czarina Mada
as Uniform
Ryan Duncan
as PBA Rep Cafferty
Eve Plumb
as Barbara Stevens
Adrienne Warren
as Rachel Manning
Supriya Ganesh
as Therapist
Kristen Adele
as Greer's Daughter
Christian Steiner
as Reporter #2
Brian D. Coats
as Dispatcher
Tom Williamson
as Malik Taylor
Ilana Becker
as Ricki Blanton
Rick Gonzalez
as Ricky
Alex Hazen Floyd
as Nigel Lewis
Tom McCaffrey
as Police Officer
Luke Kirby
as Detective Wolf Landsman
Angela Wildflower
as Regina Tomlin
Ann Flanigan
as Officer Greer
Amar Atkins
as Officer McCoy
Bradley Tejeda
as Officer Hector Valle
Joshua Harto
as William Sloan
Haaz Sleiman
as Teri Damiri
Frank De Julio
as David
Yeuris Taveras
as Bitterman Housing Resident
Tage Sutherlin
as Tom McKenrick
Michael Basile
as EMT
Glenn Alba
as NYPD-ESU Officer
Manley Pope
as King
Juan Javier Cardenas
as Fake Detective
Robert Clohessy
as Sid Gormley
Kristen Doscher
as Female Staffer
Scotty Crowe
as Officer Johnson
Georgia Warner
as Megan Mills
Saiyam Kumar
John Behlmann
as Officer Timothy Doherty
Kyle Paul
as Kenneth Nelson
Aaron Lazar
as Dr. Levin
Jessica Riso
as Young Woman
Mark Zeisler
as President Sheeline
Louis Vanaria
as NJ Teller
Brian Silliman
as Homeless Man
Ato Essandoh
as Reverend Darnell Potter
Louisa Krause
as Kimberly
Susana Victoria
as Hooker
George Aloi
as Angry Neighbor
Joseph D Fisher
as Undercover Det
Hazel Anne Raymundo
as Nurse
Jay Santiago
as Bodega Owner
Tiffany K Sandridge
as Woman
Conor McGee
as Patrick Harris
Karen Morris
as Business Woman
Chris Victor
as Police Officer
Mark Borkowski
as Desk Sergeant Wolinski
Samuel Smith
as Security Guy
Genoveva Rossi
as Onlooker
Moe Hindi
as Cricket Player/Detective/Mobster
Nadia Alexander
as Tonya Hill
Noelle Beck
as Sue Connors
Paul Robert Jones
as Cameraman
Liza Lapira
as Taru
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as John Coogan
Audrey Lynn Weston
as Sandy Daniels
Derek Henriksen
as Steven Nagy
Sam Gilroy
as David Gore
Heather Burns
as Sister Mary
Renzo Rios
as Busboy
Stephen Arbuckle
as Oliver Peele
Jay Hieron
as Ramon Sanchez
Lois Robbins
as Cynthia Murtaugh
David Vadim
as Vigor Kovacs
Bruno Irizarry
as Squad Detective
Gregory Lay
as Christopher Dean
Michael O'Keefe
as Lt. Tim Harrison
Johana Rodriguez
as Salsa Dancer
Igby Rigney
as Evan Scott
Lovie Simone
as Gina Walker
Denver Milord
as Barry Cooper
Jon Shaver
as Captain Rainey
Motell Gyn Foster
as Justin Powl
Alex Bartner
as Cashier
Greg Germann
as Dr. Michael Raskins
Bruce MacVittie
as Lee McByrne
Scott Sowers
as Russo
Sydney James Harcourt
as Miguel Santana
Brian Muller
as Derek
Joe Feldman-Barros
as Nester Rodriguez
Tyler Evans
as Host
Andrew James Gordon
as College Student
Jordan Lage
as Damon Camia
Angela Pietropinto
as Mrs. Sudarsky
Onika Day
as EMT
Gregory Konow
as Sam (Doorman)
Allison Winn
as Samantha Wright
Tana Sirois
as Alexis
Natalia Segura
as Elena Diaz
Robert G. McKay
as Bangs/Captain Bangs/Dave
Kohl Sudduth
as Sam Holbrooke
Deborah Offner
as Judge McCarthy/Judge Katrina McCarthy
Jaiden J. Smith
as Trevor Wilson
David Boston
as Ronnie the Bartender
Todd Susman
as Judge Schlossberg
Mike DiSalvo
as Print Reporter
Kasey Marr
as Nurse
Kate Udall
as Lara Fortunata
Donnetta Lavinia Grays
as EMT
Tiffany Robinson
as Liza
Bryan Scott Johnson
as Det. Paul Collins
Chad Lindsey
as Officer/Uniform/Young Officer
Dale Pavinski
as DEA Agent John Wise
Omar Leyva
as Roberto Alonzo
Lou Lentino-Rodriguez
as Anderson Hardy
Khan Baykal
as Lizard
Anthony Pierini
as Raymondo Jr.
Tracey Lewis
as Taylor
Theodora Miranne
as Rada Radchenko
Raina Pellinger
as Daughter of Defendant
Sean-Michael Wilkinson
as Uniform #2
Delaney Blanton
as TARU Tech
John Dossett
as Father McMurray
Christopher Piccione
as Man
John Ventimiglia
as Dino Arbogast
Mhari Sandoval
as Amy Bell
Bruce Cutler
as Bruce Cutler/Self
Bruce McGill
as Big Rick Wolf
Kazy Tauginas
as Mo
Steve Rizzo
as Jerry Simmons/Mr. Watkins
Bonnie Somerville
as Paula Hill
Mo Trunzo
as Tiffany Mink
Dorell Anthony
as Patron #1
Sage Kirwan
as Jane
Diane Guerrero
as Carmen
Thomas Schall
as Father Francis Xavier Ainsworth
Frances Eve
as Alicia
Jessica Markowski
as Waitress
Harrison Bryan
as Ryan (Pizza Kid)
David Jennings
as Male Resident
Maggie Steele
as Officer Martin
Marisa Schmidt
as High School Student
Jimmie Saito
as IAB Sgt. Martinez
Shannon Wallace
as Tyce Dickson
Isaac J. Cruz
as Martin Cabrese
Jason Ralph
as Jake Singer
Scott Martin
as Rikers Island Inmate
Teddy Sears
as Sam Croft
Justin Walker White
as Martin Richardson
J.T. Patton
as Uniform
Dana Kreitz
as Cop #2
Paul Anthony Stewart
as Peter Westlake
Mike Sharits
as Eric Woodman
Oleg Velichko
as Student
Jacobi Rain
as Van Guy
Leanne Agmon
as Allie Scott
Harlin C. Kearsley
as Lawyer
Dan Shor
as Len Hardin
Audrey Heffernan Meyer
as Nora Singleton
Lyric Hurd
as Joy Brown (Ro)
Bill Timoney
as Supervisor
Jeff Lima
as Tomas Lugo
Marcos Dejuan Washington
as Resident #2
Stephen O'Reilly
as Wally Cantrell
Matthew Porretta
as Congressman Albom
Annika Boras
as Lacy Campisi
Tobias Truvillion
as Otto
Brian Kerwin
as Pete Seabrook
Luciana Faulhaber
as Lucinda - Bartender
Ron Domingo
as Jamal Khan
Thiree Pinnock
as Harrison
Gregg Bello
as Benny Roth
Reynaldo Piniella
as Teddy Valdez
Naphtali Brooks
as Urban Pedestrian
Spelman M. Beaubrun
as Samba
Jacob Bila
as Jimmy Jr.
Mitch Pileggi
as Donald DeCarlo
Quinn McColgan
as Amanda Wallace
Zdenko Martin
as Det. Lev Vronsky
Dennis Gagomiros
as FBI Agent Visnic
Paul Calderon
as Lieutenant Perez/Lt. Martin Perez
Jim Santangeli
as John Romano
Rikki Klieman
as Judge Fowler/Katrina McCarthy
Emily Behny
as Dana Jensen
Paton Ashbrook
as Karen Davis
Derek Roché
as Paul Rossi
Atif Lanier
as Football Player
Daniel Gerroll
as Ray Curston
Mario Brassard
as Restaurateur
Todd Faulkner
as TARU Detective/TARU Officer/Taru Tech
Steven Randazzo
as Lenny Grazioso
Neimah Djourabchi
as Hot Dog Vendor
Evan Enslow
as Tough #2
Steven DeMarco
as Long-Haired Biker
David Margulies
as Solomon
Mike Britt
as Guy
Robert Shulman
as Hasidic Jew
Jhardon Milton
as Male Employee
Kim Wuan
as Girl Classmate
Derek Mellor
as Precinct Employee
Dan Lauria
as Stan Rourke
Dani Martineck
as Female Desk Cop/Young Cop
James Martinez
as Officer Salazar
Rebecca Eichenberger
as Cynthia Moore
Kevin Michael Murphy
as Curtis Fallows/Officer Lawrence
Fidel Vicioso
as Darryl
Samantha Steinmetz
as Michelle Adler
Dee Morris
as Skinny
Jesse Newman
as Pedestrian
Bobby Cannavale
as Charles Rosselini
Pomme Koch
as Onlooker #1
Sean Cullen
as Tom Breyer
Bobby Guarino
as Siwicki
Karen Culp
as Mrs. Foster
Darby Lynn Totten
as Woman
Joe Tapper
as David Harris
Kevin Hogan
as Doctor
Kelly Miller
as Reporter Nick/Reporter #1/Reporter #2/Tommy Stills
Richie Noodles
as Perp/Police officer
Joe Starr
as Bill/Mike Sheridan
Simon Feil
as ADA Howard Lombardi
Andrew Stewart-Jones
as Officer Kamins
Josh Salt
as Luke Harris
Jack Cambria
as Jack/Lt. Jack Cambria/Patrick Cambria
Omar Maskati
as Hector Santiago
Florencia Lozano
as Sophia Calso
Brent Werzner
as Christopher Collins
Michael Gaston
as Jim Voutay
Becca Nevins
as Brandi Sales
Maureen Mueller
as Molly McKenna
Maya Days
as Sgt. Donner
Evander Duck Jr.
as Judge Joel McCarthy
Masha King
as Roxy Smith
Lusia Strus
as Angela Jackson
Jim Ireland
as Dr. Barnard
Brionna Lynch
as Party Goer #3
Matt Dellapina
as Dr. Silverwald
Eddie Gattalin
as Pat
Justin Hagan
as Brad Taft
Bill Buell
as Ralph
Tadashi Mitsui
as Japanese Businessman
Jessica Jain
as Officer Chabra
Jackie Reynolds
as Regina
Peter Scolari
as Captain Higgins
Nelson Ascencio
as Jose
Maya Dajón
as Witness
Jorge Cordova
as D.A. Grant Bridges
Charles E. Gerber
as Hasidic Cantor
Eric T. Miller
as Kenneth Troy
Selena Nelson
as Female Bank Clerk
Jacqueline Guillen
as MC
Ronald Melton Braxton
as Perp
Sean Mulcahy
as ESU #1
Carlos Arce Jr.
as Doorman
Justin Ariola
as Sergeant
Yasha Jackson
as Maya Thomas
Krista Flanigan
as Melissa
Natalie Mendoza
as Lindsay Stewart
Douglas Taurel
as Police Officer
Matthew Risch
as Jonathan Pink
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Valverde Guard
Hank Chen
as Harry
Kasey Walker
as Masseuse
Josh Tower
as Cop/Detective Donnelly/Lieutenant
Audrie Neenan
as Imelda (Landlady)
Kecia Lewis
as Sandi Harper
Jimmy Brewer
as Ben
Carlos Andrickson
as Juan Acosta
Alex Esola
as Paul Romano
Nati Rabinowitz
as Legal Aid Attorney
Ken Allen Neely
as Officer Zach Gordon
Alex Ziwak
as Undercover Detective
Phyllis Somerville
as Beth Del Rio
Liarra Bartlett
as Uniformed Officer
Chad Knorr
as Officer John Sproles
Kathreen Khavari
as Ayla Demir
Erick Betancourt
as Leo Stutz
Pedro Morillo Jr.
as Gangbanger #2
Shenyse LeAnna Harris
as Anita Samson
Peter Davenport
as Waiter
Daniel Morgan Shelley
as Uniform #1
Michael Jones
as Detective Reggie Hotchkiss
Larry Nuñez
as Shooter
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Perp
William Clemente
as Uniform #1
Ali Ahn
as Ella Ryu
Jack DiFalco
as Mason Reyes
Zoe Sophia
as College Student
James McDaniel
as Chief Daniels
Laila Robins
as Mrs. Lee
Gilbert Cruz
as Hector Castillo/Super
Kathryn Boswell
as College Girl
Leon Andrew Joseph
as Officer Brennan
Ari'el Stachel
as Chuck Murtaugh
Raekwon Haynes
as Echo
Jeff Adler
as Officer Walsh
Paul Lussier
as Distinguished Guest
Jon Collin Barclay
as Travis Wiley
Usman Ally
as Vendor
Joanie Anderson
as Raby's Assistant
Ben Diskant
as Officer
Vincent Yacovelli
as Mayor Chase's Son
Sarah-Anne Martinez
as Sarah Watkins
Stephen Payne
as John Riley
Jeffrey Omura
as Patrick Dunleavy
Evan Dane Taylor
as Officer Bill Mitchell
Adam Scarimbolo
as Billy Reese
Heather Brittain O'Scanlon
as Mom-To-Be
Rob Falcone
as Handyman
Ricky Garcia
as Cargo Driver
Josh Powell
as Troy Sanders
Katherine Sigismund
as Kathy Duncan
Phil Nee
as Dr. Yi
Jacqueline Torres
as Maria De La Cruz
Lauren Bittner
as Alyssa Mulrow
Joe Forbrich
as Captain Dempsey/ESU Captain
Aline Mayne
as Charlotte Huntington
Joseph Lee Anderson
as Shawn Mason
Ali Stroker
as Detective Allison Mulaney
Jacinto Taras Riddick
as Chief Edwards
Jacqueline Quinn
as Young Kalee
Elizabeth Stanley
as Karen
Adam Wade McLaughlin
as Brian Copeland
Cezar Williams
as Detective
Jeff Berg
as Willis
Diane Neal
as Kelly Blake
Hans Marrero
as Thug #1
Makenna Barrett
as Jennifer Steward/Lottie Holden/Sophie
Preston Sadleir
as Clerk
Rayan Lawrence
as Officer Reggie Taylor
Charleigh E. Parker
as EMT 1
Marilyn Seide
as Marion
Sean Grandillo
as Charles Morrow
Mandy Bruno Bogue
as Antonia Salducci
Johnny Sanchez
as Dominican Man
Alejandra Reyes
as Babymama
Christina Rouner
as Joan Daniels
Jason Manuel Olazabal
as Javier
Valisia LeKae
as Leah Walker
Peter Riga
as CSU Tech./CSU Technician/Man on Street
Daniel Sovich
as Max Jr.
Jordon Bolden
as Ronnie Diaz
Carrie Underwood
as Carrie Underwood
Kingsley Yeboah
as Gang Member
Francesca Fernandez McKenzie
as Caroline Mason
Marcia M Francis
as Harlem Worshipper/Neighborhood Background/Protestor
Kevin Janaway
as Orderly
Ronald Guttman
as Claudio Calso
Charlie Boshart
as Boy
Duke Valenti
as Biker
Barthelemy Atsin
as Leo Epps
Tony Terraciano
as Jack Reagan
Marcus Callender
as EMT Bike Path
Bridget Barkan
as Rosie
Tom Selleck
as Frank Reagan
Michelle Hurst
as Councilwoman Collins
Adriana DeMeo
as Laura Nelson
Scott Aiello
as Officer Abrams
Stephen McKinley Henderson
as Judge Harlan Haywood
Johnny DiGiorgio
as Mickey's Son
Takako Haywood
as Mayor's Secretary
Christina Bennett Lind
as Angela Cabot
Renée Bang Allen
as Conor's Mom
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Louis Delgado
James Cusati-Moyer
as Dude at News Office
Benny Elledge
as Irate Driver #2
Julyana Soelistyo
as Dr. Sumardi
Barbara Danicka
as Judge
Jill Marie Lawrence
as Janice Peterson
Christopher J. Domig
as Charles Zappa
Ramona Floyd
as Rose (Jitney Employee)
Amelia Rose Blaire
as Sarah Grant
Uzo Aduba
as Nurse
Currie Graham
as Liam Norris
Alberto Bonilla
as Rolando Vega
Sandie Rosa
as Donna Deleo
John D'Leo
as Tommy 'Shadow' O'Rourke
Greg Connolly
as Mark
James Saito
as Dennis Eng
as Eileen Packard
Ami Sheth
as Farrah
Melissa Joyner
as Alex Moore
Salma Shaw
as Cashier
Paul Jude Letersky
as Officer at Dedication Ceremony
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Rojas' Bodyguard
Steve Cirbus
as Kiril
Ed Moran
as Detective Summers
Angel Polanco
as Demarcus Crew Member
Sam Simone
as McKenna/McKenna (TARU Tech)/TARU Tech
Shelley Hennig
as Maya
Jason Humble
as Undercover Detective
Shaun Kevlin
as Art Buchanan
Jonathan Melo
as Bank Robber #2
Andreo Bezic
as Cadet 21
Erin Cherry
as Judge Harris
Dan Schachner
as Taru Detective
Terrell Wheeler
as Cop #1
Marina Squerciati
as Cameron Swanson
Rey Lucas
as Miguel/Dia Noticias Reporter
Lyanka Gryu
as Anya
Kyle Julian Graham
as Cadet 3
Lynn Marocola
as NYPD Officer/NYPD Police Officer/Police Officer/FDNY Paramedic
Melvin Abston
as Ricky Barone
Emily Coffin
as Mrs. Kaplan
Stink Fisher
as Joe Frye
Karl Bury
as George Hill
Gary Hilborn
as Desk Clerk #2
Kim Akia
as Woman
Gregory Russell Cook
as Kevin Conklin
Zach Alexander
as Perp
Roy Pollack
as NYPD Officer at Dedication Ceremony
Carrie Ras
as Barista
James Madio
as Dom
Robbin Banx
as Upscale Pedestrian
Simone Policano
as Tess Ross
Mike Donovan
as John Romano Jr.
Waleed Zuaiter
as Adam Hassan
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Lt. Sutton
Dashiell Eaves
as Eli Campbell
Danny Garcia
as Officer Steve Smith
Marc Raco
as Sgt. Matthews
Brian J. Carter
as US Attorney
Roxana Brusso
as Blanca Escobar
Sonnie Brown
as Anita Rosen
Guy Olivieri
as John Shea
as Cameron Gooding
Joe Coots
as ESU Commander
Michael Nouri
as Nick Constantine
Jaden Michael
as Sam Jones
Robert Lenzi
as Hot Dog
Chie Miyagawa
as Jill Chen
Barbara Haas
as Shopper
Christian Keiber
as Arelli Lawrence
Michelle Hurd
as CIA Anne Reynolds
Clinton Lowe
as Omar
Susanna Farley
as Sofia's Mother
Jamil Mena
as Cadet William Santiago/Uniform 1
Allison Poccia
as Helen Davis
Julee Cerda
as Defense Attorney/Wright Counsel
Bob Dishy
as Judge
Andrew Burdette
as Futuro Marconi
Mike Masters
as Secret Service Agent
Jenny Fellner
as Tourist Woman
Matt Consalvo
as Officer Meyers/Uniform #1/Uniform
Catherine Wolf
as Aunt Sophia
Gary Basaraba
as Jimmy Burke
Jayne Houdyshell
as Roseanne Galecki
Elvis Lucas
as Prep Student
Syd Diesel
as Court Officer
Kate Eastman
as Pregnant Woman
Joseph J. Parks
as Frankie Reed
Jack Gwaltney
as Kevin Brennan
Tom Pelphrey
as Mike Galatis
Michelle Wilson
as Paramedic
Albert Christmas
as Cop #2/Sanchez/Uniform 3
David Karges
as TARU Officer
Christopher Stadulis
as Limo Driver
Sarah Mezzanotte
as Officer Brenda Patimkin
Sarah Sugrue
as Student Protester
Robin Thomas
as Dr. Max McCandless
Peter Mark Bockman
as Priest
Terayle Hill
as Jojo Reese
Liam Joseph Wright
as Ethan Bonniello
Richard H. Blake
as Dennis Whitney
Ian O'Boyle
as Tough Guy #2
Reg Rogers
as Vance Bradley
Lorenzo Beronilla
as Malaysian Gang Member
Camilo Almonacid
as Waiter
Jessica Ecklund
as Connie
Jere Shea
as Mark Forman
Clyde Baldo
as Ken Peters
Randall McNeal
as Dr. Jack Heller
Coral Peña
as Olivia Francisco
E.J. Carroll
as Bernard Goodwin
Sandra Karas
as Older Lady
Tara Westwood
as Margaret Olson
Rutanya Alda
as Mrs. Harton
Ariana DeBose
as Sophia Ortiz
James Carpinello
as Russell Price
Leslie Denniston
as Joan
Suzanne H. Smart
as Crossing Guard
Jennifer Esposito
as Jackie Curatola
Marc Menchaca
as Marty Brock
Stacey Sargeant
as Mia Martinez
Thom Barry
as ADA Saul Ward
Kevin McCormick
as Randall 'Ghost' Sykes
Cortez Nance Jr.
as Osvaldo
Craig muMs Grant
as Leon Bendix
Daralyn Jay
as Desk Sergeant
Kelli Mackenzie
as Escort
Steve Schirripa
as Anthony Abetemarco
Patrick Breen
as Joseph Scott
Megan Weaver
as Monica Kelly
Kat Bartlett
as Clinic Patient
Tim Intravia
as Waiter
Luc Owono
as Community Affairs Officer
Jasmine Carmichael
as Olivia Gordon
Anthony Vincent
as Burly Cop 1
Michael Elian
as Barista
John Wojda
as Coryna's Ex-husband
Mike Burke
as Driver
Karina Ortiz
as Thorpe's Girl
Shirine Babb
as Paula Knight
Caleb McLaughlin
as ToneLane
Jared Kemp
as Gabe Harris
Gayle Samuels
as Moderator
Michael Gibson
as Jack
Amy Bursor
as Charlotte Kessler
Amelia Pedlow
as Diane Morris
Umit Celebi
as Business Owner #3
Kelly Thorne
as Waitress
Valerie Smaldone
as Leah Powell
Kisha Barr
as Reporter #2
Amanda Holston
as Officer Collins
Ruari Fay
as Frat Boy
Charlie Fersko
as Jerome
Soraya Butler
as Bystander #1
Julyah Rose
as Dive Bar Waitress
Cosette Rinab
as Charlotte
Suzanne Froix
as Civilian #2
Mandy Fisher
as Hipster
Luna Tieu
as Attendant
Angela Jeanneau
as Employee
Kate Miller
as Vivian Abetemarco
Victor Pagan
as Jose Duran
Shane Patrick
as Max Fagan
Breanne Racano Ferrara
as Maude Weaver
Michael Aronov
as Ricky Vintano
Sharon Washington
as Doris Cooper
Brandon Gill
as Willis Stratton
Mari Crawford
as Nelly
Cynette Wilson
as Assistant District Attorney
Leah Pressman
as Alyssa Bowles
Margot White
as Vanessa
Derek Peith
as Ramon Nunez
Sean MacLaughlin
as Internal Affairs Detective
Max Adler
as Andy Fisher
Cassidy Gifford
as Mandy
Thomas Poarch
as Reporter #1
Cliff Moylan
as Brian Polansky/Uniform/Uniform #2
Gabrielle Flores
as Adriana Ramos
Brett McClelland
as Crime Scene Tech
Chris Kepford
as Officer Kemp
Matthias Sebastiun Garry
as Dealer/Pedestrian
Conor Romero
as Sam Moore
Ski Carr
as Octavio Nunez
Rebecca Gibel
as Beatrice
Filipe Valle Costa
as Hayes' Partner
Abby Rain Heiser
as Student
Carolyn Mignini
as Anna Goodstein
Kevin B. Mulligan
as Bank robbery victim/City Official
Sharon Lesser
as Female Attorney
Piter Marek
as Baahir Zaki
Keith Eric Chappelle
as NYPD Officer Haskins
JoAnna Rhinehart
as Medical Examiner
Anthony Robert Grasso
as Sergeant
Joe O'Connor
as Officer Malone/Malone
Erica Newhouse
as Allison Manis/Amy
Will Meyers
as Nick Rossi
Erin Dilly
as Gwen Rice
Jennifer Ikeda
as Jennifer Power
Danae Nason
as Leslie Caitlyn O'Rourke
Kevin O'Rourke
as Mons. Walter Donahue
Jonathan Kaine
as Looter #4
Ben Livingston
as Gavin Sutherland
Daniel Lopez
as EMS #2
Gwendolyn Ellis
as Dr. Sarah O'Sullivan
Justin Adams
as Cop in Bar
Gabriel Salvador
as Victor Perez
Frances Turner
as Janay Brown
Daniel Garcia
as Photographer
Kaliswa Brewster
as Liza Daniels
Damian Muziani
as Super
Dean Neistat
as Sgt. Bobby Donahue
Allie Woods Jr.
as Willie
Charles Justo
as Firefighter Carter
Alex Marz
as Officer Vogel
Shamika Cotton
as Detective Kim Andrews
Dana Cuomo
as Gina
Mike Massimino
as Doorman
Jake Hanson
as Laurence Indigo
Channing Jackson
as Hiram Diaz
Marceline Hugot
as Mrs. Carmichael
Casey Roberts
as Derby Kid
Jillian Vitko
as Bar Patron
Brit Whittle
as David Marwick
Almeria Campbell
as Deb Waldren
Catrina Ganey
as Mrs. Bell
Cristala Carter
as D.A. Detective
Patrick Noonan
as Guard
Jon David Casey
as Homeless Romeo
Jo Armeniox
as Tiffani
Jordan Baker
as Chelsey Parker
Donovan Patton
as Bellhop
Amanda Quaid
as Diana Corning
Xavier Scott Evans
as Gang Leader
Klaudia Suszczynska
as Restaurant diner
Tyler Dean Flores
as Romeo Chavez
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Sophia Lanza
Andrea Syglowski
as Maureen Lee
Marcella Lowery
as Mrs. Greer
Steven Brinberg
as Vijayjay Sings
Jonathan Gordon
as Trevor Reid
Ramin Karimloo
as Barry Hamidi
Trent Falco
as NYPD Officer
Trent Stone
as Scooter's Lawyer
Gary Perez
as Detective Dennis Rivera
Mara Hobel
as Heidi Voorhees
Laura Dooling
as Brianna Cabello
Susan Blommaert
as Polly Riley
Opal Alladin
as Robin Waits
James A. Morgan
as Night Club Patron
Annabella Sciorra
as Faith Marconi/Dr. Grace Meherin
Ta'Rea Campbell
as Miranda Gibbs
John Siciliano
as Sergeant Terrance Sullivan
Sian DeVega
as Madeline
Alexandra Wehr
as Hipster
Gabe Hernandez
as Bar Owner
Katie Henney
as Kate
Nneoma Nkuku
as Easter
Jonathan M. Woodward
as Detective Anthony Palmer
Famecia Ward
as Lady at Shooting
John Clarence Stewart
as Officer Keith Roosevelt
Ethan Herschenfeld
as Anton Petrov
Victor Verhaeghe
as Dave Greenwald
Ashley Pynn
as Danielle Zora
Aaron Costa Ganis
as Officer Douglas Green
Paul Urcioli
as Roy Coben
Nathaniel Marston
as Ronnie Cleary
Gregory Mikell
as Politician
Kevin Riley
as David Fisher
Kevin Yamada
as Warehouse Detective
Ebony Blake
as Kim Dillard
David Ramsey
as Mayor Carter Poole
Jadah Marie
as Ashley Reed
Jean Chung
as Woman
Alice Barden
as Defense Attorney
Matt Shingledecker
as Rob
Bowman Wright
as Drug Dealer
Brian Fuqua
as Reporter #2
Jocelyn Bioh
as Anya Barnes
Bruce Altman
as Mayor Frank Russo/Robert Levitt
Joseph Adams
as Robert Young
Joseph Mancuso
as Husband
Chad Michael Collins
as John Russell
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
as Faith Turner
Matthew Rauch
as Lawrence Skolnick/Lawrence Skolnik
Malcolm Gets
as Prof. Brian Devlin
Jason Babinsky
as Martin Carstairs
Mike Catapano
as Detective/Escorting Officer/Undercover Officer
Jess Nahikian
as Amy Taylor
Jessica Tyler Wright
as Reporter
Charlie McWade
as Bruno Gallo
Robert Funaro
as Captain Browne
Califf Guzman
as Moses
Owiso Odera
as Detective Sidney Jeffries
Nafeesa Monroe
as Bank Manager
Russell West
as Diner
Nico Greetham
as Scott Marino
Robbie DeRaffele
as All-Star/Allstar
Shenell Edmonds
as Theresa Jones
Armen Mazlumian
as Polish Bartender
Rob Leo Roy
as Vince's Attorney
Daniel J. Watts
as Adrian Cooke
Gavin-Keith Umeh
as Rocco
Marshall Elliott
as Broker #2
Joe Cassidy
as Det. Lewis Hardy
Ian Bedford
as Captain Skelly/Guard #2
Ryann Shane
as Chloe Carson
Gonzalo Vargas
as Chile Fan #1
Kathleen McNenny
as ER Doctor
Chris Clay
as Billy Rutledge
Christine Wright
as Paramedic
George Pendill
as Reporter
Josh Breckenridge
as Officer Wendell
Aaron Lohr
as Tommy Barrone, Jr.
Tom Kemp
as Herb Eastman
Giovanni Celentano
as Detective Robert Parker
Conor William Wright
as Young Man
Lawrence Ballard
as Willis
Tina Benko
as Lauren Vickers
as Prayer/Worshiper
Tenisi Davis
as Uniform
Carman Lacivita
as CIS Detective
Lisa Birnbaum
as Young Woman
Anthony J Sacco
as Street Guy
Hannah McKechnie
as Waitress
Tom Cavanagh
as Mickey
Eric Santamaria
as Pedestrian
Davide Illiano
as Emo
Caroline Basu
as Anna Nunez
Nicole Rutigliano
as Drug Dealers Girlfriend
Brannon Brass
as Samaritan
Karlin Biederman
as Alex Collins
Dennis Leonard Johnson
as Robber #2
Ari Butler
as Reporter
Stacy Keach
as Archbishop Kevin Kearns/Cardinal
Steve Garfanti
as Dinner Guest
Brett G. Smith
as Officer Bolton
Maren Lord
as Female Patron
J.W. Cortes
as Uniformed Officer
Gabe Doran
as Corrections Officer
Alanna Blair
as Cecilia Kampling
Eric Leviton
as Rudy Jackson
Patrick Oliver Jones
as Reporter 2
Dan Butler
as SBS President Randy Grant
Chuck Carrington
as Josh Glenn
Julia Gibson
as Mrs. Vickers
Jocelyne Wen
as Zi Yeoh
Aja Naomi King
as Denise
Yancey Arias
as Detective Jose Cruz
Ed Squires
as Tommy Simms
Joseph Folks
as Leon
Collin Kelly-Sordelet
as Bobby
Levar Dawkins
as Bouncer
Stephanie Patent
as Emily Copeland
Tony Plana
as President Velverde
Justin Silver
as Devin Brooks
Selenis Leyva
as M.E. Craig
Andi Matichak
as Caroline
Eliud Kauffman
as Thomas Martin
Marc Pip
as Assistant D.A.
Joshua Jonathan Cantor
as Student
Steve Hamm
as Uniform #2
Marisa Marra
as New Parents/Pedestrian/Plain Clothes Detective
Kelvin Hale
as Detective Hawks
Hannelore Williams
as Rosie Guttierez
Mister Fitzgerald
as Civilian #1
David Hunt
as Bar Patron #1
Marc John Jefferies
as Omar Davis
Mike Hodge
as Elliot North
Trian Long Smith
as Angela Bennett
Joe Perrino
as Doorman Sergio
Craig Geraghty
as Doorman Stanley Lemcov
David Dinkins
as David Dinkins
Amanda Anthony
as Club Goer/Detective/Witness
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Mark Wallace
Welker White
as Susan Roberts
James Francis Ginty
as FBI Agent Anthony Cook
Drew Bongianni
as Lieutenant
Randy Masters
as Courtroom Officer
Robert Neary
as Chief Craig Cornick
Mauricio Leyton
as Adrian Baez
Susan Kelechi Watson
as Detective
Maria Di Angelis
as Rose
Sevans Martinez
as Medic #2
Tyler Elliot Burke
as Richard Sullivan
Will Stout
as Officer Jeff Lyons
Glenn Fleshler
as Det. Walt Finney
Wayne Mackins
as DeMarcus Green
Rock Kohli
as Krishna Chopra
Agnes Chung
as News Reporter
Gabriel Rush
as Tyler Jeffries
Daniel London
as Tyler Green
John Siokas
as Uniform
Michelle Veintimilla
as Sybil Cairo
Chance Kelly
as Dillon Carney
Stewart J. Zully
as Chief Donovan/Under Secretary Price
Lindsay Mushett
as Ashley Juliano
Timothy Stickney
as ADA Edward Smith
Noah Fleiss
as Paul
George R. Sheffey
as Ganley
Joshua Rivera
as Latino Mugger
Berto Colon
as Torres
Sir Brodie
as Ed Shabazz
Gabriella Palminteri
as Jenna Wallace
Josh Mowery
as City Councilman
Robert Sella
as Brian
Jeremy Rishe
as Nevermind
Sepideh Moafi
as Aaliya Zaki
Alex Hernandez
as Tiny
Matthew DeCapua
as Reporter #1/Reporter #4/Reporter 1
Brian Munn
as Businessman
Jim Stanek
as Mr. Webster
Yelena Shmulenson
as Natasha
Chris Dreams
as Hotel Security
Stephen Litman
as Darren Gorski
Asia Hernandez
as Marissa Bell
Dan Godlin
as Cop #4
Nicole Powell
as Patrol Supervisor
Jennifer Cody
as Amber
Jaime Lincoln Smith
as Sergeant Thomas Kent/Sgt. Thomas Kent
Katherine Hughes
as Amy
Michael Lopez
as Ricky
Rocco Sisto
as Gordon Rykert
Richard Thomas
as Richard Walters
Ava D'Egidio
as Wounded Girl
John Scurti
as Detective Harold Reed
Sandra Daley
as Winnie
Darlene Violette
as Maid
Jesse Ray Sheps
as Malik Nejari
Don Wallace
as Nelson Ortiz
Caleb Wallace
as Vincent Martin
Moisés Acevedo
as Bobby Ruiz
Dominik Tiefenthaler
as Nicholas Costa
Sasha Hutchings
as Ariel Rice
Char Sidney
as Mrs.Blake
Mariah Strongin
as Audra Kinney
Hampton Fluker
as Sean Young
Jeremy Crutchley
as Kenny Cook
Mike Proano
as Trick or Treater on Bike
Christian Barber
as Uniform/Uniform #2/Uniform Cop
Anthony J. Gallo
as Superintendent
Annie Hägg
as Katrina Drexen
Mariko Takai
as Mrs. Lin
Alberto Vazquez
as Super
Frank Harts
as Arthur Cook
Sebastian Martinez
as Luis Escobar
Lars Stevens
as Pietro
Tony Carlin
as Captain Simms
Perry King Jr.
as Community Activist
Cormac Bluestone
as Reporter #2
Sebastian Coates
as Jack's Friend
Jimi Stanton
as Andrew Miles
Victor Sho
as Man
Gbenga Akinnagbe
as Pierre
Brad Calcaterra
as Taze
Stephen James Anthony
as Bartender
Nasreen Rahman
as Mother
Shanga Parker
as Counterman Rakesh
Anthony Mecca
as Malbaton
Clint Ridley
as Reporter
Jeanette Dilone
as Noni
John Pirkis
as Nicholas Walker
Lohrasp Kansara
as Raheem
Ohene Cornelius
as Black Man
Ruth Zhang
as Store Owner
Doua Moua
as Big Eyes
Josh Casaubon
as Josh Saunders
Leticia Castillo
as Rosalita
Leslie Hope
as Anne Farrell
Mary Hodges
as Doorwoman
Hugues Faustin
as Thug
C.J. Wilson
as Bruce Richmond
Zachary Golinger
as Wesley Abbott
Adam S. Phillips
as Antonio Nunez
Lorraine Farris
as Dawn Ross
Eric Bryant
as Jr. ADA Judd
Ernie Sabella
as Leon
Carey Lowell
as Janet Thompson
Scott Winters
as Doctor
Leila Almas Rose
as Vance's Assistant
Philip Hernandez
as Reuben Tavares
Al Sapienza
as Phil Sanfino
Madison Hatch
as Kevin Monroe
Howard W. Overshown
as Scott Fuller
Dina L. Margolin
as Bank Teller
Nancy Wetzel
as Jenny
Mani Yarosh
as Ana Marcovic
Morgan Priester
as Woop Woop Kid
Isaiah Washington
as ESU Chief Travis Jackson
Raúl Castillo
as Raul
Ramona Tim Kee
as Neighbor #1
Harry Bouvy
as Alan Raby
Jimmy Martinez
as Russell Heatly
Jay Schmidt
as Liquor Store Employee
Chris Fischer
as Cop #1/Uniform #1
Gretchen Egolf
as Ann Cleary
Damian Tirado
as Officer Collins/Uniform
Willie C. Carpenter
as Rodney Beckett
Kim Rosen
as Polly Wollman
Jimmy Callahan
as Det. Billy Kellin
John Patrick Hayden
as Carl
Anna Baryshnikov
as Jenny Strong
Margaret Anne Florence
as Angela
Mark Tallman
as Officer Wallace
Matt Mickelson
as Tourist Husband
Grant MacDermott
as Brian Dixon
Grayson Taylor
as Ryan Stone
Arnie Burton
as Jonathan Sands
Stewart Steinberg
as Salvatore Bonniello
Melissa Brooke Ward
as Asst. Eleanor Rice
Morocco Omari
as Samson George
Michael E. Salinas
as Officer Peters
Zenzi Williams
as Mrs. Jassem
Avery Anton
as Pregnant Teen
Lydia Jordan
as Carmen Russo
Jenna Gavigan
as Tess Cahill
Mounir Quazzani
as Ace #2/Malik Wilson
Boris McGiver
as Trevor Holt
Sondra Ward
as Fertility Patient #2
Stephen McGahan
as Amy's 6-year-old
Jane Fergus
as Reporter #3
Warren Kelley
as Bank Manager
Paul Amodeo
as Priest
Brendan Griffin
as Bobby Mulrow
Azania Vernon
as Security Guard
Eddie Korbich
as Nicholas Salamone
Adam Trese
as Mr. Romano
Michael Park
as Inspector Keith Sullivan
Molly Price
as Hollie Rivano
Brian Tarantina
as Nick Polk
Thierno Diallo
as Gang Member
Amanda Gardner
as Student #2
Alexa Rae Gallagher
as Wedding Date
Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Sergeant McNichols
Robert Jimenez
as Movie Theater Manager
Heidi Garrow
as Office Worker
Matthew C. Flynn
as Bill Donnelly
David Alan Basche
as Joe Pelligrino
Peter O'Hara
as Detective Pete Castellano
Lucy Bunyenyezi
as Bridesmaid
James P. Anderson
as Montreal Catholic Priest
Jonathan Iglesias
as Ralph Lewis
Latisha Di Venuto
as Woman in Line
Zachary Booth
as Lorenzo Colt
Wesley Volcy
as Dante Williams
Rodney Sherman
as Park Pedestrian
Andy Truschinski
as Uniform #1
Matthew Dennis Lewis
as Seth Rhodes
Brenda Lee Perez
as Terri
Manini Gupta
as Jessica Guimond
Lorraine Bracco
as Mayor Margaret Dutton
Alvin Keith
as Dr. Brown
Veanne Cox
as Camilla Lawson
Massiel Mordan
as Andrea Rivas
Jay Devore
as Milo Finley
Nick Westrate
as Liam
Jen Ponton
as Kasia Mazurski
Edward Asner
as Chuck Kennedy
Michael Kostroff
as Mr. Wojcik
Geneva Carr
as Sally Burton
Holanda Demeloitz
as Underling
Blanchard Ryan
as Female Reporter/Reporter
Billy Griffith
as Darrell
Daniel Eric Gold
as Grady
Hannah Hodson
as Yolanda
Brian O'Neill
as Joseph Strong
Assibey Blake
as Bodega Hostage/Prison Visitor/Undercover Cop
Martin Fisher
as Security Supervisor
Jakob Von Eichel
as Priest
Zonya Love
as Bystander #1
Leslie Hendrix
as Mrs. Judith Wilson
Carter Redwood
as Officer Eric Russell
Michael De Nola
as Wayne Levinsky
Erik Jensen
as Jimmy
Victor Ruben Rivera
as Mateo Delgado/Boy 2
Marjan Neshat
as Meliha Demir
Luke Guldan
as Ralphie Vitale
John Speredakos
as Gerry O'Brien
John Mazurek
as Dr. Ben Steiner
Tom Lipinski
as Johnny Tesla
Jagan Badvel
as Business Owner #2
Matt Walton
as Kevin Schmidt
Nicole Sudhaus
as Marlene
Kate Hodge
as Theresa Keenan
Tammy Blanchard
as Valerie Madigan
Luciano Acuna Jr.
as Rey Santiago
Nellie Campbell
as Sofia
Matthew K. Addison
as Matthew (Bartender)
Jacob A. Ware
as Reporter #2
Kaley Ronayne
as Shelly Dowd
Stephen Kunken
as Jacob
Sonya Harum
as Sofie Lightner
Anthony Noto
as Lineup Guy #3
Alexander Baliev
as Waiter
Bobby Knudsen
as Assistant District Attorney
Paula Boudreau
as Mrs. Banse
Gabrielle Reid
as Mrs. Smith
Nick Shea
as Officer Jochens
Francesca Root-Dodson
as Sissy
Becky London
as Alice O'Brien
Alex Curtis
as Bystander 1
Byron Clohessy
as Uniform
Amy Rutberg
as Camille McCabe
Brandon Mendez Homer
as Darnell Johnson
Emmy Harrington
as Tech
Kevin Chew
as Uniformed Cop
David Julian Melendez
as Eduardo
Walter Mudu
as Doorman
Luis Antonio Ramos
as Captain Robert Espinoza/Capt Robert Espinoza
Raleigh Dean Craighead
as Tom Cascarelli
Alan Barnes Netherton
as Officer Tommy Martin
John Bedford Lloyd
as Vincenzo
Andrew Kaempfer
as Joseph Kiernan
Michelle Krusiec
as Nancy Wakefield
Frank Anello
as NYPD Lieutenant
Faith Sandberg
as Amanda Stone
Grant Crawford
as Uniform #2/Uniform Officer #1
Robert John Gallagher
as Walter Watts
Timothy Cavaretta
as Assistant District Attorney
Steven Skybell
as Gary Falk
Valentina de Angelis
as Nikolina
Dan Bittner
as Dr. Brian McByrne
Tia Carrere
as Chow Lin
Todd Fredericks
as Detective
Kristen Bush
as Carol Hoffman
Bill DeLorge
as Church Mourner
Subhash Mandal
as Hamid
Norbert Leo Butz
as Detective Kramer
Mia Barron
as Dean Janet Walters
Tyrone Paul Jr.
as Daniel Carson
Ivan Martin
as Sam Guttman
Hunter Canning
as EMT Wayne
Tyler Hubbard
as Manny Langston
A.C. Davison
as Pete Johnson
Max Firestein
as Young Banger
Susan Barrett
as Desk Clerk
Kristoffe Brodeur
as Officer Landau
Justin Marcel McManus
as Uniform 1
as Officer Morgan
Stacey Yen
as Doctor
Leonardo Collaguazo
as Teenager
Casey Siemaszko
as Josh Thorp
Andrew Rothenberg
as Andy Barstow
Thomas Kopache
as Terrence Dean
Annie Wersching
as Joyce Carpenter
Rosalyn Coleman
as Lisa Kelly
Spencer Murray
as Adam Cassir
Victor Slezak
as Bryce Helfond/Chief Bryce Helfond/Chief of Intel/Chief of Intelligence Bryce Helfond/Inter Chief
James Rebhorn
as Archbishop McGovern
Ajia Maximillian Minnis
as Dancer
Mara Measor
as Chelsea
Marisol Correa
as Detective/Project Hope Employee
Lyman Chen
as Patrol Cop
Zander Meisner
as Officer #2
Evan Parke
as Duwan
Daniel Bellomy
as Warren Pratt
Dave Coleman
as Josh
Brett Berg
as Barista
Liz Logan
as City Official/Dominican Woman/Reporter
Johnny Hopkins
as Kenny Becker
Kathy Searle
as Diane Reade
Keenan Jolliff
as Trent
Ryan Barry
as Uniform
Aida Turturro
as Miss Dominga
Rosine 'Ace' Hatem
as Yelling Woman
Kate Jennings Grant
as SWAT Team Leader
John Palladino
as Billy Conroy
Logan Crawford
as Reporter #1/News Reporter/Reporter #2
Thomas M. Hammond
as Monsignor Milano
Matt Servitto
as Soren
Bess Rous
as Jill Gallagher
Sarah Steele
as Rebecca
Daniella De Jesús
as Maria Flores
James Harkness
as City Lawyer
Mikhael Bassilli
as Alan
Michael Maize
as Derek Gibbs
Matthew J. Harris
as Scotter Smith
Jerry Dixon
as Lars Hall
Audrey Martells
as Protester #2
Victoria Mahal-Sky
as Rangers Fan
Karim Sioud
as Mustafa Haddad
Carrie Yaeger
as Sabrina's Lawyer
Jacob Greene
as David Harper III
Roxanna Hope Radja
as Jenna Milo
Marlon Perrier
as Pete Wilson/Uniform
Joseph Anthony Sudol
as Speed Dater
Young Lee
as Karim Naduri
Michael Barra
as Dominick Barbosa
Elliot Santiago
as Cashier
Rege Lewis
as Facilities Manager
Kyle Lamont
as Guy
Jay R. Adams
as Real Samaritan #2
Roman Mitichyan
as Cartel Leader
Fulvio Cecere
as Captain Dennis Wainright
Laurie Williams
as Wendy
Andrew Polk
as Rabbi Moscowitz
Mark Johannes
as Kenneth Harrington
Nicole Callender
as Nurse
Ed Wheeler
as Councilman Welsh
Eric Seltzer
as Detective Al Kotcheff
Jeremy Gallant
as Perez's Friend
Ramsey Faragallah
as Imam
Allan Then
as Waiter
Ralph Rodriguez
as Richard Turkel
Tom Titone
as PBA Lawyer
Ella Rae Peck
as Caitlin Breyer
William DeMeo
as Vario
Daryl Paris Bright
as Chantal
Ezra Knight
as Don Sperling
Olivia Brown
as Onlooker
Peter Coyote
as Senator Ted McCreary
Leslie Lyles
as Mrs. Freelander
Marc Blucas
as Russell Berke
Brien R. Drew
as Bartender
James Lesure
as Alex McBride
Peter Appel
as Joe Salducci
Justin Clarke
as Ace #1/Drug Addict #2/Gangster #3
Adam Feingold
as Det. Bitterman/Detective Bitterman
Dante Sully
as Court Officer
Corey Parker Robinson
as Mark Taylor
Eboni Flowers
as Mayor's Aide
Michael Wieser
as Ray
Paulina Singer
as Maribel Rivas
Corbin Bleu
as Officer Blake
Laura Campbell
as Tess
Doug Yasuda
as Pharmacist
Donovan Monzon-Sanders
as Jeremy
Erika Estrada
as Police Cadet
Kate Middleton
as Angela Marino
Jeremiah Burch III
as Young Son
Marc D. Donovan
as Producer
Taylor C. Hays
as Cop
Jon Necaj
as Student
Soraya Broukhim
as Mrs. Sayeed
Zabryna Guevara
as Angela
Anna Mintzer
as Leah
Naian González Norvind
as Chrissie Watkins
Mark Cayne
as Punk
Jessica Blank
as Heather Drake
Teddy Coluca
as Shop Owner
René Ifrah
as Tariq Ali
Cherie Mendez
as Gina
Malcolm C. Murray
as Desmond Mills AKA 'Sundown'
Sucen Amirak Nallem
as Bitterman Housing Resident
Sondra James
as Retiree Lady
Jennifer Raab
as Socialite
Mary Stuart Masterson
as Katherine Tucker
Blake Bergman
as Teen (Thief)
Laurence Lau
as Wayne Green
Joe White
as Steve
Amy Hargreaves
as Dr. Karen Folson
Nicole Patrick
as Melissa
Courtney Cooper
as Cocktail Waitress
Jordan Donica
as Joshua Taylor
Dennis Flanagan
as Joe Wheeler
James Colby
as Walter Ryder
Susan Torres
as NYPD Uniform #3
Denzel Whitaker
as Curtis Turner
Alan Aisenberg
as Will Daniels
Jon Rua
as Ricky
Elizabeth Paige
as Angelica Aspromonte
Marc Alan Austen
as Judge
Brian Michael Smith
as Hoffman's Partner/Officer Buckley/Uniform/Uniform #2
Toccarra Cash
as Uniform #1/Uniform #3
Skylin Rodriguez
as Little Nona
Boomer Esiason
as Boomer Esiason
Laris Macario
as Officer Bradley
Rafael Benoit
as Officer Clemente/Pablo Mendoza
Leighton Bryan
as Theresa
Gian Shines
as Courtroom Spectator
Abigail Friend
as Emma
Gary Ferster
as Detail/EMT #3
Patrick Brennan
as Dave Hobbs
Peter Mark Kendall
as Kyle Wentworth
Timothy Adams
as John Knight, ESU Captain
John Cunningham
as Preston Rourke
Latrisha Talley
as Uniform
Robert G. Silverls
as Charles Epps
Joel Brady
as Det. Crosetti
Andrew Goldfarb
as St. Angelus Student
Nidra Sous la Terre
as Clerk
Hechter Ubarry
as Handbag Store Owner
Michael Godere
as Starvos Constantine
Shannon Michael Wamser
as Sergeant
J.D. Williams
as Benjamin Banks
as Penny
Jason DarkChocolate Dyer
as Mekhi
Victoria Blade
as Alice
Frankie Faison
as Jeffords
Brenda Kuciemba
as Pedestrian
Ryan Lynn
as Anthony Kasper
Jason Cerbone
as Detective Johnny Vassallo
Aunjanue Ellis
as Sylvia Marshall
Nicholas Turturro
as Sgt. Anthony Renzulli
Ariel Eliaz
as Dusan
Racine Russell
as Officer Cosgrove/Uniform #1
Jenny Bacon
as Mrs. Williams
Grant Rosenmeyer
as Brian
Jenna Stern
as Rose Butler
Sean Dugan
as Father Quinn
Rick Zahn
as Frank Look-a-like
Derek Hedlund
as Uniform/Mason Cook/Photographer/Stunt Patron
Antonio Bamoozie
as Antifa Friend #1
Darius Jackson
as Ky Bishop
Don Castro
as Peter Chen
Josh LaCount
as Lawrence Cobb
Marcus Lorenzo
as Rico Ramirez
F. Murray Abraham
as Leon Goodwin
Ian Boyd
as Precinct Witness
Leslie Silva
as Captain Janice Franklin
Neil Hellegers
as Attendant
Steven Medina
as Officer Ramos
Craig Joseph Pisani
as Police Captain
Nikki Guevarra
as Hayley
Three T. Pinnock
as Harrison
Dominic Fumusa
as Anthony Drake
Laura Poe
as Valerie Harris
Jesse VanDerveer
as Child in School Playground
Narea Kang
as Doctor
Ariel Shafir
as Paulie DeMarco
Joseph Kamal
as Dr. Mehta
Rotimi Paul
as Cyril
David Chen
as Thug #2/Wedding NYPD Cop
Dakin Matthews
as Judge Wilson
Andrea Ilene Shapiro
as Amanda White
Dewey Wynn
as Cameraman
Julito McCullum
as Willie Hayward
Stuart Rudin
as Homeless Guy
Michael Braun
as Jeremiah Kade
Juri Henley-Cohn
as Luke Avila
Larisa Polonsky
as Chelsea Cole
Anastasia Barzee
as Elizabeth Fox
Jamie Forbes
as Tow Pound Uniform
Marquis Rodriguez
as Eric
Brian Roland
as Richard
Priscilla Lopez
as Mrs. Fernandez
Frank Deal
as Det. Batalli
Drew Leary
as McCarty
Jennifer Restivo
as Laura Trent/ME Laura Trent/Laura Trent, M.E./Laura Trent, ME/M.E. Laura Trent
Ana Berry
as TV Reporter
Eric Nelsen
as Alex Kasper
Shayvawn Webster
as Jules Sarina
Franky Tarantino
as Bashed Face Victim
Billy Malone
as Brendan Dooley
Joe Holt
as Donald
Andrew Dolan
as Harold Kellen
Maeve Moynihan
as EMT
David Rossmer
as Rosen
Olivia Wang
as Rita
Kevin Corrigan
as Jimmy Pearson
Mike Carlsen
as Detective McKenzie/Douglas Mckenzie
Jonno Roberts
as Dr. James Weber
Cameron Scoggins
as Ted Bradley, Jr.
Juani Feliz
as Corey Vallejo
Romell Witherspoon
as Matt Cunningham
Moti Margolin
as Huge Hasid
Haskiri Velazquez
as Melissa Rodriguez
Luke Robertson
as Boris
Caroline Grossman
as Janie
Ari Barkan
as Leo
Haas Manning
as Jason
Fortuna Gebresellasie
as Annie
Sophia Slaysman
as Assistant District Attorney
Alexandra Metz
as Courtney Thurman
Shawn Parsons
as Cassian D'abo
Adam Ratcliffe
as Corrections Officer #1
Katherine Marie
as EMT
Richard Lyntton
as German Tourist
Kevin Dillon
as Jimmy O'Shea
Misha Kuznetsov
as Uri Denko
George Merrick
as Lance Olson
Sadie Sink
as Daisy Carpenter
Michael Izquierdo
as Ian Seroy
Miriam A. Hyman
as ME Emile Cooper/M. E. Emile Cooper
Charlotte Sullivan
as Lacey
Erinn Anova
as Pediatric Nurse
Remy Auberjonois
as Preston Ellis
J.J. Singleton
as David Powell
Cindy Cheung
as Judge Andros/Judge
Amelia Hammer Harris
as Stage Manager
Shezi Sardar
as Jason Bevan
Pablo Thomas
as The Man
Guy LeMonnier
as Dale Quinn
Max Killough
as Bank Robber #1
Rafael Jordan
as Uniform #1
Henry Zebrowski
as Hugh Stayton
Beth Dzuricky
as Woman
Yumiko Harris
as Dancer
Andrew Block
as Charlie Salamone
Dorothea Swiac
as Subway Witness
Michael Lombardi
as Sal Vinchetti
Norah O'Donnell
as Norah O'Donnell
Drew Beasley
as Dylan Rivano
Kachina Dechert
as Katy Fontana
Ana Font Hernandez
as Cadet
Anika Larsen
as Rosemary Martin
Samantha Safdie
as Jogger
Gary Lee Mahmoud
as Herbert Talbott
Heather Eger
as High Ranking City Official
James Andrew Fraser
as Bartender
Jennifer Flanagan
as EMS #1
Justin Martin
as Jordan Silva
David Goldstein
as Hipster
Jas Anderson
as Rainey
David J. Cork
as Winslow Martin
James Shanahan
as Greg Galecki
Michael McCormick
as Alex Papadopoulos
Malachi Weir
as Agent Cisco
Alex Hurt
as Billy Cooper
Karen Contreras
as Neighbor
Reginald L. Barnes
as Vinny
Carl Anthony Nespoli
as Dante Sorrento
Taylor Bazos
as Girl in Park
Birkett Turton
as Lukas Gorski
Laura Breckenridge
as Dana
Barrett Blizzard
as Civilian #2
Joe Curnutte
as William Maloney
DonnaMarie Recco
as Trina Hamilton
Stan Demidoff
as John Kampling
Narada Campbell
as Ronnie
Michael J. Burg
as Detective Trotta
Mark Margolis
as Whitey Brennan
Robert T. Bogue
as Parker
Malachi Omega
as Terrell Spaulding
Emily Casey
as Nurse
Kay Copeland
as Rich Girl
Philip Martin Reid
as Dontrell Tariq
Julian Biederman
as Andrew Davis
Kirsten Wyatt
as Nurse
Kevin Alexander
as Desk Sergeant
Christine Evangelista
as Jolene
Angel Caban
as Nestor
Cristal Casellas
as Hot Hispanic Girl
Emily Nicole Hansen
as Skinny Blonde
Kwabena Ampofo
as Sullivan
Rikki Kleiman
as Judge Fowler
Thomas Benton
as Judge Gary Tessler
Daniel J. Martin
as Boyfriend
Jose Leon
as Officer Vargas
Mark Doherty
as Captain Glen Hollis
Sean Patrick Reilly
as Al Cleary
Josh Mostel
as Victor Flores
Jason Chilcott
as Dylan Gardner
Paul Castro Jr.
as Scottie Lloyd
Tye Alexander
as Thomas Jones
Leo Solomon
as Baltazar Aboud
Curt Morlaye
as Reggie
Zeus Taylor
as Richie
John Cashin
as Number 3
Andrea Burns
as Deborah Moss/Mitchell's Lawyer
Andrew Kober
as Joey Marsh
Tangara Jones
as Nurse
Jermaine McNeal
as Reporter
Alejandro Hernandez
as Jose Pena
Josh Banks
as Russell Wilson
Richard Kyler
as Lineup Guy #5
Sasha Frolova
as Adriana Pike
Kate Skinner
as Alice
Melissa Stetten
as Woman
Adrian Matilla
as Ticky
Morgan Turner
as Stacey Clarke
Ian Colletti
as Eric Butler
Aaron Serotsky
as Clive Houk
Gina Ferrall
as Warden Maureen Lee
Chazz Menendez
as Flaco/Theo Salzer
Michael Simon Hall
as Speed Dater
Derek Klena
as Cormac Phillips
Christie Desir
as Cadet
Nick Sandow
as Lt. Alex Bello
Santo Fazio
as Mickey
Adrienne C. Moore
as Nurse
Liam Campora
as Kyle
Mark McKinnon
as Officer Miller/Cop
Jourdan JoJo Battiste
as Kendrick Morrow
Omar Capra
as Bouncer
Josh Rothman
as Detective
Erika Slezak
as Donna Duvall
Dominic Comperatore
as Monsignor Lauro Ferraro
Jessica Perez
as Melissa Galsillo
Bruce Faulk
as Bartender
Jenny L. Saldaña
as Neighborhood Resident #2
Chris McKinney
as Bobby Flores
Antino Crowley-Kamenwati
as Head Banger
Robert Wuhl
as Captain Ward Gibson
Angela Petruzziello
as Consumer
Brian Gildea
as Officer Kravitz
Louis Cancelmi
as Thomas Wilder
Bernie McInerney
as Oscar
Barrett Wilbert Weed
as Lauren Wilson
Roger Brenner
as EMT/FDNY/NYPD/Officer/NYPD Officer/Doctor/Corrections Officer/DeputyChief/Detective/Lt/Medical Examiner/NY State Court Officer/News Reporter/Nypd/Police Basketball Coach
Norm Schultz
as Uniform #4/Uniform in Squad Room
Taylor Black
as Girl #2
NiiAdu Clerk
as Williams
Andrew Cao
as Cop
Vanessa Urzia
as Erika's Daughter
Amir Ali Said
as Malik
Keleigh Brockman
as Lois King
Jaleesa Capri
as Natalie Foster
Ande Mang
as Triad Member
Ivory Aquino
as Ashley Roberts
Fab 5 Freddy
as Atticus
Nikiya Mathis
as Donna
Clark Beasley Jr.
as Bailiff
Sherman Howard
as Christian Ward
Aaron Isaacs
as Security Guard #2
Edward Akrout
as Samson James
Audrey Esparza
as Jana Garza
Thomas Soltys
as Matthew's Friend
James Georgiades
as Gus Galanis
Maryann Urbano
as Mary O'Donnell
Michael Pemberton
as Sgt. Clancy
Edward Hibbert
as Milton Vance
Nicole Lewis
as Court Clerk
Julia Blanchard
as Sarah Fisher
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Bartosz Mazurski
Jordan Fargo
as New Kid Patient
Roberto Lopez
as The Driver
Gianna Ferazi
as Student
Richard R. Corapi
as Bar patron/Deputy Commissioner of Operations NYPD/Mourner/Neighbor/Wealthy Restaurant Patron
Anthony Fazio
as Willie/Willie the Junkie
Luis Ayala
as Bar Patron/Hospital Patient/Pedestrian
Bisserat Tseggai
as Officer Kapoor
Matt Mulhern
as Steve Brandt
Andhy Méndez
as Billy Atwater
Judy Reyes
as Coryna Garza
Rudy De La Cruz
as Banker
Michael Marc Friedman
as Richard Farmer
Na'im Shaw
as Tough Guy #1
Otto Sanchez
as Diego
Jenny Mercein
as Socialite
Camila Perez
as Lorena Madrid
Sammy Peralta
as Juan Nunez
Jeremy Burnett
as Uniform
Danielle Ferland
as Colleen Becker
Karen Aldridge
as Desiree Jones
Rob Stats
as Bruce Garrity
Greg Cohan
as Cop #6
Ana Nogueira
as Nona Palmeira
Wade Mylius
as Detective Alex Porter
Scott Thomas
as Emmett O'Shea
Robert Wisdom
as Inspector Andre Clifford
Hollis McCarthy
as President Sullivan
David Fonteno
as ESU Captain/NYPD Chief of Intel
Anthony Edwards
as Owen Cairo
Josh Segarra
as Mike Rose
Nikolas Kontomanolis
as Dimitri Floros
Eric Freeman
as Colin
Bryan Terrell Clark
as Joe Price
Anthony Notarile
as Sales Associate
Faith Logan
as Teenager/College Student/Onlooker
Ron Fehmiu
as Zoran Brasha
Jenny Anne Hochberg
as Charlotte
Matt Golden
as Father
Jonathan Strait
as DeMarco's Lawyer
Kevin Kilner
as Agt. Richard Keller
Michael Devine
as Guard
Marnie Schulenburg
as Coreen
Ray Rosario
as Cartel Member
Tovah Feldshuh
as Sylvia Hayden
Maury Ginsberg
as Scott Holden
Jeffrey M. Hartman
as Good Samaritan in Park
William Mercado
as Handball Player
Kate Boyer
as Michele
Pedro Tavarez Jr.
as Undercover Detective
Kerri Lynn Miller
as Jess Weinstein
Joshua Wills
as Harold/Harold Roberts
Silvia Bond
as Olivia Wright
Ken Howard
as Malcolm
Eric Laneuville
as Marcus Greene
Alice Schaerer
as Neighborhood Woman
Darly Wanatick
as Precinct Core Player
Armand Schultz
as Dr. David Peterson
Michael Rivera
as Grumpy
Tamika Lawrence
as Nina Davis
Lidiane Fernandes
as Patron #2
Lee Wesley
as Melvin Williams
Juan Carlos Hernández
as Raul
Eric B.
as Lt. Mike Gee
Robyn Payne
as Deborah Hodge/Reporter #2
Madeline Grey DeFreece
as Officer Grey
Stephanie Berry
as Mrs. Taylor
Terry Serpico
as Major Harrison
Peter D. Singh Jr.
as Friend of Travis Jackson
Patricia Kalember
as Dr. Keller
Angela Lin
as NYPD Translator
Joseph Dimartino
as Doctor Trauma Room
Steven Hauck
as Ted
Michelle Concha
as Ana Diaz
Jessica Rothe
as Sylvie Freeland
James Patterson
as Kyle
Christine Ebersole
as Lena Janko
Jalen William Desmond
as Background
Lucy Martin
as Mama Marconi
Kelli Barrett
as Maryann Russell
Natalie Kaye Clater
as Dominican Girl #2
Walt Frasier
as Arnie
Garry Pastore
as Stavros
Grant Monohon
as Steve Nathan
Harrison Chad
as Evan Fleming
Tyler Joseph
as Cadet
Sebastian Sozzi
as Vinny Cruz
Judy Marte
as Vivian
Lynn Cohen
as Mrs. Costello
Tara Gadomski
as Librarian
Jim True-Frost
as Lyle Greene
Justin Grace
as Officer Mark Hayes
Marty Lawson
as Uniformed Officer
Autumn Guzzardi
as Kristen Delaney
Lyle Lovett
as Waylon Gates
Carole Demas
as Beth Eastman
Vikki Eugenis
as Mary
Gina Sarno
as Gallery Patron
Edmund Donovan
as Evan Walker
Federico Rodriguez
as Frick Abbott
Karen Allen
as Betty Lowe
Kevyn Morrow
as Glenn Knapp
Mercedes Griffeth
as Caitlin O'Brien
Khemali Murray
as Corrections Officer
Mitch Poulos
as Sergeant Scott Witten
Dash Mihok
as Eddie Stone
Mia Nuciforo
as Jack's Friend #2/Mia/Party Goer #2
Marcus de Vere
as Stas
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Deputy Chief Devin Jones
Billy Magnussen
as Rand Hilbert
Katie Flahive
as Officer Donna Nichols
Anthony Ordonez
as Joey D
Vincent Paolicelli
as Bar Patron/College Student/Park Goer/Party Goer
Louis Ozawa
as Abdul Sayid
Larry Pine
as NYPD Chief Surgeon
Heather Velazquez
as Angela
Mark Ivanir
as Ivan Radchenko
Richard Rodriguez
as Thug #1
Ian Mclaughlin
as Klinger
Connor McGee
as Patrick Garris
Dwayne A. Thomas
as Angel Granderson
Nina Lafarga
as Woman
Alison Wright
as Brijita Holden
Greg Brostrom
as Officer White
Mark Stuart
as Dancer
Jo-anne Lee
as Health Clinic Receptionist
Corey Brown
as Church Security
Oliver Hollmann
as Zach
Cary Donaldson
as Desk Clerk
Robert Pendilla
as Lou Trattner
Max Maslow
as Jenna's Son
Geovanni Gopradi
as Waiter
Rob Morgan
as Guy in Crowd
Daryl Edwards
as Russ Howard
Erin Bradford
as Melissa Ford
Rajesh Bose
as Pablo Salazar
John Rue
as Ed Hines
Celina Jade
as ME Marisa Lee
James Riordan
as Chris Johnson
Elizabeth Ard
as Socialite
Joseph Melendez
as Emilio Flores - Hitman
Caralyn Kozlowski
as Susan Turner
Vincent Laresca
as Salazar
Michael Twaine
as Callahan
Christina Lauren Choe
as Amy Lin
Jonathan Cohn
as Marcus Derringer/Tony Sanfino
Kevis Hillocks
as Pharmacy Assistant
Kurt Uy
as Detective Kho
Warren Kole
as Thomas Sculley
Angela Rambourg
as Sharyn Sarni
John Weigand
as Waiter
Pallavi Sastry
as Cameron
Ella Kennedy Davis
as Gabriela Draganic
Tom Mardirosian
as Connie
Cyrus Farmer
as Reggie Wilson
Julia Tokarz
as Waitress
Sydney Farley
as Rachel Wilson
Tom Greer
as Uniform #3
Pico Alexander
as Darren Bentley
Elena Hurst
as Rosalita
Richard Shoberg
as Truscott Huntington
Gary Schnakenberg
as Homeless Man
Julienne Hanzelka Kim
as Abdel Salem's Lawyer
Rick Bolander
as EMT
Donnie Keshawarz
as Johnny Vega
Ben Rezendes
as Andrew
Derek Goh
as Colin Wilson
Jennifer Butler
as Detective
Richard Bird
as Richard Bird
Danny Rutigliano
as Blaze Couriers Owner
Hamish Allan-Headley
as Uniform #2
Mitchell L. Mack
as Jessy Lincoln/Pedestrian
Miles Chandler
as Boy
Glenn Quentin
as Guy in Alley
Liche Ariza
as Vendor
Tim Barker
as Sgt. Mulhearn
Rose Hemingway
as Stephanie Rose
Martin R Mlodozeniec
as Lawyer/Reporter
Richard Masur
as Assemblyman Shapiro
James Schram
as CSU Technician/Cameraman/Precinct Staff/The Bar Regular
Suzanne Shepherd
as Lucille Abetemarco
Julian Silva
as Nerd #1
Omar Rahim
as Manager #2
Margaret Colin
as Melanie Maines
Shacha Temirov
as Nerd #2
Kathryn Gallagher
as Diane Butler
Dan Hedaya
as Vincent Rella
Dominic Colón
as Omar
Lyndsey Anderson
as Homeless Woman
Natalie Carter
as Diane Vickers
Frederick Weller
as Jacob Krystal
Michael Drayer
as Marcus Beale
Alice Ripley
as Beverly Elvers
William Gyarfas
as Lyons' Partner
Drew Gehling
as Jason Price
Peter Jay Fernandez
as Inspector
Christian A Guerrero
as Damon Rivers
Gary Scudero
as Victor Crew #1
Nico Coucke
as Badass
Dina Pearlman
as Marla Kanelos

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 23 Episodes

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2013 | 22 Episodes

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2014 | 22 Episodes

Season 6

2015 | 22 Episodes

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2016 | 22 Episodes

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2017 | 22 Episodes

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2018 | 22 Episodes

Season 10

2019 | 19 Episodes

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2020 | 16 Episodes

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2021 | 2 Episodes




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