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October 22, 2021
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About this title


When a beautiful woman (Jaimie Alexander) with no memory of who she is or how she got there is discovered naked in New York's Times Square, the conspicuous etching of FBI Agent Kurt Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) name across her back quickly makes it obvious to whom the case should be assigned. An international plot blows up as Agent Weller and his team discover that each intricate tattoo on Jane Doe's body is a crime to solve, creating a map that leads ever closer to the truth about her identity and mysteries yet to be revealed.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 21, 2015

Also Known As: Rejtjelek, Сліпа пляма |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Quinn's House, Berlanti Productions |  See more »


Royce Johnson
as Sheriff Hannon
David Morse
as Hank Crawford
Chance Kelly
as Nils Bresden
Sean Mellott
as Milton
Jon Collin Barclay
as Dabbur Zann Goon
Rachel Christopher
as US Attorney Grant
Fabrizio Brienza
as Thug
Usman Ally
as Hakim
Joanie Anderson
as Agent Cruz
David Chen
as Thug One
Patricia Hodges
as FBI Agent/Party Goer
Victor Joel Ortiz
as Head Gunman
Mia Fowler
as Kira's Daughter
Michael James Levy
as Cashier
Sammy Voit
as Foster Kid
Drew Powell
as Young Weller
Evan Dane Taylor
as Mr. Purple
Mickey Solis
as Bomb Tech
Paul Fitzgerald
as Frank Suri
Lara Wolf
as FBI Agent #1
Alex Ozerov
as Vanya Petrushev
Juri Henley-Cohn
as Berat Katirci
Ricky Garcia
as Miguel
Xan Aspero
as Hostage Passenger
Alex Hernandez
as Mike
Erika Rolfsrud
as Female Correctional Officer
Anne Richardson
as Emily Levkin
Damiyr Shuford
as Agent Stevens
Steffanie Leigh
as Marjory
Carly Pope
as Quinn Bonita
Oleg Ossayenko
as Tall Mercenary
John Dinello
as Super
Gabriel Schwartz
as Rookie Cop
Eva Kaminsky
as Maria Blanter
Jamie Jackson
as Roman Kozar
Aline Mayne
as Doctor
Chaske Spencer
as Dominic Masters
Amanda Lund
as Stephanie
Leah Curney
as Doctor
Zenzele Cooper
as Mia
Gloria Reuben
as Kira Evans
Aimee Carrero
as Ana Montes
Jessica Hecht
as Dr. Margaret Palmer
Garret Dillahunt
as Travis
James Lee
as Dealer
Robert Eli
as Major Arthur Gibson
Keith Jardine
as Pavel Makarov
Mike Doyle
as Nathan Williams
Young Mazino
as Armored Guard #2
Jock McKissic
as Tiny
Justin Michael Woods
as FBI Agent
Dina Drew
as Milton Associate #2
Priscilla Lopez
as Sra. Mendoza
Chris Beetem
as Jeremy Rance
Jorge Eliézer Chacón
as Darrel Alomar
Mark Junek
as Bryce Warren
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Allison Knight/Alison Knight/Allie Knight/Allie
Guy Sparks
as Tattoo Artist
Andrew Rogers
as Bob Drabkin
Monica Wyche
as Mrs. Schultz
Adrian Alvarado
as Justin Trimble
Kenta Matsushima
as Bartender
Mario Van Peebles
as Frank Davenport
Carrie St. Louis
as Random Lab Tech
David Aaron Baker
as Mark Waterman
Scott Rapp
as Party Goer
Darik Bernard
as Smitty
Joe Dinicol
as David
Jason Utnick
as Riley's Underling
Noureddine Hajoujou
as Bearded Man
Tristao Darius
as Waiter
Joe Burns
as Lead Detective
Marcus Choi
as Ray Yamada
Dan Ziskie
as Peter Warren
Jon Buckhouse
as FBI Agent
Christine Duke
as Paloma Diaz
Nicolette Debellis
as Young Jane/Young Remi
Ashley Johnson
as Patterson
Jeremy Crutchley
as Leslie Doorhaus
Kelly P. Williams
as FBI Agent/Lab Tech/Lab Tech Wearing iPhone Earbuds
Christian Felix
as Emcee
Ennis Esmer
as Rich Dotcom/Gord Enver
Alistair Whitton
as Gunman One
Jeff Joseph
as HR Supervisor
Doug Barron
as Dr. Walter Tunnel
Callum Blue
as Owen Booth
Jarrod LaBine
as Auction Attendee/Cocktail Party Guest/Gala Attendee/Hollywood Producer
Rosa Arredondo
as Camila Solis
Stephanie Dauman
as Museum Volunteer
Deantre Williams
as Guard
Aaron Abrams
as Matthew Weitz/Weitz/Congressman Matthew Weitz
Perry King Jr.
as Passenger
Sheila Tapia
as Melissa
Derek Roberts
as Nelson Coatzee
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Former FBI Director
Natalie Jacobs
as Annabel
Charles Halford
as Abel Marx
Fisher Neal
as Hitman #1
Patrick M. Walsh
as Marcus Dunn
Alex Hanna
as Mihael
Tracy Shayne
as Edith
Gabriel Olds
as Evan Myers
Jennifer Van Dyck
as Dr. Nancy Williams
Lauren Weigle
as Teenager
Eric Elizaga
as Todd
DeShawn Harold Mitchell
as Danny
Angela Gots
as Greta Smalls
Medina Senghore
as Agent MacKenzie
Christopher Parker
as Biker #5
Vincent Ticali
as Andrew Jackness
Lana Young
as Doctor
Brontë England-Nelson
as Bethany
Sawyer Manning
as Bethany
Kellie Overbey
as Carol
Robert Poletick
as Joseph Baxter
Vardaan Arora
as Guy
Anthony Mecca
as Dark Haired Man
Shawn Parsons
as Meeting Leader
Gianfranco Brero
as Franco Cortez
Adam Ratcliffe
as Private Contractor
Marcus Callender
as Agent Berger
John Cannon
as Aaron
Marc Chouen
as EMT Worker
Bridget Barkan
as Agent Pozzebon
Jamar Greene
as Scary Security Guard
Hettienne Park
as Violet/Violet Park
Ohene Cornelius
as Omar Moore
Richard Kelly
as Gunman
Tami Sagher
as Eileen Baldwin
Ching Valdes-Aran
as Elder Female Monk
Lachlan O'Day
as Young Roman
Misha Kuznetsov
as Niko Popov
Katya Campbell
as Erin Sandler
Gordon Tashjian
as Guard
Joseph Goss
as Shooter/Tim Scott
Tim Guinee
as Boris Sokolov
Johnny DiGiorgio
as Adam's Son
Bill Nye
as Bill Nye the Science Guy/Bill Nye
Hugues Faustin
as Mitch
Stefanie Drummond
as Laurel Chadwick
Miriam A. Hyman
as Colonel Anne Hecker
Chad Donella
as Jake Keaton/Calm Man/CIA Agent Keaton/CIA Deputy Director Jake Keaton/Keaton
Tommi Thor Gudmundsson
as Icelandic Police Officer
Christos Vasilopoulos
as Misha
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Saúl Guerrero
Lisa Bostnar
as Dr. Weber
Logan Smith
as Sawyer
Remy Auberjonois
as Timothy Eavers
Cindy Cheung
as Dr. Coleman
Joe Giorgio
as Doyle
Mike McGowan
as Quinn Donahue
Christopher J. Domig
as Roger Levkin
Paul Guilfoyle
as Rosmond Ott
François Arnaud
as Oscar
Brian Donahue
as Silas Burke
Gino Cafarelli
as Lead Demo Tech
dL Sams
as Security Guard
Trevor Long
as Boyce
Emma Claye
as Winny
Raymond Neil Hernandez
as Secret Service Agent
Ami Sheth
as Afreen
Anna Claessen
as Police
Jamie Rezanour
as Lab Assistant
Ed Moran
as Robert Kingston
Jose Febus
as Janitor
David S. Lomax
as Guard
Peter Oldring
as Dave Kirkpatrick
Bob Roseman
as Sandstorm Guard #1
Bianca LaVerne Jones
as Nicole Summers
Pun Bandhu
as Panit
Colby Minifie
as Ginny Kelling
Satchel Eden Bell
as Amber
Ronald Peet
as Jaden
Juan Ayala
as Agent Woods/Lab Tech Woods
Kachina Dechert
as Heather
Jénel Stevens
as Mystery Woman
Korey Fackler
as Oren
Grant Koo
as Clayton/Korean Dock Man #1
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Antar Dhillon
Jonathan Freeman
as Darren
Johnny Whitworth
as Ruggedly Handsome Man/Markos
Yadira Correa
as Liz
Derek Johnson
as Homeland IT Tech #2/Officer Garrigan
Ian Unterman
as Lab Tech
Archie Panjabi
as Nas Kamal
John Patrick Hayden
as John Sheridan
Omar Scroggins
as Friend
Grace Rex
as Kristy
Mariusz Kubicki
as Nikolai Berlinsky
Blaise Corrigan
as Hostage #1
John Hodgman
as Chief Inspector Jonas Fischer
Toshiko Onizawa
as Party Guest
Jeremiah Zinger
as Truck Driver
Malikha Mallette
as Female ER Doctor
Ayman Samman
as Dodi Khalil
Colin Israel
as Campus Officer
Abraham Makany
as Ramy
Teresa Stephenson
as Nurse
Paul F. Tompkins
as Booky Bentley
Di Zhu
as Dr. Andrea Park
Greg McFadden
as Edward
Danny Garcia
as Mike
Dustin Milligan
as Lincoln
Eisa Davis
as Alexandra
Tommy Nelson
as Cameron
Nayab Hussain
as Nurse
Mark McConville
as Zach Riley
Sonnie Brown
as Karen Morris
Justin Hurtt-Dunkley
as Madeline Butler
Kyle Vincent Terry
as Zico Faulhaber
Reginald L. Barnes
as Assistant Football Coach
Stephanie Roth Haberle
as Emma Shaw
Stephanie Andujar
as Isabella DeChirico
Keola Simpson
as Mr. Yellow
Michael McFadden
as Ted Henwood
Hunter Emery
as Derek
Andrew Long
as Max Kohler
Gavin Alexander Hammon
as Agent Conover
Narada Campbell
as Blue Hat
Lindsey Broad
as Attorney
Suzy Jane Hunt
as Tracy Warren
Marquise Vilson
as Thomas
Joey Parsons
as Scientist
Tom White
as Secret Service Agent
Peyton Lusk
as Thomas Myers
Giuseppe Ardizzone
as Helipad Guard
Michelle Hurd
as Shepherd
Niko Rusakov
as Shepherds Bodyguard
Irina Abraham
as Marta
Julee Cerda
as Ivy Sands
Marko Caka
as FBI Agent
Maurice Clark
as Military personnel
Mike Masters
as Dennis
William Connell
as Caruso
Nicole Quintero
as Rebecca
R. Ward Duffy
as Kevin Loewe
Caliph Jones
as FBI Agent
Amelia Workman
as Jill
Max Darwin
as Barkeep
Roy James Wilson
as Hunter #1
Seth Daniel
as Strung-Out Soldier
David Castañeda
as Carlos
Kabe Park
as Armored Guard #1
Christopher Fitzgerald
as Daschelle Watkins
Luke Mitchell
as Roman
Kevin Anton
as Correctional Officer #1
Maxim Swinton
as Emmett Meeks
Ava Steckman
as Little Girl
Calvin Dutton
as Dwire Lee
Mark Doherty
as Sgt. Johnson
Donald Mohan
as Pedestrian
Meagan Kimberly Smith
as Nikki
Darren Goldstein
as Donald Shipley
David Alan Basche
as Patrick Lyman
Michelle Ongkingco
as Nanny
John Wesley Shipp
as Dr. Katz
Deborah Rayne
as American Woman/Female Hazmat Official
Tom Pelphrey
as Cameron Gibbs
Emmanuel López Alonso
as Recruit #1
Madison Elizabeth Lagares
as Emily
Allen McCullough
as Christian Kearns
Jared Zirilli
as Fake Conor
William Ragsdale
as Russell Franklin
Rodney Sherman
as Crowd Member/Passenger
Adam Shippey
as Guy in Red
Piano Cea
as Agent Raylan
Jonathan O'Reilly
as Boy with Scar
Melissa Stetten
as Agent
Dan Ladner
as Auction Guest
Britne Oldford
as Claudia Murphy
Nyambi Nyambi
as Dolan
Paul Juhn
as Zhang Wei Liu
Sabrina Sloan
as Haley
Gaius Charles
as Sgt. Charlie Napier
James Andrew O'Connor
as Kevin Pabst
K. Todd Freeman
as Marcus
Nick Westrate
as Edmund
Jewel Staite
as Kiva Garen
Amanda Warren
as Iris
Raul Torres
as Hostage 3
Rasha Zamamiri
as Female Lab Tech
Serge Didenko
as Burly Goon
Anthony Lemke
as Victor
Afton Williamson
as Kara Sloane
Coral Peña
as Alexis Parkin
Samuel Difiore
as Russian Gun man
Liam Garten
as Cade's Son
Ethan Hova
as Leonard Perkins
Richard Cline
as SFX Technician
Meredith Forlenza
as Gail Brown
Ronda Rousey
as Devon Penberthy
Chazz Menendez
as Burly Goon
Robert Ray Manning Jr.
as Jane's Guard #1
Luke Kirby
as Christophe Bruyere aka Junior
Danny Ramirez
as Panicked Student
P.J. Byrne
as Douglas Winter
Jen Richards
as Sabrina Larren
Roy Jackson
as Ricky Holt
Marisa Redanty
as Employment Officer
Anthony Aguilar
as PNP Guard
Sophia Parra
as Nadya
Jaimie Alexander
as Jane Doe
Brian O'Neill
as Coach Jones
Jennifer Dorr White
as Christine Salem
Joniece Abbott-Pratt
as Charly Evon
Angela Wildflower
as Bartender
Sofiya Akilova
as Doctor Lewin/Dr. Sara Lewin
Jakob Von Eichel
as Kazahrusian Thug Leader
Frank De Julio
as Tailor
Kenny Wong
as Jun
Bryce Pinkham
as Jack Izenberg
Javier Muñoz
as Marc Gelman
Greg Dziewonski
as US Marshal
Tori Anderson
as Blake Crawford
Henry Kwan
as Burly Chinese Dude
Jennifer Esposito
as Lynnette Belmont
Bernard Curry
as Lawrence
Joanna Lu
as Super's Wife
Ted Koch
as Ben Fine
Jennifer McCabe
as Power Suit
Alex Webb
as Congressman Shusterman
Terence Archie
as Uniform Officer
Charles Brice
as Levi Hart
Clem McIntosh
as O.P.R. Agent #2
Adam Lindo
as Burly Goon
Amar S.
as Pilot 2/Terrorist
Jayce Bartok
as Jared Wisnewski
Angela Birchett
as Inmate
Michael De Nola
as Clerk
Josh Cooke
as Andy Taylor
Chris McKinney
as Colonel Nix
Oona Laurence
as Maya Ahmadi
Riley Brown
as Bethany
Clem Cheung
as Pit Boss
Nathan Wallace
as Jason
Slate Holmgren
as Barry Wallace
Emmanuel Todorov
as Bulgarian Bodyguard
Tom Lipinski
as Cade
Gregory Dann
as Blonde Man
Michael Tow
as Del Toro
Jamie Eddy
as Jane Double/Shayla
Bruce Davison
as Jean-Paul Bruyere
Linda Powell
as Col. Sara Ferguson
Roger Brenner
as EMT/FDNY/Doctor/StJoeHospital
Sasha Diamond
as Lori
Stefan Ionesco
as Edward
Frank Bal
as Guard
Abdellatif Chaouqi
as Khalil
Sean Kenin
as Director
Brad Bradley
as Naked Man
Kevin R. Free
as Chef Clayton
Mark Borkowski
as Hank Aubin
Doris McCarthy
as Assisted Living Senior
Reshma Shetty
as Megan
Victor Plajas
as Dabbur Zann Guard #2/Morales
George Deihl Jr.
as Terrified Man
Obi Abili
as King Almasi
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
as Ronnie Vargas
Bill Walsh
as Customer
Spencer Astrow
as Older Boy
Jonathan Lee
as Shady North Korean Man
Heather Burns
as Kathy Gustafson/Kathy Gustafson aka Electra
Whitney Rice
as Dr. Maggie Horne
Justin Capizano
as Pog Kid #2
Rob Brown
as Edgar Reade/Reade
Audrey Esparza
as Tasha Zapata
Jay Hieron
as Cartel thug/Thug Two
Alex Morf
as Surjik Fells
Jesse Margolis
as Young Blonde Boy
David Vadim
as Konstantin Valenov
Omar D Cooke
as Red Guard #2
Amy Rutberg
as Marci Booth
Sophie Knapp
as Little Girl
Michael J Rogers
as Casey Robek
Porter Kelly
as Housekeeper
William Oliver Watkins
as NYPD Officer
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Lucas Nash
Christy Escobar
as Valerie
Sarita Choudhury
as Sophia Varma
Kadia Saraf
as Hostage 2
Frisco Cosme
as Cafe Supervisor
Jefferson White
as Parker
Nathan James
as Hospital Cop
Demosthenes Chrysan
as Goren Gorovich
Cotter Smith
as General
Suzanne Lenz
as High Girl
Daniel Keith
as NYPD Cop
Kathleen Mary Carthy
as Mercenary Leader
Zainab Jah
as President Botros
Eric Alejandro Reis
as Perry
Matt Gourley
as Thad Munson
Adam Daveline
as Phineas
Denis Ooi
as Dabbur Zann Guard
Ben Greene
as Male Lab Tech
John Damroth
as CIA Agent
Scott Burik
as CIA Opp/Rescue Worker
Wenne Alton Davis
as Driver
Kenneth Tigar
as Sean Clark
Nancy Lemenager
as Chelsea Chalgren
Lisa Emery
as Linda Weller
Iris Beaumier
as Booky's Assistant
Jojo Gonzalez
as Older Cop
Gregory Konow
as ND Agent
David Clayton Rogers
as Ice Cream
Ashley Trawinski
as Allie Rapport
Will Menendez
as Pog Kid #3
Jen Casey
as Apt. Lady
Jabari Gray
as Gentleman
Cathy Salvodon
as Press Secretary
Brian Distance
as Helipad Guard #1
Lauren Stamile
as Millicent Van Der Waal
Mark Deklin
as J.B. Kelley
Oliver Burbage
as Dive Bar Patron
James T. Alfred
as Chaz
Jeremy Shamos
as Casey Marco
Edward Incle
as Old Man
Peter Linari
as Overweight Man
Izzy Ruiz
as Fire Marshall
Ben Rappaport
as Gregory Burke
Antoinette LaVecchia
as Molly
Charlie Ruedpokanon
as Ying
Jennifer Regan
as Cyndie
Carol Commissiong
as Arresting Officer
Adrienne D. Williams
as Catherine Napier
Sathya Sridharan
as Nikhil Thakker
Jeremy Burnett
as Anthony
JoAnna Rhinehart
as Arlene Turner
Carey Van Driest
as UN Security Director Dana Coriano
Raegan Brown
as Bethany
Brooke Solvang
as Young Jane/Young Taylor
Betsy Beutler
as Tess Bartell
Mia Vallet
as Lynn Burton
Ajay Naidu
as Shohid Akhtar
Stephen Beach
as Frank Mills
Gavin Bazalar
as FBI Agent
Martin Velasquez Leon
as Shady Man
Heather Girardi
as Edward's Sister-In-Law
Jennifer Ikeda
as Juliet Chang
Dale Pavinski
as Pavel
Gage Maynard
as Geek Party Goer
Daniel Lissing
as Tom Jakeman
Victor Slezak
as General Mark Sheridan
Natalie Roy
as Courtney Puritsky
Samantha Rivers Cole
as Patricia
Nancy Cejari
as Upscale Guest
Steve Hanneman
as Cab Driver
Nick Job
as Sinister Man
Karen Pittman
as Elizabeth Gubara
Chris Gethard
as Gary Lemarsh
Faith Logan
as Bar Patron/Young Mother
Ron Rifkin
as Rob Donnelly
Myrna Cabello
as Nurse
Natalie Thomas
as Rebecca Fine
America Olivo
as Ameni
Tracey Lewis
as Orphan
Tracie Thoms
as Arla Grigoryan
Kelly Aaron
as FBI Agent
Meredith Giangrande
as Amy Wolfe
Edward H. Clark
as Security Service #1
Franklin Ojeda Smith
as Hobbes
Justin McGriff
as Firm Employee
Olivia Khoshatefeh
as Shelly
Darren Lipari
as Night Employee
Anne Troup
as Agent Kim
Brett Berg
as Angry Tweaker
James Waterston
as Calvin Meeks
Lou Liberatore
as Irving
Lee Tergesen
as Patrick O'Malley
Kenya Brome
as Agent Singha
Nick Fondulis
as Gavin
Samantha Browne-Walters
as Times Square Tourist
Roman Roytberg
as Ukrainian Buyer
Neil Fleischer
as Boris Ivanovich
Faron Salisbury
as Dotcom Guard #1
Kazy Tauginas
as Jonathan
Serge Thony
as Salvatore
David Shih
as Diamond Broker
Michael Fattell
as Marshal
Asen Grigorov
as Madeline's Bodyguard
Emmanuel Brown
as Felix
Tom Kohut
as FBI Agent
Maria Rivera
as Natalie
Sanjit De Silva
as Sanjay Bonthala
Ross Partridge
as Colonel Beck
Pedro Tavarez Jr.
as SIOC F.B.I Agent
Annie Q.
as Riley
Jason Vendryes
as State Trooper
Cameron Pow
as Forum Rep.
Tyler Dean Flores
as Eli Bello
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Madeline Burke/Madeline
Shereen Haniff
as Lab Tech
Zach Grenier
as Herman
Kofi Boakye
as Unknown Man
Chukwudi Iwuji
as Oscar's Friend
Shelley Thomas-Harts
as Ingrid
Ryan Quinn
as Ronnie Delvecchio
Jordana Spiro
as Sarah Weller/Sarah
Kimberly Huie
as Dr. Elizabeth White
Gene Presendieu Jr.
as Milton Associate #1
Matthew J. Harris
as Home Nurse
Dylan Baker
as FBI Director Pellington/Pellington
Oleg Velichko
as Cadet/Marine
Aldo Uribe
as Pablo
Sal Rendino
as Albert Terrace
George Katt
as Methodical Man/Thomas
Frank Pando
as Sgt. Vasquez
Wayne Xavier Norman
as Charles Kessler
Katty Velasquez
as Nicole
Eoin O'Brien
as Shepherds Bodyguard
John Stanisci
as Jewelry Store Manager
Matt Murray
as Dive Bar Hooligan
Adam David Thompson
as Travis Robek
Zoltán Hódi
as Danny
Noel Ramos
as Kyle LaColla - FBI Agent
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Bethany Mayfair
Erick Huertas
as Latino Prisoner
Anjali Bhimani
as Susan Shah
Mohamed Attougui
as Slim Man
Mark Johannes
as Older Man
Jeanine Bartel
as Vanessa Baker
Janelle McDermoth
as Recruit #2
Decater James
as Dotcom Guard #6
Mahaleia Gray
as Student in Cafeteria
Caroline McCue Mack
as Hostage
Lawrence J Murphy
as Sven
Tommy Bayiokos
as Hospital Security Guard
Tony Naumovski
as Ilya Mikhailov
Guiesseppe Jones
as Store Manager
Robert C. Kirk
as Vince
Vincent Ingrisano
as Nick Green/Security Guard
Angel Rosa
as Beat Cop/NYPD Officer
Li Jun Li
as Dr. Karen Sun
Zachery Byrd
as Sheldon Cole
Judy Marte
as Officer Costello
Peter Wallack
as Male Mercenary
Justin Clarke
as Goon #1/Mr. Red/Terrorist 3
Mina Bey
as Mexican Prisoner
Paul Calderon
as Drill Instructor
Rodrigo Lopresti
as Shawn Palmer
Elizabeth Mitchell
as Scarlett Myers
Martin Gero
as Wedding Officiant
Derek Roché
as Masked Man
Jim True-Frost
as John Saya
Gunnar Bersi Björnsson
as Icelandic Police Officer
Steve Ferrarie
as Uzi Gunman
Alexandra Lopez Galan
as Employee/UN Dignitary
Jing Xu
as Dr. Mingxia Chen
Bob Ari
as Earl
Sean Weil
as Wes Hartley
Reggie D. White
as Janitor
Neimah Djourabchi
as Terrorist
Celina Dean
as Therapist
Thomas La Marche
as Young CIA Officer
Phoenix Carnevale
as CIA Escort
Dean Flanagan
as Young Weller
Julia Crockett
as Lana Stepulov
Maceo Oliver
as IT Tech
Anthony Ferretti
as Tall Guard
Emperor Kaioyus
as Zander
Stephanie Thiel
as Passenger in Terminal
Randy Schell
as Announcer
Lars Gerhard
as Head Guard
Brie Kristiansen
as Vala
Lindsay Arnold
as Teenage Girl
Heidi Germaine Schnappauf
as Double Jane/Kate Williams (Redhead)/Redhead/Remi
Bridget McGarry
as Erin Keaton
Christopher Place
as Michael Herskope
Jason Kravits
as Doctor
Akim Black
as Bodyguard
Amy Margaret Wilson
as Briana/Brianna
Steve Kazee
as Clem Hahn
Malcolm David Kelley
as Keith Rhodes
Louis Ozawa
as Ken Lee
Josh Dean
as Boston Arliss Crab/Boston
Scott Lindley
as Young Weller
Jonathan Gregg
as Security Guard
Jordan Johnson-Hinds
as Stuart
Daniel J. Watts
as Freddy
Margaret Odette
as DJ
Gi'onna Kamille
as Meridia
Frankie J. Alvarez
as Julian Milliken
Mark Ivanir
as Anton Stepulov
Nathan Darrow
as Daniel Katzovich
Kathleen McNenny
as Camille Moon
Malcolm C. Murray
as Lead Guard
Leajato Amara Robinson
as Bahama Banker
Courtney Gonzalez
as FBI Agent
Robert Emmet Lunney
as Dr. Magnus Van Buren
Laith Nakli
as Zahir
Patricia Richardson
as Dr. Nora Lee Roga
Joe Cobden
as Jeffrey Kantor
Mary Stuart Masterson
as Eleanor Hirst/Hirst
Smitty Chai
as Thai Refugee
Amy Hargreaves
as Olivia Delidio
Gillian Zinser
as Eve
Lawrence Ballard
as Besuited Man
Sarah Baskin
as Agent Gall
Tina Benko
as Yasmine Petrushev
Jeremiah Wiggins
as Jerry Barnes
Dennis Flanagan
as Logan
Katie Finneran
as Sheryl Meeks
Evan Todd
as Clay Roga
Michelle Hendley
as Sam Kadkhoda
Chris Kies
as Michael Murphy
Tobias Segal
as Nick Pomeroy
Jay O. Sanders
as Bill Weller
Anthony DeVito
as Security Guard
Dylann Tripathi
as Young hostage
Michael Gaston
as Thomas Carter/Carter
James Colby
as Captain Rossi
Rania Salem Manganaro
as Arabic Translator
Andy McDermott
as Secret Service
Manni L. Perez
as Vanessa Eckert
Joseph Melendez
as Luther
Shunori Ramanathan
as Lisa Johnson
James Anthony McBride
as Al
Natalya Rudakova
as Hostage 4
Molly Bernard
as Delilah Dunny aka PopUpKid
Neil Jackson
as Randall Turner
Erik McKay
as Reggie
Jonah Young
as Burly O.P.R. Agent
Raoul Bhaneja
as Richard Shirley
Thelma O'Leary
as Inmate
Sejal Shah
as Oral Surgeon
Eddie K. Robinson
as Derek Wimble
Violette Tarantino-Marie
as Young Sarah
Jonathan Wilde
as Ken Thorpe
Tom Bruno
as Search & Rescue #1
David Furr
as Agent Joshua Boyd
Abigail Friend
as Foster Kid
Laura Lamberti
as Captive
Brett G. Smith
as Officer Schultz
Suki Úna Rae
as Times Square Pedestrian
Carrington Vilmont
as Front Desk Clerk
Laura Shoop
as Waitress
Erinn Ruth
as Agent Rose
Lee Garrett
as Leo
Dan Butler
as Paul Bolton
Toussaint Jeanlouis
as Officer Bronsen
Ron Menzel
as Dr. S
Sullivan Stapleton
as Kurt Weller
Hye Jin Jang
as Young Female Monk
Jeff Solomon
as Bo Kaier
Alexander Chaplin
as Garret Young
Josephine Huang
as Female Lab Tech
Pierson Salvador
as Young Adam
Michael G. Chin
as Super
Michael Godere
as Randy Luskey
Robert Baker
as Rafael Pierce
Mohammed Hossain
as Passenger
Tiffany Jaide Hightower
as FBI Detail
Rila Fukushima
as Akiko
Aaron Morton
as Male Correctional Officer
Patrick Cooley
as Towering Man
Rafael Sardina
as Jose
Neal Matarazzo
as Maxwell Tate
Georgina Reilly
as Chris
Ayden Hernandez
as Hostage Boy
Claudia Maree Mailer
as FBI Agent
Carl Li
as Wai
Miquel Fernández
as Santiago
Kristina Reyes
as Avery
Sandrine Holt
as Vanessa Chang
Hubert Point-Du Jour
as Akoi Salih
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Alex
Joshua Jonathan Cantor
as Doctor
Meredith Antoian
as Woman in Blue Dress
Jonathan Patrick Moore
as Oliver Kind
Blaire Brooks
as Officer Dunn
Vin Hamilton
as NASDAQ Trader
Marisa Marra
as Party Goer
John Schiappa
as Police Captain
Elizabeth Sujin Ford
as Woman with Oliver kind
Lucas Dixon
as Merrick
Glen Raphael
as John Siracusa
Patrick Brana
as TJ
Amber Skye Noyes
as Kat Jarett
Sakina Jaffrey
as Dr. Albright
Mike Hodge
as Judge
Yung-I Chang
as Chao
as Terrorist #9
Teddy Cañez
as Boss Guard
DeLance Minefee
as FBI Agent
Julie Cavaliere
as Lab Tech
Alex Ziwak
as FBI Agent
Jonathan Sienkiewicz
as Wes
Jenna Stern
as Dr. Lindsay Sparacino
Ukweli Roach
as Dr. Robert Borden/Borden
Hannah D. Scott
as Ex-Northlake Guard
Wendy Prior Fentress
as Allison Ornstein
Karishma Ahluwalia
as Valentine Barker
Quincy Dunn-Baker
as Conor
Jason Ng
as Beaten Man
Garret Riley
as Pianist
Michael Bryan French
as George Amherst
Debra Monk
as Colonel Powers
Wendy Hoopes
as Claire Dunn
Michael Drayer
as Michael Ganzman
Neil Hellegers
as Winston Pear
Tess Romero
as Pog Kid #1
Dave Quay
as Agent Peterson/Polygrapher
Tarik Lowe
as Eric Vance
Kim Ramirez
as Assistant
Galway McCullough
as Young Agent
Jason Mello
as Ex-Northlake Mercenary
Kayla Foster
as Lilly Terrace
Dominic Fumusa
as Gen. Peter Mahoney
Nico Coucke
as Armed Guard #2
Jason Alan Carvell
as Ivan Musgrave
Mike J Mills
as Icelandic Henchman
Daniel London
as Emile
Nicholas E. Calhoun
as Jonathan West
Ashley Johnson
as Patterson
Archie Panjabi
as Nas Kamal
Michelle Hurd
as Shepherd
Luke Mitchell
as Roman
Jaimie Alexander
as Jane Doe
Rob Brown
as Edgar Reade/Reade
Audrey Esparza
as Tasha Zapata
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
as Bethany Mayfair
Sullivan Stapleton
as Kurt Weller
Ukweli Roach
as Dr. Robert Borden/Borden

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 23 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

2020 | 11 Episodes




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