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October 22, 2021
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About this title


Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Wizard King. However, as they grew up the differences in their abilities became considerably noticeable. Yuno was a genius in his magic control and power, whilst Asta possessed no magic at all so he trained his physical body as much as possible in an attempt to make up for his lack of magic. Having received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno unexpectedly got one with a four leaf clover symbol on his whilst Asta unfortunately did not even get a Grimoire at all. However, when Yuno was threatened, the truth about Asta's power was revealed, he received a five leaf clover Grimoire, a "black clover". Now the two friends are heading out in the world, both seeking the same goal.

Country: Japan

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: Japanese

Release Date: October 3, 2017

Also Known As: ブラッククローバー, Burakku Kurōbā |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, PG), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on manga
super villain

Company Credits

Production Co: Pierrot


Emily Fajardo
as Nick/Additional Voices
Chris Cason
as Additional Voices
Rachael Messer
as Rebecca/Rebecca Scarlet/Additional Voices
Satoshi Hino
as Gauche Adlai/En Ringard
Alex Mai
as Additional Voices
Brandon Johnson
as Additional Voices
Ben Bryant
as Additional Voices/Willy/Zarik
Macy Anne Johnson
as Additional Voices
Madeleine Morris
as Additional Voices/Elvira
Bryn Apprill
as Mimosa/Additional Voices
Aaron Campbell
as Gareth/Onoby/Additional Voices
Sarah Roach
as Additional Voices/Female Magic Knight 106A/Female Villager 101A/Samantha Kravitz
Philip Annarella
as Additional Voices
Zachary Davis
as Additional Voices
Ariel Graham
as Additional Voices
Aaron Roberts
as Klaus
Eri Akiyama
as Finnes Calmreich
Brianna Roberts
as Additional Voices/Female Witch/Woman 145A
Crystal Cook
as Additional Voices
Jamie Marchi
as Queen of Witches/Additional Voices
Justin Briner
as Luck/Additional Voices
David Wald
as Vetto/Additional Voices
Gwendolyn Lau
as Additional Voices
Yuichiro Umehara
as Mars
Chris Thurman
as Additional Voices/Emcee Mage/Gayaya
Brian Witkowicz
as Additional Voices
Nicole Endicott
as Additional Voices
Miyu Irino
as Todomatsu Matsuno
Minami Takahashi
as Grey
J. Michael Tatum
as Fuegoleon/Additional Voices
Elizabeth Maxwell
as Additional Voices
Hayden Daviau
as Additional Voices/Vanessa (Young)
Casey Casper
as Granny/Meshu
Caitlin Myers
as Additional Voices
Ayumu Murase
as Luck Voltia
Brian Olvera
as Additional Voices
Bruce DuBose
as Yagos
Will Short
as Additional Voices
Andrew Love
as Protobe
Adam Gibbs
as Geork/Additional Voices
Mark Allen Jr.
as Additional Voices/Ina's Dad
John Burgmeier
as Seihi/Additional Voices
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma
as Salim De Hapshass
Cody Savoie
as Additional Voices/Gewalt
Jason Douglas
as Randall/Ledior/Additional Voices/Dabra
Gabe Kunda
as Gueldre/Additional Voices/Bolura
Gakuto Kajiwara
as Asta
Morgan Berry
as Nash/Additional Voices
Jean-Luc Hester
as Additional Voices
Jim Johnson
as Additional Voices
Alle Mims
as Additional Voices
Greg Silva
as Additional Voices
Suzie Yeung
as Additional Voices
John Gremillion
as Additional Voices
Ashe Thurman
as Additional Voices
Ben Balmaceda
as Additional Voices/Kaito
Christopher Llewyn Ramirez
as Nix
Keith Kubal
as Additional Voices
Alison Viktorin
as Additional Voices
Steve Powell
as Additional Voices
Kôsuke Toriumi
as Nozel Silva/Hamon Caseus
Oscar Seung
as Additional Voices/Mark
Brandon McInnis
as Finral/Additional Voices
Jarrod Greene
as Grey/Additional Voices/Gio/Grey (After Transformation)
Jamal Roberson
as Additional Voices
Natsuki Hanae
as Rill Boismortier
Jack Reeder
as Additional Voices
Brandon Scheiber
as Additional Voices
Emily Neves
as Additional Voices/Undine
Robert McCollum
as Julius/Additional Voices
Anastasia Munoz
as Additional Voices
Jerrin Prince
as Pau
Tabitha Ray
as Additional Voices
Michael Stimac
as Additional Voices/Medio
Rikako Yamaguchi
as Rebecca Scarlet
Chris Burnett
as Lumiere/Additional Voices/First Wizard King/First Wizard King (young adult)/Lemiel Silvamillion Clover
Austin Sisk
as Additional Voices
Orion Pitts
as Additional Voices/Goht/Vetto (Young)
Mark Stoddard
as Kaiser/Additional Voices
Hitomi Sasaki
as Nero
Linda Leonard
as Sister Theresa
Joel McDonald
as Abra
Johnny Yong Bosch
as Zora/Additional Voices/Zora (Young)
Nobunaga Shimazaki
as Yuno
Emi Lo
as Additional Voices/Lu/Parum
Misako Tomioka
as Marco Scarlet/Dominante Code
Drew Wall
as Dmitri Brint
Kenneisha Thompson
as Additional Voices
Zach Archibald
as Additional Voices
Hiroshi Kamiya
as Choromatsu Matsuno
Brittany Lauda
as Helene Barbary
Kim Titus
as Additional Voices
Monica Rial
as Nero/Secre/Mereoleona/Additional Voices/Doll/Witch Herbalist
Morgan Laure
as Sol/Sol Marron
Cris George
as Narrator/Additional Voices/Alfred/Asta's Demon/Devil
Brad Kurtz
as Additional Voices
Corinne Sudberg
as Additional Voices
Lydia Mackay
as Vanessa/Additional Voices
Carl G. Brooks
as Additional Voices
Jeremy Inman
as Additional Voices/Mohawk/Mohawq
Mao Ichimichi
as Fana
Megan Shipman
as Grey/Rekka/Additional Voices/Grey (True Form)
Caitlin Glass
as Catherine/Additional Voices
Brendan Blaber
as Additional Voices
Kristi Rothrock
as Horo/Additional Voices
Daman Mills
as Additional Voices/Revchi
Kazuki Nakao
as Shinpu
Courtney Stringer
as Additional Voices
Justin Cook
as Jack/Additional Voices
Barry Yandell
as Gifso
Syu Hikari
as Lemiel Silvamillion Clover
Daisuke Namikawa
as Jack the Ripper/Kirsch Vermillion
Lynsey Hale
as Additional Voices
Dex Peck
as Additional Voices
Ryôko Gi
as Witch Queen
Jim White
as Additional Voices
Felecia Angelle
as Tetia/Additional Voices/Cat 56A
Dave Woodard
as Additional Voices
Aaron Michael
as Additional Voices
Anthony Bowling
as Phati/Cob/Additional Voices/Tanoso/Cob Portaport
Yûichi Nakamura
as Karamatsu Matsuno
Steph Garrett
as Additional Voices/Dazu
Yoshitaka Yamaya
as Marx Francois
Graham Callaway
as Brad
Jeff Plunk
as Gaja
Comona Lewin
as Shinana/Additional Voices/Adrian
Ian Mead Moore
as Francis/Additional Voices/Babra
Joshua Sherman
as Additional Voices
Carson Wright
as Additional Voices
Phil Parsons
as Additional Voices/Roland/Vide
Mallorie Rodak
as Nebra Silva/Nebra
Rachel Robinson
as Bow Nocde
Gregory Lush
as Xerx/Additional Voices
Kate Bristol
as Additional Voices/Letoile/Letoile Becquerel/Kivn/Wainsley
Billy Betsill
as Additional Voices
Josh Grelle
as William
Satoshi Mikami
as Fanzell Kruger
Ryan Reynolds
as Additional Voices
Caleb Yen
as Additional Voices
Haileigh Todd
as Additional Voices
Jessica Peterson
as Additional Voices
Nazia Chaudhry
as Additional Voices
Beth Lipton
as Additional Voices
Kaito Ishikawa
as Langris Vaude
Brad Smeaton
as Additional Voices
Garrett Schenck
as Walter
Asuka Nishi
as Mimosa Vermilion
Stephen Fu
as Additional Voices/Henry/Cabra/Lionfish Mage/Young Yami Sukehiro
John Swasey
as Zara
Garret Storms
as Sekke/Additional Voices
Mike McFarland
as Gordon/Additional Voices/Jonna/Nathan/Nilenia/Nunnally/Roxanne
Ricco Fajardo
as Nozel/Nozel Silva/Additional Voices
Kyle Phillips
as Hamon/Weiss/Additional Voices
Alejandro Saab
as Aphro/Additional Voices
Daisuke Ono
as William Vangeance/Jushimatsu Matsuno
Lee George
as Additional Voices/Bandit Boss
Masaya Takatsuka
as Vetto
Josh Martin
as Additional Voices/Moray Mage
Kent Williams
as Owen/Additional Voices
Tyler Carson
as Additional Voices/Simon
Jeff Johnson
as Rick/Additional Voices
Rachel Glass
as Additional Voices/Emma
Minami Tsuda
as Sally
Trina Nishimura
as Sally
Eric Rolon
as Additional Voices/Mohl
Patric Carroll
as Additional Voices
Masakazu Morita
as Rhya
Bryan Massey
as Rades
Nazeeh Tarsha
as Additional Voices
Blake McNamara
as Additional Voices
Sara Ragsdale
as Arlu/Additional Voices/Horo
Sayaka Senbongi
as Mariella
Bill Butts
as Svenkin
Dave Trosko
as Gauche/Droit
Todd Haberkorn
as Salim
Kara Edwards
as Additional Voices/Lammy
Yasuyuki Sano
as Seishi
Tyson Rinehart
as Additional Voices/Cidane/Farmer/Shidan
Risa Kageyama
as Rekka
Justin Duncan
as Additional Voices
Ryôta Ôsaka
as Sekke Bronzazza
Alexis Tipton
as Mariella/Additional Voices/Leopold (Young)
Kate Oxley
as Additional Voices/Young Gauche
Bill Brooks
as Additional Voices/Mayer
Taylor Harris
as Galleo
Brandon Bristow
as Additional Voices
Ian Sinclair
as Magna
Jun'ichi Suwabe
as Yami Sukehiro
Jessica Cavanagh
as Puli/Additional Voices/Puli Angel
Joe Cucinotti
as Additional Voices
Kristen McGuire
as Additional Voices
Marissa Lenti
as Additional Voices/Lisacca
Stephanie Young
as Vanessa
Cory Phillips
as Additional Voices/Eric
Matt Shipman
as Alecdora/Additional Voices/Alecdora Sandler/Koza
Kevin Thelwell
as Additional Voices
Jerry Jewell
as Licht/Patry/Figure
Marcus D. Stimac
as Additional Voices/Heath
Colleen Clinkenbeard
as Charlotte/Additional Voices
Matthan Harris
as Additional Voices
Apphia Yu
as Marie/Additional Voices/Eclat
Chuck Huber
as Morris/Additional Voices
Kiyono Yasuno
as Charmy Pappitson
Michelle Lee
as Additional Voices
Randy E. Aguebor
as Shiren Tium/Shiren/Siren Tium
Masayuki Akasaka
as Grey/Nils Ragus/Rades Spirito/Siren Tium
Daiki Hamano
as Valtos
Ayane Sakura
as Secre Swallowtail
Kentarô Itô
as Randall Luftair
Kimberly Grace
as Additional Voices
Jason Liebrecht
as Mars/Mars (young)
Yurika Aizawa
as Nebra Silva
Aya Uchida
as Sylph/Fragil Tormenta
Molly Searcy
as Siona/Additional Voices/Karen
Mark Oristano
as Additional Voices
Tia Lynn Ballard
as Bell/Sylph/Additional Voices
Amber Lee Connors
as Additional Voices/Erika
Kenichiro Ohashi
as Leopold Vermillion
Alex Moore
as Additional Voices
as Finnes/Luca/Additional Voices
Kenny Green
as Additional Voices/Village Chief
Yuto Suzuki
as Lebuty
Brandon Luna
as Additional Voices
Dawn Michelle Bennett
as Sister Lily
Genki Muro
as Magna Swing
Kristi Kang
as Additional Voices
Chris Ryan
as Additional Voices/Curtis
Z. Charles Bolton
as Additional Voices/Gaston
Blake Shepard
as Additional Voices
Kris Bryan
as Additional Voices
Patrick McAlister
as Lagus
Luci Christian
as Acier/Additional Voices
James Larabee
as Additional Voices/Male Ocean Dweller C
Nana Mizuki
as Vanessa Enoteca
Kyle Igneczi
as Kirsch/Additional Voices/Kirsch Vermillion
Clay Wheeler
as Teuke/Additional Voices
Jacob Browning
as Additional Voices/Zuta
Ben Phillips
as Additional Voices/Ben/Abari/Ben Benfunk
Kôhei Amasaki
as Neige
Aaron Dismuke
as Marx Francois/Marx/Additional Voices
Kumi Takaragi
as Tetia
Sebastian Todd
as Additional Voices
Boomer West
as Additional Voices
Jennifer Alyx
as Kai
Jun Miyamoto
as Augustus Kira Clover XIII/Ben Benfunk
Lindsay Seidel
as Additional Voices/Liliane/Licht (Young)/Young Nun
Jeannie Tirado
as Fana/Fana (young)
Shawn Gann
as Additional Voices/Kabwe/Winsley
Eric Vale
as Fanzell/Fanzell (Grey)
Bill Jenkins
as Tower Master/Doruo
Mike Schraeder
as Additional Voices
Wakana Kowaka
as Puli Angel
Howard Wang
as Additional Voices/Borja/Puffer Mage
Kellen Goff
as Kotodama Devil/Ronne
Micah Solusod
as Yuno/Yuna
Ken'yû Horiuchi
as Lotus Whomalt
Amanda R. Gish
as Additional Voices
Ivan Jasso
as Additional Voices
Derek Whitener
as Additional Voices
Dalton Tindall
as Additional Voices/Bumoda
Janelle Lutz
as Additional Voices
Kasi Hollowell
as Additional Voices
Hikaru Midorikawa
as Zora Ideale
Dave Cain
as Additional Voices
Jill Harris
as Noelle Silva/Noelle/Noelle (young)
Terri Doty
as Additional Voices/Luck's Mother
Austin Tindle
as Leopold/Additional Voices
Brandon Potter
as Rhya/Additional Voices
Duncan Brannan
as Digit
Wataru Tsuyuzaki
as Cob Portaport/Ruben Chagar
Katsuyuki Konishi
as Fuegoleon Vermillion
Sonny Strait
as King Clover/High Priest
Ryôtarô Okiayu
as Heath
Larry Brantley
as Additional Voices/Kaito's Dad
Toshiyuki Morikawa
as Julius Nova Chrono
Chris Sykes
as Additional Voices
Skyler McIntosh
as Additional Voices/Akimo/Lounie
Eiichiro Tokumoto
as Owen
Haruna Kakiage
as Sol Marron
Chris Rager
as Baro/Additional Voices/Monster Baro/Shiren
Christina Marie Kelly
as Additional Voices
Joshua Passmore
as Additional Voices
Sakyiwaa Baah
as Additional Voices
Dani Chambers
as Additional Voices/Amy
Kana Yuuki
as Noelle Silva
Dallas Reid
as Asta/Basta/Casta/Dasta/Fasta
Jordan Dash Cruz
as Additional Voices/Ruben/Ruben Chagar
Randy Pearlman
as Additional Voices
Takeshi Kusao
as Ladros
Hana Sato
as Nash
Corey Cleary-Stoner
as Additional Voices
Clifford Chapin
as Langris/Additional Voices/Nozel
Takuma Terashima
as Klaus Lunettes
Matt Holmes
as David Swallow/Additional Voices/Baval/David
Christopher Wehkamp
as Solid/Additional Voices/Solid Silva
David Matranga
as Kiato/Man
Matt Thurston
as Winston/Additional Voices
Ryder Roberts
as Additional Voices
Shôma Yamamoto
as Solid Silva
Sarah Wiedenheft
as Charmy Papittoson/Charmy Pappitson/Charmy/Additional Voices
Ken'ichirô Matsuda
as Gordon Agrippa/Shidan
Joshua Bangle
as Forti/Additional Voices
Natalie Hoover
as Additional Voices/Pim Scarlet/Patry's Mom
Justin Pate
as Additional Voices
Bob Carter
as Additional Voices
Yû Kobayashi
as Charlotte Roselei/Charlotte Rosary
Andy Mullins
as Additional Voices/Greengrocer
Chad Halbrook
as Additional Voices/Cesc/Rokken
Leah Clark
as Fragil/Fragil Tormenta
Jeremiah Johnson
as Additional Voices
Drew Bramlett
as Additional Voices
Greg Dulcie
as Additional Voices
Brina Palencia
as Kahono
Junko Minagawa
as Mereoleona
Miyu Kubota
as Sister Lily
Kimiko Jitsukawa
as Catherine
David Novinski
as Additional Voices
Adam Rowe
as Additional Voices
Doug Jackson
as Rob
Julie Shields
as Additional Voices
Coby Lewin
as Additional Voices/Adrian
Chris Guerrero
as Valtos/Additional Voices
Tyler Walker
as Additional Voices/Balmain/Jimmy
Ray Hurd
as Brocks/Additional Voices
Brad Hawkins
as Lotus
Jad Saxton
as Dorothy/Additional Voices/Patry (Young)/Pem/Patry
Michelle Rojas
as Marco/Additional Voices
Jim Foronda
as En/Additional Voices/Head Chef/En Ringard/Jamo/Young Baro
Christopher Sabat
as Yami Sukehiro/Yami
Kylie Stewart
as Kyle
Derick Snow
as Rill/Additional Voices/Rill Boismortier
Jun Fukuyama
as Finral Roulacase/Ichimatsu Matsuno
Genki Okawa
as Alecdora Sandler
Samantha Herek
as Additional Voices/Eliza
Takahiro Sakurai
as Licht/Osomatsu Matsuno/Patolli
Seth Magill
as Nils/Additional Voices/Nils Ragus
Brian Mathis
as High Priest/Priest
Chris Gardner
as Additional Voices/Ladros/Ladros (young)
Travis Mullenix
as Additional Voices
Morgan Lea
as Additional Voices
Michael A. Zekas
as Additional Voices
Dallas Clifton
as Additional Voices
Gareth West
as Additional Voices
Katelyn Barr
as Dominante/Additional Voices/Eliza/Dominante (housewife)/Dominante (saleswoman)
Rick Keeling
as Magic Knight
Ry McKeand
as Additional Voices/Ina
Michael Jones
as Additional Voices
Greg Ayres
as Neige/Young Neige
Mikaela Krantz
as Additional Voices/Fuegoleon (Young)/Young Fuegoleon
Quinn Angell
as Additional Voices/Makusa
Patrick Morphy
as Additional Voices
Clint Gilbert
as Additional Voices
Kiba Walker
as Additional Voices/Pablo/Paplo
Philip Weber
as Additional Voices
Bryson Baugus
as Additional Voices
Alex Organ
as Damnatio

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 51 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4




Awards & Nominations

Behind the Voice Actors Awards 2018


Behind the Voice Actors Awards

Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Television Series/OVA

Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2019


Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Best Fight Scene


Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Best Continuing Series

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