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October 24, 2021
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Wealth, influence and corruption collide in this drama set in New York. Shrewd U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades is embroiled in a high-stakes game of predator vs. prey with the ambitious hedge-fund king, Bobby Axelrod.To date, Rhoades has never lost an insider trading case -- he's 81-0 -- but when criminal evidence turns up against Axelrod, he proceeds cautiously in building the case against Axelrod, who employs Rhoades' wife, psychiatrist Wendy, as a performance coach for his company. Wendy, who has been in her position longer than Chuck has been in his, refuses to give up her career for her husband's legal crusade against Axelrod. Both men use their intelligence, power and influence to outmaneuver the other in this battle over billions. The high-profile cast is led by Emmy winners Paul Giamatti ("John Adams") and Damian Lewis ("Homeland") as Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod, respectively.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: January 1, 2016

Also Known As: Miliarde, Milliárdok nyomában |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
wall street

Company Credits

Production Co: Showtime Entertainment, Best Available!


Benjamin Farmer
as Door Guy
Chance Kelly
as Ken Shaddock
Seth Gabel
as John Rice
Alexa Don
as Younger Woman
Aly Mang
as Alpha Conference Member
Mike Scerbo
as Pedestrian
Timothy Davis
as Chef Ryan
Robert Werner
as Cameraman
William G. Tomek
as Party Guest
Delanie Wheeler
as Bar Patron/Russian bar patron
Kelsey Lea Jones
as Brandi/Dancer
Lee R. Sellars
as Carter Calloway
Hari Dhillon
as Michael Panay
Jim Cleary
as Gala Attendee
Edward M. Kelahan
as Phillip Carroll
Richard Thomas
as Sanford Bensinger
Eric Martin Brown
as Lead FBI Agent
Joel Marsh Garland
as Sean
Radhika Jones
as Radhika Jones
Art Shrian Tiwari
as Spartan Ives Investor
Margot Avery
as Council Member
Simonas Zmuidzinas
as Upper East Side Guest
Byron Jennings
as Alex
Melanie Hinkle
as Bronwen
Anthony C. Mazza
as FBI Agent
Jonathan Tisch
as Jonathan Tisch
Sean Feeney
as Sean Feeney
Kevin Breznahan
as Johnny Burke
Gina White
as Foley Guest
Timothy Janus
as Jones
Rick Hoffman
as Doctor Swerlow/Dr. Swerdlow
Frankie Justin
as Trendy Brooklyn Guy
Cadden Jones
as Birch's Lawyer
Frank Harts
as Dale Christo
Camrus Johnson
as Bike Messenger
Shaunette Renée Wilson
as Stephanie Reed
Alexa Swinton
as Eva Rhoades
Malin Akerman
as Lara Axelrod
Lawrence Floyd
as AL Mayor
Joaquín Maceo Rosa
as Esteban
Owen Burke
as Actor
Gary VanManen
as Working Class Person in line for Bus
Will Guidara
as Will Guidara
Crystal Chau
as Party Planner
Corbin Bernsen
as Bill McGann
Brian Keane
as Matt Allen
Damian Lewis
as Bobby Axelrod
Dominic Longo
as Alpha Conference Member
Stephen James Anthony
as Data Guy
Drew Allen
as Yacht Architect
Jennifer Lafleur
as Nancy
Kevin Blatch
as Landau
Darly Wayne
as Axe Capital Trader
John Pirkis
as Farraday
Christine D. Price
as Funeral Mourner
Stacey Sherrell
as Savion's Mom
Paul Giamatti
as Chuck Rhoades
Bob Lloyd
as Sci-Fit gym client
Robby Chin
as Sci-Fit Gym Client
Randall Miles
as Martin Carlisle
Peter Jacobson
as Shelby Vivian
Curzon Dobell
as Judge Go
Ella Rivers
as Yale Student
Olga Glazman
as Check-in Manager
Angela Marie Roy
as Shayleen McKinnon
Alexandra Elena Todd
as Mrs. Krakow
Brian Patrick Murphy
as A.R.
Sam Morril
as Sam
Bill Walters
as Chess Player
Javier Eusebio
as Marcus
Brian Donahue
as Pitching Coach
John Danaher
as Instructor
Kris Arnold
as Kansas City Board Member #1
Mike Starr
as Nicky Pawlowski
Marmee Regine Cosico
as ND Business Pedestrian
Ashley Blankenship
as Waitress
Richard DeDomenico
as Custom Tailor
David Costabile
as Mike 'Wags' Wagner
Steve Tisch
as Steve Tisch
Nina Arianda
as Rebecca Cantu
Michael Adam Karsch
as Michael Adam Karsch
Hikaru Nakamura
as Hikaru Nakamura
Alok Tewari
as Jules Hakli
Christopher Chan
as Exec #3
Marc Kudisch
as Dr. Gus
Harry Lennix
as Frank Sacker/Franklin Sacker
Michael Cyril Creighton
as Martin Yancy
Brian Cade
as Shaw
Harry Bouvy
as Loan Officer
Angela Palmer-Haibach
as Ax Capital Trader
Stephen Schnetzer
as Antoine Casson
Fred Applegate
as Hal
Shawna Christensen
as Sandra Watley
Mike DiGiacinto
as FBI Agent
Kevin D. McGee
as U.S. Attorney/Orderly #2
Chil Kong
as Investor
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
as Trustee
Ashley Tate
as Park Goer
David Faber
as David Faber
Grayson Taylor
as Layner Kid #1
Anthony Salvador Lewis
as Ortiz
Franco Gonzalez
as Tito
Jeremy Bobb
as Hutch Bailey III
Eliza Vitale
as Conference Attendee
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Manager #3
Michael Lewis
as Juror #1
Malin Åkerman
John DiGiorgio
as FBI Agent/Texas Local
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
as Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Robert Wayne Grondski
as Billionaire Boxing Match Attendee
E. Taylor
as Hot Tub Woman #3
Edmond Laryea
as Art Gallery Security #1
Jacob Knoll
as Channing Feldt/Trader/Trader 1/Channing
Tijuana Ricks
as Tonelle 'T' Burton/Tonelle 'T.' Burton/Tonnelle T. Burton/U.S. Attorney
Rich Chew
as Man in Suit
Geoffrey J.D. Payne
as Audience Attendee
Tyler Ianuzi
as Conference Attendee
Giuseppe Ardizzone
as NJ Transit Bus Driver
Gary Ayash
as Investment Broker
Abby Lindsay
as Business Lunch Patron
Graig Guggenheim
as Umpire
Stephen Dexter
as Wall Street Cub #1
Nik Pjeternikaj
as Juror #4
William Connell
as Trader
Kody Christiansen
as Barista
Jerry Lobrow
as FBI Agent
Gia Crovatin
as McKayla
Kabe Park
as Sung
Matthew Lawler
as Lucien Porter
Maria Sharapova
as Maria Sharapova
Maurice Ashley
as Hustler
Kyle Klaus
as Other Trader
Laren England
as Student
Suzanne Johnson
as Linda Boyd
Tamara Tunie
as Amelia
Sergio Rizzuto
as Guest
Hamilton Clancy
as Clayton Grunwald
Alex Cranmer
as Chadwick Eads
Dierdre Reimold
as Stunner
Stipe Miocic
as Stipe Miocic
Joe Laresca
as Event Greeter
Lev Gorn
as Max
Chris Tera
as Wall Street Guy
Anoop Desai
as Dev Satyal
Delilah Napier
as Dee Dee
Chris Cafero
as Mike Biggs
Al Cerullo
as Helicopter Pilot
John Murphy
as Marine Mate
Katelyn Pearce
as Hot Tub Woman #5
Will Dinsmoor
as Alpha Conference Audience Member
Mark Gessner
as Jacobsen
Galen Polivka
as The Hold Steady
Michael Kostroff
as Mick Nussfaur
Raul Torres
as Ambassador Suarez
Julia Ekwall
as High School Student
David Chang
as David Chang
Ian Knauer
as Gary Silver
Jennifer Leah Gottlieb
as Trainer
Stephen Rowe
as Investor #2
Ryan Hinson
as Self - Axe Cap Portfolio Manager
John DiRenzo
as Axe Trader
Cliff Samara
as Anil
Jerry Riccardelli
as 5th Ave Pedestrian/Upscale Event Attendee
Glenn Davis
as Cook
Nashawn Kearse
as Jerry the Guard
Alex Guarnaschelli
as Alex Guarnaschelli
David Paterson
as Lara's Co-pilot
Danai Kadzere
as Executive Assistant
Christine Cartell
as Dollar Bill's Wife #2
Ed Schoenfeld
as Ed Schoenfeld
Greg Dziewonski
as Restaurant Patron
Patti D'Arbanville
as Axe's Mother/Laurel Axelrod
Stacie Bono
as Partygoer
Annie Pisapia
as Not Maria
Jamal Thomas
as Car Guy
Stacey Cunningham
as Stacey Cunningham
Thomas D. Weaver
as Sandicot Police Officer
Marion Birdsall
as Hot Tub Woman #4
James Hetfield
as Metallica
Jeff Kim
as Steph's Lawyer
Tom Lipinski
as Tim Dones
Louisa Krause
as Lu
Ellen Adair
as Graff
Tammy Blanchard
as Melanie
Douglas Cafran
as Upscale Businessman
Jeffrey M. Katz
as Axe Capital Trader/FBI Agent
Stephen Kunken
as Ari Spyros
Jake Robards
as Michael Arendt
Mark Borkowski
as Captain Harvey
Orease Bowers
as Lead Investigator
George Deihl Jr.
as Second CEO Candidate
Obi Abili
as Roland Aduba
Denny Dale Bess
as Foreman
Shade Rupe
as Zenobia Executive
Clancy Brown
as Waylon 'Jock' Jeffcoat
Daniel Boulud
as Daniel Boulud
Sam Gilroy
as Michael Dimonda
Gina-Raye Carter
as Self
Jay Hieron
as Resident
David Vadim
as Agent Dancshazy
Samantha Lee Johnson
as Book Party Goer/Pedestrian
Anthony Mangieri
as Anthony Mangieri
David Kubicka
as Dave the Bartender
Suni Reyes
as Nancy Saltz
Kyle Anderson
as FBI Partner #1
Jennifer Miller
as Clipboard Girl
Frank Volpe
as Chuck Rhoades Supporter
Michael Platt
as Michael Platt
Trish McCall
as Kim
Melissa Errico
as June Raichlein
Marguerite Stimpson
as Brienne
Anna Tyson
as Hot Tub Woman #1
Randy Memoli
as NY State Police Officer
Christopher Denham
as Oliver Dake
Jose Soto
as Basilio Bustamante
Juan Luis Acevedo
as Domingo
Christiana Blain
as Eizabeth
James Chanos
as James Chanos
Edward Baker-Duly
as Travel Agent
Kate Arrington
as Saldana
Deshpyar Singh
as Zenobia Employee
Cherrie McRae
as Receptionist
Vin Craig
as Guess Your Weight Guy
Jordan Loiodice
as Alpha Conference Member
Jordan Lage
as Minor Welles
Jeryl Ann Costello
as Random Juror
Onika Day
as Cop
Ivan Martin
as Butch 'The Pouch' Probert
Lizzie Tisch
as Lizzie Tisch
Michael Cerveris
as AG Drew Moody
Ken Holmes
as Errix Employee
Brian Distance
as Home Aide
Mary-Louise Parker
as George Minchak
Hunter Canning
as Desk Jockey
Madeline Burns
as Party Girl #2
Robert O'Gorman
as Grand Swipe
Johnathan Ross
as Comms Guy
Angela Oh
as Marissa Compliance
Kristoffe Brodeur
as High Level Fund Manager
Daniel Haggard
as Lab Tech
Michael Mazzeo
as Tony
Casey Siemaszko
as Seids
Alice Barrett
as Anne Claudine Jeffcoat/Anne Jeffcoat
Izzy Ruiz
as Cop
Mark Cuban
as Mark Cuban
David Krumholtz
as Frotty Anisman
Maggie Siff
as Wendy Rhoades
Viveca Gardiner
as Event attendee
Walker Hare
as European Pilot
Masaaki Uchino
as Sushi Chef
Ivan Orkin
as Ivan Orkin
Brian Beckerle
as Dean Axelrod
Lou Lentino-Rodriguez
as MC
Victor Slezak
as Gary Bogard
John Hemphill
as Topher Morton
Dan Soder
as Mafee
Kevin Durant
as Kevin Durant
Flint Beverage
as Fire Marshall Coburn
Mary Giuliani
as Mary Giuliani
Simon Pearl
as Darren
Quinn Franzen
as Random Paralegal/Rando Paralegal
Stafford Chavis
as Thug
Matthew Humphreys
as Walter
Corinne van den Heuvel
as Waitress
Sarah Grace Wilson
as Martina Slovis
Valéry Lessard
as Hot Tub Woman #2
Jade Eshete
as Lauren Turner
Nicholas Baroudi
as Hedge Guy
Akili McDowell
as Savion Williams
Jojo Brown
as Kara
Odette Warder Henderson
as Government Agent
Ben Lawson
as Mikey
Tad Kubler
as The Hold Steady
Craig Braun
as Bishop
Justin Szablicki
as Self
Rob Chen
as Orderly
Mark Langston
as Businessman
Adam Harrington
as Exec #2
David Gibson
as Editor
Ross Partridge
as Tom McKinnon
Robert Trujillo
as Metallica
Adam Davenport
as Tourist
David Negri
as Russian bar patron
Ryan Barry
as IT Guy/IT Greg
Patrick Byas
as Personal Trainer
Kate Jennings Grant
as Evelyn Benson
Susan Misner
as Terri McCue
Thomas M. Hammond
as Lawyer
Blaise Hancock
as FBI Partner #2
Matt Servitto
as Bob Sweeney/Bob Sweeny
Daymond John
as Daymond John
as Casino Gambler
Alex Monsky
as Ratings Guy
Adriane Lenox
as Mrs. Sacker
Michelle Bagwell
as Banker #4
Alisha Poland
as Axe Cap Portfolio Manager/Axe Capital Portfolio Manager
Jerry D. O'Donnell
as Security Guard/Security
Michaela Sprague
as Fiona
Sólveig Eva
as Model
Sal Rendino
as Hall's Associate
Katrine Hoyt
as Book Party Goer/Donnie's Ex-Wife
Audrey Heffernan Meyer
as Gilbert's Wife
Jayden Abrams
as Dinner Guest
Eric Bogosian
as Lawrence Boyd
Noah Robbins
as Merle Howard
Joe Assadourian
as Cheddar Mailroom Guy
Zana Markelson
as Board Member
Brad Fraizer
as Lead Tech
Lauren O'Brien
as Law Student
Terence Lorino
as Bouncer
Andrew Polk
as Freddie Eisen
Jason Hurt
as Axe Body Guard
Michael Raymond-James
as Jackie Connerty
Tommy Bayiokos
as Fireman #3
Seth Barrish
as Dr. Gilbert/Dr. Ari Gilbert
Gregg Bello
as Ned
Eva Victor
as Rian
Leonid Bruk
as Russian Musician #1
Rachel Zeiger-Haag
as Amelie
Purva Bedi
as Kiran Gupta
Ezra Knight
as Steve Compliance
Zefralyn Osborn
as Masseuse
Mark Seliger
as Mark Seliger
Gregory Korostishevsky
as Rad Kozlov
Joshua M. Brown
as Joshua M. Brown
Ian Blackman
as Earl Willis/Wolkowska's Attorney
Comfort Clinton
as Taiga
Sergei Ashurov
as Pedestrian
Patrick Mulligan
as Schoolboy/Westport Basketball Player 5
Nick Morgenstern
as Nick Morgenstern
Becky Ann Baker
as Brenda
Dhruv Maheshwari
as Tuk Lal
Gioianna DiGiorgio
as Friend/Matt's Daughter/Student
Matthew Van Oss
as Kent
Scott Wapner
as Scott Wapner
Maceo Oliver
as Marvin
Chelcie Ross
as Robert Beaufort
Tanis Parenteau
as Jane Halftown
Munro M. Bonnell
as Board Member #1
James Martinez
as Ray Cruz
Aynsley Thaler
as Funeral Attendee
Tiffany Eatz
as Restaurant Patron
Nolan Lyons
as Gilbert's Son
Rich Eisen
as Rich Eisen
Cory Chase
as Self
Paige Fitzgerald
as Girl Decker
Elizabeth Tate
as Party Girl #1
Daniel Case
as Fireman #1
Michael Countryman
Steven Alan Black
as Kappa Beta Phi Neophyte
Meisha Brooks
as Narit
Adam Mucci
as Tommy Mazookis
Kelly Stackhouse
as Kelly
James Le Gros
as Henchman
Catherine A. Callahan
as Lilly Smith
Danny Strong
as Todd Krakow
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Eric 'Ike' Isaacson/Eric Isaacson
Ben Folds
as Ben Folds
Riley Barnes
as Bar Patron #2
Austin Ku
as Salesperson
Tripp Crosby
as BJ
Chris Werkmeister
as Waiter
Condola Rashād
Scott Cohen
as Pete Decker
Evander Duck Jr.
as Admiral William Karras
Richard Bertisch
as Legislator
Daniela Reina
as Native American Wedding Guest
Sejal Shah
as Board Member #2
Tadashi Mitsui
as Ash
DJ Renegade
as Investor
Ben Graney
as Wall Street Cub #2
Michael Nagle
as Assistant US Attorney/Conference/Financial Analyst
C.C. Sabathia
as CC Sabathia
Jorge Cordova
as Nacho
David Strathairn
as Black Jack Foley
Erinn Ruth
as Mo
Roma Maffia
as Mary Ann Gramm
Reed Diamond
as Evan Robards
Claude-Albert Makelele
as Claude
Norman Aaronson
as Yale '68 Reunion Attendee
Kahan James
as Bruce Layner
Naomi Poremba
as Lilly's Daughter
Brynn Watkins
as Bar Patron
Jeremy AdamS.
as Axe Capital Employee
Aleszea Blanche Germann
as Ariadne
Gregg Edelman
as Chairman of the Board
Ayden Hernandez
as Lilly's Son
Rachel Leslie
as Bledsoe
Robert S. Gregory
as Banker #3
Danny L. Chapman
as Chicken Man
Sam Lilja
as Barry the Projectionist
William Rose
as Trader
Dared Wright
as Innocuous Man
Kelly AuCoin
as 'Dollar' Bill Stearn
Arashdeep Singh
as Waiter
Frank Fortunato
as Fireman #2
Vincent Beard
as Assistant US Attorney
Chris Carfizzi
as Rudy
Tawny Cypress
as Allison Walker/Dean Walker
Iván Amaro Bullón
as Wedding Guest Dancer
Eric Meyers
as Freddie Aquafino
Adam Kantor
as Pununzio
Dillon Mathews
as Wall Street Security Grunt (2016)
Ali Ahn
as Carly
Lucy Owen
as Connie
Jacqueline Honulik
as Model
Ari'el Stachel
as Brian Dana
Sini Hill
as Axe Capital Trader
Julia Antonelli
as Siena
Franz Nicolay
as The Hold Steady
Michael Stoyanov
as Terry Burke
Jesse VanDerveer
as Basketball Spectator
William Richards
as Brother of Recipient
Rachel Christopher
as FBI Agent #2
Jeff Zalaznick
as Jeff Zalaznick
Ryan McCarthy
as Dell Lambert
Ritchie Coster
as Donald Thayer
Michael Bolton
as Self
Ted Neustadt
as Harry
Daymien Valentino
as Axelrod's Bodyguard/Axelrod's Personal Bodyguard
Dan Couri
as Audience Member
John Zdrojeski
as Landry Bensinger
Richard James Porter
as Cabinet Member #1
Dominique Wilkins
as Dominique Wilkins
Justice Quiroz
as Guatemala Kid
Hannah Kelsy
as Maternity Nurse
Rob Morrow
as Adam DeGiulio/Adam Degiulio
Eva Kaminsky
as Kelly Grunwald
Steve Gagliastro
as Ronnie
Prema Cruz
as Wendy's Assistant
Adam Wade McLaughlin
as Hlasa
Alexandra Madera
as Foley Guest
Chris Foley
as Man 1
Sasha Vosk Jr.
as Son of Andalov
Shawn Doyle
as Hank Flagg
Lexie Roth
as Taylor's Friend
Daniel Breaker
as Roger 'Scooter' Dunbar
Charles Koppelman
as Cameron Stoldt
Miller Tai
Alexandra Wilson
as Segment Producer
Eli Perdew
as Axe Capital Employee
Cédrick Gosselin
as Guitarist
Ben Shenkman
as Ira/Ira Schirmer
David Aaron Baker
as Larry Brogan
Roger Anthony
as Keith
Olesya Senchenko
as Grigor's Wife
Jay Oakerson
as Weed Somm
Adrian M. Mompoint
as FBI Agent
Karen Goeller
as Lawyer
Homero Antonio Gonzalez McDougall
as Netrunner Player
Elina Karokhina
as Russian Musician #2
Christina Rouner
as Investor #1
Yinka Adeboyeku
as Driver
Clara Wong
as Mistress/Troy
Denise Keizer
as Server
Mike Birbiglia
as Oscar Langstraat
Penn Jillette
as Penn Jillette
James Collins Jr.
as Bailiff
Natalie Jacobs
as Lead Cop
Sekai Murashige
as Ewan
Candice Gordon
as Banker #2
Hunter Daily
as Girlfriend with a Camera
Lars Ulrich
as Metallica
Steven Weisz
as Board Director
Amy Chang
as Cutler's Maid
Jason Hewitt
as Attorney at Conference
Gary Greengrass
as Gary Greengrass
Barthelemy Atsin
as CBP Agent
Condola Rashad
as Kate Sacker
Kathleen Wilce
as Investor
Liza J. Bennett
as Assistant
Alba Albanese
as Cassie
as Cop
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Chuck Rhoades, Sr.
Carolyn McCormick
as Investment Banker
Steve Selvidge
as The Hold Steady
Scott Aiello
as Tommy Barkow
George Zouvelos
as Del Posto
Melissa Navia
as Elena Gabriel
King Victoree
as Wine Sommelier
Ian Kahn
as Fred Reyes
Damir Mrkulic
as NYPD Officer
Al Roffe
as Worker
Diana Craig
as Judge #3
Vanessa R. Butler
as Nurse
Richard Toth
as Sherm
Kevin Isola
as Matthew
Cindy Cheung
as Ali Kashkhokh
Lenny Venito
as Slayton
Melanie Nicholls-King
as Frances Lynch
Jessica Rush
as Christine
Michael Philip
as Exec #1
Andrew Block
as Kelly
Emily Keefe
as Krakow's Mistress
Nusret Gökçe
as Nusret Gökçe
Jarid Faubel
as Guy #1
Stephen Badalamenti
as Phil
Freja Zeuthen
as Model
Erin Leigh Peck
as Kansas City Board Member #3
Bregje Heinen
as Model
Ian Fischer
as Fireman
Amanda Marie Wilkinson
as Assistant US Attorney
Lynn Marocola
as Court Officer
Noah Emmerich
as Freddie Aquafino
Ivy Askew
as Ivy Askew
Lily Gladstone
as Roxanne
James Wolk
as Craig Heidecker
Katie Maguire
as State Trooper
J.C. MacKenzie
as Headmaster Julien Kessel
David M. Raine
as US Marshall
Kathleen Garrett
as Maureen Ryder
Michael Stewart Allen
as Cabinet Member #2
Michelle Santiago
as FBI Agent
Marc Lasry
as Marc Lasry
Jessica Keenan Wynn
as Cheryl
Nick Apollo Forte
as Nick Apollo Forte
Brian Berrebbi
as Randy Kornbluth
Malachi Weir
as Lonnie Watley
Wendie Malick
as Leah Calder
James Padric
as Mailroom Guy #2
Domenick Lombardozzi
as Paul 'Manz' Manzarello
Bobby Drake
as The Hold Steady
Harold Bridgeforth
as Security Guard
Andrew Swayne
as Yale College Student
Libby Winters
as Alyssa
Rasik Ohal
as Quant Candidate 3
Martin Barabas
as Burkes' Lawyer
Ella Rubin
as Gilbert's Daughter
Emily Alexandria Shephard
as Pool Girl
Saul Rubinek
as Hap Halloran
Cameron Colley
as Boy Decker
Tim Ferriss
as Tim Ferriss
Wayne J. Miller
as Irish Bartender
Scott Manginelli
as Festival Goer
Jack Gore
as Gordie Axelrod
Wiley Jones
as Blackjack Player
Pat Kiernan
as Pat Kiernan
Grace Su
as Realtor
Katie Kuang
as Wags' Entourage Model #2
Harris Yulin
as Judge Funt/Leonard Funt
Tony Yazbeck
as Marco Capparelo/Marc/Marc Capparello
Julee Cerda
as Sam Brandt
Charles Glaser
as Eads, Sr.
Marko Caka
as Wall Street Analyst
Bradley Ryan Knispel
as Prep School Student
Adam Green
as Quant Kid 1
Mark Hilton
as Repo Man
Stu Richel
as Dick Shaw
Sebastian Hedges Thomas
as Layner Kid #2
Vincent Tumeo
as FBI Agent/Stevens & Callahan Banker
Joe Avellar
as Cliff Slade
Marlene Ginader
as Waitress
Debargo Sanyal
as Mauricio
Clayton Dean Smith
as Waiter
Allan Havey
as Karl Allard/Karl Allerd
Al Nazemian
as Barman
Sean Patrick Reilly
as Joe Scolari
Darren Goldstein
as Simon Shenk
Alyx Libby
as Data Guy's Companion
Omeed Malik
as Omar Malkov
Ivica Marc
as Vlad Kozlov
Alexander Blaise
as Man 2
Julia Brothers
as Crowd Member
Adam Cohen
as College Student/Vigil Attendant
David Neal Levin
as Clarence Fiedler
Tyler Stanton
as Sean
Wilson Christopher
as Axe Bodyguard
Kerry Bishé
as Elise
Sara Sampaio
as Prianca
Jerry O'Connell
as Steven Birch
Angus Hepburn
as Front Desk Man
Ian Colletti
as George Wagner
Logan Fry
as Yale Class of '68 Alum
John Ellison Conlee
as Garth
Julianna Margulies
as Catherine 'Cat' Brant
Robert J Morgalo
as Legislator
Sherin Shetty
as Coffee Runner
Ken Parrish
as HPM Trader
Frank Bowman
as Abraham/Servant
Keith Hernandez
as Keith Hernandez
Chris Sacca
as Chris Sacca
Trevor Kuhn
as Sandy Mclean
Mark Lehneman
as Restaurant Patron/U.S. Department Of Justice/Wedding Guest
Joanne Tucker
as Sandy Stearn
Luis Arroyo Jr.
as Customs Border Patrol Agent
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Alvin Epstein
Pedro Marcelino
as Self
Justin Blake
as Hedge Fund Spouse
Mini Min
as Investor
Sarah Stiles
as Bonnie Barella/Bonnie Candela/Bonnie Barcella
Amir Arison
as Farhad
Alex Wagner
as Alex Wagner
Theophilus Griffin
as Businessman
Jade Wu
as Warden Glynnis Robinson
Meredith Travers
as Wife
Alex Moffat
as Anthony
And Palladino
as Convention Attendee
Phil Hellmuth Jr.
as Phil Hellmuth
Louis Cancelmi
as Victor Mateo/Victor
Robert J. Naia
as Layner Teenage Son
Gregory Dann
as Gene
Michael Cuomo
as Rival CEO
Lucas Calhoun
as Ferguson
Terry Kinney
as Hall
Ilfenesh Hadera
as Deb Kawi
Clifton Davis
as Judge Wailand
Neal Huff
as Bert Kroll
Leon Outlaw Jr.
as Ty
Peter Evangelista
as Rep
Roger Brenner
as EMT/FDNY/Yum Time Office Worker
Will Rogers
as Peyton Breen
Sean Ringgold
as Security Guard/Axe Cap Security Guard/Axe Security Guard
Doris McCarthy
as Ice Cram Parlor Patron/Political Guest/Restaurant Patron/Upscale Bar Patron/Upscale Gala Guest
Alexis v Hall
as Enviromental Consultant
Rebecca Ruber
as Model/Restaurant Diner/Sienna Personal Trainer
Arthur J. Nascarella
as Bruno Capparelo/Bruno Capparello
Richard Topol
as Angel
Daniel Cosgrove
as Dan Margolis/Danny Margolis
Ronald Boone
as F B.I Agent
Murphy Guyer
as Chief Mueller
Nicolette Sweeney
as Cocktail Waitress
Scott Robertson
as Board Member
Christopher Paul Richards
as Dean Axelrod
John Sanders
as Manager #1
Michael D. Joseph
as Conference Attendee
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Kenneth Malverne
Sean Kilkenny
as Tourist in Restaurant
Maximo Pain
as Office Worker
Ross Degraw
as Mayor
Polly Draper
as Sen. Marcia Vandeveer
Jon Madray
as Axe Capital Trader
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
as Raul Gomez
Robb Stech
as Tag Rosenfeld
Anthony Capasso
as Tony Mâitre D'
Adit Dileep
as Roger
Wylie Dufresne
as Wylie Dufresne
Zoe Hutmacher
as Art Gallery Goer
Michael Aronov
as Michael
Lisa Ann
as Self
David Cromer
as Donnie Caan
Zina Wilde
as Helena/Axe's Second Assistant
Richard R. Corapi
as Yum Time Board Member
Orlagh Cassidy
as Manager #2
D.C. Anderson
as VA Mayor
Mark Blum
as Dr. Mark Rutenberg
Ehad Berisha
as Tech Geek #2
Cliff Moylan
as Shrieve
Rebecca Quin
as Rebecca Quin
Kenny Dichter
as Kenny Dichter
Gregory Barker
as Brooklyn Working Class People
Alfredo David
as Axe Capital Junior Analyst
Haynes Thigpen
as Vice President
Samantha Mathis
as Sara Hammon
Jabari Gray
as FBI Agent
Bisserat Tseggai
as Waitress
Horace Henry
as Barker
Gary Wilmes
as Agent Gyorgy Dancshazy/FBI Agent Dancshazy
Chris Bolan
as Axelrod Pilot
John Henry Cox
as Jerry Purkheiser
Jackie Taylor
as Girlfriend of Nussfaur
Alysia Joy Powell
as Clerk
Melodie Wolford
as MS Mayor
Lane Bradbury
as Grigor's Mom
Adam Smith Jr.
as FBI Agent #1
Zachary Leipert
as Cocktail Party Guest/VIP Concert Attendee
Brian Faherty
as American Manager
J.L. Rey
as Louis
Keith Eric Chappelle
as Everett Wright/Eveready/Everette Wright
Deborah Rush
as Ellen Rhoades
Jordan Cody Brandon
as Circus Boy
Mark Teixeira
as Mark Teixeira
Philip Hoffman
as Lawyer
Ajay Naidu
as Kulbinder Darcha
David Solomon
as David Solomon
Bob Menery
as Bob Menery
Anthony Edwards
as Judge Whit Wilcox
Andrea Shiffman
as FBI Agent
Alexey Efimenko
as Russian Musician #3
Donny Deutsch
as Donny Deutsch
Sean Donnelly
as Roddy
Beth Chamberlin
as Lisa
Nick Job
as Confident Trader
Marisa Brau-Reyes
as Carrie/Babysitter
Faith Logan
as Axe Capital Trader/Hedge Fund Trader/Onlooker
Perry Weitz
as Gary Lanzo
Matt Golden
as Sother
Michael Rispoli
as Richie Sansome
Jeff Yass
as Jeff Yass
Kaliswa Brewster
as Shari Strang
Deanna Henson
as Server
Damian Muziani
as Russian Asshole
Roger Rathburn
as First CEO Candidate
Parker Pogue
as Ellis Eads
Monte Berger
as Classmate
Jake Hanson
as Kellogg's Employee
Sarah Cheatham
as Prep School Student
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Audience Member/Hedge Fund Trader/Party Guest
Kevin Osborne
as Band Leader
Nick Fondulis
as Tech Geek #1
David Adam Smith
as Cabinet Member
Roman Roytberg
as Constantine
Faron Salisbury
as Early 40s Prick
David Shih
as Dr. Zhang Lei/Zhang Lei
Eric Davis
as Scholarship Recipient Father
Scarlett Schoeffling
as Woman
Janeane Garofalo
as Winslow
Bryce Burke
as Bar Patron #3
David Michael McMillan
as Vendor
Joseph Covino
as State Legislator
John Carroll Lynch
as Mr. Gilbert
Peter Sweet
as Business Professional
Tomas Delgado
as Husband
Daniel K. Isaac
as Ben Kim
Armand Schultz
as Chancellor Adams
Melissa Joyce
as Hostess
Bob Leszczak
as Concert Attendee/Deli Waiter/Midwestern Investor
Gary Littman
as Company CEO
Kira Visser
as Donna
Asia Kate Dillon
as Taylor Mason
Bill Beydoun
as Cop
Joel Van Liew
as Gilbert's Lawyer
Kathryn Erbe
as Zenobia Manager
Robert Myers
as D.O.J. Official/Pedestrian
Caroline Day
as Chelz
Adam Griffin
as Lawyer
Sara F. Wahnish
as Blissed Ashram Attendee
Jose Guns Alves
as Delivery Man
Kenneth Boys
as Kappa Beta Phi Neophyte
Chuck English
as Spartan-Ives Investor
Frank Grillo
as Nico Tanner
Genevieve Adams
as Jessica
Jeffrey Bean
as Hemlock
Francesca Anderson
as Wags' Entourage Model #1
Walt Frasier
as Delivery Man
Tom Hammond
as Boyd's Lawyer
Bruno Pascale
as Union Boss
Henri Binje
as Bram Longriver
Sharinna Allan
as Mary Jane Marbach
Zachary Unger
as Kevin Rhoades
Willa Fitzgerald
as Jill
Carlos Valentino
as Poker Player
Austin Pendleton
as Goose Quill
Heidi Schreck
as Funeral Leader
Raymond J. Lee
as Leonard Shatzkin
Will Roland
as Winston/Quant Kid 2
Casey Krehbiel
as Restaurant Patron
Ryan Hilliard
as Priest
Missy Robbins
as Missy Robbins
Johanna R. Griesé
as San Gennaro Festival Goer
Sara Blakely
as Sara Blakely
Katlyn Carlson
as Bonnie
Bob Ader
as Kansas City Board Member #2
Candice Lam
as Sameera
Asa Somers
as Ashley Cutler
Jason Babinsky
as Theo
Josh Hemphill
as Desk Clerk
Corey Stoll
as Michael Prince/Mike Prince
Satomi Hofmann
as Third CEO Candidate
Jim Coniglione
as Old School Italian
Nicholas J. Coleman
as Mark
Jim Boyd
as Hedge Fund Manager
John Malkovich
as Grigor Andolov
Amy Bettina
as Mobilized Meals
Christopher Chabriel
as Bar Patron #1
Bettina Bilger
as Kelly
Rigoberto Garcia
as Counter Guy
Cesar Timothy
as Customer
Brian McCarthy
as Beatific Smiling Guy
Nathan Darrow
as Mick Danzig/Mike Danzig
Bobby Kruger
as Lifson
Laura Bozzone
as Waitress
Andre De Leon
as Head Laborer
Dwelvan David
as Caddy
Tom Kemp
as Launch Driver
Judy Del Giudice
as Maitre'd
Arthur Shaffer
as Midwestern Investor
Lawrence Ballard
as Mafee's Lawyer
Kevin Pollak
as Douglas Mason
Kirk Hammett
as Metallica
Robert LuPone
as Skip Wolkowska
James Pravasilis
as Juror #2
Amanda McNulty
as Axe Cap Staffer
John G. Willink
as John G. Willink
Divya Sethi
as Rebecca's Assistant
Mary O'Rourke
as Sadelle
Delphina Belle
as Katie
Elena Kobylina
as Pedestrian
Erica Cho
as Jenny Grace
Mary Looram
as Grandmother
Jack Davidson
as Class of '68 President
Kelly Dowdle
as Michelle
Jack Gilpin
as Sean Ayles
Mattew Baiamonte Jr.
as Referee
Toby Leonard Moore
as Bryan Connerty
Michael Boothroyd
as Banker #1
Petronia Paley
as Attorney General
Arnold Y. Kim
as Judge #2
Deontay Wilder
as Deontay Wilder
Steve Garfanti
as Doorman
Kristina Cole
as Martha
Sandra Kazan
as SC Mayor
Suki Úna Rae
as Artist
Jessica Noboa
as Photographer
Merritt Janson
as Bartender
Noah Lee Margetts
as Paul
Jenna DiMartini
as Hot Twenty Something
Stephanie Purpuri
as Axe Investor
Annapurna Sriram
as Tara Mohr
Eddy Shalita
as Government Agent
Craig Finn
as The Hold Steady
Neal Matarazzo
as Jake Biancarosa
Adam Kramer
as Axe Capital Employee/Axe Capital Portfolio Manager/Axe Cap Portfolio Manager
Geoffrey Owens
as Abington
Omar Ghonim
as Another Lawyer
Brian Wiles
as John Aksoy
Katharine Nelson-Hart
as Funeral Mourner
Shannon Koob
as Marriage Counselor
Joy Decker
as Pool player
Helena Betancourt
as Housekeeper/Maria Gonzalez
Marisa Marra
as Funeral Goer/Politicians Funeral
Amanda Bruton
as Detention Center Uniform
Steven Pasquale
as Chase
Steven Maier
as Eric The Maitre'D
Michael Wetherbee
as Waiter
Judy Go Wong
as Staffer
Ronald Scott Maestri
as Peking Duck Customer
Jess Prichard
as Assistant US Attorney
Chet Göle
as Axe Capital Analyst
Rich Masotti
as Investor/Parent
Ken Marks
as Roger Murray
Veronica Blackwell
as NC Mayor
George Goulart
as FBI Agent
Susan Kelechi Watson
as Wilma 'Billie' Keen
Eric Rosenberg
as Assistant US Attorney
Mary Karr
as Mary Karr
Glenn Fleshler
as Orrin Bach
Lilly Moran
as Peach/Peaches

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