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January 18, 2022
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Being Mary Jane’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


BET's first hourlong scripted drama is a follow-up to the same-titled TV movie that premiered on the network in the summer of 2013. The series returns Gabrielle Union to the lead role of Mary Jane Paul, a successful cable news anchor who has a closet packed with designer clothes and shoes, a beautiful home, a nice car, and the drive to achieve even greater heights. Yet something is missing. As Mary Jane looks to start a family of her own to share life's greatest gifts, she discovers who she really is and the people who help define her.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 2, 2013

Also Known As: Being Mary Jane, Быть Мэри Джейн |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

tv news anchor

Company Credits

Production Co: Akil Productions, Breakdown Productions


Tom Thon
as Harry
Rachel True
as Tiffany
Dean Taylor
as Older Man
Neko Parham
as Professor Charles Gilroy
Roquel La Fayette
as Anna Mae
Christine Ahanotu
as Cassie
Scott Daniel Johnson
as Salvatore Russo
Julian Acosta
as Gael Montoya
Christina Vidal
as Lilly
Patti Schellhaas
as Show Producer
Latarsha Rose
as Dr. Lisa Hudson
Kaye Singleton
as Carmen
Sonia Rockwell
as Emma Dowell
Chris Greene
as Kenneth
Melissa Lowe
as Nurse #1
Dalon Jackson
Taylor Box
as News Correspondent
Keith Boykin
as Self
Daniel Thomas May
as Eric
Randall Taylor
as Plastic Surgeon/Surgeon
Renell Gibbs
as Pimp
Jennifer Patino
as Doctor Landon
Chen Tang
as Yong-Jin
Wren T. Brown
as Louis Henderson
Gara Coffey
as Floor Manager
Vivian Fleming-Alvarez
as Sharice
Michael Biddle
as Office Worker
Rashan Ali
as Board Member #4
Montice Harmon
as Executive Producer
Antwan Mills
Rickye McGowan
as Background
Vickie Eng
as Barbara Ling-Cho
Roy Williams Jr.
as Andrew Cobb
Blake Rice Kirkland
as School Shooting
Joe Sabatino
as Leo
Jeannie Mai Jenkins
as Self
Ryan Ashley Lowery
as Boy Toy
Lisa M. Barfield
as Restaurant Patron
Roderick Bell
as Dinner Guest
Faith Blankenship
as Greta
Lisa Jones
as Samantha Havens
Stephanie Long
as Morning Show Fan/Pedestrian
Makeda Declet
as Nina
Trevor Johns
as Automobile Voice Command
Kailey Knight
as Girl in Storm
Candace Mitchell
as Businesswoman
Denise Arribas
as Woman
James Lee Taylor
as Eddie
Lalah Hathaway
Goldie Taylor
as Self
Matt Felten
as Worker
Gustavo Escobar
as Latino Boy
Trey McGriff
as Party-goer at a multi-millionaire event
Dorian Missick
as Detective Cedric Rawlins
Cecelia Specht
as Lyla Fugate
Larry Khan
as Police Officer #1
Joan Pringle
as Francine
Roxzane T. Mims
as Marguerite
Jon Briddell
as Duncan Isaacs
E. Roger Mitchell
as Detective Daniel
Margaret Avery
as Helen Patterson
Christine Horn
as Parent #2
James Gill
as Club Patron/Private Club Patron
Preston Baker
Tatom Pender
as Tracy
Chimere Love
as Board Member #2
Joel Laird
as Core News Bullpen/Studio Lobby Visitor
Charline St. Charles
as Mother
Amanda Burke Buczek
as Correspondent/Corrspondent
Jacinte Blankenship
as Police Officer #2
Nelson Bonilla
as Sgt. Lou Arlington
Kim Whalen
as Ava Winthrop
Jenny Gago
as Kara's mother
Tiffany Chambers
as Guest at Gala/Guest at Girl INC Lunching
Jona Xiao
as Natalie Wu
Derek Evans
as Hopper Vetter
Fredricka Whitfield
Richard Lawson
as Charles
Bradley Bowen
as Doctor/SNC Reporter
Jennifer Renee
as Lashawn
Elle Sunkara
as Segment Producer #1
George Anjorin
as Store Customer
Eric Kshywonis
as APD Officer
Clifton Guterman
as Jacob
Tiffany Jackson
as Gala/Wife
Harry J. Wells
as Max Lynch/Wes Lynch
Venicia Saavedra
as Wedding Planner
Ashley Reddy
as Anel
Anna Marie Dobbins
as Lindsey Reiner
Tony Amendola
as Hector Quinones
Tika Sumpter
as Tonya
Joshua Wayne Gardner
as Cop #1
Robin Dyke
as GDU Make Up Artist/GDU Staff
Liza Jaine
as Liz Turnow
Tarana Burke
Jamila Thompson
as Kiki
JaMarcus Hill
Lesley-Ann Brandt
as Tamiko Roberts
Karlee Eldridge
as Heidi
Meredith Baxter
as Simone
Jason Graham
as Randy Fulweather
Corey James Wright
as Brandon Fuller
Nischelle Turner
as Nischelle Turner
Chris Spencer
as Chris
John Atwood
as SNC Lawyer
Brooklyn Murphy
as TV Producer
Clayton Landey
as Expert
Tia Hendricks
Danielle Deadwyler
as Naima
Jackson Walker
as Tim
Leiloni Arrie Pharms
Robinne Lee
as Avery/Avery Daniels
Allan Edwards
Raney Branch
as Aaliyah Luckett
Melissa Huling
as Restaurant Patron
Franco Castan
as Reporter
Chandra Michaels
as News Announcer
Chris Brew
as Khalil
Steve K. Young
as Sawyer
Darrell L. Shuler
as SNC Cameraman
Dave Pileggi
as News Reporter
Derek Yates
as Male College Student #1
Adam C. Johnson
as Bystander
Montrel Miller
as Orderly
Brely Evans
as Nichelle
Miller Carbon
as Charlie
Kalilah Harris
as Lauren
Andrew Benator
as Dr. Jacob Marrs
Diego Ward
as Latin Guy
Rose Bianco
as Vilma
Charles William Cook
as Party Guest
Loni Love
as Self
Milton Saul
as Bar Patron/Demonstrator
Brandie Denise Moore
as Ugly Black Woman
Madison Alsobrook
as D'Asia
Grant McGowen
S. Epatha Merkerson
as Mark's Mother
Cardi B
as Mercedes
Michael Rene Walton
as Leader
Kent Faulcon
as Vladamir Frederick
DuRa Brown
as Dance Couple/Gala Patron
Kevin Cole
as News Producer/News Director
Cory Booker
as Senator Cory Booker
Khleo Thomas
as D-Razor
Joe Sykes
as Zach
Evie Thompson
as Polly
Aaron Rosendary
as Brian Ellis
Dave Brewster
as Dave Brewster
Haki R. Madhubuti
as Dr. Haki Madhubuti
Dior Choi
as Bartender
Ginger Paruka
as Young Female Intern
Kristen Shaw
as Guest
Gayle King
as Gayle King
Al Mitchell
as Ellison
Keith Ratchek
as Disgruntled employee
Channelle Lewis
as Park Pedestrian
Ana Navarro
as Self
Tracey Bonner
Alphonso A'Qen-Aten Jackson
as Club Bouncer
Tamar Braxton
as Tamar Braxton
Sheena Addison
as Producer
Donna Biscoe
Amee Vyas
Travis Winfrey
as Corey Blanchard
Debra Foxx
as Guest 1
Tian Richards
as Jovan
Scott Poythress
Alyx Libby
as Nora
Adiah Winford
as Tanisha
Koral Michaels
as Sylvia
Christina Michelle Williams
as School Crossing Guard
Michael Isaiah
as College Student
Jan Goldstein
as Spiritual Advisor
Travis Misarti
as Babyface
Michael H. Cole
as Greg Roberts/Greg/Greg Stohl
Rhett Lindsey
as Jah 'Babycake' Johnson
Terayle Hill
as Akili
Ashton Holmes
as Garrett
Blue Kimble
as Nate/Stripper
Kenny Davis
as Salesman
Joshua Mikel
as Julian Slater
Brian De Costa
as Other Guy
Adam Boyer
as Jerry Baron
Whit Davies
as Larry
Jaime Griffon
as Guest 2
Michael R. Ciminna
as GDA Staff Member/GDU Staff Member
Carolyn Young
as Carolyn Young
Candace Wheeler
Ron Finley
as Self
Daniel Baldock
as Comedy Club Emcee
Brad Binkley
as Greg's Assistant
Thomas Q. Jones
as Brandon/Cutty Buddy
Kelly Rowland
as Robin
Beverley Simmons
as Core News Studio/Club Patron/Stage Manager
Vanessa Angel
as Olivia Winthrop
Nina Parker
as Diane
Jamie Moore
as Roy Gough
P.J. Byrne
as Arthur Holzman
Kenneth Israel
as Hudson
Kyle Massey
as Cameron
Tabitha Chappelle
as Office Worker
Chase Pitts
as Hunter Daniels
Erica Curtis
Neill Calabro
as Newsroom Steadicam Operator
Vivianne Taylor
as Honey
Lina Zalewski
as Reporter
Richard Brooks
as Patrick Patterson
Amor Owens
as Doctor Tani Taketa
Adrienne Houghton
as Self
Loretta Devine
as Cece
Cynthia Mallard
Legend Freeman
Tweed Michael Manning
as Event Photographer
Nisey Kamai
as Rondas Daughter
Gigi Marteney
as Sophia Daniels
Leah Albright-Byrd
as Self
Keith Arthur Bolden
as Jeffries
Jaclyn Synowiec
as Nurse
Morgan Dixon
as Brenda
Daniel Williams-Lopez
as Marco
Michael Twombley
as Ken Bucknam
DeRay Mckesson
as DeRay Mckesson
Jannette Sepwa
as Nurse #2
Jason Bolden
as Jason Bolden/Self
Robert Bryan Davis
Michael David Yuhl
as Lawyer
Rickea Talley
as Technician
Antoinette Van Klingeren
as Minister
Hakim Callender
as Big Mo
Rebecca Thompson
as Bartender
Xamon Glasper
as Club Manager
Vaughn West
as Orlandos Entourage
Lorraine Toussaint
as Aunt Toni
Stephen Bishop
as David
David Alexander
as Neal Kagen
Brooke Jaye Taylor
as Sandra Curtis
Rebecca Weil
Kelly Hu
as Alana
Kelli Pardo
as PUSH Lawyer
Liana Loggins
as Model
Gregory Alan Williams
as Mark's Father
Terrence Green
as Calhoun Jeffries
Brittany S. Hall
as Nia
Shamara Rayner
as Bullpen/Core News Studio
Anthony Reynolds
as Officer
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Orlando Lagos
Jenna Bryant
as Teagan
Sherin Maldonado
as Production
Lydia Castro
as Dr. Joy Warren
Thomas K. Belgrey
Michael Ealy
as Justin Talbot
Douglas Olsson
as Judge Perry McAlister
Yadi Nieves
Fred Williamson
as Frank Pearl
La Verne DeJurnett
as Shirley
Kathleen Gati
as Shohreh Broomand
Jarreth Smith
as Comedy Club Patron
Francis Dobrisky
as Limo Driver/Restaurant Patron
Gabrielle Union
as Mary Jane Paul
Michaela Angela Davis
as Self
Vinny Costa
as Wedding Guest
Allison Simmons
as Naima's Older Daughter/Niece #1
Jason Davis
as John/John Lynch
Mystie Smith
as Cashea
Brittney Level
as Customer
Steven G. Norfleet
as Eriq
David Kronawitter
as Sy Addleman
Jayson Warner Smith
as Fred
Allan Johnson
Robert Crayton
as Lloyd
Stephen Dean
as Cyclist
Edward Solis
as Carlos
Katina Forte
as Bullhorn Mom
Carmela McNeal
as Client
Satara Silver
as Bar Host/Bell Hop
Bryce Zentkovich
as Scott Lynch
Fadelf Jackson
John Jacob Anderson
as TV Cameraman
Kyanna Simone
as Renee
Yajhayra Maria
as Shelly
Madison Junod
Angel Desai
as Candida
Nicole Paris Williams
as Laura Wilde
Dominick Vicchiullo
as Attending Doctor
Isaiah Bradley
Israel Vaughan
Bevy Smith
as Self
Iris Delgado
as Delphine Lagos
Timothy Hain
as Reporter Bill
Leah Monet
as Jacy Davis
Frances Burnett
as Dana Shultz
B.J. Britt
as Paul Patterson, Jr.
James Davison
as Paparazzi Johnny Goodlove
Brenda Porter
Dalon J. Holland
as Aiden Truitt
Yani Simone
Nadej K. Bailey
as Kashari
Jesse Jackson
as Self
Ruben Vidal
as Taxi Cab Driver
Valarie Pettiford
as Ronda Sales
Chiké Okonkwo
as Lee Truitt
Shawn Monos
as Male Date
Sheila Frazier
as Catherine Stafford/Katherine Stafford
Tarique Francis
as Teddy
Donna Brazile
as Donna Brazile
Lori Threlkeld
as Police Officer #1
Ronnie Kantorik
as Camera man
Kandace Howard
as GDU Staff
Carlos Gómez
as Antonio Casales
Matthew Johnson
as Treyvion
Neal Ghant
as Dorian
Mark Anthony Neal
as Self
Darrin Dewitt Henson
Tommy O'Brien
as Injured Prisoner
Johnas Street
as Kenny
Navia Ziraili Robinson
as D'Asia
Julisita Salcedo
as Sexy Model
Aaron D. Spears
as Mark Bradley
Tanika Ray
as Carmen
Jen Harper
as Martha
as Terrence Porter
Josh Henry
as TV Reporter
Iyasu Dusé
Scott Dale
as Hospital Guard
Amber Neukum
as Lindsay Carmichael
Lane Carlock
as Female Realtor
Marshay Weaver
as Amika
Taylor McPherson
as Restaurant Customer
Daniel Morgan
as Producer
Rita Rucker
as Chante
Derrick LeMont
as Stage Manager
Leland L. Jones
as Uncle Ron
Paul Rolfes
as Aaron Felty
Cynthia Evans
as Debbie Talbert
Richard Roundtree
as Paul Patterson, Sr.
Sundra Oakley
as Zoe
Jasmine Dustin
as Ana Hoem
Timothy Jessup
as Son #2
Stanley Aughtry
as Parent
Kacie Jo Marta Nickles
as Angry bar patron
Victoria Staley
as Dani
India Arie
as Self
Shayla Love
as Kenya Payton
Jill Scott
as Jackie
Brandon Henderson
as Richard
Frank Roberts
as George Sergeant
Daniella Alonso
as Marisol/Marisol Esparza
Scott Burns
as Catering Chef (Laurent's Catering)/Chef Assistant (Laurent's Catering)
William Walker
as NYC Pedestrian
Kimberly Michelle
John M. Adrian
as Ray Landers
Amber Erwin
as Receptionist
Dalton Lilley
as Officer
Tony Vaughn
Fred Galle
as Gala Dancer Guest
Jermaine 'FunnyMaine' Johnson
as Comedian
Chase Anderson
as Real Estate Dude
Ava DuVernay
as Activist
Bobbie Elzey
as Barbara Shelton
Omari Hardwick
as Andre Daniels
Todd Anthony Manaigo
Lisa Vidal
as Kara/Kara Lynch
Rob Gomes
as Coach Beaman
Ciera Payton
as Keia
Alan Z
as Silent Party DJ
AJ Jones
as Luke Epperson
Gary Dourdan
as Sheldon
Brandy Maddox
as Comedy Club Patron
Nia Simons
as Kathryn Truitt
Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy
as Park Patron
Khalilah Joi
as Charmaine/Charmane Harrison
Helene Britany
as Vocalist
David Dunston
as Neighbor
Renah Gallagher
as Bar Patron/Hostess/Waitress
David Lalimar
as Dante/Dante Aquino
Taylor Poyfair
as Restaurant Patron
Seth Scofield
as Father with Pregnant Wife
Ryan Homchick
as Lance
Tamera Mowry-Housley
as Self
Gabrielle Byndloss
Lesa Wilson
as Reporter
Landon Brooks
as Costar
Jeffrey Karantza
as Camera Operator/News Researcher
Deborah Bowman
as Board Member #1
Bobbi Baker
as Rayna Hilson
Allen Daniel
as Segment Producer #2
Barry Stoltze
as NPR Reporter
Brad Brinkley
Tracey Graves
as Nathalie
Don Lemon
as Self
Derrick Worsley
as Coach Jones
Brooke Butler
as Connie
Lue Baker
as Reporter
Usman Sharif
as Customer
Monica Barronton
as Stage Manager
Andre Divine Grimes
as Background extra
Julian J. Walker
as Ty
Steven Reddington
as Room Service
Kristi Adderley
as Fan #1
Kaira Akita
as Claudia
Diva Tyler
as Gloria
Marius Mitchell
as Romero
Andrew Gostel
as Reporter
Andrene Ward-Hammond
as Parent #1
Tiffany Fenech
as Rally Girl
Darby Lynn Totten
as Woman
Patricia McRae
as Mildred
Samantha Kacho
as Katie
Masud Olufani
as Interested Guest
Demetria McKinney
Raven Goodwin
as Niecy
Amna Shabbir
as Intern
C.T. Vivian
as Dr. CT Vivian
Angela Rye
Robert Pralgo
as Peter Binswanger
Larry Rhem
as Police Officer
Cesar Cipriano
as Dante
Jerome Brown
Debra Stipe
as Female Therapist
Wayne Brady
as Sean
Romeo Brown
as Mike
Carla Shinall
as Mourner
Danny M. Gray
as Date
Chelsea Hayes
as Marci Livingston
Nargis Aniston
as Lady in Saree
Jason Vail
as Male Guest
GlenNeta Griffin
as News Room Reporter
Karenlie Riddering
as Board Member #3
Justine Albree
as Beth
Kelly Rutherford
as Cynthia Phillips
Terrence Pulliam
Courtney Brown
as Meeting Attendee
Nicholas m Lee
as Parking Lot Patron
David Silverman
as Joseph Christopher
Cindy Robinson
Nick Basta
as Robert
Ben VanderMey
as Male College Student #2
Tracia Jones
as Reality Star
Kj Smith
as Sunitha Rashad
Daisy Pareja
as Lupe
Jesse Kindred
as Donnie
Ella Joyce
as Sheila
Spenser Brown
as Gala Patron
Keith Ham
as Pedestrian
Jimi Lanham
as Chuck
Andrew Young
as Ambassador Andrew Young
Jonathon Pawlowski
as Cop #2
E.L. Williams
as Jack & Jill Founder
Keegan Hunt
as Son #1
Kimberly Epps
as Waitress
Keli Goff
as Self
Makaylo Van Peebles
James Patrick Freetly
as Steve
J Michael Grey
as Stage Director
Suehyla El-Attar
as Nurse
Joy Browne
as Self
Rick Espaillat
as Howard Sawyer
Robert Bryce Milburn
as Lighting Tech
Dolan Wilson
as Ted Goldsby
Tammie Smalls
as Self
Jennifer Malone
as Stage Manager
Morris Chestnut
as Beau Mercer
Daniel Parvis
as Scott
Rachel Harker
Jules Haven
as Lindsay Finkel
Clay Adams
as Angry White Man
Charmin Lee
as Barbara
Selena Anduze
as Sophia Manning
Kayla Gibson
as Penelope
Madelyn Glover
as Student
Elizabeth Diane Wells
as Elizabeth Foy
Haley Covalli
as Server
Daniel McGraw
as Waiter
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
as Valerie
Jason Burkey
as Justin

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 20 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 1 Episodes




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