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October 23, 2021
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About this title


A recently paroled master thief assumes the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee, Pa., where his former lover and partner in crime relocated years ago and reinvented herself as Carrie Hopewell, the wife of the town's prosecutor. As Lucas attempts to reunite with Carrie and keep his past a secret, he resumes his life of crime, even as he's hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier, including a mob boss who seeks revenge against Lucas and Carrie for the jewel heist that landed Lucas in prison.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 11, 2013

Also Known As: Банши, Пенсилвания, Banshee |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (R18+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

double life
pennsylvania, usa
crime boss

Company Credits

Production Co: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, Cinemax


Curtis Lyons
as Blackbeard
Stephen Mann
as Deputy
Spencer Sano
as Dalton Guard/Merc
Corey Maher
as FBI Swat
Brian Patrick Moize
as Fight Club Member
Chance Kelly
as Randall Watts
Daniel Mebane
as Straight 8's Bass
Corey Mckinney
as Exotic Club Patron/Forge Patron/Prison Inmate
Craig Leydecker
as Bloodied Man
Kerry Patton
as Mountain Man/Mountain Man #2
Russ Willey
as Construction Worker/Court room observer/Courtroom Person/Fight Club Spectator
Michael Endoso
as Gang Kid #2
Demetrius Grosse
as Deputy Emmett Yawners
Nestor Serrano
as Emilio Loera
Evan Dane Taylor
as Bodyguard
Michael Mulgrew
as Skah
Cathy O'Dell
as Helen Vicks
Toby Holguin
as Wilu
Rob Koebel
as PA State Trooper
Joey Box
as Guard
Lili Simmons
as Rebecca Bowman
Ulrich Thomsen
as Kai Proctor
Cole Ashton Becker
as Big Brother
Mike Pniewski
as Douglas Dern
Owen Harn
as Kendall
Shaun Swift
as Aryan/Fight Club Spectator/Townsperson
Mark Hicks
as Capt. Richard Murphy/Captain Richard Murphy
Kelley Davis
as Beaty's Mother
Peter Luis Zimmerman
as Waiter
Denis O'Hare
as Special Agent Robert Phillips
Dwayne Pintoff
as Office Worker
Vivian Fleming-Alvarez
as Female Guard/Mercer Prison Guard
Ari Blinder
as Martin Cage
Matt Medrano
as Tate
Wayne Pére
as Senator Robert Schumacher
Joe Nin Williams
as The Rat
Michael Dennis Hill
as Correspondent
Andy Boswell
as Mall Guard
Don Folz
as News Cameraman
Charles David Richard
as Judge Haller
Chaske Spencer
as Billy Raven/Deputy Billy Raven
Stephen Ware
as Judge/Judge James Patrick Whitford
Immanuel Salas
as Gomda/Redbone
Jonathan Hart
as Teen Raver
Griff Furst
as Sheriff Hood/Sheriff Lucas Hood
Laurence Chavez
as Armored Truck Driver
Jonathan Visser
as Lem Boedicker
Kenny Waymack Jr.
as The Coven
Trieste Kelly Dunn
as Deputy Siobhan Kelly
Hans Marrero
as Songaa
Drew Leary
as Kyle
Daisy Jade
as Sheriff Office Detective
Pete O. Partida
as New Orleans Red Bone
William J. Harrison
as Amish Boy
Eddie Cooper
as Fat Au
Laura Bella Parry
as Topless Stripper/Beautiful Young Woman
Jacob Garcia
as Redbone
Madeline Taylor
as Jennifer
Jameson Jamey Copeland
as Fight Club Member
Lyne Renée
as Young Housewife
Shuler Hensley
as Brantley
Tatanka Means
as Hoyt Rivers
Daniel Hargrave
as Cohort
Sabrina Battiston
as Festival Goer
Robert John Burke
as Salvatore Ferillo
Tom McCleister
as Pawn Shop Owner
Bonnie Cole
as Diner Patron/Townsperson
Lisa Jolley
as Nurse
Marina McConn Polo
as Waitress/Raver
Alistair Whitton
as Black Ops Guard/Body Mod/Bodyguard
Gordon Dillard Jr.
as Mr. Rabbit Gunman
Ella Grace Misenheimer
as Middle School Student
Christopher Johnson
as Subway Dude
Marlo Scheitler
as Diner Patron/Townsperson
Rita Conte
as Courtroom Observer
David Glabb
as Aryan Skinhead
Dave Blamy
as Paramedic
Mike Wilson
as Cameraman/Shadow Aryan
Troy Rudeseal
as EMT
Ivana Miličević
Amber Midthunder
as Lana Cleary
Jennifer Chandler
as Amish women/mother/Amish Mom/Amish Women/Mother
Christian Chamberlin
as Gang Kid #3/Redbone Gang
Angel Defreitas
as Bus Patron
Niko Nedyalkov
as Redbone
Odette Annable
as Nola Longshadow
John Cenatiempo
as Buzzcut
Patrick M. Walsh
as Black Ops Merc/Black Ops Merc #2
John Nania
as The Coven
David B. Meadows
as Monty
Nicole Marines
as The Coven
Brian Patrick Walsh
as State Trooper/Marine/Prison Guard
C.J. Perry
as Crystal
Josh Turner
as Jake Truck Driver
Bill Dooley
as Townperson
Cal Johnson
as Casino Security/Townsperson #6
Beth Adams
as Amish Woman/Court Observer
Josh Carter
as Smitty
Justin R. Kennedy
as Russ
Leslea Fisher
as Chloe
Anthony DiRocco
as Merc
Audrey Blackwelder
as Fight Club Member
Todd Bobenrieth
as Aryan Brotherhood/Townsperson
Nelson Bonilla
as Mean Thug
Christopher Parker
as Jelly
Josh Diogo
as Cohort
John M. Carpenter
as Marine/Courtroom Observer/Diner Patron/Funeral Attendee
Kristopher Kling
as Arno Webber
Marcus Young
as Chinese Sniper
Keith Rafalko
as Hanson's Guy
Harrison Thomas
as Jason Hood
John Redlinger
as Kevin
Mark Salas
as Cafe Diner/Doctor/Gentlemans Club Patron
Jordan Sadri
as Bar Guy
Gary Ray Stearns
as Brice
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
as Viho
Jason Bigart
as Funeral Attendee
Alex Livinalli
as Nas
Bill Mitchell
as Trucker at Rest Stop/Trucker in Diner
Lloyd Pitts
as Tourist
Chance King
as Paramedic
Kay Story
as Kat Moody
Christos Vasilopoulos
as Olek
LaVonne Rae Andrews
as Mrs. Longshadow
Justin Barnhill
as Flynn
Chris Matheny
as Forge Patron/Townsperson/Forge Regular/Funeral Patron
Chris Walters
as Homophobe
Teagan Heesch
as School Student
Sam Medina
as Tally
Sean Paul Braud
as Hospital Security
Thom Khoury Williams
as Redbone
Cabrenna H Burks
as Crippled Woman
Jeff Strickland
as Police Officer/Proctor Hitman/SWAT
Derrick Alfonzo
as Redbone
Kevin L. Johnson
as Valet Parker
William Kania
as Deputy Sheriff
Rain Moore
as Paul Moon
Samantha Worthen
as Miriam Bowman
Robert C. Treveiler
as Jackson Sperling
Jesica Ahlberg
as Young Layla
Jackson Loo
as Martin Kim
Cody Mark Hanna
as Fight Spectator
Brian Searle
as Mountain Man
Tim Olcott
as Casino Fight-watcher/Funnel Cake Vendor
T. Alloy Langenfeld
Robert Sedgwick
as Hightower
Nancy Wetzel
as Amish Woman
George Crayton
as New Orleans Red Bone
Jeremiah Fewell
as Underground Fight Spectator
Cora Aytona
as Reporter
Stephanie Swift
as Office Employee
Candice Kimbrough
as Courtroom Observer/Diner Patron/Townsperson
Jeff Chase
as Jeffrey
Bobby Waldron
as Black Ops Merc
Dane Northcutt
as Adam
Corey D. Dargan
as Construction Worker/News Cameraman/Prison Inmate
Darren Eliker
as Defense Attorney
Raoul Max Trujillo
as Sani Crow
Gregory Divers
as Jail Inmate/Kendall Funeral Attendee
Phil Nardozzi
as Amish/Townsperson
Sarah O'Sullivan
as Skinny Blonde
Jordyn McDempsey
as Jennifer's Friend
Michael Harding
as Jim Cage
Mike Ryan
as Semi Driver
Emily E. Kelly
as Female Inmate
Cody Robinson
as Merc
Jordan LoNigro
as Gang Member
Bennett Vesprini
as Tocho
Mariusz Kubicki
as Orderly
Amanda Matute
as Court Observer
Kieran Gallagher
as Hunter
Craig Gellis
as Otto
Ross Ruben
as Dalton Guard
Tyson Sullivan
as Hondo
Jim McKeny
as Citizen #2
Dango Nu Yen
as Redbone
Anthony Ruivivar
as Alex Longshadow
Joey Duckworth
as Amish
Jean Claude Leuyer
as Craig
Miller Carbon
as Amish Elder
Brian Oerly
as Thug
Kyle Wolfe
as Gang Kid
Ashleigh Bealko
as Coven Woman/The Coven
Kellie Patterson Smith
as Female Correspondent
Bob Fisher
as Driving Instructor
Ted Williams
as Aryan Gang Member
Yvonne Jung
as Dr. Kessler
Erik King
as Dr. Tim Hubbard
Eliot Preschutti
as Office Worker
Anne Schmitt
as Casino Fight Spectator/Memorial Attendee/Moody Wake Guest/Party Guest
Greg Sproles
as Bouncer/Schroder
Joe Dryden
as Hillbilly Rocker
Eric Brooks
as Amish Elder
Deaven Brooks
as Inmate
Steve Coulter
as Elijah Bowman
Esteban Cueto
as Redbone Muscle
J. LaRose
as Thompson
Josh Ortegon
as New Orleans Red Bone
Jeremy Bonham
as Businessman
Hunter Garner
as Reed Schumacher
Edward Pfeifer
as Pedestrian/Amish Person/Arrested Person
Chris Coy
as Calvin Bunker
Kendra Goehring
as Nurse
Rex Reddick
as Armored Truck Guard
Adrian F. Gonzalez
as Dancer
Julian Sands
as Priest/Yulish
Ernest Rogers Sr.
as Self - Funeral Patron
Derek Cecil
as Dean Xavier
Lew Herman
as Amish Elder
Maya Dunbar
as Juliet
Dennis Layden
as Casino Dealer/Festival goer
Michael D. Layden
as Festival Goer
Melissa Ponzio
as Jocelyn Frears
Jaime Alva
as Redbone Dealer
Tad Griffith
as Amish Horse Whisperer
DeAnna Brandon
as Fight Spectator/Funeral Attendee/Inmate
Mike Kuse
as Drug Manufacturer
Paul Monte Jr.
as DA Mark Franklin
Isaac Miller
as Coven Man
Neil Castles Jr.
as Cole
Joe Kras
as Victor
Constantine Varazo
as Guard #1
Russell Means
as Benjamin Longshadow
Happy Anderson
as Bones Tuesday
Claire Bronson
as Janie Kendall
Jerome L. Williams
as Orderly
Charles Tyler West
as Moody Family Member/Teen Raver
Brian Stowell
as Drug Manufacturer
Quentin Kerr
as Elvis
John Tyner
as Hostage/Raver
Christopher Tolleson
as Pier Family/Son
Brian Stapf
as 3rd Chess Playing Man/Jasper
Carmela White
as Raver
Tom Pelphrey
as Kurt Bunker
Dave Heuvel
as Lana's Father
Kegan Dean Rushing
as Fight Spectator
Todd Whittington
as Party Guest/casino Attendant
Katelyn O'Friel
as Heather
Joe Fishel
as Aryan
Tanya Clarke
as Emily Lotus
Ashlynn Wagner
as Middle School Student
Christopher Nardizzi
as Drug Factory Worker
Myles Humphus
as Mato
Al Sotto
as Townsperson
Tia Healy
as Prison Inmate
Antony Starr
as Lucas Hood
Stephen Conroy
as Merc
Joey Auzenne
as Oscar Santa Cruz Jr.
Geno Segers
as Chayton Littlestone
Michael Kostroff
as Leonard 'Wicks' Vanderwick
Mike Seal
as New Orleans Red Bone
Jen Landon
as Lilith Bode
Gil Birmingham
as George Hunter
Myke Schwartz
as Bodyguard
Tony Schnur
as Savoy Club Worker
Cecilia Johnson
as Nurse
Mark Semos
as Marine Shotgun
Afton Williamson
as Alison Medding
Brian Robinson
as Dr. Andrew Paltz
Matt Lintz
as Horace
Eric Rasmussen
as Aryan/Drug Manufacturer
Jennifer Schneider
as Civilian (Sheriff Department)
Frank J. Aard
as Model Seller
Erin Estelle McQuatters
as Naked Young Woman
Robert Oppel
as Dom
Chris Gann
as Sheamus
Ryan Nicolls
as Pedestrian
Keil Oakley Zepernick
as Rabbit's Gunman #10
Rainbow Dickerson
as Tocho's Mom
Katie Page
as Foul Mouthed Stripper/Platinumm
Vito Grassi
as Cartel
Tyler Bertolone
as Hostage
Mike Whaley
as Black Ops Gaurd
John Carter
as Doctor
Heidi Sneed Webb
as Coven Woman
Deja Dee
as Alma
Jon Valera
as New Orleans Red Bone
Brian Stretch
as Off Duty Marine Guard #1
Richard Cravens
as Aryan
Shawn Bernal
as Red Bone #2
Abby Nelson
as Terrified Woman
Martin Tylicki
as Amish Boy
Merritt Vann
as Prison Thug
Becky Meister
as Diner Waitress
Kathy Walton
as Court Room Observer/Forge Patron/Banshee Girt/Diner Patron/Festival Goer/Funeral Guest/Town Folk
Derwin Frank
as Townsperson
Diana R. Lupo
as Corn Row Girl
Scott Lockhart
as Deputy Scott Gordon/Deputy
Jed Rave de Asis
as Chinese Pedestrian
Max Calder
as Bear
Jesse Harrison
as Amish Man
Susan Williams
as Mrs. Schumacher
Andy Rusk
as Marine Driver
Jannette Sepwa
as Actor
Chad Kurtz
as Bailiff
J. William Brown
as Club Patron/Diner Patron/Fight Club Member/Office Worker/Townsperson
Lauren Mary Kim
as Body Mod
Hakim Callender
as Male Nurse
Tom Werme
as Reporter
Amanda Powell
as Mom
Julie Mun
as Reporter
Steve Swisher
as Raver
Kevin Gage
as Lance/Lance Mangan
Nick Madrick
as Hunter
Kevin Slone
as University Student
Gunnar Carrigan
as Solomon Bowman
Justin Wheelon
as Mark
Nick Stanner
as Merc
Albert Guzman
as Funeral Attendee
Christopher Cozort
as Forge Patron/Aryan/Club Goer/Fight Club Member/Funeral Guest/Moody Family Member/Proctor Guy/Slaughterhouse Saw Operator/Trucker #1
T.J. Lyell
as Bar Patron
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
as Hector Morales
Wendy Michelle
as Sexy Bartender
Baby Norman
as Native American Woman
Jesse C. Boyd
as Eljay Boedicker
Trudie Petersen
as Sylvie
Joseph Sikora
as Sharp
Elise DuQuette
as Nurse
Todd Duffee
as Underground Fighter
Michael Papajohn
as Bald Thug/Munson
Chuck Lines
as Crackhead
Matt Brown
as New Orleans Red Bone
Tommy Allen Taylor
as Courtroom Observer/Festival Goer
Jan-David Soutar
as Body Mod
Bill Bennett
as Town Maintenance Man
Nathan Ferguson
as Thug
Charles Barber
as Bar Patron
Kisha Barr
as Nurse Mary
Maria Becoates-Bey
as Dry Cleaner Manager
Big Bill Morganfield
as Big Bill Morganfield
Dan Anders
as Larry
Daniel Norris
as Mikael
Rebecca Shrom
as Townsperson
Daniel Freeze
as Construction worker
Katherine Efird
as Inmate
J.D. Evermore
as Cole Moody
Fallon Maressa
as Coven Woman/The Coven
Sli Lewis
as Blackbeard
Mehmet Korhan
as Club Goer/Raver
Scott Hunter
as Mike Pascall
Susanne Marie Danger
as Savoy Dancer
David Wald
as Body Mod
Carlos Guerrero
as Karl 'Yaz' Yazzie
Willie Tyrone Ferguson
as Prison Guard/Savoy Club Patron
Chad Randall
as Nick
Kevin Murray
as Dock Worker/Fight Club Patron/Savoy Patron
Jason Davis
as Doctor Granger
Alexis Raben
as Ms. Lymon
David-Alexander Coley
as Prisoner/Underground Fight Spectator: John's Boys
Özgür Teke
as Viktor
Graham Wolfe
as Haddock
Andrei Runtso
as Ukrainian Priest
Troy Faruk
as Blackbeard/Hillbilly Rocker
Robert Crayton
as Fight Club Member/Fight Spectator/Prisoner
Jon Eyez
as Chuck
Gabriel Suttle
as Max Hopewell
Tania Mejia
as Sue
Tara Polhemus
as Teen Jersey Girl
Shannon Plummer-White
as Traffic Driver
Thomas E. Bentley
as Amish Horse Whisperer
Clark Sarullo
as Hooker
Rebecca Koon
as Wanda
Richard Marrero
as Redbone
Jimmy Gonzales
as NYPD Officer
Casey LaBow
as Maggie Bunker
Kristi Booher
as Diner Patron/Townsperson/Amish/Waitress/Courtroom Townsperson
Ivan Martin
as Dick Webster
Joseph Meissner
as Mikhail
Danny Le Boyer
as Chinese Guard/Chinese Sniper
Samuel Munoz
as Coven Man
Stephen Mackenzie Brown
as Marine
Joel Gerolimatos
as Young Man
Michael Roark
as Billy B
Jerod Meagher
as Charlie Knowles
Joe Bucaro III
as Biggs
Tony Basile
as Cop
Kelly Collins Lintz
as Marjorie Klipspringer
Ryan Daddi
as Paparazzi
Denise Hillis
as Cellblock Guard
Ray Stoney
as Agent McAvoy
Joseph Sikura
as Matt Sharp
Scott Clackum
as Agent Carlson
Daniel Ross Owens
as Mayor Dan Kendall
Kaitlyn Ervin
as Club Dancer
Andrew Howard
as Quentin
Tavia Brightwell
as Casino Gambler/Townsperson/Waitress
Melissa Eastwood
as Slaughterhouse Supervisor/Sugars Bar Patron
Rod Fielder
as Drug Manufacturer
Carlos Lopez
as Redbone
Drea Garcia
as Petah
Rodney Lee Rogers
as Cop
Chiké Okonkwo
as Lennox
Justin Matthew Smith
as Vince Daniels
Angel Tolentino
as Lana's Mother
Gregory Marshall Smith
as Merchant/Courtroom Observer/Jury gallery member
Tristan Farmer
as Potbelly
Hayley Lovitt
as ICU Nurse
Ron Cephas Jones
as Frazier
Jay Bronson
as Fight Club Member
Ron Stafford
as Casino Patron/Cafe' Patron
Eliza Dushku
as Veronica Dawson
Lindsay Ayliffe
as Amish Bishop
Shontelle Thrash
as Bus Driver
Todd Rogers Terry
as Blackbeard
Mikaela Fleming
as Charlie's Friend/Female Inmate/Inmate/Townswoman
Ashley Zoe Fox
as Drug Manufacturer/Townsperson
Anastasia Griffith
as Dr. Paradis
Paul Beahm
as Redbone
Tommy Shields
as Roman
Ingrid Alli
as Naked Whore
Laura Welsh
as Townsperson
Leo Fitzpatrick
as McTeague
Jace Jeanes
as Sparring Partner
Chelsea Cardwell
as Beaty
Fideas Rae
as Rabbit's Medical Aid
Marisol Correa
as Townspeople
Jim R. Coleman
as Sterling Guard
Conor Donovan
as Daniel Moses
John Merical
as Diner Patron/Street Vendor
Keith Splinter Davis
as Black Beard
Pete Georgopoulos
as Drug Manufacturer
Cherokee Walker
as Helicopter Pilot
Jaxson Mitchell
as Amish Son/Festival Child
Josh Henry
as Male Pedestrian
Abby Corrigan
as Patia
Drake Hunter
as Fight Spectator
David DeSantos
as Spatch
Candy Self Earley
as Prison Inmate
Peter Benson
as Dr. David Quick
Emmy Argo
as Sapphire
Daniella Short
as Passion
Zack Duhame
as Dalton Guard
Jon Douglas Rainey
as FBI Swat
Memi West
as Casino Patron
Vince Pisani
as Officer Stillman
Alex Schoenauer
as Bodyguard
Peter Teoh
as Restaurant Patron
Hoon Lee
as Job
Freddy Bouciegues
as Guard
Ray Siegle
as Pool Guard
Conor Hannon
as Amish Protestor/University Student
Patrick Louis Ah-Wong
as Redbone
Zachary Dylan Brown
as Amish Man
Sheena Yaitanes
as Daria/Pretty Waitress
Bobby Jordan
as Hillbilly Rocker/Hunter
Isaiah Hyman
as Salvadorian Heavy/Salvodorian Heavy
Victor Paguia
as The Coven
James Alcorn
as Native American Teen
Jason Michael Elliott
as Marine/Stefan
Linds Edwards
as Clover
Susan Misner
as Lisa Marie
Peter Scanavino
as Breece Connors
Matthew Stanton
as Tweaker
David Kilde
as Merc
Matt Servitto
as Deputy Brock Lotus/Sheriff Brock Lotus
Taylor Cole
as Amish Man/Heckler Spectator
Gregory French
as Fight Club Member
Kevin L. Burke
as Restaurant Patron
Yan Dron
as Merc
Joseph Allen Cavin
as Amish Elder
Alexandria Tisdale
as Townsperson
Ben Cross
as Mr. Rabbit
Christopher Leps
as Lester
Stevie Ray Dallimore
as Gregor
Ricki Raxxx
as Tiffany
Kevin Welch
as Aryan/Black Ops Merc/Production Assistant/Shadow Aryan/Slob of a Man
Drew Sheer
as Marine #1
Steve Kim
as Lee
Debby Handolescu
as Giggling Teen
Hannah Hoyt
as Masked Parade Dancer
Robert Striegler
as Straight 8's Guitar
Richard Guesman
as Press Conference Photographer
William Yelton
as Hostage
Tiffany Joy Williams
as Gail Westcott
Fred Galle
as Casino GM/Courtroom Reporter/Priest/TV Reporter
Reggie Jackson
as Blackbeard
C.C. Taylor
as Sumo Slayer
Joey O'Connor
as Drag Club Patron
Ricky Russert
as Tommy Littlestone
Jay R. Adams
as Hillbilly Rocker
Randy Grazio
as Lucas's Police Escort
David Anthony Buglione
as Marine #3
Maria McGoldrick
as Raver
Crystal Holmes
as Cocktail Waitress
Tim Sitarz
as Curtis
Fabian Starr
as Casino Patron
Grayson Alexander Miller
as High School Student
Michael Franck
as Helicopter Pilot
Mark Scarboro
as Bespectacled Man
Ray Goodwin
as Boom Operator
Moniqua Plante
as Deborah Ramsey
Greg Rementer
as Merc
Jermaine Holt
as Marine Drver
Dave Macomber
as Black Ops Guard/The Opponent
Sunshine Bartell-Gbur
as New York Nurse
Antoinette Lewis King
as Native American Dancer/Native American Female Casino Dealer
Chris Wesselman
as Zeke
Michael Mercaldi
as Mercenary
M.C. Hagerman
as NYC Pedestrian/New Town Resident
Lauren Mae Shafer
as Tammy Francis
Stephanie McIntyre
as Press
Gregory Korostishevsky
as Yuri
Lloyd Crago
as Correction Officer/Paramedic
William Duffy
Brent Gribble
as Casino VIP/Restaurant Patron/Townsfolk/Upscale Party Guest
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Townie
Mark Guy Thompson
as Party Guest/Security Guard
J. Evan Bradbury
as Aryan
Kevin Cassidy
as Hillbilly Rocker
Cassidy Layden
as Festival Goer
Michael Tourek
as Tom Moody
Victor Cordova
as Tribal Guard
Cedric Stewart
as Damien Sanchez
Kaitlyn Sapp
as Jennifer
Jim Keisler
as Casino High Roller
Jayden Blake Cochran
as Hank
Christopher Mele
as Commissioner Martin Davis
Alpha Trivette
as Israel Proctor
Monisha B. Schwartz
as News Reporter
Antal Kalik
as Thug
Paul Wallis
as Banshee Townsperson
Jeff Ward
as Blackbeard
David N. Russell
as Diner Patron/Doctor
Cherie Jimenez
as Jill Francis/Lena Bella
Jack McCready
as Edgy Young Man
Nicholas Hayner
as Turk
Michelle Brown Houston
as Club Goer
Sharika Blockett
as Court Room Observer/Pedestrian/Prison Inmate
Ed Duran
as Rabbit's Man/Rabbits's Man #5
Kelly Connolly
as The Coven
Kristie Galloway
as Subway Patron
Ivana Milicevic
as Carrie Hopewell/Anastasia
Marcus Hester
as Marcus Moody
Jack Erdie
as Dan Klamper
Matthew Rauch
as Clay Burton
David Pascua
as Asian Gambler/Street Market Patron
Casey Suddeth
as Raver
Rita Glynn
as Female Soloist
John Landolfi
as Amish
Frankie Dillard
as Nurse
Jwaundace Candece
as Inmate
Mark Murphy
as Straight 8's Drums
Pete Burris
as Ted Smith
Randall Archer
as Merc/Thug
Tiffany Sander McKenzie
as Pedestrian
Jackson Beals
as Anders
Sam Situmorang
as Hakan
Kayli Maree Tolleson
as Daughter/Pier Family
Henry Lawrence
as Funeral Attendee
Ozzy Ojito
as Casino Dealer/Construction Worker/Funeral Attendee/Party Guest/Tribal Council
Charles J. Rosa
as NYC Pedestrian
Surely Alvelo
as Jenny
Anthony Molinari
as Rabbit's Guard #3/Rabbit's Guard
Kenneth Manos
as Hanson's Guy
Walid N. Hakim
as Redbone Gang/Gay prisoner/RedBone Gang
Stephen West-Rogers
as Lab Technician
Monte Velardi
as Fight Club Spectator/Forge Patron/Strip Club Patron
Troy Bogdan
as Townsperson/Amish Protestor
Julie Zimmer
as Diner Patron
Ryann Shane
as Deva Hopewell
Tamara Austin
as Dr. Lewis
Malcolm C. Murray
as Dalton Guard
Jessejames Locorriere
as Dex Moody
Joseph Gatt
as Albino/The Albino
Bryan Friday
as Randall
Elizabeth Ashley Lawson
as Female Prisoner
Laura Avnaim
as Waitress/Family Member
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
as Jonah Lambrecht
Mark Colson
as Aaron Boedicker
Christopher 'Critter' Antonucci
as Older Man
Robert Herrick
as Donny
Mark Falvo
as Civilian (Sheriff's Office)
Dennis Flanagan
as Leo Fitzpatrick
Grant Christian Couch
as Teen Boy
Sidney Blackmer Jr.
as Amish Edler
William Haze
as Arthur Ramsey
Tirea Cozort
as Festival Goer/Funeral Guest
Brian Cole
as Roulette Dealer/Townsperson
John Scott-Richardson
as Davis/Davis Tribal Council
Mark Ashworth
as Lowell
Richard Fullerton
as Citizen #1
Ryan Adcock
as Attacker Porn Star
Sherry Sparks-Jenkins
as Prison Inmate
Marisela Zumbado
as June Cleary
Adam Minarovich
as Corrections Officer
Donnie Bentley
as Marine
Shane Partlow
as Piano Player
Miles Doleac
as Roland
John Gilbert
as Merc
Rigo Nova
as Asian Gambler
Mark Meekins
as Street Party Attendee
Eli Walker
as Raver
Langley Kirkwood
as Colonel Douglas Stowe
Rus Blackwell
as Gordon Hopewell
Toby Leonard Moore
as Christopher Hanson
Lashaun Clay
as Marine Gate Guard
Jared Staley
as Middle School Student
Stephanie Northrup
as Meg Yawners
Bob Boudreaux
as Announcer
Arnaud Haubert
as Coven Man
Brad Archie
as Paramedic
Afton Boggiano
as Coven Woman
David Harbour
as Robert Dalton
Doug Kruse
as Nathan/Nathan Mangan
Christopher Donald Gallagher
as Fight Club Member/Fight Club Spectator
Leonard Anthony
as Drug Manufacturer/Student
Dan Butler
as Senator Mitchum
Corey Rieger
as Pony Joe
Chris Bondi
as Reporter
Lance Brock
as Dead Aryan
Steven Puente
as Deloria
Reg E. Cathey
as Det. Julius Bonner
Lane Lovegrove
as Savoy Club Patron
Matt Leonard
as VIP Room Guard
Judd Lormand
as Fletcher
Vladimir Orlov
as Guard
Jennifer Griffin
as Leah Proctor/Banshee
Lucas Scott-Martin
as Casino Patron
David Calhoun
as Prison Guard
Mona Amein
as Gang Girlfriend
Crystal Hooks
as Young Woman
Matthew Rimmer
as Tourist
Buddy Sosthand
as Black Beard
Adam Ciesielski
as Merc
Kurt Hockenberry
as Bouncer
Jeffrey McDancer
as Thug
Gina Stewart
as Waitress
Josh Burrow
as Scuyver
John Shepard
as Felix
Mike Mukatis
as Bodyguard
Alan D'Antoni
as Marine #2
Frankie Faison
as Sugar Bates
Brian Welsh
as Townsperson
Jacinta Carol
as Inmate/Funeral Patron/Savoy Club Dancer
Jared Losano
as Notie/Redbone/Security guard#2
Max DiNatale
as Head Waiter
Judith Townsend
as Nurse
Grace Layden
as Inmate/Festival goer
Justin Eaton
as Bodyguard/Shadow Aryan/Soldier
Naima Carter Russell
as Female Student
Jessen Noviello
as Rabbit Gunman #8
Luis Moco
as Duncan
Meaghan Rath
as Aimee King
Phil Culotta
as Attacker
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Savoy Club Patron/Casino VIP/Coroner/Exotic Club Patron/Fight Club Spectator/Funeral Attendee/Hooker John/On-Air Reporter/Parent/Street Market Patron/Townsperson/VIP Upscale Party Guest
Mike Fierro
as Shadow Aryan
Amy Marsalis
as Commissioner Sheryl Golden
Vinston E. Rickman
as Kinaho Medicine Man
Ana Ayora
as Nina Cruz
Ben Jensen
as Armory Guard
Trinity Wright
as Hurit
Jason Sabatasse
as Aryan Thug
Donald Norris Jr.
as Slaughterhouse Employee, Hospital Visitor, and Casino Patron
Kerry Cashion
as Reporter
Lindsay Reese Hall
as Little Sister
Frederick Weller
as Declan Bode
Mauricio Ovalle
as Latin Bodyguard
Nick DeKay
as Guard/The Coven
Ted Lacki
as Diner Patron
David M. Morizot
as Shadow Aryan
Douglas Morales
as Party Guest
Andrea Alcorn
as Forge Patron
Brett Gentile
as Dr. Holland
Dennis Keiffer
as Borso
Lee Spencer
as Isaac Camden
Tony Bingham
as Reporter
Zeljko Ivanek
as Jim Racine/Racine

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2013 | 10 Episodes

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2014 | 10 Episodes

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2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 8 Episodes




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