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October 23, 2021
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About this title


A superstar during his football playing days, Spencer Strasmore tries to find the same success as a financial manager for current players in sun-splashed Miami. Heeding his boss Joe's instruction to "monetize his friendships," Spencer builds a client base of young phenoms and veteran stars alike, but his role in their lives far exceeds money management as he struggles to help them navigate the many traps that come with life as big-time "ballers." The series is created by Stephen Levinson ("Entourage," "Boardwalk Empire") and stars Dwayne Johnson as Spencer.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 21, 2015

Also Known As: Ballers/ボウラーズ, Ballers |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

american football

Company Credits

Production Co: Closest to the Hole Productions, Film 44 |  See more »


Curtis Lyons
as Football Player/Security Guard
Terrell Suggs
as Terrell Suggs
Radek Lord
as Jimmy Burns
Megan Telles
as Self
Chris Rourke
as Vernon's Friend
Jon Beason
as Jon Beason
John David Washington
as Ricky Jerret
C.J. LeBlanc
as Kid
Bill Kelly
as Dr. Paul Grodan
David Kesselman
as Pilot
Mike Guzman
as Commuter
Tom Izdon
as Club goer
Mikey Roe
as Bartender
Arielle Kebbel
as Tracy Legette
Aaron D. Alexander
as Security Guard
Vanessa Ross
as Tourist
Derwin James
as Self
Patricia Galvez
as Sales Clerk
Julian Camacho
as VIP Party Guest
Antoine Harris
as Alonzo
Jordan Black
as League Official
Dante Fowler
as Self
Maor Ohzana
as Patron
Darwin King Tademy Jr.
as Office Staff
Michael M Tatmon Sr.
as BBQ Patron
Steven Jackson
as Steven Jackson
Nico Hiraga
as Nico Hiraga
Melinda Torgersen
as Trophy Wife
Carmelo Oquendo
as NFL Player
Todd Williams
as Gavin
Giancarlo Stanton
as Giancarlo Stanton
Ndamukong Suh
as Ndamukong Suh
John Archer Lundgren
as Fishing Dock Hobo
Francisco M. Martinez
as Upscale Dallas Cowboy Donor
Jason Taylor
as Jason Taylor
Otmara Marrero
as Sexy Mourner
Andrew Rosenberg
as Dale
Jaylen Davis
as Rams Kitchen Worker
Tertulien Thomas
as Ensemble Choir
Torrey Smith
as Torrey Smith
Aitana Rinab Perez
as Model
Raheem Babalola
as Raheem Docket
Jason Wool
as Pink Breakfast Patron (2014)
Jamaal Lewis
as Football Player/Football player/Spa Athlete
William W. Barbour
as NFL Team Owner
Jonathan David Harris
as NCAA Official
Renee Bhagwandeen
as Chloe
Natasha Marc
as Wendy
Duke Johnson
as Duke Johnson
Travis Pastrana
as Travis Pastrana
Aria Song
as House Party Guest
Edson Jean
as Lab Technician
Mason Gooding
as Parker Jones
Ryan Lopez
as Adam Balsamo
Taylor Rhodenbaugh
as Taylor Rene
Trevor Wooldridge
as Surfer
Fabian Urista
as Young Miami Patron
Michael Mariano
as Driver
Conrad Money
as Bar Patron
Ben Clerveaux
as Event Patron
Jason Pierre-Paul
as Jason Pierre-Paul
Erica Juliet
as VIP Bottle Service Waitress
Cody Renee Cameron
as Justine
Andrew Delice
as Troy
as Jessica
Joseph Velez
as Buffalo Bills #81
Scott Broderick
as Ram's Scout
LeToya Luckett-Walker
as Tina
Jack Covington III
as Defensive Line Coach
Jeremy Tardy
as Andrew
Kevin L. Humes
as Vonnie holiday
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Diner
Sam Lerner
as Dan
Derek Russo
as Big White Dude
Kim Ostrenko
as Losing Customer
Alli Chung
as Monique Chan
Benjamin Bernard
as Agent
Rick Hoffman
as NFLPA Representative
Lucas Neff
as Dave
Elliot Bunche
as Club Patron
Dulé Hill
as Larry Siefert
Conner Ann Waterman
as Cocktail Waitress
Mike Calloway
as Media Cameraman
Cheryl Ladd
as Mayor of Las Vegas
Joseph Giambrone
as Hotel Guest/Restaurant Patron/Sports Agent/Tennis Fan
Kayda Rae
as Marlins Fan
Nicholas Alexander
as Kid
Conor Lavin
as Starchitect
Cherin Habibi
as Laura/Pool Party Guest
Marc Simpson
as Eugene
Jessica Nunez-Wood
as Student
Jonathan Roumie
as Splyce Owner
Kate Sterling
as Tourist
Adam Vernier
as Wide Receivers Coach
Jared Goff
as Jared Goff
Cris Carter
as Cris Carter
Dawn Soleri
as Girl/Restaurant Patron/Strip Club Lady/Strip Club Patron
Katja Rauhe
as Club Goer
John Paul Jones II
as Ruby Patron
Patrick Sheehan
as Miami Marlins Fan/Pool Security Guard/Waiting Room Patient
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Maximo Gomez
Tim Johnson
Brittany Rathel
as Brittany
Caitlin O'Connor
as Waitress #2
Ahmad Dugas
as Pop Strasmore
Steven Weber
as Julian Anderson
John Amos
as Deacon Eller
Richard Sanford
as Stadium Announcer
Stephane Milhim
as Stephane Milhim
Ed Gage
as Cameraman
Tamila Bilalova
as Girlfriend of a Football Player/Waitress
Amanda Young
as Party Girl
Ella Thomas
as Kara/Kara Cooley
Todd Allen Durkin
as Cop/Uncle Frank
Kristina Hagan
as Trophy Wife
Michael Eshaun York
as Kid Soccer Player
Adrian Lorenzo
as Paramedic
Elena Omerini
as Casino Guest
Michael Bridges
as Cop #2
Jeff Williams
as Phil
Christopher C. Andersen
as Christopher C. Andersen
Tonya Sharae Davis
as Ensemble Choir
Christopher McDonald
as Dallas Cowboys Owner
Phil Tyler
as Executive #1
Nikiva Dionne
as Saleswoman
Alea Figueroa
as Jody
Demitri Vardoulias
as Shawn
Michael Beasley
as Leon Brown
Anastasia Dextrene
as Sports X Employee
Chris Charles
as Captain
T.J. Shaw
as Miami Dolphins Football Player
Vonn Bell
as Vonn Bell
Gjee Wade II
as OG
Jana Lee Hamblin
as Barbara
Michael A. Blank
as Man at Bar
Peter Berg
as Dolphins Coach
Genesis Corvo
as Waitress
Chuck Aurin
as Mechanic
D. Elliot Woods
as Leonard Meeks
Aygemang Clay
as Julius
Tuc Watkins
as Jim
Karibel Rodriguez
as Woman In Garage
Tania Gell
as Assistant Pharmacist
LaMarr Woodley
as LaMarr Woodley
Adam Thompson
as Staff Member
Shevyn Roberts
as Kelly
Angelina Assereto
as Angela
Daniel Roberti
as Fashion Show Photog/Guy Walking at Bar/Restaurant Patron
Jason O'Mara
as Coach Davis
Reed Favero
as Fashion Model
Valdez Williams
as Bar Patron
Colby Parker Jr.
as Dr. Golden
Karlee Eldridge
as Cassie
Yves Edwards
as Yves Edwards
G. Daniel Bailey
as Janitor
Tandi Tugwell
as Craps Player
Kris D. Lofton
as Kisan
Michael Lombardi
as Michael Lombardi
Greg Jennings
as Greg Jennings
Kevin Wayne Norman
as Jamie
Tracy Lane
as Nurse/Receptionist
Saïd Taghmaoui
as Psychiatrist
Gage Banister
as Waterboy
Manny Alva
as Waiter
Greg Ainsworth
as David
Dwight Stephenson
as Dwight Stephenson
Kai Andersen
as Golfer
King Jaquell Martin
as Wiry Guy
Craig Stepp
as Owner #2/Second Owner
Tracy Pace
as Media Guest
Aris Rogers II
as NFL Draftee/NFL Rookie
Tug Coker
as Ken
Calais Campbell
as Calais Campbell
Gowon Walker
as Oakland Raiders NFL Rookie/Vernon's Uncle
Jaylin Ogle
as Young William
Marcus Brown
as Jay M.
Lionel Yarmon
as Player in Locker Room
Von Miller
as Self
Lauren Scott
as E-Sports Attendee
Khalil Mack
as Khalil Mack
Mike Forbs
as NFL Rookie
NaVorro Bowman
as NaVorro Bowman
Shane Costa
as Chewy
Alvin Kamara
as Self
Caroline Wozniacki
as Caroline Wozniacki
as Self
Russell Brand
as Lance Klians/Lance Kilans
Matt E. Derdivanis
as Couple
John Verea
as Derrick Rubin
Bunnie Rivera
as Receptionist
Matthew Solomon
as Austin
Anthony Giovanni Elias
as Club Goer
Cheryl Hargrove
as Secretary
Renes Rivera
as Duke Preston
Aaron Andre Frazier
as Cliff
Susana Montez
as Stripper
Bruce Michael
as Nick
Elody E. Gamarra
as Penthouse Guest
William Barnes
as Winning Customer
Travis Benjamin
as Travis Benjamin
Joy Bryant
as Jayda Crawford/Jada
Dave Levinson
as Patient
Nico Birnbaum
as Ray
Kera Lynn
as Party Girl
Sterling Royston
as Driver/Party Guest/Sports Executive
Frenchi Firecracker
as Midwestern Airline Passenger
Steve Lantz
as Bob
Cyrus Hobbi
as John O'Harvey
Tracy Lee
as NFL Player
Maegan Vogel
as Party Goer
Eddie George
as Eddie George
Karl Kwiatkowski
as Justin
Elicia Sacco
as Reporter
Matthew Espinosa
as Adam
Steve Guttenberg
as Wayne Hastings Jr.
Vera Nova
as Beautiful Model
Tim Brown
as Tim Brown
Anastagia Pierre
as Vernon's Restaurant Girl
Jesse Furman
as Uncle #1
Austin Davis
as Derrick Dockery
Griffin Matthews
as Lavar
Ryan Caltagirone
as Chad
Obba Babatundé
as J.D. Pritchard
Diana DeLaCruz
as Manicurist
Ashlei Foushee
as Jamesha
Dan Matteucci
as Football Player
Ashani Roberts
as Tammy Kovac
Grace Zabriskie
as Enid
Travis Scott
as Travis Scott
Brendan O'Donovan
as Gambler
Egypt Craft
as Kid
Raul Colon
as Club Security
Azita Ghanizada
as Saphia Mena
Earnestine Phillips
as Ram's Employee
Britanny Parisi
as Club Companion
Jordana DePaula
as Waitress
Tim Parrish
as Newport Beach Realtor
Thad Luckinbill
as Stoops
Stephen Curry
as Stephen Curry
Sophia Pippen
as Sophia
Neil O'Neill
as Rams Billionaire Owner
Patrick H. Fox
as Hotel Guest/Midwestern Airline Passanger/Restaurant Patron
Carlyn Cosby-Phillips
as Vernon's Aunt
Tiwana Floyd
as Ensemble Choir
Kenzie Harr
Khalilah Yasmin
as Penthouse Guest
Fernando Edwards
as Leonard Cousin's Driver
Alexander Garganera
as The Mokofuku Guest
Kemba Walker
as Kemba Walker
Brian Sampson
as Lear Jet Pilot
Adam Aalderks
as Travis Mack
Paul Rosenblum
as Dolphins Executive
Cooper S. Lawrence
as Benny
Edwin Mariano
as Miami Dolphins Fan
Dwayne Johnson
as Spencer Strasmore
Patrick Rutnam
as Todd (VR Developer)
Jim Gloster
as First Owner/Owner #1
Robert J. Fox
as Stadium Patron/Strip Club Patron
Dorothy Coleman-Pincus
as Ensemble Choir
Tricia Craan
as Vernon's Restaurant Girl
Jared Kusnitz
as Byron
Michelle Hayden
as Karyn
Graham Outerbridge
Agnes Albright
as Korina
Matt McCoy
as Dolphin's Owner
Laird Hamilton
as Laird Hamilton
Ashae Reagan
as Yacht Girl
Evan Charles
as Hot Cuban Guy
Jewelissa Gonzalez
as Pool Girl
Carrie Bernans
as Pool Hall Patron
Kaytie Kellaway
as House Party Guest
Mauro Bravo
as Ticket Window Kid
Zion Cummings
as Rod Jr.
Kristina Colon
as Girl at Party
Matt Coffey
as Film School Kid
Marisela Demontecristo
as Penthouse Guest
Plus Pierre
as Customer/Marlins Fan
Viktoriya Dov
as Self
Rick Fox
as Self
Madison Rotondi
as Self - Fan
Jeni Jones
as Spectator
Phoenix Skye Fechter
as Susan
Sue Ann Pien
as Receptionist
Tim DeKay
David Anthony Hinton
as Film School Kid
Crystal-Lee Naomi
as Woman
Brandon Doughty
as Brandon Doughty
Aeja Lee
as Club Companion
Nyjah Huston
as Nyjah Huston
Jerry Wu
as Coffee shop patron
Lil Cory
as League of Legends Attendee
Megan Li Wang
as Model
Ryan Morgan
as Fox Sports Producer
Sarah O'Connor
as Cocktail Waitress
Laura Vandervoort
as Sarah
Joseph Piccuirro
as Monty
Antonio Padin
as Sports Agent Executive
Jamey Sheridan
Lucas Steagall
as Tanner
Antonio Brown
as Antonio Brown
Rodney Peete
as Rodney Peete
Omar Cook
as Kansas City Chiefs Player
Michael Orozco
as Valet
as Katie - Hotel Guest
Ryan Croteau
as Parker's Friend
Adam Ray
Courtney Allegra
as Tasha
Jon Kaker
as USC Football Player doing box jumps
Tara Holt
as Kimmy
Jay Glazer
as Jay Glazer
Mark Newman
as Cop
Anthony Adams
as Anthony 'Spice' Adams
Eric Hosmer
as Eric Hosmer
Taylor McEnery
as Sexy Waitress
Marcus Folmar
as Ram's Scout
Hakeem Vilamar
as Yankees Fan
Paul Schackman
as Dr. Garrett
Alexis Wildgoose
as Alexis
Brooklyn Sudano
as Victoria
Marlo Thomas
as Jason's Mother
Zion Wright
as Zion Wright
Ryan Lacosse
as Emcee Craig
Jaden Mackay Morgan
as Kid
Jevon White
as Assistant Coach
Harry Pearce
as University Student
Nate Blonde
as Nate Blonde
Artie Burns
as Artie Burns
Scott Vener
as Assistant Coach
Chris McLaughlin
as Nike Exec
LisaRaye McCoy
as Amber's Mother
Hakim Callender
as Marcus
Connor Chavez
as Max
Dahrian Nichole
as Female Spectator
Emayatzy Corinealdi
as Candace/Candance Brewer
Evan Judson
as Hal's Assistant
Tereza Kacerova
as Kylie
Jessica Bialick
as Hostess
Ahmad Newman
as New Orleans Saints Fan
Elliott Bush
as Kyle
Bethany Clayton
as Rick Fox's girlfriend
John Eric Bentley
as Ozzie Newsome
Sabrina Piper
as Girl at Pool/Lunch Guest/UM Student
Richard Schiff
as Mr. Anderson/Brett Anderson
Ingrid Haubert
as Sport's X Agent
Christopher Bencomo
as Julian
Christine Ko
as Anna
Brittany S. Hall
as Amber/Amber Kelley
Miles Mussenden
as Jeff
Aric Floyd
as Subpoena Kid
Josh Duhon
as David
Eduardo Lezcano
as Bar Patron/Restaurant Patron
Milton James Jones
as Coffee Shop Guest
Dion Quamina
as Marlins Security/Wynwood Hipster
Markus R. White
as Dexter Baines
Antoni Corone
as Dr. Frey
Josue Louis-Charles
as Male Saints Fan/Party Guest
Johann Luna
as Party Crasher
Andy Garcia
as Andre Allen
Christina Rodriguez
as Pedestrian
Malcolm Jenkins
as Malcolm Jenkins
Veronika Mindal
as Edgy Office Worker
Twynna Golden
as Self
Kevyn Bashore
as Football Scout
Mitchell Roy
as L.A. Rams Official
Dan Cook
as Smiling Young Man
Javier Nunez
as Sweet Lou
Samantha Cookie Torres
as Cuban Patron
Oscar Vaca
as NFL Rookie
Kaylin Filipiak
as Party Girl
Amanda Rea
as Donna
Jacob Buster
as Colby
Danny Machado
as Funeral Attendant/Valet Attendant
Randy Couture
as Randy Couture
Marcus Thigpen
as Marcus Thigpen
Rob Corddry
as Joe Krutel
Sinorice Moss
as L.A Rams Football Player
Robert Crayton
as Nick Kovac
Frank Tedesco
as Jet Commuter/Photographer
Brett David
as Ferrari Salesman
Lisa Arturo
as Nancy
Sixto Perez
as Coach/Executive
Jen Gentile
as Jenna
Tony Grandson
as ASM Staff/Elmo
Andre Rollins
as Lefty
Zac Yorke
as Miami Dolphin's NFL Player/Miami Dolphins NFL Player
Fay Peck
as Pool Party Guest
Jeffrey Hersh
as Club Goer/Driver
Edwin Sanchez
as Churchgoer
Spence Moore II
as Jack
Brittany Butler
as Confused Woman
Kristoffer Polaha
as Jerry White
Cat Limket
as Ruby Patron
Pia Vicioso-Vila
as Party Attendee
Arlyn Broche
as Tonya
Mark Oby Brown
as Delivery Guy
Katelyn Tarver
as Jesse
Joe Vida
as Spencers Finance Manager/Spencers Newly Hired Employee
Xavier Cortes
as Cameraman
Sean Payton
as Sean Payton
Nathalia Castellon
as Tiffany
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Mary
Ryder McLaughlin
as Ryder Lee McLaughlin
Christopher Gotera
as Miami Dolphins Fan
Jennifer Joy O'Grady
as Club-Goer
Kayvon Esmaili
as Tim
Elizabeth Grace Becker
as Background Driver
Jonathan Craig Williams
as Reverend
Sally Bondi
as Stadium Guard
DeAndre Hopkins
as Self
Christina Hammoud
as Girl at pool/Yacht Model
Alona Leoine
as Football Player's Kid
Melissa Pastrana
as Biltmore Hotel Guest/MovieTheater Couple
Philip Wright
as Philip Wright
Justin Long
Ryan Merriman
as Frat Boy
Clara Wilsey
as Jessica
Joy Marie Thomas
as Receptionist
Mary Lisa Speer
as Midwestern Airline Passenger/Restaurant Patron/Tennis Fan
Dave Duda
as Pedestrian
Robert Belushi
as Mitch
Zashia Monique Santiago
as Sammy
Robert Wisdom
as Dennis
Santos Caraballo
as Gulfstream Patron
Kylie Alexis Price-Russell
as Natalie
Gail Gamble
as NFL Owner's Wife
Jeff Moore
as Executive
Riji Raja
as Diner
Gerren Hall
as Techie
Marusol Medranda
as Tisha
Eric Podnar
as Eli
Marissa Powell
as Hostess
Zolee Griggs
as Emma
Brett Rice
as Councilman Bob Sawyer
Nicole Alvarez
as Karla
Gary Cudney
as Fashion Show Guest/House Party Guest/Restaurant Patron
DJ Jenkins
as Buckeye Fan
Kage Havok
as NFL Player
Tim Johnson Jr.
as Lazar
Danny Amendola
as Danny Amendola
Nefetari Spencer
as Reporter
Tommy O'Brien
as Agent
Kenneth Kay
as Team President
Okieriete Onaodowan
as Anthony
Leonard R. Garner Jr.
as Valet
Alyshia Ochse
as Joyce White
Bec Doyle
as Hotel Manager
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
as Jaime
Chris Ibbetson
as Event Goer/Party Guest
Margaret Bishop
as Business Woman
Michelly Farias
as Jess
Natasha Vanessa Harried
as BBQ Patron
Lauren R. Wood
as Caprice
Kathy Corpus
as Sexy High Roller
Ian Willoughby
as Dallas Football Player/Dolphins Football Player/USC Football Player
LaRoyce Hawkins
as Rodney
Mark Schlereth
as Mark Schlereth/Self
Joey Lamar Ashley
as Club Patron/Dice Player
Steven Sadiku
as Club Goer
Tonya Williams
as Waiting Room Woman
Fran Kranz
Courtney Barber
as Vegas Bride
Corinne van den Heuvel
as Gambler
Larry Csonka
as Larry Csonka/Coach Czonka
Anthony Okungbowa
as Dr. Dester
Phoebe Dorin
as Mrs. Lowenstein
Hannah Rose May
as Hannah
Chevy Ruben
as Chevy/Sales Manager
Mahal Montoya
as Professional Woman
John Alpine
as Kid
Anabelle Acosta
as Annabella
Greg Winter
as Dr. Henry Davidson
Taylour Paige
as Theresa
Wes Welker
as Wes Welker
Ned Smith
as Waiting Room Patient
Dondrey Moore
as Rookie
Denver Kirkland
as Denver Kirkland
Draaco Aventura
as Oakland Raiders Rookie
Galen G. Wathen
as NFL Owner
Polina Frantsena
as Layna
Marcellus Wiley
as Marcellus Wiley
Odell Beckham Jr.
as Odell Beckham Jr.
Chris J. Wright
as Miami Dolphins NFL Player
Garrett C Phillips
as Kid/Scott
Ross Partridge
as Sean
Ayesha Curry
as Ayesha Curry
Raymond Finzel
as Airline Passenger
Shannon Brown
as Young Spencer
Malik Vilamar
as Marlins Fan
Giana Basillo
as University Student
Brett Weiss
as 'Stick' Kid
Aja Warren
as Andi
Cantrell Harris
as Executive #2
Michael Cudlitz
as Dan Balsamo
Yesenia Gonzalez
as Stripper
Alfonzo McCarther
as Pit Boss
Samantha Neyland
as Ruby Patron
Damon O'Daniel
as Court house employee
Miguel Suarez
as Tattoo Face
Bruce Spears
as Featured NFL Owner
Taylor Cole
as Stephanie Michaels
Isaiah Abdullah
as Isaiah
Miranda LeRae
as Edgy Party Girl
as Self
Nico Woulard
as Rival Crew Member #2
Jake Warnecke
as Flight Attendant
Michelle Vargas
as Dashi
Wyatt Carnel
as Boyfriend
Safi El Masri
as Recurring Suit Shop Tailor
Catherine Haena Kim
as Kate
Steve Heinz
as Buddha Room Party Guest/Restaurant Patron/Sports Agent/Team Executive
Vincent Maldonado
as UPS Guy
Ernie Hudson
as Mr. Hagerty
Santiago Lopez
as Partygoer
Marie Joasil
as Club Patron/Marlins Fan
Desmond Howard
as Desmond Howard
Justin Williams
as Raider Fan
Christine Allocca
as Kerri Balsamo
Allison Holton
as High School Student
Jermaine Harris
as Lamar
David W. LeBlanc
as Stock Broker
Zane Lindeman
as Quarterback
Stacy Beckly
as Hotel Guest
Danielle Vasinova
as Ruby Patron
Shane Brady
as Chris
David A. Cooper
as Marcus
Stephanie Clegg
as Stephanie Clegg
Carlease Burke
as Mama Littlefield
Jeremy Shockey
as Jeremy Shockey
Tiffany Jeneen
as Virginia
Thaddeus Pugh
as Beefy Dude
Gene Harding
as Other Barber
Michael Wong
as Office Worker
Cedric Yarbrough
as Clyde Jackson
Thia Marie Sandefur
as Marlins Fan
James Patterson
as Self
E. Harvey Walker
as Older Barber
David Bennett
as Dancer
Omar Benson Miller
as Charles Greane
Eric Bendross
as Upscale Restaurant Patron
Kirk Urquhart
as Anderson Financial Consultant
Mary Everett
as Mary Everett
Ciera Payton
as Lydia
Joanne Harris
as Office Worker
Chris Jones
as Chris Jones
Azurie Ward
as Lydia Kovac
Moriah Brown
as Derek's Assistant
Knajula Edwards
as Barista
Jason Jerone Powell
as Ensemble Choir
Kelly Slater
as Kelly Slater
Joe Bland
as Line Judge
Cynthia Bass
as Ensemble Choir
Az Rudman
as Riot Employee
Elijah Isaiah Cook
as Ray
Sonya Balmores
as Arielle
Christine Quinn
as Molly
Garth Henry
as Nate
Martin Dorsla
as Ram's Scout
Jazmyn Simon
as Julie Greane/Julia Greane
Carl McDowell
as TTD
Jeff Wahlberg
as Parking Attendant
Jeanne Young
as Customer/Street Pedestrian
Chuck Muldoon
as Patron
Pearce Blair
as Doctor
as Self
Steven Fritschle
as Studio P.A.
Nhya Cedon
as Woman
Lorenzo Antonucci
as Lorenzo Antonucci
Kristin Mercedes Bence
as Upscale Dining Patron
John Douglas
as Bellman
George Schoendorfer
as Coach/Executive
Porscha Coleman
as Regina
Kevin Moody
as 'Test Drive' Kid
Melvin Gordon
as Self
Dan Le Batard
as Dan Le Batard
Nicholas Hayner
as Rookie
Will Davis
as Will Davis
London Brown
as Reggie
Roselyn Medrano
as Stripper
Jamin Thompson
as Football Coach
W. Paul Bodie
as Tommy
Jerry Hauck
as Ram's Employee
David Raibon
as Melvin Graham
Freddie Roach
as Freddie Roach
Dan Worthington
as Club Patron
Daniel E. Rodriguez
as Daniel E. Rodriguez (Mansion Party Guest)
Rodrick Bostick
as Rams Facility Vendor
Rico Torres
as Football Player
Valerie Azlynn
as Tanya
Cadence Murray
as Girl on pier
Taj Speights
as Dev
Laquon Treadwell
as Laquon Treadwell
Melody Craven
as Nurse
BJ Tanner
as Devon
Joseph Barrios
as Dude
D. Brad St. Cyr
as NFL Owner
Leann Crupi
as Party Girl on Yacht
Debra Norton-Miller
as BBQ Patron Sitting Outside on Bench Near Entrance/Talking Outside Window
Victor Cruz
as Victor Cruz
Michelle Rose Domb
as Anderson's Daughter/Media Guest
John McKerrow
as Dr. Russ
Tracey Ferrara
as Funeral Attendee
Lee Hodge
as Rookie
Tom Dodson
as Commissioner of Baseball
Lucas C. Lockwood
as Corporate Sponsor
Jimmy Rotondi
as Team Executive
Juanita DeSilva
as IMG Employee
Leanora Haselrig
as Barbara
Rigan Machado
as Security Guard
Dannell Ellerbe
as Dannell Ellerbe
Giovanni McEastland
as Football Player
Linnea Pihl
as Anderson's Assistant/Anderson's assistant
Sharon D. Wilson
as Partygoer
Ely Feldman
as Hotel Guest/Marlins Fan
Troy Garity
as Jason Antolotti/Jason
Tyler James Williams
as Waterboy
Nini Le Huynh
as Yankees Fan
Aina Dumlao
as Natalie
Robert Mata
as Tailor
Mark Sivertsen
as Mark Cowler
Gillian Zinser
Robert Herrick
as Uncle #3
Rashard Mendenhall
as Rashard/Rashard Mendenhall
Miriam Kulick
as Desk Administrator
Brian Nuesi
as Patron
Brittany Chrishawn
as SportsX Agent
Chiko Mendez
as Diner Patron
Amanda Canciano
as NFL Wife
Ricardo Finnis
as Hospital Orderly
Brenda Lee Eager
as Ensemble Choir
Theron LaFountain
as High Roller
Tatum Miranda
as Chloe's Friend
Chris Long
as Chris Long
Andra Nechita
as Simone
Christopher De Stefano
as Christopher De Stefano (Mansion Party Guest)/Funeral Attendee/Marlins Baseball Fan/Miami Dolphins Football Coach/University of Georgia Professor
Aurora Karine
as Gambler
Jorge Moreno
as Band Singer
Brooklyn Regans
as Kiki
Mason Mills
as Traveler
Tony Hawk
as Tony Hawk
Victor B. Cohen
as Football Player
Jeff Jocoy
as Game Patron
DeShawn Cavanaugh
as Spencer Age 18/Teenage Spencer
Kevin Hager
as Bodyguard for Wayne Hastings Jr.
Arturo Del Puerto
Phillip Abraham
as Assistant
Rene Toledo
as NFL Player/Club Patron
Brenda Koo
as Gina
as Security Guard
Kourtney Brown
as Bartender
Diana Care
as Kelly
Kevin Durand
as Thompson/Thomas
Hymnson Chan
as Rival Gamer
Stephen Neider
as Jimmy
Jared Odrick
as Jared Odrick
Nick Nicotera
as Station Manager
Nick Diaz
as Nick Diaz
Courtney Brown
as Bank Patron/Frat Boy
David Turley
as Self
Eric Mangini
as Eric Mangini
Andrea Escobar
as Brea
Mike Reisert
as Captain Dave
Matt Mercurio
as Mike
Robert Baker
Phillip Caires
as Money Man
James D. Weston II
as Precision Driver
Amy LoCicero
as Jewelry Saleswoman
Nick Cordasco
as Nick Cordasco
Les Snead
as Self
Loren Ferguson
as Mechanic
Frankie Dale Vernail Jacobs
as Self - Funeral attend
Julian Edelman
as Julian Edelman
Sophia Gasca
as High School Student
Jesi Le Rae
as Ruby Bikini Girl
Sheila Ellis
as Business Woman
Jack J. Bennett
as Ram's Employee
Patrick St. Esprit
as Dallas Cowboys GM/Hal, Dallas Cowboys GM
Aramis Hudson
as Aramis Hudson
Steve DuMouchel
as Simon
Kat Redner
as MMA Fighter
Don Shula
as Don Shula
Michelle Pieroway
as Jason's Girl
Soufiane El Khalidy
as Titan Patron
Raigan Harris
as Joy
Aly Rae Santos-Tanner
as Municipal Straight Jacket Girl
Robert Small
as Boss/Bruce
Jarvis Landry
as Jarvis Landry
Sandra Portillo
as Beatriz. Bikini's Girl
Michael Tatmon
as BBQ Patron
Donovan W. Carter
as Vernon Littlefield
Serinda Swan
as Chloe
Paola Paulin
as Michelle/Pool Party Guest
Rusty Amodeo
as Professor
Jasmine Avery
as Vernon's Restaurant Girl
DeSean Jackson
as DeSean Jackson
Brad Henson
as Uncle #2
Melanie Marie
as Hotel Guest with Spencer
Stacy Ann Rose
as Dr. Robbins
Karen Gordon
as Acupuncturist
Tom Meents
as Monster Truck Driver
Clark Grimes
as Big White Dude
Andrew Baijnath
as Security gaurd/Beach patron
Mikey Alfred
as Mikey Alfred
RJ Bell
as RJ Bell
Shalim Ortiz
as Manny
Heiko k Effenberger
as Luxury Box Patron
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
as Corporate Sponsor/Party Guest/Biltmore Lobby/Hospital Waiting Room Guest/Hospital Waiting Room Visitor/NBA Family Member/Patio Guest/Restaurant Guest/Tennis Attendee
John Q. Leo
as Marlins Fan
Randell J. Jackman
as Club-Goer
Chelsea Dawn
as Gambler
Michael Love Toliver
as Employee
Elaine Cottrell
as Cheerleader Stripper
Janice Sims
as Business Woman
Terry L. Reed
as Team Executive/Team Owner
Eli Goree
as Quincy Carter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2015 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2018 | 9 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 8 Episodes




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