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December 3, 2021
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In the year 2258, it is ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. Commander Sinclair takes command of a giant five-mile-long cylindrical space station, orbiting a planet in neutral space. At a crossroads of interstellar commerce and diplomacy, Cmdr Sinclair (2d season Captain Sheridan) must try to establish peace and prosperity between various interstellar empires, all the while fighting forces from within the Earth Alliance. It is a precarious command, particularly given that sabotage led to the destruction of Babylon stations 1, 2, and 3 and 4 vanished without trace.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 26, 1994

Also Known As: Вавилон 5, Что же случилось с мистером Гарибальди |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Canada (PG, 14A) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

time travel
space colony

Company Credits

Production Co: Warner Home Video, AOL Time Warner |  See more »


Jeff Griggs
as Dan Randall
Ken Jenkins
as Captain Trevor Hall
Paul Yeuell
as Customs Guard
Phil Hawn
as Docking Bay Mechanic on Ladder
Vaughn Armstrong
as Security Guard #1
Lewis Arquette
as General Smits
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Morishi
Thomas Valinote
as Security Guard #2
Richard Grove
as Kalain
Caroline Ambrose
as Lara
J. Michael Straczynski
as Maintenance Worker
Craig Thomas
as Human
Fredric Lehne
as Ranger
Neil Roberts
as Brother Michael
Roger Hampton
as Merchant
James Kiriyama-Lem
as Med Tech
Randall Kirby
as Businessman #1
Tucker Smallwood
as David Endawi
Warren Tabata
as Guard
Ross Gottstein
as Vendor
Rosie Malek-Yonan
as Doctor
Dwight Schultz
as Amis
Dona Hardy
as Old Woman
Jsu Garcia
as Lt. Ramirez
Doug McCoy
as Alpha Seven/Delta 7/Fighter #2/Guard
David Anthony Marshall
as Stephen Petrov
David Sage
as Business Man #2/Centauri Merchant
Michael Paul Chan
as Roberts
Ed Trotta
as Lt. General O'Reilly
Dan Woren
as Bartender
Glenn Morshower
as Franke
Stuart McLean
as Carl
Liz Burnette
as Lurker #1
Tom Donaldson
as Cutter
Eric Steinberg
as Samuel
Constance Zimmer
as Young Woman Patient
Christopher Darga
as Narn #1
Jeffrey Castillo
as Guard
Judson Scott
as Knight One
Gregory McKinney
as Walker Smith
Natalie Brunt
as Business Person
Donovan Scott
as Captain Jack
Timothy Starks
as Guard
Tom Lowe
as Gunman #1
William Dennis Hunt
as Centauri Noble
Charles Walker
as Ben
Daniel Beer
as Patrick
Mark Ginther
as Dagool
Robert Phalen
as Andrei Ivanov
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Panicked Man/Worker
Fredi Olster
as Lady Ladira
Johnny Sekka
as Dr. Benjamin Kyle
Tim Barron
as Humanoid
Erica Gimpel
as Cailyn
Nancy Stafford
as Dr. Mary Kirkish
Floyd Van Buskirk
as Worker #1
Erich Martin Hicks
as Businessman #2
Kitty Swink
as Senator
Erica Ortega
as Cynthia Teegarden
Kim Zimmer
as Cynthia Torqueman
Dan Sachoff
as Aide
Steven Lambert
as Bloodhound Teep #2
Ryan Cutrona
as Sgt. Major Plug
Ginger Marin
as Telepath
Art Kimbro
as Ray Galus
Anita Brabec
as Dome Tech #3
Henry Darrow
as Dr. William Indiri
Phil Morris
as Bill Trainor
Lenny Citrano
as Isaac
Penn Jillette
as Rebo
Carl Ciarfalio
as Drazi Vendor/Poker Participant
Garry Kluger
as Man
Kristopher Logan
as Ambassador #3
John Saint Ryan
as Troublemaker
Erick Avari
as Rabbi Leo Meyers
Tom Booker
as Jinxo
Edward Conery
as Devereaux
Jim Cody Williams
as Thug #1
Rodney Eastman
as Kiron Maray
Sean Sullivan
as Ashan
Cal Johnson
as Minbari Alien
Vince Deadrick Jr.
as Brakiri/Tough Guy
Jeffrey Combs
as Harriman Gray
David Wells
as Commander William Nils
Dani Thompson
as Ombuds
Lynn Blades
as News Anchor #2
Patricia Tallman
as Lyta Alexander
Brian Tahash
as Smuggler #2
Bart McCarthy
as Daro/Shakiri
Ungela Brockman
as Earthforce NCO
Calvin Jung
as Guard
Morgan Hunter
as Pvt. Kleist
Sharon Annett
as Mary Garibaldi
Donald Willis
as Trader
Damian London
as Minister/Regent/Centauri Official/Centauri Senator
David L. Crowley
as Lou Welch
Danny De La Paz
as Running Man
Ron Canada
as Captain Ellis Pierce
Don Dowe
as Earth Fighter
Musetta Vander
as Felicia
Kelly Coyle
as Earthforce Liaison
Ossie Mair
as Store Owner
Nathan Anderson
as Rastenn
Christopher Neame
as Knight Two
Jerry Doyle
as Michael Garibaldi
Douglas Bennett
as First Man
Maggie Egan
as ISN Anchor/Jane
Robert Foxworth
as General William Hague
Kim Miyori
as Captain Sandra Hiroshi
Kate McNeil
as Janice Rosen
Nancy Lee Grahn
as Shaal Mayan
Julian Barnes
as Durano
Richard Chaves
as Alvares
William Morgan Sheppard
as The Soul Hunter/Warleader G'Sten
Mike Manzoni
as Employee/Guard
Gerrit Graham
as Lord Kiro
Jana Robbins
as Ambassador Tal
Jason Carter
as Marcus Cole/Ranger Marcus Cole
Macaulay Bruton
as Garibaldi's Aide/Tragedy
Chuck Butto
as Security Officer #1
Debby Shively
as Aide
Marc Gomes
as Eisensen
Skip Stellrecht
as Customs Officer/Guard/Security Guard
Mauricio Mendoza
as Ranger
Joy Hardin
as Narn #1
Mark Folger
as Centauri
Gregory Paul Martin
as Colonel Ari Ben Zayn
Clayton Landey
as Number Two
Carrie Dobro
as Brakiri/Dr. Harrison
Aki Aleong
as Senator Hidoshi
Michael McKenzie
as Alien Customer/Captain Sh'Drog/Drazi #1/Home Guard Goon/Man/Markab Victim/Migo/Minbari Captain/Narn Captain/Narn Navigator/Pilgrim/Vastor
James Shigeta
as Taro Isogi
Robin Atkin Downes
as Byron/Morann
Julian Neil
as Lindstrom
Carmen Thomas
as Lyndisty
Karen Fineman
as Kelley
Tony Steedman
as Dr. Everett Jacobs
J.P. Hubbell
as Evan
Richard Biggs
as Dr. Stephen Franklin
Mike Gunther
as Alien #1
Dennis Cosmo Michael
as Minbari/Narn underground member
Reiner Schöne
as Dukhat
Ross Kettle
as Ruell
Brendan Ford
as Gordon/Tannier
Loraine Shields
as Cook
Francis X. McCarthy
as Minister Vole
David 'Shark' Fralick
as Man
Doug Tompos
as Med Tech
Eliott Harold
as Human Customer
Da Han
as Psi Corps agent
Ron Campbell
as Drazi Ambassador/Ambassador #1/Messenger
John Christian Graas
as Johnny
John Vickery
as Neroon/Mr. Welles
Ricardo Martínez
as Worker #2
Raye Birk
as William
Art Chudabala
as Pvt. Yang
Tamlyn Tomita
as Lt. Cmdr. Laurel Takashima
Nicholas R. Oleson
as Thug #1
Brian Freifield
as The Writhing Man
Marianne Robertson
as Tech #1/Dome Tech/Dome Tech #1/Hostage/Tech/Tech #2/Tech #3
Terry Walters
as Young Woman
Josh Clark
as Kulomani
Andrew Craig
as Client/Human
Diana Morgan
as Alison Higgins
Jerry Weil
as Technician
Jennifer Balgobin
as Dr. Lilian Hobbs/Dr. Hobbes
Ardwight Chamberlain
as Kosh/Ulkesh/First Ones/Kosh Naranek/Ulkesh [Kosh in credits]/Vorlon
Paul Perri
as Sniper
Momo Yashima
as Dr. Goyokin
Guy Siner
as Religious #1
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.
as Orwell
James Black
as Security Guard #1
as Zooty
Richard Moll
as Max
Kris Iyer
as Dome Tech
James Warwick
as Matthew Duffin
Beata Pozniak
as President Susanna Luchenko
Michael Sorce
as Guard
William Forward
as Lord Refa
Mary Woronov
as Ko D'Ath
Vimi Mani
as ISN Anchor
Carmen Argenziano
as Urza Jaddo
Philippe Bergeron
as Lurker
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Robert Carlson
Julian Stone
as Captain Charles 'Charlie' Mitchell
Granville Ames
as Psi Cop
Jimm Giannini
as Ock
Michael Beck
as Abel Horn
Adrienne Barbeau
as Amanda Carter
Fabiana Udenio
as Adira Tyree
Louis E. Rosas
as Narn
Robert Jason Jackson
as Dome Tech #3
Rachel Galvin
as Enphili Refugee
Drew Wood
as Student TEEP
James Jude Courtney
as Gyor/Narn #1
June Lockhart
as Dr. Laura Rosen
Rick Hamilton
as Mitch Harvey
Carel Struycken
as Trader
Dana Barron
as Lauren Ashley
Louis Turenne
as Brother Theo/Draal
Tricia O'Neil
as M'Ola
Chard Hayward
as Religious #2
Haley McLane
as Computer/Voice of the Computer
Kevin Page
as Businessman
Julie Ow
as Med Tech
Ian Ogilvy
as Lord Jano
Lee Mathis
as Fighter #1
Glenn Martin
as Ranger
Melissa Gilbert
as Anna Sheridan
Kent Broadhurst
as Major Krantz
Damon C. Reiser
as Lurker
Christopher Curry
as Ronald Quantrell
Curtis Laseter
as Bartender
Marjorie Monaghan
as Number One/Tessa Holloran
Shari Shattuck
as Julie Musante
Jeremy Thomas
as Man
David Pearlman
as Civilian/Vendor
David D. Darling
as Drazi/Guard #1
Gwen McGee
as Med Tech
Nick Toth
as Exeter
John Frederick Jones
as Centauri Diplomat
Simon Billig
as Ranger
Marcia Mitzman Gaven
as Commander Sandra Levitt
Leigh McCloskey
as Thomas
Jim Chiros
as Centauri #1
Carl Reggiardo
as Centauri #1
Michael Potter
as General Foote
Richard Epcar
as Captain Jake Thompson/Earth Force Officer
James Laing
as First Guard
Karl J. Martin
as Airsick Drazi
Vinnie Bilancio
as Maintenance Man
Marshall R. Teague
as Ta'Lon/Nelson Drake
Robin Sachs
as Hedronn/Na'Tok/Warleader Na'Kal
Robert Rusler
as Warren Keffer/Lt. Warren Keffer
Rick Ryan
as Brakiri Ambassador
Wortham Krimmer
as Emperor Cartagia
Michael Bailey Smith
as G'Dok
Katherine Moffat
as Supervisor
'Cousin Brucie' Morrow
as B4 First Officer
Tristan Rogers
as Malcolm Biggs
Clynell Jackson III
as Security Guard
Jeff Austin
as Centauri #1
Bill Mumy
as Lennier
Brian McDermott
as Durhan
Michael Stanton
as Dealer
Sylva Kelegian
as Tech #2
Peter Brown
as Minister
Doug Hale
as Derek Mitchell
Ismael Kanater
as Brakiri Salesman
Richard Yniguez
as Montoya
Harry Hutchinson
as Security Guard #1
Laura Peterson
as Gera Akshi
Michael York
as David 'Arthur' McIntyre
Lynn 'Red' Williams
as Customs Guard
Robert Englund
as Jeremiah
Freddy Andreiuci
as Worker
Mark Conley
as Tech #1
Robert DiTillio
as Ambassador #1/Norg
Mark Bramhall
as Centauri #2
John Schuck
as Draal
Thom Barry
as Maintenance Worker
Jeff Corey
as Justin
Ted Henning
as Guard #2
Beth Toussaint
as Anna Sheridan
Malachi Throne
as Centauri Prime Minister
Carolyn Seymour
as Senator Crosby
Toni Attell
as Med Tech #1
Christopher Michael
as Shooter
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
as Cart Owner
Katy Boyer
as Neeoma Connally
Eddie Allen
as Man
Time Winters
as Rathenn
Jim Youngs
as Frank Benson
Walter O'Neil
as Crazed Man
Patty Toy
as Ogilvie/Psi Corps Rep
Rick Johnson
as Security Guard #1
Don Stroud
as Boggs/Caliban
Beverly Leech
as Elizabeth Sheridan
Paul Williams
as Taq
David A. Kimball
as Lee Parks
James Lew
as Bloodhound Teep #1
Roy Dotrice
as Frederick Lantz
John Castellanos
as Tafiq Azir
Jonathan C. Kaplan
as Shon
Rance Howard
as David Sheridan
Marie Marshall
as Pfc. Elizabeth 'Dodger' Durman
Rod Perry
as General Netter
Julie Caitlin Brown
as Na'Toth/Guinevere Corey
Jason Larimore
as Lurker
José Rey
as Eduardo Delvientos
Steven R. Barnett
as Eric Hazeltine
Leslie Wing
as Mother
Glen Robinson
as Head Waiter
Robert Schuch
as Lurker
George C. Simms
as Security Guard
Monique Edwards
as Officer
Kenneth Cortland
as Patient/Telepath
Alastair Duncan
as Latimere
Paul Keith
as Drigo
Robert Silver
as Merchant/Reno
Tracy Scoggins
as Capt. Elizabeth Lochley
J. Patrick McCormack
as General Lefcourt
David McCallum
as Dr. Vance Hendricks
Blair Valk
as Mariel
Carolyn Barkin
as ISN Reporter
Juan A. Riojas
as Guard
Billy Scudder
as Ambassador #2/Drazi Captain/Jester
Whip Hubley
as Raider #1
Trevor Eyster
as Simon
Jessica Walter
as Senator Elise Voudreau
Rick Scarry
as Centauri
Mary Major
as ISN Reporter
Eric Zivot
as Spragg/Verano
Derek Zemrak
as Fighter Pilot
Diane Adair
as Markab Mother/Mila Shar/Narn Mother
Clive Revill
as Trakis
Douglas Netter
as President Luis Santiago
Mark Rolston
as Karl Mueller
Jerry O'Donnell
as Security Guard #2
Patricia Healy
as Mary Ann Cramer
Albert Garcia
as Ramirez
Jim Norton
as Ombuds Wellington/Dr. Lazarenn/G'Quan
James Parks
as Drakhen
Kent Minault
as Captain of the Guard
Craig Barnett
as Security Guard
Bill Balas
as Ranger
Lawrence Gaughan
as Telepath
Kerry Hoyt
as Med Tech
Peter Trencher
as Carn Mollari
Mark S. Porro
as Security Guard
Wiley M. Pickett
as Man #2
Curt Lowens
as Varn
Wanda De Jesus
as Sarah
John Fleck
as Del Varner
Billy Hayes
as Traveler
Anne Betancourt
as Dr. Gonzales
Christine Noonan
as Business Woman
Michael Dane
as Centauri Imperial Palace Guard
Ed Wasser
as Morden/Guerra
Brian Starcher
as Other Pilot
Doug Cox
as Husband - James Cooper
Ricco Ross
as Captain Frank
Linda Lodge
as Mirriam Runningdear
Greg Engler
as Mute Witness
Michael Max Charles Ciano
as Roommate
Wylie Small
as Jacque Lee
Shirley Prestia
as Barbara Cooper
Robert Keith
as Malcolm
Katharine Mills
as Dancer
Gary McGurk
as President Morgan Clark/Vice President Morgan Clark
Sarah Douglas
as Deathwalker/Jha'Dur
Fumi Shishino
as Screaming Woman/Security Guard
Thomas Kopache
as Tu'Pari
Raymond O'Connor
as Mack
Walter Williamson
as Paretti
Tim Choate
as Zathras
Majel Barrett
as Lady Morella
Bryan Cranston
as Ericsson
Paolo Seganti
as Phillipe
Mary Kay Adams
as Na'Toth
Dawn Comer
as Security Guard
Jack Kehler
as Mr. Chase
Mark Hendrickson
as Drazi Ambassador/Narn #1/Narn Acolyte/Narn Captain/Alien #1/Alien Customer/Ambassador #2/Ashok/Du'Rog/Grey Council #1/Grey Council #2/Human/Narn #2/Narn Pilot/Thegras
J.J. Boone
as Med Tech
Peter Jurasik
as Londo Mollari
Deborah Landis
as Sonari
Richard Henry
as Security Man
Fiona Dwyer
as Kirrin
Lela Hough
as Cadet/Naron
Alex Hyde-White
as Pierce Macabee
Denise Gentile
as Lise Hampton/Lise Hampton-Edgars/Lise Hampton Edgars
Jack Hannibal
as Peter
Judy Levitt
as Psi Cop
Lawrence LeJohn
as Bo
Richie Solomon
as Security Guard #6
Bart Johnson
as Ranger
Theodore Bikel
as Rabbi Koslov
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
as William Edgars
Kathleen Lloyd
as Elizabeth Metarie
DH Lewis
as Centauri Woman
Kim M. Ferry
as Sheridan's Security Guard
Steve Gonzales
as News Anchor #1
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Strongarm #1
Kat Cressida
as Kat the Bartender
Bruce McGill
as Major Ed Ryan
Russ Fega
as Merchant #1
Trevor Goddard
as Trace
Reggie Lee
as Chen Hikaru
William Allen Young
as Jason Ironheart
Vincent Riotta
as Bryce
Mirron E. Willis
as Brannagan
Cheryl Francis Harrington
as Senator
Richard Gant
as Captain Edward MacDougan
Dex Elliott Sanders
as Jonathan Harris
Bridget Flanery
as Zoe
Paul Hampton
as The Senator
Anthony Crivello
as John Clemens
Mark Ciglar
as Tech
Akiko Morison
as Med Tech
Lenore Kasdorf
as ISN Reporter
Joe Banks
as Guard
Mira Furlan
as Delenn/Ambassador Delenn
Lynn Anderson
as Rose
Walter Koenig
as Alfred Bester
Greg Aronowitz
as Minbari Assassin
Rif Hutton
as ISN Reporter
Bernie Casey
as Derek Cranston
S. Marc Jordan
as Shop Owner
Khin-Kyaw Maung
as Worker
Justin Williams
as Bill Mitchell
Leslie Pratt
as Woman
Vincent Duvall
as Centauri Envoy
Kim Delgado
as Comm Tech/Dome Tech #3
Michael Ansara
as Elric
Geoff Meed
as Smuggler #1
Romy Rosemont
as Publicist
John T. Grantham
as Thug #2
Christina Gavin
as Telepath
Juliana Donald
as Pilot #1
Bruce Boxleitner
as Capt. John Sheridan/President John Sheridan
Robert Patteri
as EA Pilot
Elisa Beth Garver
as Tech #2
Jim Ishida
as Dr. Tasaki
Bergen Williams
as Security Guard
Scott Adams
as Mr. Adams
Jonathan Chapman
as Brakiri Ambassador/Brakiri/Ambassador #1/Ambassador Lethke/Drazi Pilot/Green Drazi #2/Minbari #2/Narn Pilot #2/Narn Second/Passing Minbari/Religious Minbari
Daniel Bryan Cartwell
as Merkat
Shelley Robertson
as Ms. Constance
Keith Szarabajka
as Matthew Stoner
Tony Rayner
as Man
Bill Blair
as Alien/Brakiri Priest
Mowava Pryor
as Tonia Wallace
Annie Grindlay
as Psi Cop/Thirteen
Julia Nickson
as Catherine Sakai
Mongo Brownlee
as Enforcer
Tom Simmons
as Security Guard #2
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Mariah Cirrus
Danica McKellar
as Aria Tensus
Elaine Thomas
as Major Lianna Kemmer
Debra Sharkey
as Med Tech/Tech #2
Philip Moon
as Ashi
Joey Dente
as Luko
Catherine Hader
as Young Woman
Kevin McBride
as Guard
Rob Elk
as Henry Ellis
Greg Wrangler
as Security Guard #1
Robin Curtis
as Ambassador Kalika
Michael Kagan
as Emmett Farquaha
Brian Carpenter
as Callenn
Victor Love
as Telepath
Jennifer Wellings
as Narn Female
Stephen Lee
as Tharg
Bryan Michael McGuire
as Customs Guard #1/Guard #2/Man
Roger Hewlett
as Thug
Richard Steven Horvitz
as Mark
Joan McMurtrey
as Carolyn
Tony Rizzoli
as Guard
LaRita Shelby
as Med Tech
Brian Cousins
as Rick
F. William Parker
as Business Man #1
Jan Rabson
as Vendor
Neil Bradley
as Alien #2/Commander Bob Philby/Dr. Literana Varda/Kha'Mak/Minbari #3/Narn #1/Narn #2/Purple Drazi/Tru'nil
Marva Hicks
as Singer
Matt Gottlieb
as ISN Reporter #2
Lois Nettleton
as Daggair
Joshua Lee Patton
as Human/Minbari Kosh
Roy Brocksmith
as Brother Alwyn Macomber
Jean-Luc Martin
as Emissary
Monica Lee Bellais
as Minbari
Josh Coxx
as Tech David Corwin/Lt. David Corwin
Frank Costa
as B4 Guard
Eddie Mui
as B4 Tech
Michael O'Hare
as Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair/Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair/Valen
Milton James
as Centauri Official
Héctor Mercado
as Pilot
Michelan Sisti
as Takarn
Blaire Baron
as Carolyn Sykes
Bruce Gray
as Interrogator
Greg Poland
as Guard
Bluejean Ashley Secrist
as Markab Girl
Grace Una
as Alisa Beldon
Joanne Takahashi
as Dr. Barbara Tashaki
Chip Heller
as Rowdy #1
Aubrey Morris
as Duncan
Cosie Costa
as Abbut
David Anthony Smith
as Man
Claudia Christian
as Cmdr. Susan Ivanova/Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova/Capt. Susan Ivanova/Gen. Susan Ivanova/Susan Ivanova
Stephen Furst
as Vir Cotto
Eamonn Roche
as First Man
Andrew Walker
as Psi Cop
Brad Dourif
as Brother Edward
François Giroday
as Virini
as Telepath #1
Jennifer Anglin
as Alien #1/Deeron/Narn Second
Don McMillan
as Bartender
Matthew Dowling
as Various Aliens
Ken Foree
as P.F.C. Large
Langdon Bensing
as Derek Mobotabwe
Soon-Tek Oh
as The Muta-Do
Mel Winkler
as Reverend Will Dexter
Christopher Rich
as Crew Member
G.W. Stevens
as Forrell
Clarke Coleman
as Telepath
Robert Krimmer
as Cartagia
Frank Farmer
as General Miller
John Lizzi
as TechnoMage
Mike Genovese
as Drake
Kevin Fry
as Centauri Guard
Donovan Brown
as Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador
Eric Pierpoint
as Daniel
Bennet Guillory
as Leif Tanner/Merchant #2
Ian Abercrombie
as Correlilmurzon
Andreas Katsulas
as G'Kar
Turhan Bey
as Centauri Emperor/Turval
Kenneth Taylor
as Jim Bitterbane
David A. Cook
as Special Agent #1
Gordon Jennison Noice
as Man
James Hornbeck
as Casey
Merrin Dungey
as Security Guard #2
Silvana Gallardo
as Maya Hernandez
Wesley Leong
as Paramedic
Felicity Waterman
as Miss Kelsey
Jane Carr
as Timov
Sav Farrow
as Tech #1/Tech #2
Harlan Ellison
as Psi Cop/Sparky the Computer/Zooty
Anthony De Longis
as Harry
Neil Hunt
as Minister Vitari
Gianin Loffler
as Lurker/Lurker #2
Jim Bentley
as Man
Mike Norris
as Butz
David Warner
as Aldous Gajic
Paul Ainsley
as Centauri #1
Linda Hoffman
as Dome Tech #2
Jeff Conaway
as Zack Allan/Security Chief Zack Allan/Zack Allen
Martin East
as Findell
Wayne Alexander
as Lorien/Drakh/Drazi/G'Dan/Sebastian
Alex Cobo
as Max
Rick Cramer
as Earthforce Officer
Stephen Macht
as Na'Far
Roger Rook
as Lurker
Mark Schneider
as Wade
Gunther Jenson
as Nightwatch Guard
John Snyder
as Orin Zento/Soul Hunter #2
Larry Varanelli
as Guard
Paul Winfield
as Gen. Richard Franklin
Sean Wilson
as Security Team Crew Leader
Kim Strauss
as Drazi Ambassador/Markab Ambassador/Ensign/G'Lorn/Green Drazi/Lennan/Narn/Narn #2/Narn Pilot #1/Vizak
William Sanderson
as Deuce
Carl J. Pfeifer
as Guard
David Purdham
as Captain James
Peter Wick
as Alien fight crowd member/Alien worker/Ensign/Minbari poetry lover/Striking worker
Marie Chambers
as Sofie Ivanova
Russ Tamblyn
as Capt. Jack Maynard
Drew Letchworth
as Comedy
Michael Francis Kelly
as Guard/Security Guard #1
Nils Allen Stewart
as Large Man
Sandey Grinn
as Narn Captain/Patient #2/Teronn
Lair Torrent
as Ranger
Ebony Monique Solomon
as Young Woman
Ace Mask
as Maitre D'
Lauren Sanchez
as Newsanchor
Stephen Austin-Skordiles
as Pak'ma'ra Ambassador/Drug Dealer/Hyack/Lurker, Pak'ma'ra/Man In Black/Self - Closing credits/Shop Keeper/Troublemaker/Zocolo Patron
Diane DiLascio
as Telepath #2
William John Murphy
as Man #1
Anneliza Scott
as Assistant
John C. Flinn III
as Mr. Flinn/Obnoxious Man
Tom Billett
as Centauri Guard/Guard
Edmund L. Shaff
as Business Man
Leslie Erganian
as Technician
Robin Wake
as Young Lianna
Andrea Thompson
as Talia Winters
Jani Neuman
as Med Tech
Tony Abatemarco
as Verchan
Daniel Hutchison
as Security Guard
Elisa Gabrielli
as Guest Liaison
Tom McGreevy
as Minister
Victor Lundin
as Psi Corps Official
José Ramón Rosario
as Nolan

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1994 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

1994 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

1995 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

1996 | 22 Episodes

Season 5

1998 | 22 Episodes




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Primetime Emmy Awards 1993


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Special Visual Effects

Hugo Awards 1994


Hugo Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation

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