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October 24, 2021
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Avatar: The Last Airbender’s
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United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Avatar: The Last Airbender is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Avatar: The Last Airbender has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


The world is divided into four nations -- the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and and the Air Nomads -- each represented by a natural element for which the nation is named. Benders have the ability to control and manipulate the element from their nation. Only the Avatar is the master of all four elements. The ruthless Fire Nation wants to conquer the world but the only bender who has enough power, the Avatar, has disappeared ... until now. His tribe soon discovers that Aang is the long-lost Avatar. Now Katara and Sokka must safeguard Aang on his journey to master all four elements and save the world from the Fire Nation.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 21, 2005

Also Known As: Avatar: La leyenda de Aang, Momo |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (Livre, 10) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

martial arts
saving the world

Company Credits

Production Co: Nickelodeon Animation Studios


George Cheung
as Pao
Kurt Fuller
as Additional Voices/Quon
Kim Mai Guest
as Additional Voices/Song/Ying
Andrea Romano
as Additional Voices
Mitch Holleman
as The Duke
Tsai Chin
as Aunt Wu/Additional Voices
Brian Tochi
as Ham Ghao/Than
Flo Di Re
as Additional Voices
Dee Bradley Baker
as Appa/Momo/Additional Voices/Actor Bumi/Actor Jet/Adult Roku/Chong/Random soldiers/Rhinos/Soldier #2
Mitchel Musso
as Aang
Roger Rose
as Bully Guard
Noah Luke
as Additional Voices/Shoji
Hayley DeLong
as Additional Voices
Lauren Tom
as Joo Dee
Courtenay Taylor
as Guard
Jim Meskimen
as Additional Voices/Fire Nation Soldier/General How/Kuruk/Lt. Jee
Luke Zampas
as Additional Voices
Ron Perlman
as Additional Voices/Firelord Sozin
Andre Ware
as Sensitive Ruffian/Wealthy Man
Dante Basco
as Prince Zuko/Additional Voices/Soldier #1/Zuko
Daniel Samonas
as Teo
Roberta Farkas
as Additional Voices/Zhang Leader
Susan Silo
as Fisherman's Wife
Serena Williams
as Ming
Daran Norris
as Additional Voices
Dwight Schultz
as Additional Voices/Trainer
Clyde Kusatsu
as Additional Voices/Calm Man/Senior Monk/Storyteller
Jillian Henry
as Koko
Mark Hamill
as Additional Voices/Firelord Ozai/Fire Lord/Firelord/Phoenix King Ozai/Fire Lord Ozai/Ozai
Robert David Hall
as Additional Voices
Andy Morris
as Kenji
Ross Thomas
as Ruon-Jian
Jeff Patterson
as Additional Voices/Fire Sage
Jeanne Sakata
as Ms. Kwan
Jack De Sena
as Sokka/Additional Voices
Nick Jameson
as Colonel Shinu/Additional Voices
Robert Ito
as Sun Warrior Chief
John Garry
as Additional Voices
Leonard Stone
as Additional Voices/Canyon Guide
as Uncle/Additional Voices/Red Dragon
Lucille Bliss
as Yagoda
Wayne Duvall
as Warden Poon
John Kassir
as Chey
Tom Kane
as Additional Voices
Jeremy Kramer
as Additional Voices
Craig Strong
as Additional Voices
Bryan Konietzko
as Pirate Barker/Additional Voices/Foaming Mouth Guy
Wade Williams
as Warden
Barry Dennen
as Additional Voices/General Sung
Karen Maruyama
as Additional Voices/Bureaucrat
Will Shadley
as Little Boy
Jack Angel
as Additional Voices/Pirate Captain
Gabrielle Carteris
as Additional Voices
Olivia Hack
as Ty Lee/Additional Voices
Brian George
as Guru Pathik/Additional Voices/Guru
as On Ji
William Bassett
as Swampmonster/Huu
Nika Futterman
as Smellerbee/Additional Voices
Erik von Detten
as Chan
Melinda Clarke
as Madame Macmu-Ling
Sab Shimono
as Master Yu/Additional Voices/Monk Gyatso
Barbara Goodson
as Additional Voices/Mom
Joe Alaskey
as Additional Voices/Broadsword Man/Dealer
Andrew Lewis Caldwell
as Teen Roku
Carlos Alazraqui
as Additional Voices/Due/Tho
Robert Patrick
as Piandao
Amy Hill
as Additional Voices/Superior
Bonnie McNeil
as Additional Voices
Daniel Dae Kim
as General Fong
Phil Proctor
as Additional Voices/Music Teacher
Grey Griffin
as Azula/Additional Voices/Actress Katara/Blue Dragon/Kya/Michi/Ta Min
James Sie
as Cabbage Merchant/Oyaji/Additional Voices
Johannes Walenta
as Aang
Jennie Kwan
as Suki/Additional Voices/Actress Yue
David Jeremiah
as Additional Voices
Rodney Saulsberry
as Additional Voices
Tara Strong
as Actress Azula/Additional Voices/Tom-Tom
Keone Young
as High Sage/Jeong Jeong/Additional Voices/Captain Li
Paul Eiding
as Additional Voices/Dock/Ukano
Scott McAfee
as Additional Voices
Mae Whitman
as Katara/Additional Voices/Kya/Lu Ten
Marc Donato
as Additional Voices/Longshot
Rachel Dratch
as Actress Aang
Matthew Underwood
as Hide/Timid Kid
Crawford Wilson
as Jet
Julianna Rose
as Little Fire Nation Girl
Cameron Bowen
as Additional Voices
Chris Butler
as Fat
Fred Tatasciore
as Resistance Leader
Johanna Braddy
as Princess Yue
Jamie Alcroft
as Additional Voices
Ben Diskin
as Hahn
Tim Dang
as Yon Rha
Alicia Weyer
as Additional Voices
André Sogliuzzo
as Hakoda/Bumi/Captain/Dai Li Captain/King/King Bumi
Greg Berg
as Pong
Cricket Leigh
as Mai
Salome Jens
as Additional Voices
Mia Ella Mimica
as Azula
Scott Menville
as Additional Voices/Academy Student/Actor Sokka/Firebending Magician/Messenger/Scout
Robby D. Bruce
as Lee
Bruce Locke
as Additional Voices
Walker Edmiston
as Azulon
Daniel Riordan
as Additional Voices/General
Jen Cohn
as Ursa
James Hong
as Additional Voices/Dour Monk/Mayor Tong
Tress MacNeille
as Additional Voices/Hama/Yangchen
Victor Brandt
as Additional Voices/Master Pakku/Pakku
Susan Eisenberg
as Sela
Brian O'Neill
as Gansu
Richard McGonagle
as Bato
Scott Mosenson
as Additional Voices
Cam Clarke
as Additional Voices/Lao
Paul Butcher
as Additional Voices
Julianne Buescher
as Additional Voices
Kristoffer Tabori
as War Minister/Additional Voices/Emissary
Maximillian Roeg
as Additional Voices
Madeline Lovejoy
as Additional Voices
Mick Foley
as The Boulder
Nicholas Guest
as Additional Voices
Malachi Throne
as Colonel Mongke/Additional Voices
Dave Wittenberg
as Additional Voices
Stu Levin
as Old Man Dig
Lizzie Murray
as Additional Voices
Sean Marquette
as Additional Voices/Teen Sozin/Young Gyatso
Quinton Flynn
as Mugger
Elijah Runcorn
as Young Zuko
Marc Graue
as Xin Fu/Additional Voices
Hector Elizondo
as Wan Shi Tong
S. Marc Jordan
as Additional Voices
Nick Swoboda
as The Duke
Robert Pine
as Fisherman
Adam Wylie
as Academy Student
Peter Jessop
as Additional Voices/Fung
Wil Wheaton
Jodi Carlisle
as Additional Voices/Herbalist
Jason Charles Miller
as Additional Voices/Scary Prisoner
Michael McConnohie
as Additional Voices
Lex Lang
as Additional Voices/Additional voices/Adult Sozin
Cameron Monaghan
as Additional Voices/Twin 1/Twin 2
Erik Dellums
as Koh
Laraine Newman
as Lily
Kevin Ng
as Bumi
Melendy Britt
as Gran Gran
Phil LaMarr
as Earth King/Additional Voices
Michael Dow
as Haru/Additional Voices
John DiMaggio
as Actor Toph/Actor Uncle/Additional Voices
James Shigeta
as Old Wanderer
Robin Atkin Downes
as Additional Voices/Captain/Circus Master
Gary Anthony Sturgis
as Gow
Takayo Fischer
as Li/Lo/Additional Voices
James Garrett
as Avatar Roku/Roku
George Takei
as Warden
Sterling Young
as Pipsqueak/Additional Voices
Daniel Hansen
as Additional Voices
Michael Hagiwara
as Leader
Paul McKinney
as Additional Voices/Ghashiun
Clancy Brown
as Long Feng/Additional Voices
Jon Polito
as Chief Arnook/Additional Voices
James Arnold Taylor
as Additional Voices
Zachary Throne
as Additional Voices
Zach Tyler
as Aang/Additional Voices/Kid
Ezekial Rollins
as Chit Sang
Eric Bauza
as Additional Voices
Clement von Franckenstein
as Great Sage
Greg Baldwin
as Additional Voices/Uncle/Uncle Iroh
Rene Auberjonois
as Mechanist/Additional Voices/Gan Jin Leader
Marcella Lentz-Pope
as Jin
Jason Isaacs
as Commander Zhao/Admiral Zhao
Keith Szarabajka
as Additional Voices
Jennifer Hale
as June/Avatar Kyoshi/Additional Voices
Derek Basco
as Actor Zuko/Additional Voices/Moku
Steve McGowan
as Additional Voices
Kevin Michael Richardson
as Additional Voices/Tyro/Lion Turtle
Michael Yama
as Additional Voices/Shyu
Bill Bolender
as Additional Voices/Sha-Mo
Michaela Jill Murphy
as Toph/Additional Voices/Meng/Toph Beifong
Raphael Sbarge
as Additional Voices/Professor Zei
Paul Nakauchi
as Additional Voices
Pat Musick
as Additional Voices/Haru's Mom
Jim Ward
as Additional Voices/Headmaster

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2005 | 20 Episodes

Season 2

2006 | 20 Episodes

Season 3

2007 | 21 Episodes




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Best Animated Television Production


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Best Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production


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Best Writing in an Animated Television Production

Annie Awards 2007


Annie Awards

Best Character Animation in a Television Production


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Best Directing in an Animated Television Production

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