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October 27, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


"Austin & Ally" follows the exploits of the title characters, polar opposites who combine their talents to try to create a musical tour de force. Austin is an extroverted musician and singer. Ally is a brilliant, but shy, songwriter. Austin and Ally's best friends are Trish and Dez, respectively. Without Ally's knowledge, Austin and Dez "borrow" one of her songs, make a music video out of it and post it on the Internet. The music video catapults Austin into an overnight sensation. But when Trish tries to convince Ally to let people know she wrote the song, Austin pleads with her to write him another song that he can turn into a hit. And that begins their musical collaboration as they try to profit from Austin's newfound fame.

Official Sites: Official Facebook, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: December 2, 2011

Also Known As: Όστιν & Άλι, Austin und Ally |  See more »


Plot Keywords

aspiring singer
group of friends

Company Credits

Production Co: Cinema Vehicle Services, It's a Laugh Productions


Preston Jones
as Miami Mack
Natalija Ugrina
as Music Awards Nominee
Tyler Cook
as Alien (Ty)
Laura Marano
as Ally Dawson
Megan Richie
as Esmeralda
Katie Wee
as Sheila Berman
Gregory Marcel
as Stage Manager
Oscar Magana Jr.
as Parent
Skylar Stecker
as Ridley
Tiffany Gonzalez
as Autograph Girl
Jamison Yang
as Mr. Wu
Steve Trzaska
as Assistant #1
as Judy Cooper
Hunter Wickham
as Customer
Keleigh De La Cruz
as Bill's Girlfriend
Pamela Dunlap
as Ms. Krum
Christian Andre Campos
as Ally's Auditionee
John Paul Green
as Chuck McCoy
Ashley Rae Miller
as Christmas Kid
Brendan Hunt
as Spike Stevens
Carlos Santos
as Interviewer
Peyton List
as Emma Ross
Gui DaSilva-Greene
as Dancer
Ryan Shrime
as Hipster Customer
Aleisha Barnett
as Chandalier Baker
Mimi Kirkland
as Lily
William Sturtevant
as Gus
Sunkrish Bala
as Roger Dunlap
Carla Delaney
as Mrs. Townsend
Román Zaragoza
as Miles
Skyler Vallo
as Country Kitty
Jim O'Heir
as Santa
Sherry Weston
as Mrs. Kravitz
Skai Jackson
as Zuri Ross
David Magidoff
as Zip
Adrian Elizondo
as Helen Show Announcer
Lisa Arch
as Demonica Dixon
Jill Benjamin
as Mimi Moon
Maddie Ziegler
as Shelby
Aubrey Lee Glover
Shandel Love
as Wardrobe Stylist
Halle Bailey
as Halle
Gabriel Benitez
as Deejay/Keyboard Player
Kamil McFadden
as Ernie Cooper
Michael D. Cohen
as Mr. Gower
Patrick J. Nicolas
as Lead Guitar
Kelly Perine
as Officer Dunphy
Emma Elizabeth Steiger
as Dancer
Reggie Brown
as President
Kylend Hetherington
as Devin
Pam Trotter
as Gospel Trio Member #3
Alexa Russo
as Hazel
Gerren Hall
as Music Awards Attendee
Kyla Dione
as Crazy Fan
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
as Val/Val Crawford
Lawrence Adimora
as Host
Kayla-Marie Gaskin
as Dancer
Robin Riker
as Ms. Jackson
Cameron Jebo
as Gavin Young
Kailee Bauer
as Party Princess
Monica Smith
as Mrs. Ingram
Eliana Arroyo
as Little Trish
Reggie Burrell
as Gospel Trio Member #2
Grace Phipps
John Henson
as Mike Moon
Tamiko Brownlee
as Ninja
Amanda Leighton
as Bonnie
Mia Doumanian
as Ava Moon
Madison McMillin
as European Model
Julia Campbell
as Penny Dawson
Kim Whalen
as Glamour Kitty
Justin Dray
as Kenneth Kreen
Alysah Pizarro
as Christmas Kid
Lauren Lindsey Donzis
as Sadie
Bruno Mello
as Chuck
Tom Fonss
as Anders
David Michie
as Emilio
Mollee Gray
as Glee Club Member
Christine Rodriguez
as Margo
Dwyane Wade
as Self
Devan Leos
as JJ
Jean Villepique
as Joanna
Dove Cameron
as Bobbie
Craig Jordan
as Gleep-Gloop
Meghan Gumina
as Anne Smith
Jill Basey
as Old Lady Passenger
Matthew Brady
as Sonic Boom Customer
Calum Worthy
as Dez/Dez Wade
Lynne Marie Stewart
as Miss Suzy
Steve Clerge
as Bully
Chelsea Harris
as Nikki Rush
Phillip Chbeeb
as Dancer
Debby Ryan
as Jessie Prescott
Caballero Daniel
as Ally Fan
Russ Marchand
as Jett Deely
Mikey McKernan
as Sleeping Hippie
Trevor Jackson
as Trent
Claire Engler
as Dylan
Duncan Tran
as B-Boy
Brandon Gibson
as Head Chili Judge
Marko Germar
as Dancer
Janelle Marie Rodriguez
as Dancer/Love interest - dancer
Isaak Presley
as Max
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Guard
Jacqueline Jones
as Music Student
Robert Picardo
as Dr. Grant
Liz Porter
as Dancer
Mason Mahay
as Knight in Shining Armor
Emily Skinner
as Mad Dog
Marleik Mar Mar Walker
as Herman
Veronica Dunne
as Emily
John O'Brien
as Mr. Neidermeyer/Scout
J.R. Nutt
as Tim
James Maple
as Lounge Patron
Leslie David Baker
as Mr. Schxlumbraugh
Maddie Simpson
as Agnes
Tetona Jackson
as Dancer
Dylan Thiffault
as Frumpkin
Josiah Smith
as Limo Driver
Johnny Erasme
Dillon Fitzgerald
as Mikey
Jamie Kaler
as Dennis
Sabrina Carpenter
as Lucy
Tiffany Maher
as Dancer
Gabrielle Elyse
as Tiffany
Aubrey K. Miller
as Megan Simms
Ryan Bollman
as Tommy Clarkson
Jaida-Iman Benjamin
as Becky
Chloe Bailey
as Chloe
Kiersey Clemons
as Kira Starr
Stefan Niemczyk
as Vinny
Alex Meneses
as Señora Gomez
Galadriel Stineman
as Didi
Eileen Galindo
as Trish's Mom
Brandon J. Sornberger
as Bee Whisperer
Shane Giedraitis
as Kids Club Kid
Gregg Daniel
as Judge Fleming
Molly Jackson
as Lulu
Will Harris
as Bogues
Melany Ochoa
as Heidi
Erica Lynne Arden
as High School Student
Christelle Harris
as Female Newscaster
Richard Whiten
as Jimmy Starr/Jimmy Star
Alexander Walsh
as Dex
Jet Jurgensmeyer
as Stevie
Brooke Sorenson
as Violet
Paul LeClair
as Dez's Cowboy Uncle
Chris Nuñez
as Drummer
Michael Sean McHale
as Computer Store Owner
Hannah Kat Jones
as Carrie
Sofia Carson
as Chelsea
Cole Sand
as Nelson
Becky G
as Self
Cody Christian
as Elliot
Claudia DiFolco
as Entertain Me Tonight Host/Host
Morgan Larson
as Dancer
Tyler Shamy
as Clayton
Gracie Gillam
as Brandy Braxton
Ryan McCartan
as Billie
Ashley Fink
as Mindy
Laura Marrano
as Ally Dawson
Travis Wong
as Dancer/Ninja
Jade Grace
as Honey Girl
Ashley Leilani
as Cheerleader
Aubrey Peeples
as Cassidy
Kallie Loudon
as Dancer
Tyne Stecklein
as Jasmine Fiera
Carrie Wampler
as Brooke
Cameron Boyce
Raini Rodriguez
as Trish De la Rosa
Anna Vocino
as Cheeri
Minor Terazza
as Roger
Cassidy Ann Shaffer
as Kimmy/Cheerleader
J.T. Glenchur
as Josh Blachard
Bruno Amato
as Coach Simmons
Nic Novicki
as Larry
Joe Rowley
as Ronnie Ramone
Luke O'Sullivan
as Nigel
Yindra Zayas
as Customer/Student
Claudia Santangelo
as Beach Club Girl
Mim Drew
as Helen
Audrey Whitby
as Tilly Thompson
Beverly Polcyn
as Old Lady
Ryan Novak
as Dancer
Jeff Blum
as Statue Guy
Michael-Leon Wooley
as DJ Sonny Smooth
Trent Dickens
as Dancer
Troy Osterberg
as Ethan
Greg Worswick
as Billl/Zilch
Ashley Argota
as Elle
Lori Crow
as Student/Customer
Tahlena Chikami
as B.B.
as Mrs. Kipling
Rachel Eggleston
as Little Tilly
Hayley Erin
as Piper
Mila McVay
as Student
Christian Gehring
as Landon
Harry Van Gorkum
as Armand Bianchi
Mark Gagliardi
as Mr. Hyde
Shannon Garnett
as Security Guard
Izzy Diaz
as Dr. Salt
Matthew Peacock
as Dancer
James Earl
as Shiny Money
Emily Chavez
as Magnolia Rose McCoy
Matthew Scott Montgomery
as Walter
Arturo Del Puerto
as Jean-Paul Paul-Jean
James McMann
as Big Airline Passenger
Cooper Rivers
as Juggler
Sean Owens
as Stage Manager
Josh Ventura
as Dancer
Noah Centineo
as Dallas
Colleen Schabes
as Trophy Girl
Vicki Lewis
as Donna
Aaron Brumfield
as Taxi Driver
Renee Percy
as Wanda Watson
Sam Adler
as Young Dez
Rico Rodriguez
as Benny
Natasha Kassar
as Dancer
Cindy Sterling
as Amanda - Dez's Date
Justin Uretz
as Cop
Peter Ngo
as Fanboy
Briana Lane
as Beverly Robbins
Anastasia Basil
as Madam Trinka
Bryant Tardy
as Gabe
Matt Merchant
as George
Edward Zoellner
as Lily's Father
Randy Blekitas
as Guitar Player
John Klarner
as Bryan
Jarret Wright
as Male Newscaster
Chase McGuire
as Bassist
Pamala Tyson
as Miss Claire
Jessica Mayorga
as Deb
Cyrus Spencer
as Dancer
Desary Vailencour
as Sonic Boom Customer
Jim Hoffmaster
as Pirate Frank
Andy Goldenberg
as Martin
Paul Zies
as Jackson Lowe
Cameron Deane Stewart
as Jace
John Lee Ames
as Clavis
Sophia Grunow
as Sydney
Gee Alexander
as Dancer
Chelsea O'Toole
as Cheerleader/Music Award Winner
LeRoyal Tutt
as Drummer
Kimmy Caruso
as Teenage Girl
Matt Cook
as Al the Magnificent
Miles Elliot
as Young Austin
Chris Trousdale
as Rupert
Cocoa Brown
as Security Guard
Kristin Pitts
as Spa Girl
Bree Elise
as Guitar Player Band Mate
David Sampen
as Stand Up Bass Player
Ross Lynch
as Austin Moon
Ithamar Enriquez
as Burglar/Delivery Man
Kahyun Kim
as Sun Hee
Lauren Boles
as Little Ally
Zoe Pessin
as Hannah
Andy Milder
as Lester Dawson
Michael McCafferty
as Mr. Conley
Sergio Cardenas
as Mariachi Singer
Karan Brar
as Ravi Ross
Hollywood Yates
as Facepuncher
Ellana Barksdale
as Gospel Trio Member #1
Sasha Mallory
as Dancer
Beatriz Fox
as Teacher
Kevin Chamberlin
as Bertram

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 19 Episodes

Season 2

2012 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

2013 | 22 Episodes

Season 4

2015 | 20 Episodes


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Kids' Choice Awards, USA 2013


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