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December 3, 2021
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About this title


Meet the wildly dysfunctional Bluth family. This family was once at the height of real estate development in Orange County, California. But when the family business - the Bluth Company - goes bust, they're suddenly found penniless with their assets frozen. They move into their last remaining asset - the model home left over from their latest housing tract. Their luxury vehicles are replaced with a reminder of the family's former wealth: 'the stair car that accompanied their private jet'. The patriarch of the family is George Bluth - he's now in prison, and loving every minute of it. His wife Lucille and daughter Lindsay are spoiled socialites who can't handle getting kicked out of family restaurants. His son Buster is in his mid 30's and lives at home. His son George Oscar Bluth is a magician who started a group to get magicians to be taken seriously, and gets kicked out when his own tricks are revealed. Lindsay is married to a man named Tobias Funke, once a psychiatrist, who decides to become an actor. The only sane member of the family: Michael Bluth, along with his son George Michael, want nothing to do with the family business. But one bizarre circumstance after another keeps Michael and George Michael from leaving their eccentric family.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 2, 2003

Also Known As: Oneskorený vývoj, Tam Ngung Phat Trien |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dysfunctional family
sexual humor

Company Credits

Production Co: Imagine Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television |  See more »


George Cheung
as Asian Man
Allison Jones
as Lorna Hawker
Brandon Johnson
as Swallows Manager
Mickey Mello
as Teen Buster
Saemi Nakamura
as Japanese Hostess
Guru Singh
as Jaideep
Bruno Oliver
as Guard
Alan Marco
as Memo
Malik Yoba
as Ice
Scott Layne
as Hot Cop #3
Rick Hall
as Photographer
Troy Brenna
as Dragon
Tannis Vallely
as Casting Director
LaMonica Garrett
as Drew
Jeffrey Doornbos
as Blue Man
Steve Bannos
as Drill Sergeant
Kenneth Lucas
as Lucas Brother #2
Toby Holguin
as Prisoner #1
David Martel
as Seal Announcer
Jill Ritchie
as Jessie
Michael Hitchcock
as Ira Gilligan
Rob Riggle
as Congressman John Van Huesen
Timothy Davis-Reed
as Officer Kelley
Andrea M. Anderson
as Candida
Scott Vance
as Fantastic Four Henchman
Richard Assad
as Store Owner
Ross Gottstein
as Optometrist
Jordan Black
as Bartender
Jayson Oertel
as Mort's Assistant
Parvesh Cheena
as Kabir/Taxi Driver
Bart Tangredi
as Coach Jerry
Rob Huebel
as Dave Williams
Ann Rittenhouse
as Woman in Chair
Nicole Miller
as Partier
Don Perry
as Earl Milford
Andrew Hill Newman
as Drug Rep
Max Winkler
as Young Barry Zuckerkorn
Lillian Hurst
as Luz
Sammy Fine
as Sailor Boy
George Watsky
as Chris Kazmierczak
Vinnie Duyck
as Centurion
Michael Paul Chan
as Judge Lionel Ping
Daniel Zott
as Guitarist
Phyllis Smith
as Carla
Andrew Tsygan
as Twin Andrew
Greg Kohout
as Derek
Bill Rutkoski
as Man
Chriselle Almeida
as Hotel Employee
Christopher Avila
as Google Chat #2
Justin Lee
as Annyong Bluth
Beau Wirick
as College Kid #3
Nicholas Roget-King
as Kid in Pizza Restaurant
Michael Blieden
as Agent Cummings
Charlize Theron
as Rita
Timothy Starks
as Baliff
Gina Fricchione
as Limo Party Girl
Jerry Minor
as Officer Carter
Todd Jeffries
as CEO #1
Myra Turley
as Neighbor
Shelly Slocum
as Liberal Spectator
Roman Arabia
as Guard
Joe Holt
as Carpenter
John Bonny
as Dancer #6
Cooper Thornton
as Baker
Joel Hodgson
as Joel Robinson
Lauren Weedman
as Joni Beard/Twink
Larry Thomas
as Saddam Hussein #3
Al Eisenmann
as Al the Maintenance Man
Tristan Tierce
as Red Head Pre-Teen
Angela Russo-Otstot
as Teacher
Jonathan Schmock
as Lionel/Captain
Evie Ryland
as Waspy Girl
Scott Broderick
as Self Defense Instructor
Brad Morris
as Surveyor #2
Smokey Miles
as Mario
Charleigh Bryant-Stelly
as Eve Holt
Matthew Gray
as Hiker
Kendall Clement
as Fireman
Dick Van Patten
as Cal Cullen
John Beard
as John Beard
Pat Crawford Brown
as Old Woman
John F. Schaffer
as Cop #2
Clinton Leupp
as Coco
Thushari Jayasekera
as Bus Passenger
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Maggie Lizer
Phil Proctor
as Rev. Bob Patterson
Ben Hoffman
as FBI Guy #1
Mousa Kraish
as Iraqi Soldier
Zakary Risinger
as Young George Michael
Chris Witaske
as Instructor
Ian Roberts
as Literal Doctor
David McMillan
as Doctor #1
Gloria Sandoval
as Rosa
Nathalia Ramos
as Hope Loblaw
William H. Wesley
as Hot Sailor #3
Steve Bermundo
as Hot Sailor #5
Kenneth Zanchi
as Bernard
George Orellana
as Balboa Guard Carl
Doc Farrow
as Officer Taylor
Owen Vaccaro
as Young Buster
Allan Wasserman
as Herb Zuckerkorn
Andrew Secunda
as Process Server
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Mrs. Van Skoyk
Jean Smart
as Mimi
Bruce Cronander
as Chairman
Taran Killam
as Young George Sr.
Timothy Brennen
as Announcer at Dance
Jocelyn Howard
as Jocelyn Howard
Ben Levin
as Deck Hand
J. Hunter Ackerman
as Protestor
Tom Massmann
as Love Security Guard
Amy Poehler
as Bride of Gob
William A. Baker
as Pete the Mailman
Janise Anthony
as Courtroom Gallery Woman
Ron Howard
as Narrator/Ron Howard/Self
Verda Bridges
as Woman
Rebekka Johnson
as Check Out Nurse
James Lipton
as Warden Stefan Gentles
Siobhan Thompson
as British Reporter
Conor Duffy
as Polygraph Technician
Andy Samberg
as Stage Manager
Oscar Garza
as Street Vendor
Fred Cross
as Newport Bay Boy Mikey
Mio Takada
as Japanese Buisnessman #2
Mike Randleman
as Documentary Filmmaker/Michael Moore Look-alike
Craig Cackowski
as Group Leader
Matt Price
as Agent Freeling
Dave Allen
as Activist
Adrian Kali Turner
as Julius
Zack Evans
as Dave
Jay Lay
as Policeman #2
Lonny Ross
as Jonah Feinberg
Steve Seagren
as Car Salesman
Peter Allen Vogt
as Twin #2
Jeff Garlin
as Mort Meyers
Jake Martin
as Ealing Club Host
Rocky McMurray
as Warden James Buck
Robert Hallak
as Stage Hand
Golde Starger
as Lionel's Mom
Thomas W. Ashworth
as Conservative Spectator
Mele Ihara
as Coast Guard Janine
Ben Harris
as Ealing Club Waiter
Ryan Raddatz
as Hotel Clerk
David Saucedo
as Enrique
Kate Luyben
as Woman in Negligee
David Cross
as Tobias Fünke
Greg Bryan
as Beat Cop #1
Erik Griffin
as Jaspar
Armando Molina
as Ice Cream Vendor
Noelle E Parker
as Girl Kid Spectator
Lidia Porto
as Flores
Will Hines
as CJ the Bailiff
Marco Pelaez
as Marco Villalobos
Anthony DeSantis
as James Alan Spangler
Elise Robertson
as Scarlet Letterman
Matt Yuan
as Dean Fleer
Erin Helm
as Servant
Stephen DeCordova
as Proctologist
Brea Tisdale
as Woman
Helena Mehalis
as Twin Student
Jamie Kennedy
as Self
Priya Ayyar
as Female Concierge
Dave Anthony
as Tourist Dad #1
Brant von Hoffman
as Foreman
Edwin Legette
as Love Security Guard
Sophi Bairley
as Carla
Joe Russo
as Joe
David Jahn
as Mr. Lambert
Charles Canzoneri
as Bluth Company Employee
Kyra Oser
as British Patron
Andy Pessoa
as Teen
Katie Rowe
as Scuba Instructor
Barry Wiggins
as Actor Portraying Carl Weathers
Dan Harmon
as Yurt Clerk
Sarah Scott
as 'Beautiful' Kitty/Kitty-like lady
Thomas Brungardt
as Rally Member
Kevin Crowley
as Mr. F #4
Debra Leigh
as Betty the Church Official
Zach Woods
as Trippler
Alessandra Torresani
as Ann Veal
Charity Cervantes
as Prisoner 04457
Cassie Ramoska
as Dee
Gerry Del Sol
as Waiter
Dan Castellaneta
as Dr. Stein
Jonathan Penner
as Detective Fellows
Lobo Sebastian
as Eblin
Connor Matheus
as Boy #1
John Krasinski
as Jerry Bruckheimer's Assistant
Heather S. Michaels
as Agent
Tracy Howe
as Sheriff
Conan O'Brien
as Conan O'Brien
Kimmy Shields
as Lisa
John McCook
as "Scandal Makers" Narrator
Jessica Chaffin
as Junkie
Zach Braff
as Phillip Litt
J.J. Wall
as Uncle Paul/Uncle Paul Veal
D.J. Simmons
as Gothic Kid
Jane Lynch
as Cindi Lightballoon
Trevor Larcom
as Gregory
Jamie Kaler
as Fireman
Kevin J. Walsh
as Pitch Man
Stacey Woods
as Trisha Thoon
Bernie Kopell
as Judge Kornzucker
Josh Lawson
as Astronaut Lovel
Wilky Lau
as Chen Wu
Ruby Jossen
as Girl Lucille
Renes Rivera
as Guard Bearhug
William Hung
as Self
Antonio Jaramillo
as Bernardo
CG Thomas
as Patron
J. Francisco Rodriguez
as Bartender
Peter Jason
as Storage Dave/Mr. Jordan
Constantine Salavas
as Charles Dawkins
Josh Shada
as Young Gob
Ping Wu
as Proctor
Benjamin Burdick
as Undercover Cop
Andrew Santino
as Employer
Suzanne Whang
as Olive Garden
Tom Kiesche
as Guard/Umpire
Christopher Gehrman
as Worker #2
Bruce McCulloch
as Father Marsala
K.K. Goodrich
as EMT
Kyle Bornheimer
as Shannon Ryan
Ralph Kampshoff
as Joe
Raja Deka
as Veejay
Andrea Nittoli Kelly
as Barbara
Spencer Baik
as Google Chat #3
Scott Wordham
as Police Officer #2
Victor Campos
as Lupe's Uncle
Bernardo Peña
as Booking Cop
Jack McBrayer
as Country Club Waiter
Gary Cole
as Richard Shaw
Jordan Scovel
as Juror
Debra Mooney
as Joan Bark/Ma Bark
Bradley Stryker
as Man/Man #3
Kunal Sharma
as Ray
Jesus Nebot
as Javier
Alex Quijano
as Cop
Ryan Slough
as Young Michael
Hamish Clark
as Band Leader
Nancy Criss
as Bed Patient
Clint Howard
as Johnny Bark
Michael Blum
as Tech Dude
J. David Krassner
as Bank Manager
Becky Thyre
as Loretta
Bruno Alexander
as Bailiff
Mekai Curtis
as Irving
Abraham Higginbotham
as Gary
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
as Sheriff
Maliabeth Johnson
as Shannon
Bashar Rahal
as Iraqi Cab Driver
Hasan Minhaj
as Indian Medical Student #2
Thomas A. Miller
as Cowboy Waiter
Erik Saari
as Dr. Hate
Steve Tom
as Board Member
Tom Schmid
as FOX Reporter
Mather Zickel
as Executive
Sabina Nogic
as Parade Attendee
Telly Kousakis
as Gay Clerk
Beth Melewski
as Patient's Mother
Lloyd Lineen
as Prisoner in the Yard
Toshi Toda
as Japanese Buisnessman #1
Michael Bartel
as Young Michael/Teen Michael
Ryan Bailey
as Cop #1
Laura Gilbert
as Laura
Traci L. Crouch
as Realtor
Scott Fowler
as Hot Sailor #4
Jorge Diaz
as Worker Noah
Matt Walsh
as The D.A.
Jason Jurman
as Treat
Benjamin Dawley-Anderson
as Sheriff Jessop (Prison Guard)
P.L. Brown
as Judge
James Pumphrey
as Fake General
Hayden Szeto
as Jeremy
Bronwen Masters
as Adelaide
Leonor Varela
as Marta Estrella
Liza Dean
as Ron Howard's Niece
Christine Taylor
as Sally Sitwell
Madison Dae Clarion
as Quatro de Cinco Reveler
Tuffy Williams
as George Sr.'s Love Child
Andy Morrow
as Teen Magician
Henry Winkler
as Barry Zuckerkorn
Eduardo Palomo
as Everado
Kelly Sry
as Jeremy
John Phillips
as Feinberg #2
Mae Whitman
as Ann Veal
Phil DiGennaro
as Sex Offender Steve
Frank Ashmore
as Mr. F #1
Lee Ryan
as Waiter
Tom Yi
as CEO #2
Olga Kay
as Juggler
Bernadette Birkett
as Rose
Mel Gorham
as Helen Maria Delgado
Joe Nunez
as Lupe's Brother
Joe Camareno
as Rolando
Daniel Amerman
as Mark Cherry
Laurel Coppock
as Maggie
Simon Helberg
as Jeff
James Evans
as Saddam Hussein
Ingrid Coree
as Bluth Employee
Jamie Bullock
as Barry's Girlfriend
Ben Stiller
as Tony Wonder
Paige Howard
as Paige Howard
Jesse Heiman
as Movie Patron
B.J. Bales
as Jack Griffin
Tom Konkle
as Board Member #1
Joe Martin Thomas
as Security Guard
Monty Bane
as Board Member #2
Ross Mackenzie
as Limo Driver
Ayako Nakano
as Student
Ron Mathews
as Ben
Daniel Mandehr
as Doug
John Rothman
as Charles Milford
Raul Staggs
as Clerk
Ernesto Trinidad
as Bar Patron
B.W. Gonzalez
as Lupe
Van Epperson
as Nate Shop Owner
John Byers
as Soldier
Rif Haffar
as Iraqi Man
Steven Saltz
as Office guy
Matt McKane
as College Kid #2
Olivia Taylor Dudley
as Rose
Jayden Maddux
as Young Buster Bluth
Adam Ray
as Al
Trace Beaulieu
as Crow T. Robot
Jessica St. Clair
as Anita Bramwell
Qaid Al-Nomani
as Saddam
Breezy Eslin
as Google Chat #4
Zachary Haven
as Abel
James L. Ward
as Veterinarian
Lileé Anderson
as Woman #2
Mia Angel Nuñez
as Guard's Daughter
Aimee Shyn
as Reveler
Stelio Savante
as Gator
Rob Richards
as Jeremy
Jeff Ash
as Fake Tony Wonder
Blake Anderson
as B. Lake
Maria Mehalis
as Twin Student
Isla Fisher
as Rebel Alley
Jayme Ratzer
as OC Nurse
Kenneth Kimmins
as Doctor Carr
Beverly Palmer
as Nurse
Jason Bateman
as Michael Bluth
Mario Joyner
as Mario
Benjamin Lowe
as Hot Cop #2
Marc Grapey
as Rollo
Justin Lopez
as Guard Joe
Nico Evers-Swindell
as Officer Howell
B. Johnson
as Dancer #2
Lauren Katz
as Scarlett Letterman
Troy Waters
as Bad Guy Boat Driver
Jill Donnelly
as Ealing Club Hostess
Kevin Mukherji
as Foreign Cashier
Robert Alonzo Doswell
as Cop #2
Jess Rowland
as Derrin the Guard
John Hartmann
as CEO #3
Bill Lee Brown
as Manny
Armie Hammer
as Student #2
Eddie Pepitone
as Govennah
Rance Howard
as Rance Howard
Jay Johnston
as Officer Taylor
Andy Dick
as Andy Dick
Jim Cramer
as Self/Jim Cramer
Arvin Lee
as Orderly
Edgar Blackmon
as Chuck
Newell Alexander
as Shepherd
Jamila Webb
as Nurse Janice
J.K. Baker
as Billy Crystal Meth
Issam Tahan
as Chauffeur
Ken Takemoto
as Trang's Grandfather
Ithamar Enriquez
as Carlos
Bob Glouberman
as David the Aide/Dave the Aide/Doctor #2
Kristin Vahl
as Krystal
Kevin Heffernan
as Announcer
Brian Baumgartner
as Gun Vendor
Keri Russell
as Widow Carr
Christian Vincent
as Hot Cop
Bud Cort
as Self
Patricia Velasquez
as Marta Estrella
Emerson Brooks
as Douglas
Alan Tudyk
as Pastor Veal
Curtis Blanck
as Young Gob
Eduardo Lezcano
as Campaign Staff/Bluth Employee/Bluth Office Worker
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Heartfire
Tomislav Smith
as Gay Parade Protester
Blaze Robert Stow
as Bluth Office Worker
Brandon Molale
as Guard Duck
Harrison Samuels
as Birthday Boy
Jason Aaron Tinero
as Young Buster
Hugh Davidson
as Police Officer #1
Bashir Salahuddin
as David 'G-Man' Barnes/Prisoner
Judy Greer
as Kitty Sanchez
Thomas Jane
as Homeless Man/Tom Jane
Bob Odenkirk
as Dr. Phil Gunty
Kimberly Cash
as Make Up Artist
Ryan Ashley
as Hot Sailor Bix
Amanda De Cadenet
as Beatrix Hebberly-Sneed
Alden Ray
as Little Justice/Prisoner
J.K. Simmons
as General Anderson
Mac Brandt
as Coast Guardsman/Coast Guard Phil
Mark A. Nash
as Fair Patron
Erica Vittina Phillips
as Tango
Marla Garlin
as Marla
Kevyn Bashore
as Uncle Sam
Andrew Vo
as Boy Prisoner #2
Portia de Rossi
as Lindsay Bluth Fünke
John Slattery
as Doctor Norman
Jessica Walter
as Lucille Bluth
Elaine Carroll
as Jen
Ashima Kumar
as Becky
Hira Ambrosino
as Executive
John Farley
as Clerk
Guy Stevenson
as Hugo
Heather Graham
as Beth Baerly
John Michael Higgins
as Wayne Jarvis
Rob Corddry
as Moses Taylor
Ameesh Shah
as Note-taking Indian Medical Student
Peter Giles
as Raphocwcps Narrator/Stuart the Bartender
Sam Pancake
as James Alan Spangler
Alan Blumenfeld
as Floyd the Barber
Patricia Warren
as Aerobics Instructor
Bobby Lee
as Mrs. Oh
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Earl Samuels
Karly Rothenberg
as Woman #1
Bonnie Mercado
as Spring Breaker
Oliver Vaquer
as Executive in Yurt
Ron Michaelson
as Self
Maggie Rowe
as Juror #4/Minni Fourgerer
Steve Ryan
as J. Walter Weatherman
Jordan Feldman
as Flight Attendant
Seth Rogen
as Young George Bluth
Tyler Sedustine
as US Soldier
Scott Rosenfeld
as Reporter
Spencer Redford
as Teen Sally
Hugh B. Holub
as Town Car Driver
Woon Young Park
as Marauder
Nelson Franklin
as Dr. Tilive
Maria Thayer
as Tracey B.
Exie Booker
as Larry
John L. Adams
as Worker #1
Frankie Muniz
as Self
Cheryl Tsai
as Maitre'D
Lanre Idewu
as Girl-Michael
Kevin McDonald
as Detective Streudler
Frank Whiteman
as Judge
Ski Carr
as Batter
Jimmy Ortega
as Mexican Border Official
Michael Naughton
as Auctioneer
Rob Norton
as Scuba Instructor
Stephanie Coffey
as Andy's Stylist
David Kavandi
as Saddam #2
Robert Isaac Lee
as Worker #1
Lee Chen
as Xiang Wu
John Fremont
as Brian
Quinn Friedman
as Tourist Kid #1
R.F. Daley
as Country Club Manager
Frances Conroy
as Lottie Dottie Da
Alan Maxson
as Rally Member
Jennifer Gonzalez
as Pre-School Mom/Tram Tour Guide
Monika Jolly
as Donna
Karen Maruyama
as China Garden
Justin Tan
as Jeff
Ed Helms
as James Carr
Lauren Patten
as High School Girl #2
Robert Smigel
as Motherboy Member
William Bassett
as Cab Driver
Cort McCown
as Mr. F #3
Alia Shawkat
as Maeby Fünke/Shaman Sheman
Busy Philipps
as Joan
Larry Udy
as Man
Justine Bateman
as Nellie
Amy Hill
as Noh
Lamarcus Tinker
as Earle Monroe
Branden Weslee Kong
as Soldier
Nancy Schnoll
as Sitwell Secretary
Aidan T.K. Baker
as Buster Cellmate
Anthony Wong
as Bob
Ben Leathers
as Drummer
Jake Hoffman
as Jeff
Michelle Gillette
as Bingo Announcer
Agustin Bunuel
as Construction Worker
Danielle Cipolla
as Young Maeby
Tom Virtue
as Car Salesman
Charles Merlo
as Mr. Society
Omi Vaidya
as Rav Nadir
Steve Witting
as Derek
Gil Glasgow
as Fisherman
Eddie Perez
as Dancer
Anne Bellamy
as Woman at Country Club
Eric Edelstein
as Paramedic
Robert McMurrer
as Skateboard Kid
Rosemary Garris
as Charity Guest
Martin Mull
as Gene Parmesan
Iqbal Theba
as Nazhgalia
Marques Ray
as Fernando
Steve Zissis
as Chuck the Canadian
Bob Einstein
as Larry
Michael Malota
as College Kid #1
Maria Bamford
as Debrie Bardeaux
Shane Ryan
as Mother's Boy
Damontre Owens
as US Soldier
Tim Russ
as Babies Having Babies Crew
John Ennis
as Supervisor
Keith Lucas
as Lucas Brother #1
Carrie Preston
as Jan Eagleman
James Howell
as Cop #1
Paco Vela
as Federale
Chad Einbinder
as Birthday Party Man
Christine Dunford
as Lynda the Producer
Adam Cardon
as Talent Agent
Daisy Galvis
as Chona
Nadine Velazquez
as Rosalita
Phil Reeves
as Colonel Smalls
Kyle Mooney
as Murphy Brown
Pedro Lopez
as Mercado Salesman/Bodega Owner
Cheryl Howard
as Cheryl Howard
Patrick Robert Smith
as Truck Driver
Tommy Savas
as Bully
Justin Grant Wade
as Steve Holt
Paul Jurewicz
as Jake
Marc Evan Jackson
as Storage Auctioneer
Caitlin Sedio
as Teen Lindsay/Young Lindsay
Lynne Marie Stewart
as Joyce
Steve Stapenhorst
as Judge
Peter John Kousakis
as Mike Dawkins
Sara Chase
as Receptionist
Mo Collins
as Starla
Ben Carroll
as Employee #1
Asif Ali
as Trout
Tarah Paige
as Spring Breaker
Liza Minnelli
as Lucille Austero
Concetta Tomei
as Mrs. Livingston
Anders Holm
as Supervisor Spoon
Thomas Adoue Polk
as Noah
Savannah Kennick
as Young Lindsay
Eli Vargas
as Perfecto Telles/Mexican Teenager
Jackson Dismukes
as Peters
Robert Neches
as Investor
Moses Storm
as Shane
Eric Boles
as Movie Passerby
Molly Erdman
as Lupus Sufferer
Blaine Pate
as Monti
Jill Remez
as Parade Organizer
Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
as Blue Man/Blue Man #2
Evan Lee Dahl
as Usher
Jason Sims-Prewitt
as Jay
Richard Belzer
as Detective Munch/Richard Belzer
Kari Lee Cartwright
as Dancer #5
Brian Patrick Wade
as Sergeant Melnick
Anthony Louis Lee
as Young Michael
Bryce Dallas Howard
as Bryce Dallas Howard
Steele Stebbins
as Young Michael
Robert Michael Morris
as Dentist
Jason Pierce
as Hot Cop #1
Martin Short
as Uncle Jack
Jeffrey Tambor
as George Bluth Sr./Oscar Bluth
Cedric Yarbrough
as Sergeant Baker
Hector Hugo
as Building Manager
David Henrie
as David Henrie
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Construction Worker
Jon Curry
as American MP
Nancy Lantis
as Clinic Supervisor
Joey Manderino
as Protester #2
Terry Crews
as Herbert Love
Christopher T. Wood
as Surgeon
Ross Gibby
as Resident
Tony Hale
as Buster Bluth/British Soldier
Dan Horton
as Marcus/Marcus - Hot Cop #1
Jim Ishida
as Administrator
Dan Cole
as Stylist
Bill Johnson
as Dancer #2
Carter Hastings
as Lem
Mark Blankfield
as Dr. Miller
Michael Shepperd
as EMT
as Cho
Paul Makkos
as Patient
Reed Howard
as Reed Howard
Zitto Kazann
as Mexican Warden
Christian Duguay
as Actor #2 aka Man
John Viener
as Frank
Cara Auerbach
as Charlotte
Joe Damian Daly
as Spring Breaker
M. Hasna M.
as Indian Medical Student
Cobie Smulders
as Young Lucille
Courtney Lilly
as Engineer
Dave Matos
as Local Man
Carlos Albert
as Diego Villalobos
Adhir Kalyan
as Adhir
Deb Hiett
as Dancer #4
Tanya Raisa
as Bidder/Customer
David Reynolds
as White Power Bill
Romel De Silva
as Trang
Ione Skye
as Mrs. Veal
Jordan-Scott Quinn
as Red-Headed Boy
Greg Wrangler
as Wrangler Jeff
Braxton Herda
as Boy Kid Spectator
Clayton Early
as Protester #1/Protestor #1
John Harrington Bland
as Clerk
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
as Police Officer
Thomas Creston Frayser
as Colonel B. Arthur
Paul Vogt
as Twin #1
Rick Federman
as Prosecuting Attorney
Rhonda Roscoe
as Protester
Patrice O'Neal
as T-Bone
Joe Duffy
as Barfly/Nightclub Patron
Jack Jason
as Activities Director
Sujata Day
as Flight Attendant #2
Michael P. Byrne
as Bailiiff
Todd Aaron Brotze
as Garrison 'Harvard' Sweet
Mitch Poulos
as Priest
Marcy Goldman
as Fran
James Kayten
as Army Doctor
Scott Atkinson
as Roger Danish
Craig Anstett
as FBI Guy #2
Ethan Phillips
as Military Officer
Chad Hall
as 'Gay' Straightbait Actor
Andy Richter
as Rocky Richter/Andy Richter/Emmett Richter/Self/Chareth Richter/Donnie Richter/Rocky Richter-Wang/Self (pretending to be Emmett Richter)
Pej Vahdat
as Iraqi Guard
Tara Copeland
as Deann
Jim Titus
as Officer Thumm
Lauren Bowles
as Stripper
Johnny Savas
as Drug Dealer
Andy Blitz
as Addict
Tim Ryan
as Detective Smee
Richard Augustine
as Construction Worker
Andy St. Clair
as Surveyor #1
Natasha Leggero
as Jackie
Somer Dice
as Young Lindsay
Harry Hamlin
as Self
Dave Attell
as Self
Bruce Holman
as County Sheriff
Michael Coleman
as Security Guard
Josh Trank
as Process Server Bum
Ryan Pickett
as Young Oscar Bluth
Craig Robinson
as Studio Guard #1
Rene Millan
as Waiter
Mackenzie Hannigan
as Boy Gentles
Cameron Covell
as Boy Prisoner #1
Marc Cherry
as Self
Paul Mendoza
as Enrique
Willam Belli
as Cameo
Beck Bennett
as 'Straight' Straightbait Actor
Jillian Armenante
as Armstrong
Thomas Barbusca
as Young Gob
Frank Birney
as Sam
Michael Cera
as George-Michael Bluth
Greg Worswick
as Maitre d'
David E. Willis
as Lou
Lawrence H. Toffler
as Newscaster
Brandon Killham
as Young Michael
Melissa Bickerton
as Wall Protestor
Alejandro Patiño
as Mexican Man #1
Asante Jones
as Army Sergeant
Carl Weathers
as Carl Weathers
Shannon Factor
as Self
Mallory Yarnall
as Ashley Gabriel
Ashley Clayton
as Woman #1
Adam Devine
as Starsky
Brian Grazer
as Brian Grazer
Carl Tart
as Henry
Mike Still
as Bailiff #2
Richard Jin
as Paul 'P-Hound' Huan
Jason Young
as Hot Sailor #2
Jamie McBriety
as Girl with Low Self Esteem
Carrie Kemper
as Mrs. Astronaut Lovel
Wyatt Russell
as Oakwood
Josh Stamberg
as Sergeant Briggs
Monnae Michaell
as Shara Winfield
Amy Kidd
as Intern
Tommy Tune
as Argyle Austero
Richard Simmons
as Self
Brian Huskey
as Chorizo Salesman
Harry S. Murphy
as Brian Snee
Falk Hentschel
as Hot Cops 'Jay'
Sam Pfoser
as Young George Michael (2005)
Andy Buckley
as Colonel Grimm
Anthony De Longis
as Mr. F #2
Scott Baio
as Bob Loblaw
Jim Gaines Sullivan
as Bus Driver
Dana Powell
as Crab Shack Worker
Keeshan Giles
as Imagine Guard
Landon H Johnson
as Angry Party Patron
Marc Antonio Pritchett
as Paramedic
Sharmila Devar
as Indian Medical Student #1
Dan Warner
as Prison Guard
Baron Vaughn
as Hors D'oeuvre Server
Amy Heidt
as Publicist
Brey Chanadet
as Young George-Michael
Kristen Wiig
as Young Lucille Bluth
Eugene Cordero
as Cab Driver
J.J. Stevens
as Man 1
Dermot Mulroney
as Dusty
Robb Skyler
as Accountant
Lucy Schwartz
as Girl In George Michael's Band
Benjamin Bryan
as Young Michael Bluth - Age 10 and 14
John Larroquette
as John Larroquette
Dan Bennett
as Ron Howard Cousin
Rudy Moreno
as Mario
Jackson Odell
as Skateboarder
Evan Gaustad
as Terry
Michael Savage
as Suspect
John Yuan
as Doug Fleer
Rory Knox Johnston
as Ian
Allie Goertz
as Reveler
Sam Richardson
as TSA Agent
Thomas Robinson
as Undercover Cop Kid
Rebecca Drysdale
as Lt. Toddler
Greg Levine
as Feinberg #1
Owen Daniels
as Google Chat #1
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Marky Bark/Divine Spirit
Adam von Almen
as Valet
Adam Mondschein
as CIA Agent Bum
Dave Thomas
as Trevor
Ilyse Mimoun
as Shopkeeper
Ann Serrano Lopez
as Dancer #3
Kevin Fleenor
as Lazy Spectator
Charlie Hartsock
as Ted
Max Ruckle
as Other Noah
Mari Ueda
as Barrista
Eric Zuckerman
as Workman
Brian Gattas
as Alex
Georgia Mischak
as Vanessa
Jordan Orr
as Eric Snee
Lou Saliba
as Actor #1
Judge Reinhold
as Honorable Judge Reinhold
Lennon Parham
as Therapist Sandy
Julie Davenport
as Student
Rizwan Manji
as Animesh/Male Concierge
Will Arnett
as Gob Bluth
Kennedy Kabasares
as Lance
Jillian Difusco
as Protestor
Don Took
as Cab Driver
Kevin Kirkpatrick
as Matire d'
Jordan-Claire Green
as Supervisor's Daughter
Kathy Kolla
as Cosmetology Instructor
Tom Saunders
as Tom
Dean Wayne
as Cinco De Cuatro Reveler/Love Aid
Ed Begley Jr.
as Stan Sitwell
Christian Lavery
as Young George-Michael
Susan Cicchino
as Disgusted Bluth Employee
Cici Lau
as Bev
Paul Feig
as Magician
Ben Schwartz
as John Beard Jr.
Regi Davis
as Guard/Guard #1/Guard-Visiting Room/Officer Threé/Prison Guard
Levin O'Connor
as Bartender
Gary Kraus
as Reunion Dad
Trevor Einhorn
as Josh Abramson
Garcelle Beauvais
as Ophelia
Zoe Levin
as High School Girl #1
Diedrich Bader
as Gunner
Kevin Dorff
as Eddie Evidence Guy
Aimee McKay
as Tourist
Tommy Snider
as Local Man #2
Peter Michael Goetz
as Dr. Farmer
Steven Shaw
as Board Member #1
Sema'Jay Hall
as African-American Boy Inmate
Louisa Velis
as Luisa Velez
Garrison Taylor
as Guy in Shuttle Bus/Klimpy's Customer
Luciano Giancarlo
as Bix
Mason Musso
as Student

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2003 | 22 Episodes

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2004 | 18 Episodes

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2005 | 13 Episodes

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2013 | 15 Episodes

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2018 | 16 Episodes




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