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October 21, 2021
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About this title


Following his tumultuous, and highly publicized, departure from hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men," Charlie Sheen returns to series television in this comedy loosely based on the 2003 Adam Sandler film "Anger Management." Sheen stars as Charlie, a former professional baseball player whose career was ended by an injury caused by his anger issues. Charlie went back to school after his playing career ended and now works as a therapist who specializes in anger management. In addition to weekly sessions with his primary group of patients, Charlie does pro bono counseling for a group of inmates at a state prison. Even though he now helps others control their anger problems, Charlie continues to battle his own anger issues. Complicating his life are his relationships with his own therapist -- his ex-wife, whose positive outlook frustrates Charlie -- and his teenage daughter, who has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 28, 2012

Also Known As: Психаротерапия, Anger Management (serie de TV) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+, M), Canada (13+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sexual humor
obsessive compulsive disorder

Company Credits

Production Co: Mohawk Productions, Revolution Studios |  See more »


Shannon Welles
as Amelia
Brooke Peoples
as Janice
Gregory Marcel
as Eric
Derek Richardson
as Nolan
Adam Lustick
as Vlad
Rebecca Olejniczak
as Hot party guest
G. Maximilian Zarou
as Bob
Oscar Magana Jr.
as Officer T. Smith
Ginger Gonzaga
as Maureen/Vanessa
Angela Trimbur
as Dillon
Brian Dare
as Crew Member
Michael Arden
as Patrick
Tim Bagley
as Zac
Antonio Lewis Todd
as Officer Kettles/Guard/Officer Kettles, Guard
Nicole J. Butler
as Nurse
Gary Rubenstein
as Dr. Jewsenheemer
Monika Cozlin
as Hot Girl
Michael Boatman
as Michael
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Volunteer #2
James Hayes
as Kid #4
Greg Cipes
as Canvas
Noland Ammon
as Batter/Todd
Matt Shea
as Mr. Terizian
Ron Ostrow
as Bart
Geoff Pilkington
as Groom
Tiffany Dupont
as Jenna
Marion Ross
as Dr. Murphy
Mary K. DeVault
as Ginny
Danielle Baker
as Stripper
Kevin Joy
as Quinn
Kelly Frye
as Kayla
Eric Steinberg
as Dr. Woo
Seth Coltan
as Bruce
Chaley Rose
as Barista
Segis Avila
as Bartender/Patrick's Wedding Guest
Jesse Mackey
as Bouncer #2
Angela Landis
as Salesgirl
Donnell Turner
as Handsome Man
Frederick Keeve
as Gay Bar Patron
Mircea Monroe
as Tracy
John Fleck
as Dr. Fiedler
Katherine Von Till
as Crazy Woman/Newscaster
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Missy
Mark Povinelli
as Little Elvis
Lorin McCraley
as Otto
Devin Sidell
as Wife
John Witherspoon
as Will
Jennifer Kathreen Larson
as Hot Girl
Alexis Carra
as Kelly
Pat Battistini
as Instructor
Meera Simhan
as Mira
Greta Jung
as Quan
Bryan Chesters
as Harassment Instructor
Carly Steel
as Fiona
Travis Guba
as Couple Man #1
Ajay Mehta
as Sanjay
Marie Michel
as Kelli
Lee Faranda
as Guy
Kristen Renton
as Allie
Shel Rasten
as Rocker Dude
Jeremy Timmins
as Baseball Fan
Nadia Gray
as Julie
Tina Ivlev
as Tammy
Suzanne Ford
as Doris
Cheryl Ladd
as Joanne
Ben Giroux
as Applicant #2
Nick Pasaphunthu
as Patrick's Friend
Aldo Gonzalez
as Ernesto
Aly Michalka
as Lauren
Michael Meir Saltzman
as Bellman
Robin Riker
as Terri
Rachele Brooke Smith
as Chelsea
Julia Duffy
as Phyllis
Maggie Crosby
as Kim
Steven Krueger
as Ryan Hoggett
CeeLo Green
as Self
Lance Lim
as Milo
Kevin Austin
as Pledge
Gina La Piana
as Blake
Odette Annable
as Jamie
Corie Vickers
as Shauna
Camilla Jackson
as Karen
Matt Bush
as Kent
Brian Palermo
as Prosecutor
Lindsay Lohan
as Lindsay Lohan
Laura Keller
as Photo Shoot Assistant
John Henson
as Darren
Heather Joy Sher
as Couple Woman #1
Amanda Bearse
as Rita
Corbin Bernsen
as Roger
Robert Gant
as Dr. Konner
DeForrest Taylor
as Steve
Daniel Issac Alamary
as Inmate
Jason Nott
as Mario
Carla Renata
as Angelina
T.V. Carpio
as Kiri
Nikki BreAnne Wells
as Amber
Bob Einstein
as Hoffler
Candace Bailey
as Michelle
Ana de la Reguera
as Livi
Michael Chandler
as Nice Guy
Mary-Pat Green
as Greta
John Duff
as Bank Security Guard
John Ennis
as Balloon Guy
Darius McCrary
as Donovan
John M. Keating
as Jack
Michael D'Amore
as Vet #2
Dan Thiel
as Jed Zeile
Eddie Shin
as Director
Kevin Shacter
as Frat Guy
Melanie Price
as Hot Girl
DeeDee Rescher
as Ellen
Davis Desmond
as Kid
Paul Rogan
as Bobo/Nigel
Brian Peck
as TMZ Announcer
Amanda Musso
as Gate Agent
Anna Hutchison
as Sasha
Joshua Corley
as Prisoner
Christine Marzano
as Ashley
Jeff Doucette
as Louie
Carol Kane
as Carol
Davenia McFadden
as Shirley
Matt Kaminsky
as Husband
Jill Basey
as Shirley
LeAnn Rimes
as Wynona
Kevin Dobson
as Dr. Cameron
Sacheen Padilla
as Penny
Andrew Hibbard
as Business Man
Barry Livingston
as Prison Board Member/Stanley/Stanley Adams
Silvia Kal
as Hot Girl
Tom Beyer
as Mold Inspector
Tuc Watkins
as Jeff
David A. Garcia
as Inmate
Abby Donnelly
as Stacy
Angelina Assereto
as Marissa
Jay Brian Winnick
as Male Interview Subject
Thomas Crawford
as Couple Man #2
Sara Beers
as Hot Girl
Jeff Pierre
as Dave Loftus
Jason-Shane Scott
as Couple Man #5
Michele Gomez
as Interviewer
Cedric Sanders
as Kwame
Sims Holland
as Bridget
Nicole Malgarini
as Girl in Bar
Charlie Sheen
as Charlie Goodson
Brett Butler
as Brett
Alexandra Ella
as Athena
Jett Dunlap
as Jett Rabbit
Dennis W. Hall
as Clip Board Man
Ariana Madix
as Melanie
Bob Clendenin
as Bob
Brian Gross
as Matt
Rob Mainord
as Lawyer
Reggie De Leon
as Applicant #1
April Audia
as Announcer
Brian Posehn
as Brian
Toby Huss
as Tom
Angie Simms
as Kim
Takayo Fischer
as Esther
Kristina Anapau
as Erica
Anna Bazarkina
as Stripper
Kate Reinders
as Hope
Dominic Rains
as Mahesh
Michael Loftus
as $ Man
Andrew Fromer
as Stage Hand
Mykayla Sohn
as Maisy
John-Paul Lavoisier
as Vance
Katherine Bailess
as Susie
Eugenio Derbez
as Eugene
Louisa Abernathy
as Nurse
Eileen Fogarty
as Couple Woman #4
Brooke Newton
as Eva
Veronica Parks
as Raven
Tiffany Panhilason
as Courtney
Beth Kennedy
as Wife
Juan Alfonso
as Brad
Tony Todd
as Prison Guard
Corey Affron
as Couple Man #3
Melissa Denton
as Breeder
Christian Reed
as Frat Guy
Chasty Ballesteros
as Stripper
Eli Joel Moskowitz
as Boom Operator
Mitch Silpa
as Mr. Hornsby
Michael James Bell
as Photo Shoot Director
Délé Ogundiran
as Claire
Carly Hollas
as Girl Mistaken for Stacy
Martin Sheen
as Martin Goodson
Brent Picha
as Club Goer
Tiara Lanai
as Bride/Maria
Ping Wu
as Mr. Wangchuck
Jordan Ring
as Sex Therapy Couple
Abigail Wright
as Lindsay Lohan's Assistant
Jim Meskimen
as Daniel
Lori Hall
as Bank Operator Voice
Shane Giedraitis
as Kid #2
Suzanne Whang
as Bank Teller
Will Harris
as Bouncer #1
Jeff Bowser
as Vet #1
Joseph Garcia
as Guy
Jullian Arredondo
as Kid #1
Brett Zimmerman
as Benjamin/Lengerman
Christopher Gehrman
as Meeting Leader
Josh Latzer
as Clay
Shawnee Smith
as Jennifer Goodson
Jerry Hauck
as Tracy's Dad
George Wyner
as Dr. Richter
James Black
as Cleo/Derek
Conner Greene
as Bar Patron/Baseball Player
Richard Moll
as Carlos
Joe Duffy
as Who's Asking, Pussy Face?
Katlin Mastandrea
as Olivia
Mikaela Hoover
as Daytona
Leslie Connelly
as Couple Woman #3
Danielle Bisutti
as Kristy
Izabella Miko
as Mary Kathleen
Samantha Zweben
as Reporter
Shannon McClung
as Jack
Indira G. Wilson
as Kayla
Emily Montague
as Brianne
Andrew Klasnic
as Shirtless Guy
Elizabeth Manchenkov
as Attractive Bar Patron
Tara Karsian
as Phyllis
Kamala Jones
as Couple Woman #5
Ashley Fink
as Donna
Barry Corbin
as Ed
Gilbert Gottfried
as Dudley
Valentina Ivancenco
as Krystal
Mimi Kennedy
as Elaine
Jack Impellizzeri
as AAA Mechanic
Jack Kalvan
as Juggler
Meghan Falcone
as Daley
Cody Chappel
as Worker
David Terrell
as Cop
Laird Macintosh
as Peter
Masiela Lusha
as Molly
Sarah Souza
as Holly
Kristine Angela
as Sex Therapy Couple
Mercedes Mason
as Maggie
Brandon Morales
as Mike
Cynthia Sophiea
as Manager
Tauvia Dawn
as Kiana
Maxie Solters
as Volunteer #1
Marypat Farrell
as Couple Woman #2
Ron West
as Dr. Russell
Dan Lipsman
as Todd
Carlos Antonio
as Dave
Kenny Ridwan
as Dr. Harris
Cheech Marin
as Hector
Matt Cedeño
as Gonzalo
April Clark
as Vicki
Jackie Joyner
as Nurse
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck
as Kid
Anthony Heath Betts
as Bar Patron/College Student #3
Michaela Watkins
as Lisa
Gina Gershon
as Mandy
Nadia Bjorlin
as Dr. Miller
Mario Diaz
as Prisoner #1
Bruno Amato
as Cop
Christiann Castellanos
as Natalie
Brian Austin Green
as Sean
Chip Chinery
as Jimmy
Matt Dione
as Shirtless Party Goer
Lauren Marini
as Kimmy
Courtney Pape
as Receptionist
Kenzie Caplan
as College Student #2
Michael Ouellette
as Choir Friend #4
Thomas Barbusca
as Justin
Jake Rude
as Jimmy
Kim Shaw
as Vanessa
Stephen Monroe Taylor
as Wayne
Jason Williams
as Handsome Cop
Marque Richardson
as Logan
Jennie Kwan
as Woman
Schuyler Helford
as Sateen
Michael Cory Davis
as Ballplayer
Denise Richards
as Lori
Robert Maffia
as Carl
Nate Shelkey
as Trivia Master
Asante Jones
as Officer #1
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
as Jane
Marianne Muellerleile
as Dorothy
Izabella Alvarez
as Myla
Ciara Hanna
as Jade
Gail Borges
as Judge Reynolds
Eddie Braun
as Bicyclist
Carla Jimenez
as Kim
Fredericka Meek
as Receptionist
Rigo Obezo
as Prison Guard #2
Mike Powers
as Chad
Elaine Hendrix
as Warden Becky Hartley/Warden Erica
Nicci Claspell
as Candy
Dean Bart-Plange
as Baseball Player
Steve Valentine
as Dr. Lesley Moore
D'Arcy Fellona
as Woman
Damarion Hall
as Kid #3
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Carmen
Daniela Bobadilla
as Sam Goodson
Fred Stoller
as Fred
Jim Turner
as Roland
Mariko Saito
as Contortionist
Stacy Keach
as Ray
Christine Estabrook
as Judy
Arden Myrin
as Paula
Laura Bell Bundy
as Dr. Jordan Denby/Jessie
Nicole Travolta
as Monica
Doug Morency
as Couple Man #4
Rebeka Montoya
as Carlita
as Lester
Greg Perrow
as Dex
Ivar Brogger
as Mr. Ventura
Roy Abramsohn
as Jack
Margarita Franco
as Woman
Ash Williams
as Tyler
Colleen Schabes
as Roman Solider
Nancy DeMars
as Bar Patron
Rowdy Brown
as Frat Guy
Emiliano Díez
as Priest
Jeff Harlan
as Richard
John Charles Meyer
as Jack
Brooke Lyons
as Dr. Everheart
Dana Gould
as Todd
Jeremy Scott Johnson
as Dr. Higgins
Duncan Bravo
as Hindu Cleric
Andy Mientus
as Andy
Will Sasso
as Jimmy
Don Lake
as James
Gloria Garayua
as Nikki
Scott Monahan
as College Student #1
Poco Zocko
as Homeless Guy in Charlie's Living Room
Briana Lane
as Celeste
Darnell Suttles
as Jerry
Johnny Dowers
as Ray James
Meredith Salenger
as Meredith
Tiffany Daniels
as Janelle
Selma Blair
as Kate Wales
Noureen DeWulf
as Lacey
Diana Kyle
as Nosy Neighbor
James Ryen
as Travis
Karen McDougal
as Shelly
E.J. Callahan
as Sal
Patrick Cox
as Bouncer
Rebecca Ann Johnson
as Shelley Trahan
Adam Wylie
as Winger
Lorna Scott
as Secretary
Patrick Hume
as Derek
Scott Elrod
as Tim
Rizwan Manji
as Indian Father
Vee Kumari
as Anjali
Chris Reed
as Gene
Brea Grant
as Ellie
Don Stark
as Principal
Michael Gross
as Dr. Randy
Brant Daugherty
as Tiffer
Jen Kober
as Little Ed
Isaiah Mustafa
as Paul Wesley
Carolyn Hennesy
as Barb
Michael Masini
as Fireman
Jay Johnston
as Rodney
Michael Swan
as Victor
Sally Ann Brooks
as Karen
Tom Billett
as Cop
Carla Gallo
as Shannon
Kerri Kenney
as Mel
Regi Davis
as Dispatcher
Gary Kraus
as Burly Man
Jaxon Hibler
as Kid #5
Lynette DuPree
as Shonna
Ken Lerner
as Judge
Marissa Kai Miluk
as Batter's Sister
Phil Abrams
as Husband
Jeremiah Benjamin
as Homeless Person
Chris Chauncey
as Hippie Guest
Ethan Erickson
as Quinn
Chaz Ahern
as Robot
Nancy Barcellona
as AA Attendee
Hannah Zeile
as Ruby
Tracey Evans
as Priscilla/Prison Board Member
Beatriz Fox
as Churchgoer
Bryce Johnson
as Mike

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2013 | 90 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

ALMA Awards 2012


ALMA Awards

Favorite TV Actor - Leading Role

Young Artist Awards 2013


Young Artist Awards

Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actress 17-21

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