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October 27, 2021
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Investigators circle the globe in search of evidence in their quest to determine whether life on Earth began in outer space and if aliens influenced mankind in ancient times. Did extraterrestrial beings visit Earth and share information about technology and influence human religions? And more importantly, if aliens visited the planet before, will they return? Alien theorists believe that the answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: March 8, 2009

Also Known As: Alien Theory, Starozytni kosmici |  See more »


Plot Keywords

paranormal investigation
ancient aliens theory
ufo conspiracy

Company Credits

Production Co: Prometheus Entertainment


Ken Gerhard
as Author/Self - Cryptozoologist
Mark Holmberg
as Missing Person Re-Enactment
John Gruener
as Self - Space Scientist, NASA
Florin Chiriac
as Broadcast Journalist/Self - Writer
Don LoCicero
as Self - Author, Superheroes and Gods
Scott Creighton
as Self - Author, The Great Pyramid Hoax
Klemens Hertel
as Self - Prof. of Molecular Genetics U.C. Irvine/Self - Prof. of Molecular Genetics, U.C. Irvine
Jay Vigil
as Self - Dulce, NM Resident
Hiroshi Ishiguro
as Self - Director, Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories, ATR
Larry Flaxman
as Self
Kevin Warwick
as Self - Emeritus Professor, Reading and Coventry Universities/Self - Professor of Cybernetics, Coventry University
Tarcisius Kabutaulaka
as Self - Professor of Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawaii
Oscar Miro-Quesada
as Self - Shaman and Author, Lessons in Courage
Robert M. Wood
as Self - Retired Aerospace Manager/Self - Retired Aerospace Engineer
Arlan Andrews
as Self - Mechanical Engineer
Brooks A. Agnew
as Self - Author, The Ark of Millions of Years
Gage Crump
as Self - Associate Professor of Stem Cell Biology, USC
Megan Fox
as Producer/Self - Actor
Robert R. Cargill
as Self - Professor of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Iowa/Self - Biblical Archaeologist, UCLA/Self - Archaeologist, Univ. of Iowa/Self - Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Iowa/Self - Assoc. Prof. of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Iowa/Self - Biblical Archaeologist/Self - Biblical Archaeologist , UCLA
Lionel Fanthorpe
as Self - Author, Mysteries of the Bible
Milton Wainwright
as Self - Microbiologist/Self - Prof. Microbiology, University of Sheffield
William Bramley
as Self - Author, The Gods of Eden
Douglas Caddy
as Self - Author, Watergate Exposed
Andrew Jackson
as Self - Author, Mormonism Explained
Roger Hopkins
as Self - Stone Sculptor
Patrick Martin
as Self - Middle East Correspondent, The Globe and Mail
Philip Imbrogno
as Author, Files From the Edge/Self - Astronomer/Self - Author, Strange Heavens
Allen Greenfield
as Self
Russell Tuttle
as Self - Prof. of Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Chicago
Rafael Kosche
as Self - Asian Sword Expert
Matthew Landrus
as Self - Faculty of History, University of Oxford
as Self - Ret. Petty Officer First Class, Polar Flight Engineer, U.S. Navy
Scott Roberts
as Self - Author, The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim/Self - The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim
Giulio Magli
as Self - Archaeoastronomer/Self - Archaeostronomer/Self - Prof. Polytechnic University, Milan
Rick Stroud
as Self - Author, The Book of the Moon
David Efurd
as Self - Asst. Prof. of Art History, Wofford College
Christopher Pittman
as Self - UFO Investigator/Self - UFO Historian
Theo Paredes
as Self - Anthropologist
Philip Coppens
as Self - Author, The Ancient Alien Question/Investigative Journalist/Self - Author/Self - Author, The Lost Civilization Enigma/Self - Author, The Ancient Aliens Question/Self - The Lost Civilization Enigma
Michael De Vlieger
as Self - Secretary, Dozenal Society of America
John Van Auken
as Lecturer/Self - Author/Self - Author, Ancient Egyptian Mysticism/Self - Director, Edgar Cayce Foundation
Walter Bosley
as Self - Author, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom
Alejandro Rojas
as Self - Editor, Open Minds
Noah Druckenbrod
as Self - Neurobiologist, Harvard Medical School
Nicholas Howarth
as Self - Geographer, Oxford University
Steven Yu
as GYN, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica/Self - Assistant Clinical Professor, OB
Michael D. Bailey
as Self - Author, Magic and Superstition in Europe
Brett Peterson
as Self - President, Coastland University
Frank Kimbler
as Self - Geologist
Craig Stanford
as Self - Prof. of Anthropology and Biological Sciences, USC
Jan Harzan
as Self - Executive Director, MUFON
Ross Hamilton
as Self - Author, Mystery of the Serpent Mound
Huw Lloyd
as Self - Eyewitness, Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident
Richard Rader
as Self - Lecturer of Classics, UCSB/Self - Lecturer, UCLA Dept. of Classics/Self - Author, Written in the Cosmos/Self - Author, Theology and Exisetentialism in Aeschylus/Self - Author, Theology and Existentialism in Aeschylus/Self - Department of Classics, UCSB/Self - Lecturer of Classics UCLA
Robert Bauval
as Self - Co-Author, Black Genesis/Self - Author, Secret Chamber Revisited/Self - Author, The Egypt Code/Self - Author, Black Genesis/Self - Author - The Egyptian Code/Self - Author, The Eygpt Code/Self - Co-Author, Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos/Self - Co-Author, The Mars Mystery/Self - Egyptologist
David Icke
as Self - Author, Lifting the Veil/Self - Author, The Biggest Secret/Self - Author, The Perception Deception
Larry Holcombe
as Self - Author, The Presidents and UFOs
Chandra Wickramasinghe
as Self - Director, Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology/Self - Astrobiologist/Self - Director, Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology
Anna Dhody
as Self - Curator, Mütter Museum
Christopher Bader
as Self - Professor of Sociology, Chapman University
Hugo Camus
as Self - Director, CEFAA
Seth Shostak
as Self - Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute/Self - Senior Astronomer, SETI
Henry Ansgar Kelly
as Self - Author, Satan, A Biography
Takashi Minato
as Self - Researcher, Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories, ATR
Ray Baughman
as Self - Director, NanoTech Institute, UT Dallas
Giuseppe Orefici
as Self - Director, Antonini Museum
Michael J. Crowe
as Self - Cavanaugh Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Notre Dame
Kevin Almeida
as Self - Boston, Massachusetts
Jerry Gandolfo
as Self - Voodoo Historian
Walter Cunningham
as Self - NASA Astronaut, Apollo 17
Charmaine D'Rozario-Saytch
as Self - Reptilian-Human Hybrid
Matty Roberts
as Self - Creator, The Storming of Area 51
David Whitehead
as Self - Radio Host, The Truth Warrior/Self - Radio Personality, The Truth Warrior, Truth Frequency Radio/Self - Radio Host, The Truth Sarrior/Self - Radio Host, Truth Warrior
Jeff Wamsley
as Self - Creator, The Mothman Museum
Terrence Masson
as Self - Director of Creative Industries, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Joseph Nagy
as Self - Professor of Humanities, University of California Los Angeles
Izumi Hasegawa
as Self - Shinto Priest
John Hafnor
as Self - Author, Strange But True, America
Sun Shili
as Self - President, Chinese UFO Research Organization
Bob Curran
as Self - Researcher, Folklore Expert
Michael B.A. Oldstone
as Self - Author, Viruses, Plagues and History
Jim Marrs
as Self - Author, Alien Agenda/Self - Author, The Rise of the Fourth Reich/Self - Author, The Rise of The Fourth Reich
Ben Vonderheide
as Self - Art Collector
Julye Bidmead
as Self - Associate Professor, Chapman University
Kara Swisher
as Code/Self - Executive Editor, Re
Nikki Tsukamoto Kininmonth
as Self - Translator
Ashley Cowie
as Author, A Twist in Time/Self - Historian
Paul Davies
as Self - Astrobiologist, Arizona State University/Self - Theoretical Physicist, Arizona State Univ.
Christopher Busby
as Self - European Committee on Radiation Risk/Self - Chemical Physics/Self - Scientific Secretary, European Committee on Radiation Risk
Ken Layne
as Self - Publisher, Desert Oracle
Erik Poltorak
as Self - Sumerian Researcher
A.V. Srinivasan
as Self - Author, How to Conduct Puja to Shiva
M.J. Evans
as Self - Landscape Geographer/Self - Author, The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin/Self - Author, The Legacy of Zecharia Stichin
Steven Strong
as Self - Author, Ancient Aliens in Australia
Travis Walton
as Self - Author, Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience
Jean E. Charon
as Self - Physicist & Philosopher
Dean Hamer
as Self - Author, The God Gene
Grant Cameron
as Self - Author, Presidents and UFOs/Self - Author, UFO'S, Area 51 and Government Informants
Alfredo Figueroa
as Self - Author, Aztlan Origin and Ethnology
Sandra Mansi
as Self - Eyewitness to 'Champ'
Suzanne Taylor
as Self - Crop Circle Researcher
Ferdi Geerts
as Self - Archaeologist, Museum De Kolonie, Lommel, Belgium
Akram Elias
as Self - Past Grand Master, The Grand Lodge of Washington, DC
Douglas Nason
as Self - Cultural Anthropologist & Author
Nic Radford
as Self - Chief Technology Officer, Houston Mechatronics, Inc.
Chris Rose
as Self - Engineer
Thomas Vaneck
as Self - Aerospace Engineer, Physical Sciences, Inc.
Jeff Williams
as Self - Geologist
Logan Hawkes
as Self - Author, Ancient Aliens of the Americas/Self - Author, Close Encounters of the Old West/Self - Co-Author, Ancient Aliens the Americas/Self - Publisher, The Mexico Less Traveled
George Harris
as Self - Owner Alien Research Center
Rusty McClure
as Self - Author, Coral Castle
Cliff Mickelson
as Self - Morgellons Patient
John F. Burroughs
as Self - USAF (Ret.)
Carolyn Ford
as Self - Guardian of the 'Einstein' Crystal Skull
Peter Khoury
as Self - Founder, UFO Experience Support Association
Scott A. Mellor
as Self - Lecturer, Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Barbara Harris
as Self - Giant Rock Historian
Peter Kazansky
as Self - Head of Physical Optics, ORC., Univ. of Southampton
Gary McKinnon
as Self - Computer Hacker
Katy Blatt
as Self - Author, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Virgin of the Rocks
Yuri Karash
as Self - Russian Space Policy Expert
Don Schmitt
as Self - Author, Cover-Up at Roswell
Colby Landrum
as Self - Eyewitness
Diane Powell
as Self - Author, The ESP Enigma
Betty Ann Brown
as Self - Art Historian, CSU Northridge/Self - Professor of Art History, California State University, Northridge
Ian Tattersall
as Self - Curator of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History
Slawomir Nasuto
as Self - Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Reading
Michael P. Masters
as Self - Prof. of Anthropology, Montana Tech/Self - Prof. of Biological Anthropology, Montana Tech
Lyle Armstrong
as Self - Stem Cell Researcher, Institute of Human Genetics
Arthur Goldwag
as Self - Author, Cults, Conspiracies and Secret Societies
Anthony Murphy
as Self - Author, Island of the Setting Sun
William Henry
as Investigative Mythologist/Self - Author/Self - Author, The Judgment Day Device/Self - Author, Lost Secrets of the Watchers/Self - Author, The Secret of Sion/Self - Author, Investigative Mythologist/Self - Author, Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth/Self - Author, Freedom's Gate/Self - Author, The Secret of Scion/Self - Author & Investigative Mythologist/Self - Author, Lost Secrets of the Watcher/Self - Author, The Skingularity is Near
Rex Jung
as Self - Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, University of New Mexico
Paul E. Ceruzzi
as Self - National Air and Space Museum. Smithsonian Institution
Eugene Thomas Erlikh
as Self - Eyewitness
Peter Robbins
as Self - Author, Deliberate Deception
Stephanie E. Meyer
as Self - Child Psychologist
Stan Lee
as Self - Spider-Man Co-Creator
Adam Gazzaley
as Self - Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center UCSF
Ed Feinstein
as Self - Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA
Veronica Santos
as Self - Director, UCLA Biomechatronics Laboratory
Peter Maxwell Slattery
as Self - The E.T. Contact Experience
Richard Hamada
as Self - Radar Technician
Kimokeo Kapahulehua
as Self - Hawaiian Cultural Advisor
Robert Feather
as Self - Author, The Copper Scroll Decoded
William Wallace
as Self - Professor of Art History, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Charles I. Halt
as Self - USAF (Ret.)
John Southon
as Self - Researcher, Earth Systems Science, Univ. of California, Irvine
Kathleen McGowan Coppens
as Researcher/Self - Author/Self - Author, The Source of Miracles/Self - Author, The Book of Love/Self - Author, The Expected One/Self - Author, The Sources of Miracles/Self - The Book of Love
John Lundberg
as Self - Crop Circle Enthusiast
Tori Randall
as Self - Curator of Physical Anthropology, San Diego Museum of Man
John Lear
as Self - Retired CIA Pilot
Jim Green
as Self - Chief Scientist, NASA/Self - Chief Scientist
Carson Bruns
as Self - Atlas Institute, University of Colorado Boulder
George J. Haas
as Self - Author, The Cydonia Codex
Brien Foerster
as Self - Author, A Brief History of the Incas/Self - Author, The Enigma of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku/Self - Author, Elongated Skulls of Peru and Bolivia: The Path of Viracocha/Self - Author, Nazca: Decoding the Riddle of the Lines/Self - Author, The Enigma of Tiwanaku and Human Punku/Self - Expert, Inca and Pre-Inca Civilizations
Gary A. David
as Self - Author, Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest/Self - Author, The Orion Zone
Luis Sentis
as Self - Professor of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering, U.T. Austin
Bradley T. Lepper
as Self - Senior Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society
Jack Begley
as Self - Oak Island Treasure Hunter
David Cumes
as Self - Author, The Spirit of Healing
Dmitri Rasputin
as Self - Son of Rasputin
Kirsten Fisher
as Self - Associate Professor of Biology, Cal State Los Angeles/Self - Biologist, Cal State Univ. Los Angeles/Self - Assistant Professor of Biology, Cal State Los Angeles/Self - Assoc. Prof. of Biological Sciences, Cal State LA
Lynn Picknett
as Self - Co-Author, The Forbidden Universe/Self - Author, The Secret History of Lucifer/Self - Co-Author, The Templar Revelation/Self - Author, The Stargate Conspiracy
Rob Simone
as Self - Author, The Epic of Gilgamesh
Dominic Steavu
as Self - Assistant Professor of Chinese Religions, UCSB/Self - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, UCSB/Self - Assoc. Prof. UC Santa Barbara/Self - Assoc. Prof., UC Santa Barbara/Self - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, USCB/Self - Associate Professor of Religious Studies UCSB
Ahmed Osman
as Self - Egyptologist
Sean Roberts
as Self - Professor of Art History, USC
Jason Osequeda
as Self - Mediterranean Historian
Knute Berger
as Self - Editor at Large, Crosscut
Willie E. Dye
as Self - Biblical Archaeologist
David Fruehauf
as Self - Former SR-71 Pilot
Rodney Dale
as Self - Co-Author, The Manna Machine
Bill Homann
as Self - Caretaker Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull
Jesse Marcel III
as Self - Grandson of Major Jesse Marcel
Peter Palutikof
as Self - Architect
Bruce Gernon
as Self - Pilot/Co-Author, Beyong the Bermuda Triangle/Co-Author, The Fog
Steve Edmiston
as Self - Filmmaker, The Maury Island Incident
Henry Burton
as Self - Asst. Prof. of Structural Engineering, UCLA
Marilyn Wallace
as Self - Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People
Jeff Peckman
as Self - Political Activist/UFO Journalist
Donald A. Grinde Jr.
as Self - Chair and Professor of American Studies, SUNY, Buffalo
Lizzy Ana Wakefield
as Self
Robbie Graham
as Self - Author, Silver Screen Saucers
Joshua Cutchin
as Self - Author, A Trojan Feast
David Garber
as Rancher
Kenneth L. Hanson
as Self -Associate Professor of Judaic Studies, University of Central Florida
Jon Lomberg
as Self - Design Director, Voyager Record
Kirsten Wolf
as Self - Professor and Chair, Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Julie Shuster
as Self - Executive Director International UFO Museum
Alex Guerra Terra
as Self - Archaeologist & Author, Rongorongo
Scott Schaefer
as Self - Filmmaker, The Maury Island Incident
Jeffrey Mishlove
as Self - Dean, University of Philosophical Research
Stephen Bassett
as Self - Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group
Albert W. Metz
as Self - Witness, Battle of Los Angeles
Rodrigo Fuenzalida
as Self - Director, Sion Chile
Daniel Harbour
as Self - Prof. of Cognition and Language, Queen Mary University
David Southwell
as Self - Author, Secrets and Lies
Danila Bracaglia
as Self - Local Historian
Nicolas Berasain
as Self - Author, Filosofia Cosmopolitica de la Agenda Alienigena
Mike Fitzgerald
as Self - Author, Alien Arrival: Salvation or Destruction/Self - Author, Storm Troopers of Satan
Christoph Baumer
as Self - Author, The History of Central Asia in Four Volumes
Rick Ross
as Self - Exec. Director, Ross Institute for Cult Studies
Bill Chalker
as Self - Author, Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions
Jim Vieira
as Self - Co-Author, Giants on Record
Loren Coleman
as Self - Director, International Cryptozoology Museum/Self - Author, Cryptozoology From A to Z
Thomas O. Mills
as Self - Former Manager, Hopi Cultural Center Second Mesa
Tim R. Swartz
as Self - Editor, Conspiracy Journal/Self - Author, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla/Self - Editor, Richard Shaver: Reality of the Inner Earth/Self - Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction
Courtney Dressing
as Self - Astrophysicist, California Institute of Technology
Tok Thompson
as Self - Professor of Anthropology, USC/Self - Prof. Anthropology, USC/Self - Prof. Anthropology USC/Self - Professor of Anthropology USC
Richard Berggreen
as Self - Geologist, Geosyntec Consultants
Arthur Demarest
as Self - Archaeologist, Vanderbilt University
Jonathan Pendragon
as Self - Magician
Fiorella Terenzi
as Author/Self - Astrophysicist
Eric Hanson
as Self - Visualization Artist, xRex Studio
Frank Billingsley
as Self - Meteorologist
Aniata Kimitete
as Self - Archaeological Guide
Charles Mallett
as Self - Crop Circle Researcher
Amy Shira Teitel
as Self - Author, Fighting for Space/Self - Author, Breaking the Chains of Gravity/Self - Author and Space Flight Historian
Adrian Gilbert
as Self - Author, Magi: The Quest for a Secret Tradition/Self - Author, 2012: Mayan Year of Destiny/Self - Co-Author, The Orion Mystery
David Leavitt
as Self - Author, The Indian Clerk
Adrienne Mayor
as Self - Research Scholar, Stanford University
Josef Dobler
as Self - Rennes-le-Château Historical Guide
Inga Calvin
as Self - Archaeologist, University of Colorado
John Robert Tindall
as Self - Tindall Vision Laboratories
David Sereda
as Self - Light Stream Technologies/Self - President, Light Stream Technologies
Michael Dennin
as Self - Physicist, Univ. of California, Irvine/Self - Prof. of Physics and Astronomy, U.C. Irvine/Self - Physicist, UC Irvine/Self - Prof. Chemistry, Univ. of California, Irvine/Self - Physicist
Dorothy Matich
as Self - Witness, Battle of Los Angeles
Paul Hellyer
as Self - Canadian Minister of National Defence 1963 - 1967/Self - Former Canadian Minister of National Defense
Karen Meech
as Self - Astronomer, University of Hawaii
Maximillien De Lafayette
as Self - Author - UFOS and the Alien Agenda
Nick Redfern
as Self - Author, The Real Men in Black/Self - Author, Final Events/Self - Author, The World's Weirdest Places/Self - Author, Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind/Self - Author, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter/Self - Author, A Covert Agenda/Self - Author, Bloodline of the Gods/Self - Author/Self - Author, 365 Days of UFOs/Self - Author, Area 51: The Revealing Truth of UFO's/Self - Author, Bloodlines of the Gods/Self - Author, Close Encounter of the Fatal Kind/Self - Author, Cosmic Crashes/Self - Author, Immortality of the Gods/Self - Author, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance/Self - Author, Secret History/Self - Author, The NASA Conspiracies/Self - Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind/Selt - Author, Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind
Richard Cassaro
as Self - Author, Written in Stone
Thomas M. Iliffe
as Self - Marine Biologist
Marcia Moore
as Self - Forensic 3D Artist
Jeffrey Thompson
as Self - Director, Center for Neuroacoustic Research
Joe Cerletti
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
Michael Bradbury
as Self - Image Analyst
Garry Hoffeld
as Self - Coordinator, Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary
Robert Bewley
as Self - Aerial Archaeologist, Univ. of Oxford
Mikhail Gershtein
as Journalist/Self - Russian Researcher
Ross Heaven
as Self - Author, Plant Spirit Shamanism
Jim Goodall
as Self - Author, Lockheed, SR-71 Blackbird
James Penniston
as Self - USAF (Ret.)
William Shatner
as Filmmaker/Self/Self - Actor
Ken Jeremiah
as Self - Author, Eternal Remains
Scott Barry Kaufman
as Self - Author, Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined
Will Hart
as Self - Author, The Genesis Race
Cristina Sovrosa
as Self - Sheepherder
Brian Abbott
as Self - Sonar Technician
Evan Strong
as Self - Co-Author, Ancient Aliens in Australia
Erich von Däniken
as Self - Author, Chariots of the Gods/Self - Author, Chariots of the God
Heather Berlin
as Self - Prof. of Neuroscience, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine/Self - Neuroscientist, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
Rosaly Lopes
as Self - Volcanologist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratoray
Eileen Hall
as Self - Daughter of Stanley Hall
Ilia Delio
as Self - Prof. of Spirituality Studies, Washington Theological Union
Derrel W. Sims
as Self - Private Investigator/Former Intelligence Officer/Former Intelligence Operative/Self - Former Intelligence Operative
Luis Navia
as Self - Prof. of Philosophy NY Inst. of Technology
Richard Hoover
as Self - Astrobiologist
Patricia Robles
as Self - Historian, La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection
David Sucec
as Self - Co-Auther, Sacred Images
Tudor Parfitt
as Self - Prof. of Jewish Studies, Univ. of London
Brian Tucker
as Self - Curator, The Hidden World, Santa Monica Museum of Art
Nick Bostrom
as Self - Director, Future of Humanity Institute
Gary King
as Self - Crop Circle Witness
Sue Ann Pien
as Self - Candidate, Mars One/Self - Mars One Astronaut Candidate
Steven M. Karr
as Self - Southwest Museum of the American Indian
Juris Zarins
as Self - Archaeologist, Missouri State University
Thomas Johnson
as Self - Owner, House of Phacops Museum
Bob Good
as Self - Author, The Science of Reincarnation
Heimata Bonno
as Self - Archaeological Guide
Matt Schwartz
as Self - Test Subject
Nancy Talbott
as Self - Founding Member, BLT Research Team
Praveen Mohan
as Self - Founder, Phenomenalplace/Researcher/Self - Ancient Astronaut Theorist
Andrew Russell
as Self - Ufologist
Jonathan Berman
as Self - Filmmaker, Calling All Earthlings
Nancy Red Star
as Self - Author, Star Ancestors
Chase Kloeztke
as Self - Former Biomechanic Engineer, U.S. Department of Defense
Standing Elk
as Self - Chief of Yankton Dakota Tribe/Self - Chief, Yankton Dakota Tribe
Michael Summers
as Author, Exoplanets/Self - Planetary Scientist
Robert Ridge
as Self - Owner, The Roswell Rock
Rachel Friday
as Self - Elder, Kuku Nyungkal People
Gil Levin
as Self - NASA/Viking Scientist
Taylor Wang
as Self - Professor/U.S. Astronaut Space Shuttle Challenger
Adam Wallberg
as Self - Skywatch Team
Brad Olsen
as Self - Author, Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses/Self - Author, Sacred Places Around the World: 108 Destinations
Dan Hooper
as Self - Throretical Physicist, Fermilab
Robert Fullington
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
Franklin Ruehl
as Self - Cryptozoologist/Self - Theoretical Physicist
Paul Dillman
as Self - Treasure Hunter
Jim Morse
as Self - Ranch Manager, Skinwalker Ranch
Linda Moulton Howe
as Self - Investigative Journalist, Earthfiles/Investigative Journalist/Self - Author/Self/Self - Investigative Journalist, Earth Files
Paul Moller
as Self - Aeronautical Specialist
Kyle Sanchez
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
Hayley Kinsner
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
John Cadman
as Self - Engineer and Inventor/Self - Maritime Engineer
James Hurtak
as Self - Social Scientist and Colleague of Dr. Andrija Puharich
Mark Van Stone
as Self - Author, 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya
Corey Goode
as Self - Government Whistleblower
Lewis Dartnell
as Self - Professor of Science Communication, University of Westminster
Peter Daughtrey
as Self - Author
William Leonard
as Self - Chair of Dept. of Anthropology, Northwestern University
Georgeann McGuinness
as Self - Radiologist
Joel Palka
as Self - Anthropologist, University of Illinois at Chicago
Richard Boylan
as Self - Author, Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation
Gray Scott
as Self - Futurist/Host, Futuristic Now/Self - Future Emerging Technology Expert
Paul Von Ward
as Self - Author, We've Never Been Alone
Bruce C. Berndt
as Self - Associate Editor, The Ramanujan Journal
Sean David Morton
as Radio Host: Strange Universe/Self - Theologian
Christopher Chacon
as Self/Anomalist/Self - Anomalist/Self - UFOlogist
Tucker Carlson
as Self - Host, Tucker Carlson Tonight
Clifford Mahooty
as Self - Zuni Tribal Elder
Chris O'Brien
as Self - Author/UFO Investigator/Self - Author, Secrets of the Mysterious Valley/Self - Author, Stalking the Heard/Self - Author, Stalking the Tricksters/Self - Investigative Journalist/Self - UFO Investigator
Max McCoy
as Self - Prof. Journalism, Emporia State University
Sara Seager
as Self - Prof. of Planetary Sciences, MIT/Self - Prof, of Planetary Sciences, MIT/Self - Prof. of Planetary Sciences
Brian J. McVeigh
as Self - Anthropologist
Billy Yelverton
as Self - Electrical Engineer
Bob Benson
as Self - Protégé, George Van Tassel
Michael Shermer
as Self - Editor-in-Chief, Skeptic Magazine
Anthony Bonanno
as Self - Prof. of Archaeology, University of Malta
Michael D. Mark
as Self - Neurophysiologist
John Martineau
as Self - Editor, Megalith: Studies in Stone
Tom Burnett
as Self - Betz Family Friend
David Wilcock
as Self - Author, The Synchronicity Key/Self - Author, The Ascension Mysteries/Self - Author/Filmmaker/Self - Author, The Source Field Investigations/Self - Author, The Synchronicity/Flimmaker/Self - Author, Ascension Mysteries/Self - Author, The Synchroncity Key/Self - The Source Field Investigations/Self - The Synchronicity Key/Self Author, The Synchronicity Key
Mark A. Wilson
as Self - Prof. Of Natural Science, College of Wooster/Self - Prof. of Natural Science, College of Wooster
John G. Kruth
as Self - Parapsychologist, Rhine Research Center
Heather Roff
as Self - Associate Fellow, University of Cambridge
David Weatherly
as Self - Author, The Black Eyed Children
Samy Kamkar
as Self - Computer Hacker and Security Researcher
Christopher Coleman
as Self - Author, The Paranormal Presidency of Abraham Lincoln
Jerry Linenger
as Self - NASA Astronaut, 1992 - 1998
Dan Healey
as Self - Prof. of Modern Russian History, Oxford University
Steve Fuller
as Self - Author, Humanity 2.0: What it Means to be Human
Eric Burgh
as Self
Edwin Barnhart
as Self - Archaeologist, Director, Maya Exploration Center/Self - Director, Maya Exploration Center
Jorge Luis Delgado Mamani
as Self - Andean Guide and Author, Andean Awakening/Self - Co-Author, Andean Awakening/Self - Author, Andean Awakening
Hugh Newman
as Self - Author, Earth Grids/Self - Co-Author, Megalith: Studies in Stone/Self - Self - Co-Author, Megalith: Studies in Stone
Charles Love
as Self - Archaeologist, West Wyoming Community College
Marshall Trimble
as Self - Author, A Roadside History of Arizona
Brian Burkhart
as Self - Professor of Native American Studies, California State Univ., Northridge
Judy Ho
as Self - Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
George Grigonis
as Self - Collections Manager, Mütter Museum
Godfrey Harris
as Self - Author, The Legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci/Self - Curator, Da Vinci Exhibit
Dario Nardi
as Self - Neuroscience Researcher/Self - Neuroscientist
Ivan Petricevic
as Self
Paul Valle
as Self - Argos Project Manager, NASA
Aidan Dodson
as Self - Egyptologist, University of Bristol
Michael J. White
as Self - Son of Dr. Robert J. White
Francisco J. Ayala
as Self - Prof. of Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
Jesus Gamarra
as Self - Anthropologist, Sacred Valley of Peru
Ruben Uriarte
as Self - Co-Author, Mexico's Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash
Christian Gronau
as Self - Mining Expert
Joel Sercel
as Self - Founder, Transastra Corporation
Doc Barham
as Self - Advisor, The Monroe Institute
Geoffrey Notkin
as Self - Author, Meteorite Hunting: How to Find Treasure From Space
Paul Stonehill
as Self - Author, The Soviet UFO Files/Self - Author, Russia's Roswell Incident/Self - Author, Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia/Self - Author, UFO Case Files of Russia
Thomas Bullard
as Self - Folklorist
Amir Hussain
as Self - Prof. Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University
Sam Edwards
as Self - Hollywood Visual Effects Supervisor
Caroline Cory
as Self - Author, The Visible and Invisible Worlds/Self
John Rhodes
as Self - Founder, Reptoid Research Center
Alexander Bay
as Self - Assoc. Prof. of Japanese History, Chapman University
Mark Koltko Rivera
as Self - Author, Freemasonary: An Introduction
Whitley Strieber
as Self - Author, Communion
Josh Richards
as Self - Candidate, Mars One/Self - Mars One Candidate
Brad Bebout
as Self - Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
Andrew Wyatt
as Self - Archaeologist, University of Illinois, Chicago/Self - Archaeologist, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rita Lucarelli
as Self - Assoc. Professor at U.C. Berkely
Rex Gilroy
as Self - Author, Mysterious Australia
Thomas Brophy
as Self - Astrophysicist, Co-Author, Black Genesis/Self - Physicist, Univ. of Colorado
Timothy R. Tangherlini
as Self - Professor and Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA
Robert S. Dickman
as Self - Exec. Dir. American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Luca Giarelli
as Self - Val Camonica Historical and Anthropological Society
Thierry Jamin
as Self - Archaeologist
Christopher Stevenson
as Self - Archaeologist, Richard Bland College
Christopher Dunn
as Self - Engineer/Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt/Self - Author, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt/Author, The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt/Self - Author, Technologies of Ancient Egypt/Self - Author, The Giza Power Plant
Kim Carlsberg
as Self - Author, The Art of Close Encounters
Enrico Baccarini
as Self - Investigative Journalist
Gene Kritsky
as Self - Co-Author, Insect Mythology/Self - Professor of Biologist, College of Mount St. Joseph
Barbara Lamb
as Self - Regression Hypnotherapist
Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
as Self - Filmmaker, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers
Martin Kemp
as Self - Emeritus Professor, History of Art, Oxford University, UK
Harold F. Young
as Self - Director, Harold F. Young Neurosurgical Center
Jamie Jones
as Self - Aura Photographer
David J. Skal
as Self - Author, V is for Vampire
Linda MacDonald Glenn
as Self - Asst. Prof. of Bioethics, Albany Medical College
Spencer Stander
as Self - Dive Master
Paul Weston
as Self - Author, The Glastonbury Zodiac
David W. Sedat
as Self - Archaeologist
Víctor Hidalgo
as Self - Radio Host, Antes de Media Noche
Daniel McQueen
as Self - Executive Director, Medicinal Mindfulness
Michael Schratt
as Self - Military Aerospace Historian
Jason Martell
as Self - Author, Knowledge Apocalypse/Self - Founder, Ancient School/Self - Author, Ancient Alien Artifacts/Researcher/Self - Alien Investigator/Self - Author
Lois H. Gresh
as Self - Co-Author, The Science of Superheroes
Edgar Garcia
as Self - Professor of English, Univ. of Chicago
Sean Martin
as Self - Author, The Knights Templar
Erik Bard
as Self - Principal Investigator, Skinwalker Ranch
Julia Badger
as Self - Robonaut Project Manager, NASA
Marc Ambinder
as Self - Professor, USC
Leonid Moroz
as Self - Professor of Neuroscience, University of Florida
Noah Charney
as Self - Author, The Thefts of the Mona Lisa
David Cheetham
as Self - Archaeologist, Arizona State University
Larry Cesspooch
as Self - Ute Spiritual Practitioner
Patrick Cooke
as Self - Founder, The Bible UFO Connection
Rodney Cluff
as Self - Author, World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow
Sergej Spakovskij
as Self - Member, International Development Research Centre
Paulina Zelitsky
as Self - Director, Exploramar
Alan Butler
as Self - Author, How to Read Prehistoric Monuments/Self - Author, Who Built the Moon?
Daniel Kottke
as Self - Apple Employee #12
Robert Temple
as Self - Author, The Sphinx Mystery
George Noory
as Self - Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM
Chris Brennan
as Self - Author, Hellenistic Astrology
Elizabeth Rampe
as Self - Exploration Mission Scientist, NASA
JoAnn Donaldson
as Self - Former Bio-Medical Research Engineer/Self - Former Bio-Medical Research Engineer, NASA
Dan Simplico
as Self - Zuni Archaelogist
Jon C. Lohse
as Self - Dir., Center for Archaeological Studies, Texas State University/Self - Dir,, Center for Archaeological Studies, Texas State University
Mitch Horowitz
as Self - Author, Occult America/Self - Author, The Seeker's Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages
Henry Stevens
as Self - Author, Hitler's Flying Saucers/Self - Hitler's Flying Saucers
Uwe Apel
as Self - Aerospace Engineer
Jeffrey Meldrum
as Self - Prof., Anatomy and Anthropology, Idaho State University
Andrew Collins
as Self - Author, The Cygnus Mystery/Self - Author, The Cygnus Key/Self - Author, Denisovan Origins/Self - Author, Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods/Self - Author, Lightquest/Self - Author, Beneath the Pyramids/Self - Author, Gateway to Atlantis/Self - Actor, The Cygnus Key/Self - Advisor, The Cygnus Mystery/Self - Beneath the Pyramids
Alexander Wendt
as Self - Professor of Political Science, The Ohio State University
David Morrison
as Self - Dir. Carl Sagan Center SETI/Self - Dir. Carl Sagan Center, SETI/Self - Dir., Carl Sagan Center, SETI
Roger Moore
as Self - Archaeologist, Chaco Canyon National Park
K. Anna I. Nekaris
as Self - Professor of Anthropology
Taha Ozyavuz
as Self - Curator, Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum
Maria Paola Loi
as Self - Archaeological Guide
Gary Heseltine
as Self - Founder and Editor, UFO Truth Magazine
Freddy Silva
as Self - Author, The Divine Blueprint
Craig Campobasso
as Self - Colleague of Dr. Frank Stranges
Matt McMullen
as Self - CEO, Realbotix
Abdul Nasir Mohammadi
as Self - Tourist Guide
Rob Irving
as Self - Crop Circle Enthusiast
Alex Chionetti
as Explorer/Self - Author
Kevin Gavi Duncan
as Self - Aboriginal Elder
John Connolly
as Self - Human Mars Study Lead, NASA
Michael Gervers
as Self - Prof. of History, Univ. of Toronto
Graham Hancock
as Self - Author, Fingerprints of the Gods/Self - Author, Supernatural/Self - Author, Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization/Self/Self - Author, Lost Knowledge of the Ancients/Self - Author, Entangled: The Eater of Souls/Self - Author, Underwater: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization
George Knapp
as Self - Chief Investigative Reporter, KLAS/Self - Investigative Reporter, KLAS/Self - Investigative Reporter, KLAS-TV
Gordon E. Weston
as Self - Author, The Maltese Cart-Ruts, Unraveling an Enigma
Yi Qiao
as Self - Professor of Oriental Medicine, Emperor's College
Robert Shore-Goss
as Self - Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, California State Univ., Northridge
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
as Self - Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine/Self - Ancient Astronaut Theorist
Brandon Fugal
as Self - Owner, Skinwalker Ranch
Ivana Malu
as Self - Archaeological Guide
Mark Carlotto
as Self - Author, Before Atlantis/Self - Author, Not of This World/Self - Author, The Cydonia Controversy
Ian Recchio
as Self - Curator of Invertebrates and Reptiles, Los Angeles Zoo
Mark Mirabello
as Self - Author, Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws
Travis Taylor
as Self - Astrophysicist/Self - Aerospace Engineer
Jörg Schauberger
as Self - Grandson of Viktor Schauberger
Ariel Bar Tzadok
as Self - Founder, KosherTorah School
Del Jurney
as Self - Mayor of Roswell, NM
Erin Nell
as Self - Archaeologist
Ronald Mallett
as Self - Physicist, Univ. of Connecticut
Claudius Gros
as Self - Professor of Theoretical Physics, Goethe University
Michael Cremo
as Self - Author, Forbidden Archaeology/Self - Author, Forbidden Archeology/Self - Forbidden Archaeology
Queenie Chan
as Self - Planetary Scientist, The Open University
Buzz Aldrin
as Self - NASA Astronaut, Apollo 11 Moon Landing/Self - NASA Astronaut, Apollo 11/Self - NASA Astronaut, Apollo 11 Moon Landing.
James Reynolds
as Self - Professor of Lifestock Medicine, Western University
C. Scott Littleton
as Self - Prof. Emeritus of Anthropology, Occidental College/Self - Witness,, Battle of Los Angeles
William Michael Roberts
as Self - Italian Translator
Christopher Key Chapple
as Self - Doshi Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Athan J. Shaka
as Self - Prof. Chemistry, Univ. of California, Irvine/Self - Prof. of Chemistry, Univ. of California Irvine
Boguslaw Lipinski
as Self - Biochemist
Robert H. Frisbee
as Self - Former NASA Scientist/Self - Propulsion Systems Engineer NASA-JPL, Ret./Self - NASA Physicist/Self - NASA Scientist/Self - NASA Scientist (Retired)/Self - Propulsion Systems Engineer NASA, NASA-JPL, Ret./Self - Propulsion Systems Engineer, NASA-JPL, Ret.
Deepak Shimkhada
as Self - Professor of Hindu Studies, Claremont Lincoln University/Self - Professor of Hindu Studies, Claremont School of Theology/Self - Adjunct Professor of Religion, Claremont Graduate University/Self - Adjunct Professor of Hindu Studies at Claremont School of Theology/Self - Professor of Hindu Studies, Claremont Graduate University
Rufino Mauricio
as Self - Dir. of National Archives, FSM National Government
Maurizio Seracini
as Self - Professor of Art Imaging, SDSU
Giovanni Pala
as Self - Author, Leonardo: The Ultimate Secret
Chris Corbally
as Self - Vice Director, Vatican Observatory
Andrew Newberg
as Self - Neuroscientist & Author, How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain
Timothy Alberino
as Self - Author, Alien Armageddon/Self - Giants Researcher
Deepak Chopra
as Self - Author, You Are the Universe
Judy Chungwa Ho
as Self - Professor Emerita of Art History U.C. Irvine/Self - Professor Emerita of Art History, U.C. Irvine
David Jacobs
as Self - Author, Walking Among Us/Self - Author, Secret Life/Self - Director, International Center for Abduction Research
Jared Collins
as Self - Art Collector
Paul Goldstein
as Self - Anthropologist, Univ. of California, San Diego
Gary Simon Jagamarra
as Self - Aboriginal Elder & Healer
Jay Weidner
as Self - Author, Secrets of Alchemy
Ken Storch
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
William Michael Mott
as Self - Author, Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, 3rd Ed.
Logan Nye
as Self - Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Army 2007 - 2012
Horace Drew
as Self - Biomolecular Chemist
Ian Lipkin
as Self - Dir., Ctr. for Infection and Immunity, Columbia University
Brian Sowers
as Self - Professor of Classics, Brooklyn College
Daniel Coonan
as Narrator
Eric Rankin
as Self - Filmmaker, Sonic Geometry
Stephen Jett
as Self - Author, Ancient Ocean Crossings
Gisela Ermel
as Self - Co-Author, In the Footsteps of the Ancients
Marco Vigato
as Author, Uncharted Ruins/Self - Independent Researcher
Marie D. Jones
as Self - Author, 2013: End of Days or a New Beginning/Self - Author, The Trinity Secret
John Whalen
as Self - Author, Big Book of the Weird Wild West
Nikki Pattillo
as Self - Author, A Spiritual Evolution
Bill Birnes
as Self - Author/Publisher, UFO Magazine/Self - Co-Author, The Day After Roswell/Self - Author, UFOs and the White House/Self - Author, The Haunting of America/UFO Investigator/Self - Author, The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures and Truth/Self - Author, The Everything UFO Book/Self - Author & Publisher, UFO Magazine/Self - Author, UFO Investigator/Self - Co-Author , The Day After Roswell/Self - Co-Author, UFOs and the White House/Self - Publisher, UFO Magazine/UFO investigator
Tom Horsefall
as Self - Witness,, Battle of Los Angeles
John V. Quarstein
as Self - Author, The Civil War on the Virginia Peninsula
Wolf McCarron
as Self - Area 51 Researcher
David Standish
as Self - Author, Hollow Earth
Algund Eenboom
as Self - Co-Author, Aircraft of the Pharaohs
Lucy B. Rorke-Adams
as Self - Neuropathologist, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Marc Seifer
as Self - Author, Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
Russ Foxx
as Self - Body Artist
Richard Leviton
as Self - Author, Encyclopedia of Earth Myths/Self - Author, Welcome to Your Designer Planet/Self - Author, Welcome to Your Designer Planet.
Paul Devereux
as Self - Author, Stone Age Soundtracks
Betty Andreasson Luca
as Self - Abductee
Ted Peters
as Self - Prof. of Theology, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
Karl E.H. Seigfried
as Self - Norse Mythologist
Steve Bullock
as Self - Professor of American History, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
James Lincoln
as Self - Professor of Physics, UCLA
Marvin Meyer
as Self - Prof. of Religion, Chapman University
Stanton Friedman
as Self - Nuclear Physicist
Zach Etkind
as Self - Cohasset, Massachusetts
Ronald Hutton
as Self - Author, Shamans/Self - Professor of History, Bristol University
Nick Ciske
as Binary Code Expert/Self - Internet Programmer
Ross Conklin
as Self - Drone Operator
Gregory Beirich
as Self - Lecturer of History, Cal State Long Beach/Self - Lecturer, Cal State Univ. Long Beach
Edd Edwards
as Self - Energy Healer
John A. Ball
as Self - Radio Astronomer, MIT Haystack Observatory
Jennifer Heldmann
as Self - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
James Woodward
as Self - Author, Making Starships and Stargates
John B. Alexander
as Self - NIDS Science Advisory Board 1995 - 2001
Kyle Kallman
as Self - Los Angeles, California
Tom Roach
as Self - Insect Wrangler
Don Donderi
as Self - Author, UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions
Lucien Junkin
as Self - Robotics Engineer, NASA
John Vivanco
as Self - Author, The Time Before the Secret Words
Martin K.A. Morgan
as Historian/Self - Author/Self - The Americans on D-Day
Nova Spivack
as Self - Chairman, Arch Mission Foundation
Payson Sheets
as Self - Archaeologist, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder/Self - Archaeologist, University of Colorado
Bethe Hagens
as Self - Anthropologist, Goddard College
Marc D. Rayman
as Self - Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Kathy Doore
as Self - Author, Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest
Sampath Iyengar
as Self - Geochemist
Igor Witkowski
as Self - Author, The Truth About the Wunderwaffe
Mark Dice
as Self - Author, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True
Bettany Hughes
as Self - Author, Venus & Aphrodite
Thomas Valone
as Self - President, Integrity Research Institute/Self - Author, Bioelectromagnetic Healing/Self - Author, Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla's Science of Energy
Calum Chace
as Self - Author, The Economic Singularity
Varvara Rasputina
as Self - Daughter of Rasputin
Mike Bara
as Self - Author, The Choice/Self - Author, Hidden Agenda/Self - Author, Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies/Self - Author, Ancient Aliens on the Moon/Self - Author, Ancient Aliens on Mars/Self - Author, Dark Mission/Self - Author, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA/Self
Mauro Peppino Zedda
as Self - Author, Astronomy In Prehistoric Sardina/Self - Author, Astronomy in Prehistoric Sardinia
Geraldine Julian
as Self - Jicarilla Apache Elder
Jerry Kroth
as Self - Author, Aliens and Man
William Saunders
as Self - Geoscientist & Author, The Cydonia Codex
Christopher P. Garetano
as Self - Documentarian, Montauk Chronicles
Gregory L. Matloff
as Self - NASA Consultant
William J. Fulco
as Self - Professor of Archaeology, Loyola Marymount University/Self - Professor of Classics & Archaeology, Loyola Marymount University/Self - Archaeologist, Loyola Marymount Univ./Self - Professor of Archaeology, Loyola Marymount Univ./Self - Professor of Classics & Archaeology, Loyola Marymount Univ.
B. Virupakshi
as Self - Local Tour Guide
Eltjo H. Haselhoff
as Self - Physicist
Robert Powell
as Self - Author, History of the Zodiac/Self - Director of Research, MUFON
Jeff Long
as Self - Near Death Experience Research Foundation
John Rodgers
as Self - Curator of the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition
Peter Ward
as Self - Astrobiologist, University of Washington/Self - Professor of Paleontology, Univ. of Washington/Self - Geologist, University of Washington
Julie Lee
as Self - Vice President of Collections, Bowers Museum
Edgar D. Mitchell
as Apollo 14/Self - NASA Astronaut
Chris Hegg
as Self - Author, Ancient Universal Language of Man
Michael Borden
as Self - Vastu Design Architect
Bruce Fenton
as Self - Author, Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans/Self - Author, The Forgotten Exodus
Kazuo Tanaka
as Self - Professor Gifu University
Arun K. Sharma
as Self - Former Superintendent, Archaeological Survey of India
John DeSalvo
as Self - Director, Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association/Self - Author, Dead Sea Scrolls/Self - Author, Power Crystals/Self - Author, The Lost Art of Enochian Magic
Bret Oldham
as Self - Author, Children of the Greys
Stephen Petranek
as Self - Author, How We'll Live on Mars
Richard Lewis
as Self - Civil War Historian
Sally Ann Glassman
as Self - Voodoo Priestess
Thepo Tulku
as Self - Head Lama, Ganden Monastery/Self - Tibetan Monk
Gnomo Orzo
as Self - Author, How Many Holes Does a Ring Have?
Neil Martin
as Self - Chief of Neurosurgery, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Michael Kwakkelstein
as Self - Research Institute Director, Utrecht University
Bob Larson
as Self - Exorcist
Debbie Challis
as Self - Historian, Petrie Museum, London
Eric Denney
as Self - Digital Implant Recipient
Thomas Winterton
as Self - Superintendent, Skinwalker Ranch
Michio Kaku
as Self - Author, The Future of Humanity
Felicia Beardsley
as Self - Prof. of Anthropology, Univ. of La Verne/Self - Professor of Anthropology, University of La Verne
Christopher Knight
as Self - Author, Before the Pyramids
Collin Anderson
as Self - Panaca, Nevada
Donald Sanders
as Self - Archaeologist
Marshall Klarfeld
as Self - Author, Adam: The Missing Link
Dhyanne Swanson
as Self - Abductee
Charles Mosley
as Author, Blood Royal/Self - Genealogist
Antonis Rokas
as Self - Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University
Paul Bahn
as Self - Author, Geoglyphs: Mysteries of the Ancient World/Self - Archaeologist/Self - Author, Goeglyphs: Mysteries of the Ancient World
Hanan Charaf
as Self - Archaeologist
Lars Krutack
as Self - Anthropologist
Richard Dolan
as Self - Author, UFOs and the National Security State/Self - Historian & Author, UFOs and the National Security State
Barry Downing
as Self - Author, The Bible and Flying Saucers/Self - Author, The Bible & Flying Saucers
Richard Vigil
as Self - Dulce, NM Resident
Gus Kohler
as Self - National Historic Preservation Officer
Zahi Hawass
as Former Minister of Antiquities/Self - Egyptologist
Robert Schoch
as Self - Author, Forgotten Civilization/Self - Geologist, Boston University/Author/Self - Geologist/Self
Robert Salas
as Self - Ret. Missile Launch Officer, U.S. Air Force
Layne Little
as Self - Lecturer, Religious Studies U.C. Berkeley/Self - Department of Humanities & Religious Studies, California State University, Sacramento/Self - Lecturer, Religious Studies , U.C. Davis/Self - Lecturer, Religious Studies, U.C. Berkeley/Self - Professor of Religious Studies, UCD
Azusa Hayano
as Environmental Researcher/Self - Geologist
Roy Spiker
as Self - Lakeland, California
Sara Monoson
as Self - Associate Professor of Political Science & Classics, Northwestern University
Ray Szymanski
as Self - Former Senior Engineer, WPAFB
Glen Creason
as Self - Author, Los Angeles in Maps
David Paulides
as Self - Missing Persons Investigatior
Story Musgrave
as Self - NASA Astronaut, Space Shuttle Program
Bryant 'Dragon' Arnold
as Self - Head of Security, Skinwalker Ranch
Gian Quasar
as Self - Author, They Flew Into Oblivion
Matthew F. Dowd
as Self - Editor, University of Notre Dame Press
Jonathan Young
as Self - Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives
Jessica Haynes
as Motivational Speaker/Self - Near Death Survivor
John Brandenburg
as Self - Plasma Physicist, Orbital Technologies/Self - Author, Life and Death on Mars/Self - Chief Astronautic Scientist, Kepler Aerospace/Self - Engineer/Self - Chief Astronautic Scientist, Kelper Aerospace
Subhash Kak
as Self - Quantum Theorist and Historian of Science
Dennis Hong
as Self - Professor & Director Romela, UCLA
Max Brooks
as Self - Author, World War Z
Peter H. Schultz
as Self - Professor of Geological Sciences, Brown University
Ramy Romany
as Self - Egyptologist/Author, Conspired/Self
Nick Pope
as Self - UK Ministry of Defence, 1985 - 2006/Self - British Ministry of Defence, 1985 - 2006/Self - U.K. Ministry of Defence (1985-2006)/Self - Author, Open Skies, Closed Minds/Self - British Ministry of Defence (1985-2006)
Michael Dunn
as Self - Mining Engineer
Craig Hodgetts
as Self - Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Architecture
Derrick Pitts
as Self - Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Institute
Gerard Jones
as Self - Author, The Comic Book Heroes
John Hogue
as Self - Nostradamus: A Life and Myth
Aaron Velasquez
as Self - Materials Specialist
Todd Disotell
as Self - Anthropologist, New York Univ./Self - Molecular Anthropologist, New York University
L.A. Marzulli
as Self - Author, The Alien Interviews/Self - Author, Nephilim Trilogy
Renato Longato
as Self - Author, E.T. Presence
Sherry Whitfield
as Crystal Skull Caretaker/Self - Author/Self - Guardian of the 'Synergy' Crystal Skull
Stephan Vander Hart
as Self - Co-Owner, Stone Valley Materials
Brian Dodge
as Self - Test Subject
Lloyd Pye
as Self - Founder of the Starchild Project
Joseph White
as Self - Satellite Imagery Expert
Salvatore Trento
as Self - Author, The Search for Lost America
Jonathan Dover
as Self - Navajo Nation Ranger 1980 - 2011/Self - Navajo Nation Ranger, 1980 - 2011
Paul Levinson
as Self - Prof. of Media Studies, Fordham Univ.
Stephen O'Shea
as Self - Author, The Perfect Heresy: The Life and Death of the Cathars
Moran Cerf
as Self - Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Northwestern University
Michael Coogan
as Self - Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School
Ernst Muldashev
as Self - Author, Where Do We Come From?
Ron Kivett
as Self - Investigative Reporter
Andrew Jenks
as Self - Professor of History, CSU Long Beach/Self - Professor of History, California State Long Beach
Thom Reed
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
Chris Doyal
as Self - Underwater Photographer
Lou Del Bianco
as Self - Grandson of Chief Carver, Mount Rushmore
Wil Russell
as Self - Crop Circle Enthusiast
Laichen Sun
as Self - Assoc. Prof. History, California State University, Fullerton
Ben Firmston
as Explorer/Self - Cartographer
Robert Clotworthy
as Self - Narrator/Narrator
Albert A. Harrison
as Self - Prof. Emeritus of Social Psychology, UC Davis
Jeff Danelek
as Self - Author, The Great Airship of 1897
John M. Fritz
as Self - Archaeologist, Vijayanagara Research Project
Michael Salla
as Self - Founder, Exopolitics Institute/Self - Author, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence
Arthur D. Horn
as Self - Author, Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins
Adam Blai
as Self - Religious Demonologist
Randy S. Wymore
as Self - OSU-CHS Ctr. for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease
Santiago Stelley
as Self - Producer, Aokigahara Forest
Paul Francis
as Model Maker, Lucas Francis Studio/Self - Reseacher/Self - Researcher
Graham Phillips
as Investigative Journalist/Self - Author/Self - Author, Act of God/Self - Author, Atlantis and the Ten Plagues of Egypt/Self - Author, Alexander the Great: Murder i Babylon/Self - Author, Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon/Self - Author, Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World/Self - Author, The Moses Legacy/Self - Author, The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant/Self - Author, Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge
Marty Lagina
as Self - Oak Island Treasure Hunter
Ed Pawlowski
as Self - Owner, WestCoast Wingsuits/Self - WestCoast Wingsuits
Wayne Dice
as Self - Nevada Highway Patrol
Javier Grillo-Marxuach
as Producer/Self - Science Fiction Writer
Rick Lagina
as Self - Oak Island Treasure Hunter
Gregory Stock
as Self - Founding Director, UCLA Program on Medicine, Technology and Society
Joe Montaldo
as Self - Director, International Community for Alien Research
Robert Pearlman
as Self - Space Historian
Zack Estrin
as Self - Showrunner, Lost in Space (2018)
Dick Burnett
as Self - Betz Family Friend
Gary Lachman
as Self - Author, The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination
Kevin Burns
as Self - Executive Producer, Ancient Aliens
Jeffrey Galpin
as Self - Internist, Infectious Disease Specialist
Kathleen Marden
as Self - MUFON Director of Experiencer Research
Lisa Baretta
as Self - Author, Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos
Irving Finkel
as Self - Curator, The British Museum
Walter Stephens
as Self - Author, Demon Lovers: Witchcraft, Sex and the Crisis of Belief
Joerg Arnu
as Self - Area 51 Researcher
John Ritchie
as Self - Author, Rosslyn Revealed
Luis Chiappe
as Self - Dir., Dinosaur Institute, Los Angeles Natural History Museum/Self - Dir., Dinosaur Institute, Lost Angeles Natural History Museum
Erica Lukes
as Self - Radio Host, UFO Classified
Steven M. Greer
as Self - Director, The Disclosure Project/Self - Director of Sirius Disclosure/Self - Director, The Disclousre Project
Chris Impey
as Self - Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona
Alex Dischinger
as Self - Tucson, Arizona
Sabina Magliocco
as Self - Folklorist, California State Univ., Northridge/Self - Anthropology, California State Univ., Northridge/Self - Folklorist California State Univ., Northridge/Self - Professor of Anthropology, California State Univ., Northridge/Self - Anthropologist, California State Univ., Northridge/Self - Folklorist CSUN
Anne Friedlander
as Self - Senior Research Scholar, Stanford Center on Longevity
Laura Magdelene Eisenhower
as Self - Great Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower
John Podesta
as Self - White House Chief of Staff 1998 - 2001
Greg Downing
as Self - Visualization Artist, xRex Studio
Paul Hynek
as Self - Son of J. Allen Hynek/Self - Consultant, Project Blue Book
Leroy Chiao
as Self - NASA Astronaut, 1990 - 2005
Vincenzo Macrino
as Self - Author, Humanity: The Alien Project
Linda Eneix
as Self - Founder, Mediterranian Institute for Ancient Civilizations/Self - Author, Listening for Ancient Gods
Peter Diamandis
as Self - Chairman and CEO, X Prize Foundation/Self - Executive Founder, Singularity University
Dan DiDio
as Self - Co-Publisher, DC Comics
Maria Spiropulu
as Self - Professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology
Jason Jarrell
as Self - Researcher/Writer, Allegheny Mounds
Gregory Deyermenjian
as Self - Paititi Explorer
Masaaki Kimura
as Self - Professor Emeritus, Ryukyus University
Ken Boydston
as Self - Multispectral Imaging System Eng. Megavision
James Leininger
as Self - Recalls Former Life as WWII Pilot
Susan Schneider
as Self - Professor, University of Connecticut
Robert Mullins
as Self - Archaeologist
Ivan Mackerle
as Jornalist/Self - Explorer
Michael Hamson
as Self - Oceanic Art Historian
Daniel Dillman
as Self - Treasure Hunter
Robert Ward
as Self - Meteorite Hunter
Adam Norwitch
as Self - Pilot
Ratnakar Shevale
as Self - Tourist Guide
David Smith
as Self - Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
Guillermo de Anda
as Self - Prof. of Underwater Archaeology, University of Yucatan
Simon Sanderson
as Self - Aerodynamics Expert
Ana Gruia
as Self - Curator, National Museum of Transylvanian History
Thomas Kasulis
as Self - Author, Shinto: The Way Home
Alice Green
as Self - Abduction Experiencer
Kevin Titus
as Self - Judge, 30th District Court
Peter Fiebag
as Self - Author, Eternity Machine/Lecturer/Self - Author/Self - Author, The Eternity Machine
David Childress
as Self - Author, Technology of the Gods/Self - Author, Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America/Self - Author, Vimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients/Self - Author, Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia/Self - Author, The Anti-Gravity Files/Self - Author, Extraterrestrial Archaeology/Self - Author, The Time Traveler Handbook/Self - Technology of the Gods/Self/Self - Author - Technology of the Gods/Self - Author, Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific/Self - Author, The Crystal Skulls/Self - Author, The Tesla Papers/Self - Author, Yetis, Sasquatch & Hairy Giants
Semir Sam Osmanagich
as Self - Prof. of Anthropology, American University, Bosnia
Duncan Roads
as Self - Editor, Nexus Magazine
Takeharu Mikami
as Self - Editor, Mu Magazine
Patrick Flanagan
as Self - Author, Pyramid Power
T.D. Barnes
as Self - Former Area 51 Electrical Engineer/Self - Former Area 51 Special Projects Engineer
Nikhil Kar
as Self - Principal Mechanical Engineer, Cars Advanced Materials
Michael J.S. Carter
as Self - Author, Alien Scriptures
Gerardo Aldana
as Self - Professor of Maya History, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Chris Morton
as Self - Author, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
Hartwig Hausdorf
as Self - Author, The Chinese Roswell

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