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January 18, 2022
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American Rust’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Based on Philipp Meyer's celebrated debut novel American Rust, RUST is a compelling family drama that will explore the tattered American dream through the eyes of complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Daniels) in a Rust Belt town in southwest Pennsylvania. When the woman he truly loves sees her son accused of murder, Harris is forced to decide what he's willing to do to protect him.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: September 12, 2021

Also Known As: American Rust

Parents Guide: France (12), Italy (VM12) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Boat Rocker Studios, Platform One Media


Mason De Los Santos
as Young Isaac
Jeremy Denzlinger
as Offinger
Guy Boyd
as Judge Paronne
Michael Tourek
as Prison Guard Felix
Jon Collin Barclay
as Aaron
Greg Keller
as Tom Bayer
Mark Pellegrino
as Virgil Poe
Jim True-Frost
as Pete Novick
Earl Rorer
as Salvage Yard Owner
Ellen Kotzin
as Gelsey Employee
David Alvarez
as Isaac English
Phil Henderson
as Intake Officer #2
Clementine Wurzbach
as Addict #1
Nicole Chanel Williams
as Jojo
Zenzi Williams
as Bethany
Max Pavel
as Runner
Johnna Leary
as Wedding Dancer
Paul Teal
as Deputy #2
Federico Rodriguez
as Alejandro/Alejandro Ferreiras
Colette Freiwald
as Woman at Auction
Joseph McGranaghan
as Professor
Jack Erdie
as Milo
Tom Pecinka
as Nate
Marisol Melendez Miner
as Ana English
David Cromer
as Businessman
Arielle Duran
as Josefina
Henry Thrasher
as Keith
Pete Burris
as Doctor
Caitlin Cavannaugh
as Joelle
Laurie Mann
as Gelcy Employee/Laudromat sock-sorter
Shaun Schneider
as Teammate #1
Easton James
as Scooter
Rick Dutrow
as Nolan Danek
Molly Miller
as Melanie Bayer
Hilda Ivette Rodriguez
as Bar Patron/Gelsey Employee/Gelsey Employee Dahlia
Jack Russell Richardson
as Alvin
Tammy Wyatt
as Lisa
Dar'Jon Bentley
as Camper #1
Davina Reid
as Union Buster
Bryan Fitzgerald
as Dominic
Tim Walker Anderson
as Rex
Paul Worley
as Salvage Yard Worker
Charles David Richards
as Gus
Liam Sebastian
as Camper #2
Kirill Sheynerman
as Aryan #4
Patricia Squire
as Older Woman
Tom Yates
as Joe
Troy Bogdan
as Prisoner
James Devon
as Father Wheeler
Jeff Hochendoner
as Prison Guard O'Keefe
Danny Plaza
as Man at Hotel
Amelia Workman
as Courtney Jones
Georin Aquila
as Bailiff Johnson
Samantha A. Camp
as Tiffany
Colin Bates
as Emaciated Beck
Dionysius Akeem
as Solitary Guard Robinson
Bryant Carroll
as Jerry
Josh Breckenridge
as Nico
Nancy McNulty
as Receptionist - BHFTA
Kyle Beltran
as Detective Fisher
Gordon Clapp
as Gelsey/Mr. Gelsey
Justin Matthew Smith
as Trucker
Alec Silberblatt
as Addict #3
David Vaughn
as Prison Guard McLaren
Dennis Flanagan
as Karl
Tali Rabinowitz
as Katie Danek
Jonathan Scialabba
as Intake Officer
Rob Yang
as Steve Park
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Chuck Castellanos
Tristan Borders
as Pete Novick Jr.
Joe Fishel
as Prison Guard/Solitary Guard
F. Robert McMurray
as Prison Inmate
Ava Rae Edmonds
as Young Lee
Kasey Daley
as Waitress
Jonathan Champion
as Addict #2
Simone Joy Jones
as Coed
Kenny Ortiz
as Party Goer #1
Byron Johnson
as Trent Tisdell
Namir Smallwood
as Frank Deluca/Sheriff Deluca
Justin Mane
as Deputy Roth
Nicholas Denmon
as Aryan #3
Bailey Wilson
as Coed's Friend
Clea Lewis
as Jillian
Brittany Bellizeare
as Rachel Walton
Michael Byrne
as Second Security Guard
Dana Hardy
as Cook
Natalie Marshall Greer
as Diner Waitress
Randy Kovitz
as Tucker (The Coroner)
Dave Edmonds
as Prisoner
Emma Pfitzer Price
as Lorna
Kazy Tauginas
as Samuel Traven
Caitlin Houlahan
as Christy
Patrick Conner
as Public Defender
Patrick Jordan
as Bank Rep
Vincenzo Hinckley
as Chet
Emily Peachey
as Shonie
Daisy Galvis
as Olga
Shanessa Sweeney
as Nurse
Scott Aiello
as Michael Buddha
Milica Govich
as Eileen
Emily Donahoe
as Stephanie Katsufrakis
Roberto Jay
as Dothan
Brendan Burke
as Dennis
Robert Liscio
as Prison Guard at Hospital
David Case
as Contractor
Lance Tafelski
as Aryan #2
Andrew James Long
as Deputy #3
Will F. Moore
as Head Coach Dooley
Dallas Roberts
as Jackson Berg
Lissa Brennan
as Laundromat Attendant
Ivan Moore
as Raymond
Jamie Neumann
as Chloe
Joanne Tucker
as Pam Novick
Bill Camp
as Henry English
Alexis Prewitt
as Reeptionist
Julia Mayorga
as Lee English
John Shepard
as Old Gilbert
Reece Santos
as Male Friend
Eric Sharpe
as Virgil Posse Member
Chris Blount
as Teammate #2
Demi Castro
as Latinx Inmate
Heath Ashmun
as Bar Patron
Scott Lockhart
as Asst Football Coach
Riley Baron
as Jimbo Connelly
Phil McFall
as Aryan Gang Member #1
Ruth Crawford
as Cousin Belle
Mickey Miller
as Deputy #1
Roger Petan
as Driver/Bus Passenger/Hospital Administrator
Davis Aguila
as Intake Officer #3
Caroline Collins
as Phyllis Danek
Jay R. Adams
as Aryan #1
Tommy Lafitte
as Bus Driver
Michael May
as Intake Officer #4
Lisa Velten Smith
as Dr. Burke
Stephanie Swift
as Public Defender
Jeff Daniels
as Del Harris
Emily Davis
as Sue Herlitz
Ron Jenkins
as Court Officer
Jackson Miller
as Teammate #3
Bill Laing
as Rylan
William Apps
as Bobby Jesus
Phil Nardozzi
as Wedding Guest
Carmen Borla
as Maria
Shay Guthrie
as Connie
Enrique Bazán
as Motel Clerk
Maura Tierney
as Grace Poe
Ethan Saks
as Front Desk Clerk
Tony Demil
as Prison Guard George
Christian Hopper
as Donora
Alex Neustaedter
as Billy Poe
Tony Bingham
as Detective Munson

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2021 | 9 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Satellite Awards 2022


Satellite Awards

Best Television Series, Drama

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