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October 27, 2021
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American Gods’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Shadow is a man with a past. But now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she's been killed in a terrible accident. Flying home for the funeral, as a violent storm rocks the plane, he is greeted by a strange man in the seat next to him. The man calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and he knows more about Shadow than is possible. He warns Shadow that a far bigger storm is coming. And from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Also Known As: Ο Πόλεμος των Θεών, Американски богове |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book
con man

Company Credits

Production Co: Canada Film Capital, Fremantle


William Edwards
as Damsel
Jill Harland
as Mrs. McGovern/Susan McGovern
Debra Hale
as Mistress of the House
Parveen Kaur
as Young Persian Woman
Erika Prevost
as Show Girl #4
Clare McConnell
as Eorann
Emily Browning
as Laura Moon/Essie MacGowan
Timothy L. Hill
as Puppeteer #1
William Sun
as The Son (1977)
Danny Trejo
as Mr. World
Andrew Koji
as CEO
Thomas Mitchell
as Captain Clank
Leo Petrus
as Dr. Fallon
Denis O'Hare
as Tyr
Kristin Chenoweth
as Easter
Julian Richings
as Iktomi
Jamieson M. Donnell
as New God
Aidan Morris
as Pixie #1
Brendan J. Rowland
as Max
Stephannie Hawkins
as Priestess Io
Wayne Ward
as Mierson
Ian Deakin
as Middle Aged Andy
Lindsay Croxall
as Show Girl #7
Sheree Spencer
as Frustrated Violin Girl
Cassandra Potenza
as Death Metal Ballerina 4
Lela Loren
as Marguerite Olsen
Marni Van Dyk
as Stewardess
Andrea Grant
as Singing Female Slave #6
Luc Trottier
as Viral
Bruce Langley
as Technical Boy
Dan Beirne
as Ice Cream Vendor
Juvon Taylor
as Slave
Lucan Andre Francis
as Bilquis Conquest 5
Caitlin Goguen
as Gefjun
Herizen F. Guardiola
as Oshun
Felix Famelart
as Sniper
Hani Furstenberg
as Maman Brigitte
Sarah McVie
as Agatha
Sebastian MacLean
as Guard
Kathryn Henzler
as Cairo Townsperson
Sonya Côté
as Beautiful Woman God
Joshua Gary Bell
as Bully #1 (Kid Fight)
Billy Oliver
as Wayne
Sadie Munroe
as Penny Scout #1
Shanel Sankar
as Dancer
Sean Bell
as Mark
Bas Reitsma
as German Trader
Jeremy Crutchley
as Maximillian
Edward A. Queffelec
as MJ Hobo God
Akiel Julien
as Cowboy #3
John Stoneham Sr.
as Old Wizard God
Mousa Kraish
as The Jinn
Peter Cockett
as John Richardson
Reid Janisse
as Morgue Attendant
Dana Aliya Levinson
as Toni
Blaine McKenzie
as Diner Customer
Corbin Bernsen
as Vulcan
Nicholas Anderson Tull
as Singing Male Slave #2
Kendall Wright
as Shadow Player
Brent Jones
as Mr. Town's Agent #1
Raymond Johnson-Brown
as Faceless Astaire
Travis Milne
as Laura's Father
Allison McCaughey
as Show Girl #1
Uni Park
as Ame-No Uzume God
Christian Lloyd
as Argus
Jake Manley
as Bartholomew
Elena Khan
as Party Girl
Marium Carvell
as FEMA Person
Colin Doyle
as Information Specialist
Larissa Stadnichuk
as 1909 White Woman #2
Evan Stern
as Carl
Peter Deiwick
as Band Member 3
Mustafa Shakir
as Baron Samedi
Niamh Carolan
as Fiona
Elizabeth Jeanne le Roux
as Dark Suit Woman
Ricardo Betancourt
as Singing Male Slave #3
Bryan Kelly
as Security Guard
Evlyn O'Toole
as Penny Scout #3
Megan Vincent
as Alexandra Sanders
Siobhan Bolton
as First Class Flight Attendant
Devery Jacobs
as Sam Blackcrow
Ola Sturik
as Newscaster #2
Darrin Baker
as Priest
Dedra McDermott
as Show Girl #3
Sana Asad
as Bast
Jarrod MacLean
as Roy
Murray Oliver
as Doctor
Stefan Brogren
as High Priest Olaffson
Zayn Maloney
as Young Shadow
Fionnula Flanagan
as Old Essie Macgowan
Joel Murray
as Paunch
Robert Maillet
as Balor
Débora Demestre
as Tattooed Man's Wife
Clayton Scott
as Faceless Astaire
André Dae Kim
as The Son (1987)
Marcia Johnson
as Flight Attendant
Lee Arenberg
as Alviss
Olunike Adeliyi
as Shadow's Mom
Sarah Vance
as Show Girl #10
Sam Asante
as Singing Male Slave #4
Joey Free
as Leprechaun Husband
Bryan Fuller
as Bryan Fuller
David Fraser
as The Shopkeeper
Chil Kong
as The Father (1977)
Terrence Balazo
as Strip Club DJ
Jack Mosshammer
as Food Truck Cashier
Chris Handfield
as Clay
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
as Airport Lady
Mark McGrinder
as Spectator #2
Gabriel Mattka
as Leon/Leon Olsen
Ashton Ayres
as Boy Shadow
Ruchi Wigwe
as Bully #2 (Kid Fight)
Shaina Silver-Baird
as Violinist
Jason Deline
as Newscaster #4
Mouna Traoré
as Ruby Goodchild
Michael Scherer
as Thuggish Man God
JR Hatchett
as Prisoner
Jacob Soley
as Boy
Melody Khamp
as Prince
Melissa Peter
as 2nd Line Dancer #6
David Gingrich
as Newscaster #3
Ralph Perl
as Princess
Carlos Fortin
as Latino Worker
Alexander Bargis
as Sandy Olsen
Pastel Supernova
as Bilquis Conquest 4
Rong Fu
as Newscaster #5
Zoe Miller
as Tattooed Man's Daughter
Michelle Doiron
as Cigarette Girl
Robert Cormier
as Winston
Katy Breier
as Janice
Zenna Davis-Jones
as Elsa
David Reale
as Dr. Fapp
Rick Amsbury
as Vengard Velten
Jonathan Malen
as Chuck
Shayelin Martin
as Crying Grandchild
Vanessa Ako Myers
as Zorro
Natalie Boutari
as Animal Girl
Chloe Madison
as Mistress
Oshane Duncan
as Bucket Drummer
John Tench
as Viking Leader
Michael Brown
as Cop
Russell Herrera Jr.
as Prison Inmate
Spencer Macpherson
as Derek
Clark Middleton
as Sindri
Troy Ross
as Bare Knuckle Fighter
Alain Moussi
as Mr. Town's Agent #3
Kai Gbamanja
as Leather Boy #1
Andre Richards
as Store Attendant
Kaela Willey
as Warrior Woman #3
Divine Brown
as Singing Female Slave #1
Gil Bellows
as Bill Sanders
Omid Abtahi
as Salim
Martin Samuel
as Cowboy #1
Aniya Hodge
as Moira
Aaron Poole
as Colonial Tyr
Bronson Phillip Lake
as Singing Male Slave #5
Eric Daniel
as Mr. Wood
Tyrone Benskin
as Eshu
Adrienne Kress
as Another Airport Lady
Beth Grant
as Jack
David Gudjonsson
as Maintenance Guy
Robert J. Tavenor
as Waiter
David Boyce
as Spectator #3
Yetide Badaki
as Bilquis
A.C. Peterson
as Warden of Newgate
Stephanie Frank
as Museum Guest
Ashley Reyes
as Cordelia
Drew Moss
as Shotgun Guy
Cameron Alexander Green
as Jack McGovern/Mr. McGovern
Rosie Mae
as Laura's Father's Friend #6
Jerald Bezener
as Handsome American Man
Massimo Cannistraro
as Dunker
Chris Young
as Carlos
Kathy Maloney
as Newscaster #1
Peter Stormare
as Czernobog
Cyndy Day
as Knitting Lady in Purgatory
Bea Santos
as Trending
Blythe Danner
as Demeter
Ava Preston
as Penny Scout #2
Kayleigh Shikanai
as Disco Girl #1/Show Girl #6
Don Mike
as Slave
Nicolas Archambault
as Faceless Fred Astaire
Sharon McFarlane
as Lonely Teller
Colleen Reynolds
as Frau Holle God
Martavius Cerrone Gayles
as Dwayne
Dawna Marie Wright
as Spectator #1
Thomas Rickert
as Piano Player
Ryan Turner
as Police Officer #1
Kenzie Delo
as Herman
Nicole Fournier
as Tribal Woman
Emmanuel Ofori Jr.
as Bully #2
Al Maini
as Ahura Mazda God
A.J. LeSaint
as Townsperson
as Chango
Kathy Imrie
as Older Mourner
Sebastian Spence
as Larry Hutchinson
Doug MacLeod
as Older Man
Marilyn Manson
as Johan
Michel Issa Rubio
as Disco Dancer/Faceless Astaire
Khalid Karim
as DJ
Michael Murray Scratch
as ESPN Anchor
James Kirchner
as Groundskeeper
Bridget Ogundipe
as Yemoja
Pablo Schreiber
as Mad Sweeney
Lovina Yavari
as Trucker
Shelly Ann McLeod
as 2nd Line Dancer #3
Jackson Reid
as Nervous Boy
David Labiosa
as Tattooed Man
Kyisha Williams
as Partyer #3
Kahyun Kim
as New Media
Sochi Fried
as Usherette
Ernesto Reyes
as Mexican Jesus
Marcia Bennett
as Older Woman
Jesse Daniel Gray
as Pink Wings Man
Evan Boutsov
as Leather Boy #2
Karen Glave
as Aye
Sash Striga
as Show Girl #8
Betty Gilpin
as Audrey
Drew Catherine
as Pony Girl
Dante Zee
as Korean Kid
John MacDonald
as Security Guard #1
Alison Niven
as Essie's Daughter
Sonja Smits
as Laura's Mother
Patricia Wright-Domingue
as Lila Goodchild
Jane Spidell
as Mabel
Kevin Vidal
as Greeter
Jay Dee
as Taxi Cab Driver
Rashaana Cumberbatch
as Grace
Jennifer Krukowski
as Laura's Father's Friend #7
Andi Hubick
as Alison McGovern
Jeremy Davies
as Jesus Prime
Lee Michael Jones
as Bully #3
Sammi Barber
as Laura's Father's Friend #2
George Meanwell
as Thomas Jefferson
Luke Avoledo
as Peacock Inn Bouncer
Abigail Nicholson
as Farmer's Daughter
David Rowan
as Jim
Martha Kelly
as Zorya Utrennyaya
Lisa Merchant
as Receptionist
Olga Korsak
as Short Norn
John C. Malcolm
as Faceless Astaire
Andrew Kyrzyk
as Faceless Fred Astaire
Rosemarie Raghallaigh
as Aristocrat Townswoman
Yvette McKoy
as Warrior Woman God
Jasmine Renée Thomas
as Isamba
Owen Ois
as Boy
Jane Smythe
as Bilquis Conquest 1
Adam Wade Smith
as Young Tony
Dan Willmott
as Lou Hennings
Connor Laidman
as Terrified Boy
Ariel Lukane
as Bunny Suit Newscaster
Danijel Mandic
as Aaron
Deb Filler
as Cocktail Waitress
as Okoye
Percy Anane-Dwumfour
as Jamarr Goodchild
Derek Theler
as Donar
Kris Babcock
as Bilquis Conquest 2
Samantha Espie
as Receptionist
Reva Lawry
as Nun
Chad Camilleri
as Golfer
Jordan Longley
as Singing Male Slave #7
Cloris Leachman
as Zorya Vechernyaya
Cynthia Preston
as Jennifer Hutchinson
Michael Ayers
as 2nd Line Dancer #5
Warren Belle
as Will James
John Corbett
as Cemetery Manager
Hailey Alexis Lewis
as Show Girl #5
Tracie Thoms
as Buffer
Keller Viaene
as Young Essie Macgowan
Zarrin Darnell-Martin
as Sadie
Josephine Buettner
as Tall Norn
Daniel Jun
as Tianbo
Richard Blackburn
as Warden
Yi Yuan
as Dancer #2
Jordan Oladimeji
as Damon
Carlos Pinder
as FBI Agent #1
Paolo Roldan
as Crown
Celeste Bruno
as Beautiful Woman
Mercedes Morris
as Meme
Claudene Neysmith
as Middle Aged Mourner
Ewa Wolniczek
as Judas Maid
Matthew Gouveia
as Cassius
Gillian Anderson
as Media
Shayla Fagan
as Julia Weber
Tim Progosh
as Richard Miller
Marilyn Camacho
as The Coyote
Gianpaolo Venuta
as Man on Bus
Nabeel El Khafif
as Hank
Ian Matthews
as All-Seven
Michael Green
as Michael Green
Jake Larton
as Concertgoer
Dani Jazzar
as Cowboy #2
Julia Vera
as Older Woman
Cliff Saunders
as Night Clerk
Jamillah Ross
as Nurse
Anisha Joshi
as Show Girl #2
Scott McCrickard
as Tow Truck Driver
Erika Kaar
as Zorya Polunochnaya
Gabriel Darku
as Young Shadow
Ty Phoenix Simpson
as Townsperson
Ang Kiriakos
as White Suit Woman
Angela Chandrapal
as Death Metal Ballerina 3
Neil Girvan
as Mr. Road
Heidi Matijevic
as Concert Fan/Sexy Tourist
Jesse LaVercombe
as Young Night Watchman
Michael Greyeyes
as Pit Boss
Brook Jones
as Cop #2
Glenn Edward Gyorffy
as Band Member 2
Alex Hrgetic
as Christian Rocker
Adrian Griffin
as Townsperson #2
Christie Stewart
as Hotel Clerk
Tereka Tyler-Davis
as 2nd Line Dancer #1
Jacqueline Antaramian
as Mrs. Fadil
Noah Ricketts
as Kai
Chris Obi
as Anubis
Carson Manning
as Stunt Cairo Officer
Birgitte Solem
as Townsperson #1
Noah Lamanna
as Laura's Father's Friend #3
Emily Shelton
as Elizabeth
Yan Lecomte
as French Trader
Dean Winters
as Mr. Town
Brittany Rae Robinson
as Zombie Wife
Janet Pinnick
as Young Mourner
Ian McShane
as Mr. Wednesday
Tony Ofori
as Bully #1
Demore Barnes
as Mr. Ibis
Alexander Chapman
as Saluting Officer
Vincent Rother
as Mr. Town's Agent #2
Cait Alexander
as Laura's Father's Friend #1
Brandon Rollo
as Young Jimmy
Andrew Gillies
as Woody
Glynn Turman
as Reverend Hutchins
Debbie Ananga
as Singing Female Slave #4
Jeff Clarke
as Bill Sanders
Dazyah Al-Aleem
as Town Folk
Daniel Falk
as IT Expert
Scott Hilton
as Farmer
Kalem Powless
as Surviving Tribal Teenager
Alistair Graphine
as 2nd Line Dancer #4
Graham Greene
as Whiskey Jack
Lu Li
as Dancer #3
Kostas Tourlentes
as Mr. Town's Agent #4
Vivien Endicott Douglas
as Pizza Delivery Woman
Orlando Jones
as Mr. Nancy
Treyson Dacres
as Bully #3 (Kid Fight)
Jack Foley
as Unknown God
Julia Sweeney
as Ann-Marie Hinzelmann
Kyle McWatters
as Deputy
Elle Ryann Mcadam
as Young Laura
Chris Mark
as Mr. Stone
Randy Butcher
as Stunt Sheriff
Donald Burda
as Factory Supervisor
Martin Roach
as Gilbert
Tracy Rowland
as Cashier
Amanda Barker
as Bus Clerk
Samantha Belfitt
as Emma Weber
Amy Relf
as Death Metal Ballerina 1
Kevin Foy
as Police Officer #2
Sonetta Duncan
as Concertgoer
Elle A
as Dancer
Eduardo Gomez
as Old Man
Dan Darin-Zanco
as Laundromat Owner
Dana Jones
as 1909 White Woman #1
Sharon Hope
as Eugenia
Eric Johnson
as Chad Mulligan
Golden Madison
as Warrior Woman #1
Irena Huljak
as Derek's Mother
Phillip Jarrett
as Grandfather
Dane Cook
as Robbie
Divan Meyer
as Army Male
Dominique Jackson
as Ms. World
Samantha Brown
as Nervous Boy's Mom
Eric Peterson
as The Caretaker
Anwen O'Driscoll
as Sophie
David Lennick
as Irish Judge
Flint Eagle
as Tribal Elder
Marissa Kate Wilson
as Bilquis Worshipper/Dancer
Asha James
as Singing Female Slave #3
Koren Lui
as Dancer #4
Derek Barnes
as Store Attendant
Rayisa Kondracki
as Speaking Norn
Matthew Owen
as Pixie #2
Alan Sutton
as Market Shopper
Noah Silverberg
as Young Shadow
Abe Khalid
as Partyer #2
Shanda Bezic
as Petite Waitress
Jean Daigle
as Bartender
Kalista Itakura
as Warrior Woman #2
Jensen Porter
as Laura's Father's Friend #4
Laura Bell Bundy
as Columbia
Allan Price
as Minister
Gina Phillips
as Megan Gunther
Natalie Marjanovic
as Laura's Father's Friend #8
Billy Otis
as Vomiting Convict
Akosua Amo-Adem
as Melody
Dave Lapsley
as State Trooper
Jonathan Tucker
as 'Low Key' Lyesmith
Debbie Nicholls-Skerritt
as 2nd Line Dancer #2
Samora Smallwood
as FBI Agent #2
Kato Alexander
as Sexy Single Man
Joan Gregson
as Helen
Cassidy Civiero
as Laura's Father's Friend #5
Glenda MacInnis
as Young Woman
Delecia Claxton
as Singing Female Slave #2
Jeremy Raymond
as Dvalin
John Connelly
as Vulcan Passerby
Claudia Hamilton
as Singing Female Slave #5
Will Conlon
as Father Peter
Stephen R. Hart
as Gnaskinyan
Tom York
as Colonial Wednesday
Ron Lea
as Cambro
William Sanderson
as The Bookkeeper
Bobby Daniels
as Singing Male Slave #6
Gwynne Phillips
as Colonial Demeter
Iwan Rheon
as Doyle
Lenno Britos
as Latino Driver
David Andrew Reid
as Partyer #1
Barrington Bignall
as Iku
Roney Lewis
as Stranger
Scott Thompson
as Kind Man
Sakina Jaffrey
as Mama-Ji
Apolonia Velasquez
as Disco Dancer
Moses Nyarko
as Cop #1
Ricky Whittle
as Shadow Moon
Nathaniel Appiah
as Singing Male Slave #1
Christopher Kelk
as London Judge
Eric Woolfe
as Hustler/Puppeteer #2
Douglas Nyback
as Manfred
Tracey Beltrano
as Receptionist Annelies
Jung-Yul Kim
as Security Guard #2
Taveeta Szymanowicz
as Show Girl #9
Brooklyn Marshall
as Death Metal Ballerina 2
Laura Vincent
as Farmer's Wife
Jia Pei Ma
as Dancer #1
Crispin Glover
as Mr. World

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2019 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 10 Episodes




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