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October 22, 2021
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About this title


This limited series brings viewers inside one of the most prolific American court cases of the 20th century -- the O.J. Simpson murder trial -- from the lawyers' viewpoints. Based on the book "The Run of His Life," the 10-episode series details behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering by both the prosecution and defense as they try to convince the jury to side with them in what was dubbed "the trial of the century." Key elements of the trial that are explored involve overconfidence by the prosecution and the LAPD's history with the black community in Los Angeles. The all-star cast includes Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as the Hall of Fame football player, Oscar nominee John Travolta as Robert Shapiro and Nathan Lane as F. Lee Bailey.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: February 2, 2016

Also Known As: Американская история преступлений, American Crime Story: O Caso de O. J. |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on a true story

Company Credits

Production Co: Ryan Murphy Productions, Color Force |  See more »


Tye White
as Jason Simpson
Rick Chambers
as Male Reporter/Minneapolis Newscaster
Courtney Grant
as SWAT Officer #2
David Cooley
as SWAT 2
Andrea Helene
as Noisy Neighbor
Corey Mendell Parker
as DJ Todd
Lorena M. Santos
as Hispanic Juror
G. Maximilian Zarou
as Man in Suit
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
as Richard Schlesinger
Mark Slater
as Businessman
Brian Oblak
as Motorcycle Cop
Jake Koeppl
as Ron Goldman
Nina Star
as Little Girl Witness
Carmen Mormino
as Priest
Ashley Holliday Tavares
as Commentator 7
William G. Tomek
as Businessman
Leigh Green
as Nurse
Patrick Fischler
as Sidney Blumenthal
Mannie De Castro
as Waiter
India Dupré
as Focus Group Woman
Rob Morrow
as Barry Scheck
José Zúñiga
as Detective George Navarro
Dane Hurlburt
as White Guy Waiter
Isabella Balbi
as Kourtney Kardashian
Kevin Lapham
as Detective
Shon Lange
as Marine Sergeant
John Archer Lundgren
as Homeless Beggar
Matthew Woodward
as Burley Stage Hand
Claire Jacobs
as Interview Teacher
Tayler Buck
as Melodie Cochran
Jeris Poindexter
as Juror/Watson Calhoun/Surly Old Black Juror/Watson Colhoun
Eric Satterberg
as Earl Miller
Payson Lewis
as Young Cop
Beau Wirick
as Allan Park
Carlotta Montanari
as Angela Elegant Woman
Alejandro Posada
as Patrol Officer #4
Garrett M. Brown
as Lou Brown
Ed Berliner
as Houseboat Reporter
Marcos Najera
as Employee #1
David Magidoff
as Junior Lawyer
Millette Pauley
as Brenda Moran/Juror
Ray Morales
as Male Staff Member
China Shavers
as Shirley Simpson
Gabriela Fresquez
as Local San Diego Newscaster
David Donah
as News Reporter
Paul Edney
as Courtroom Bailiff
Darren Criss
as Andrew Cunanan
John Moamar
as Bouncer
Catfish Jean
as Black Man #1
Jack Armstrong
as J. Paul Beitler
Dana Lyn Baron
as Italian Teacher
Scott Broderick
as Patrol Officer #3
Pamela Shafer
as Barbara Byers
Stephen Jared
as Army Lieutenant Colonel
Melanie Abrams
as Reporter
Jamison Haase
as Negotiator
Mira Sorvino
as Marcia Lewis
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Al Cowlings
Cheryl Ladd
as Linell Shapiro
Jessica J. Immanuel
as Black Teen
Joseph Giambrone
as Gay Man on Beach
Randall Wulff
as Chicago Detective Two
Abraham Amkpa
as Black Man #2
Matthew Salter
as News 16 Cameraman
Todd Maurer
as Handsome Date
Frank Krueger
as Handsome Older Man
Nathan Lane
as F. Lee Bailey
Beth Fraser
as Oregon Reporter #2
Sean Spann
as Campaign Consultant
Jon Briddell
as Chuck Goudie
Christopher Boyer
as Juror/Santa Claus
Terry Sweeney
as David Gallo
Drew Butler
as Customer #3
Christine Horn
as FBI Agent Talarah Gruber
Scott Bray
as FBI Senior Agent #1
David M. Edelstien
as West Side Guy #1/West Side Man #1
Michael McGrady
as Detective Phillip Van Atter
Jonathan Cousens
as Mob 3
Clint Culp
as Fake Williams
Ryan Ramirez
as Dancer #2
Cullen Douglas
as FBI Agent Reynolds
Taran Killam
as Steve Jones
Pablo Espinosa
as Patrol Officer #2
Keli Daniels
as Marcia Stand-In
Dan Bakkedahl
as Kenneth Starr
John Grady
as Church Representative
Chic Daniel
as FBI Head of Violent Crimes
Austin Phalin
as Soldier on Screen #1
David H. Lawrence XVII
as NY TV Director
Rachelle Lynn
as Juror
Keesha Sharp
as Dale Cochran
Ben Cornish
as Cop #1
Nicolas Bechtel
as Rob Kardashian
Shelly Bhalla
as Executive #1
Ric Blackwell
as Casa Reporter
Zylan Brooks
as Lawyer #1
Michael Broderick
as Male Reporter
Robert Milar
as Male Couple Gay Club
Travis Myers
as FBI Senior Agent #2
Carlos Javier Castillo
as Employee #2
Sam Locklin
as Fake Andrew
Kwame Patterson
as Michael Darden
Natane Boudreau
as Reporter 1
Margaret Newborn
as Lawyer
Michael Hyland
as Executive #2
Daniel Capellaro
as Press Reporter
Rocky McMurray
as Commander
Frances Gray
as Beatrice Wilson/Juror
David Saucedo
as Pensioner's Son
Zachary Margulies
as Aide
Natalie Salins
as Executive #3
Greg Bryan
as Sheriff #2
Michael Edward Thomas
as Neighbor Man #3
Caryn Richman
as David's Mother Carol
Lorin Doctor
as Hotel Staff
Greg Pitts
as Middle Aged Man
Diana Daves
as Golden Girl/Juror
Brian Maillard
as Special Agent Fallon
Valdez Williams
as Beachgoer
Farley Jackson
as Kato Hater 2
Constance Jones
as Houseboat Reporter
Jennifer Birmingham Lee
as Dolly Sugarman
Nicola Lambo
as HSN Presenter Terry Mason/Presenter
Regina Daye Allen
as Clerk
Daniel Hagen
as Dr. Eric Burton
Joe Abraham
as Editor 2
Kevin Clough
as Handsome Customer
Giovanni Cirfiera
as Santo Versace
Jay R. Ferguson
as FBI Agent Keith Evans
Lynne Oropeza
as Studio Crew/TV Studio Crew
Alberto Isaac
as Mr. Mercado
Elle Taylor
as Drag Donatella
Zoe McGaha-Schletter
as Laura
Steve Humphreys
as Officer
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Detective Tichich
Christopher Baskerville
as Nosy Neighbor
Glen Baggerly
as Jeff's Dad
Edgar Ramírez
as Gianni Versace
Chandra Michaels
as Chicago Journalist
Lizabeth Allen
as Rebecca Reese
Naomi Aguilera
as Party Guest
Jesse Owens
as Bailiff #2
Francisco Viana
as Coroner
Maralyn Facey
as Lake Como Housekeeper
Sanyee Yuan
as Hostess 1
Brandon Johnston
as Albert
Stacie Davis
as Commentator 8
Razaaq Adoti
as Detective Jackson
Blair Underwood
as Vernon Jordan
Massi Furlan
as Designer #2
Courtney Cook
as Jo-Ellan Dimitrius/Producer
Hans Dieter Wolff
as News Reporter Miglin House
Edward Singletary
as Merrill Interviewer Two
Frenchi Firecracker
as Police Officer
Judith McConnell
as Socialite Woman #1
Bill Lippincott
as Detective
Ryan Murphy
as Security Guard
Sonya English
as Hostess 2
Sean Russel Herman
as Patrol Officer
Mike Tarnofsky
as Soldier on Screen #2
Michael Nouri
as Norman Blachford
Jarrett Worley
as Drug Dealer
Hardy Awadjie
as Mob 1
Mike Pusateri
as Zabrowski
Oscar Corbella
as News Café Owner
Sebestien Soliz
as Israel Sands
Traci Belushi
as Gil's Secretary
Shannon McClung
as Roger Sandler
Brent Bernhard
as Motorcycle Paparazzi
Kyle Einsohn
as Computer Kid
Linda DeMetrick
as Socialite Woman #2
Caleb Foote
as Eli
Dutch Johnson
as Paramedic
Vinny O'Brien
as Williams
Albert Malafronte
as Don Vinson
Larry King
as Larry King
Joe Souza
as Miami Newscaster
Dawson Fletcher
as Bishop's Bully
Molly Price
as Escort Agency Manager
Marc Hogan
as Press Reporter/Shocked TV Viewer
Robert Arce
as Private Tailor
Hudson West
as Travis Clark
Blythe Matsui
as Receptionist
Clive Owen
as William Jefferson Clinton
Naomi Matsuda
as Dr. Emma Lew
Nina O'Keefe
as Officer Olive Dickey
Regina McKee Redwing
as Amex Operator
Isa Briones
as Elena Cunanan
Levon Rector
as SWAT Officer #1
Rick Messina
as Lawyer #4
Robert J. Fox
as Sergeant Skadden
Christiann Castellanos
as Marcia's Assistant
Bruce Greenwood
as Gil Garcetti
P.L. Brown
as Easter Island/Juror
Cory Blevins
as Divorce Lawyer
Roger Rignack
as Glove Expert
Diana Burbano
as Mob 2
William S. Epps
as Preacher
Chris Bauer
as Detective Tom Lange
Tatum Shank
as Rep Ed Bryant
Lizzie Peet
as Interview Teacher Two
Dijon Talton
as Sheriff's Deputy #1
Nadia Tumanova
as Jury Pool
Paul Schneider
as Paul Beck
Joseph Stromberg
as Young Republican
Tyler Poelle
as Reporter
Brian Konowal
as White Guy
Jack Stehlin
as Stan Trail
Joshua Keller Katz
as Deputy Trower
Jessica Blair Herman
as Kim Goldman
Walter Addison
as Prelim Judge
Venus DeMilo Thomas
as Commentator 2
Laurine Price
as Countess
Jerry Boyd
as Black Lawyer
Charles Howerton
as Elderly Gentleman
Victor J. Ho
as Surgeon #2
Carlin James
as Christopher Cunanan
Kevin Kenneth
as Noisy Husband
Niki Romano
as Restaurant Patron
Will Chase
as Detective Paul Scrimshaw
Erick Szot
as Cameraman/News Van driver
Al Coronel
as Samson
Brad Light
as D.A. Lawyer
Steve Kuzj
as National Reporter
Mel Fair
as Reporter 2
Don Luce
as Leon Panetta
Joseph Piccuirro
as Cop
Van Epperson
as President
Asia Monet Ray
as Sydney Simpson
Roy Abramsohn
as Merrill Interviewer/TV Reporter 2
Ben Zelevansky
as Dog Walker
Forest Baker
as Jewish Temple Worshipper
David Schwimmer
as Robert Kardashian
Mike Whaley
as Chicago Police Officer
Anthony E. Williams
as Peter - Security Detail
Robin Ensley
as Bar Patron
Kelly Pendygraft
as ADA
Tanya Leon
as Patty
Keri Maletto
as HSN Host
Susan Beaubian
as Armanda Cooley/Juror
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Mr. Darden
Geoff Nathanson
as Reporter #1
Mark Larson
as Black Guy
Ian Stanley
as Sheriff's Deputy #2
Clint Jordan
as Michael Viner
Ken Clement
as Lawyer Three
Bryant Boon
as Network President
Holly Kaplan
as Dog Walker/Woman Dog Walker
Ian Alda
as Danny Traylor
Jason Potter
as Personal Aide Stephen Goodin
Will Deutsch
as Lawyer #3
Kenneth Choi
as Judge Lance Ito
Selma Blair
as Kris Jenner
Knox Gagnon
as Little David
Alexis Simpson
as Editor 1
Jonny Ortiz
as Cartel
Kenny Kelleher
as TV Reporter
James Bearb
as Focus Group Man
Ehsan Shahidi
as Justin Simpson
Toni French
as Lookie Loo Receptionist/Mourner
Stephanie McVay
as Linda
Nico Evers-Swindell
as Phil
Alex Alcheh
as White Teen
Shannon Burwell
as Woman 1
June Carryl
as Black Woman 2/Jennifer
David A. Kimball
as Southern Judge
Paul Williams
as Attorney
Patti Tippo
as TV Host
David Goldman
as Reporter #1
Cocoa Brown
as Queen Bee/Juror
Henry LeBlanc
as Older Barfly/Older Gay Man
Joe Adler
as Jerome
Shawn Russell
as Flicks Bartender
Jeffrey Markle
as Gordon's Lawyer
Gregg Lawrence
as William Reese
Thai Douglas
as Seargent
Judith Remekie
as News Reporter
Livia Treviño
as Como House Servant
Natasha Sill
as Waitress
Eduardo Lezcano
as Male Couple Gay Club
Virginia Louise Smith
as Francine Florio-Bunten/Juror
Melinda Dahl
as Carol
Marlon Correa
as Cameraman/Cop
Blaze Robert Stow
as Smoking Partygoer
Jun Hee Lee
as Dennis Fung
Cher Calvin
as Local TV Reporter
Stefon Benson
as Pizza Man
Laura Vallejo
as Reporter
Tracy Fraim
as Allen Edwards
Sally Shamrell
as Surgeon #3
Marilyn Harris Smith
as Elderly Black Woman
Kevyn Bashore
as Male Opera Patron
Michael Graham
as Deputy OJ
John Paul Lorello
as Sheriff Deputy Henderson
Mary Anne McGarry
as Juditha Brown
Bonita Friedericy
as Patti Goldman
Derrick Dover
as Still Photographer
Braden Lynch
as Advocate Journalist
John Deignan
as Federal Agent
Ravi Sinha Smith
as Italian Student
Dana Hunt
as Customer #4
Ken Barnett
as Inspirational English Teacher
Angie Patterson Muto
as Paula Barbieri
William Shay House
as Cop
Devon Abner
as White Man
Yolanda English
as Party Guest
Cameron Kasal
as Quirky Student
Paolo Andino
as Lawyer/Lawyer #2
Jerry O'Donnell
as Barreto
Tim Dolinar
as FBI Agent #2
Travis Grenke
as Police Officer
Lorenzo Toledo
as SWAT Commander
Meredith Ostrowsky
as Fitness Video Dancer
Patrick Labyorteaux
as Mike Walker
Noree Victoria
as En Vogue/Juror/Tracy
Patrick O'Connor
as Steve Byers
Brennan Feonix
as Captain
Orianna Milne
as Waiter
Adam Brooks
as Kevin Bond
Robert Catrini
as Older Man
Andrew Constantini
as Broker
Dalila Ali Rajah
as Cochran Secretary
Khotan Fernandez
as Lazaro Quintana
Cathy Moriarty
as Vivian Oliva
Nick Baga
as Kato Hater 1
Joseph Siravo
as Fred Goldman
Chi-Lan Lieu
as Reporter #2
Jacob Roark
as Photographer
Ashley Donigan
as Commentator
Lynn Adrianna Freedman
as Lisa Stein
Rob Norton
as SWAT Officer
Marc Marosi
as Network Exec
Peter Janov
as Fuhrman Guard
Annaleigh Ashford
as Paula Jones/Elizabeth Cote
Cuba Gooding Jr.
as O.J. Simpson
Judy Nazemetz
as Focus Group Woman
Raleigh Adams
as Cute Guy
Cullen G. Chambers
as Dominic Dunne's Butler
Tracy Z. Francis
as Jason Simpson's Girlfriend
Brandon Van Vliet
as Time Magazine Art Department
Judith Light
as Marilyn Miglin
Kathrin Middleton
as Jeff's Mom
Josh Archer
as Secret Service Agent
Amato D'Apolito
as Dr. Milan
Marguerite Moreau
as Laura Hart McKinny
Deacon Ledges
as West Side Guy #2/West Side Man
Stina Lundberg
as Journalist
Morgan Lester
as Waiter
Dan Bauer
as Cashier
Finn Wittrock
as Jeffrey Trail
Rachel Emerson
as Assistant
Josette DiCarlo
as Versace Accountant
David Bickford
as Michael Baden
Cassius M. Willis
as Juror/Speed (Michael Knox)/Michael Knox
Max Greenfield
as Ronnie
Paul Kim Jr.
as Henry Lee
Julie Pearl
as Nurse
Gregg Henry
as Old Man
Rachel Andersen
as Woman (at Law Office)
Amy Moorman
as Clerk
Claude Knowlton
as Doctor/Scared Man
Christina Miller
as Grand Juror #23
Romeo Visca
as Donatella's Bodyguard
Jonathan Strait
as Newsroom Host
Chris Conner
as Jeffrey Toobin
Joanna Adler
as Mary Ann Cunanan
Jenna Willis
as Tanya Brown
Gerri Helfman
as Casa Reporter
Nick Cabot Rodriguez
as Brad
Natisha Anderson
as WH Staffer
Zedrick Restauro
as Taxi Driver
Alex Fernandez
as Matt L. Rodriguez
David Douglas
as Civil Rights Leader
Ric Maddox
as Lieutenant Commander
Scott Subiono
as Forensic Officer One
Carolyn Crotty
as Mrs. Ito
Christian Clemenson
as Bill Hodgman
Dan Thiel
as Laura's Husband
Edouard Holdener
as Young Andrew Cunanan
Evangeline Lindes
as Young Donatella Versace
Jon Jon Briones
as Modesto Cunanan
Richard Funston
as Fashion Photographer
Carmen Hayward
as Black Woman 1
Joseph Mazzello
as Paul Begala
Veronica Galvez
as Kim Kardashian
Margo Martindale
as Lucianne Goldberg
Evan Michael Pinsonnault
as Reporter #3
Phil Madura
as Police Officer
Jonelle Allen
as Mom Darden
Maury Morgan
as Judge Susan Webber Wright
Ashlee Füss
as Girlfriend
Justus Cooke
as Roland Cooper juror 228
Dondraico Johnson
as Commentator 3
Amiee Conn
as Kato's Fan 2
Vianessa Castaños
as Make Up Lady
Connie Britton
as Faye Resnick
Fabiana Pascali
as Designer #1
Carlos Bosch
as Reporter
Tom Beyer
as Paparazzo
Vincent M. Biscione
as News Cameraman
Rachel Daigh
as Nurse
Stefan Chase
as SD News Reporter #1
Christine Allocca
as Patrol Officer #1
Billy Dec
as Expert
Nate Reese
as News Vendor
David W. LeBlanc
as Upscale Versace Friend
Ariel D. King
as Arnelle Simpson
Kevin Gardner
as Process Server
Dan Wells
as Chicago Police Offier One
Brett Edwards
as Officer
Romy Rosemont
as Jill Shively
Karen Y. McClain
as Black Lady
Billy Cruz
as Young Gianni Versace
Brent Pope
as Porter
Laura Black
as Doctor
Carla Vila
as Deputy Green
Thomas Owen
as Restaurant Manager
Brian Byrnes
as Gordon Clark
Kevin Scott Allen
as Heidstra
Julia Parker
as Patricia Cochran
Roslyn Gentle
as The Demon/Juror
Matt Johnson
as SD News Reporter #2
David Weiss
as Frank Scottolini
Chris Gatpo
as Room Service Waiter
Niko Karamyan
as Young Designer #2
Noelquis Rodriguez
as News Anchor
Luke Albright
as Cameraman
Ralph Cole Jr.
as Mortician
Suzanne Gutierrez
as Woman 2
Ricky Martin
as Antonio D'Amico
Elio Antonini
as Sniper
Ruben Madera
as Andrew's Uncle
Rio Hackford
as Pat McKenna
Gus Cooper
as Bartender/Flicks Bartender
Rick Otto
as Deputy Adam
Vick Sabian
as Ron the Janitor
Shawn McDonald
as Driver #9
Adam Dormi
as Versace Model
Jeff Bowser
as LA TV Director
Lili Wexu
as Tourism Rep
Kirk Bovill
as Lawyer Two
Robert Burgos
as Fernando Carriera
Jane Osborn
as Santo Versace's Wife
Sophie von Haselberg
as Linda
Arriane Alexander
as Female Reporter/Patrol Officer #8
Dale Godboldo
as Carl E. Douglas
Ethan Flower
as Patrol Officer/Patrol Officer Robert Riske
Michael Butler Jr.
as Criminologist
Kelsey Griswold
as Dominique Brown
Maverick McConnell
as Model
Michael Nardelli
as Boyfriend
Claudia Choi
as Woman in Suit
Cody Fern
as David Madson
Todd Waring
as Lincoln Aston
Francesca Fanti
as Franca Versace
Charles Maceo
as Patrol Officer #2
Lauren Ray
as Reporter 1
Idrees Degas
as Muslim Body Guard
John Lacy
as Howard Madson
Chris Flanders
as Sheriff #1
Finn Sweeney
as Trevor Clark
Josh Hooks
as Southern Bailiff
Jenna Osterlund
as Madonna Club Goer
Sharmita Bhattacharya
as Huma Abedin
Joseph Buttler
as Polygraph Examiner
Nicholas Edmunds
as Barback
Valeri Ross
as Eunice 'Mama' Simpson
Billy Magnussen
as Kato Kaelin
Joseph Barrios
as Polaroid Man
Keith Betts
as Beachgoer
Michael Santorico
as Photographer Two
Justin Zachary
as Kato's Pal
Daniel Weiss
as KCOP Cameraman
Steven Allen
as White Bullhorn Guy
Dionysio Basco
as Manila News Presenter
Brandon Morales
as Arresting Cop
Jeannetta Arnette
as Delmer Lee Corbin
Eric Shackelford
as Celebrity Mourner
Penélope Cruz
as Donatella Versace
Avry Adelle
as Regina Cunanan
Christine Elliott
as Doctor
Hanna Margulies
as Gay Friendly Girl
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Dr. Saul Faerstein/Fox Producer
Debra Cohen
as Middle Age Woman
Matthew Downs
as FBI Agent #1
Carlos E. Campos
as Geeky Officer
Josh Hallman
as Young Cop
Kevin Pollak
as Bernie Nussbaum
Michelle Oliver
as Dog Owner
Josh Germain
as Vendor
Natalie Chevonne
as Reporter
Mike Farrell
as Lee Miglin
Sarah Paulson
as Marcia Clark/Linda Tripp
Rian Love
as Young Guest
Robert Maffia
as Chicago Detective One
Jordana Brewster
as Denise Brown
Fernando Aldaz
as Commentator 1
Sterling K. Brown
as Christopher Darden
Vincenzo Amato
as Versace Spokesman
Alma Martinez
as Family Court Judge
Beanie Feldstein
as Monica Lewinsky
Daniel Robbins
as White Guy
Michael I. Goode
as Chicago Police Officer
Doug Haley
as Young Designer #1
Megan Kathleen Duffy
as Waitress
Dascha Polanco
as Detective Lori Wieder
Kelly Dowdle
as Nicole Brown Simpson
Edie Falco
as Hillary Clinton
Aimee Mann
as Singer
Peggy Blow
as Miriam/Rosa Lopez
Jessica Rubinstein
as Waitress
Ari Frenkel
as Mitch
Cary Huff
as Protester
Cecilia Benevich
as Call Center Operator
Omar Pederzoli
as Café News Waiter/Casa Casuarina Staff
Ron Roggé
as Security Guard
Rene Toledo
as Sniper
Angel Parker
as Shawn Chapman
Robert Morse
as Dominick Dunne
Morgan Bastin
as Khloe Kardashian
Matt Miller
as Jim Edgar
Alek Tabu
as Tiffany Cochran
Billy Eichner
as Matt Drudge
Casey Adams
as Ambulance Driver
Tim Halling
as Sheriff's Deputy #3
Bobby Ray Cauley Jr.
as Kenny
Angela Elayne Gibbs
as Barbara Cochran
Marissa Armijo
as Commentator 4
Christian Dias
as News Person
Michael Otis
as Plainclothes Agent
George Thomas Mansel
as LAPD Officer
Tim Drier
as Fallen Soldier
Brice Williams
as Bullish Merrill Trader
Sam Sarpong
as Neighbor Man #1/Byron
Christine Heneise
as CPAC Journalist/Nordstrom Shopper/Pedestrian
Francisco Brignoni
as Podesta
Nikki Howard
as Gorgeous Girl 2
Courtney B. Vance
as Johnnie Cochran
Bee-Be Smith
as Doctor
Chelsea Alden
as Kato's Fan 1
Greg Collins
as Sheriff's Deputy
Joseph Culliton
as Judge Reid
John Travolta
as Robert Shapiro
Tiffany Daniels
as TV Reporter
Denise Roberts
as Gorgeous Girl 1
Jacob Fortner
as Duke Miglin
Hope Banks
as Carrie
Joe Delano
as Deputy 4
Julio Vargas
as Photographer One
Ryan Grainger
as 90's Dancer
Brandon Parrish
as Newspaper Reporter
Steven Pasquale
as Detective Mark Fuhrman
Leonard Roberts
as Dennis Schatzman
Eduardo Ibarrola
as News Kiosk Owner
Emil Beheshti
as Surgeon #1
Kim Matula
as Laura Ingraham
Tara Summers
as Laura Trail
Frantz Durand
as Patrol Officer
Chuck Ashworth
as Bailiff/Police Officer
Iris Almario
as TV Interviewer
Ricky Harris
as Black Bullhorn/Protestor
Christine Robert
as Assistant District Attorney
Scott Michael Morgan
as Mike McCurry
Kara Luiz
as Beverly Lambert
Delpaneaux Wills
as Patrol Officer Minneapolis
Jennifer Say Gan
as Reporter #2
Nadia Lanfranconi
as Versace Assistant
Maurice Webster
as Darrell/Neighbor Man #2
Jay Ruby
as Commentator 5
Ken Lerner
as Howard Weitzman
Ellen Marguerite Cullivan
as Cafe Patron/Homeless
Wolf Fleetwood-Ross
as Young Gianni Versace
Andrea Figliomeni
as Waiter
Evan Handler
as Alan Dershowitz
Jabari Simba
as Focus Group Member #5
Frank Lui Geo
as Barfly

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 9 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 10 Episodes

Season 4




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