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This is an Australian medical drama set in the fantasy All Saints Western General Hospital. It focuses on what happens in ward 17 (affectionately known as the garbage ward) and the lives of the nurses on the ward and two doctors that spend a lot of time there. In also has the paramedic team of Bron and Ben.

Country: Australia

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 24, 1998

Also Known As: Ensiapuosasto, Szentek kórházaAll Saints: Medical Response Unit, All Saints, 萬聖節, Cena życia, 聖女合唱團, Сви свети, Все святые, 聖餐會, Parastaran, Spitalul All Saints |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: 7 Network, Seven Network (Operations), Seven Network

CastSee full cast »

David Grand
as Coach
Patricia Moore
as Beryl
Maxi Shield
as Drag Queen
Richard Gyoerffy
as Ronnie Blair
Marc Kay
as Geoff Bailey
Adrian Lee
as Sam Lahood
James Hagan
as Dr. Marcos
Dean O'Gorman
as Evan Coen
Geoffrey Kiem
as Helper
John Adam
as Tom Snowden
Diane Bimont
as Sally Dwyer
Rob Carlton
as Col Beaty
Charlotte Brinkworth
as Daughter
David Wilson
as Rob Westlake
Joshua Denyer
as Jasper Sheen

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1998 | 41 Episodes

Season 2

1999 | 43 Episodes

Season 3

2000 | 41 Episodes

Season 4

2001 | 43 Episodes

Season 5

2002 | 43 Episodes

Season 6

2003 | 43 Episodes

Season 7

2004 | 40 Episodes

Season 8

2005 | 41 Episodes

Season 9

2006 | 40 Episodes

Season 10

2007 | 41 Episodes

Season 11

2008 | 40 Episodes

Season 12

2009 | 37 Episodes


Awards & NominationsSee full list »

AFI Award 1998


AFI Award

Best Episode in a Television Drama Series (Long)


AFI Award

Best Episode in a Television Drama Series (Long)

AFI Award 1999



AFI Award

Best Episode in a Television Drama Series (Long)

See full list »

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