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December 3, 2021
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All Elite Wrestling: Dark’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for All Elite Wrestling: Dark is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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All Elite Wrestling: Dark has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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About this title


All Elite Wrestling: Dark is a weekly web series featuring untelevised matches from the TNT series Dynamite. Former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone hosts the program.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: July 1, 2019

Also Known As: AEW Dark, All Elite Wrestling: Dark |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: AEW All Elite Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW)


Calvin Stewart
as Calvin Stewart
Ronnie Arniell
as Shawn Spears
Ethan Page
as Ethan Page
Hunter Knott
as Hunter Knott
Bobby Fish
as Bobby Fish
Luke Kurtis
as Luke Kurtis
Timmy Lou Retton
as TIM
Mike Martinez
as Michael Martinez
Yuga Hayashi
as El Lindaman
Austin Sopp
as Austin Gunn
Valentina Rossi
as Valentina Rossi
Jake St. Patrick
as Jake St. Patrick
Sadie Gibbs
as Sadie Gibbs
Bear Bronson
as Bear Bronson
Bill Collier
as Bill Collier
Peter Senerchia
as Taz
Christina Crawford
as Xtina Kay
Serena Deeb
as Serena Deeb
George Koblentz
as Clutch Adams
Southeara Chhun
as Southeara Chhun
Brian Cage
as Brian Cage
Mylieen Manukainiu
as Mylieen Manukainiu
Simon Lotto
as Simon Lotto
Justin Law
as Justin Law
Ryo Mizunami
as Ryo Mizunami
Jay Freddie
as Jay Freddie
James Tapia
as James Tapia
Traevon Jordan
as Traevon Jordan
Adam Priest
as Adam Priest
Matthew Raphael King
as BSHP King
Kevin Blackwood
as Kevin Blackwood
Roman Rozell
as Roman Rozell
Sonny Kiss
as Sonny Kiss/'The Chocolate Rose' Sonny Kiss
Hikaru Shida
as Hikaru Shida
Heather Reckless
as Heather Reckless
Madisyn Spagnola
as Madi Maxx
Danielle Martino
as Marti Daniels
Schuyler Andrews
as Scorpio Sky
Britt Baker
as Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D./Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
Jake Roberts
as Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Chandler Hopkins
as Chandler Hopkins
Jonathan Good
as Jon Moxley
Peter Hernandez
as Peter Avalon/'Pretty' Peter Avalon
Jake Hager
as Jake Hager
Adrian Jaoude
as Adrian Jaoude/Tiger Ruas
Dave Brown
as Dave Brown - Commentator
Jack Miller
as Jack Evans
Alicia Vertvixen Bellamy
as VertVixen
Marcus Kross
as Marcus Kross
Idris Abraham
as Idris Abraham
Spencer Duboff
as Tommy Daily
Elayna Black
as Elayna Black
Chad Lennex
as Chad Lennex
Duke Davis
as Duke Davis
Damian Fenrir
as Damian Fenrir
Max Caster
as Max Caster
Paul Turner
as Paul Turner
Bear Beefcake
as Bear Boulder
Adrian Alanis
as Adrian Alanis
Willow Nightingale
as Willow Nightingale
Aubrey Edwards
as Aubrey Edwards
Melanie Cruise
as Mel
Bryan Danielson
as 'American Dragon' Bryan Danielson
Gyasi Dwayne
as Jah-C
Nikita Knight
as Nikita Knight
Brodie Huber
as -1
Vinnie Massaro
as Ultimo Panda
Camille Ligon
as Holidead
Miranda Gordy
as Miranda Gordy
Christian Michael Navarro
as KC Navarro
Lady Frost
as Lady Frost
Robert Rodarte
as Robert Anthony
Tony Khan
as Tony Khan
Satoshi Kojima
as Satoshi Kojima
Ashley Manukainiu
as Ashley
Anthony Bowens
as Anthony Bowens
Machiko San
as Machiko
Bobby Wayward
as Bobby Wayward
Jason Hotch
as Jason Hotch
Tobenna Mbadugha
as M'Badu
Marq Quen
as Marq Quen
Savannah Evans
as Savannah Evans
as Rey Fenix/Fenix
Cole Karter
as Cole Karter
The Black Baron
as Baron Black
Rick Recon
as Rick Recon
Emi Sakura
as Emi Sakura
Levi Shapiro
as Levi Shapiro/Levy Shapiro
Kidd Bandit
as Kid Bandit
Big Swole
as Big Swole
David Ali
as David Ali
Tiffany Nieves
as Tiffany Nieves
Aaron Rourke
as Aaron Rourke
Andy Williams
as The Butcher
Kenny Omega
as Kenny Omega
Nobuhiko Oshima
Tony Schiavone
as Tony Schiavone
Melissa Cervantes
as Thunder Rosa
Jazmin Allure
as Jazmin Allure
Brock Anderson
as Brock Anderson
Cody Rhodes
as Cody/Cody Rhodes/'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes
Derek Pisaturo
as Derek Pisaturo
Colt Cabana
as Colt Cabana/Colt 'Boom Boom' Cabana
Sabatino Piscitelli
as Sabby
Nicolas Dansereau
as Evil Uno
Michael Cuellari
as QT Marshall
LaBron Kozone
as Labrone Kozone
Jesse Sorensen
as Jessy Sorensen
Madi Wrenkowski
as Madi Wrenkowski
Londyn Ali
as Promise Braxton
Christopher Daniels
as Christopher Daniels
Dustin Rhodes
as Dustin Rhodes
Rob Ryzin
Ivelisse Velez
as Ivelisse
Jake 'Warhorse' Parnell
as Warhouse
Lionel Green
as Lio Rush
Darian Bengston
as Darian Bengston
Rockelle Vaughn
as Rache Chanel/Raché Chanel
Tyler Senerchia
as Hook
Joey O'Riley
as Joey O'Riley
David Ramos
as David Ramos
Ben Bishop
as Big Trouble Bishop
Low Rida
as Low Rida
Anna Marie Jernigan
as Anna Jay/Anna '99' Jay
Isiah Moore
as Isiah Moore
Jon Huber
as Brodie Lee/Mr. Brodie Lee
Tamilian Vineesh
as Tamilian Vineesh
Rahne Victoria
as Rahne Victoria
Shazza McKenzie
as Shazza McKenzie
Jameson Ryan
as Jameson Ryan
Marko Stunt
as Marko Stunt
Raychell Rose
as Raychell Rose
Elijah Dean
as Elijah Dean
Mark Ptasnik
as 'Smart' Mark Sterling/Smart Mark Sterling
Kit Sackett
as Kit Sackett
Andrew Palace
as Andrew Palace
Ariel Levy
as Ariel Levy
Ashton Starr
as Ashton Starr
Brandi Rhodes
as Brandi Rhodes
Jaylen Brandyn
as Jaylen Brandyn
Shawna Reed
as Shawna Reed
Kal Herro
as Kal Herro
Natalia Markova
as Natalia Markova
Donnie Primetime
as Donnie Primetime
Michael Stevens
as Michael Stevens
Steven Seever Jr.
as Steven Andrews
Chris Lewis
as Mr. Grim
Marc Letzman
as Excalibur
Tre Lamar
as Tre Lamar
Shane Mercer
as Shane Mercer
Cyrus McWhorter
as Cyrus
Brandon Watts
as Brandon Watts/Brandon Watts - Milk Chocolate
Jimmy Havoc
as Jimmy Havoc
Brandon Bullock
as Brandon Bullock
Ken Broadway
as Ken Broadway
Arn Anderson
as Arn Anderson
Charlotte Renegade
as Charlotte Renegade
Ryan Nemeth
as Ryan Nemeth/'Hollywood Hunk' Ryan Nemeth
Justin McCoy
as JDX
Manny Andrade
as Andrade El Idolo
Jerry Lynn
as Jerry Lynn
Bea Priestley
as Bea Priestley
Nick Massie
as Nick Jackson
Darius Martin
as Darius Martin
Miranda Ilissa
as Miranda Alize
Harlow O'Hara
as Harlow O'Hara
as Abadon
Austin Green
as Austin Green
Geoffrey Percival Austere
as GPA
Ronnie Hartman
as Megabyte Ronnie
Benjamin Carter
as Ben Carter
Pentagon Jr.
as Penta El Zero Miedo/Pentagon Jr./Penta El Zero M
BrookLynn Ramsey
as BrookLynn Ramsey
Mike Reed
as Mike Reed
Takuya Onodera
as T-Hawk
Tripp Bradshaw
as Ren Jones
Alex Gracia
as Alex Gracia/Alex Garcia
Justin Duboff
as JP
Alexandra Barrulas
as Shanna
Marina Tucker
as Marina Tucker
Darby Allin
as Darby Allin
Kelsey Heather
as Kelsey Heather
Lindsey Kerecz
as Veda Scott
Vinny Scalice
as VSK
Jose Vargas
as Jose
Kia Stevens
as Awesome Kong
Orange Cassidy
as 'Freshly Squeezed' Orange Cassidy/Orange Cassidy
Queen Aminata
as Queen Aminata
Dori Elizabeth Prange
as Ruby Soho
A.J. Kirsch
as AJ Kirsch
Mike Magnum
as Mike Magnum/Mike Magmum
Kylieen Manukainiu
as Kylieen Manukainiu
Renny D.
as Renny D
Lei'd Tapa
as Lei'D Tapa
Tully Blanchard
as Tully Blanchard
Simon James Kippen
as Kip Sabian/'Superbad' Kip Sabian
Duncan Mitchell
as Duncan Mitchell
Mark Davidson
as Mark Davidson
George South Jr.
as George South Jr.
Justin Blax
as Justin Blax
Missa Kate
as Missa Kate
Maxwell Friedman
as MJF
Cash Wheeler
as Cash Wheeler
Saleiq Rafeequllah
as Musa
Brandon Gore
as Brandon Gore
Eddie Taurus
as Eddie Taurus
Misterioso Jr.
as Misterioso
Suicida Del Oz
as El Australiano
Rebecca J. Scott
as Rebecca Scott
as Shalandra Royal
Invictus Khash
as Invictus Khash/Khash
Kaci Lennox
as Kaci Lennox
Sarah Stelloh
as Sierra
Christian Faith
as RSP
Ron Falco
as Falco
Justin Roberts
as Justin Roberts
Tesha Price
as Tesha Price
Jay Reso
as Christian Cage
Matt Hardy
as Matt Hardy
Jim Ross
as Jim Ross
Seth Gargis
as Seth Gargis
Dan Siejak
as Daniel Joseph
Jack Perry
as Jungle Boy
Mike Posey
as Mike Posey
Action Jackson
as Demetri Jackson
Isiah Kassidy
as Isiah Kassidy
Matthew Korklan
as Matt Sydal
Austin Matelson
as Luchasaurus
Skyler Moore
as Skyler Moore
Dimitrios Papadoniou
as Papadon
Kenny Bengal
as Kenny Bengal
Will Hobson
as Powerhouse Hobbs/Will Hobbs
Blair Onyx
as Blair Onyx
Lance Hoyt
as Lance Archer/'Murderhawk Monster' Lance Archer
Zack Carpinello
as Zack Clayton
Wheeler Yuta
as Wheeler Yuta
Laynie Luck
as Laynie Luck
Eric Watts
as Eric Watts
Nick Comoroto
as Nick Comoroto
Dillon McQueen
as Dillon McQueen
Mat Fitchett
as Mat Fitchett
Rachael Ellering
as Rachael Ellering
Reka Tehaka
as Reka Tehaka
Nyla Rose
as Nyla Rose
Daunte Martin
as Dante Martin
Taynara Melo
as Tay Conti
Rosario Grillo
as Rosario Grillo
Erik Lockhart
as Erik Lockhart
Malik Bosede
as Malik Bosede
Sahara Seven
as Sahara Seven
Sean Carr
as Sean Carr
Ishmael Vaughn
as Ishmael Vaughn
Ryan Rembrandt
as Ryan Rembrandt
Tony Vega
as Tony Vega
Kris Stadtlander
as Kris Statlander
Shaloncé Royal
as Shalonce Royal
Chris Peaks
as Chris Peaks
Shaun Ricker
as Eli Knight
Ariel Dominguez
as Ariel Dominguez
Jorel Nelson
as Jorel Nelson
Ganon Jones
as Ganon Jones
Anthony Catena
as Anthony Catena
Stone Rockwell
as Stone Rockwell
Olivia Hasley
as Penelope Ford
Jake Tucker
as Jake Tucker
Martin Casaus
as Marty Casausz/Marty Casaus
as Joeasa
Kayla Rossi
as Kayla Rossi/Janella's Woman Companion
Tina San Antonio
as Tina San Antonio
Syler Andrews
as Syler Andrews
Jake Manning
as Jake Manning
Frankie Kazarian
as Frankie Kazarian
Aaron Frye
as Aaron Frye
Anthony Henry
as Anthony Henry
Aaron Solo
as Aaron Solow/Aaron Solo
Cezar Bononi
as Cezar Bononi
Sugar Dunkerton
as Pineapple Pete/Suge D
Brady Pierce
as Brady Pierce
Freya States
as Freya States
Severino Corrente
as Severino Corrente
Robert Anthony
as Robert Anthony
Anthony Ogogo
as Anthony Ogogo/Self
Brandon Cutler
as Brandon Cutler
Marc Dionne
as Stu Grayson
Leila Grey
as Leila Grey
Jeff Parker
as Jeff Parker
Viva Van
as Viva Van
Leva Bates
as Leva Bates
Daniel Garcia
as Daniel Garcia
Alex Zikos
as Alex Reynolds/Alex '3' Reynolds
Alexander Dean
as Dean Alexander
Jake Logan
as Jake Logan
Egotistico Fantastico
as Robert Anthony
as Zachariah
Jessie Belle McCoy
as Jessie Belle
Brick Aldridge
as Brick Aldridge
Joey Janela
as Joey Janela/'The Bad Boy' Joey Janela
Joey Silver
as Joey Sweets
Leyla Hirsch
as Leyla Hirsch
Rex Lawless
as Rex Lawless
Tony Donati
as Tony Donati
David Harwood
as Dax Harwood
Ben Satterly
as PAC/Pac
Dasha Kuret
as Dasha Gonzalez/Dasha Gonzalez - Co-Host/Dasha
Alex Marvez
as Alex Marvez/Alex Marvez - Interviewer
Anthony Greene
as Anthony Greene
Dave Dutra
as Dave Dutra
Kai Leonard
as Prince Kai
Stunt Marshall
as Thad Brown
Kiera Hogan
as Kiera Hogan
Shawn Dean
as Shawn Dean/'The Captain' Shawn Dean
Lee Moriarty
as Lee Moriarty
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
as Chavo Guerrero
The Diamond Sheik
as Diamond Sheik/The Diamond Sheik
Ray Rosas
as Ray Rosas
Edward Moore
as Eddie Kingston
Shane Matthews
as Matt Lee
Len Olson
as Luther/Dr. Luther
Faboo Andre
as Faboo Andre
J.D. Drake
as JD Drake
Ashley Vox
as Ashley Vox
Spencer Slade
as Spencer Slade
Brandon Knight
as Brandon Knight
Darius Lockhart
as Darius Lockhart
Kyle Winant
as KTB
Angel Fashion
as Angel Fashion/Angel Perez
Frank Gastineau
as Frank Gastineau
Maxx Stardom
as Maxx Stardom
Laura Dennis
as The Bunny/Allie
Kenzie Paige
as Kenzie Paige/Kenzie Page
Amber Nova
as Amber Nova
Joe Alonzo Jr.
as Joe Alonzo
Yuka Sakazaki
as Yuka Sakazaki
Steffanie Manukainiu
as Steff MK
Cody Vance
as Preston '10' Vance
Alex Chamberlain
as Alex Chamberlain
Megan Bayne
as Megan Bayne
Brayden Lee
as Brayden Lee
as Puf
Jaxson Cassel
as Tyson Maddux
Christi Jaynes
as Christi Jaynes
Killa Kate
as Killa Kate
Foxx Vinyer
as Foxx Yinyer
Matt Sells
as Matt Sells
Monique Dupree
as Tha Original Gata
Jonathan Cruz
as Serpentico/Jon Cruz
Sage Scott
as Sage Scott
Angélica Risk
as Angelica Risk
Tanea Brooks
as Rebel Not Reba
Riho Abe
as Riho
Royce Isaacs
as Royce Isaacs
Curt Stallion
as Stallion Rogers
Monty Sopp
as Billy/Billy Gunn
Brooke Havok
as Brooke Havok
Michelle Villalba
as Selene Grey
Zack Mason
as Zach Mason
Julia Hart
as Julia Hart
Ricky Starks
as 'Absolute' Ricky Starks/Ricky Starks
Matt Massie
as Matt Jackson
Hayden Backlund
as Hayden Backlund
Dani Jordyn
as Dani Jordyn
Randy Summers
as Randy Summer/Randy Summer - Milk Chocolate
Ashley D'Amboise
as Ashley D'Amboise
Sammy Guevara
as Sammy Guevara
Ripper Zybsko
as Ripper Zybsko
Sean Maluta
as Sean Maluta
Andrew Lockhart
as Andrew Lockhart
Tony Vincita
as Tony Vincita
Daniele Dentice D'Accadia
as D3/'The Prince of Rome' D3
Cameron Stewart
as Cameron Stewart
Davienne Long
as Davienne
Louie Rodriguez
as Louie Valle
Jason Cade
as Jason Cade
Dustin Howard
as Chuck Taylor/Charles Taylor
John Silver
as John Silver/John '4' Silver
Brian Pillman Jr.
as Brian Pillman Jr.
Jora Johl
as Jora Johl
J.J Garrett
as JJ Garrett
Corey Hollis
as Corey Hollis
Storm Thomas
as Storm Thomas
Allie Kat
as Allie Katch
Miroslav Barnyashev
as 'The Best Man' Miro
Santana Garrett
as Red Velvett/Santana Garrett
Josh Movado
as Mysterious Movado
Bryce Remsburg
as Bryce Remsburg
J. Lyon
as Jay Lyon
Mark Henry
as Mark Henry
Shoko Nakajima
as Shoko Nakajima
Chastity Cardona
as Red Velvet
Charlie Bravo
as Carlie Bravo
Gabrielle Arce
as Savannah Thorne
Priscilla Zuniga
as Diamante
Midas Black
as Midas Black
Heather Monroe
as Heather Monroe
Frankie Thomas
as Frankie Thomas
Jasmine Benitez
as Mercedes Martinez
Rey Omar
as OT Fernandez
Joe Coleman
as Joe Coleman
as Cruz
Zicky Dice
as Zicky Dice
Lindsay Snow
as Lindsay Snow
Warren Johnson
as Warren Johnson
Ryan Pyles
as Ryan Pyles
Hyaneyoung Olvera
as Hyan
KiLynn King
as KiLynn King
Michael Austin Wardlow
as Wardlow
Michael Korklan
as Mike Sydal
Colin Delaney
as Colin Delaney
Robyn Renegade
as Robyn Renegade
Daniel L. Rivera
as Danny Limelight
Liam Gray
as Liam Gray
Fuego Del Sol
as Fuego Del Sol
Griff Garrison
as Griff Garrison
Greg Marasciulo
as Trent?
Travis Titan
as Travis Titan
Super Panda
as Super Panda
Alejandra Lion
as Alejandra Lion
Angel Ortiz
as Ortiz
as Angélico
Jamie Hayter
as Jamie Hayter
Alex Abrahantes
as Alex Abrahantes
Terrence Hughes
as Terrence Hughes
Steve Gibki
as Steve Gibki
Mark Sanchez
as Santana
Jade Cargill
as Jade Cargill
Frank Stone
as Frank Stone
Vary Morales
as Vary Morales
Jenna Van Muscles
as Jenna/Jennacide
Vinny Pacifico
as Vinny Pacifico
Federico Palacios
as Azriel
Sean Rossini
as Sean Legacy
Steve Stetson
as Steven Stetson
Xander Gold
as Xander Gold
Jesse Guilmette
as The Blade
Tootie Lynn Ramsey
as Tootie Lynn
Trey Tucker
as Alan '5' Angels/Alan Angels
Jennifer Sterger
as Jenn Decker
Terrell Hughes
as Terrell Hughes
Elizabeth Hile
as Dreamgirl Ellie
Mack Hetfield
as Matthew Justice
as Vipress
Anthony Nese
as Tony Nese
Lee Johnson
as Lee Johnson
Dontae Smiley
as Dontae Smiley
Cassandra Golden
as Cassandra Golden
Joe Keys
as Joey Keys
Shawn Donavan
as Shawn Donavan
Mike Taverna
as 'Man of Steel' Mike Verna
Skye Blue
as Skye Blue
El Cuervo de Puerto Rico
as El Cuervo de Puerto Rico
J.C. Metro
as JC Metro
Taula Koloamatangi
as Hikuleo
Royal Money
as Royal Money
Kiah Dream
as Kiah Dream
Deonn Rusman
as Deonn Rusman
Arjun Singh
as Arjun Singh
Dan Barry
as Dan Barry
Delmi Exo
as Delmi Exo
Rick Knox
as Rick Knox
Julia Ho
as Zeda Zhang
Michael Nakazawa
as Michael Nakazawa/MT Nakazawa
Will Allday
as Will Allday
Katalina Perez
as Katalina Perez
Rembrandt Lewis
as Rembrandt Lewis
Raymond Jazikoff
as Ray Jaz
Chris Metro
as Chris Metro
Trevor Read
as Trevor Read
Moonshine Mantell
as Ryan Mantell/Moonshine Mantell
Eric James
as Eric James
John M. Brumbaugh
as John Skyler
Colten Sopp
as Colten Gunn
Renee Michelle
as Renee Michelle
Vickie Guerrero
as Vickie Guerrero
Masha Slamovich
as Masha Slamovich

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2019 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2020 | 55 Episodes

Season 3

2021 | 51 Episodes

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